knightwisemorning mapps06:42
knightwiseanyone know anything about Wget or Curl ? i have a bit of a challenge06:55
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:59
knightwisehey brobostigon07:00
brobostigonhi knightwise07:01
knightwisebrobostigon: do you know anyting about Wget ?07:06
knightwiseI'm trying to download a podcast archive from ing timeout: 258 seconds]07:07
knightwise20:41 -!- ubot9 [asm@ubuntu/bot/ubot93] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 second07:07
knightwisesorry , wrong paste07:07
knightwisebut Wget only gives me the files on the first page and all the other pages have the same ur07:07
brobostigonnot really, othr than the obvious. sorry.07:09
davmor2Morning all08:11
czajkowskidavmor2: hows tricks?08:13
davmor2quite good today I managed to make my desktop disappear by just turning my system on grrrrr nvidia binaries08:14
davmor2other than that great I can put a card anywhere in the deck and make it appear on top as if by magic08:15
davmor2oh you meant how am I didn't you ;)  I'm good ta czajkowski how am ya08:15
czajkowskidavmor2: well you of all people are talented so you know, anything is possible08:16
popeybah, silly github08:50
popeypeople are forking UnrealEngine and you get autosubscribed to the forks08:52
popeyslow clap08:52
knightwisepopey: you back from germania yet ?09:02
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day! 😃  🌷 🌹09:04
MooDoomorning all09:05
popeyknightwise: yup09:16
* awilkins is installing Win10 in a VM10:53
awilkinsSod this "run Ubuntu on Windows" thing. I'm running Windows on Ubuntu.10:53
knightwiseawilkins: goodforyou :)11:02
daftykinsthey're not even remotely comparable :P11:05
awilkinsI know11:07
awilkinsBut meh11:07
knightwise:) /me is downloading all the old Daily sourcecode episodes :)11:14
knightwise Podcast nostaliga11:14
popeyadam curry?11:16
davmor2popey: why would you curry adam sweet that's not gonna be tasty at all :P11:18
popeymmm, curry11:18
popeyalso, just remembered I have some chicken wings left over which I can re-heat for lunch11:19
daftykinseveryone over to popey's for lunch!11:19
* popey quickly easts all the wings11:20
* davmor2 moves popey back to the west so everyone else can eat the wings11:21
knightwisepopey: correct :)11:23
knightwise I found podcasting through the DSC in 200411:24
knightwiseI actually found the ep where the name "Knightwise" is mentioned on a podcast for the very first time :)11:24
DJonesinfamy more like11:26
davmor2JamesTait: walking house plants you say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HLGkgM5U5011:26
DJonesAs As Kenneth Williams said "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"11:27
daftykinsamazing, i read that in the voice of Ken Bruce from Radio 2 :D11:28
knightwiseDJones: oh ... We where young and naive11:31
DJonesknightwise: You speak for yourself, I still consider myself to be young and naive11:36
* daftykins allows everyone to draw straws11:36
DJonesok, I  might be hitting 50 next month so young(ish) and naive11:37
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daftykinswhatever my old graphics card was doing to these machines i've been working on, it seemed to be ruining their BIOSs - a reflash of one is making it behave again o011:43
popeyspeaking of infamy.. did I mention my encounter on a german train last week?11:45
davmor2popey: and the guy saying Popey when he heard you11:47
daftykinsfollowed by a car chase with a man in a penguin suit11:47
daftykinsshould get my new keyboard by the weekend \o/12:32
daftykinsno more basic membrane-based Dell cheapy!12:32
zmoylan-pia proper ibm model m or modern remake? :-)12:33
zmoylan-pia backup weapon in event of zombie apocalypse...12:33
daftykinsoh dear no, that'd be a bit too hipster a choice12:33
daftykins:) my das keyboard had about that amount of heft to it, before it began regularly dropping vowels12:33
zmoylan-pinot built to the same industrial level of quality12:34
daftykinsyu culd tell my keybard had a prblem with O's12:34
daftykinswell i couldn't bear to use a thing without super12:34
zmoylan-pithat's when you use 0 instead of leet speek12:34
daftykinshmm pesky slow paying clients, how'd you handle those, zmoylan-pi?12:36
daftykinsthreaten to swap all their mouses for comedy ones?12:36
zmoylan-pii show them my collection of hammers12:36
zmoylan-pi...and then my collection of singing potatos... :-P12:37
daftykinswow, that ought to be worse than sitting through a Celine Dion concert12:37
zmoylan-pino one has complained... >:-)12:38
daftykinsnot more than once, at least12:38
zmoylan-piand if you start counting at 0 it all balances out...12:38
* daftykins hands zmoylan-pi an old CPU12:44
* zmoylan-pi sniffs the cpu and determined it came from the north side of the intel plant at leixlip...12:46
MartijnVdSLonelyGirl15 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonelygirl15) uses Ubuntu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwklfIbSAgA13:39
diddledanI think I must have missed lonelygirl15, I don't remember it13:46
zmoylan-piit was a marketing scheme from yonks back that seems to have restarted13:46
zmoylan-pifrom 2006... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonelygirl1513:47
solarisfireHey guys, how come I still can't upgrade my 14.04 LTS servers to 16.04.1 even though it's at the point release now??13:48
daftykinsbecause it needs to be ok'd13:49
daftykinsand it hasn't!13:49
daftykinsdon't be in a rush to fix what isn't broken ;)13:49
solarisfireBut I <3 new shiny stuffz XD13:49
daftykinsas much as you love your backups and breakage?13:50
solarisfireWhat's a backup?13:50
solarisfireHaha XD13:50
solarisfireFine, I'll wait...13:50
solarisfire*sits patiently*13:50
daftykinsdo it silently :P13:50
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daftykinshaha, track a package on yodel - "your item was at your local depot at 00:26 today"15:45
daftykins*click more detail* your local depot - Southampton15:46
diddledantrouble at tor appears to be concluded? https://blog.torproject.org/blog/statement-015:46
diddledandaftykins: yodel are evil15:46
daftykinsyou have to do it where there's an echo, sir15:48
daftykinsit doesn't really matter too much because we just have folks in white vans that operate as a given courier, so if their rep in England is bad, you'd have to be pretty rubbish to fail at deliveries in an island15:48
daftykinshmm folk in other channels tried to pass off the Tor thing as being a psychological campaign to discredit the project by the US gov, but it'd be quite the work to get folk to come up with the accusations that've been going around15:50
daftykinsstrikes me that that project is not a safe one to go near15:50
diddledanechos as in: https://youtu.be/DBVTBTUbKdU?t=3715:51
daftykinsthe very same, but more like coming off a mountainside15:52
daftykinsoh i just remembered a thing i was supposed to do!15:54
daftykinsclient got a text from O2 about his 'upgrade' coming up, which i'm a bit puzzled on since we have a SIM only service for him there15:56
daftykinsone of my jobs a bit ago was to research UK telcos and pick him one for his worldwide travel15:58
daftykinsbecause on-island telcos charge a lot just to go to England, most folk have to carry two phones15:58
popeydual sim phones ftw15:59
daftykinsthat would not work with things like whatsapp15:59
daftykinsthe single instance app handled identity by phone number, so if you switched from one to the other you'd have to be tied to just one of them as your identity16:00
popeypeople have multiple whatsapp accounts?16:00
daftykinsmy client does16:00
daftykinsi wonder how the app even sees those phones16:01
daftykinsi suppose they're developed to consider one primary?16:01
popeyworks fine here, with only one account16:01
popeyit doesn't care about the phone number once authed16:01
daftykinsah i suppose it's only when a SIM is removed it drops some bricks16:01
popeyI haven't had that problem16:01
popeyI swap sims a lot when travelling16:01
daftykinsfor some reason i had it in my head that you have to reboot between SIMs, but now i think about it i've seen those phones where both are connected at once16:02
popey2fa tied to one sim, so i have to put that one in sometimes16:02
popeythen swap back to local sim for better data rates16:02
daftykinsmmm that must be fun16:02
popeyyeah, now I use 2nd sim slot for SD card, it's more annoying16:02
popeytry not to do 2fa type things when away16:02
popeyor have another 2fa auth provider like google authenticator16:02
daftykinsmy MS one has decided it won't pop up auto anymore and makes me enter codes from it like the google one :(16:03
daftykinsi quite liked the auto one, it would just come up with a notification with allow/deny16:03
popeyi re-flashed phone and now use sd card which makes it impossibe to use two sims now16:03
daftykinsi suppose one plus the ubuntu phone OS might have is not going redundant so quick like android...16:05
daftykinsvery strange news claiming blackberry are producing another handset, they don't realise they're dead!16:06
popeydaughter had two teeth out today. she looks like she's had botox on her lips16:07
popeyquite amusing16:07
daftykinsbest control the social media shares, otherwise you'll be on the daily mail before bed time ;)16:09
daftykinstime to raid the 4 pack of blueberry muffins in the kitchen :)16:16
diddledanthey won't last long once you've started on them16:20
daftykinssuch is their fate16:21
diddledanthe red-band trailer for sausage party is awesome (and not safe for kids)16:25
daftykinsas is that whole sentence :o16:31
daftykinshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJXXckWLc0E bikes i would not ride O_O17:53
DJonesSheesh.. Nut job17:56
DJonesThat looks like something a clown would ride at billy smarts circus17:57
daftykinsdiddledan: https://i.imgur.com/iSNS67H.jpg18:17
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popeySebthreeBQM10HD: hello18:47
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, 319:21
SebthreeBQM10HDnm u19:22
daftykinsmmm sorting old these old PCs still!19:28
daftykinstwo core 2 quads with 8GB RAM now \o/19:29
daftykinsand SSDs19:29
daftykinspretty decent for spares19:33
diddledandaftykins: I'm not sure that cat is properly earthed19:42
daftykinsit's funny, i used to joke with a guy on quakenet many moons ago that it was all about rubbing parts on your cat before fitting them19:43
diddledanI have no idea what the point of WhatsApp is19:50
daftykinswatchin' the game, having anything except Bud19:50
daftykinsyep could not finish :P19:53
diddledaninteresting: http://qz.com/741933/internet-trolls-are-even-more-hostile-when-theyre-using-their-real-names-a-study-finds/21:07
daftykinsoof nothing like blowing your lighting circuit to wake you up22:32
daftykins*click* to turn on the bathroom light, *POP* and everything went :>22:32
diddledanRCDs are too sensitive at times22:52
daftykinsit's amusing because that's one plugged into my old porcelain fuse wire board :P22:53
daftykinsthe only one... in fact22:53
daftykins*sigh* i see the sensational journalists are at it again about the next windows 10 release already22:53
daftykins"rah rah you can't turn off Cortana zomg!"22:53
daftykinsexcuse me sir, may i point out that you're running a _Microsoft_ account in order to access that insider preview build?22:54
* zmoylan-pi wonders if there's money in a service that will disable the mic on laptops/phones...22:55
daftykinsah the tinfoilers would never go for it, you'd have to do teardowns and unplug22:56
zmoylan-pii have a few old android phones here i'm tempted to try drilling into the mic a few mm to see what the kill depth is...22:57
daftykinsearlier i was half wondering if old phones could be used instead of Pis for the music player i made out of mine22:58
daftykinsi was just enjoying some more Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack down in my lounge from it :)22:58
zmoylan-pican't go wrong with vangelis...23:00
daftykinsi was debating buying this pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's and a NAD amp off a local trade site23:00
daftykinsmy bedroom setup is quite rubbish23:01
diddledanMicrosoft are doing more Linux stuff: https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2016/07/27/chakracore-on-linux-osx/23:07
daftykinsChakra, must be Naruto23:08
diddledanit's the javascript stuff ripped from edge23:09
diddledanthey're putting it into nodejs as an alternative from the google v823:10
daftykinstime for bed, g'night!23:25

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