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spicehello, is there an anyone with expertise about?08:51
soee!ask | spice08:51
ubottuspice: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:51
spicelol fair enough. I've just installed the latest version of kubuntu after switching from KDE neon, is there anyway to upgrade kubuntu to the latest KDE 5.7 desktop enviroment?08:52
soeespice: not yet, there are few things that needs to be fixed before it lands in backports ppa08:53
soeealmost all packages are ready but we don't have ETA for putting them into backports08:54
soeewhen it lands there it will contain Plasma 5.7.x and t 5.608:54
soee*and Qt 5.608:55
spiceAwesome thanks for the answer, that brings me to my second question on why i switched, i installed the proprietary nvidia driver and it borked the grub menu on kde neon, and after a headache and finally succumbing to a full reinstall it did not fix the grub menu, hence the migration to kubuntu. Whats the best way to install proprietary nvidia drive08:57
spicer so the same doesn't happen with kubuntu?08:57
spiceIf you could point me to an up to date tutorial that would be great08:59
soeespice: it never broke GRUB for me wither on Kubuntu or Neon09:00
soeespice: add this ppa https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa09:00
soeeand install driver from command line: sudo apt install nvidia-xxx09:00
soeewhere xxx is driver version you want09:00
spicewell, it broke the splash for the crypt screen so i could not enter the password. Once i applied the fix, every time i booted it i was greeted by the grub minimal bash line and no way to enter the OS09:02
soeeoh i did not used encryption09:02
spiceyes thats how i did it before, hopefully kubuntu is a bit more stable in this area lol, i nearly smashed my keyboard trying to fix it yesterday09:04
spiceThere was a work around by entering the password via terminal by booting via debug mode (or whatever its called) but it was a nuisance. Tried fixing it via a terminal on a live usb, but it was just a nightmare for an amateur like me09:06
JohnDroiddev should run09:07
JohnDroiddevs should use full disk encryption just to see the hassel user get when upgrading distro09:08
spiceOk, i'm back after installing the nvidia drivers. Same issue with encryption splash on kubuntu too. So  way to go is install kubuntu > install nvidia drivers > reinstall grub > encrypt hard drive after????10:05
spicedoes anyone know of good encryption software?10:10
spicealso steam doesnt work on kubunutu for some reason10:21
spiceand i cant install a vpn using openvpn, it want let me add the config file in the gui -.-10:27
oleggHi Ninjas any one femiliar with jmeter, and could assist with some advice?10:59
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soeeolegg: what is it ?11:11
BluesKajHey all11:21
user|85102how to get games11:31
soeewhat game exectly ?11:33
oleggHi soee, im looking for a way that we can use parameter in jmeter request body, for example I want read json from file and send POST with that body, in addition I want a variable ${__time(dd/MM/yyyy,)} to put in that json, is there a way to do it?11:53
soeeolegg: but this is Kubuntu support channel on some extra apps :)11:54
soeemaube better would be to ask on #kde or #ubuntu11:54
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oleggsoee ok thnx :)12:22
yotuxis there a method to assign default apps to KDE13:34
yotuxexample thunderbird has a weblink and does not know howto open said link.13:35
mparilloSystem Settings > Applications > Default Applications?13:36
DragnslcrThunderbird isn't a KDE program, so it might not follow KDE's default application13:37
mparilloBut since Thunderbird is not a KDE app, that might not work.13:37
mparilloGreat comment Dragnslcr13:37
DragnslcrIf it doesn't, you should be able to set it in Thunderbird's settings13:37
BluesKajyotux, t-bird is gtk, but that might work in default apps as mparillo suggested13:38
yotuxThanks for the info, it seems to handle IMAP connections faster than Kmail only reason I have been using it13:41
coryfernandezI have screen flickering / screen not refreshing problem on Kubuntu 16.04.14:47
coryfernandezI dual boot between debian stretch and kubuntu 16.04. When in kubuntu kde, the screen flickers badly. does not refresh.14:48
coryfernandezHowever, I have the same kde on debian, but there is no problem. Also, on kubuntu, if I use cinnamon, I don't have this issue.14:48
coryfernandezCan someone please help? TIA.14:48
coryfernandez(display device is amd radeon )14:49
levi_test test 12315:03
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ThiagoHDFHi guys15:54
ThiagoHDFI need some help from you kde experts15:54
soee!ask | ThiagoHDF15:55
ubottuThiagoHDF: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:55
ThiagoHDFI'm using Ubuntu 15.10. I've put the backport line to sources then I've made an apdate and upgrade and then I've installed the plasma desktop. I had no problems and now, I can see my Ubunto starting up as "Kubunto". When it gets on lightdm everything seems ok. But when I try to make the logon nothing happens. And I don't know how to start manually15:59
ThiagoHDFthe plasma desktop15:59
cucujoideaHello, on my Kubuntu 16.04, plasma-discover starts for updates, plasma-discover-updater remains unused by automatic updates. Therefore, the changelog of the updates is invisible. http://askubuntu.com/questions/788924/update-message-in-kubuntu-16-0416:06
soeeThiagoHDF: you should not use 15.1016:09
soeeit is not supported anymore, you should update to 16.1016:09
ThiagoHDFdoing this right now16:11
yotuxThiagoHDF: Just so you know LTS are supported for 5 yrs now the 6 mon non LTS are only supported for 9 mons16:14
ThiagoHDFI'm picking LTS16:15
lucidguyHow is Kubuntu LTS only three year support when the apt sources are the same servers as Ubuntu which is 5 years?17:12
yotuxI now LTS used to be supported for Desktop user for 3 yrs I thought that changed as of 12.0417:16
mparilloYes, almost all the desktop flavours reduced LTS from five to three years. I am not sure when, but as a practical matter, the Plasma 4 desktop gets very few (if any) updates any more.17:19
lucidguyAccording to this, server and workstations are 5 years.  http://www.ubuntu.com/info/release-end-of-life17:21
yotuxIt also states that not all flavors support this policy I will try and see if I can find K council decsion to change if it did.17:23
yotuxhere is a release notice: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2016-July/000209.html17:25
yotuxSince Kubuntu is not Ubuntu IE KDE flavor it doesn't have the same policy in this case it appears.17:26
yotuxJust a little history I think back in 8.04 Kubuntu did not release an LTS due to KDE migration17:27
lucidguyyotux: Understood, but since all of these flavors share the same packages/software via the apt source/servers how can they only be three years?  I can understand the kubuntu-desktop package only making it to 3 years.17:27
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mparilloActually most KDE updates are delivered via the backports PPA17:28
lucidguyFor example, if I install Ubuntu Desktop OS, then install the kubuntu-desktop package, is it not supported for 5 years?17:29
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yotuxwhat is may happen is lets say KDE 5.5 arrives and KDE 4 is still in repos17:30
yotuxKDE 4 will not be supported or maintained by Kubuntu team because everything in KDE maybe be ported to KDE 517:31
yotuxUbuntu also is based in gtk if I recall and KDE is more qt / plasma I think so several different dependencies17:32
yotuxalso the package you referred to "kubuntu-desktop" installs KDE library's on top of Ubuntu so you have both window managers you can run from.  key chain wise I am not sure which one will be dominate17:35
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bgreporthello. which project in launchpad should i file a bug to about an application not being visible in the application menu (despite being in /usr/share/applications, and being visible in gnome/unity)? i reported it to kubuntu-meta a couple weeks ago with no love19:09
bgreportand, i have a two other bugs to report, and no idea where to report them. a) wacom tablet doesn't work properly in kubuntu if the mouse is right handed; b) audio doesn't preserve left/right balance between reboots19:09
leumasPlease whats the password to join the Dojo III meeting19:09
leumassick_rimmit: hi19:10
leumas*is so sad19:13
acheronukhttp://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/ - password is welcome19:14
acheronukleumas: but it's nearly done now I think19:14
acheronukstarted 18:00 UTC19:15
leumasacheronuk: :(19:15
acheronuktalk to us in #kubuntu-devel if you want to get involved19:16
acheronukleumas: the dojo is not the only way19:17
leumasacheronuk: sure, i just felt in Dojo there will be a structured learning process19:26
leumasAnyways, i will watch out for the next one19:27
leumasI am already in the #kununtu-devel channel19:27
acheronukhad technical problems today, so not too structured!19:28
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JamesHenryHi ppl. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.1 and I've installed Kubuntu Desktop using Backport sources. Kde is working fine when I start a raw X as root and run startkde as root. But I can't make it work when I call startx. I use lightdm as manager and it's not calling KDE neither Gnome anymore. Can you guys give me some light on it?21:31
geniiIt's doubtful that you will get much help to run your Kubuntu system as root, since all the *buntu are purposely designed with not doing that in mind.21:33
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JamesHenryYeah, i know. But I can't run KDE with my user. It says It couldn't open DBUS21:36
rattkingJamesHenry: the display managers like lighdm use /usr/share/xsessions/plasma.desktop to call startkde21:36
JamesHenryrattking: yeah, but how is it configured in lightdm?21:39
rattkingI am not sure, I thought it just read in the .desktop files in that location21:41
JamesHenryrattking: I have many *.desktop in this directory. I don't know how is called by lightdm or even startx. I can't find out where it is set21:46
rattkingstartx wont be using that.. I think to auto start kde with startx you should put exec startkde in ~/.xinitrc21:46
rattkingis there anything in ~/.xsession-errors about your dbus problem?21:48
rattkingony of my old systems has in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf 'user-session=plasma.desktop' but thats using sddm now21:50
JamesHenryi have this line in .xsession-errors: Unable to create /home/peo_tdaud/.dbus/session-bus21:51
rattkingok thats what I was wondering about since you were doing things as root permissions may have gotten messed up21:52
rattkingmake sure those .dbus and .dbus/session-bus are owned by your user21:53
JamesHenryrattking: You were right. It was owned by "root"22:01
rattkingJamesHenry: is lightdm starting kde correctly now?22:01
JamesHenryNot yet, but know I can start KDE using startkde as a normal user, I don't need root anymore22:02
rattkingit might be worth looking for other things owned by root and chowning them back 'find ~/ -user root'22:04
rattkinggtg good luck with the lightdm problem.. I switched to sddm a few releases ago as I think thats the default for new installs22:05
JamesHenryyeah i'm doing this22:06
JamesHenrythank you very much22:06
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