clivejoyofel: still awake?00:14
yofelclivejo: for some reason yes00:14
clivejohow come?00:14
yofelspent a while trying to do a win10 upgrade on a noteook, and now wanted to finish something before bedtime00:15
clivejoI want to replace Win10 on my mothers laptop, but I cant get the printer to work00:16
clivejothats a big deal breaker for her00:16
yofelheh, yeah, my dad's canon is also a driver mess. 00:17
clivejoits a brother and there seems to be drivers00:17
clivejobut for i386 :/00:17
clivejohow long will the upgrade take?00:18
yofeldownload took ~1h, then it started setting stuff up on the running system for another one, then it got stuck at 90% with one svhost process running full throttle. I'll let it run overnight and reset if nothing happens till morning00:21
yofelso, meh00:21
yofelmy previous win10 upgrades all did a shutdown-then-upgrade, which went without problems and took ~1.5h00:21
tsimonq2yofel: do you have a Winodes 10 install?00:22
clivejowhat the hell does it be doing to take 1.5hours00:22
clivejois it building the upgrade from source?00:22
yofelno, but win isn't particulary small00:24
yofeltsimonq2: yes00:24
clivejoyofel: can I add trojita to KCI to build once a week or something?00:26
yofelclivejo: maybe. If we don't add it to the tooling config it might ignore it on job updates00:30
clivejodoes the tooling remove jobs it doesnt know about?00:31
yofelIt doesn't look like it from what I've seen00:31
clivejois there anything we can do about KDE git?00:32
yofelno... but I wonder if linode is the problem here...00:32
clivejotrue, Ive never had any issues connecting to KDE git00:34
clivejocould there be throttling going on?00:34
clivejomax connection count or something00:34
clivejoif I add it manually would you add it when you next run the script?00:36
yofelif I add it to the script, the script will overwrite all your settings00:39
clivejothats fine00:39
yofelbut yeah, could be throttling. Maybe jenkins has a way to not start all jobs at once00:40
yofelanyway, off to bed now, nini00:41
clivejogood night00:41
santa_clivejo: hey, I got something important for you, tomorrow we can discuss it when we are around03:44
acheronukMorning :)07:07
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Something important?07:08
soeetsimonq2: what package was missing to get holidays in calendar ?07:15
acheronuksoee: qml-module-org-kde-kholidays07:16
soeeacheronuk: thanks07:16
soeebtw. for YY we should stage Beta of KDE Applications 16.0807:16
soeethan it will be easier to work on final when it comes07:16
soeehmm i have this package installed but still no holidays07:17
soeeoh meh, i had that option turned off in calendar settings :/07:18
yofelsoee: I would appreciate it if you can prepare a list of 16.08 applications that exclude pim* - *that* we could indeed already be working on07:30
yofelin the meanwhile, people are fixing apps in ci, which helps07:30
sittermh. if you have missing qml deps that the CI doesn't complain about you might want to have a look why that is07:36
sitterthere is a test for qml dependencies, which should be 99% accurate07:37
soeeyofel: what would be the best way to find those that dont use pim ?07:41
yofelsoee: good question (which is why I'm looking for volunteers). I think we need the whole dependency tree below kdepimlibs removed07:43
soeeclivejo: ping08:55
* clivejo pongs soee over the head08:56
soeeclivejo: do we have 5.7 for Xenial issues fixed ?08:56
soeeclivejo: ok :)08:56
clivejocan you test install it and give some feedback08:57
clivejoI forget where we are up to08:58
soeeclivejo: sure but is there any point if there are know issues that aren't fixed yet?08:58
soeeclivejo: one b\packaged needs rebuild - that was what you said last time :)08:58
clivejowell I think acheronuk rebuilt thingie-ma-bob08:59
soeealso there were some translations problems reported by mamarley i think08:59
clivejotranslations are due to apps and kde-l10n not being backported yet08:59
acheronukpyqt5 I did09:00
clivejothats the one09:00
clivejocouldnt remember the name09:00
acheronukbut yes, at the moment it'll remove user's language packs09:00
clivejosoee doesnt need his language anyways09:01
acheronukat the very least09:01
clivejohe prefect english :P09:01
soeeoh i don't need text at all in my system09:01
acheronukmaybe a 'Trump' edition? Only the USA matters?09:01
soeea long as i have windows shapes with backgrounds i'm fine with it :)09:02
clivejohere we go again09:02
acheronuk\t\t !!!!!!!!!! dput failed two times !!!!!!!!!!09:03
acheronukIf it's not one thing it's another!09:03
clivejoif its not LP its KDEgit 09:03
soeeall *ubuntu 15.10 die today09:03
acheronuksoee: yep, got a relative's laptop to upgrade to xenial09:04
yofelhm.. it can't be the docker network connections, otherwise it wouldn't ever build anything...09:08
yofelfor kde it might be throtteling - which we could work around with some exception handling and sleep09:08
yofelbut the launchpad uploads puzzle me. put already retries the upload a couple times, but never successfully gets an ssh connection09:08
clivejois it only happening on Linode, or master too?09:09
yofelalthough LP needs exception handling to handle API errors09:09
yofelclivejo: that's what I'm not sure about either. Did this ever happen on master? The ci has been faling so much recently that I don't remember why it failed09:10
clivejoI never seen it happen on master09:10
clivejothe dput issue anyway09:10
yofelI'll set up another tiny slave on scaleway later, maybe that'll tell us more09:10
clivejoit was mainly the LP API temp not available09:10
clivejothat still happens the odd time09:11
yofelright, that needs more graceful handling09:11
jimarvangooood morning :)09:11
clivejowe need some way to sleep and retry those09:11
jimarvandid I here 15.10 dies today?09:12
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Morning jim, everyone09:13
tsimonq2o/ RIck09:13
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Hola Chico09:13
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> 0/09:13
tsimonq2Sick_Rimmit: ¡Hola señor! ¿Qué tal?09:16
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Moir bueno, gracias09:16
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> That's it for my spanish I am afraid 😃09:16
clivejoyofel: it kinda looks like a race condition09:51
clivejothe way LP publishes mean that it sync's all the build to start at the same time09:52
clivejowonder is there a way to stagger the start of new projects09:53
yofelI found no reasonable way to do that09:54
yofeland sleep(random(0,60)) or so feeeeeeels wrong......09:54
* yofel -> lunch09:59
mamarleyclivejo: I don't think I reported any translation problems (besides the packages getting removed, but that is fixed now).10:07
clivejoin YY10:07
clivejobut not in XX10:07
mamarleyAh, OK.10:13
tsimonq2where's the muon source code?10:49
tsimonq2thanks acheronuk 10:51
BluesKajHey all11:22
soeehiho BluesKaj11:22
BluesKajhey soee11:23
santa_clivejo: yes, something important. are you around?11:54
soeeUbutnu 16.10 Alpha 212:53
tsimonq2soee: \o/12:56
soeeee how to properly escape text that starts with / ?12:59
yofeljust put a space in front12:59
yofel /o\12:59
* soee thinks it was to simple to know it ...13:02
soeewe should add some news our website13:03
soeeand inform users that 15.10 is now dead and they shouls upgrade to 16.0413:03
Mirvyofel: did you have time to check any additions for silo 41?13:08
* soee thinks that silo 41 sounds like secret chamber with a bomb ... :)13:10
Mirv:) it's the Frameworks PPA to be copied to yakkety-proposed https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/04113:11
ahoneybunsoee: I removed the links on the Download page for 15.10 a few days ago13:12
ahoneybunat least13:12
yofelMirv: I have plasma building on top of 24 and 41 in https://launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/ubuntu/staging3/+packages feel free to copy (there are already plasma pieces stuck in proposed right now)13:14
yofelsorry that it took a bit13:14
yofelI'm fairly sure that everything will build, but I had to fix something yesterday which is why I wanted to wait for everything to be done before poking you13:15
Mirvyofel: you mean you'd like the whole 5.7 / 40 packages in 041? that's ok, and yes I think it's better to start now and maybe have something complete tomorrow :)13:16
Mirvyofel: no problem, thanks for your work!13:16
yofelMirv: yes, please put them together in 041. And thanks to you for helping with the archive QA ;)13:16
acheronuko/ Mirv & yofel  13:18
acheronukGreat :)13:18
tsimonq2hey y'all13:36
tsimonq2working on more qtwebengine stuff13:36
tsimonq2to give a status update, qtwebchannel is almost done, then we'll get qtwebengine fixed and uploaded13:37
tsimonq2if you guys want to take a look, we have a Gobby file at gobby.debian.org/Teams/KDE/qtwebengine13:38
tsimonq2but progress nonetheless :)13:38
acheronukThe requested URL /Teams/KDE/qtwebengine was not found on this server.13:39
acheronukbut great news tsimonq2 13:40
tsimonq2acheronuk: install the Gobby package, connect to gobby.debian.org (no *://) and browse to it in the document browser13:40
acheronuktsimonq2: ok. right13:40
yotuxIs there a place that a person could get more details about the packing class taking place today13:44
jimarvandid you check google plus?13:45
yotuxhave not looked there yet thank you13:45
jimarvanI have to get ready myself too :)13:45
* ahoneybun works on a snap13:46
jimarvanoh no you don't!13:46
jimarvansnap? :D13:46
tsimonq2$ date -u13:46
tsimonq2Thu Jul 28 13:46:52 UTC 201613:46
tsimonq2we have until 18 UTC13:47
ahoneybunyea might upload it to the store 13:47
ahoneybunif it works13:47
acheronuk7pm here then13:47
yotuxThanks for the links, was not sure if kubuntu used the Ubuntu Fridge system or if that is still even a valid place for details13:48
ahoneybunthat is a good idea though13:51
mhall119hey guys, those of you who requested community donations funds to attend Akademy should be getting an email next week, we've just gone through and approved all the ones we had15:04
Mirvyofel: I've run some rebuilds faster than LP would do it and it feels like 041 could be ready in an hour or two maybe..15:37
Mirvyofel: if it does, and you have time to smoketest it, I could copy it over already today but also tomorrow morning is fine15:38
Mirvor whenever, I'm just eager to get to see the autopkgtest infra bombed again :)15:38
yofelMirv: I'll try to test it later, thanks!15:38
yofelyeah... I'm not too optimistic about the autopkgtests, they tend to build nonsense15:38
yofelTBH, I would be all for force-badtest-ing anything that fails...15:39
Mirvif you are good friends with an archive admin that might just be possible :)15:43
clivejothey accept bribes too15:45
* jimarvan yawns15:49
clivejoless of that!15:49
* acheronuk yawns wider15:52
* yofel yawns15:53
soeejimarvan: you said you playes Civilization on linux ?15:54
* clivejo goes back to bed15:54
* tsimonq2 throws a bucket of ice water on clivejo and runs15:54
* acheronuk wonders if there is anywhere to hang a hammock in here15:55
* clivejo throws a spinlde of DVDs at tsimonq215:55
* yofel throws steam at soee15:55
soeewhy ? :D15:56
clivejothats how to get it!15:56
clivejoand join the podcast team/group15:56
yofeldunno, felt softer than throwing Civ at you :P15:56
jimarvanyes soee15:56
soeeit is available as on of this: https://www.humblebundle.com/2k-games-bundle15:56
* mamarley drives up in a steam locomotive and opens the cylinder purge valves, blowing lots of steam at everyone in the channel.15:56
jimarvanand it plays wonderfully15:56
soeeso i need to know if it is fun to pay it15:56
jimarvaneven with Intel graphics :)15:57
jimarvanabsolutely man15:57
jimarvani was shocked to see, that it performed well even on low settings15:57
soeejimarvan: V ?15:57
jimarvanit was visually stunning15:57
jimarvanCiv 5 :)15:57
jimarvanwith both 2 expansions of course15:57
jimarvanmakes it much more enjoyable15:57
soeewill it work on my 21:9 screen ?:D15:57
jimarvanyeap yeap15:57
jimarvanand plays like a charm in Kubuntu15:57
jimarvanBUT we are off topic :P15:57
yofelindeed it does15:57
clivejobut freeciv runs good too :)15:58
jimarvanhope devs dont kill me15:58
* yofel has Civ VI wishlisted already ^^15:58
jimarvanfreeciv is AWESOME :D15:58
yofelfreeciv I have yet to try15:58
jimarvanI will personally cover packaging for that game :))15:58
jimarvanit is good old school Civ 215:58
jimarvanand plays fantastically for multi player15:59
jimarvanif we ever get chance and KDE bugs are all resolved15:59
jimarvanwe should spend some time gaming :P15:59
soeeuhm 10 games to add to steam16:02
jimarvanthere are 2 games free16:05
jimarvanfor linux which are just awesome16:05
jimarvanone is a card game16:05
clivejoBTW if anyone wants to try trojita ( http://trojita.flaska.net - light weight email client based on Qt) KCI built its last night for XX and YY amd6416:05
jimarvanclive i will download latest image16:05
jimarvanand try it at home :)16:05
jimarvandoes it have connection to gmail?16:05
clivejojimarvan: if you have IMAP enabled cant see why not16:06
soee2.8 GB to download16:06
soee15 min16:06
jimarvanok :)16:07
jimarvanlong live my 4Mb/ sec line at home :P16:07
jimarvansee ya laters guys leaving work16:07
santa_clivejo: ping16:12
clivejosanta_: pong16:12
santa_clivejo: I see you updated the build depends json map in auomation's git. ho did you update it? by hand?16:13
santa_* how16:14
clivejoyes, added in the other releases16:14
santa_well, there are some issues with it16:15
santa_there are various packages without epoch and therefore the build depends wheren't bumped properly, thing which may lead to random build failures16:16
clivejowe are having issues with epochs16:16
santa_which is why you shouldn't update the json files by hand unless it's strictly needed16:17
santa_and if you do, please report me the problem, so I can fix the underlying thing in the build depend bumping, ok?16:18
clivejounfortunately they don’t work as intended unless you do16:18
santa_they work better than adding stuff by hand in most cases16:18
clivejoand I didnt realise that some packages had been disabled16:19
clivejoso I was running the dev-package-name-list and the packages where being ignored16:19
santa_and when you planned to tell me? :P16:20
clivejoyou werent about at the time :/16:20
clivejoonly yofel figured it out a week of so ago16:21
clivejo!info !info libkf5baloowidgets-bin16:22
ubottu'libkf5baloowidgets-bin' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed16:22
clivejo!info libkf5baloowidgets-bin16:22
ubottulibkf5baloowidgets-bin (source: baloo-widgets): Wigets for use with Baloo - binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 10 kB, installed size 33 kB16:22
clivejofor example that package debian was able to drop the epoch when the KF5 port was released16:22
clivejounfornuately at the time I was still learning and didnt pick up on the fact16:23
clivejoand using the KA script it epoched the new kf5 packages16:23
santa_which is the correct behaviour if our new packages have an epoch16:24
tsimonq2I'm happy to report that the holidays feature works completely fine16:28
clivejothis will have to be revert then - https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/baloo-widgets/commit/?id=2e172f2cabc9df85b16e0aea092c469f607e6fd516:29
santa_clivejo: there is a version already in the archive with an epoch providing packages with the same name, so yes16:34
yofelyes, I got confused there16:34
santa_note that the script to update the json files reads the version from the changelog16:34
santa_yofel: when you are back I have things for you too :P16:35
* clivejo wipes his brow16:35
clivejoare you done with me?16:35
santa_clivejo: for now, but we will have to sort out the bd bumping sooner or later. just wanted to point out the problem ;)16:37
santa_yofel: ping me when you back please17:11
clivejotime for your grilling :P17:21
santa_hey, not grilling at all, just trying to help ;)17:22
tsimonq2wxl: *sounds alarms* Dojo is soon!17:25
tsimonq2wxl: 30 mins :P17:25
wxloh yikes 17:25
wxlis it here ?17:25
tsimonq2wxl: http://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/ - password is welcome17:26
wxli'll be listening17:27
acheronukfood and coffee needed in short order before that!17:29
tsimonq2come on people, who's coming to the dojo? :D17:50
tsimonq2we're 10 mins out!17:50
yotuxwhen is the link posted to access webcast17:55
Sick_RimmitSorry guys18:00
Sick_RimmitSome troubles18:00
yotuxSick_Rimmit: it happens its technology right....18:01
jimarvancome on guys18:03
jimarvanget in18:03
yotuxjimarvan: what are your referring to when you say get in?18:05
acheronukthis? http://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/ - password is welcome18:05
jimarvanyotux: kubuntu dojo 18:14
jimarvanlearn how to help developing kubuntu (packaging)18:14
yofelsanta_: pong18:28
santa_yofel: yo I wanted to discuss various things with you18:31
santa_first of all the kdepim thing18:31
santa_what are you trying to do exactly? skip it?18:31
yofelsanta_: problem is, kdepimlibs 16.08 requires qtwebengine, which we don't have (yet). And as it is still unclear whether it'll make yakkety, we cannot work on 16.08 until we know that - or we intentionally only work on everything *except* pim18:33
Mirvok yofel and everyone interested, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-041/+packages is ready for testing. if you're happy I can publish it.18:33
Mirvtomorrow, that is, I'll be here in 10h18:33
yofelMirv: thanks a lot! I'll try to test in an ~hour. If I don't find anything obvious we're good to go tomorrow18:34
santa_yofel: that's easy, I can come up with something the next week, so lets discuss the other things affecting the upcoming things for yakkety?18:36
ScottKyofel: Work on qtwebengine  is finally moving forward in Debian.18:37
tsimonq2ScottK: I've been keeping everyone preety updated :D18:37
yofelScottK: I'm following the discussion18:37
ScottKI expect you'll have it ~shortly.18:37
yofelbut thanks ;)18:37
ahoneybunthanks ScottK18:38
santa_even better, if we have to skip it for a little while I can help18:39
santa_thanks for the info ScottK18:39
santa_yofel: now the other things regarding the epochs and the build depends bumping18:40
santa_there are various things I would like to help to fix so I planned a strategy18:41
santa_first one I'm going to try to detect the epochs incorrectly removed18:41
santa_such as that one in baloo-widgets, I'll make merge requests of the affected packages18:42
yofelthat should've only been one18:42
santa_just baloo-widgets?18:42
yofelas I think I looked at 5-6 packages, and all other ones had no version in the archive.18:42
yofelI can look again as removing them from the epoch list was in one commit18:42
santa_I will double check just in case18:43
yofelbut yeah, that static epoch tracking we have really needs to die18:43
santa_can I get the epoch back in baloo-widgets in git please?18:44
yofelclive didn't fix it?18:44
santa_let me check18:44
yofelI'm on windows and don't have any ssh keys at hand...18:44
santa_not yet18:44
yofelclivejo: could you? ^18:44
santa_ok, don't worry18:44
santa_clive is in the dojo, I'll poke him so we will get it fixed18:45
santa_let's go to the next steps18:45
clivejosorry what?18:45
santa_clivejo: the epoch of baloo-widgets, can we get it back?18:46
clivejoyofel: revert your commit?18:47
yofelclivejo: will work18:48
santa_yofel: so once we get the epochs right in the changelogs I plan to do the following:19:02
santa_1. change bump-build-dep-versions to work this way19:02
santa_in addition to the json files we have now we will have override files19:03
santa_being the override files meant to be edited manually19:03
santa_so, for instance we would have both frameworks-yakkety.json and frameworks-yakkety-overrides.json19:04
santa_so frameworks-yakkety.json MUST be changed only using the automatic script19:04
santa_if you need additional stuff edit frameworks-yakkety-overrides.json19:05
santa_this could override existing entries in frameworks-yakkety.json or add new build dependencies not listed there19:06
santa_this way I would inspect the overrides you are using and fix possible bugs in the bumping system19:06
yofelsounds good19:06
clivejosanta_: epoch is back19:07
santa_clivejo: ↑19:07
clivejouploaded to staging-apps19:07
santa_clivejo: great! thank you :)19:07
santa_ok so once I get the bumping system modified as explained above we might need to fix some packages19:08
santa_for instance:19:08
santa_↑ this is a test rebuild, see akonadi-search19:08
santa_it was build sucessfully @ amd6419:08
santa_however it failed @ i38619:09
santa_and that happens because on amd64 we got lucky and we got the latest packages19:09
santa_on i386 we didn't and it failed19:09
santa_so we are swimming into the randomness here19:10
santa_so to fix that I wil either:19:10
santa_a) file a few merge requests19:10
santa_b) request you to run the bumping script against the git branch kubuntu_yakkety_archive and push19:11
santa_I will to a) if the affected packages are just a few19:11
santa_I will do b) if they are too many, since I don't have push permissions to git19:12
santa_yofel, clivejo: and that's it. are guys ok with this?19:13
santa_yofel: oh I almost forget. I already have a pile of improvements for KA, including the suport for qt bumping which clive used here https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+git/kubuntu-automation/+ref/work219:16
santa_would be nice to get them in before stacking more patches on top of that ;)19:17
yofelsounds good to me19:17
yofeland now I can get my notebook to actually do stuff19:17
clivejo!info amarok19:38
ubottuamarok (source: amarok): easy to use media player based on the KDE Platform. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:2.8.0-0ubuntu9 (yakkety), package size 9041 kB, installed size 38421 kB19:38
acheronukThe 41 landing ppa would seemingly install fine here on YY if I allowed it.19:54
valorieso we don't need to do the force-downgrading?19:58
jimarvanvalorie: !!!!20:01
jimarvantea? :)20:01
valoriehow are you, jimarvan?20:01
santa_wihtout caffeine for me XD20:02
santa_its 22:02 here20:02
jimarvancoffee! roger :>20:03
jimarvantrying to do my first baby steps20:03
jimarvanin packaging20:03
santa_good luck jimarvan20:03
valorieI sort of lost steam in my packaging attempts20:03
* genii makes a fresh pot 20:03
valorieperhaps I'll regain my energy after Akademy20:03
wxlahh back from lunch20:05
wxlhai valorie 20:05
valoriehow are you, walter?20:05
valorienice to see you here20:06
wxlgood and you?20:06
valoriepretty good20:06
wxlyeah well i came in for the packaging dojo20:06
valorievery cool20:06
valoriemy dad died in May and I've been up and down since then20:06
wxlawww i'm so sorry to hear that20:06
valoriehe was 89 and had a good long life20:06
valoriestill, it's a change to lose a parent20:07
wxlyeah, it was hard when my dad died, even though he died in his sleep which is about the best i could hope for him (he had a lot of health issues)20:07
valorieI'm trying to stay in touch with all my friends here, even if I don't contribute much20:08
* wxl hugs valorie 20:08
wxlseems that kmahjongg is failing because of a host key issue? http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kmahjongg/20:09
valoriethank you wxl20:09
yofelwxl: look at all 4 last builds, one of those might have an actual errors20:09
yofelI'm trying to figure out *those* issues in the meantime...20:10
wxli think there's only one, yofel 20:10
wxlit may be unsafe permissions on the gnupg directory looking at the full log, yofel 20:11
yofelthat's one of those where clive said no jobs get triggered20:11
yofelok, now I have a debugging example :)20:11
wxlof course kmix seems to have similar warnings with different results, but perhaps the problem there is farther upstream20:16
wxlum and though this supposedly failed, lp seems to suggest it succeeded?20:18
yofelif a package ends up in DEPWAIT, jenkins will fail it - but it might build on launchpad later on20:19
wxlyeah that seems to be the case20:20
wxlso what exactly do we do with those?20:21
yofelthe kmix case, would just need a new build triggered.20:22
yofelOtherwise, we try to fix the problem, commit that to the kubuntu_unstable branch in our repositories, LP notifies jenkins and that rebuilds the package20:22
wxlregarding fixing the problem, what would cause the depwait?20:22
yofela build ordering issue, or another failure elsewhere20:24
yofelthe ci is *supposed* to enforce build order, but that (and some other things), don't fully work right now20:24
wxlmissing files on cantor20:26
clivejoSick_Rimmit: all fished and chipped?20:29
Sick_RimmitYes thanks :-D20:30
Sick_RimmitPhew!!! 20:30
Sick_RimmitThat Dojo was stressful20:30
* Sick_Rimmit sweating20:30
Sick_RimmitI think I know what needs to be done.20:30
Sick_Rimmitclivejo: You're right, we need to write our own packaging guide20:31
Sick_RimmitI think we could develop it at docs.kubuntu.org20:31
Sick_RimmitIf jimarvan makes a start on those packaging notes, I can work with ahoneybun to get some nice docs developed from it20:32
jimarvanI will20:37
jimarvantalking to clive to determine a target package task20:37
jimarvanto start with20:37
jimarvanI will write down all the steps20:37
jimarvanincluding key creation, git source download20:37
jimarvanfrom scratch20:37
jimarvanand then I can make a script to create a youtube video lol20:38
Sick_RimmitI'll speak to ahoneybun about adding a packaging section to the docs20:38
jimarvanfinally I will get my hands dirty20:38
Sick_RimmitIm happy to help with the YouTube Video.20:38
jimarvanRick that is your specialty ;)20:38
Sick_Rimmitlol :-D20:39
jimarvanwalter is here?20:39
jimarvanwxl: yo man20:39
jimarvanwxl: you have set a launchpad account for yellow belt?20:39
jimarvanyou want rick to make one?20:39
acheronukclivejo: https://code.launchpad.net/~acheron/+git/amarok20:40
ahoneybuntalking about me again20:41
acheronukusing the 1st tool I found20:41
Sick_RimmitOh hi ahoneybun20:41
jimarvanacheronuk: awesome20:42
jimarvanyou are already on that?20:42
Sick_RimmitYes, we're talking about producing a packaging guide, because much of the ubuntu stuff is out of date20:42
* acheronuk is not in his git comfort zone20:42
Sick_RimmitI've suggested we could build on the work you've already done with the docs20:42
jimarvanso do you think that is a good targeting package for me?20:42
ahoneybunI've seen 20:42
santa_hey clivejo: currently minuet build depends on this https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+sourcepub/6668927/+listing-archive-extra20:43
santa_so it's not buildable right now unless yo get back that package or you revert the build depend change20:43
* ahoneybun has thought about pulling data from the ubuntu wiki so the full doc book can be offline20:44
jimarvanSick_Rimmit: I whispered to walter (wxl) to request entry to the yellow belt team (if he has not done already)20:44
Sick_Rimmitlet me check20:44
clivejosanta_: sorry, what?20:44
ahoneybunwhos Nathan )yotux20:45
Sick_RimmitOK, I've got him.20:45
ahoneybunhow does Sick_Rimmit have access to that20:45
ahoneybunit's a KC owned group20:45
santa_clivejo: minuet right now on git branch kubuntu_yakkety_archive build depends on libdrumstick1-dev20:45
Sick_Rimmityofel: made me admin20:46
santa_clivejo: however that package is not available in the archive yet, nor in the staging ppa20:46
santa_clivejo: therefore it's not buildable20:46
clivejoits in the staging-kdeapplications20:46
ahoneybunI see20:46
ahoneybunwell my snap works tsimonq220:47
santa_solution a) upload the package again to the ppa and upload it to the archive whenever you are going to upload kde applications20:47
clivejoI cant upload to the archive20:47
santa_solution b) revert the build depend to libdrumstick-dev (without the 1)20:47
santa_solution c) change the build depend to be libdrumstick1-dev | libdrumstick-dev20:48
clivejosolution b didnt work20:48
clivejopackage in yakkety was too old20:48
wxlSick_Rimmit: yes, please add me to yellow belt. should i ask to join?20:48
clivejoas of a couple of weeks ago20:48
Sick_Rimmitwxl: Done :-D20:48
wxljimarvan: did you find a package to work on?20:49
clivejo!info libdrumstick-dev20:49
ubottulibdrumstick-dev (source: libdrumstick): Qt4/C++ wrapper for ALSA Sequencer - development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-4 (yakkety), package size 22 kB, installed size 132 kB20:49
santa_so we have to go for the a) if the b) didn't work20:50
clivejothats sync'ed from debian?20:51
yofelit is20:51
acheronukyofel: did this work sufficiently? https://code.launchpad.net/~acheron/+git/amarok20:53
yofellooks about right20:53
jimarvanwxl: yes probably amarok20:53
santa_great and it doesn't build with gcc 6 the old drumstick20:53
clivejolooks like maxy is working on it20:54
jimarvanwxl: welcome to the yellows :D20:54
acheronukwelcome :D20:55
wxljimarvan: how did you pick amarok? doesn't seem like it needs building (looking in jenkins)20:56
santa_clivejo: and it has another name, maybe you should try to build it and upload to the ppa?20:57
jimarvanmight not, I will just try something even if it builds properly20:57
clivejoit is in the PPA20:57
jimarvanand take it from there20:57
clivejoI dont understand what you are asking20:57
jimarvanmy next target is freeciv :)20:58
santa_let me check,,,20:58
santa_clivejo: yeah found it, my bad21:00
santa_I was looking for libdrumstick21:00
clivejoits only a test build until the proper version gets synced from debian21:00
santa_yeah, nevermind21:00
clivejoand to let us build minuet21:01
santa_I must add that to my ppa simulation21:01
ahoneybunamarok is rather large21:02
ahoneybunand does not need work really 21:02
clivejoyofel: can I upload amarok to staging-apps?21:14
yofelthat's not an app... put it into misc21:15
clivejoits not Qt5 based yet?21:28
valoriethe beta was the last of the non-qt5 releases, or the final would be21:29
valoriehowever afaik the qt5 port isn't finished21:29
acheronukno activity on the KF5 branches for 6 months?21:31
clivejoah, the reason I wanted to put it in apps was to give it a touch of acheronuk's magic21:32
acheronukI have magic?21:32
clivejoyour Qt5.6.1 packages do!21:32
* acheronuk waves wand21:32
valorieif we release the beta, maybe that will help the effort to get Amarok over the hump21:33
* valorie hopes for magic21:33
valorieand finishes setting up all the new .1 torrent seeds21:33
acheronukooh. KCI has gained another node21:40
yofelthat one is for debugging purposes21:40
acheronuksomething you host then?21:40
yofelyes, dead cheap though21:41
acheronukif that helps iron out those failures then great :)21:42
yofelwell, I want to see if linode is part of the issue21:43
yofelwtf, the new mergers have "Trigger when build is: stable or unstable but not failed" for their children o.O21:47
yofelno wonder that doesn't work21:47
yofelno wait, all have that o.O21:49
jimarvanCannot believe I still have to work until now... :(21:49
jimarvanstupid finance estimates...21:49
jimarvanyofel: question, if qt4 is completely removed, is amarok gone?21:50
Sick_RimmitWow it is getting very late for work21:50
jimarvanye i know Rick :( but i have to...21:50
yofelif nobody ports it to qt5, yes. Although that probably won't be for another year or so21:51
jimarvansad sad, I loved amarok :(21:51
jimarvansuch a good media player but now it seems VLC has conquered that field21:51
valorieI believe the porting work is partly done21:51
valorievlc is good but no amarok21:52
jimarvanagree 100%!21:52
valorieif we release the beta, perhaps that can get the effort moving again21:52
jimarvanhope so :/21:52
valorieperhaps a student can take up the porting as a SoK21:52
valorieif we can find a mentor21:53
yofelhm, ok, no, I read the jenkins config wrong...21:53
acheronukplasma-pa latest changelog entry in unstable is the 5.7.2 yakkety entry. so I assume it's ok to make a new UNRELEASED entry?21:59
yofelacheronuk: yes22:01
jimarvangoing to sleep, need the rest! see ya tomorrow guys. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME22:02
valoriesleep well, jimarvan22:02
acheronukyofel: so I increase the version as well? 4:5.7.2-0ubuntu1 to ???22:04
yofelacheronuk: ubuntu222:05
yofelacheronuk: just run dch22:06
yofelshould do everything for you22:06
acheronukI did. It did.22:06
acheronukWas just sanity checking in case my logics was off22:06
acheronukthanks :)22:07
acheronukGrrrrrrrrrr @ launchpad!22:12
* mamarley kicks LP?22:25
* clivejo kicks LP too22:25
* yofel tries to add some error handling22:26
yofelok, once the next docker deployment runs, it'll either be better or much worse :P22:30
clivejoplace your bets now!22:31
* valorie throws up the coin22:32
valoriecall it.....22:32
valoriewe have very few failing though!22:32
valoriealready it is looking pretty awesome22:33
yofelwell, lets say I'm fixing the runtime part first, so we can use it22:45
yofelthe management is a mess22:45
yofelalthough it finally feels like I'm actually making progress22:46
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.23:34
yofelok, seems like I at least did not make things much worse23:36
clivejono ECM23:45
clivejowhat is cervisia?23:46
yofel!info cervisia23:46
ubottucervisia (source: cervisia): graphical CVS client. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 521 kB, installed size 1701 kB23:46
yofeloh wow, that's still a thing23:46
clivejoseems so23:47
clivejohow come its missing ECM23:47
yofelversion too old maybe23:48
clivejomissing it 23:48
yofelno, nobody ported that to kf5 packaging23:48
clivejonot ported in debian23:50
clivejomaybe its newly ported?23:50
yofelwell, no weird failures so far...23:51
yofelMirv: so the packages seem to work from a quick test, and Rik said they work for him too, so feel free to copy stuff tomorrow23:56

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