Longd900Does anyone know to fix fsck error02:21
Gnjurachi any GUI encription softwere for lubuntu?18:16
wxlGnjurac: to just encrypt files?18:17
Gnjuracwxl:  i can use terminal but my sister wants it and she is tarded18:18
Gnjuracneeds GUI18:18
wxlyou just need a front end for gpg. there's plenty18:18
wxlof course, *I* don't use one18:18
* wxl searches18:18
Gnjuracyep but i cant find any good for lxde18:20
wxlseahorse maybe?18:21
wxlyeah seahorse18:21
Gnjuracit uses nautilus and on lxde its pcmanfm18:21
wxlit doesn't require nautilus from what i can see18:21
egegwwhy does lubuntu homepage provide 16.04 and not 16.04.1 ?20:32
wxlegegw: lubuntu.me provides the right release20:33
egegwwxl: lubuntu.me ? The regular page is lubuntu.net20:35
egegwby the way, https is also not working on https://lubuntu.me20:39
egegwplease have a look at https://letsencrypt.org/20:39
wxlegegw: you should see no reference to lubuntu.net in any of the official references to lubuntu20:47
egegwi see on wikipedia: (cur | prev) 19:02, 24 April 2016‎ Pinportal (talk | contribs)‎ . . (65,902 bytes) (+32)‎ . . (Added another official Lubuntu website: Lubuntu.net is a legacy site and Lubuntu.me is the 'live' one.) (undo)20:51
wxlegegw: Legacy being the key word.20:51
egegwany plans to shut down .net ? this is confusing at the moment20:52
egegwand please enable https20:52
wxl.net is run by the original creator of lubuntu who really isn't involved in the project anymore. we have no control over it.20:52
geniiIt expires in 6 months anyways20:53
egegwis there a reason for not beein involved any more in the project?20:53
egegwgenii: what does expire in 6 months?20:53
wxlhe's been doing other things20:54
* wxl shrugs20:54
geniiegegw: The lubuntu.net domain20:54
wxlhe'll probably renew it i imagine20:54
genii( according to WHOIS )20:54
wxlit's been on my mind to have a discussion about this20:54
egegwgenii: in regular you have automatic repayment enabled and it stops when they cant pull any more money from your bank accout...20:54
wxlegegw: would you be so kind as to send an email to the mailing list about your concerns on the website? it will serve as my reminder to get this taken care of20:55
egegwwxl: i cant send you a mail with a .onion address20:56
wxlegegw: not me, the mailing list.20:56
fenris_kcf[eo] saluton. kio povus esti la kauxzo ke Lubuntu aliigas la ret-agordojn kelkaj minutoj post lancxigado? [en] hy. what could be the reason that Lubuntu alters the network settings several minutes after boot?20:57
wxlegegw: https://securemail.hidemyass.com/#!20:57
geniiheh, "hidemyass"20:58
egegwdid i have to be registered to the mailing list to send a mail to it?20:59
wxltechnically, no20:59
wxlyou just need someone (ahem, me) to approve it20:59
egegwa some kind of political question: When i report to the mailing list (libuntu) a bug that is a upstream problem, did you (developers) try to fix this bug and send the fix upstream or did you say that i should report upstream?21:02
wxlit depends21:02
wxlabiword, for example, is something we'll likely send upstream. but having a downstream bug is still a good thing to have. we won't just delete your bug and tell you re-file upstream.21:03
wxlif it's, say, lubuntu software center (which we're actually not really using), there is no upstream and we'll likely fix it.21:04
wxlthere are occassionally lxde things that we'll fix ourselves, but most generally we'll fix them upstream and let them trickle down.21:04
wxlunless it's an ubuntu-specific sort of thing21:04
fenris_kcf[eo] mi malsxaltis na NetworkManager, sed tamen la agordojn aliigatas [en] i deactivated NetworkManager, but nevertheless the settings get changed21:04
wxltl;dr, file all bugs in launchpad. we appreciate it.21:04
wxlhowever, the proper way to send a bug is not via the mailing list, but through a bug report21:05
wxl!bugs | egegw21:05
ubottuegegw: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:05
wxl!en | fenris_kcf21:05
ubottufenris_kcf: Certain Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:05
fenris_kcfread again, wxl21:05
egegwwxl: how did i write a mail with hidemyass ?? i cant find any functionality to write a mail21:05
wxlfenris_kcf: i see the english at the end21:05
fenris_kcfso what?21:05
wxlegegw: never used it. just know about it.21:06
wxlfenris_kcf: your question is not clear.21:06
egegwwxl: you cant write emails with it...21:06
fenris_kcfok, how can i make it clear, wxl?21:06
wxlfenris_kcf: restate the entire thing in english.21:06
fenris_kcfi did21:06
wxlegegw: oh, i guess i was wrong. you can't.21:07
fenris_kcfjust read21:07
wxlfenris_kcf: you're making this hard than it needs to be. i can't make out your question, so i can't help. if you'd like to restate, that'd be great.21:08
fenris_kcf[en] hy. what could be the reason that Lubuntu alters the network settings several minutes after boot? [en] i deactivated NetworkManager, but nevertheless the settings get changed21:08
fenris_kcf... and please let's not start any "speek fckyng Inglish!11!"-debate21:09
wxlegegw: just nevermind. i got it.21:10
wxlegegw: still you'll find it hard to participate in the community without the ability to send emails.21:10
wxlfenris_kcf: i don't know why you think the network settings changed21:10
fenris_kcfi edited /etc/network/interfaces21:11
fenris_kcfassigned a static ip21:11
fenris_kcfand made the if "auto"21:11
fenris_kcfthe network comes up correctly after boot21:11
fenris_kcfthe system has the correct settings21:11
fenris_kcfafter ~5min the settings get lost and the ip changes21:11
fenris_kcfapparently, i admit21:12
fenris_kcfi can't ping the system any longer21:12
wxlyeah well, id' make sure first21:12
fenris_kcf(while the settings at the pinging system are persistent)21:12
wxl[i'd also check the logs21:12
wxlif it did change, there's a reason. finding the culprit will be the first step21:12
fenris_kcfwell, that's my question21:13
wxlcheck the logs21:13
fenris_kcfis in the syslog?21:13
fenris_kcf*is it21:13
wxli have lubuntu systems with static ips that don't change. ti's certainly possible.21:13
wxlsyslog, dmesg are the most likely possibilities, but ultimately you just need to look21:14
wxlit's possible there could have been a conflict with another device and your router gave priority to the other one21:15
fenris_kcfno router involved currently21:15
wxlyou're using a null modem cable?21:15
fenris_kcfethernet cable21:15
wxlcrossover cable. thbat's what i meant21:16
wxlgod i'm old21:16
fenris_kcf(about "crossover", dunno if you're old :))21:16
wxlthey're both a similar concept, except null modem cables are used for rs232 which is, as i said, old :)21:17
fenris_kcfsyslog says that from time to time DHCPDISCOVER is doing something21:18
fenris_kcfubuntu dhclient: DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval <number>21:18
fenris_kcfi killed dhclient now. let's see if that suffices21:26
fenris_kcfsyslog doesn't get flooded anymore21:27
fenris_kcflooks good21:27
fenris_kcfwell, gmac_adjust_link still spams around21:27
fenris_kcfdid the trick. thx, wxl21:39
wxlnp fenris_kcf21:39
DrtroHow do I add more "themes" to the widgets tab of the look and feel settings? I don't really like any of them because they don't match my old 90s retro theme.22:03
ilo123I am having trouble with nvidia-settings. I have two monitors, one is DVI-I (has the right resolution) and the other is DVI-D (has the wrong resolution). I can't get nvidia-settings to display the right resolution (1600x900) for the secondary monitor.23:20
ilo123wxl I thought I had it lol23:26
wxlaw jeez23:26
wxlnot having an nvidia card i'm not sure i can be of much help. you actually might try #ubuntu23:26
ilo123I'm tring #nvidia, but no response.23:28
wxlusually with IRC, it's best to leave a message and wait. sometimes hours. :)23:29
ilo123 Yep23:30
ilo123I sent a couple messages on #ubuntu23:46

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