kevinbentonsmoser: hi Scott. harlowja sent me your way. :) can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/cirros/+bug/1605832 and let me know if its feasible?00:01
smoserkevinbenton, feel free to join #cirros11:24
smoserpowersj, hey... very simple "does cloud-init work in ubuntu" shown http://paste.ubuntu.com/21303132/18:21
smoserscript is http://paste.ubuntu.com/21303074/18:21
smoser(testing lxd)18:21
powersjoh sweet!18:24
powersjI'll look this over this afternoon - thx18:25
rharpersmoser: any reason to not use lxc file pull ?19:33
smoseri dont know.19:34
rharpermm, lxc file pull <container/path - writes to stdout;  fancy19:36
rharperI do with file pull/push had path completion though19:36
smoserrharper, one thing woudl ble that you can't tell the difference between no file exists and something went horribly wrong20:05
smoser$ lxc file pull x1/etc/asdf -; echo $?20:06
smosererror: not found20:06
smoser$ lxc file pull nocontainer/dd -; echo $?20:06
smosererror: not found20:06
smoser(non-obvious above, but x1 does exist)20:06
rharperwell, you can wait on x1 to be read before your x120:21
rharperor file pull20:21
rharpermy typical idion was launch and wait;  I don't see that exposed in the cli though20:22
rharperactually, IIRC, launch blocks until it's running20:23
smoserrharper, but you can't tell if it shut itself down or communication from client to daemon is dead...20:24
smoseryou just know something failed.20:24
smoserwhich is fine. in that the wait would eventually catch it anyway.20:24
smoserbut the way i did it, exiting '9' indicated that every thing was happy, the file just didn't exist.20:24
rharperhrm, I wonder why they don't let you file pull from stopped containers (I'm guessing zfs isn't mounted)20:25
rharperthat works20:25
rharperthat's prolly worth an issue (missing file vs. unknown container name)20:25
rharperfor example, exec throwns the not found for non=container name, but 255 on exec failure20:26
rharpersmoser: did we have a bug filed for the systemd-udev interface rename where it won't rename a second time with .link files ?20:33
smoseryeah, it works.20:34
smoserpull and push from non-started.20:34
smoserthere is one... let me find20:35
rharpersmoser: thanks!20:47

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