bazhangtoxik, yuo know about #snappy , right?00:01
toxikI didn't. I'll make sure to check it out :D00:02
bazhang!hcl | Kyoku00:02
ubottuKyoku: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:02
bazhangwhen in doubt Kyoku try ubuntu this item as search terms to see if linux conmpatible00:03
Kyokuhmm, i think origin should get certified and save me the trouble00:03
toxikI mean, you could liveboot and try it out00:04
Kyokui'll let them know they suck for not being certified00:04
Kyokuhard to believe only 8 companies bothered to get certified00:06
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craigbass76I've got a service set to start at boot, but I need it to start as a particular user00:16
craigbass76I'm trying to get apache ofbiz running on ubuntu sever 14.04. I can do it manually with sudo -u ofbiz /etc/init.d/ofbiz start00:16
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solarbirdokay so this is incredibly minor, but: none of my windows clip the little corners off the rounded bits in the top bar. To wit, this thing: http://solarbird.net/Livejournal/2016-07/why-is-this.jpg00:37
solarbirdIs that secretly a setting somewhere that I can adjust? it's not in gnome-tweak-tool00:37
solarbird(so i imagine it's something at the X level.)00:38
Ben64might be your display settings, your graphics driver, or something else00:39
solarbird(Ubuntu 16.04, clean install, gnome3, intel x86)00:39
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solarbirdreproduced across two different drivers (the nvidia proprietary and the open source one... um... I forget the name) so I don't think it's the driver.00:40
solarbirddid not do this on the same hardware in 12.04 lts00:40
solarbirdIt's Just Weird. Like, is there a "respect transparancy" sort of setting somewhere?00:40
Ben64that's covered under "your display settings"00:41
solarbirdbut not in a way I can find it.00:41
solarbirdi am more thinking Something in Xorg.conf00:41
Ben64check your display settings first, check color depth00:42
NitrigaurThe point release was 6 days ago and I'm on 14.04, why haven't I got a dialogue yet asking me to upgrade to the latetst version?00:43
Ben64!ltsupgrade | Nitrigaur00:43
ubottuNitrigaur: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.00:43
NitrigaurBen64, that's unfortunate, but better stable than buggy I guess.00:44
subsumeubuntu will automatically upgrade....?00:44
Nitrigaursubsume, It's not Win10 ;-)00:44
subsumesounded scary00:45
subsumei've never used a dist-upgrade in my life00:45
Ben64dist-upgrade just updates your packages00:45
Ben64you should do that often00:45
NitrigaurI have upgraded distro's from 9.04 on on the same machine.00:45
NitrigaurAnd I'm using Ubuntu since version 5.0400:46
solarbirdubottu is pretty smart, i keep thinking it's a person00:47
ubottusolarbird: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:47
Nitrigaur^ Now, that reply00:47
solarbirdnitrigaur: by contrast, i have never had a dist-upgrade in ubuntu _not_ be a trainwreck00:47
Ben64again, dist-upgrade just updates all your packages, it doesn't get you a new version of ubuntu00:48
solarbirdor I should say, a version upgrade.00:48
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.00:48
solarbird(sorry, but it's true. works great on debian tho')00:48
Ben64almost every problem duing an upgrade is due to 3rd party packages00:49
OerHeksindeed, or 'proposed'00:49
sarthorHI, I want to start dclock on remote server via ssh, but command says "Error: Can't open display:", how to run dclock on remote computer.00:50
solarbirdben64: http://solarbird.net/Livejournal/2016-07/ubuntu-right-fs-640.jpg and http://solarbird.net/Livejournal/2016-07/ubuntu-wrong-fs-640.jpg00:50
solarbirdben64: that was not fun00:50
Nitrigaursolarbird, Oh, I wouldn't say I didn't have any bumps on the road. Pulse Audio and not being able to see my optical drives, nVidia driver compatibility issues, Continuous reboots. Yes, I've made some growls against the stability and my system config. is rife with hacks and ppa's.00:50
bobby-barkerAnyone know of an issue in 16.04 where audio will stutter on output? I searched -- removed time schedule or something like that as a guide said to -- made it better but hasn't fixed it completely00:51
whitephoenixHey guys something happened to my secondary hard drive while I was installing gentoo onto a usb stick just for practice. After booting back in normally, my secondary hard drive had to be removed from fstab to boot. It seems to have a boot flag now, gparted says unknown filesystem, but strings /dev/sda | less lists my files that are on it, how can I restore it to working order?00:51
Ben64solarbird: doesn't matter00:51
solarbirdben64: most certainly does! that's my /home partition and it wouldn't let me include it in the install without formatting it because the installer decided it was ext2 and By God Would Not Accept Otherwise.00:52
Ben64just don't check the format button, done00:52
solarbirdben64: (ext4 is correct)00:52
OerHekswhitephoenix, sounds like you installed it to the wrong device, or the bootloader to the wrong device, dunno about gentoo00:52
Ben64it doesn't matter if it says ext200:52
solarbirdben64: NO. it would declare it ext2, then fail to mount it correctly as ext2, OR, if I told it it was ext4, it would INSIST upon formatting it, or refuse to install.00:53
whitephoenixOerHeks, but it does say my files are still there, I was very careful to put everything on the usb not my hard drive00:53
solarbirdben64: "mount as ext4 and do not format" was _not an option_.00:53
Ben64solarbird: you can mount ext4 as ext2, ext2 as ext4. it still doesn't matter00:54
solarbirdben64: I ended up letting it make a /home on / and adding it to fstab later.00:54
solarbirdben64: NO. The installer would try, and fail.00:54
Ben64you did it wrong then00:54
solarbirdben64: It's the _installation GUI_. there are _very few ways to do it_.00:54
whitephoenixI get "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1" when I try to mount it. dmesg | tail says EXT4-fs (sda): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem00:54
Ben64whitephoenix: try testdisk00:56
OerHekswhitephoenix, is this UEFI?00:57
whitephoenixBen64, doesn't that require having another hard drive that is larger?00:57
whitephoenixOerHeks, I honestly have no idea00:57
Ben64it can search for deleted partitions00:57
whitephoenixalright I'll try it00:57
sarthorHI, I want to start dclock on remote server via ssh, but command says "Error: Can't open display:", how to run dclock on remote computer.00:57
sarthorSorry. pasted in same channel.00:58
whitephoenixalright just ran testdisk, seems to have gone well, gotta reboot to test it00:59
whitephoenixstill getting an error when trying to mount it01:01
ctesiphonHow do I deal with tens of functions with the same name but in different modules? do I have to deal with qualified imports, or is there another way?01:02
whitephoenixyeah testdisk seems to change nothing01:07
shravangovI installed dhcp server on my ubuntu  and made relevent changes...now when I try  " sudo service isc-dhcp-server start" it says "unable to resolve host shravan-desktop"01:22
m0rf3oHi, i resently install ubuntu 14.04lts in a laptop, the problem begin in the internet, the machine connect to wifi correctly, but when i try to navigate or to make ping to other machins in network dont do it01:25
shravangov I installed dhcp server on my ubuntu  and made relevent changes...now when I try  " sudo service isc-dhcp-server start" it says "unable to resolve host shravan-desktop"01:27
whitephoenixTestdisk didn't work, what next?01:29
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elias_aHey, let's help the Dutch with this good petition: https://petities.nl/petitions/computers-moeten-zonder-besturingssysteem-worden-verkocht?locale=en01:40
elias_a"Computerdevices should be sold without operating system"01:41
OerHekselias_a, please don't spam, thanks01:41
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elias_aOerHeks: I'm sorry. Given the subject of the petition I'd say it is not off topic.01:42
OerHeksyes it is. move it to #linux or elsewhere01:42
elias_aOerHeks: Ok. Sorry.01:43
R13oseChrome is frozen but I can still use this on and off if I do things and switch windows.  I am using Plasma KDE.  Any ideas on how to fix?01:57
R13oseflash_drive: actually Ubuntu but installed KDE01:59
flash_driveThere is a video to fix it on Joe Collin's youtube channel.02:00
flash_driveYo Aidenn02:01
aidennwhat up?02:01
flash_driveabout to optimise my swappiness02:02
aidennhaha good luck02:02
flash_drivei've done that 100 times02:02
flash_driveeasy :)02:02
knobHello everyone.  I have two n00b questions.  I downloaded Android Studio... unzipped the file, and now I have the whole directory structure.  If in the command line I go to /android-studio/bin/ and run ./studio.sh   , it brings up Android Studio GUI.02:03
knobMy two questions: Where should I move this bin?   To   /usr/local/bin   and drop it in there?            And then, how could I create a shortcut so I can access Android Studio GUI   via Alt+F202:03
aidennhaha good02:03
R13oseflash_drive: a video for me?  If so, can you link this?02:03
flash_driveyea just gimme a sec.02:04
aidenngtg, luck02:05
Mouaadhello, is anyone have an idea how to get the list of the content of a zip file without download it ? :D02:08
nthrowman zip02:11
nthrowwithout downloading it? maybe quantum tunneling.02:12
R13oseflash_drive: testing02:12
trismMouaad: probably no easy way since zip stores the index at the end of the file02:13
supercom32Has anyone gotten x2go-server to work with Ubuntu 16.04 yet?02:14
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flash_driveUbuntu 16.04 is unstable.02:21
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Mouaadtrism oh :/ .. not too practical02:22
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derfohWould someone point me to an up to date guide for setting up vagrant on ubuntu 16.04? I seem to be finding a mixed bag of methods and I'm having little success with getting any of them to work.02:23
derfohI would bestow upon them many imaginary internet brownie points.02:24
MrAngrygood morning everyone, can someone please help me with "sudo mii-tool -v -F 1000baseTx-HD enp3s0" ? cause it is throwing "Invalid media specification '1000baseTx-HD'." error, while both my ethernet card and the mii-tool command itself both support 1000baseTx, but I am getting the error anyhows, which seems like a sick joke and I am having the worst02:42
MrAngry headache about this in ubuntu. why is this happening?02:42
MrAngryhow can i fix this gentlemen?02:43
MrAngryby the way I am trying to move some files between my laptop and pc, so no switches with unsupported link speeds in between. and in previous version of ubuntu I used to get 1G speed02:44
MrAngryhelp me please02:44
misiektoo dificult02:48
r_riosHello, all. My system locale remains unchanged after I run locale-gen and dpkg-reconfigure locales. I'm running a Kubuntu 16.04 install upgraded from a 14.04 one with the same problem. Any ideas_02:54
Loshkitoo angry03:11
sheanhi,nice 2 meet you03:26
sheansome guy leaves you because them not here with you but i am here right now, ___syntax error?03:28
gnumonkHow to change the tmux client name, it comes like [0] and [1] ?03:54
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ptahrahello, how do we go to console mode, and exit X ubuntu?04:14
gretinCtrl-Alt-F1 ?04:15
ptahraok thanks04:16
ptahralet me see if that works04:16
elemmate hungup on install04:20
gretinHi everyone, I have an issue with unity not loading after logging into an Ubuntu 16.04 installation that was upgraded from 14.10->15.04->15.10->16.04. Any help would be appreciated, details can be found here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/21101554/04:20
elemi should just format it all04:20
ptahraalmost didnt come back lol, so to come back its alt f9?04:29
ptahrato come back to x session its alt f904:31
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gretinptahra: I think it's ctrl-alt-f704:39
Triffid_Huntergretin: depends which terminal the X server is running on04:39
Triffid_Hunter7 is the default but sometimes folks put gettys on more terminals or have multiple X server instances running, and it has to choose something higher04:40
gretinah ok well then try everything ptahra :P04:40
ph0tonicis anyone seeing this?04:40
ph0tonici have 14.04 on one of my old systems, is it true that x32 is going to be discontinued?04:41
ph0tonicx86 rather04:42
part_meanyone see me?04:42
Triffid_Hunterph0tonic: no idea, but there'll still be LTS releases around for ages04:42
ph0tonichas an old netbook which he is trying to swap the MB on04:42
part_mewho has an old notebook?04:43
ph0tonicso far no luck, although it nearly fits most of the connectors are different04:43
ph0tonicits an hp mini 9 with borked network and sd slot04:43
orlockph0tonic: If its a different brand/model, then yeah it's not going to fit04:43
ph0tonici can however simply use an extenal NIC04:43
ph0tonicits virtually identical, from a slightly more recent hp mini04:43
ph0tonicthe connectors are in the same place apart from the vga and network04:44
ph0toniceven the on/off switch fits04:44
ph0tonicheatsink/fan etc are similar and again the fan connector is different but this is simply a trivial mod04:44
ph0tonicthe cpu is actually identical atom dual core04:45
ph0tonicits ddr3l not ddr2 however04:45
part_methese hp mini are so failure friendly04:45
ph0tonicindeed. If the HDD/RAM/fan breaks its a trivial repair needing only a couple of screws04:46
ph0tonici might sell the old MB on04:46
ph0tonic"minor dings and dents: ideal for fixing machine with cracked/totally dead MB"04:46
orlockDidnt you say nic and sd were stuffed?04:47
ph0tonicthe onboard NIC and SD are controlled by the same chip so pretty sure that is dead04:47
ph0tonicloathe to remove it in case it dies completely04:47
ph0tonicalso the chip on the new MB is not the same04:47
ph0tonicIndeed. The previous owner ripped the SD out because it was stuck, tearing half the pads off the board04:47
ph0tonicI attempted to patch it up but no chance04:48
ph0tonicEven tried conducting epoxy04:48
ph0tonicbut this would be an ideal ubuntu machine04:49
ph0tonicdecent ram, dual core n series atom04:49
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TheNH813Thanks to some help earlier on here, I got Runescape working. :D05:01
TheNH813But.... Runescape freezes after caching around 1200MB of map data, or about 20 minutes.05:02
TheNH813Just an annoyance. #FirstWorldProblems :P05:02
TheNH813But I wonder if my java settings have to do with it?05:02
TheNH813Well, just though I'd drop by to say it's working if the person who helped me earlier is still on.05:03
=== apeschel is now known as apes
TheFocusafternoon... any ideas how to upgrade from 16.04 to 16.04.1?05:29
madsaTheFocus, run 'apt update && apt full-upgrade' from the command line05:30
madsaI think that should do it05:30
TheFocusmadsa...  Thanks... will give it a go.05:31
mikhael_k33hlInstalled Ubuntu 16.04, tried to update I get this error message about GPG: http://pastebin.com/kUtewdtA05:34
mikhael_k33hland why does it get its update from opensuse05:36
miharuso... I've just installed ubuntu. For those who dual booting, how do you manage file shared between two OS?05:36
Triffid_Huntermiharu: linux should be able to access your windows files without problems. windows has zero clue about linux files, so anything you need to share goes on the windows partition05:37
TheFocusmadsa:  apt update && apt full-upgrade is not permissable (locked file)05:38
madsaTheFocus, sorry, prefix that with 'sudo'05:38
madsaso run 'sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade'05:38
madsayou have to be root05:38
miharuTriffid_Hunter: so there is no need for another installation, just make the windows made partition?05:38
Triffid_Huntermiharu: not sure what you mean05:39
TheFocusmadsa: Thought that might be the case and also gave it a try... Nothing comes up for update but running 16.04 on system05:39
TheFocus0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.05:40
miharuSo, I just make another partition on windows, then mark them as active so that windows can use it, then just log on to ubuntu?05:40
miharuany file in that partition can be accessed by both?05:41
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miharuon not entirely unrelated note, any good ebook manager and reader?05:43
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
madsaTheFocus, what output do you get if you run 'lsb_release -a'?05:45
madsadoes it show you're running 16.04 or 16.04.1?05:45
TheFocusmadsa: Description: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS   Release: 16.04    - Is that indicating im running 16.04.1 LTS???05:48
madsaTheFocus, I think you are ;)05:50
TheFocusmadsa:  Thanks mate...  The 'about system' option is noting 16.04 but not suprised it is not relecting the update.  Cheers.  Over.05:51
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flash_drivecan anyone of you help me accessing Linux Mint Network?05:59
jrmiahhere's a tricky one - anyone know how to create a preseed file that updates the initramfs?06:01
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:02
OerHeksflash_drive, if you have trouble entering their forum, ask in the irc channel06:02
flash_drivei have problems accessing their irc network06:03
flash_drive Looking up irc.spotchat.org06:04
flash_drive* Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?06:04
OerHeksno, the name is correct. good luck then06:05
flash_drivemaybe the problem is in the server.06:06
hhfghfffhi there guys06:06
hhfghfffcan i ask about nfs thing06:06
hhfghfffcan i ask raspberrpi thingbin here th0?06:07
hhfghfffhi there flash06:07
hhfghffftypo err sorry, i mean raspberry pi, can i ask it here?06:08
OerHekshhfghfff, rasp pi is arm, try #ubuntu-arm06:11
hhfghfffty oerheks :)06:11
moneylotionhey all, does anyone have any ideas how i can pair down ubuntu, to get it below 1gb ram at idel06:13
moneylotionohh nevermind, chromium was using a ton of ram06:13
notadevelopernvidia card and radeon card can both exists in ubuntu?06:16
lotuspsychje!info preload | moneylotion install this to get things smoother06:16
ubottumoneylotion install this to get things smoother: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (xenial), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB06:16
moneylotionubottu, what do i install?06:17
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:17
OerHeksnotadeveloper, you can, all you need is to write a xorg.conf to define both cards06:17
notadeveloperi did06:18
notadeveloperit says could not load ctrc 11706:18
OerHeksnotadeveloper, hard to say, can you paste your xorg.conf on paste.ubuntu.com ? so others can have a look?06:20
notadeveloperi just removed nvidia cards and install06:20
lotuspsychjemoneylotion: sudo apt-get install preload06:20
notadeveloperreinstall ubuntu06:20
vahveroi have weird problem. I try to connect with samba server where is libreoffice odt file and i can't open it. error is general I/O-error. So gvfs has maybe issues. With Linux Mint there isn't problem. Hmm.06:23
vahveroeven if i make new file and move it to server. i can't open it with libreoffice.  Normal text file i can open with mousepad and do editing.06:24
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Guest83807I installed Ubuntu 16 after i tried it using the live version but, after i installed it , there is no ideo on the screen.06:27
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | Guest8380706:28
ubottuGuest83807: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:28
Guest83807i tried to boot from advanced options-> fail safe graphics06:29
=== vk3bl is now known as xtturbo
JayneHJKLhello, can anyone help me with a suspend issue?06:38
YankDownUnderGuest83807: type: /quit06:39
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solarbirdI was on earlier, but: anybody know how to make this particular bit of clipping work? It is the only graphic artefact I am seeing, it shows up using multiple drivers, it didn't show up in my previous install (12.04 LTS), it shows up now (16.04 LTS), nvidia, x86: http://solarbird.net/Livejournal/2016-07/why-is-this.jpg06:51
solarbird16.04 LTS was a clean install and is up to date, xorg.conf is as created by the driver and makes sense regardless. running gnome3.06:52
solarbird(tried unity for a few days, did not like it sry.)06:52
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ducassesolarbird: if there is a man page for the nvidia driver, you can browse through that for options that might help07:05
dwynwen_ddlleywAre there any good screen readers for Ubuntu?07:09
=== Dorami|Away is now known as Dorami
solarbirdducasse: I have. Also, it appears the exact same way with the nouveau driver, the open-source one for nvidia, as well as the nvidia-written proprietary driver.07:16
solarbirdso i'm fairly certain this is a configuration matter with X or with gnome3.07:17
solarbirdbut where to start, I do not know.07:17
IOFcan anyone help my Ubuntu 6 has brokern trying to upgrade to 16.04?07:27
ducasseIOF: ubuntu _6_?07:27
IOFIm kidding just testing if anyone was active07:27
IOFits actually 7.1007:29
ptahi have ubuntu 8>0407:29
ptahi have ubuntu 8.0407:29
IOF8.04 was the best07:30
IOFgnome 2 :)07:30
ptahits on a mini dell laptop, im trying to get flash to work07:31
Maxou88sHey I have an issue with my ubuntu laptop. When i install ubutu on it few month ago check yes for encrypt my /home directory but now i need to make more space avalaible so and its seems ecryptfs double the disk usage of my home this is true ??07:31
IOFptah lol good look with flash, but then again bad look will come if you get it working07:32
ducasseMaxou88: no, it does not.07:32
OerHeksMaxou88, encryption takes bytes, but does not double the size07:32
IOFthe internet has killed my spelling luck*07:33
warbaqueI think that first linux I installed was Ubuntu 5.04 or 5.1007:35
ptahmine was redhat07:35
Maxou88Can i remove this .ecryptfs from my home witheout data loss ?07:35
IOFMaxou88 if you want true encryption encrypt the whgole drive not just partitions07:36
Maxou88I dont need any encryption now07:38
ducasseMaxou88: you would need to backup your unencrypted data, wipe /home and restore it.07:38
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
Maxou88so I backup /home/.ecryptfs in an external disk07:40
Maxou88then i remove all my home ?07:40
Maxou88then i restore my home from my backup ?07:40
ducasseMaxou88: no, the _unencrypted_ data, not the encrypted.07:40
IOFMaxou88 no just mount /home unencrypted and copy the data off.07:40
IOFthe whole point of encrypting data is so it cant be recovered07:41
=== Shoe16_ is now known as Shoe16
Maxou88the du of my /home is 21GO and i have 15GO left so i can't mount a new home unencrypted07:44
IOFMaxou88 you cant get your data then07:44
Triffid_HunterMaxou88: usb stick :P07:44
IOFunless you want to attempt cracking the algorithm07:45
Maxou88i need to clean07:45
ducasseMaxou88: it _is_ mounted unencrypted when you log in.07:45
fenixdstrowatch.com downloads a php files csmnx.php !! its happening for all07:45
Maxou88ducasse i dont know07:45
fenixdstrowatch.com downloads a php file called csmnx.php !! is it happening for all ?07:46
IOFducasse it wont be monted unencrypted unless the pass phrase has been entered07:46
ducasseMaxou88: i'm telling you. just copy off what you need, and don't backup .ecryptfs - that is the encrypted data.07:46
ducasseIOF: he has never mentioned problems logging in, so afaik he has that.07:46
IOFducasse encyrpted data is encypted data login has nothing to do with it07:47
ducasseIOF: yes, because pam unlocks an ecryptfs-encrypted /home with your login password.07:47
IOFMaxou88 if you havent decypted it then the data is useless untill you can07:48
IOFducasse really thats pretty insecure if it does07:48
ducasseIOF: why? a passphrase is a passphrase.07:49
Maxou88i m really confused ..07:49
ducasseMaxou88: you can log in and see your homedir, right?07:49
Maxou88how can know really how muck disk space use the encryption ?07:49
IOFencrypted data needs a pass phrase why else would you bother encrypting it07:49
Maxou88of cours i can see all dir07:50
ducasseMaxou88: good, then just backup what you want.07:50
IOFthat sounds like very lame encryption07:50
ducasseIOF: your login password _is_ the passphrase, in effect. (it's actually used to unwrap your passphrase, but...)07:51
IOFducasse no it isnt not with any drive encryption Ive come across anyway07:52
ducasseIOF: ok, i'm just ignoring you now.07:52
IOFlike I said lame encyption if it is07:52
Maxou88so I pluged my external drive07:53
trijntjeMaxou88: encrypting your data takes 0 extra space07:53
warbaquelogin password and encryption password shouldn't have anything to do with each others unless you set them up to be same07:53
trijntjeso there is no point in removing the encryption for that reason07:53
Maxou88trijntje so why when i launch baobab07:54
Maxou88to see disk usage for each folder07:54
Maxou88in my home07:54
warbaqueusually you encrypt the whole block device so it'll look like it's full at all times07:54
trijntjeMaxou88: because linux pretends like it also has all your files unencrypted, but thats just a trick07:54
ducasseMaxou88: you are actually reading the encrypted data07:55
trijntjesecretly it decrypts the files in the background the moment you need them07:55
Maxou88I have my $user with 20GO and .ecryptfs same size ?07:55
trijntjeMaxou88: yeah, the $user dir is fake, it just reads the .ecryptfs through and interface that decrypts it on the fly07:55
trijntjeits the same data07:55
ducasseMaxou88: .ecryptfs is what is actually using space.07:55
IOFducase your miss advising07:55
trijntjelike I said, encryption takes 0 extra space, all that is present on the harddisk is the .ecryptfs folder07:56
Maxou88ok so there is not point to delete encryption because disk usage07:56
trijntjeMaxou88: correct07:56
ducasseMaxou88: no.07:56
daniel6644Hey Guys, I have a new hd mounted and formatted in "/mnt/Transfer-3/" I want to get plex to Sync all items from the default directory to this new directory. Will a mount or some kind of link allow me to do this?07:57
IOFMaxou88 yes ignore ducasse07:57
Maxou88ok sorry for disturb you then and thank for you help ;p07:57
IOFducasse go google encryption ffs07:57
=== MacroMan_away is now known as MacroMan
IOFdaniel6644 /mnt/Transfer-3/ is the path so thats all you should need07:58
Triffid_Hunterdaniel6644: symlink usually works for that sort of thing07:59
IOFdaniel6644 but mounting the disk in fstab by uuid to the mount point you want would be best07:59
=== jatt is now known as Guest59784
IOFsymlinks are dirty08:00
daniel6644Would this mount work "mount --bind /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Cache/Transcode/Sync+ /home/Sync+"08:00
=== Shoe16_ is now known as Shoe16
IOFwhite space is dirty also08:00
daniel6644sorry this Would this mount work "mount --bind /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Cache/Transcode/Sync+ /mnt/Transfer-3"08:00
IOFdaniel6644 why bind mount it?08:01
IOFdaniel6644 best way and this way would mount it at boot. Would be to add to fstab by uuid08:02
=== Shoe16 is now known as Shoe16|Phone
daniel6644what should the fstab UUID mount look like08:02
IOFdaniel6644 is it mounted now?08:02
IOFdaniel6644 ok ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/08:03
IOFin a terminal08:04
daniel6644I have a few ssd disk. I dont know wich disk it is.08:04
daniel6644oh found it sdc08:04
IOFdaniel6644 how many disks you have attached?08:04
daniel6644ok I have the UUID08:05
IOFdaniel6644 ok cool the uuid is the bit in blue at the end of each entry08:05
daniel6644yup got it08:05
IOFsorry yellow08:05
IOFno blue nvm08:05
IOFdaniel6644 sudo nano /etc/fstab08:06
Maxou88if i want to extend my ubuntu partition with 20go with an unallocated space avalaible should the ext4 part ?08:06
IOFdaniel6644 in there you should see some entriies08:07
IOFdaniel6644 you can put it anywhere it dont matter but I usually put them in order08:07
IOFdaniel6644 enter UUID=3e21f5bd-9234-4de6-9ee2-6333b11673e7 /mountpoint ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 008:08
daniel6644ok thanks08:08
IOFdaniel6644 replace the uuid with what you got earlier08:09
daniel6644yup done08:09
IOFdaniel6644 try a sudo mount -a to check for any errors08:10
daniel6644IOF: thanks mate. all good08:12
IOFdaniel6644 cool08:12
moneylotionhey gang, any significant battery tricks besides or including tlp?08:13
Fi_so... I don't understand './configure', anyone can explain to me?08:13
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall08:14
k1l_Fi_: ^08:14
Fi_k1l_: which?08:14
IOFFi_ if you dont understand ./configure dont even bother compiling use the repos08:14
k1l_Fi_: did you look up the link the bot gave out?08:15
media__what other phrases prompt ubottu?08:15
k1l_!brain | media__08:15
ubottumedia__: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone08:15
AWatcherI installed Ubuntu as a bootcamp instance and regretted it after a week... High DPI displays like the Retina don't really play well with it08:16
IOFubottu devnull08:16
Fi_k1l_ sorry, distracted. Anyway, there's nothing in the repo.08:16
IOF!ubottu devnull08:16
IOFubottu !devnull08:16
k1l_Fi_: read the bots link the the ubuntu help documentation. it explains what configure does.08:16
IOF!devnull | ubottu08:17
media__@AWatcher does anything other than OSX look good with retina?08:17
AWatcherWindows but it fails the usability test08:17
AWatcher*also takes altering the display "Make text bigger" option to get right08:17
Fi_yeah... no such file or directory?08:18
k1l_!compile > Fi_08:18
ubottuFi_, please see my private message08:18
IOFFi_ if your compiling you will most likely get dependecy issues have you looked if theres a ppa08:18
warbaqueFi_: are you in the correct folder?08:19
k1l_Fi_: ok, i made the bot pm you the link once again. please read the page to get to know what configure does on a compile.08:19
Fi_Mm? I've read it.08:19
k1l_Fi_: so what is the issue now?08:19
IOFprolly dependency hell08:20
Fi_I've read the ./configure --help. It doesn't show anything.08:20
Fi_and executing ./configure gives 'no such file or directory'08:20
ducasseFi_: have you cloned a git repo?08:21
k1l_Fi_: does "ls -al" list a configure file at all?08:21
Fi_k1l_ : at the unpacked tar? no.08:22
k1l_Fi_: and are you sure you need to compile at all? what software is it?08:22
IOFFi_ for questions like this we need your dist version and what your trying to install08:22
Fi_ubuntu 16.04?08:22
IOFFi_ what are rstudios requirements?08:23
OerHeksoh dear, not unpacked.. tar xjf <name>.tar08:23
k1l_Fi_: did you download the source code or the packaged binary?08:23
ikoniaisn't rstudio obsolete now08:24
IOFif it is good luck compiling on 16.0408:24
k1l_and rstudio is even shipping .deb files08:24
ikoniathey have a repo08:25
IOF.debs will fail if its using an obsolete dependency08:25
IOFso will a repo08:26
ikoniait looks like those debs will pull in a lovely set of packages to overwrite and create conflicts later08:26
ikoniabut they have a repo for 16.04 with dependencies08:26
ikoniaso no need to compile anything08:26
=== michael__ is now known as Guest63136
warbaquebut compiling is fun :)08:27
Fi_isn't the repo for R only?08:27
IOFwarbaque its fun on a distro like Gentoo08:28
IOFwhen you compile everything08:28
IOFbinary dists not so08:28
Fi_ikonia: I've installed R through repo, after that what should I do?08:28
warbaqueI prefer arch, best of both worlds08:28
juangalvezhablas smapnish08:31
ducasse!es | juangalvez08:31
ubottujuangalvez: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:31
IOFprintf('hello world')08:31
IOFprint 'hello'08:32
IOFI think its print(hello) in python 308:33
IOFplus the brackets08:33
warbaqueprint("hello") in pyhon308:33
warbaque" and ' are interchangeable in python08:34
IOFpython 3 sucks08:34
k1l_can we focus on ubuntu support again?08:34
juangalveznombre="Juan" edad=27 print ("Mi nombre es: ",nombre,"y mi edad es: ",edad)08:34
k1l_Fi_: so why dont you use the .deb packages from rstudio?08:35
k1l_juangalvez: #python is the channel for python support08:35
Fi_haa... I should say that I just installed ubuntu today.08:35
Fi_k1l_: how? by editing the etc/apt/sources.list and add the repo for R?08:36
k1l_Fi_: no08:36
Fi_teach me?08:36
IOFk1l if they have a repo that would be right08:37
Fi_k1l_: teach me?08:37
k1l_IOF: no. 3rd party repos dont belong into the sources.list but into the sources.list.d folder08:37
OerHeksIOF, wrong, ppa's have their own instance in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/08:37
IOFit works !08:38
k1l_Fi_: the rstudio website offers to download .deb packages. try that08:38
Fi_okay, first thing I seem to have to do is learning Ubuntu. any links for a beginner like me?08:38
k1l_IOF: ubuntu handles 3rd party repos differently. that is why they are excluded from the sources.list08:38
OerHeksIOF, don't misadvise ( your own words)08:38
IOFbut I see in the intrest of standards08:38
kittykittyits been almost a week since 16.04.1 was released, still cant upgrade from 14.04 yet. Anyone know why? Are the repos STILL not updated??08:39
IOFk1l no it doesent apt /aptitude both read the sources.list08:39
IOFthey may overwrite anything in them thats why the Linux community advices to use the .d dir for overrides08:40
OerHeksIOF wrong.08:40
k1l_IOF: sure it does. like i said ubuntu handles 3rd party repos differently. like on upgrades.08:40
ducasse!ltsupgrade | kittykitty08:41
ubottukittykitty: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.08:41
IOFOerHeks no Im not08:41
Fi_I become more confused.08:41
kittykittythanks ubottu, didnt know that08:41
kittykittybit weird that the iso is out but not the upgrade though08:41
k1l_IOF: this channel is ubuntu specific support and deals with the specifics the ubuntu setup got. so the ubuntu way is to put 3rd party repos int the sources.list.d folder.08:41
vahverohas anybody check the problem what i had?08:42
Fi_vahvero: no, I'm a beginner.08:42
OerHeksvahvero, repeat your question please, too long ago08:43
IOFk1l I respect that Im just giving support, bear in mind I use many distros08:44
k1l_Fi_: on the rstudio website they offer to download .deb packages for ubuntu. did you try that?08:44
adroit_machinewhat is the official wine channel?08:45
vahveroOerHeks, ok08:46
adroit_machinethanks, OerHeks08:46
IOF<adroit_machine> I dont know but play on linux would probably be a better option08:46
IOFit handles alot of thee wine setup for you08:47
vahveroOerHeks, so i get general I/O-error when im connected with gvfs to samba server. I can't open odt files with libreoffice. Everything else seems to work. When i connect with Linux Mint it works.08:47
adroit_machineIOF: i can't install wine or play on linux on my distro, it removes nVIDIA libraries08:47
Lutherheya guys anyone here has worked with Nagios before?08:48
Triffid_Hunteradroit_machine: lol wut08:48
IOF<adroit_machine> I dont know again but are you using proprietqary drivers?08:49
adroit_machineIOF: Yes, i'm using nvidia drivers for my gpu08:50
IOFI suspect thats where the issue is then08:50
OerHeksadroit_machine, how did you install the nvidia driver? through the driver menu?08:52
ducasseLuther: it's better to just ask your question, but for nagios you might get more help in #ubuntu-server08:52
adroit_machineOerHeks: Yes, through the  proprietry driver menu08:52
Lutherallright ty @ducasse08:52
Lutherhi guys, just a short question if i want to use notifications i have to install a plugin to do this like https://github.com/jasonhancock/nagios-html-email/blob/master/README.md or i can set up an email server. Is this correct?  i am new to nagios so please do not tear me in pieces if i oversee something obvious :P08:53
k1l_adroit_machine: please run "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the output url here08:53
vahveroOerHeks, and im using Xubuntu, but there shouldn't be so much difference.08:53
vahveroOerHeks, im doing this with thunar08:53
adroit_machinek1l_: the output is this url only: http://termbin.com/8kak08:54
k1l_adroit_machine: yes, the url is correct08:54
adroit_machinefolks at #winehq told me to download wine-hq files08:54
OerHeksvahvero, odd hat mint works, and ubuntu not, seems to be a know issue https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/23021/solved-open-ods-or-odt-files-from-a-smb-share-throws-damaged-file-error/08:55
IOF<adroit_machine> you using wine from the repo?08:55
k1l_adroit_machine: wait08:55
vahveroOerHeks, well the server is also Mint :)08:55
YujiAnyone know why an AMD APU's GPU might be seen as a completely different GPU? Got an A10-5745M which according to all specs has an HD8610G but Xorg is showing it as some kind of Aruba..08:56
adroit_machineIOF: I used synaptic to install wine 1.608:56
k1l_adroit_machine: remove the "nvidia-libopencl1-340" package and try again to install wine08:56
adroit_machinek1l_: how do I remove it? and is there a possibility that it may break my box?08:57
k1l_sudo apt remove nvidia-libopencl1-34008:57
IOFk1l dont you mean reinstall he needs a graphics driver after all08:57
k1l_IOF: no08:57
Triffid_HunterIOF: opencl isn't a graphics driver, it's a gpu computing library that uses the graphics driver08:58
IOFyeah but opeencl has nothing to do with nvidia08:59
k1l_the problem here is, that nvidia is not packaging the packages according to the ubuntu/debian packaging guidelines.08:59
vahveroOerHeks, thanks!!! I GOT IT :D i did install libreoffice-gnome package!!08:59
IOFk1l I see09:00
OerHeksvahvero, nice find09:00
YujiFor those of us with an AMD APU, what driver options are there now? I recall recently that fglrx is being deprecated or is, ?09:01
ducasseYuji: in 16.04, yes.09:01
YujiMint 18, I'm uh, not a Unity guy. ^_^ *peace, ducks for cover* >_>; So any options available or? For some reason Xorg is showing my AMD APU's chipset as an Aruba but it is a Kabini, according to pretty much any info I see.09:02
IOFyuji dont know but its probably reading diresctly from the chipset09:03
YujiManual probing shows HD8610G, so I'm not sure why Xorg is so confused.09:03
k1l_Yuji: ask the mint support about mint issues09:03
k1l_!mint | Yuji09:04
ubottuYuji: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:04
YujiUnfortunately, SpotChat is down for me at the moment.09:04
k1l_since they change some stuff on updates and kernels etc.09:04
OerHeksYuji, known issue, install the amd microcode for the update to read it correct09:04
k1l_Yuji: then try their forums09:04
YujiThat I did do, but it still shows up as an Aruba.09:04
YujiYeah, to the forums I go then.09:05
IOFxorg is old youd be best asking x11 support, if there is one09:05
OerHeksYuji, then you have Arube i guess.09:05
YujiOerHeks: Nah, something is broken. Not sure what though.09:05
YujiIOF: Well X11, xorg, meh. Xorg.0.log, all I know. I'll look into the difference between Xorg and X11.09:06
IOFyuji xorg is x1109:11
phionaim planning to upgrade with sudo update-manager -d. will this command work on all ubuntu?09:24
k1l_phiona: stop09:24
k1l_phiona: do you know the -d is for?09:24
k1l_its for development release.09:25
k1l_so if you dont want to test an unstable ubuntu release dont use that. i know that some bad websites promote to use the -d but that is a bad workaround and will cause more issues when the releases change09:26
folfHi, I'm running 14.04.4, software updater (update-manager on the commandline) is showing all updates applied, but no available upgrade (to 16.04.1). If I set "Notify me of a new Ubuntu version" to "For any version" I get a notification that 15.10 is available. Any ideas what I could do?09:26
k1l_!ltsupgrade | folf09:27
ubottufolf: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.09:27
phionak1l_: so what should be the command? -s for stable?09:27
folfThanks k1l_!09:27
k1l_phiona: no. what do you want to do at all?09:27
k1l_phiona: without any option it will upgrade to the next available release according to the release-prompt set.09:28
Aazadis anyone here ??09:28
Aazadi need help09:29
ducasse!ask | Aazad09:29
ubottuAazad: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:29
phionak1l_: automatically?09:29
k1l_phiona: it will not automatically upgrade to the next release. the update-manager will notify you when a new release is available and ask you if you want to upgrade09:30
k1l_phiona: what is your real issue? do you want to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04?09:30
phionak1l_: yes. thats what i was going to do09:32
k1l_!ltsupgrade | phiona09:32
ubottuphiona: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.09:32
sarthorHI, I want to start dclock on remote server via ssh, but command says "Error: Can't open display:", how to run dclock on remote computer. ssh -X remote-server "command" shows the result on my local pc. but I want executions of command and result, both on remote computer.. HELP please.09:34
phionak1l_: so? wait for at least one week more?09:34
whizzk1l_: does that mean it'll be available tomorrow?09:34
k1l_phiona: whizz i dont know when the release team is done with opening the LTS upgrade. but they said they need one more week.09:34
phionak1l_: ok. what if we miss the prompt telling us to upgrade?09:36
k1l_phiona: then you run "update-manager" again and it will ask you09:36
phionaok. thanks.09:37
HoloIRCUser3hi everyone09:40
MatboeHey all. Looking for some tech help. Anyone able to assist me with a WiFi adapter?09:41
yourefiredhow do i sudo09:52
ducassewas that it? :)09:53
Ben64dude quit right after09:53
cetabioI got a gps that works with grps, but I dunno what kind of request it makes. I cant point it to my server (ubuntu 16 apache2.4) but how can i then catch the request in ubuntu09:54
cetabioto develop according to the device?09:55
ikonia"point it at your server" ?09:56
ikoniawhat exactly are you trying to do09:56
cetabioIt a gps that send position to a server; I figured how to conect it with my server IP but the docs are very limited09:57
cetabioso wanna mak it run and the request to se its structure09:57
=== HoloIRCUser3 is now known as zenius
adroit_machinewhen I do sudo apt-get -f install, I get this error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/21123348/10:12
adroit_machineneed help please10:12
cremoHi I am trying to install ubuntu canonical on hp proliant ml10 v2. I want to use hardware RAID , does any one knows how it can be achived ?10:13
Triffid_Huntercremo: most hardware raid isn't usable by linux, and I hear that often linux software raid works better10:14
SayonaHi, question: is fixed the problem with nvidia driver ?10:14
=== ares_ is now known as Guest65861
squeakytoy2Hey all. I am getting a bit frustrated. I have done an apt-get install <app>. One of the executables, become globally, since it was positioned in /usr/bin/ - but another executable, is not there. How in earth do I find that? (Its 'pub' in the dart sdk)10:17
squeakytoy2is there an easy way to locate where that binary got downloaded?10:17
cremouse locate command to find binary10:18
MatrixAKeDhello guys.10:19
MatrixAKeDhave another chatroom?10:21
cremoany one worked on installing ubuntu on RAID configured server10:21
ducasseMatrixAKeD: #ubuntu-offtopic10:21
ducassecremo: check with hp if your controller is supported by ubuntu10:22
warbaqueI have played only with software raid10:23
naccsqueakytoy2: dpkg -L to find what's in a package, or apt-file search/list10:25
squeakytoy2thanks will try all, thanks10:26
ElectroMotivecremo, does the server have an internal RAID controller?10:28
easyhi all, i am trying to connect to the printer , shared from windows machine, i am using ubuntu 16.04, when i add printer using windows printer via samba, and click browse button, window stop responding10:32
easynothing happens, except busy cursor10:32
Harishello all10:33
easyi also updated the whole system, it newer worked though10:33
easyhow to add it manually or easy command line10:33
HarisI have apparmor installed on ubuntu 14.4 LTS. How do I enable (or disable) dovecot through it ? I'v configured dovecot to generate two sockets for auth and lmtp. its not generating those sockets10:33
liavaLaunch the printer configuration tool on your Linux desktop and start adding a printer. (On Ubuntu, open the System Settings window and click Printers, or launch the Printers application from the Dash.) Depending on the type of printer protocol you've selected, you may need to provide printer drivers.Apr 27, 201510:34
easyi need to connect to the shared printers10:34
Harisis there a way to diable apparmor ?10:34
liavaEh idk10:34
easyliava, i have already done that, but window stopped responding10:34
easywhen i click my workgroup name10:34
liavaMaybe just reboot it's worth a shot10:36
Harisguys ?10:37
sarthoris there any Free clock that have alarm / calendar / weather / and full screen for linux, please share if some one know, thanks in advance.10:45
Haristhank you all10:51
R13oseI am using KDE in Ubuntu and the browser freeze on and off.  Meaning I can still move around but I need to scroll or click link or switch tabs then move off of window and come back to see results.  How do I fix this?11:14
AciD`R13ose > update your graphic driver?11:17
R13oseAciD`: how?11:17
AciD`is it possible in ubuntu 14.04 to install multiple version of ruby (via rvm) in place of the default ruby package (on which many application depends). I ask since I cannot find a way to install scss now..11:19
adroit_machine_Need help please! when I do sudo apt-get -f install, I get this error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/21123348/11:20
AciD`adroit_machine_ > use --force-all11:22
adroit_machine_AciD`: can you tell the full command please?11:24
AciD`apt-get -f install  --force-all11:24
adroit_machine_ok, thanks AciD`11:24
AciD`this will just force that libsqlite3-0_3.8.2-1ubuntu2.1_i386.deb package to overwrite the duplicated file11:24
adroit_machine_it doesn't work, AciD`. I get this  error message: E: Command line option --force-all is not understood11:25
AciD`and `apt-get --force-all -f install` ?11:26
AciD`(in that order)11:26
AciD`otherwise, just dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/libsqlite3-0_3.8.2-1ubuntu2.1_i386.deb && apt-get -f install11:27
adroit_machine_AciD`: Let me try that11:27
R13oseI don't see any updates for my graphic driver11:30
R13oseAciD`: ^11:31
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:43
ina_hi, i've a problem with a brother dcp-8020: printing does, scanning not. brscan is installed. simple-scan -d gives me (after succesfully reading modes and setting them) "DEBUG: scanner.vala:1213: sane_start (page=0, pass=0) -> SANE_STATUS_INVAL"11:45
adroit_machine_good morning, BluesKaj11:49
BluesKajHi adroit_machine_11:50
Blakes5Would anyone have an idea why when I run gnome ubuntu my system would randomly crash whenever playing video games or watching videos but is rock solid if I use any other window's manager?11:51
ikoniacould you define "crash"11:51
Blakes5Freeze...lock up...require a reboot11:51
ikoniaas in the whole machine physically locks11:51
Blakes5Yes as in even the keyboard pressing caps lock will not light caps lock indicator....hard lock11:52
ikoniaso that suggests a panic of some sort11:52
YankDownUnder"any other window manager" - ?11:52
ikoniawhat app are you using to watch the videos11:52
Blakes5Right now I'm running xfce411:53
Blakes5I can also run fluxbox.....11:53
ikoniathats the desktop11:53
ikonianot the window manager11:53
Blakes5no crashes11:53
YankDownUnderAh...right...so Unity "crashes", but the others don't...?11:53
Blakes5I suppose11:53
ikonianeed to clarify11:53
ikoniagnome or unity11:53
ikoniaand what video app11:53
streulmaHello, if I run the bash scripts from the terminal it works, if I run outside the sh and choose Run in terminal (with ask setting in nautilus) then it won't work11:54
Blakes5Initially when the system was installed it would randomly freeze within 10 minutes. I attributed that to nourveau (sp), removed it installed nvidia drivers.11:54
ikoniastreulma: depends what the script does11:54
ikoniaand you need to define "won't work"11:54
ikoniaas thats like me saying "fix it"11:54
streulmash script.sh start ikonia11:54
ikoniastreulma: thats not really info11:55
Blakes5ikonia, anything.....youtube, vlc11:55
ikoniaBlakes5: ok - so those are two very different things11:55
ikoniaand they work in very different ways11:55
Blakes5and playing a video game will also elicit a lock unless it's a fresh reboot.11:55
streulmaikonia it's a shell script with start stop11:55
ikoniastreulma: yes, but you're not really saying what it does11:56
ikoniastreulma: why don't you paste the shell script,11:56
Blakes5It seems like I can play video or games between reboots but not both,11:56
ikoniaBlakes5: but this doesn't happen when you are running other desktops11:56
Blakes5But now that I'm not running gnome.....it's rock solid11:56
ikoniaBlakes5: you said when using gnome it crashes at the start11:57
ikoniaBlakes5: could you take a moment, gather up the info - double check it then paste a summary11:57
Blakes5before I removed nourveau11:57
ikoniaas you've given quite conflicting info11:57
streulmaikonia http://pastebin.com/vyESWZhT11:57
ikoniastreulma: this is a script that calls another script11:58
streulmaoh, ikonia yes :-)11:59
codfectionwhats the best ide for c12:00
snk_what's this?12:01
nacc!ot | codfection12:02
ubottucodfection: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:02
kucinga channel12:02
kucingnope, i just checking12:02
ikoniastreulma: so this seems pretty pointless12:03
ikoniajust call the real script12:03
ikoniawhat is the value in having a script that calls a script12:03
maysaraIt ok to use ppa that has packages for older version? i.e trusty packages not xenial12:04
ina_I've a problem with a brother dcp-8020: printing does, scanning not. brscan is installed. simple-scan -d gives me (after succesfully reading modes and setting them) "DEBUG: scanner.vala:1213: sane_start (page=0, pass=0) -> SANE_STATUS_INVAL"12:04
ikoniamaysara: no12:04
naccmaysara: i mean, using a ppa with no packages for your release will not really do anything. Forcibly installing those .debs would be wrong.12:05
ina_btw: the scanner is connected to a usb2-port, ubuntuusers reports problems with usb3...12:05
streulmahow can I run screen sh command in daemonize mode ?12:05
ikoniadamonize mode ??12:05
ikoniait's not a daemon12:05
YankDownUnderina_: Have you read through all the information on the Brother website concerning this particular printer?12:06
maysaranacc, ikonia: thx12:06
YankDownUnderina_: http://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/download_scn.html12:06
benllbenUbuntu live disk runs flawlessly, when i install it then load it the graphics takes a few seconds to respond and open up a screen. Anyone know whats happening?12:07
benllbenAlso the home screen when logging in loads in layers, and loads in slowly from top to bottom, like old internet days12:07
R13oseI am using KDE in Ubuntu and the browsers freeze on and off.  Meaning I can still move around but I need to scroll or click link or switch tabs then move off of window and come back to see results.  How do I fix this?12:08
antonysalas buenas12:09
ina_YankDownUnder: i did everything, https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Scanner/Brother/ says. It worked this way with 14.04 lts. it seems something changed in 16.0412:12
benllbenAny  reason why ubuntu display would be really slow and typing takes awhile to appear? cursor moves fluid but clicking or doing anything is slow. on an i7 system12:20
benllbenLive disk works fine, just not the installed version12:20
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gtlanyone used gitlab in ubuntu? I have problem that it interferes with other vhost12:26
gtlwhen I stop, other vhost works perfect again12:27
ModFathergtl maybe its better to ask on #gitlab channel12:28
tigefaRAM less i think.12:29
gtlthanks ModFather :)12:29
=== Krystal__ is now known as irinix
ZteamHi all!12:35
ZteamI must say I'm quite dissapoined by the Ubuntu 16.04 installer, no matter how I try it won't finish loading Unity, som I'm stuck with a blank desktop, and I can't bring it into a TTY either.... :-/12:38
ZteamThis never happened with any previous Ubuntu image I used....12:38
justxuxMaybe you can find some info about this in release announcement,or try download another image,this one can be corrupt12:39
Zteamjustxux, I did read release announcement and the installer works perfectly on another computer (and earlier verions of the Ubuntu live ISO works on both computers without any issues :-/12:41
justxuxZteam, maybe try other boot options12:43
Zteamthe only two workarounds I can figure it out would be: 1 install a previous version of Ubuntu and then upgrade it once system is installed or 2, download the server edition and install from that one12:43
Zteamjustxux, yup, I tried changed them as well :P12:44
guineess-bookhi i have question12:44
guineess-bookwhere to boot ubuntu12:44
guineess-bookto command prompt12:44
guineess-bookinstead of graphic12:44
justxuxZteam, Why server edition? Try minimal ISO image12:45
justxuxZteam, Do you have a skylake processor on that computer?12:46
Zteamguineess-book, there is no real way of doing that... but then you are in desktop mode just bring up a command line by pressing CTRL+ALT+F112:46
akikguineess-book: this worked on debian. i guess it should work on ubuntu too "systemctl set-default multi-user.target"12:47
=== andres_ is now known as marceloperez
Zteamjustxux, Ahh, neat idea, I didn't know about the minimal iso. but of course that would be the ideal choice :-)12:47
Zteamjustxux, no it's a quite old machine an old AMD athlon X2 4800+12:48
justxuxZteam, You tried boot option like "vga=795"?12:49
Zteamjustxux, do you know if the minimal iso offers a guided way to set up full disc encryption?12:50
Zteamjustxux, I'm not sure will doublecheck that :-)12:50
justxuxZteam, There should be (never done this,but heard smth about this),let me look this up12:50
Tin_manZteam, is that a HP slimline computer?12:52
ZteamTin_man, nope, it's a machine I built myself :-)12:53
justxuxZteam, I found this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:53
Zteamjustxux, okey, thanks :-)12:55
=== precise|toner is now known as precise
AciD`adroit_machine_ > did it work?12:56
StatelessCathey, what is the meaning of versions «8u91-b14-0ubuntu4~16.04.1, 8u91-b14-3ubuntu1~16.04.1» ? (x)ubuntu(y)~ version means ?12:57
Zteamjustxux, thanks for your help man :-)12:59
StatelessCatis this is a patch versionning numeroting ?12:59
naccthe (x) is the base debian version, the (y) is the number of ubuntu updates12:59
naccthe ~ makes the string sort less than any other version with the same prefix12:59
justxuxZteam, No problem, I just was around at the right time12:59
naccStatelessCat: --^12:59
naccStatelessCat: that way, if you were to upgrade to 16.10 and it had a 8u91-b14-0ubuntu4, that will get upgraded to13:00
dmitryhey hey hey13:02
=== matt_ is now known as Guest67302
StatelessCatnacc: where is the documentation about how packages on ubuntu are build and made available on official repos ? I suppose that every/some packages seems to be a debian testing one and got some patchs for ubuntu, if I understand well.13:07
naccStatelessCat: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/13:08
=== Guest67302 is now known as matt_
naccStatelessCat: although note that UDD doesn't exist anymore :)13:09
naccbut probably the broad strokes are still valid13:09
naccStatelessCat: ubuntu packages are built basically like debian packages13:09
StatelessCatdédé ?13:09
naccudd = ubuntu distributed development, now defunct aiui13:10
StatelessCatNow this is not UDD it is ?13:11
naccStatelessCat: don't understand your question13:11
StatelessCatnacc: «UDD doesn't exist anymore», now what is the type of developement choosen ?13:12
naccStatelessCat: it depends on the project, but generally speaking, ubuntu packages are not guaranteed to be in any SCM; some are in bzr13:13
sdexterI am installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server onto a RAID1 software raid (not fake). When I get to the step where it does grub-install /dev/sdj it fails. I have tried setting this up a number of ways and it fails this same way every time.13:13
YankDownUndersdexter: Have you asked in the #ubuntu-server channel?13:14
StatelessCatnacc: this sound bad :/13:14
sdexterI have not, but then I didn't know that channel existed till just now. :)13:14
naccStatelessCat: what does?13:14
YankDownUndersdexter: Coolbeans - best to ask there, mate.13:15
naccStatelessCat: to contribute a fix to an ubuntu package, I doubt you need the whole history for that package13:15
sdexterYankDownUnder: Thanks13:15
cfhowlett!server | sdexter might ask the server channel13:16
ubottusdexter might ask the server channel: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server13:16
sudishthi have lenovo g 50 80 laptop and my tachpad tep to click not working also not sow techpad setting in mouse and tuchpad setting13:20
dionysus69where should I put firefox developer version in /opt or /home/user/bin?13:21
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
StatelessCatnacc: ok I misunderstood. I was thinking you said that not every packages presents in ubuntu must be versionned ^^13:33
StatelessCatnacc: like when some guys put nasty proprietary binaries into .deb13:34
Paul__98hello 59313:36
naccStatelessCat: no, I didn't say that13:37
Paul__98Who use Openbox?13:37
=== BluesKaj is now known as Bluesaway
daltoanyone up for a grub rescue> problem after macrium reflect reinstall on multiboot Win 7, Ubuntu, Linux Mint?13:40
timiniHey does anyone know how I can spoof my keyboard input?13:41
timiniIs there a program that will spoof me typing a file13:41
timiniI have some program where copy paste is disabled13:42
timiniits a pita13:42
timinineed to type everything13:42
guineess-bookguiness book world record gamer edition13:42
timinibut would be great if there was a program that would type it for me if i give it a text file13:43
transhumanHi! Not sure if I should go to the ubuntu people or here but I am getting the following error trying to upgrade mysql server as part of a ubuntu upgrade to latest ... http://paste.debian.net/78558813:43
daltocan anyone help?13:43
akiktimini: xdotool might be able to do it13:43
daltoI can get back in using set boot=(hd0,msdos7) etc etc but cant make the change permanent - can boot to Win 7 no problem but the Grub bootloader won't give me Linux Mint or Ubuntu option - instead get grub rescue13:46
transhumanI am also getting this error in the logs paste.debian.net/78559013:47
ina_did anyone got a scanner with brscan(1) working on 16.04?13:49
=== sidarta is now known as soliveira
nacctranshuman: you were already on 16.04? or was this 14.04 -> 16.04?13:53
daltoFurther info.... Win 7 installed ... then installed Ubuntu /root, swap, /home and /boot on seperate partitions on single drive without overwriting Win bootloader (using as default)....then installed Mint using on own /root but same /home and swap as Ubuntu and overwrote Ubuntu Grub with Mint Grub13:54
transhumannacc it was an upgrade13:54
transhumaneverything upgraded ok except mysql13:54
transhumanoriginal problem is root referenced lower and upper case host names13:55
mchasardmidori or epiphany how to play youtube video please ? firefox is ok but too much ressources13:55
nacctranshuman: upgrade of ubuntu or just mysql?13:56
daltoset boot entry in MBR using EasyBCD all worked fine... then did Macrium Reflect backup (all partitions) and reinstalled as test and now getting grub rescue>13:56
transhumanof Ubunut13:57
nacctranshuman: from 14.04?13:57
transhumanno i think it was 15.0413:57
transhumanit says mysql has alredy been upgraed after moving the log files13:58
theTroyHi! I have given Deja-Dup 1TB drive to back up to. Been running the OS for nearly a year but it never uses more than ~300GB of space. I also told it to keep backups forever, but it only keeps ~1.5 months of daily backups13:58
transhumanit says its on 5.7.1313:58
nacctranshuman: well if it was 15.04, you can't upgrde to 16.04 directly, you have to go through 15.1013:58
=== gsr is now known as Guest14667
transhumanI did the normal realease upgrade13:59
adroit_machine_ Need help please! when I do sudo apt-get -f install, I get this error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/21123348/13:59
nacctranshuman: sorry, gtg, hopefully somoene can help13:59
transhumando-release-upgrade when it said another was available13:59
transhumanok no problem thanks13:59
daltoset boot-(hd0,msdos7) ........ set profile=(hd0,msdos7)/boot/grub ...... insmod normal ..... normal and I get GRUB but how can I get this to be permanent again if I select the Linux entry in MBR which I created using EasyBCD?13:59
transhumanI think I am going to have to drop back to my san snapshot and try again13:59
transhumanhave a great day nacc14:00
daltoerm ... should I be reading IRC rules somewhere to ask the "right" question?14:01
daltois this the Ubuntu help channel?14:02
Fuchsdalto: hi, yes :)14:04
akikdalto: yes, just ask your question and if somebody knows the answer they'll reply14:04
Fuchsdalto: you just have to be patient :)14:04
Fuchshe did14:04
rattkingdalto: in most cases 'update-grub' configures grub2 correctly. I dont know anything about EasyBCD14:04
daltoI tried update-grub at grub rescue> but no go - should I be running that from terminal in Mint? Sorry for my noobness - trying to learn :)14:05
akikdalto: did you tell mint to install grub to the mbr?14:06
=== Bluesaway is now known as BluesKaj
rattkingdalto: that command would be run from the booted OS14:08
daltono - I installed GRUB to its own 350mb partition (on Ubuntu install) then overwrote it on the same partition with Mint GRUB - then I used EasyBCD in Windows to create the Linux entry as I would like to continue using the Windows bootloader14:08
* rattking backs away slowly14:08
silliguys i'm not able to set sublimetext3 as default editor, i've changed gedit to sublime_text in default.list, but nothing changed, any tips?14:09
ConsoleFxI installed the nvidia driver for my GFx card model and it got installed too but while I restarted I am not getting the option to scale it to 1920x1080 :( but in the nvidia-settings window, I could see the primary display resolution set to 1920x1080... Can anyone please help me how I can resolve this thus I can go to "Display" windows from the control panel and change the resolution accordingly?14:09
akikdalto: ok there's another method for using windows boot loader to boot ubuntu https://www.iceflatline.com/2009/09/how-to-dual-boot-windows-7-and-linux-using-bcdedit/ i don't think many people here know about easybcd14:09
daltoratking: will running update-grub from Terminal in Mint fix this or the backing away is 'cause I am not using GRUB as default on sda0 (MBR)? :)14:10
=== fadavi1 is now known as fadavi
rattkingI backed away because of how much is in play here, 2 grub installations and EasyBCD, I dont know anything about that last one14:12
BluesKaj!mint | dalto14:12
ubottudalto: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:12
adroit_machine_ Need help please! when I do sudo apt-get -f install, I get this error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/21123348/14:13
daltoEasyBCD allowed me to create an entry for Linux (through Windows) to point to /dev/sda4 which is the 350mb partition I installed GRUB to14:13
BluesKajadroit_machine_, run sudo dpkg --configure -a first, then -f install, that might help14:14
daltotherefore by overwriting the Ubuntu GRUB with Mint GRUB in the same location I used the Windows bootloader with default time of 10 seconds to boot to Win 7 or else select the Linux entry where GRUB appeared and I could choose either Mint or Ubuntu14:14
daltoI guess14:15
adroit_machine_ok, BluesKaj14:15
akikdalto: what you have accomplished is something you need to figure out yourself14:16
BluesKajdalto, uefi ?14:16
daltonope not UEFI ....IV'e seen many threads at the forums bout this problem but can't comprehend what's going on unfortunately14:17
daltoor how to apply a permanent fix14:17
daltomore to the point14:17
rattkingdalto: that you are getting to grub-rescue indicates that grub was started by the other boot loader, but grub is unable to find its config on disk14:17
daltois grub-rescue and grub rescue the same horse?14:18
rattkingerr yeah the grub rescue prompt14:18
daltoI get grub rescue> when I select the Linux entry in the Windows bootloader14:19
daltothen no GRUB14:19
alkisgdalto, why don't you install grub normally and avoid easybcd completely?14:20
adroit_machine_BluesKaj: udo dpkg --configure -a, doesn't work. I'm getting the same error14:20
daltoI have not tried grub-rescue via the Terminal in Mint after running set boot=(sda0,msdosX) eNTER ETC ETC14:20
rattkingthats usually solved by running grub-install /dev/whereever and update-grub to update grubs config from the booted system.. pick 1 ubuntu or grub and let os-prober (called by update-grub) find the other install14:20
daltoIn which case I can bring up the GRUB bootloader and boot Ubuntu or Mint as I please14:21
rattkingsorry I am still sleeping * Pick 1 ubuntu or mint and work with grub there14:21
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
alkisgdalto, the problem you're mentioning is related to easybcd, you need to remove and reinstall the grub entry there, it's not related to linux or ubuntu14:22
daltook - so you are saying that if I run update-grub (with sudo?) from Terminal in either Mint or Ubuntu it should fix the issue? WIll the Windows bootloader remain default?14:22
virtuosojIs Unity/Compiz more taxing on gfx hardware or less than Gnome/Mutter?14:23
alkisgYou can tell grub to boot windows as the first choice, but you should really let grub manage your mbr, not windows/easybcd14:23
YankDownUndervirtuosoj: Yes.14:23
alkisgThat's dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc from the booted ubuntu14:23
virtuosojYankDownUnder, more or less? XD14:24
BluesKajadroit_machine_, sudo apt purge sqlite3 and mysql , tou may not need these files if you aren't running a server or database14:24
adroit_machine_BluesKaj: sqllite3 is needed for wine14:25
YankDownUndervirtuosoj: It's dependent on the graphics card, really - however, overall Gnome/Mutter is going to be less overhead/overall "hungry"...obviously, Unity/Compiz is going to require more GPU power to push effects...14:25
daltoI had a  feeling it would get to that ... use GRUB but.... I would still like boot....Win bootloader ....default Win 7 after x time or Enter OR select Linux -> loads GRUB -> select Mint or Ubuntu if possible14:26
BluesKajadroit_machine_, purge it anyway reboot and reinstall it if you must14:26
adroit_machine_ok, BluesKaj14:26
akikdalto: you can do it. read the link i pasted14:26
alkisgdalto: for that  scenario, you should ask in the easybcd irc or forums or whatever support they have, it's not related to linux or ubuntu14:26
BluesKajadr but update and upgrade first after rebooting14:26
daltoalkisg: yeh I sorta get that but I figured someone here would more than likely have faced the issue at some point14:27
alkisgadroit_machine_, BluesKaj, if you do purge it, note the packages that will be automatically removed; you may need to reinstall them14:27
BluesKajal the packages will install if he reinstalls the purged packages14:28
adroit_machine_will do, alkisg14:28
alkisgdalto, you haven't explained the reasons why you prefer windows to manage the mbr though, while it definately doesn't know anything about linux, so you need a second proprietary software and *then* grub to be able to load linux... that's a whole lot more mess than just using grub in the first place14:29
alkisgBluesKaj: no, that's not true14:29
BluesKajthen why didn't you halp him instead of correcting me, alkisg?14:30
akikalkisg: ntldr can boot the mbr boot sector which is in a file14:30
alkisgBluesKaj: suppose you remove lightdm, which in turn removes ubuntu-desktop, as that depends on lightdm. If you later on reinstall lightdm, you won't get ubuntu-desktop14:30
roninHello! I have trouble with Ubuntu 16.04 Lockscreen. I use Caps Lock to change keyboard layout. Steps: 1) I lock my computer. 2) I press Caps Lock to change keyboard layout. But lockscreen disappears, I see all my windows (without password) for a few seconds. If I press buttons they take affect on active window... So anybody can do things on my computer without password.. Can anybody help me?14:30
daltoalkisg: understood ... I guess in a sense it was more of an experimentation than anything else - I have in the past dual booted Win7 and Ubuntu using GRUB ....14:30
virtuosojYankDownUnder, thank you :)14:30
BluesKajit won/'t remove ubuntu-desktop14:30
alkisgBluesKaj: yes, because I didn't have a nice command to help him with, but I did happen to know the issue with the command you gave. That was the correct thing to do with my knowledge. Do you disagree?14:30
YankDownUndervirtuosoj: All good.14:30
=== YankDownUnder is now known as YDU_away
alkisgBluesKaj: do you know which packages that adroit_machine_ has, depend on sqlite3? I don't. I'm just telling him to make a list.14:31
rattkingI handle all that by using 'dpkg -r --force-all' to remove the specific package causing trouble then 'apt-get -f install' to put it all back together.. But I am al little skiddish recommending that to others14:32
alkisgrattking: that's what I had in mind too, but I thought it was a bit harsh, but definately better than apt purge.14:32
BluesKajalkisg, you tell him if you're so insistent , I know that this method has worked for mr in the past ...now if you want to help him , tell him not me14:32
adroit_machine_BluesKaj: , alkisg, let's not  fight guys14:33
daltolet me rephrase then .... if I were to fresh install 7 and then Ubuntu and then Mint (overwriting Ubuntu GRUB with Mint GRUB) using GRUB as the default bootloader then could I feasibly do a backup of ALL partitions on a single drive using Macrium Reflect free and not face the same issue I am now?14:34
BluesKajadroit_machine_, we have to put up with so called experts in here ...I'm used to it , just make sure you update and upgrade after you reboot14:35
alkisgadroit_machine_, BluesKaj, if I run: sudo apt purge libsqlite3-0 in my system, it uninstalls more than 500 packages14:35
alkisgadroit_machine_, BluesKaj, if you run it, but press cancel, how much does it uninstall for you?14:35
alkisgBluesKaj: you give bad advice, and you don't want people to correct you14:35
alkisgBye from me.14:35
daltoI'm willing to go there but I want a way of backing up a triple boot (clean installs of each) without reinstallation hassles14:35
=== larrymi is now known as larrymi-link
BluesKajadroit_machine_, if as he says it's goiunf remove a lot of depenedent packages then don't purge it,  purging  can be dangerous14:37
adroit_machine_ok, BluesKaj14:37
BluesKajnotice he didn't offer any advice on how to fix it tho14:38
daltowhat would be any of you kind peoples thoughts on how YOU would achieve this (without the I would never EVER Windows 7 ....) please?14:38
BluesKajdalto, I asked you earlier, is this pc a UEFI or BIOS type?14:41
daltoBIOS mate14:42
zerowaitstateI think I may have found a bug in SSH server logging related to PID reuse14:42
ronin312123Hello! I have trouble with Ubuntu 16.04 Lockscreen. I use Caps Lock to change keyboard layout. Steps: 1) I lock my computer. 2) I press Caps Lock to change keyboard layout. But lockscreen disappears, I see all my windows (without password) for a few seconds. If I press buttons they take affect on active window... So anybody can do things on my computer without password.. Can anybody help me?14:42
BluesKajdalto, run sudo fdisk -l  to find what your partitons are names /dev/sdX ..usually /dev/sda14:43
daltoakik: have bookmarked the link you posted for a read later to by the way - cheers14:43
=== test is now known as Guest782
Guest782so whats up guys?14:45
spjuleswhats up14:45
daltoBluesKaj: alrighty ... will do .... gotta run set boot etc etc to get back in first - will be but a minute :)14:45
Guest782so this is the linux community?14:48
skinuxAnyone happen to have a bash script for installing all the needed components for using React, Redux, JSX, Babel, etc?14:48
geniiGuest782: This is the support channel for the Ubuntu distribution of linux. if you want a broader linux community, the ##linux channel is more appropriate14:49
Guest782well got any advice for a new user then?14:49
adalhello there14:54
adalanyone know of better more populated channels to join?14:55
daltoBluesKaj: pastebin.com/fS0jGyhm14:56
Guest782yeah this chatroom seems to be quite emty...14:56
akikonly 1901 clients14:56
Guest782client as in users?14:57
akikadal: do you need help with ubuntu?14:57
adalum yes14:58
Guest782adal are you also a new user?14:58
adalmy question is14:58
adalhow do you make window borders disapear is it even possible14:58
Guest782i am testing it out on a virtual machine14:58
adali have ubuntu as my main os to force me to learn this14:59
Guest782you mean how to close programs?14:59
davido_which borders, the 1px thin line around windows?14:59
adallike the title borders15:00
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
daku_Could probably find a theme that can do it. If you're trying to do what I think you are.15:00
adali havent found any themes like that i srsly have looked everywhere15:01
Guest782i got a question15:01
adalwhats ur question15:01
Guest782what programing software should i get for ubuntu?15:01
adalwhat language do you want to use15:02
=== eihrul is now known as eihrul_work
Guest782well... i am swedish....15:02
adalno like programing language15:02
Guest782but english works just as well15:02
davido_adal : The settings that themes configure are in /usr/share/themes  ...might need to copy one of the themes over to a new name (so you don't mess up the original) and have a go at making sense of the configuration.15:02
daku_@adal http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/how-to-make-your-favourite-gtk-theme-borderless15:02
adalthanks davido15:02
akikGuest782: what language do you know/want to learn?15:03
adaland thanks daku15:03
daku_Not sure if that will work15:03
adalik java ir atleast i was able to pass the ap computer science exam which uses java15:03
BluesKajdalto, to include the windows or linux OS partitions in grub, run,  sudo os-prober, then run, sudo update-grub15:04
davido_Guest782 : The choice of what to install for a programmer is based on the tool chain that works well with his organization and with the languages he intends to work with (programming languages).15:04
Guest782actually i don't know.... the point of getting linux is because I am going to college to be a computer engineer. And i was told Linux would be better for me to use than windows15:04
davido_Guest782 This isn't really an Ubuntu question though.  The answers are going to be opinion based, and will not be unique to Ubuntu -- will apply to all linux environments.15:04
k1lGuest782: install ubuntu and start using it. so you get familiar with it.15:05
rattkingronin312123 thats definitely worth a bug report15:05
adalim using linux because when u use tor with windows it leaves leaks15:05
davido_Guest782: Again this will depend on your college's CS program. What if they teach C++ using MSVC++?  Anyway, not Ubuntu specific.  I'm a developer, and my IDE is linux's tools, and vim.15:05
Guest782i am using it one a virtual machine for now...15:05
Guest782oh well davido i havent been given that information yet15:06
davido_!ot Guest78215:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:06
Guest782ok ok then15:06
Guest782so why should i use ubuntu?15:07
davido_That's not a support question.15:07
daltoBluesKaj: pastebin.com/Cpb3jd7p for os-prober - safe to run the next command? What is this going to do BTW - set GRUB as default? I really don't mind ... just asking?15:07
zykotick9davido_: fyi, to highlight someone with a factoid use "!foo | nick"15:07
subsumei like it because its almost as stable as debian and has mostly current support for things i need but i don't use it as a desktop15:07
k1lits easy to use and got a lot of software in the repositories. so you can easily install them.15:07
davido_thanks zykotick915:07
subsumeEriC^^: hoping to get some help with a bootloader setup. :)15:08
Guest782well i mean there are many differet types of linux.... so i am asking why should i pick ubuntu?15:08
subsumeGuest782: for what use case15:08
Guest782programming etc15:08
k1lGuest782: i just told you. its one of the most widespread distributions.15:08
BluesKajdavido_, updating grub will list all your OSs including windows , assuming that's whatn you need15:08
daltoBluesKaj: thought that one might have been meant for me :)15:09
BluesKajdalto, yes it was :-)15:09
subsumeGuest782: go search for the libs you need in the pursuit of programming and you may find that ubuntu has those packages more up to date than some other ones15:09
daltoBluesKaj:so GRUB will take over then? Correct?15:10
subsumei'm sure there are other flavors of linux worth using i just don't really spend my time on that problem anymore, i have moved onto other ones in a ubuntu context15:10
subsumehaving a huge active channel on IRC is also great too15:10
BluesKajdalto, I assumed that's what you wanted and needed15:10
subsumeincluding countless stackoverflow and other forum questions that pursue problems i run into15:10
RoninDevHello! I have trouble with Ubuntu 16.04 Lockscreen. I use Caps Lock to change keyboard layout. Steps: 1) I lock my computer. 2) I press Caps Lock to change keyboard layout. But lockscreen disappears, I see all my windows (without password) for a few seconds. If I press buttons they take affect on active window... So anybody can do things on my computer without password.. Can anybody help me?15:11
daltoas I said before I would have liked to figure out a way of sticking with the Win bootloader but hey ... I'll try anything once my friend! :)15:11
Guest782hmm well thank you subsume15:12
subsumedalto: heh i am looking for the same thing15:12
subsumehere's one thing i don't get15:12
BluesKajdalto, not possible , it's not going to affect your windows boot or login , why would you want that ..it will look exactly the same once you choose to boot windows anyway15:12
subsumebecause its not reversible, BluesKaj15:13
subsumeor its not reliably reversible15:13
daltoBluesKaj: true dat ... running update-grub now - let's see what happens then15:13
Crazymofohey by any chance do any of know why effi is so hard to get to boot a linux disto off usb15:13
subsumeif you decide you don't want ubuntu on the box you are in some shit trying to get windows back to a normal state15:13
subsumeI don't get why I can burn a USB and it doesn't need a bootloader but when I install ubuntu it does15:13
subsumemaybe the install disk does have a bootloader and i just don't know it15:14
BluesKajsubsume, no kidding , but I don't understand his wanting the windows bootloader when the mbr is till there , it just has grub on it15:15
subsumei was installing ubuntu next to windows but i don't want grub15:15
daltoBluesKaj: holy bat **** - what is /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-21-generic?15:15
subsumedoes anyone know if the liveCD has a bootloader?15:15
BluesKajdalto, that's your linux kernel15:16
davido_Grub is pretty simple. If you ever get to a state where you wish to revert to windows only (instead of dual boot) you can just set grub to not show a splash screen, and to auto-select Windows.  Then it becomes invisible.15:16
rypervenchesubsume: It does. How else would it boot? :) Isolinux.15:16
subsumerypervenche: okay so can i just install the bootloader to the actual partition that i install ubuntu too15:17
adalsubsume install grub15:17
subsumebasically, could i just manually select the actual partition to boot from each time i want ubuntu and leave the rest the heck alone?15:17
rypervenchesubsume: On Ubuntu, you would use syslinux instead. And yes, you could use it if you wanted.15:17
subsumeeh its my friends windows machine15:17
BluesKajsubsume, yes if you want15:18
daltoBluesKaj: phew! I saw vm and thought it found the Linux VM's I am running in Workstation 12 - one of which I am speaking with you whilst on right now - I am n00btastic - I know I know ... give it up :)15:18
subsumei just want to do some temporary machine learning stuff but i don't want to invade his system with any changes15:18
davido_well, there's always VirtualBox15:18
subsumeBluesKaj: you think during install i can just select /dev/sda5 (my to be ubuntu partition) and the normal windows bootloader will be untouched? then i can F11 in and boot /dev/sda5 manually15:18
Guest782yeah virtualbox :)15:18
subsumenah can't use vbox15:18
subsumefor some reason tensorflow libs won't have access to the GPU15:19
subsumethere's a huge warning about it in the install docs15:19
Guest782well this has been an interesting first time experience with linux have a good day everyone15:19
MeliooIs it theoretically possible to create a functional persistent usb with a set size for the usb stick, then backup the drive and its file system to an iso, to burn it back to a simular sized thumb drive15:19
daltoBluesKaj: so I guess reboot and see if GRUB has taken the reigns then?15:19
BluesKajsubsume, yes , but you have to choose  manual partitioning , and make sure you know which partition is the target ahead of time15:19
rypervenchesubsume: I think a persistent USB would be the best for you then.15:20
subsumerypervenche: i have only one usb on me, so i can't really figure out how to make it15:20
subsumei need some medium to create the install disk15:20
subsumecould i just make that medium a local unused partition?15:20
MeliooSubsume, universal usb creator15:20
BluesKajdalto, did you run sudo update-grub , if so then your good15:20
BluesKajyou're good15:21
subsumeMelioo: what's that15:21
MeliooMakong it persistant depends on the machibe you boot in and the arch of the distro15:21
subsumeBluesKaj: yeah i do manual partitioning anyway15:21
BluesKajsubsume, look into dd or disk-cretor15:21
MeliooSorry on a mobile device so spelling sucks15:21
subsumei am on osx15:22
subsumeor windows15:22
MeliooSubsume reseach persistant usb, there is some basic and complex understanding of it15:22
MeliooSubsume hence universal15:22
BluesKajsubsume, think dd works on OSX15:22
subsumeBluesKaj: but if i can just select the specific partition during installation to put the boot loader there too, and it won't invade the windows bootloader, that's a good enough solution for me. i just wasn't sure whether that would even work15:23
MeliooSubsume, specific releases and arch do persistant also15:23
MeliooSubsume, usb 3 should voot and run fast too15:24
subsumeif i make changes will they persist?15:24
MeliooThats what persistant refers to15:24
Apachezanyone in here with ubuntu 16.04 who also runs steam and managed to get windowed mode borderless (it was borderless in 15.10 but not anylonger in 16.04)15:24
MeliooIts a live boot, that persists (writes changes)15:24
MeliooSo if you set up wifi, shut down, boot again, it has your pass15:25
MeliooSo question is once made, can you spin an iso from it as a backup to make another15:26
daltoBluesKaj: yep ran update-grub and still get the Windows bootloader ... can boot Windows 7 no problem via the Windows entry but select Linux entry and no GRUB ... still at grub rescue> _15:26
subsumewell i only have 8gb15:26
subsumei should probably hold off that's a bit tight15:26
adalCan i expand the partition in which i have ubuntu in, if so how?15:27
MeliooAdal, you can make changes with sizes of the disk using partition editors .15:28
adaldoes ubuntu come with one?15:28
adalmelioo whats it called?15:29
MeliooUse search and type disk partition15:29
adalok thaks15:29
MeliooSee ahat comes up15:29
MeliooWho farted?15:29
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MeliooLol gotcha15:29
MeliooNow you cant ever say that program name without laughing15:30
daltofunz at the Ubuntu IRC :)15:30
MeliooProves im not a bot15:30
MeliooI lost my mind, but i used regex to find it15:31
dagerikjournalctl only shows entries from a couple of hours ago. But uptime says 44 days. How can this be15:31
MeliooDagerik its rotating logs15:32
MeliooThat's my theroy15:32
akikdagerik: journalctl --list-boots15:34
daltoI think Blue has given up on me :(15:35
akikdagerik: then you can use journalctl -b to select the boot you want15:35
BluesKajdalto, you need boot repair , not grub repair15:36
ducassesubsume: the system you want to install to, is it uefi or legacy?15:36
subsumeducasse: UEFI but i did get a warning during install about something in the system being BIOS15:37
MeliooLost a chance to make money cause wifes at a eye doc and ahe cant drive so i gotta skip easy jobs15:37
BluesKaj!boot-repair | dalto15:37
MeliooReplace a meraki mx 8015:38
ducassesubsume: you don't remember what it said?15:38
BluesKaj!bootrepair | dalto15:38
ubottudalto: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.15:38
dagerikapache2 suddenly shows php code instead of invoking modphp15:38
MeliooDo the boot repair, next stepnos to find out whats doing it15:38
MeliooI never had to do it15:38
BluesKajok , time to run some rrands...BBL15:39
ducassesubsume: still, if uefi, you _need_ a uefi bootloader to load linux and a firmware entry pointing to it.15:39
subsumeducasse: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/141870615:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1418706 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "UEFI: blank drive incorrectly detected as existing BIOS-mode install" [Critical,Confirmed]15:39
daltoBluesKaj: OK OK ... I will politely leave out ! ... | dalto when I run that one :)15:39
MeliooUefi is the devil15:39
subsumeducasse: so yeah maybe there's no issue, its just that bug15:39
daltoBobby Boucher?15:39
MeliooAm i alone in hating uefi15:39
daltonope - the Debil!!!!15:40
ducassesubsume: ah, i see.15:40
subsumelooks problematic, grub then doesn't install correctly... wtf15:40
subsumesystem is unbootable after the install completes15:40
adalhow do i use dual monitors, when ever i plug in the other monitor so i can detect it with ubuntu both my screens go black?15:40
subsumeglad i read this, heh15:40
MeliooAdal, do you have two video cards15:40
silliGuys i'm using ubuntu16, do you know how to set sublimetext3 as default editor? i've changed gedit to sublime_text in default.list, but nothing changes, anyone know ?15:40
adalno only 1 videocard15:41
MeliooAdal, you sure15:41
MeliooAdal, which motherboard or laptop model15:41
adal100% sure could it be because i havent installed the drivers?15:41
adalummy mother board is a z97-ar15:42
MeliooZ97 has integrated video intel hd15:43
MeliooDo you have a second video card installed15:43
adalonly a gtx97015:43
MeliooSo you realize that you do have two video cards15:43
adalo sorry really?15:44
MeliooAt least i hope you do now15:44
MeliooCount them15:44
MeliooIntel integrated hd15:44
MeliooAnd gtx97015:44
zviveanyone know how to disable a display port's hdmi audio? -- since installing my onboard sound doesn't work -- I think it's conflicting... I have a VGA card r270x -- w/ vga2dvi, dvi, and display2dvi for 3 monitors...15:44
django566Hello everyone, I have a python daemon that I want to run using upstart. My script is the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/21152079/ It runs the first time, but when I tried to stop it just hangs in there, I need to CTRL+C. Any advice on how to solve this issue is more than welcome? Thank you to all of you15:44
adalyeah so i guessi  do have 215:44
adalhow do i fix this then?15:44
MeliooAdal, the intel omboard will use the output one way, and the gtx uses it another way15:45
MeliooBut you can only do one card at a time15:45
adalhow do i suspend the other one15:46
MeliooIf the glx has two outputs thatabthe card you want15:46
wish^I have a laptop that has Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and now my battery power is at 94% all the time, it does not show charging if i put the charger in and the percentage and timer never moves15:46
wish^ANyone know how i can troubleshoot or fix the issue?15:46
adalok thanks melioo15:46
MeliooAdal, first you gotta picl the card that will dlnwhat you want15:46
adalyeah i would choose gtx 97015:46
MeliooThen find out if the kne you want is properly supported for dual15:47
chilukwish^: I had a similar issue.. it turned out to actually be the battery.15:47
MeliooDoes the gtx970 have two hdmi out15:47
dagerikfor some unknown reason, apache php5 module has become disabled! how can this happen15:47
MeliooAdal, kne is one15:47
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dagerikunattended upgrade made apache's php5 module disabled15:49
MeliooAdal, dual display needs a dual output video card, your integrated one does have it i think the board has two hdmi or kne hdminonenvga foe the intel15:49
MeliooOne hdmi and one vga15:49
MeliooOr two15:50
adalthats what i did15:50
adali placed one in the hdmi and one in vga15:50
MeliooSo if you want dual display.. intel wins15:50
adalso just plug cards to intel instad of gtx?15:50
MeliooI bought a number of dual output video cards15:50
adali mean plug monitos15:50
adalcan you recoend me some15:51
MeliooAdal, try that first, then make sure the intel on-board video is what is being used15:51
MeliooThen see if ubuntu detects the second monitor15:51
adalok thanks15:51
MeliooAdal linux display stuff irritates new users15:51
adalyeah especially since it had worked so well when i used windows15:52
MeliooWe used to have to edit files a lot more tonget Warcraft to work15:52
MeliooAdal, linux is a supercar, windows is a minivan15:53
MeliooSure both get groceries15:53
MeliooButbone does it linux style15:53
adalyeah i agree15:54
MeliooMy wife buys cars that do the job, like a truck for truck stuff15:54
adalexept the supercar is hard to drive15:54
ducasseadal: the problem with doing that is that you will not be able to use the gtx970 at all.15:54
R13oseI am using KDE with ubuntu but when I open some new applications, they are all black.  What do I do to fix this?15:55
daku_adal: just till you get used to it15:55
MeliooDucasse yup15:55
MeliooAdal, you get one card15:55
adalbut gtx was so expensice15:55
ducasseMelioo: you can use intel _or_ gtx, not both.15:55
MeliooAdal, but if want dual monitor15:55
ducasseadal ^^15:55
ducassesorry, Melioo15:56
MeliooDucasse yeah choose your destructor15:56
adalin that case how do i make monitors work with gtx 97015:56
virtuosojI broke Unity on my desktop messing around with CCSM and Unity Tweak Tool.  How can I fix this?15:56
MeliooGoser the goserian ...a choise has been made!15:56
ducasseadal: plug them to the gtx, not the intel, and set gtx to prioritized in bios.15:56
MeliooDucasse only one output15:57
adalalright thanks ducasse15:57
MeliooIts not dual15:57
tewardis there a way to simulate the OS upgrade process without actually upgrading it?15:58
ducasseadal: how many outputs can you see on the back of the gtx?15:58
MeliooI buy laptops now, yet still have the same problems you do adal15:58
adali only see outputs for motherboard15:58
MeliooAdal, i can click on minecraft, woth right click and it asks what video card to use15:58
WhiteNightteward, use the -s option in apt-get15:58
MeliooSo itsnnot totally useless15:58
WhiteNightCheck the man page for more details15:58
wish^My laptops battery seems to be discharging at 94% but it never goes down, even without the charger plugged in15:58
adalreally melioo15:58
tewardWhiteNight: thanks15:59
MeliooBut it has to be supported15:59
MeliooYeah butbim not sure if you can do dual woth one card15:59
adali guess for gayming its best to use windows15:59
MeliooThen run windowed graphics or full screen15:59
MeliooIt might be opengl handling that15:59
MeliooAnd yes i belive it can be done16:00
ducasseadal: check the manual to see what outputs are connected to what.16:00
adalalright will do16:00
\9googling the gtx 970 for images shows there to consistently be at least two outputs16:01
adalI just realised that the gtx970 only has 1 output and its a dvd i16:01
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MeliooAdal http://askubuntu.com/questions/589432/how-to-change-which-graphics-card-a-program-uses16:02
adalok thanks for link16:02
MeliooSo independent choices for games to use a specific video card does work16:03
\9adal: are you sure about that? what brand is it?16:03
MeliooBut itbhas to be supported16:03
MeliooI think nvidia handles it16:03
MeliooNot sure about ati16:03
adalits and evga i just looked on the back and thats teh only output i found16:03
MeliooEvga brand16:03
=== enoch85_ is now known as ezraholm50
MeliooVga is db916:04
MeliooHDMI or dvi-d16:04
MeliooEg. Old school vga16:04
MeliooOr dvi-d, or newer dvi like on tvs16:04
adalthe thing has an dvi-d16:05
MeliooOr really old schools video and composite video16:05
MeliooDoes it look white with holes and a slit on one side16:05
MeliooThats dvi16:06
MeliooSo you can convert that to vga or hdmi16:06
adalis ther one for both16:06
MeliooOk so the glx has two16:07
adalthat i can connect it to the dvi that will output to the vga and hdmi16:07
holmserI'm having a problem where the ubuntu desktop search function won't find any applications16:07
holmserI installed ubuntu desktop without recommended packages on ubuntu server16:07
MeliooHolmser i had that problem initally16:07
\9http://images.bit-tech.net/content_images/2014/09/nvidia-geforce-gtx-970-review/evga970-4b.jpg well i found pictures like this of an evga gtx 97016:08
\9it still has more than one output16:08
holmserDoes anyone know what the search function is actually called?16:08
MeliooWhy is the connector black16:08
holmserI can't seem to google it correctly16:08
MeliooLol stupidity16:08
adalmine dosnt look like tha /916:08
MeliooHolmser, ubuntu search16:08
MeliooUnuity search ubuntu16:09
MeliooIf you gogle it16:09
danimal2hey, got ubuntu desktop 16 LTS, left pc on last night...was frozen when i got up, rebooted and just a flashing cursor on black screen...can someone assist?16:09
MeliooDanimal2, sounds like a bunch of reasons16:11
danimal2its a fairly fresh install, was working great for a few days.16:11
MeliooNvidia card?16:12
bttebhi guys16:12
danimal2actually i think i do have one...id have to take peek under hood16:12
bttebwhere snap package are installed by default?16:12
daltoBINGO! installed Boot-Repair in Mint and now have GRUB as main bootloader ..Ubuntu, Mint and eek Win7 all bootable again :) Happy days16:13
bttebI'm planning to upgrade to 16.04, but not sure if 10 GB is enough for the root partition16:13
danimal2if ubuntu is not shut down properly, does it do something like windows scandisk to fix any OS issues?16:13
MeliooBtteb dpkg -L package name16:13
ducasseadal: if there is only one dvi connector, you can only connect one screen.16:14
MeliooDanimal how did you install it16:14
ducassebtteb: /snap16:14
adalducasse: so i guess i would use the intel one?16:14
bttebthx for ur answer guys, how much should I allocate my parition for snap?16:14
danimal2thumb drive install..drive was completely wiped let ubuntu partition it..16:14
MeliooAdal, usong two videocards at once is typically laptop tech16:15
ducasseadal: it's a bad situation, because then you've paid for a card you won't be using.16:15
MeliooAsal kust saying its not a desktop thibg16:15
daltothx to the bot and BluesKaj - cheers16:15
R13oseIn KDE on Ubuntu, the browsers (Chrome and FF) freeze on and off and don't see updates for the graphic driver.  Meaning I can still move around but I need to scroll or click link or switch tabs then move off of window and come back to see results.  How do I fix this?16:15
adali see o welll i mean im still using the gtx when i use windows16:15
adalill just use windows for games and ubuntu for work16:15
MeliooAdal, i dual boot16:16
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MeliooEvery day i spend in Windows is another day ibspend in therapy16:16
adallol why16:16
bttebR13ose do you have an ati card?16:17
MeliooWibdows 10 is dismally made16:17
MeliooBut im not baahing Oss here16:17
adalo yes plus windows 10 is pure spyware16:17
R13osebtteb: I believe this is Intel graphics.16:17
danimal2Melioo, so ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS has issues with Nvidia cards?16:18
R13oseI am checking16:18
MeliooAdal, its not what i think, just my opinion that doesnt get heared16:18
MeliooDanimal there are some poats about it, didnt dig far enough16:19
danimal2ok, i hear you. thanks for input my friend. will try some stuff on my end :)16:19
daltoBluesKaj: now that GRUB is the main bootloader, could you foresee any issues in reinstalling a full backup of all partitions via a new Macrium Reflect procedure using Windows? Thoughts?16:19
BlankSpacei cant  hear sound on my ubuntu16:19
adalbtw what wifi adapters do u guys use that are compatible with linux?16:19
adalthe one i have right now is only 2.4ghz16:20
adali cant connect to 516:20
BlankSpacecan ny1 tell me wht cd b the reason16:20
davido_BlankSpace : When you open SoundSettings what do you see in the list under "Play sound through"?16:20
BlankSpacedummy output16:21
davido_that's it? No other devices?16:21
DeerclopsHey guys, I'm on Lubuntu 14.04.4 and I'm trying to install an HP1018 printer. It's detected, it thinks all the necessary drivers are installed, but when I print a test page, it just disappears from the job queue after about 30 seconds, any ideas?16:22
BlankSpacejust that16:22
davido_The real question then is why hasn't your sound device been detected.  Has it worked previously?16:22
daltoadal: Alfa AWUS036NH 2.4 GHz16:22
adaldalto: i need one that connects to 5ghz16:23
daltoadal: i see - my bad16:23
adalyour ok16:23
R13oseAny thoughts on my question?16:24
MeliooR13 can you repeat it16:25
ducasseR13ose: if you're on kde, try #kubuntu, maybe someone there has seen the same problem.16:25
davido_BlankSpace in a terminal what do you see when you cat /proc/asound/cards and cat /proc/asound/devices ?16:26
R13oseducasse: will do16:26
daltoadal: Alfa AWUS051NH Dual Band16:26
davido_I guess not "what do you see" but "do you see cards detected and devices detected?16:26
MeliooIm a little giggly16:27
adaldalto: that one looks good thanks dalto16:27
R13oseIn KDE on Ubuntu, the browsers (Chrome and FF) freeze on and off and don't see updates for the graphic driver.  Meaning I can still move around but I need to scroll or click link or switch tabs then move off of window and come back to see results.  How do I fix this?16:27
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craptalkIs it necessary to learn linux file system? As if we learn windows folders on windows OS?16:27
MeliooMy theoretical concept is equivalent toba masters dissertation project of an IT Master's degree16:27
davido_craptalk Necessity is going to depend on what you wish to accomplish.16:28
\9craptalk: depends on your needs. the linux filesystem has a lot of features that are only really visible in the terminal16:28
craptalkdavido_: I want to learn deeper about linux configuration. And i love terminal, so i want to have the knowledge16:29
davido_BlankSpace You may find this useful: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131663416:29
\9craptalk: then i would suggest reading more into it16:29
craptalk\9: alright16:30
davido_craptalk So your question is similar to, "Is it necessary to learn the letters A through F if my goal is to learn the alphabet?"16:30
vagabondtechiejoin machinelearning16:31
R13oseMelioo: did you see my question?16:32
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ducasse!cn | tmianotc16:37
ubottutmianotc: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:37
beratanyone here ?16:37
berati need help16:37
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t3kg33k_In a shell script, does anyone know if it is possible to launch a new terminal window with a command and command output?16:40
BluesKajadroit_machine_, any success? I was gone for a bit doing some errands16:41
ducasset3kg33k_: 'xterm -e command_goes_here'16:41
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
t3kg33k_What if xterm is not installed? Not every distro has xterm installed by default.16:41
tmianotcjoin #ubuntu-cn16:41
daltoBluesKaj: I can pass on a good news story :)16:42
ducasset3kg33k_: ubuntu does, but it usually works for every terminal16:42
tmianotcjoin  #ubuntu - tw16:42
BluesKajdalto, ok. I'm "listening"  :-)16:43
dalto(sweEt smell of GRUB Loading success)16:43
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Zen__t3kg33k_: then gnome-terminal -e <command>16:43
BluesKajdalto, good16:44
t3kg33k_What if that command has spaces, like 'ip addr'?16:44
ducasset3kg33k_: then quote it16:44
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t3kg33k_ducasse: okay. thanks. I will try that out.16:44
ducasset3kg33k_: for some terminals, -e needs to be the last option on the line16:45
daltoBluesKaj: now that I have GRUB successfully booting 2 x Linux && Win 7 could you see any issue in creating a new Macrium Reflect omage of all partitions? On reinstall image I mean...thoughts?16:47
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beratguys i cant make higher resolution than 1024x768 do you know why16:48
daltoBluesKaj: better way of complete backup of all OS's without boot issues on reinstall?16:49
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rosganiberat ?16:55
BluesKajdalto, that's a matter of individual OSs stabilty of their boot and bootloader and related apps including X and and graphics/drivers etc etc16:56
tmianotcjoin #ubuntu - tw16:56
ducassetmianotc: /join #ubuntu-tw16:56
davido_tmianotc /join #ubuntu-tw16:57
Zen__berat: what xrandr show?16:57
tmianotcjoin #ubuntu-tw16:57
ducassetmianotc: /join16:57
davido_tmianotc  /join  :)  join :(16:57
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daltoBluesKaj: erm...OK. I'll test later today (3am here now) with Macrium...nothing to lose (second machine) - cheers16:58
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daltoberat: open Terminal -> $ xrandr as mentioned .... if other settings available try setting with xrandr --output LVDS --mode XXXXxXXX17:01
BluesKajthought you might be an aussie dalto ...3AM17:02
daltoberat: E.g.--mode 1152x86417:03
daltoBluesKaj: how'd ya guess (mate ;)17:04
BluesKajdalto, IP tracker :-)17:04
beratwait i will do that17:04
daltoBluesKaj: no hiding these days I guess17:05
EriC^^somebody highlighted me?17:07
BluesKajdalto, well you can request a cloak at #freenode chat if your nick is regtistered or choose one that's not registered yet17:07
beratdalto it didnt work17:07
davido_no need to prefix nicks with @ here.17:08
ducasseberat: did you use the right output name? and what do you mean by "it didn't work"?17:08
daltoBluesKaj: yep I seen that but I'm on a Virtual adapter anyways - guess I could be duped but I aint that worried ... not hiding anything here17:08
BluesKajberat, @ isn'trequired on irc, the nick alone will highlight17:08
dalto(Thinks if someone needs the last 5'er in my account they need ot more than me)17:10
beratsorry im new in here17:10
Bassemhow can i know my vga memory17:11
berathow do i know output name17:11
dalto(And they appreciate large individuals with the nickname Bubba)17:11
xboyHi there!17:12
ducasseberat: 'xrandr' will list outputs.17:12
xboydoes someone know which kernel version supports nvme?17:12
beratScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 8192 x 819217:13
beratVGA-0 connected primary 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm17:13
berat   1024x768      60.00*17:13
berat   800x600       60.32    56.2517:13
berat   848x480       60.0017:13
berat   640x480       59.9417:13
ducasse!paste | berat17:13
ubottuberat: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:13
beratsorry for that17:15
dead_can you help me to setup the btrfs system on ubuntu system17:15
ubottuBtrfs is a filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is not recommended by default, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs17:16
ducassedead_: if you are sure you need and want it, just choose it instead of ext4 in the installer.17:17
dead_ducasse i am trying the conversion process but its failed to get it17:18
ducassedead_: that is not recommended.17:18
mcphaildead_: I would not trust the conversion process17:19
ikoniait won't convert....17:19
ikoniadespite what any docs or people say17:19
mcphaildead_: if you want btrfs, best to start from scratch17:20
ikoniaducasse: why do you actually want btrfs ?17:20
ducasseikonia: i don't :)17:20
ikoniasorry, I meant dead_17:20
dead_i want to do project on it17:20
ikoniawhat actual btrfs needs do you have17:20
dead_its my college project and i decied to analyse it17:21
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ikoniaanalyse what ?17:21
ducassedead_: then reinstall with it17:21
dead_inode superblocks17:21
dead_is it possible in virtualbox17:21
mcphaildead_: you can always creat a filesystem image and mount it locally for experimentation17:21
dead_because i do not want to damged my main os17:22
dead_yes i did it17:22
dead_with ext417:22
ikoniawhy did you use ext4 if you're trying to work on btrfs17:22
mcphaildead_: then create a large sparse file, format as btrfs and mount it as a playground17:23
NewGnuGuySo I have my home directory as its own partition on my hard disk. Before this partition on the disk is empty space. Using a Live distro I want to move the partition to the beginning of the empty space and grow the partition to fill the available space. Is there anything I need to do to keep the mount point configuration from breaking?17:23
ikoniaNewGnuGuy: nope17:23
max3i'm running lubuntu 16.04 and the bottom of my apps get obscured by the taskbar. how can i make it so that they don't? ie so they end at the top of the taskbar17:23
dead_same i am also using 16.0417:24
GnomeKrisI just installed and formatted (ext4) a new drive to put my steam games on...but I can't put anything on the drive because I apparently don't own it...I forget how to take proper ownership of the drive and have it automatically mount at boot..17:24
ducassemax3: can't you autohide the taskbar?17:24
GnomeKrisAdding some lines in /etc/fstab I think. But I don't know what to add.17:24
ikoniaGnomeKris: chown17:25
max3ducasse, i don't want to autohide. i just want to it exclude the windows17:25
GnomeKrissudo chown /dev/sda/...17:25
GnomeKrisor so?17:25
ikonianot the device file17:25
ikoniathe file system17:25
NewGnuGuyikonia: It will still mount the partition just fine despite starting earlier on the disk and being larger?17:25
ikoniaNewGnuGuy: yes17:25
ducassemax3: don't know if openbox can do that, have you looked in the manual if you can reserve a region of the screen?17:25
daltonight (hhh hmmm morning) all17:25
GnomeKrisafter looking at man chown... "sudo chown me:me /dev/sda17:26
NewGnuGuyikonia: ok thanks17:27
ikoniaGnomeKris: no17:27
max3ducasse, i don't know exactly what to search for? just "reserve region"?17:27
ikoniaGnomeKris: not the device file - the file system17:27
ducassemax3: maybe, or "borders of screen" - something like that.17:28
GnomeKrisso it'd be /media/me/disk17:28
GnomeKristhen add lines to /etc/fstab/ to make it auto mount.17:29
ikoniaif you want17:30
david__running trusty with strong wifi and internet is sporadic with frequent drops and connects  ??17:30
tikunI'm in the chatroom that is directly related to the question I have but I have found it to be notoriously dead in there.. does anyone happen to be familiar with SIP PBX systems?17:30
ducassedavido_: 2.4 or 5ghz? which chipset?17:32
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davido_I think you mean david__ ducasse17:33
max3ducasse, https://sourceforge.net/p/lxde/bugs/581/17:34
max3ducasse, thanks for google keyword idea17:34
ducassedavido_: he must have left, sorry - bad tab complete.17:34
davido_np :)17:34
GnomeKrisI get "missing operand after /media/me/disk" When I run chown...the --help that it's recommending I read, isn't helping.17:35
ducasseGnomeKris: exactly what command are you running?17:35
GnomeKrissudo chown /media/me/disk17:36
GnomeKrisI may be missing some syntax if I'm misreading the man page.17:36
ducasseGnomeKris: you need to specify who to chown to17:36
ducassechown user:group directory17:37
GnomeKrisso me:me17:37
dellhemHey. How do I stop Pidgin from autostart at login? There's no entry in startup applications17:37
dellhemI've found numerous threads with the same problem, but no real solution.17:37
fractalwas really looking forward to using gnome disks to setup LUKS on my external HD, but it keeps crashing17:38
fractalso much for that17:38
GnomeKrisWell, the command went through...and I did sudo mount -a to reload fstab...but it still shows the drive as owned by root17:40
GnomeKrismaybe a reboot will make it read correctly?17:41
merpnderpwow, just used 16.04 desktop after not using a linux desktop for 6 years......That is slick.17:43
merpnderptwo finger scrolling, soft tap clicks, UX is amazing.17:43
merpnderpAnd so easy to customize.17:43
merpnderpNow I just need a fully compatible laptop....System76 the best bet?17:43
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection17:44
GnomeKrisNope, reboot didn't do a thing17:45
Dechcaudron\join #d17:46
ducasseGnomeKris: is there data on the filesystem, and that is what is owned by rrot?17:46
GnomeKrisducasse: No, it's a completely empty hdd that I just installed and formatted to ext4 via gparted17:47
merpnderpWell dell is out...with noscript and ublock their site is unusable no matter how many domains I allow JS from.17:47
ducasseGnomeKris: then what is owned by root? what does 'ls -ld' on the mountpoint show?17:48
fractalis there another easy way besides gnome disks to create a LUKS + ext4 partition graphically?17:49
fractali left the boxes ticked to send error reports for the crashes that did happen, so hopefully something comes of it17:49
fractalbut i just can't get this to work for me right now17:49
GnomeKrisresults from "ls -ld /media/kristopher/SteamGames" drwxr-xr-x 4 kristopher kristopher 4096 Jun 24 14:51 /media/kristopher/SteamGames17:50
GnomeKrisducasse ^^17:50
ducasseGnomeKris: so what do you see being owned by root?17:50
hurasafeehello guys. I'm a newbie, and I need to connect to a VPN but it is a L2TP VPN and I can't configure the connection, help?17:51
GnomeKrisI see /media/kristopher/SteamGames user and group as root when I look at the permissions tab17:53
GnomeKrisin the properties window...17:54
ducasseGnomeKris: try 'sudo chown -R kristopher:kristopher /media/kristopher/SteamGames'17:54
merpnderpBluh, dell and hp fail. Tried to find the cheapest laptops with 2 display ports and skylake with IPS, and it was impossible to even know where to begin.17:55
GnomeKrisdamn. I'm a fool17:56
GnomeKrisI know my issue. I'm trying to own a new disk that has the same name as the old one.17:56
GnomeKrisGotta rename and mount the old one in a different place first. Then this should work swimmingly17:57
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ducasseGnomeKris: you may want to mount it somewhere other than under /media, afaik that dir is handled by gvfs.18:00
fractallooks like a known bug for my issue: Error waiting for LUKS UUID: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)18:00
fractalany workarounds greatly appreciated18:00
GnomeKrisWhere would you suggest then?18:00
hurasafeeCan anyone help me configuring a VPN with strongswan? I'm new to linux18:01
ducasseGnomeKris: /steamgames? /home/user/steamgames? whatever you prefer :)18:01
GnomeKrisHere's my ultimate plan. Steam games on my 3tb disk, /home on my 320gb disk, and Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.1 on my 120gb ssd18:02
GnomeKrisbut currently games are on the 320gb hdd...while ubuntu and everything associated are on the 120gb ssd18:03
ducasseGnomeKris: is this an external disk?18:03
GnomeKrisso I have to move the games first. then move /home, then upgrade (read as fresh install) 16.04.118:03
GnomeKrisNo, all disks are internal18:03
GnomeKrissata drives18:03
ducasseGnomeKris: /home is now on the ssd?18:04
fractalhurasafee: help me with mine and i help you with yours18:05
GnomeKrisYes, it is on the same disk as my ubuntu 14.04 installation. I'd like to separate it in order to make upgrading or changing distro's easier in the future18:05
ducasseGnomeKris: first, move games to 3tb disk, then move /home to the 320gb.18:05
fractalthey don't like n00bz in here that's why they ignore us18:05
GnomeKrisYes, that's the plan. Gotta take ownership of the 3tb first, but it's name is to similar to the 320gb currently18:06
hurasafeefractal, RIP18:06
GnomeKrisI'm thinking to rename the 320 to Home first, and remove it's fstab entry, then take ownership of the 3tb18:06
patoreaIm new18:06
GnomeKrisI think the similar naming is causing my issue18:07
ducasseGnomeKris: you can just mount the 3tb outside of /media and chown it, the name doesn't really matter.18:09
GnomeKrisThe mount points will all change when I install 16.04 anyway, so it won't matter...18:09
GnomeKrisPerfect then. thanks18:09
GnomeKrisI'll give it a shot and get back to you.18:10
ducasseGnomeKris: ok, good luck :)18:10
fractalwell i was able to format ext4 but without LUKS18:15
fractalguess encryption will have to wait for now18:15
fractalat least the disk is usable18:15
ale__Hi. I want to advertise this Android app that has only news on Linux. I hope this is not considered off-topic here. Thank you. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.pinenuts.linuxnews18:16
ducasseale__: no, it's not ot, it's spam.18:16
fractali'm not spamming and still getting no answers!18:17
fractaldoes nobody else here attempt LUKS in the gnome disk util?18:17
ale__ducasse, actually I honestly think that it is interesting for any linux users. But I won't post anything more18:18
Xpr_X0hi everyone, I am trying to check the md5 for a lot of files that I have moved from another machine. A while back over  a year ago some one in this channel was kind enough to give me a very nice and easy command to record the md5 sum for all the files in a folder and then simple check them in the destination. But I can not remember that command and18:18
Xpr_X0 all the commands online are kind of messed up or not giving the results that I want18:18
Xpr_X0any help?18:18
fractalale__: at least you get a response, even for spam18:18
fractali think everyone has me on ignore or something18:18
fractalfriendly, helpful community... where?18:19
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ale__fractal, :D18:19
mike-zalI have problem with ttf-mscorefonts-installer. it comes back again and again because it wasn't able to perfom the action. I already tried to install it from terminal, accepted eula but windows still pops up and fonts are not there18:19
elias_afractal: What is your prob?18:19
ikoniafractal: if someone can't help - it doesn't make people unfriendly18:20
ikoniayou complaining and just constantly asking isn't actually "nice",18:20
ikoniafractal: summerise your question, ask it wait for a response, wait and repeat clearly18:20
ducassefractal: maybe nobody has tried luks with gnome disks? i've only ever used cryptsetup myself.18:20
elias_amike-zal: Thou shalt not suck! (Beavis&Butthead)18:20
ale__Xpr_X0, md5sum * > md5.txt to generate the md5 file18:21
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ale__Xpr_X0, then, on the other machine, use md5sum --quite -c md5.txt18:21
fractali had really high hopes for encrypting my external harddrive, been putting it off for weeks and anticipated smooth sailing only to be presented with errors in Gnome Disk utility when using LUKS+ext4. if i format it without LUKS it works fine.18:21
ale__Xpr_X0, it will show only corrupted files18:21
Xpr_X0ale__ : Thank you so very much. but why --quit ?18:21
ale__Xpr_X0, --quite make it not show OK for every file that is good18:22
ducassefractal: didn't you say earlier that it was a known bug?18:22
ale__Xpr_X0, I guess you're after wrongly transferred files only, right?18:22
Xpr_X0ale__ : alright. so if I have about a million files how can I know which ones are the bad ones?18:22
ikoniafractal: you're trying to encrypt an encypted disk ?18:22
ikoniaor have I read you wrong18:23
fractalducasse: it appears to be, and an OLD one at that. i would imagine there is some kind of workaround?? there might not be. not that i can find anyhow18:23
ikoniafractal: what is the bug id18:23
fractalikonia: one sec i have to restore closed tabs to pull it up18:23
ducassefractal: if you found a bug report, there might be a workaround in the comments - did you read them?18:23
Xpr_X0ale__ : yes exactly18:24
ale__Xpr_X0, md5sum --quiet -c md5.txt > wrongfiles.txt18:24
Xpr_X0what is the best approach?18:24
ikoniafractal: thank you18:24
fractalducasse: i read the first few comments, i didn't scroll down all the way though tbh18:25
fractalikonia: it's this error, but this is a redhat bug18:25
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1299192 in gnome-disk-utility "[gnome-disk-utility] Error formatting volume. Error waiting for LUKS UUID: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)" [Unspecified,New]18:25
fractalthat is my exact error though, and recent18:25
ikoniafractal: thats not an old bug or version18:26
ikoniathere is very little info or activity on it18:26
fractaloh no :(18:26
ikoniafractal: have you checked launchpad to see if there is anything referenced against the ubuntu package ?18:26
ale__Xpr_X0, for a million files it's likely to take a long time just to make ls18:26
Xpr_X0ale__ : my man md5sum * does not go into directories18:26
GnomeKrisOkay, got the drives right...fastest way to copy paste without taking forever?18:26
ikoniacopy and paste ?18:27
GnomeKrisducasse^^ ikonia^^18:27
GnomeKriscopy paste is showing 12 hours for 276gb18:27
GnomeKristhere has to be a faster way18:27
ikoniaGnomeKris: why ?18:27
ducasseGnomeKris: copying takes as long as it takes :)18:27
ikoniaGnomeKris: a disk will only spin at a certain speed, you only have a certain ammount of ram / cpu in your system, you only have some much room on the bus18:27
ikoniawhy must there be a quicker way ?18:28
GnomeKrisbut I don't have...11 hours to wait...18:28
ale__Xpr_X0, then try this: find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > md5.txt18:28
GnomeKrisI have 16gigs of ram...so that's probably not my problem18:28
ducasseGnomeKris: then you can't copy everything.18:28
ikoniaGnomeKris: just wait it out18:28
fractalikonia: bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility/+bug/1318954 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/util-linux/+bug/1059872 look very similar to mine18:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1059872 in util-linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1318954 Error formatting disk using disk utility" [High,Triaged]18:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1059872 in util-linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "Error formatting disk using disk utility" [High,Triaged]18:28
GnomeKristhere has to be a faster way..18:29
Xpr_X0ale__ : I have seen that on the Internet, but the problem is the checking part. how can I check?18:29
GnomeKrisI'm going to google18:29
* ptah drinks wine18:29
ikoniafractal: not sure they are the same18:29
ale__Xpr_X0, md5sum -c does the checking18:29
ikoniaGnomeKris: why does there have to be a faster way ?18:29
ale__Xpr_X0, what errors do you get from md5sum -c ?18:30
fractalikonia: not really, but part of the error message matches, not entirely, but it looks like util-linux is to blame maybe?18:30
GnomeKrisbecause it's 2:30 pm and I can't be up at 2:30 am working on this thing.18:30
fractalthey were in the first page of my google results went i pasted my error msg18:30
ikoniafractal: based on the redhat bug - I don't think they are linked (just a personal opinion)18:30
ikoniaGnomeKris: so leave it going over night18:30
GnomeKrisThis jet engine of a pc sits right next to my bed...18:31
ikoniasleep in another room18:31
GnomeKrisThere isn't one.18:31
ikoniasleep at a friends house - come on,18:31
tewardor buy earplugs18:31
Xpr_X0ale__ : no errors just a long ok'ed list, which I suppose can be solved using the command you mentioned up there18:31
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fractalikonia: here is my error msg. copied and pasted directly from the dialog that popped up and ruined my whole day: Error waiting for LUKS UUID: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)18:32
ducasseGnomeKris: as said, copying takes as long as it takes. 100's of gigabytes _will_ take many hours.18:32
GnomeKrisThis is why I love this community...there's a solution for everything.18:32
fractalikonia: that is all i really have to search by18:33
ikoniafractal: I appreciate thats quite limiting18:33
ducasseGnomeKris: are you blaming us for slow spinning disks?18:33
ikoniafractal: does the syslog show anything ?18:33
GnomeKrisducasse: Yes... /s18:33
Xpr_X0problem solved18:33
Xpr_X0thanks folks18:33
razor1101GnomeKris: well, the write speed has a limit. You should get a ssd if you want faster transfers18:34
fractalikonia: can you tell me how to check? anything beyond the GUI is probably something i don't know how to do18:34
ctjctj_GnomeKris, a couple of tissues can be used as ear plugs.  But yes, those jet engines are loud.  But it keeps your drives from burning up.18:34
ikoniafractal: there should be a text file in /var/log  have a look at that18:34
GnomeKrisI'm a poor white kid from the ghetto...Not enough money for a 3tb ssd18:34
fractalk thx18:34
fractali am going to reboot real quick brb18:34
ctjctj_GnomeKris, are you using btrfs?18:34
ikoniafractal: it won't fix anything, but may give you more info18:34
Rohan_KumarHi all!18:34
Rohan_KumarI've a 64 gb pendrive which was initially formatted as exfat18:35
GnomeKrisctjctj, not that I'm aware of. Just a simple highlight, cut, paste.18:35
GnomeKrisLove me some gui.18:35
ikoniactjctj_: he's using ext418:35
Xpr_X0ale__ : thank you. It is working18:35
ale__Xpr_X0, good to hear that :)18:36
Xpr_X0gonna take a long while though, cause I am sha1ing18:36
geniiRohan_Kumar: You might want to consider installing the package exfat-utils then18:36
Xpr_X0thanks anyways18:36
ctjctj_ikonia, *nods* if he is having disk issues and dollars issues then using btrfs with an SSD cache might give him resilience and speed.18:36
ale__Xpr_X0, you should parallelize things a bit to make it faster, but it's definitely not trivial18:36
ikoniactjctj_: way over kill18:36
Rohan_KumarYes, i installed it. Everything was running smoothly18:37
ikoniactjctj_: he's just an impatient kid copying a load of data18:37
GnomeKrisscrew it, while I'm doing this cp, I'll write my 16.04.1 usb18:37
ikoniaGnomeKris: yeah, thats not going to help18:37
Rohan_Kumarthen i did this stupid mistake by formatting it as fat3218:37
ikoniaputting more i/o on the system18:37
GnomeKrisikonia: impatient...yes, kid...no.18:37
ikoniaGnomeKris: I can only assume from your behaviour and comments18:37
ikonia"but I want it now now now"18:37
GnomeKris27 my man. got three kids of my own...Yet another reason this waiting isn't going to work.18:37
ikoniaan adult would understand limitations18:38
ctjctj_ikonia, *grins* good point.  Inpatient is I.   Having 15TB of spinning disk I know exactly how long it takes to replace a 3TB disk....   OUCH18:38
Xpr_X0ale__ : you mean like using all the four cores of the cpu? isn't sha1sum command using them automatically?18:38
Rohan_Kumargenii: Now when i try to access the pendrive i get : http://pastebin.ca/366715318:38
GnomeKrisSee, when you assume. You make an ass out of u and me.18:38
Rohan_KumarPlease help me . I don't understand how to format it back to fat3218:38
ale__Xpr_X0, no, it shouldn't. You could easily guess by looking at the current cpu usage18:38
ayoubHI EVERYONE18:38
Ben64Rohan_Kumar: if you formatted it fat32, why would you try to mount it as exfat18:38
ale__Xpr_X0, if you have 4 cores you should launch 4 processes18:38
MishariI just came here.18:39
Misharito say18:39
MishariI love you18:39
elias_aOh my... problems like GnomeKris makes me feel world is going to collapse.18:39
Xpr_X0ale__ : you mean a different sha1 command for a fraction of the files right?18:39
ale__Xpr_X0, yes18:39
Rohan_KumarBen64: I read somewhere on internet that fat32 are not compatible for disks > 32 gb18:39
Xpr_X0but it is going to only make thing harder to manage a bit18:39
Ben64Rohan_Kumar: not correct18:39
Xpr_X0there is simply a lot of files18:40
Rohan_KumarBen64: sure about that?18:40
elias_aGnomeKris: Your problems make my struggle with my inboard diesel engine a light thrill!18:40
Ben64Rohan_Kumar: yep18:40
ale__Xpr_X0, are the files distributed evenly in subfolders?18:40
OerHeksRohan_Kumar, you mean man 4 gb filesize on fat3218:40
ale__how many subfolders in first level?18:40
GnomeKrisHa, this pc issue is simple right now. I'm taking a break from digging the fuel pump out of my infiniti and replacing it.18:41
Rohan_KumarOerHeks: I have a 64 gb usb18:41
fractalikonia: i am in the syslog but it is absolutely over my head18:41
elias_aGnomeKris: Now we are talking real issues!18:41
Xpr_X0I have a feeling that going classically on this thing is a bit safer ale__18:42
fractali will keep looking though and maybe i will see something18:42
elias_aGnomeKris: So your piece of junk gives you headache and you come here to complain? :P18:42
fractali'll recreate the error now, and keep track of the TIME18:42
geniiRohan_Kumar: Also, looks like you're trying to mount the entire device,eg: sdb instead of a partition, like sdb118:42
fractalthat will help me isolate at least what activity i am directly responsible for i suppose18:42
Xpr_X0It is going to be over after about four hours. 170 GB of files... I am patient enough18:42
Rohan_Kumargenii: Now i formatted it to fat via executing :  sudo mkfs.vfat -n "PENDRIVE" -I /dev/sdb18:43
odroidhi everyone18:43
GnomeKriselias_a I guess I'm just having a bad day18:44
geniiRohan_Kumar: The maion problem seems to be that you are formatting the raw device instead of making a partition on it then formatting that18:44
elias_aGnomeKris: Me too. Join the club! :D18:44
Rohan_Kumargenii: when i try to open it in nautilus, i get this error: http://pastebin.ca/366715418:44
ptahim using xchat, i couldnt get bitchx to work, cause it said no setupterm or tgetent, i tried getting those didnt work18:44
GnomeKriselias_a theres a club? where do I sign up?18:44
ptahwhat to do?18:44
odroidsomebody could me help18:45
geniiRohan_Kumar: I reiterate again about raw device vs partition within the deveice18:45
elias_aGnomeKris: Would you know any marine diesel experts? :)18:45
ale__Xpr_X0, ls | xargs -i echo "find {} -type f -print0 | xargs -n1 -P4 -0 md5sum | tee {}.md5"18:45
GnomeKriselias_a: unfortunately, I do not.18:45
odroidI try to able to work chromium on my system but it crash I suppose the accelaration18:46
Rohan_Kumargenii: Is partitioning a pendrive a good thing? How would it be read on windows?18:46
elias_aGnomeKris: Ok. I'll continue my browsing and fault-seeking. :)18:46
Piciptah: bitchx has been deprecated for a while now. If you want to use a cli irc client, both irssi and weechat are under active development and can be found in the repositories.18:47
odroidah!it is too late for the partition18:47
=== wolf is now known as Guest82528
ctjctj_ale__, what is that command suppose to do?  Wouldn't something like "find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum >/tmp/files.md5" accomplish the same thing?18:48
mike-zalhelp! I clicked "use default settings" in unity tweak and now there is no dock and panel! restart didn't help... terminal is working thou..18:48
fractalikonia: i timed it down to the very minute, i see nothing relevant18:49
fractalthis is where i give up and wait for things to resolve itself over the course of weeks, months, years...18:49
fractalit's going to take smarts to figure this out,  not idiots with low IQs such as myself18:50
fractali stand down :(18:50
fractalthanks for giving me direction though18:50
Amm0nfractal, just use cryptsetup..18:50
fractalAmm0n: i was trying the graphical option at the top18:51
fractali'd rather not mess with the command line i will ruin my system18:51
fractali alwayys do18:52
ptahoh ok18:52
ptahi didnt know18:52
ptahbeen a while, xchat is what i got working18:52
fractalAmm0n: thanks though.. it's just such a sensitive operation i don't want to lose everything :/18:52
fractalthat's why the gnome disk graphical utility finally made LUKS usable for me, or so i thought..18:52
FlipBillfractal, I know nothing about gnome disk utils,but I use LUKS from CLI all the time and it is very straightforward.18:53
FlipBillI'll help you set up an ecrypted drive from the shell if you are interested.18:54
irregularHi guys, I'm trying to use openconnect to vpn somewhere, what's the difference between the Gateway and Proxy? I have the IP address of where I want to vpn and the Group name, not sure where to put it18:55
jattirregular: openconnect -u user vpn_url should work18:57
hillaryHi all18:58
jattirregular: it works for me with my company vpn only the username/password/vpn_url is needed18:58
fractalFlipBill: i will think about it. i was just really excited about the GUI option. does the offer still stand later? i'm due for lunch and a nap now :(18:59
eaHey guys , How do I disable that purple loading screen in ubuntu ?18:59
fractalkinda not focused anymore18:59
fractalea: qustion is, why would you want to?18:59
fractalit's beautiful19:00
fractalok lunch.. i'll be back, maybe :(19:00
eaIt hides what's really happening19:00
irregularjatt: is sudo required for this? I got mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/var/run/vpnc’: Permission denied19:00
irregularthough I was able to connect albeit briefly19:00
fractalea: during bootup, or the splash screen on login?19:01
fractalea: have you tried just pressing Esc?19:02
irregularjatt:used sudo and it looks like I'm connect! many thanks comrade!19:02
jattirregular: I don't use sudo but could be I configured something before19:02
jattirregular: good to know! 😺19:02
FlipBillI don't hang out here regularly.  I'll be around for the next 3 hours.  If you understand how to do it from the CLI, then you'll probably work out the GUI issue yourself.19:03
fractalFlipBill: i do appreciate the offer, thank you.19:04
fractalnot sure which direction i want to go yet at this point :(19:04
ptahsomebody tell obama to bring back heat online mmo race game!19:04
fractali try to avoid the CLI like it's trying to kill me... and it usually has, well not me particularly, but my installation19:05
fractali need a good focusing agent before i touch the command line... like adderall or ritalin19:06
fractalotherwise i derp everything to smithereens19:06
FlipBillfractal, whatever you like fractal.19:08
Rohan_Kumargenii: I partitioned my pendrive into two disks.19:12
Rohan_KumarNow one mounts and other doesn't.19:13
FlipBillRohan_Kumar, did you mkfs in both partitions?19:14
loopWhen's dinner?19:14
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: Yes19:14
Rohan_KumarI get this error : http://pastebin.ca/366716519:15
FlipBillCan you just try mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt ?19:16
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: Yes, doing it ...19:17
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: http://pastebin.ca/366716719:18
Rohan_Kumargetting this now..19:18
FlipBillHmm.. how did you mkfs that drive?19:19
rangergordHi. I'm trying to install a python library using pip. It fails cause it has a build step which, in Ubuntu 14.04, required python3-dev. I'm now on a brand-new 16.04, and if I try to apt-get install python3-dev, I get "The following packages have unmet dependencies: python3-dev : Depends: libpython3-dev (= 3.5.1-3) but it is not going to be installed. Depends: python3.5-dev (>= 3.5.1-2~) but it19:19
rangergordis not going to be installed. ". Should I be reporting a bug to the maintainers?19:19
ctjctj_Rohan_Kumar, what does blkid /dev/sb2 say?19:19
rangergordor is this something local19:20
Rohan_KumarIt just gives nothing19:20
ctjctj_Rohan_Kumar, try with sudo but that implies to me that the mkfs did not take place.  But I don't use MS filesystems so could be wrong19:21
ctjctj_Sorry, that should have been blkid /dev/sdb219:21
ctjctj_Left out the "d" the first time19:21
Rohan_Kumarctjctj_:a fsck on the disk gives : http://pastebin.ca/366716919:21
=== auser_ is now known as chala
ctjctj_I would expect that.  blkid will identify the UUID and filesystem type of some (most,all) block special devices.19:22
FlipBillThere is apparent confusion about the type of FS in the partition.19:23
FlipBillfsck assumes ext2, earlier commands tried to operate as if it is exfat via FUSE.19:23
FlipBillWhat is your intention?  What type of FS do you want to have?19:24
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: Initially when i bought it today it was exfat, then i formatted it to fat, then ext2, then partitioned my usb and two fat32 partitions19:24
ctjctj_Rohan_Kumar, what FlipBill is saying.  blkid might help us to know what the drive/partition thinks its filesystem is.19:24
Picirangergord: can you pastebin the output of apt-cache policy libpython3-dev python3-dev python3.5-dev  please?19:24
ctjctj_Rohan_Kumar, partitioning a drive as "fat32" does not place a fat32 filesystem on that partition.  It just lets boot loaders know what to expect on that partition.19:25
FlipBillRohan_Kumar, did you use a mkfs command of some kind?19:25
ctjctj_FlipBill, he reported that he did it on the full drive before he created the partition.19:26
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: I tried mkfs.exfat earlier19:26
Rohan_Kumarlike this: sudo mkfs.exfat -n "PENDRIVE"  /dev/sdb19:26
FlipBillctjctj_, Ah yes, I see confirmend.19:26
* Rohan_Kumar did it when it was not partitioned19:27
FlipBillRohan_Kumar, that's your problem.19:27
ctjctj_Rohan_Kumar, did you "mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1" or "mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb2"?19:27
FlipBillyou formatted the drive extent, not the partition.19:27
ctjctj_FlipBill, I concur.19:27
Rohan_Kumarctjctj_: Yes i did that after partitioning19:27
ctjctj_vfat could be fat19:27
rangergordPici: sorry, I was away trying stuff. I fixed it, I had to install the latest Security/Recommended updates. apt-get update + upgrade showed no results, but that's because I had Security and Recommended unchecked in Software Updater.19:28
FlipBillRohan_Kumar, it would likely have formatted it in such a way that the first partition is marked as occupying the entire drive.19:28
FlipBillThat could get messy.19:28
FlipBillYou need to start over and issue a mkfs for each partition inividually.19:28
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: hmm19:28
FlipBillsee the commands ctjctj_ gave you above.19:29
alkisgRohan_Kumar: if you run mkfs /dev/sdb, you destroy the partition table, so there's no sdb1 or sdb2 anymore, you need to create a new partition table19:29
Picirangergord: yeah, I had a feeling it was some sort of repository issue, glad you got it worked out.19:29
FlipBillalkisg, thaks, I neglected to mentioned that.19:30
FlipBillStart with fdisk, then do the two mkfs.vfat commands.19:30
Rohan_KumarFlipBill: I did the fdisk part before..19:31
alkisgFirst fdisk, then mkfs /dev/sdb ==> it destroys the results of fdisk, it's like you didn't do it at all19:32
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=== yacine is now known as Guest77002
gustavo_blood strike20:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:08
KrenairI've got Ubuntu 14.04 running in VirtualBox, tried installing the guest additions. But after reboot, my user doesn't show on the login screen20:08
KrenairIf I drop to interactive console I can log in as the user20:08
KrenairI've tried moving .Xauthority and .profile20:08
KrenairThe only user showing on the login screen is the guest session20:08
gustavo_help-me please20:09
Krenairrestarting lightdm20:09
Krenairalso doesn't help20:09
gustavo_i`m kill20:09
gustavo_i am troller20:09
otsoaunlocoHow do I determine the format of an archive? It has no extension and I don't remember 720:10
otsoaunlocoI don't remember how it was compressed*20:10
EriC^^otsoaunloco: try "file /path/to/file"20:10
geniiotsoaunloco: The command called "file" may be able to know. eg: file name-of-archive20:11
otsoaunlocoThanks! It works indeed20:12
Kikko_958Hi Styk20:16
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
* ptah sees everyone idle20:32
Bashing-omptah: ^^ Then all is well in the 'buntu world :)20:33
k1lptah: for regular chat we do have #ubuntu-offtopic . a silent technical support channel is a good sign :)20:36
TurboKrakenAnyone have a resource for usb/bluetooth controllers. I'm looking to for StealSeries Stratus in particular but any information is helpful. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.20:38
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-ARIADNA:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet20:40
-ARIADNA:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet20:40
dimensia_what is wrong planet20:41
DalekSecdimensia_: Spam, just ignore it fornow.20:41
FManTropyxis being on this channel why I get flooded by bots about that?20:45
daxthey're doing it in a tonne of channels20:46
k1lFManTropyx: the kiddies do spam all big channels on this network.20:46
daxif it's private spam (not channel spam), umode +R tends to help (PMs from registered users only)20:46
MeliooI wish linux was the first os i ever learned20:53
MeliooCause then ibwouldnt have ever touched windows20:53
MeliooAnd companies wouldnt ask me of i knew how to SSH20:53
DArqueBishopMelioo: it's never too late to learn.20:54
MeliooAnd i do20:55
MeliooBut im ao adhd ots hard to remember everything I learn20:55
MeliooI memeorized dos like a champ20:55
MeliooHelped with bad routers from the 90s20:55
TurboKrakenAnyone have a resource for usb/bluetooth controllers. I'm looking to for StealSeries Stratus in particular but any information is helpful. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.21:10
ptahTurboKraken, nobody answered u yet?21:13
ptahthis is second time21:13
ptahsorry idk21:13
TurboKrakenptah: Yeah, I was just double checking after the spammer came in here.21:15
TurboKrakenptah: Yeah, no one has answered.***21:15
=== miles is now known as BluJay
ptahim using ubuntu 8.04, my youtube works, but facebook and instagram videos dont work21:15
ptahi have firefox1421:15
ptahwhat do i need?21:16
Sebastienwhy would you use a ubuntu THAT old21:16
ptahthere is a reason21:16
bpromptptah:   we're listening21:16
Sebastienyou will not get support from this. the date is: May 9, 201321:16
Sebastienbut you can still tell us what you tried, and where it didn't work21:17
BluJayHi guys21:17
ptahi have a mini dell laptop21:17
ptahalready had ubuntu here21:17
ptahtrying to get it to work21:17
holmserif you want to use an out of daye version of linux might I suggest centos?21:17
Sebastienor puppylinux if it has anything to do with size21:17
BluJayIf you don't arch is great21:17
BluJayAlthough it is a pain in the donkey to set up21:18
bpromptptah:     if the browsers are too outdated, chances are, many or most sites won't work, that includes flash videos or other codecs types, since legacy code may not be there, or worth the hassle, depending on the feature21:18
k1lptah: the oldest ubuntu still in support is 12.04. older than that is not supported and has massive security issues. if you have slow and old hardware look at Lubuntu21:18
ptahim in a mini laptop for fun21:18
RyadIm running ubuntu on a dell latitude d630.21:19
ptahmost things work, sucks that linux doesnt support mmo games21:19
uboneubuntu net install is best for low end hw21:19
ptahwhere are the mmo games?21:19
ptahdid any of you play mmo race games?21:20
peppaThe flash issue in linux is annoying21:21
k1lthat talk better suits into #ubuntu-offtopic21:21
k1lpeppa: what flash issue?21:21
bugwormI am using Ubuntu for many years, on many different machines now. And i love it. Now with a new batch of machines, i am running into issues with the rotation sensors. I already know that this sensors have no standards, and its most of the time a "specific" workaround for that. Is there any group of people trying to improve this situation ? Eg. making a graphical interface, that 1. detects if your sensor is supported in some way,21:22
bugworm2. let you rotate the screen with a custom key command and 3. let you decide what to deactivate according to your screen rotation ? eg. Keyboard or Trackpad ?21:22
peppaIt does not run on certain websites that require the newest version of flash.21:23
peppaI tried pepperflash21:24
e-ventAnyone able to help with a small bash script issue?21:24
k1lpeppa: are you sure its not a malware tricking users into loading their malware software? because that is a known issue on a lot of warez sites21:24
MonkeyDuste-vent  there's also #bash21:24
e-ventWhy does this work: "if [ Something ] || [ Somethingelse ]" but if [ Something || Somethingelse ] doesn't.21:24
e-ventThe former triggers on any content21:25
e-ventlatter even*21:25
peppaThe sit I am specifically having an issue with is xfinity tv so I don't think so21:25
\9e-vent: because [ is actually a program21:26
\9e-vent: and || is a bash language construct21:26
e-ventWhat is the latter actually doing?21:26
\9"[ Something" or "Somethingelse ]"21:27
\9i think you can use double brackets [[]] to get around this?21:27
\9since it's an actual language construct unlike [21:27
\9and when i say it's a program, there literally is a /usr/bin/[21:28
k1lpeppa: it works in chrome. so you need to tell them to unlock the regular linux flash version21:28
e-ventI'd search for it myself21:28
e-ventbut I literally have no idea what to google21:28
e-ventOk I see its like test?21:29
e-ventBut surely that logically still would do what I expect21:29
pepparunning chromium but I will download latest chrome and try I guess. thx21:30
e-ventI get that [ is a program21:30
\9well the thing is that if you use [, the || takes lesser precedence over the brackets21:30
\9[ supports -o for a logical or21:30
e-ventbut if I say to test, IS "FOO" "BAR" OR "BAR1"21:31
e-venthow is it saying yes?21:31
\9e-vent: i can't tell since i don't know your use case21:32
bprompte-vent:   one may note, there's a #bash  :)21:34
e-ventI'll ask em21:34
e-vent\9, in effect21:34
e-ventI am just comparing two strings21:34
e-ventSo literally like FOO and BAR OR BAR121:35
bprompte-vent:     I do js, and the || would on that case, seems to do a logical check, to default to the latter, like js would, but in bash, as \9  said, I think you need to use the -o for that in the brackets21:35
\9we figured as much but the question is why is it doing that21:35
e-ventI fixed it by having two sets of brackets and conditions with the OR between em21:36
e-ventbut I#m asking #bash now21:36
peppatried chrome. does not work. thx for the suggestion though.21:42
bpromptpeppa:   got url, so we can check?21:46
e-ventWill PPP automatically reconnect via the modem if the line goes down and back up21:54
e-ventor do I need to restart the machine / service?21:54
peppaoddly enough one show works. but everything else does not. technology throws me for a loop sometimes. thx for the help tho.21:55
=== YDU_away is now known as YankDownUnder
Asher128Hi guys! Do you know the advantage of MooseFS over LizardFS?21:57
Kikko_958good bye22:06
curlyearsis we is or is we ain't?22:18
geirhacurlyears: Is this somehow related to the Ubuntu operating system?22:20
curlyearsgeirha:  just saying hello...22:20
ken_how to remove libreoffice22:20
curlyearsken_  you can probably remove ity trhough the Ubuntu Software Center22:21
ken_is there a command22:21
ken_beacause that is the long way22:22
k1lken_: sudo apt remove libreoffice22:22
zerowaitstateafter that you may have to do "sudo apt autoremove" because libreoffice may be a metapackage22:23
geirhaan it might remove more than you bargained for22:24
ken_it did not work22:24
k1lken_: what was the output?22:24
k1lken_: put it into paste.ubuntu.com and show the url here22:24
k1lken_: missing an "e" at the end22:26
zerowaitstatelol, forgot the "e" at the end22:26
k1lken_: use the tab key to complete the package names22:27
ken_how to remove libreoffice22:28
k1lken_: its still the same answer. just make sure you dont make a typo22:28
=== Starky_the_fox is now known as Starky
ken_how to remove libreoffice22:32
curlyearsken_:  it's been explained to you, d00d.22:32
k1l<k1l> ken_: sudo apt remove libreoffice22:32
vookken_: try again. You should always try more than once22:33
ken_sudo] password for ken:22:36
ken_Reading package lists... Done22:36
ken_Building dependency tree22:36
ken_Reading state information... Done22:36
ken_Package 'libreoffice' is not installed, so not removed22:36
ken_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:36
ken_Package 'libreoffice' is not installed, so not removed22:37
ken_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:37
ken_ken@ken-Presario-CQ57-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo apt remove libreoffice22:37
ken_Reading package lists... Done22:37
ken_Building dependency tree22:37
ken_Reading state information... Done22:37
packetswitcherunrelated question: is there a place where I can learn IRC.. i'm kinda new and i'm lost. video tutorials would be better if you know any22:37
curlyearsI am unaware of any.  Just read the docs, it is pretty straight forward unless you are planning to run your own server./22:38
k1lken_: remove "libreoffice-core" too22:38
ken_ken@ken-Presario-CQ57-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo apt remove libreoffice22:38
ken_Reading package lists... Done22:38
ken_Building dependency tree22:38
ken_Reading state information... Done22:38
ken_Package 'libreoffice' is not installed, so not removed22:38
ken_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:38
k1lken_: stop pasting the same output over and over again22:38
curlyearsK1l:  did you see the URL I piosted here describing the weird problems I was having?22:39
packetswitcherthe docs are confusing for me, that's why i wanted video tutorials.. i've joined the channel here a few days ago and it's great.. but I feel like the most stupid one in the room..22:40
k1lpacketswitcher: what do you need to know?22:41
curlyearsk1l:  it turns out the problem I was having was due to, er "inconsistencies" in the code  of the "Hybrid EUFI" Award BIOS on this motherboard.  No wonder you guys were unable to successfully debug it with me.  The guy who wrote the article I found spent a very long time debugging and analyzing the probllem.22:42
packetswitcherthis is the (unknown unknown) problem.. i need to know everything from zero.. i don't wanna bug you here since it's not related but I don't know where to start22:42
curlyearsit turns out that basicly, while it IS possible to use > 2TB drives with this motherboard, it is quite trickty and probably not worth the effort.  I probably ought to get a different motherboard22:43
k1lpacketswitcher: well, you could join #ubuntu-offtopic to chat and look here if you can help some people or ask if you need help. learning by doing. irc is not that difficult :)22:44
ken_why is isp said linux is virus22:44
squintypacketswitcher, tried youtube?  using "xchat tutorial" as search terms returns quite a number of hits.22:44
k1lken_: this is the technical ubuntu support.22:44
alesanhow can I tell ubuntu to only use as DNS and not to use an internal one or one provided by DHCP? command line please22:45
alesanmeaning, not through GUI packages that depend on the fact one has ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu etc22:45
alesanI'd assume there is such setting in the configuration files22:46
curlyearshttp://www.rodsbooks.com/gb-hybrid-efi/   <  k1l:  if you're interested, there isd a link tyo the article.  It'd be interesting to hear your take on it.22:46
k1lcurlyears: well, i am not too much into the uefi stuff. but often manufacturers fix some things with bios updates.22:47
CodeMouse92On Ubuntu 16.04, using the default Nautilus file browser. When I right-click a file and go to "open with...", the submenu jumps back and forth. (Dual monitors, but never had this before today)22:48
curlyearsK1l:  yeah, well, the most recent update for this BIOS is dated 2013.  :)22:48
bullenow when 16.04.1 is released, shouldnt i see an upgrade alternative on a 14.04 lts machine ?22:48
k1l!ltsupgrade | bulle22:49
ubottubulle: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.22:49
bullek1l: ah, thanks, just have to wait a bit longer then.22:49
curlyearsk1l:  do you think it is worth doing a !ltsupgrade if one has recently installed the earlier 16.04?22:49
k1lcurlyears: if you installed the 16.04 you will get 16.04.1 anyway.22:50
curlyearsK1l:   ah, OK.  I wasn't quite clear on that point.22:51
Ntemishelp me remove some annoying ppa after upgrade to xenial please22:54
Ben64!ppa-purge | Ntemis22:54
ubottuNtemis: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:54
Ntemisdoesnt work22:55
NtemisW: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/pidgin-developers/ppa/ubuntu xenial Release' does not have a Release file.22:55
NtemisE: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/pidgin-developers/ppa/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found22:55
Ntemisppa purge doesnt work22:56
Ntemisbut shouldnt i start clean after upgrade22:56
NtemisBen64: http://pastebin.com/9CACzK3d22:56
k1lNtemis: did you reactivated it after the ubuntu upgrade?22:57
Ntemisit was always there22:57
Ntemisbut shouldnt i start clean after upgrade22:57
k1lplease run "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999" in terminal and show the output here22:58
Bashing-omNtemis: That PPA does not support xenial : http://ppa.launchpad.net/pidgin-developers/ppa/ubuntu/dists .22:58
Ntemisbut shouldnt i start clean after upgrade22:58
n1md4hi.   i have network manager set such that it's only dhcp for IP, and have manually set dns.  but the dns setting appears to be ignored - tested against dnsleak test.  it has an entry for localhost in resolv.conf, but by manually editing it, with the dns server i have set in settings, only then does it work.22:58
n1md4any ideas there?22:58
k1lNtemis: we need to get some facts, so please show the outputurl22:58
Ntemisk1l: http://termbin.com/l5k222:59
bulle http://termbin.com/l5k222:59
k1lNtemis: well, you activated that ppa again. it was for sure deactivated after the upgrade.23:00
Ntemiscan anyone give me a clean /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ so i can move on with my life?23:00
Ntemisi did? O.o23:00
owen1how to install adobe-flashplugin from the terminal? (ubuntu 15.10)23:00
k1lNtemis: you can just remove the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pidgin-ppa.list files23:01
Ntemisthanks k1l23:02
k1lNtemis: or you should contact the evolve os support. since that PPA make it a none ubuntu anymore23:02
InteeMorning all.23:02
owen1how to add flash to chromium-browser but using the terminal?23:02
Ntemislovely k1l sudo rm -rf /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pidgin-ppa* fixed it thanks23:03
Bashing-omowen1: Try : ' sudo apt install flashplugin-installer ' .23:03
InteeWhere abouts can a man get the 64 bit version of liblua5.2 from?23:04
owen1Bashing-om: thanks!23:04
Bashing-omowen1: Does not chromium use peper flash rather than Adobie ?23:04
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owen1i have no idea23:04
k1lBashing-om: chrome does23:04
genii!info liblua5.2-023:05
ubottuliblua5.2-0 (source: lua5.2): Shared library for the Lua interpreter version 5.2. In component main, is optional. Version 5.2.4-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 117 kB, installed size 452 kB23:05
InteeThats an awesome bot!23:05
InteeI have installed liblua5.2 and -dev and they both installed without errors (As far as I know) but system still can't find it apparently.23:06
owen1k1l: so i should use this?23:07
k1lyou could use it with chromium. but the standard is the flashplugin installer23:08
owen1k1l: how do i install flashplugin installer from the terminal?23:09
rwsoft1sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer23:10
owen1rwsoft1: thanks23:13
rwsoft1owen1: no worries ;)23:18
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R13oseMy desktop for KDE in Ubuntu is all black and this is not the image I picked for some reason. How do I fix this?23:27
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devanHey all!23:43
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weblwablI have an .sh file i am trying to change the permissions on, chmod -x still wont allow me to execute the file23:44
weblwablwas wondering what the issue may be23:44
orlockweblwabl: Running it with the correct part? thats the error?23:44
YankDownUnderweblwabl: sudo chmod +x filename.sh ?23:44
Ben64weblwabl: chmod +x, not -x23:44
weblwablshit lol23:44
weblwablthank you23:44
R13oseany thoughts on my question?23:48
YankDownUnderR13ose: Black? No image whatsoever?23:49
R13oseYankDownUnder: yes Black, and no image23:49
YankDownUnderR13ose: Have you restarted Plasma? As well - since I'm not familiar with what you're using, what version of Ubuntu and what version of Plasma/KDE are you using?23:50
R13oseYankDownUnder: I rebooted the machine and I got a black desktop.  I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and KDE Plasma Version: 5.6.523:52
YankDownUnderR13ose: Right oh...and what happens when you attempt to change the desktop wallpaper to something else...?23:52
R13oseYankDownUnder: oh, this was a black background for some reason.  It is better now.  Thanks.23:53
YankDownUnderR13ose: Sometimes Plasma "sticks" or gets "stuck" as it were...hmm...23:54
R13oseYankDownUnder: how to fix that?23:54
YankDownUnderR13ose: For *me*, what I ended up doing was blowing out all of the "plasma" related "crap" in my ~./config and ~./local/share and ~./kde directories - upgrading Plasma via "backports" PPA's and re-configuring my entire KDE/Plasma desktop as per my liking...but again, that was *my* resolution to the issue.23:56
R13oseYankDownUnder: since I am not  on 5.7.2, how do I upgrade to that?23:58
YankDownUnderR13ose: I'm on 5.6.5 - stable...I'll wait for the 5.7.2 stuff...23:59

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