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GlorfindelAny recommendations for an audio interface for XLR and ΒΌ inch plugs? Looking for something cheapish13:25
GlorfindelAnd USB preferably13:25
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OvenWerksGlorfindel: assuming 2 channels is enough... The ART project series USB Dual Pre comes to mind.18:04
OvenWerksAlso the Tube MP though that is only 1 channel if better sounding. They used to sell a USB Dual Tube Pre which I use.18:06
OvenWerksThese all work fine down to less than 5ms latency (jack set to 64/2) ok. They are 16 bit USB 1.1 and just work with any HW I have tried.18:07
OvenWerksThe next step up is pretty much the Presonus 1818VSL though there are other models with fewer inputs and outputs. It is 24bit USB2.0. With any USB audio IF I would read: https://community.ardour.org/node/8833?page=1 In particular the last three or so messages.18:15
OvenWerksIt seems USB chipsets do matter for low latency audio... Intel and VIA = bad and NEC is good (TI may be good too.18:16
OvenWerksThese are the USB chips on the Mother Board and with a desktop may require a good PCIe USB board to get around. For a lap top... outa luck probably for low latency sound... use higher latency.18:18
OvenWerksThere are USB3 Audio interfaces.... but the price is generally $900 +18:20
GlorfindelOvenWerks: Thanks for replying!  I'd almost given up hope for this channel :D18:20
OvenWerksGlorfindel: we are not that active... sorry.18:21
GlorfindelI'm hoping for 2 channels at least, 4 would be better18:21
GlorfindelNa, I know how that is ;)18:22
OvenWerksGlorfindel: in general any USB 2.0 inteface that says it is USB2.0 compliant will work. Look for ones that do not require drivers for OSx.18:22
GlorfindelReading backlog one second18:23
GlorfindelWhat are the drawbacks of high latency?18:25
OvenWerksGlorfindel: for recording none really.18:25
OvenWerksfor using the computer as a guitar effect anything above 128/2 is hard to play with.18:26
OvenWerks same with using the computer as a live synth.18:26
GlorfindelAhhh, ok. This use case is recording18:26
OvenWerksSo basically for studio use high is fine and uses less cpu anyway.18:27
OvenWerksfor stage use low latency is mandatory.18:27
GlorfindelThough I was thinking maybe I could route the audio through ardour and then back to a powered mixer for amplification18:28
GlorfindelThis is for a small church so just vocals anyway18:29
OvenWerksGlorfindel: I play bass and find that by the time I get 30 feet from the stage (with a long cord) It affects my playing. I can hear the delay from when I play to when I hear and it is hard on timing.18:30
OvenWerksSingers may be different. But less than 10ms round trip seems to be ok from what I can tell.18:31
GlorfindelThe speakers are 30 feet away too?18:31
OvenWerksYa, I walk back to do sound sometimes.18:31
OvenWerks(when practicing)18:32
OvenWerks(also a small church BTW)18:32
GlorfindelFrom what I've read that's normal, 1ms of latency per foot18:32
OvenWerksBut if you are recording only from the mixer and the vocalists are hearing themselves from the mixer (not the sound card) then it is no problem.18:33
OvenWerksWe just use the builtin HDA Audio interface to record in our case)18:34
OvenWerksI use Aux6 (aux1 - 4 monitors aux 5 FX) to record at about 12 dB down.18:35
GlorfindelWell, what I had in mind is rather complicated and I'm using a phone, so sometime I'll get on a pc and explain, but I was going to go to pc -> tweak -> mixer as amp -> output18:36
GlorfindelBecause I would need more aux outputs than I have otherwise18:37
OvenWerksOnly thing to do is try.18:37
OvenWerksIf you can get jack to run at 128/2 or better 64/2 you should be fine.18:38
GlorfindelI'd rather know if it's likely to work before I buy equipment... ;)18:38
GlorfindelThanks for your help! :)18:38
OvenWerksif you have more than one USB port on the computer, try them all for lowest xruns. It does make a difference.18:39
OvenWerksThe first unit I meantioned was able to run at 64/2 on an old atom netbook (single core) with no xruns18:40
OvenWerks I did have to make sure to use the right hand USB port and leave the second USB port on that side empty. But I could still use the USB port on the left side for other stuff.18:41
OvenWerksGlorfindel: My general practice is to take my computer to the music store and try before I buy. Good music stores will always say yes.18:41
GlorfindelI wasn't planning on going to a music store actually, eBay ;)18:48
GlorfindelI should look around, see if there are any in my area18:48
OvenWerksThe place I buy has at least a one year it gets fixed no matter why it died. (spilled coffee on it included)18:50
OvenWerks(long and mquade in Canada)18:52
GlorfindelOh nice19:01

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