redbladei just switched from linuxmint xfce to xubuntu00:04
redbladei'm having a weird problem that i can't find a straight answer for00:05
bazhangstate the acutal issue please00:05
redbladeevery time i mount an external jump drive or external hard drive using thunar00:05
redbladeit mounts root:root 77700:05
redbladethis makes things very annoying, i have to remount with ntfs-3g options in my home directory00:05
redbladei never had this problem under mint00:06
bazhangwhat command are you using exactly00:06
redbladeright clicking the drive in thunar, mount00:06
bazhangntfs is not a linux file system00:06
redbladeit shows up in /media/username/label with root:root and 777 all files & folders00:06
redbladei know00:06
redbladehow do i force the username and fmask/dmask with thunar?00:06
bazhangso the permissions are not even close to similar00:07
redbladeit's kind of annoying to remount it ntfs-3g in my home folder at the command line00:07
redbladeif i want to do any large amount of copying00:07
redbladei dont know what mint's thunar did, but i remmeber it wasnt 77700:08
knomei would look into fstab00:09
redbladeknome: for every single usb drive i own?00:10
knomewell, don't...00:11
redbladedoes it do that for you? try it00:12
redbladentfs usb drive, mount through thunar00:12
knomei don't use ntfs usb drives00:12
redbladeyou format them to ext4 after you buy them?00:14
mrkrampsredblade, i do not see a problem00:15
redbladepointless, it shoudl go between oses00:15
knomeext2 actually, and i only have one, which has specific options in fstab.00:15
redbladewhat are the permissions you get, and is it root:root?00:15
bazhangfor ntfs?00:15
redblademrkramps just tried it i want to see what happened there00:16
bazhangand you are imaginging that ntfs has some linux permissions, it doesnt00:16
SnackerrHello,  is it safe to backup a NTFS HDD to a EXT4?  what do you lose?  (someone said mp3 tags?  photo metadata?)00:17
redbladeoh this should be confusing, trying to keep up with both conversations lol00:17
redbladeSnackerr: definitely not mp3 tags, i doubt photo metadata00:18
Snackerrredblade, so what do you lose?00:19
knomewhy would you lose anything?00:19
knomentfs is the lesser filesystem00:19
knomeor, the one with less features to be exact00:19
redbladewould there be differences in characters and length of file names?00:20
redbladeeasily solved though by zipping or tarball00:20
knomei'd imagine the problems might start when restoring00:20
mrkrampsredblade, your ubuntu version00:20
Snackerrknome, someone told me that you lose 'metadata'  e.g.  if the folder is "hidden"00:20
redbladeif it's too large a file tar woudl gz00:20
redbladewithout gz00:20
redblademrkramps: the xubuntu that just came out, 16.04.100:20
mrkrampsredblade, seems like this should not happen, although the drive has full user access with 77700:23
redbladei just tried a fat32 one i have and it isn't 77700:24
redbladeand not root00:25
redbladeso you have regularuser:regulargroup with 777 for all files and folders?00:26
redbladefor ntfs00:28
mrkrampsredblade, i still use 14.04, but it seems more like user:user 70000:28
bazhangis he using sudo with thunar00:28
bazhangthere's no credible reason to use ntfs-3g in this day and age00:29
redbladei doubt it, i'm logged in as a normal user00:29
redbladeand clicknig thunar on the desktop00:30
redbladeand clicking on the drive and it mounts00:30
mrkrampsredblade, can you check syslog for the cmdline options used to mount the drive00:30
mrkramps grep "Cmdline options:" /var/log/syslog00:30
mrkrampsprobably better to get some more context:$ grep -C 3 "Cmdline options:" /var/log/syslog00:31
redbladeactually it's not root:root i was mistaken00:32
redbladebut it is 77700:32
redbladentfs-3g[27645]: Cmdline options: rw,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,uhelper=udisks200:33
redblade()that is one of the drives)00:33
redbladeyep both disks when using thunar have that string. it isn't root:root, sorry about that00:36
redbladeboth disks i was trying00:37
mrkrampssry, i only have one ntfs formatted drive vor testing and as this is a could storage backup of a linux server the permissions might have been set before00:37
redbladeif i only knew how to change thunar's "cmdline" and add a dmask= and an fmask=00:37
mrkrampsredblade, this is not a thunar issue00:38
redbladeis thunar just a frontend to something else?00:39
bazhangthunar the window manager?00:40
redbladethunar's the file manager00:40
knomethunar is the file manager.00:40
bazhangredblade, it's clearly not a thunar issue here00:40
mrkrampsi guess it is udisk2?00:41
redbladenot familiar with udisks200:42
bazhangodds on favorite its a corrupt ntfs drive00:42
redbladeit's not corrupt i use them all the time00:42
redbladeit just shouldnt automatically be 77700:42
bazhang777 being linuc permissions00:43
redbladei want to change the defaults for all ntfs drives to be dmask=022 and fmask=133 whenever i use thunar00:43
redbladeis there any way to do that? or am i forced to use 777 unless i mount it at the cli?00:46
redblade777 i mean chmod sorry00:46
redbladeumask 00000:47
mrkrampsudev rules00:48
redbladei think that's what i'm looking for mrkramps. i guess mint has its own udev rules built in00:51
mrkrampsredblade, just compare the configuration mint uses then00:52
redbladelol i dont have mint anymore it's been replaced with xubuntu00:53
redbladei just found this file, seems to be what i'm looking for: https://github.com/HalisCz/udev-automount/blob/master/10-flash-mounts.rules00:54
mrkrampsredblade, you can access all packages from the min repository online …00:58
redbladethat only lists package names, and this is proving truly difficult as everyone has their own scripts, plus stuff is outdated as things have progressed01:12
redbladewhy do i have to learn a new scripting language just to change the default mount options?01:21
redbladei find tons of conflicting stuff, some outdated and pre-systemd, etc01:22
redblademaybe i should try in ##linux, if there's a package i dont know about01:22
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mrkrampsredblade, i am not sure but i guess udisk2 will call for mount.ntfs01:29
mrkrampswhich seems to be a link to ntfs-3g only01:30
redbladeall the rules people come up with are for automounting. i dont want to automount, i want to manually mount with thunar01:38
redbladeis it that perhaps mint and slackware used an older or patched version of thunar to mount with sane permissions for ntfs jump drives?01:39
redbladei found a lot of files in /lib/udev/rules.d01:43
redbladecant find anything relating to mounting in any of them01:48
redbladeit's a good thing i dont copy large amounts of large files from usb disks too often01:48
mrkramps /lib/udev/rules.d/80-udisks2.rules01:48
redbladeand usually it's tarballed or 7zipped when i do01:49
redbladethe only reference to ntfs i found there was for ignoring a recovery partition01:49
redbladei gotta have dinner it's late01:53
redbladehey does xubuntu have an automatic updater like mint has?01:59
knobYes redblade01:59
knobHello everyone.  I have two n00b questions.  I downloaded Android Studio... unzipped the file, and now I have the whole directory structure.  If in the command line I go to /android-studio/bin/ and run ./studio.sh   , it brings up Android Studio GUI.02:00
redbladewhat's the package called02:00
knobMy two questions: Where should I move this bin?   To   /usr/local/bin   and drop it in there?            And then, how could I create a shortcut so I can access Android Studio GUI   via Alt+F202:01
knobredblade, Software Updater02:01
knobThat's what I run when I hit Alt+F202:01
redbladeok. i'm chatting on windows and my linux pc is in another room so i'm kind of going back and forth02:02
redbladebut i gotta have dinner now02:02
knobredblade, nice02:02
knobno problem... this channel is a little bit slow because of the time, yet the people in here are awesome.  =)02:02
Unit193knob: Create a 'desktop' file for the launcher, either putting it in ~/.local/share/applications/ or global one.  Also, you can add it to your userpath if you don't want to use /usr/local/02:04
knobUnit193, thanks... I have never dropped a new "binary" anywhere, so I have no idea what "best practice" is.02:05
knobHmm.... ~/.local/share/application sounds good02:05
knobUnit193, I dropped the /bin  into  ~/.local/share/applications/bin     ... and I also created the Desktop file.   Any idea how I can make the "Android Studio" desktop shortcut appear when I use Alt+F2 (Application Finder) ?02:10
Unit193knob: ~/.local/bin/ for the binary.  And, if you entirely terminate xfce4-appfinder and launch it again, *should* find it.02:12
knobAhhh super!  Ok... trying that out02:12
knobYeah!! Now we're cooking!!  w00t w00t!! Thanks Unit! :)02:16
Unit193Sure thing, doc.02:16
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vahveroi have weird problem. I try to connect with samba to server where is libreoffice odt file and i can't open it. error is general I/O-error. So gvfs has maybe issues. With Linux Mint there isn't problem. Hmm.06:10
vahveroeven if i make new file and move it to server. i can't open it with libreoffice.  Normal text file i can open with mousepad and do editing.06:19
MatboeHi all!  Anyone able to help me with a xubuntu wifi issue?07:22
vahveroProblem solved! i did install libreoffice-gnome package and gvfs connection to samba server started to work!! :D NICE!!09:03
sine0hello folks. I really love xubuntu it makes my linux desktop life worth living as it is how a desktop should look and behave in my opinion, however I have a couple of problems that are starting to plague my workflow and wondered if anyone would be able to help or offer a solution11:13
sine0first of all when i hit print screen a window comes up with suggestions, save to file or copy to buffer for paste11:15
sine0it will save to file but I cannot copy it to the paste buffer as when i do no application accepts the paste, it says no metadata or no data. this is not just limited to gimp11:16
xubuntu18wi need help14:35
geniixubuntu18w: Best to just describe your problem to the channel, and then see if someone may offer a solution14:36
xubuntu18wOkay, i installed last version of xubuntu. but i have resolution problem.14:37
xubuntu18wI cant make higher resolution then 1024*76814:38
geniixubuntu18w: You may want to look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions14:41
xubuntu18wThank you. I will check , if it doesnt work, i will be back14:41
* genii makes more coffee14:43
xubuntu18wIt didn't work... Any advices ?14:53
geniixubuntu18w: What kind of connector is on the graphics card, what kind of connector is it attached to at the monitor, and what kind of cord connects them? Often if different kind, the monitor's EDID info cannot be read15:05
beratarvassI cant make higher resolution than 1024x768. What is the problem ?15:19
geniiAs I asked earlier:15:23
geniixubuntu18w: What kind of connector is on the graphics card, what kind of connector is it attached to at the monitor, and what kind of cord connects them? Often if different kind, the monitor's EDID info cannot be read15:23
* genii makes more coffee16:12
xubuntu69whello, i need help. i have dual boot xubuntu/win10 and after once of update/upgrade xubuntu 16.04 has stopped working. Now booting directly to win10 :(18:02
knobxubuntu69w, was the last upgrade done by Windows10?18:08
knobOr Xubuntu?18:08
xubuntu69wafter upgrade in xubuntu18:09
xubuntu62wi try boot-repair but it didnt help18:15
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doc|workhey. I'm setting up 4x1080p screens using displayport daisy chaining. It's recognising that there are 4 screens and laying them out correctly, but showing them as a single 1080p screen with no resolution options higher than that. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get them recognised as a single 4k device?18:20
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RWFmighty quiet in here21:00
knomewith a sample size of 2 minutes21:00
knome(and this is a support channel, general chatter at #xubuntu-offtopic if you are looking for something like that)21:01
RWFever chat on  www.Buzzen.com  ?21:01
RWFoh ok thanks21:01

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