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kjackalHello Juju World!07:07
rick_h_kjackal: hello back at ya08:46
magicaltroutlate night rick_h_ ? :)08:48
magicaltroutsprint in holland08:48
magicaltrouthows the cheese and clogs?08:48
magicaltroutand windmills08:50
magicaltroutand tulips08:50
rick_h_magicaltrout: it's a party08:53
ejat2016-07-28 08:04:34 INFO config-changed subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['/opt/opendaylight-karaf/bin/client', '-r', '20', '-h', 'localhost', '-a', '8101', '-u', 'karaf', 'feature:list']' returned non-zero exit status 109:25
ejatodl-controller charm09:26
ejatanyone can help ?09:26
magicaltroutejat: i can't but can you ssh into the odl unit?09:28
magicaltroutyou could just run that command manually and see what happens09:28
ejat$ /opt/opendaylight-karaf/bin/client -r 20 -h localhost -a 8101 -u karaf feature:list09:28
ejatclient: JAVA_HOME not set; results may vary09:28
ejatLogging in as karaf09:28
ejat175 [pool-2-thread-2] WARN org.apache.sshd.client.keyverifier.AcceptAllServerKeyVerifier - Server at localhost/ presented unverified key:09:28
ejatError executing command: java.lang.NullPointerException09:28
magicaltroutI'd check with the chaps over on #karaf ejat09:29
magicaltroutI know the guys who write ODL hangout over there and can probably offer some insight09:29
ejatmagicaltrout: thanks09:29
magicaltroutno problem09:30
* ejat trying to link the odl-controller with the conjure-up openstack based09:30
magicaltroutwell the unit is trying to ssh into itself09:31
magicaltroutso I'm not sure why that would fail09:31
magicaltroutthe karaf client gets run all over the place in standard karaf installs09:31
ejathave u try the odl-controller charm ?09:32
magicaltroutI haven't, but I'm a karaf user so I know my way around karaf a bit09:32
ejatmagicaltrout: owh .. thanks for da assistance09:33
magicaltroutthat odl charm is at revision 109:34
magicaltroutso I guess its probably rough around the edges ;)09:34
ejatmagicaltrout: is it similar to this : https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KARAF-349209:36
magicaltroutyeah looks it ejat09:36
ejat10 revisions09:39
ejatby James Page 2016-05-1809:39
ejatneed to ping jamespage09:39
magicaltroutall that hook is trying to do is list the features09:39
magicaltroutthen install the missing stuff09:39
magicaltroutbut clearly there is a key verification issue even though it seems to be told to accept them all09:40
magicaltroutthat said09:41
magicaltroutit gets ODL from here:09:41
magicaltroutso it could also be a funky upstream problem09:41
magicaltroutbecause I saw similar discussed over on #karaf a few weeks ago09:41
magicaltroutyou could get that package and verify that the client works09:42
ejat2016-07-28 09:11:55 INFO install Cloning into '/opt/distribution-karaf-0.2.2-Helium-SR2.tar.gz'...09:43
ejat2016-07-28 09:11:56 INFO install fatal: repository 'https://nexus.opendaylight.org/content/groups/public/org/opendaylight/integration/distribution-karaf/0.2.2-Helium-SR2/distribution-karaf-0.2.2-Helium-SR2.tar.gz/' not found09:43
ejat2016-07-28 09:11:56 INFO worker.uniter.jujuc server.go:173 running hook tool "juju-log" ["-l" "WARNING" "Install source attempt unsuccessful: Command '['git', 'clone', u'https://nexus.opendaylight.org/content/groups/public/org/opendaylight/integration/distribution-karaf/0.2.2-Helium-SR2/distribution-karaf-0.2.2-Helium-SR2.tar.gz', u'/opt/distribution-karaf-0.2.2-Helium-SR2.tar.gz', '--branch', 'master']' returned non-zero exit status 128"]09:43
ejat2016-07-28 09:11:56 WARNING juju-log Install source attempt unsuccessful: Command '['git', 'clone', u'https://nexus.opendaylight.org/content/groups/public/org/opendaylight/integration/distribution-karaf/0.2.2-Helium-SR2/distribution-karaf-0.2.2-Helium-SR2.tar.gz', u'/opt/distribution-karaf-0.2.2-Helium-SR2.tar.gz', '--branch', 'master']' returned non-zero exit status 12809:43
ejat2016-07-28 09:11:56 INFO install Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/odl-controller.service to /lib/systemd/system/odl-controller.service.09:43
ejatnot found ? but i can download it through browser09:43
magicaltroutthat link isn't a git repository09:43
magicaltroutso i don't know what its doing, but whatever it is, its not right :)09:44
magicaltroutlast time i checked you can't git clone a tarball09:44
ejatmagicaltrout: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21259206/10:32
ejatthe result differ when i manually download n extract the file10:33
magicaltroutdid you run ./karaf first?10:33
ejatafter ./start10:37
ejatthe same error occur10:37
magicaltroutdunno then10:37
magicaltroutthat is an upstream problem, the charm seems to have problems as well. I suggest you crack out your best hacking skills ;)10:38
ejatmagicaltrout: gtg 1st .. will try to continue tonight n ping jamespage :)10:39
magicaltroutgood luck chief!10:41
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jcastroballoons: tell me about this juju snap13:02
balloonsjcastro, sssh! The secret is not supposed to be out yet :-)13:21
balloonslol, it's an open secret by now I guess13:21
jcastroit's in the store though, I see it13:21
balloonsjcastro, right. Install it with --devmode and enjoy13:22
jcastrooh, unless you made it canonical only and I just basically ruined your surprise13:22
balloonsit's beta13, and should just work13:22
jcastroah, I couldn't bootstrap, but I didn't install with --devmode13:22
balloonsjcastro, right. I need to rebuild it, but also, there's a rule Jamie is working on that I need to work under strict confinement13:23
balloonsit's really very close13:23
balloonsjcastro, also note, you should juju add-credential if you want to use a cloud13:25
jcastroeven for lxd?13:25
jcastroballoons: I had an idea if this works13:25
jcastroballoons: do you have a Fedora machine? I am wondering if this would be a nice way to get juju onto non-ubuntu distros13:25
jcastromagicaltrout: if you want to come to the summit I need you to register on summit.juju.solutions at your convenience!13:28
magicaltrouttalk submissions aren't enough ? :P13:28
balloonsjcastro, absolutely it would be. The constraints about the server still exist, but suddenly the client can run anywhere13:28
magicaltroutballoons: that is very cool13:28
lazyPowermagicaltrout - i think we need the RSVP for headcount reasons13:28
jcastroyeah I need an accurate number for food13:29
jcastroand booze. :)13:29
jcastroballoons: that's fine, that's a huge improvement for us though13:29
balloonsjcastro, lxd doesn't need credentials no13:29
balloonsit 'just works'13:29
jcastroso lets say this snap works awesome13:30
magicaltroutjuju on arch, opensuse & fedora will be very good13:30
jcastrowhat reason would anyone need to use the deb for the client in xenial? For normal developers though, I understand if like, enteprise people will want to use the archive, etc.13:30
balloonsjcastro, the demo is in a couple hours, but yes.. I have opinions :-)13:32
jcastrohah sorry man, I didn't mean to ruin your surprise13:32
balloonsjcastro, I thought someone spoke up.. You just found it in the store eh?13:32
jcastrobut since I ruined it, will you be doing edge and beta channels as well? I am dreaming of a non-PPA Juju experience for myself13:32
balloonsI'd been holding back on publishing it13:32
jcastrojuju-nskaggs                            2.0-beta13                    nskaggs              -        juju client13:33
balloonsjcastro, I would like to do per commit pushes to edge, etc, yes13:33
jcastroman, if we could use the channels in the snap store to do like RCs and whatnot, dude, that would seriously improve my life13:34
balloonsjcastro, do let me know if it works for you. I've had only one other person trial it.. and myself on 2 machines13:36
jcastroballoons: right after this call13:38
jcastroballoons: bootstrapped worked, doing a deploy now13:59
jcastroballoons: realtime-syslog-analytics has deployed14:08
balloonsjcastro, pretty slick eh?14:22
jcastroballoons: aha! tab completion doesn't work in your version15:06
jcastroand I just got it back in vanilla juju so I'm not giving it up15:06
ejatjamespage: r u here?15:15
lazyPowerejat - the openstack charmers are attending  a sprint in scandinavia this week. It may be prudent to reach out over the mailing list with questions, as they are much more likely to be seen by the interested parties.15:16
ejatlazyPower: ok thanks for the info15:17
lazyPowernp, if there's anything non-specific ot openstack i may be able to lend a hand15:17
ejatlazyPower: its odl-controller15:18
lazyPowerah, I'm not familiar with that particular charm. Sorry I'm not much more help here15:18
ejatno worries15:19
lazyPowerhey mbruzek - question for you wrt this post i'm hacking on. One thing i'm noticing is it would be great to have access to the reactive states to control templating workflow. If i'm going to hack that in, should we perhaps extrapolate that into a helper for charm-helpers? eg: build a dictionary that consists of:  config data, relation data, state data, all contained under their sub-keys of the dict?15:21
lazyPoweri guess thats not as straight forward as i was initially thinking.15:22
geethaHi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/21260547/ this is my metadata.yaml. when I run `charm proof` against the charm, we are getting the 'E' message: "E: Unknown root metadata field (terms)" and "E: Unknown root metadata field (resources)"15:24
geethaCan any one please suggest the solution for this?15:26
magicaltroutits just charm tools out of date geetha15:26
magicaltroutdon't worry about it15:26
balloonsjcastro, lol! Indeed it actually won't since I have NO debian packaging. I've no idea how I would enable that. Let me ask15:26
geethawhich is the latest version of charm tools?15:28
geethawill upgrading charm tools resolve the issue?15:29
magicaltroutdon't think so15:29
magicaltroutits only a proof, you are free to ignore it15:29
magicaltrouti'm sure by 2.0 GA it will be resolved15:30
geethaoh ok.. thank you:)15:31
aisraelI believe there's an open bug to fix that proof error15:46
aisraelSo, fixed but maybe not released15:47
magicaltroutah see! what do i know?! ;)15:48
magicaltroutits been a few weeks since i ran charm proof15:48
magicaltroutit may have been released by now15:48
lazyPowermbruzek - bitesized review for you when you've got a chance https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-docker/pull/6016:40
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zeestratHey, anyone know how to add regular users to the controller administrator group in Juju 2.0-beta13? I can't see any way to elevate/grant users to the admin group so they can create models.18:38
jcastroevilnickveitch: are you changing the title stubs for articles in the docs?18:41
jcastroie. config-manual -> clouds-manual18:42
evilnickveitchjcastro, we actually removed all the old config pages.  All the info was in the credentials page18:44
evilnickveitchbut then we had to make new pages for some of it anyway18:45
evilnickveitchso, they aren't just renamed, they are completely different pages18:45
jcastroI just don't get why we wouldn't have the existing pages reditect to the new ones18:45
jcastroor at least just all the old config pages to the new creds page18:45
evilnickveitchjcastro, I never said we shouldn't18:46
jcastroevilnickveitch: can you take an item to file an RT to get those fixed?18:51
evilnickveitchjcastro, yeah. I don't think it pays to be too specific as the docs aren't really finished, but I can get all the config-* pages pointed at clouds18:54
jcastroyeah the config pages in particular is all I care about18:54
jcastroif we had a fancy "we can't find foo so here's where we think you should go" would be one thing18:54
jcastrobut right now if you 404 we kind of leave people with no place to go18:55
jcastroevilnickveitch: from digging in GA the config pages had about 3k views in the past 30 days18:59
evilnickveitchjcastro sent. The last one got actioned pretty quickly.19:08
jcastroexcellent, thanks man!19:09
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bdxicey: whats up? Where did you leave off with charm-vault? - Is there a consul charm that interfaces with it, or did it not get that far?21:42

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