ahoneybunmhall119: did the meetup idea fail?17:09
ahoneybunas ours was cut17:09
mhall119ahoneybun: no, there was just a miscommunication between us and meetup.com that should be getting resolved now17:10
mhall119we got a 2-week notice from meetup, the florida team's group should still be active17:11
mhall119if it's not, and they've actually closed it down, then we need to do something17:11
mhall119if not, then it should all be worked out in the next few days 17:11
ahoneybunKeith was going to pay for it but if you think we should wait17:13
ahoneybunthese damn red lines17:15
ahoneybunalways happens when I connect 2 machines to my bouncer17:15

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