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* tsimonq2 runs00:01
tsimonq2wxl: that's four00:01
tsimonq2debian bug 61490700:31
ubot93Debian bug 614907 in tech-ctte "node: name conflicts with node.js interpreter" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/61490700:31
gilirtsimonq2, try a debdiff, you can use the ubuntu pastebin if you want09:17
tsimonq2gilir: does that mean you would like me to make a debian/changelog entry or leave it?09:17
gilirtsimonq2, leave it for now09:17
tsimonq2gilir: alright :)09:18
tsimonq2gilir: grr, can't do debdiff09:20
gilirtsimonq2, why ?09:22
tsimonq2gilir: has to be two different files and when I build lubuntu-meta, one overrides the other09:22
tsimonq2gilir: I'm really surprised this isn't maintained under a VCS :)09:23
gilirtsimonq2, it's actually09:23
tsimonq2gilir: oh? where?09:23
gilirtsimonq2, you are not looking at the right location09:23
gilirtsimonq2, https://code.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.yakkety09:24
gilirtsimonq2, the last change is what you want to do09:25
tsimonq2gilir: oh okay09:25
tsimonq2gilir: thanks09:25
gilirtsimonq2, after that, you need to wait 10 ~ 15 min09:25
gilirtsimonq2, after, try to do ./update inside the lubuntu-meta package09:26
tsimonq2gilir: then what?09:27
gilirlubuntu-meta itselft is not under VCS, because it's populated by the seed09:27
gilirtsimonq2, you will see after the ./update :-)09:27
lynorianI wonder is bug 1591851 relevent now as we are talking about the seed as maybe xfs is not included in the desktop images for lubuntu but it works for ubuntu-mate ?09:31
ubot93bug 1591851 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The creation of a BTRFS or XFS partition fails during install of Lubuntu Daily Live image" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159185109:31
tsimonq2gilir: there aren't going to be any mroe respins for Alpha 2, you're probably safe making the Lubuntu Software Center removal now09:34
gilirlynorian, fixed sometimes ago, you can check the manifest for thsi type of bugs : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/current/yakkety-desktop-i386.manifest09:35
gilirtsimonq2, ok thanks09:35
tsimonq2gilir: cute-updates is *just* an updater, not a Software Center11:41
gilirtsimonq2, yes, I don't know if he worked on a software-center somewhere else12:38
tsimonq2gilir: alright :)12:39
tsimonq2gilir: I got your email12:39
sudodustsimonq2: o/14:57
tsimonq2sudodus: hello :)15:00
tsimonq2sudodus: how are you?15:00
sudodusI'm fine, how are you :-)15:00
tsimonq2great :)15:01
sudodustsimonq2: Are you ready to go ahead with mkusb and git?15:01
tsimonq2sudodus: sure :)15:01
sudodusI suggest that you start ...15:02
tsimonq2where is your code now?15:03
sudodusI have it in my computer (talking about the code, that is changed since you edited the git branches)15:03
sudoduspart of it is also uploaded to ppa:mkusb/unstable (the bash scripts and help files), but maybe not the control files15:05
tsimonq2alright, let's do this15:05
sudodusMy current version is 11.0.115:05
tsimonq2have you cloned https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb.git locally?15:05
sudodusI have done nothing with git, nothing at all.15:06
tsimonq2sudodus: is it installed?15:06
sudodus(only read your tutorial mail)15:06
tsimonq2sudodus: do the following in your terminal: git clone https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb.git && mkusb15:07
sudodusthe program git is installed15:08
tsimonq2sudodus: can you do that above command?15:09
sudoduswell. mkusb want to be run with the command 'sudo -H mkusb'15:09
sudoduswhere was it unpacked?15:10
tsimonq2sudodus: you talking about the git source?15:10
sudodusOK in my home directory, but I don't want it there. Let me change the location ...15:11
sudodusnow an mkusb directory is located in my 'data' partition in a separate drive15:12
tsimonq2alright, cd into that15:12
tsimonq2cool, so this is where you should store and work on your actual source code15:13
tsimonq2sudodus: apply all of your changes that you made in 11.0.1 and copy everything over to this directory *except* for the debian dir15:14
sudodusI'll try with rsync ...15:14
tsimonq2alright, run git status15:18
tsimonq2it should show that there are changes, right?15:18
tsimonq2so now you can do "git add *" to track all the changes15:19
tsimonq2this is so Git knows to pay attention to them15:20
sudodusI should remove the files q.txt, show-q (because they are 'local' help files)15:20
sudodusnow there are 2 changed files 3 removed files and 2 new files (comparing my mkusb directory and the git)15:21
tsimonq2sudodus: do those changes look correct?15:22
sudodus"git add *15:22
tsimonq2did you change two files, remove 3 files, and add 2 new files?15:22
sudodusgit status says the same after git add *15:23
tsimonq2well it's fine15:23
tsimonq2but did you make those changes from the code you had in the stable PPA to now?15:23
tsimonq2(if you want to look at the diff, "git diff --cached")15:24
sudodusI corrected the command, and now it worked15:24
sudodusthe changes are green and the removals are red, if that tells you something15:24
tsimonq2sudodus: well like I said, look at the git diff --cached and see if you made all of those changes15:25
sudoduswhat do you mean how? I edited with geany :-P15:25
tsimonq2sudodus: is the directory up-to-date with how you want it for 11.0.1 ?15:26
tsimonq2that's what I want to know15:26
tsimonq2sudodus: if they are, git commit -am "Released mkusb 11.0.1"15:28
sudodusThe differences were entered into less and I could browse them.15:28
tsimonq2those are the changes that will be applied by committing if you choose15:29
sudoduslet us try that - (there were so many changes, that I cannot easily see if everything is OK)15:30
sudodusAccording to rsync it should be OK locally, if that is what you mean15:30
tsimonq2that's what I meant15:31
sudodusHave you changed anything in these files (excluding those in the debian directory)?15:33
tsimonq2sudodus: all I did was remove the debian/ directory15:34
sudodusAre we ready to sync the git with this local directory now? Or was it done already by what we did?15:35
tsimonq2did you commit?15:35
sudodusno, I have not used any command containing 'commit'15:36
tsimonq2git commit -am "Released mkusb 11.0.1"15:36
tsimonq2sudodus: so basically, when you used rsync, you had to tell git to pay attention to them (git add *), then now, you have to put them in the repo15:37
sudodusI used rsync locally - not to the git15:37
tsimonq2sudodus: could you create an account here and let me know what your username is?15:38
sudoduswhat do you mean by 'here'? I have an account at Launchpad, which is used to upload to ppa:mkusb. Is that what you mean?15:39
tsimonq2whops I'm sorry https://github.com/join15:40
sudodusOK, I'll do it ...15:40
sudodus1 Completed. 2 Choose your plan (what is that)?15:44
tsimonq2sudodus: free15:44
tsimonq2or skip if possible15:44
sudodustrying to skip15:44
tsimonq2sudodus: wait, just keep it at the default bullet point15:45
tsimonq2sudodus: "Unlimited public repositories for free."15:45
sudodusI am at 'Read the guide' and 'Start a project' now, so I guess successful15:46
tsimonq2great! :)15:46
tsimonq2sudodus: what's your username?15:46
sudodusShould I try to log in now - in that case where?15:47
tsimonq2hold on now15:47
tsimonq2sudodus: accept the invite https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb/invitations15:47
sudodusemail verified15:48
tsimonq2invite accepted?15:48
sudodusI have accepted the invitation15:49
tsimonq2great :)15:49
tsimonq2sudodus: go back to your terminal in that directory and type: git push origin master15:49
sudodus"You now have access to the tsimonq2/mkusb repository."15:49
tsimonq2sudodus: do what I said above :)15:50
tsimonq2sudodus: then type in your GitHub username and password15:50
sudodusI seems to work.15:51
tsimonq2great :)15:51
tsimonq2there we go! look at https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb15:51
sudodusTo https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb.git15:51
sudodusd06b214..e63a7db  master -> master15:51
tsimonq2sudodus: that's your commit https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb/commit/e63a7dbf82175a60784e92d656852240ea7c05a915:51
tsimonq2sudodus: GitHub has a GUI that shows all of your changes in between commits15:52
tsimonq2it's pretty awesome :D15:52
sudodusI see my three hands avatar too. So I seem to be in :-)15:53
tsimonq2sudodus: so, do you understand that process? when you want to make a change, edit the source code in that directory, and when you have done something worth noting, git add *, git commit -am "DESCRIBE WHAT YOU JUST DID", git push origin master15:54
tewardtsimonq2: did you do any testing of the 16.04.1 amd64 desktop iso at all?15:55
sudodusWell, at my age, the brain is not as fast as it used to be ;-) I think I can go back and look at the log (in the hexchat window) and learn the details15:55
tsimonq2teward: did *I* ?15:56
tsimonq2teward: why?15:56
tsimonq2sudodus: great, let's move on to the next step :)15:56
tewardtsimonq2: "install ubuntu" from the start boot screen on the ISO fails, spins forever at "A start job is running..." with no limit15:56
tewardhave to "Try Lubuntu" first15:56
tewardthen install from the live env.15:56
tsimonq2sudodus: did you see that when testing? ^15:57
tsimonq2teward: what image? and did you check the MD5?15:58
tewarddouble checking now, but amd64 desktop ISO15:58
tewardstandby (E:SLOWSYSTEMS)15:58
tsimonq2teward: and a start job on what process?15:58
sudodusI do not always test 'Install', but sometime do it via 'Try ...', and that works. So I'm not sure, but I think it works.15:58
tewardtsimonq2: you need to listen a little better.15:59
tsimonq2teward: how so?15:59
tewardnevermind i fubar'd my thought process15:59
tewardstupid IRC15:59
tewardit says a start job is running for "Starting Lubuntu Installer"15:59
tewardnever loads the GUI15:59
tewardchecking MD5 now standby16:00
tewardsums check out16:01
tewardrunning "Try Lubuntu" first seems to work, lets see if that's the case with this reboot16:01
tsimonq2teward: sudodus is reponsible here, he tested it and marked it as good to go :P16:01
tsimonq2teward: and I can't always double-check everything16:01
tewardtsimonq2: i haven't checked in on testing so no clue who does what tests :p16:02
tewardand it works once booted, but not with the pure "Install Lubuntu" option from boot screen16:02
tsimonq2teward: just checked the tracker and it was sudodus who did amd64 desktop16:02
tsimonq2teward: file a bug in ubiquity please16:02
tewardi want to test the original 16.04 iso first16:02
tewardif it happens there too i'll blame the VM16:03
tewardif not then i'll blame the image and file a bug16:03
tsimonq2fair enough :P16:03
sudodusI'm creating a USB boot drive with xenial-desktop-amd64.iso (the released version)16:03
sudodusof Lubuntu16:03
tsimonq2sudodus: anyways, let me show you how to properly release, not just edit and commit, if you are ready?16:03
tsimonq2sudodus: git tag 11.0.116:04
tsimonq2sudodus: that creates the appropriate tag16:04
tsimonq2sudodus: then: git push --tags origin master16:05
tsimonq2sudodus: as long as you have committed, that will set up a release16:05
tsimonq2let me know when that's done16:06
sudodus'Install Lubuntu' works for me :-)16:06
tewardsudodus: bare metal or VM?16:07
sudodusbare metal, my Toshiba laptop with Intel i5 and the built in Intel graphics16:07
sudodusTotal 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)16:08
sudodusTo https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb.git16:08
tsimonq2sudodus: perfect! :)16:08
sudodus * [new tag]         11.0.1 -> 11.0.116:09
tsimonq2sudodus: you can also now write release notes here: https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb/releases/new?tag=11.0.116:09
sudodusSo this was a 'dummy' job just repeating what was done, or was it doing something new?16:09
tsimonq2sudodus: I got there by selecting Releases -> 11.0.1 -> Edit tag16:10
tsimonq2sudodus: no this is for real16:10
tsimonq2sudodus: so write up the release, what did you do? :D16:10
tsimonq2sudodus: (basically describe what you told me in a recent email)16:10
sudodusI see. What kind of release notes. Something like here:16:10
tsimonq2sudodus: perfect! in fact, I would just put a link to those16:11
sudodusI pressed the button :-P16:13
tsimonq2sudodus: so after you did that step (creating the tag, pushing the tag, and setting the release notes) let me know so I can update the Debian package16:14
tsimonq2sudodus: but now let me show you how to update the PPA package16:14
sudodusCan you inspect it and verify, that I got it right?16:14
tsimonq2ok, hold on16:14
tsimonq2sudodus: notice this here :) https://github.com/tsimonq2/mkusb/releases16:15
tsimonq2sudodus: it's big and it has a link to a zip and a tar :D16:15
tsimonq2sudodus: iirc you can also set like beta releases and such if you want them16:15
tsimonq2sudodus: but otherwise, looks good :)16:16
tsimonq2ready to move on now?16:16
tewardhrm, interesting, it worked fine now...16:17
tewardtook four boots to 'work fine'  :/16:17
sudodusI think there is more to do now - to make it really separated, so that the compiled code is separate and not included in the package for the version, that should be proposed for an official repository.16:17
tsimonq2sudodus: well if you just let me know what parts are nonfree, I'll remove those in the debian branch16:19
tsimonq2sudodus: but for right now, you should update your PPA :)16:19
tsimonq2sudodus: git remote add launchpad git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/mkusb    <-- that's a one-time command16:20
tsimonq2sudodus: then: git checkout -b ppa (remove the -b in the future)16:21
tsimonq2sudodus: after that: git pull launchpad ppa16:21
tsimonq2sudodus: then do the usual changes that update the Debian package, dch -i etc.16:21
tsimonq2let me know when that's done16:22
sudodususb-pack-efi with usb-pack_sdir/usb-pack_efi.tar.gz, and it should be removed from the control file. There is also debian/usb-pack-efi.install16:22
sudodusas described in the attached file 'todo.txt' in a mail to you16:23
tsimonq2ahh yes I remember, sorry16:23
sudodusI can update the ppa now ...16:24
sudodusThe authenticity of host 'git.launchpad.net (' can't be established.16:25
sudodusRSA key fingerprint is SHA256:UNOzlP66WpDuEo34Wgs8mewypV0UzqHLsIFoqwe8dYo.16:26
sudodusis this the usual sftp checkpoint?16:26
tsimonq2yes I think it's fine16:26
sudodusThere is a problem. I am not logged in as sudodus. Is there a way to remote log in a 'sudodus@something' instead of just 'something'?16:28
sudodusand default to my current user id?16:29
tsimonq2git remote remove launchpad && git remote add launchpad git+ssh://sudodus@git.launchpad.net/mkusb16:29
sudodusThat command was accepted without any feedback.16:31
tsimonq2it shouldn't have any feedback, it's fine16:31
tsimonq2sudodus: now try again16:31
sudodustry what16:31
tsimonq2(try the step you were on before again)16:31
tsimonq2sudodus: where were you at?16:32
sudodusdo you mean 'git remote remove launchpad && git remote add launchpad git+ssh://sudodus@git.launchpad.net/mkusb'16:32
sudodusor some step further back?16:32
sudodusplease be more specific!16:33
tsimonq2where were you before 'git remote remove launchpad && git remote add launchpad git+ssh://sudodus@git.launchpad.net/mkusb' ?16:33
sudodusin the bash history I can see these commands (wait for a few lines)16:34
sudodusgit push origin master16:35
sudodusgit tag 11.0.116:35
sudodusgit push --tags origin master16:35
sudodusgit remote add launchpad git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/mkusb # which should be replaced by16:35
sudodusgit remote add launchpad git+ssh://sudodus@git.launchpad.net/mkusb16:36
sudodusgit checkout -b ppa  # I seem to have run this one but before the correct command with sudodus explicit16:37
sudodusgit pull launchpad ppa  # I seem to have run this one but before the correct command with sudodus explicit16:37
sudodusShould I repeat these two last commands?16:37
tsimonq2no, it's fine16:38
tsimonq2sudodus: try: git branch16:38
tsimonq2it shows that you are in the PPA branch, correct?16:38
sudodus  master16:38
sudodus* ppa16:39
tsimonq2sudodus: now do dch -i and whatever else to update the PPA to 11.0.116:39
tsimonq2(in the debian/ directory)16:39
tsimonq2like splitting the two packages, etc.16:40
sudoduslocally I guess16:40
tsimonq2sudodus: all of this is local unless you git pull/push16:40
sudodusYou mean in my old location, where I have the debian directory, or should I create a new debian directory?16:42
sudodusI guess it is wise to create a new directory and not mess with the old one16:43
tsimonq2no no no16:43
tsimonq2keep the one you have16:43
tsimonq2sudodus: restore it from the other directory, restore your edits16:44
sudodusThe one that belongs to the directory, where I can upload directly to the ppa?16:44
tsimonq2sudodus: this is sorta uploading to the PPA16:44
tsimonq2sudodus: except the stable one instead of unstable16:45
sudodusOK, but I don't want to destroy what is working. I'll make a copy.16:45
tsimonq2sudodus: well all you have to do is copy the debian/ directory from the unstable PPA to this directory, it will be fine, just edit accordingly16:47
tsimonq2or maybe if you want to get the debian tar from the stable PPA and update that, that would be good too16:47
tsimonq2sudodus: just infd a way to update your PPA with this release16:48
sudodusI am ready for dch now (have not used the -i option before), is it OK with my previous commands?16:49
tsimonq2yeah totally16:49
sudodusdch done.16:52
sudodusWhat next? Do you mean I should edit the control file now, or just use the same files again, now only prepare for uploading with16:53
sudodusdebuild -S16:53
sudoduscd ..16:54
tsimonq2sudodus: use the files you got from GitHub, prepare it as you would a normal release with the files you have16:54
sudodusdput  ppa:mkusb/unstable mkusb_1...16:54
sudodusWhat files from github?16:55
tsimonq2the files you already have merged16:56
tsimonq2it's fine16:56
sudodusYou wanted me to have a separate debian directory. Should I point the debian files across the filesystem to the current files in my new mkusb directory?16:57
sudodusI could also create links (maybe even hard links) to avoid pointing acreoss the filesystem16:58
tsimonq2I'm working in Debian now16:59
tsimonq2I'll handle Debian17:00
tsimonq2(until I have a stable workflow)17:00
sudodusIn that case we can say that I'm ready with the 'source files'. Only the control file etc in the debian directory may need editing.17:00
sudodusI'm waiting for you ...17:00
tsimonq2so wait17:01
tsimonq2let's get on the same page here17:01
tsimonq2you have the PPA branch locally and merged with 11.0.117:01
tsimonq2you just merged the code17:01
tsimonq2now you need to update the debian files17:01
tsimonq2you just have to update the debian files to release, like you would normally do17:01
tsimonq2imagine you just edited the code17:02
sudodusThen I will normally only edit only one file in the debian directory, the changelog file (via dch). The other files in debian remain the same for long periods.17:03
tsimonq2wxl: are we clear to release?17:04
wxltsimonq2: ummmm i already say your release annnouncement17:05
tsimonq2wxl: that was global dude17:05
wxlyeah but if we're good globally, we're good17:05
tsimonq2wxl: gtreat, you jsut said to check with you :)17:06
wxltypically before global announcement, but all good17:06
tsimonq2sudodus: give me a minute, I have to release17:06
sudodustsimonq2: release what software?17:06
tsimonq2sudodus: Yakkety Yak Alpha 217:06
wxlsudodus: 16.04.217:06
* tsimonq2 kicks wxl 17:06
sudodustsimonq2: I thought yakkety alpha2 is already released ...17:09
wxlsudodus: globally, but he waited on the lubuntu announcement17:09
sudodusI see17:09
tsimonq2sudodus: when you are done with the changelog, don't do anything with Git, just get me the debian/changelog file in a pastebin. I made a big mistake when giving you instructions that I'm gonna fix myself.17:11
tsimonq2sudodus: and please, feel free to publish to the PPA :D17:11
sudodusI sent changelog.gz via email17:21
sudodusDo you mean to continue publishing in the future like I did before, but now via git? Or do you mean now? In that case with what command? I usually upload to the unstable ppa, and after some testing copy it to the stable one 'ppa:mkusb/ppa'17:24
tsimonq2sudodus: I'll tell you later, I'm really sorry, I have to go17:24
sudodusOK, please suggest a new time via mail.17:25
tsimonq2sudodus: alright will do, o/17:30
wxltsimonq2: let's talk about getting https on the website21:09

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