* paddatrapper blinks05:24
paddatrapperMorning everyone 05:24
thatgraemeguymorning peoples05:38
inetprogood morning everyone 06:01
Kiloshi d`_`b 06:04
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za06:04
Kilosmorning inetpro superfly paddatrapper theblazehen thatgraemeguy MaNI chesedo andrewlsd and all others too06:06
paddatrapperHey Kilos. How's it going in the cold? 06:14
Kiloshaha shivering06:15
Kiloshows things there lad06:15
Sicelomorning 06:16
Kiloshi Sicelo 06:16
d`_`bMorning Kilos06:26
Kiloshmm... should we know you?06:27
Kilosquassel user06:27
Kilosjerit is it you?06:27
andrewlsdLooks like  d`_`b is wearing headphones.06:28
d`_`bbasicly, d-_-b already in use.06:28
d`_`bHi andrewlsd06:29
KilosMaaz nickometer d`_`b 06:29
MaazKilos: d`_`b is 69.4% lame06:29
andrewlsdMaaz: nickometer andrewlsd06:29
Maazandrewlsd: andrewlsd is 0.0% lame06:29
d`_`bSo d`_`b is just d-_-b rolling his eyes!06:29
andrewlsdMaaz: nickometer Kilos06:30
Maazandrewlsd: Kilos is 0.0% lame06:30
Kilosd`_`b what is your other nick06:30
Kiloshehe making me think so early in the morning on such a cold morning06:31
andrewlsdI just tried dº_ºb but it had illegal characters.06:32
d`_`bKilos: my affiliation06:32
Kilosi see now06:32
Kilossorry for being so slow06:32
Kilosnice nick to type though d tab06:34
theblazehenhi Kilos06:46
Kilosi go do chores06:50
paddatrapperKilos: cold here too... Though no rain today 06:58
superflyMaaz: nickometer superfly07:10
Maazsuperfly: superfly is 0.0% lame07:10
superflyMaaz: nickometer Kilos07:11
Maazsuperfly: Kilos is 0.0% lame07:11
superflyMaaz: nickometer paddatrapper07:11
Maazsuperfly: paddatrapper is 0.0% lame07:11
anton_mayciao, dumelang, guten morgen, goeie môre, good monirngs07:11
superflymolo anton_may07:12
anton_mayo/ superfly07:12
paddatrapperHey superfly07:18
andrewlsdmolo paddatrapper superfly dlPhreak07:24
paddatrapperGoede morge andrewlsd07:25
andrewlsdGutendag paddatrapper07:25
* andrewlsd is disconnecting from QuasselCore07:27
dlPhreakHi andrewlsd, paddatrapper 08:01
paddatrapperHey dlPhreak08:03
dlPhreakpaddatrapper: how are you?08:49
paddatrapperdlPhreak: good thanks. You? 09:10
dlPhreakPretty swell thanks paddatrapper 09:36
dlPhreakAre you new here or am I oblivious? 09:37
dlPhreakI don't come here very often and when I am here I just idle so I don't really pay attention to who comes and goes..09:38
jeritis it weird or awesome that this is really the only channel I care about being in anymore aside from #web-social?09:51
MaNIdepends on your occupation I guess - if you are a programmer then I would say yes thats pretty odd, if not then it probably isn't that strange09:54
Kilosthat one or #ubuntu-za09:54
jeritKilos these are the only 2 channels I care about being in09:55
Kiloswhat is that one about09:56
jeritMaNI not all that strange really. They treat me like crap in ##csharp and in other channels its normally dead quiet so...09:56
Kilosjust socialising?09:56
jeritthey've helped me a lot with a bunch of stuff though... good bunch of guys09:56
Kiloswell if you can give and receive help then all good09:57
MaNII'd expect most programmers who IRC to be in several channels simply because they are likely to use several libraries.10:02
MaNI e.g. I am #wxWidgets because I use that library, I very seldom need to talk in there but it is pretty rude to join only when you need to ask a question and then immediately leave, so I hang around and occasionally even answer questions.10:03
MaNII guess it depends though *shrug*10:03
Kilosnice to hear that MaNI 10:03
Kilosi also think its rude10:04
MaNIespecially for smaller projects who don't have lots of people10:05
MaNIif it's something like #postgresql where the text is constantly scrolling then it's a bit different 10:05
jeritMaNI I used to hang around and answer questions (when I could) in #csharp but one of the guys in there has something against me so he makes it very unpleasant for me to stay there10:08
MaNII can understand yes10:10
MaNIsome channels can be quite toxic10:10
Kilosif you dont feel happy or welcome in a channel just leave10:18
Kilossome peeps can be very snotty10:19
paddatrapperdlPhreak: I've been here for a while, 3/4 monts or so I think10:49
dlPhreakpaddatrapper: well then I am pleased to meet your acquaintance. 10:53
paddatrapperdlPhreak: and I yours :) 11:27
Kilossurely more than 4 months paddatrapper 11:32
KilosdlPhreak he is also busy rewriting our bot11:32
Kilosbetween studies11:32
Kilosinetpro ?11:33
* Kilos hears govt places upgrading stuff11:33
dlPhreakY u replacing Maaz ??11:44
Kilosnope we will just upgrade him once everything is sorted11:45
dlPhreakI always thought maaz was female??11:45
Kilosno his wife is11:46
Kilosactually he is neither11:46
KilosMaaz are you male11:46
MaazNo. Us Bots are above that human failing11:46
dlPhreakMaaz, do you know C3PO?11:48
MaazdlPhreak: Huh?11:48
dlPhreakOr R2D211:48
dlPhreakI think BB8 > R2D211:49
paddatrapperKilos: think I first peaked around the door end of Feb/beginning of March 11:53
Kilosand you got trapped11:53
Kilosaw paddatrapper i forgot your name11:56
Kilosand cant scroll back into last nights meeting11:56
anton_mayWhat version of flash is required for efilling? Efilling says 11.3 and the one for linux is only 11.212:34
Siceloif that's what it says .. then likely that's what it requires :)12:36
Sicelohowever, usually there are ways to 'fake' Flash versions .. have a look at that, and it may help12:36
Siceloalthough i think you might still have other problems, such as XFA on their PDFs12:37
anton_maynope got adobe reader installed, according to adobe website the latest version of flash is installed, but efilling says 11.3. So will see how to fake it12:38
MaNIso ridiculous the way e-filing depends on that stuff :(12:44
anton_mayyip worked great last year, noe this year is a joke12:45
MaNIgives me problems every year - I usually just end up using a VM for it, so unnecessary though it is just some forms that have to be filled in there are open standards that can handle this12:46
anton_mayurg ok, let me dust of the cobwebs on the vm12:47
MaNInot like the whole adobe thing they have going on is even user friendly, it's a clumsy mess12:48
jeritMalema is so all over the place I'd be shocked if he doesn't need someone to tie his shoes for him in the morning12:51
jeritThe more I look at the DA, ANC and EFF playing their little political games, the more I agree with David Draiman's (frontman for Disturbed) views on politics http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/disturbeds-david-draiman-i-hate-all-politicians-equally/12:57
paddatrapperHey ra1v3n 13:06
ra1v3nhello paddatrapper 13:07
paddatrapperHow goes it?13:09
jerithi ra1v3n13:11
ra1v3nhello jerit 13:12
jerityou well?13:12
ra1v3nIm good thank and yourself?13:12
superflyanton_may: I have a Mac at home for some cross-platform development. I just use that.13:24
anton_mayyea, I got a Win 7 VM on my ubuntu home laptop13:34
jeritall good thanks ra1v3n :) just had to reboot there because my computer went spastic or summing13:37
jeritits this ubuntu nonsense :P13:37
ra1v3nnothing wrong with Ubuntu13:45
ra1v3nplenty wrong with Unity13:45
ra1v3nonly uses openbox13:45
theblazehenNothing wrong with dwm.suckless.org/13:54
anton_mayciao all see you tomorrows13:56
ra1v3ntheblazehen, thankyou.... I think I might try dwn or awesome next, nothing seems to be happening in terms of development on openbox14:26
theblazehenra1v3n: AwesomeWM is... Well, Awesome!14:27
theblazehenOnly one that lets you have a full set of independent workspaces on all monitors14:27
ra1v3nI just love openbox because it hardly uses resoures and never gets in my way14:27
theblazehenI like herbestlufwm (I spelt it wrong, google can figure it out...), but it doesn't do multi monitor right. AwesomeWM is literally the only one that does14:28
ra1v3nthen I shall try awesome14:29
ra1v3nIve been meaning to learn Lua anyway14:29
theblazehenIt's using 58290 bytes of RAM at the moment14:31
ra1v3nthat like nothing14:33
ra1v3nWhen I started using openbox I was surprised at how fast my graphics apps and games responded14:33
theblazehenYeah. I used to run XFCE. was using 53 (!) MB RAM at boot14:34
ra1v3nNow I sit at a machine that has a clunky wm/de and I get super annoyed14:34
ra1v3nsooo slooow14:34
ra1v3nthe worst is by far windows14:35
theblazehenWent without computer between 2010 or so to around November 2012, then I got a free PC with 256 MB RAM. Was fun chainloading from a CD so I could boot to a USB14:35
theblazehenYeah. Hell, even xp struggles with 256 MB RAM14:35
ra1v3nbut Canonicals Unity is right behind it14:35
theblazehenArch with xfce was decent14:35
theblazehenSure, I could only open 1 browser tab, and couldn't use heavy websites, but othwrwise it's fine14:36
theblazehen!FUN! fact, don't leave the cloudflare website open over night. Found it using around 680 MB RAM14:36
theblazehenA reddit page is around 15 MB14:36
theblazehenWikipedia around 5-9, google close to 20-2514:36
ra1v3nI would much rather reserve a systems resources for important programs rather than choke it with a fancy desktop14:37
ra1v3nI use links2 if I just need the text14:37
ra1v3notherwise I resort to firefox 14:41
* theblazehen had 600+ frefox tabs open once14:44
theblazehenBut then it got slow14:44
ra1v3nI limit myself to between 10 and 20 tabs14:45
ra1v3nanything else is madness14:46
theblazehenCheck out tree style tabs and wikipedia14:48
ra1v3nhmmm .... suppose that may be useful14:49
jeritso guys, I have folder /var/www/html/jerit/stuff and I wanna the contents of the "jerit" directory into the "other" directory at /var/www/html/other/ I'm a little fuzzy on how to correctly target the locations correctly14:50
jeritcp /var/www/html/jerit/ /var/www/html/other ?14:50
Na3iLtheblazehen, +600 tabs open on FF? 15:08
* Na3iL is wondering what CPU type you have15:08
Sicelofinally bit the bullet .. upgrading to debian testing 15:27
d`_`bHi, do anybody know if this is still a issue http://bugs.quassel-irc.org/issues/286? 15:48
d`_`bCan't seem to turn it on in my *gulp*windows client.15:49
d`_`bSicelo: what you looking forward to, in testing?15:50
d`_`bAlso how did you do it? Just a change in your `sources.list`, and `apt-get dist-upgrade`?15:52
Siceloyes, still downloading15:53
Sicelolooking forward to bugs, and more fun :)15:53
Sicelosorry not using quassel, so no idea about that15:54
Kiloshmm... long day15:59
d`_`bnp, pcbsd? I'm trying to get c9 running on it. Easy Peasy on ubuntu, but a quick *herp*durp* on bsd.15:59
paddatrapperSicelo: \o/ welcome to the interesting side of life! (I'm on unstable) 16:04
jerit__so guys16:05
Sicelopaddatrapper: awesome :)16:05
Sicelobut my main pc will remain on stable - it is my router/AP, MTA, etc. so i don't need it to break16:06
jerit__I got quassel working16:06
jerit__turns out quassel =/= quassel client16:06
jerit__but now how do I connect to my znc16:07
Kiloswell done jerit__ 16:07
Kiloslook in your nick panel and see who uses quassel16:07
Kilosor ask the fly, pro or magespawn tomorrow or if he appears tonight16:08
jerit__ctcp version all 35 people here who aren't me you mean?16:08
Sicelodon't /version me .. irssi :)16:08
Kilosdont you see host names16:08
jerit__I just see nicks16:09
Kilosin settings should be show host names16:09
Kilosi dunno quassel but settings or preferences should give an option to show hosts in nick panel16:12
Sicelowhat does he need that for? (sorry if i missed something)16:12
Kilosso he can see who uses quassel16:13
Kilosand who is cloaked etc16:13
Kiloshe needs quassel help so normally you would ask a quassel user right?16:13
Sicelojerit__: about your 'cp' question .. looks fine your command .. just add -r or -R as otherwise sub-directories will not be descended into16:14
jeritthanks Sicelo ^^ I'm gonna get screwed with that particular flag a lot in the next few months I expect16:15
Sicelothe more you use it, you'll remember it ;)16:15
Sicelonice thing is that the flag works even with scp .. which is cool16:16
Sicelobut only -r .. hence i use `cp -r` too .. to avoid getting confused when using scp16:17
jeritwho am I!?16:21
jeritokay jerit without any ---___ nonsense16:21
jeritso with any luck I should not have any problems with getting disconnected later16:26
Kilosare you in now jerit 16:26
jeritI seem to be yeah16:28
jeritconnected to my znc and everything although that wasn't as straightforward as expected16:28
Kilosnormally once setup quassel is pretty stable16:30
magespawnBack 16:49
andrewlsdWb 16:52
theblazehenNa3iL: Yes.16:53
jeritmagespawn: Kilos was gonna ask you to help me set up Quassel17:09
jeritbut I'm very heppy wiff myself because I did it all on my own :P17:09
Kiloshi magespawn 17:09
magespawnjerit what did you need help with or are you sorted17:22
jeritwell I was opening Quassel Client by mistake17:23
jeritAnd then I wanted to connect to my znc as well17:23
magespawnjust the client or the all in one?17:24
jeritall's I wanted to do was to just chat here17:25
jeritso Quassel Client/Quassel Core wasn't really what I was looking for17:25
Kilosnow you can bounce from a cell or other pc as well17:26
jeritoh because of znc?17:27
magespawnthe quassel core work more like znc17:27
Kilosi dont know, magespawn will17:27
Kilosthere jerit the core does the bouncing without znc17:33
theblazehenYou kind of have to wonder if documentation is up to date if you have to go to archive.org to get it17:34
jeritI'll definitely look at it when I'm less frantic trying to fix my contractor's broken code and do his documentation for him17:34
jeritlol theblazehen I'd wager it isn't :P17:34
theblazehenjerit: To be fair, I'm trying to port to hardware from a similar time period17:35
jeritlol well then maybe it is17:35
theblazehenDid I mention how fun running `make -j` is on the linux kernel with lots of ram?17:38
theblazehenLimited ram to 26GB, so had to run make twice, but 30 GB would probably have been enough17:38
theblazehenOver 2000 processes running17:39
theblazehenload of over 23017:39
ra1v3nwb jerit 17:42
jeritthis is annoying. Apparently it doesn't matter if I'm using Quassel or mIRC except that Quassel seems to be able to connect again17:43
Kiloskill mirc then17:43
Sicelohmm .. i might regret debian testing fast :P18:03
Sicelono longer have hibernate/sleep in kde18:03
Sicelosystemd suspend works, at least :-/18:14
Sicelothe new KDE is "scary" .. has user icon that looks like it came out of Windows 1018:14
Sicelothe UI has killed the traditional minimize, max, close buttons ... 18:15
Sicelowith the side effect that i am unable now to move firefor around when it has many tabs open .. nowhere to "hold" the window :D18:16
KilosSicelo have you tried many workspaces18:17
Kilosim using 9 but dunno if 16.04 can do that18:17
Sicelonot on this new one .. but Focus-Follows-Mouse works, at least18:17
Sicelowhat's 9? Ubuntu 9?18:18
Kilos9 seperate desktops18:18
Siceloshould be doable 18:18
Kilosthen you use the desktop switcher to switch18:19
Sicelofound the settings .. can do up to 10 workspaces18:19
=== pavlushka_ is now known as Guest91131
SiceloKilos: that sounds hacky :)18:19
Sicelothere should be a proper way to move windows around18:20
Kilosi use 10 on desktop18:20
Kilosthe n you leave ff on its own space18:20
Sicelofeels like Unity now 18:21
=== Guest91131 is now known as pavlushka
Sicelooh .. not to mention this kde is flat like windows 10 too18:23
SiceloMicrosoft Loves Linux after all, haha18:23
Kilosthat was after their smear campaign18:24
magespawnchat later all, home time18:25
Kilosgo safe magespawn 18:25
Siceloso easiest way to move window around is to right-click them on task bar :-/18:26
Siceloah .. got a theme with 'sane' buttons 18:31
Kiloshi K_K_N kzn north coast right?18:35
K_K_NKilos: yep18:35
Kilosright , i gotcha placed now18:35
K_K_Nhows the weather been, checked on the news a tornado hit Tembisa, I never knew that South Africa even has tornadoes its the first time I heard of it18:37
Kilosyeah not often18:38
Kilosrained in tvl even18:38
K_K_Nwell we definitely need the rain the water restrictions are not cool at all18:39
K_K_Nif you wake up too late then no bath until it comes back18:40
jeritapparently something on my pc is stuffing around with my connection18:40
K_K_NI hope it rained enough above the damns18:40
Kilosthey still hoping18:40
nsnzeroevening all 18:44
Kiloshi nsnzero 18:44
nsnzerohi Kilos18:45
nsnzeroanybody used gambas ? 18:46
jeritK_K_N: didn't you know? The dams are empty because the sun evaporates all of the water18:46
K_K_Nis it jerit, and here I was thinking that the peeps are using too much water to flush their toilets...18:48
K_K_Noh no I think jerit may have been offended with my humour, sorry jerit, I am always joking if you did not know ;)18:50
K_K_Nbut on a serious note we need more rain, the last news update I heard before the rain, said that if we do not get rain soon, I think it was haelmere dam they spoke about, it would be empty by next year Feb or so18:53
Kiloshi shadow 18:54
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za18:54
Kilosyes K_K_N times are hard waterwise18:55
Kiloswe lucky with our own borehole18:55
Kilosjerit ill be in a meeting in africa channel soon, greet new peeps for me please18:56
jeritK_K_N: very little offends me (basically only insults to my intelligence or character)18:57
jeritKilos will do my best - just really busy with testing of stuff18:57
K_K_Nyep I was lucky when we were still living on the farm, we had water tanks, now we living in a residential area and no water tank :(18:57
=== shadow is now known as Ra1v3n
K_K_Nlol @ jerit nice to know, same here ;)18:58
jeritmy connection is making me cry right now :(19:02
jeritmaybe its just the CORS extension I've got on19:02
K_K_N1(9:09:42 PM) K_K_N: my connection does that to me all the time, I have grown to live with it but it has resulted in me being constantly frustrated19:08
K_K_N1and I get disconnected like almost immediately19:08
inetprogood night all19:27
inetproway too cold to even attempt scrolling 19:27
Kiloshi inetpro 19:29
Kilossee email from ian please19:30
K_K_Ngrab a nice mug of Hot Chocolate inetpro it always warms you up19:30
K_K_Nhot coffee will do the same but then you may not be able to sleep for hours19:31
ra1v3ngnyt all19:45
jeritthat looks like my bouncer19:51
pavlushkaGood Night ZA!20:14
Kilosnight pavlushka 20:15
Kilospaddatrapper you here20:29

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