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stokachusergiusens: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/yctOxEI4/06:43
mupPR snapd#1593 closed: asserts,many: start supporting structured headers using the new parseHeaders <Created by pedronis> <Merged by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1593>07:05
sergiusensstokachu interesting. Seems like a simple bug07:09
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stokachusergiusens: i built it locally and tried installing and the act of installing gave me the same error07:10
sergiusensogra_ does josepht's branch solve your problems?07:10
sergiusensstokachu installing the snap or the python setup?07:12
stokachuinstalling the snap07:12
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oparozI've seen that Libreoffice had been snapped, but has anybody tried to snap Libreoffice Online?07:33
didrocksoparoz: not that I know of, interested in doing it?07:34
oparozdirdocks, well, actually, Nextcloud is interested in including it in an image along with the Nextcloud snap, but that's end of the year stuff, so I haven't looked at the implementation details yet07:36
qenghooparoz: Meaning, the server component of some multiuser online libreoffice?07:36
oparozqengho, correct, it's a server, opened on a specific port which a Nextcloud app connects to07:37
qenghooparoz: I'm hoping you just volunteered.07:37
oparozqengho, well, I'll definitely investigate how doable the project is and will probably get in touch with the person who has snapped Libreoffice since LO uses that source code07:38
oparozWe currently have a Docker, so that could be plan B07:39
dholbachballoons, how's the juju snap coming along?07:48
mupPR snapcraft#692 opened: Use the new snapcraft mailing list as contact info <Created by seb128> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/692>07:49
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imexilHi I'm trying to create my first snap. Its a "make" project and I'm struggling to find out how to tell snapcraft to go into the "src/" directory of the tarball in order to execute make command. Any pointers?08:04
dholbachimexil, use source-subdir08:07
dholbach("snapcraft help sources" lists it among other useful things)08:07
imexilThanks dholbach. So http://snapcraft.io/docs/build-snaps/syntax is not really complete at the moment?08:08
imexil(that's where I went looking)08:09
dholbachimexil, I'd agree with you that the "snapcraft help sources" bits should be on there08:10
dholbachprobably not the plugin related bits, because some options only exist for certain plugins08:11
dholbachI'll file a bug08:11
mupBug #1607249: docs/snapcraft-syntax.md should refer to source related syntax <snap-docs> <Snapcraft:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607249>08:15
imexilOK almost there. I get a "install: cannot remove '/usr/local/lib/libipe.so.7.2.5': Permission denied" on the make install part when simply running "snapcraft build". Why would building the snap need sudo permissions on my system?08:26
mupBug #1607252 opened: User data is missing or lost when utilizing a snap instead of a traditional package <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607252>08:26
mupBug #1607253 opened: User data is missing or lost when utilizing a snap instead of a traditional package <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607253>08:26
dholbachimexil, it shouldn't - I assume something went wrong in one of the steps before - you could try to run   snapcraft clean && snapcraft08:27
imexilStill the same :-(  For what it's worth: https://github.com/dietmarw/snaps/blob/master/ipe/snapcraft.yaml08:33
qenghoimexil: Maybe your Makefile doesn't honor prefix and installdir and such.08:34
imexilyes it does. compiling it manually works fine.08:35
qenghoimexil: does installing it work fine? "make install"?08:36
imexilBasically I followed https://github.com/otfried/ipe-wiki/wiki/Downloading,%20Compiling,%20and%20Installing%20Ipe#debian-ubuntu-mint and am now trying to convert  that into a snap08:36
mupBug #1607253 changed: User data is missing or lost when utilizing a snap instead of a traditional package <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607253>08:38
mupBug #1607265 opened: Ubuntu-core downloads before querying store for missing snap <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607265>08:38
imexilqengho: yes that works08:38
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qenghoimexil: Can you you get it to install to /tmp/imexil/ using only "make install DESTIR=/tmp/imexil"?08:41
qenghoimexil: you might need to extend that makefile plugin, or use some "make-parameters: [ ... ]" in your YAML.08:43
ogra_sergiusens, josepht  it looks like it could help, i need to do a PPA build and try an os snap build with it ...  it still does a lot directory walking and permission checking thought, why not just do the equivalent of mv for the top level dir08:45
sergiusensstokachu http://paste.ubuntu.com/21252582/08:46
imexilqengho: OK so this is strange. I've changed in the make-parameters "IPEPREFIX=/usr/local" to "IPEPREFIX=/tmp/imexil" and this works. Why would snapcraft want to install on my /usr/local whilst building the snap?08:47
qenghoimexil: It's not right. snapcraft only knows about DESTDIR. Instructions to install in /usr/local are not instructions to build a snap.08:51
qenghoimexil: I have only a trickle of bandwidth here, so I can't read much, but I'm sure someone else can tell you if it's possible to YAML that sets IPEPREFIX to the temporary directory that snapcraft is expecting the result to land in.08:52
qenghoimexil: you told it ot put it in /usr/local . That's why it's trying to write to /usr/local/ . snapcraft doesn't want the result in /usr/local/ .08:54
imexilOK. I'll try to specify DESTDIR in addition. Thanks for the help qengho.08:54
qenghoYou can't sepcify DESTDIR in the YAML. Thats backwards.08:54
imexilYes just noticed that this is not working. Still I don't get why snapcraft build would try to write to /usr/local on the file system08:55
qenghoimexil: it's because you told it to, right? You invented /usr/local in "IPEPREFIX", whatever that is.08:57
imexilqengho: OK got your note with /usr/local. Since the original makefile expects to have IPEPREFIX to be set (it won't compile otherwise) I guess I can just set it to some tmp folder?08:58
qenghoNo. You can't invent that. That belongs to snapcraft. You can't predict it.08:59
qenghoogra_, dholbach, help? ^08:59
dholbachI'm about to hop on a call - can you pastebin your current snapcraft.yaml somewhere so I can take a look in a bit?09:01
ogra_dholbach, https://github.com/dietmarw/snaps/blob/master/ipe/snapcraft.yaml09:01
qenghogist: wonky Makefile project expects "IMEPREFIX" instead of "DESTDIR". There's no way to use YAML here, right? No variable expenasion in  make-parameters: [ IMEPREFIX=$destdir ]09:01
dholbachogra_, cool - I can take a look in a bit09:02
ogra_imexil, i have never used IPREFIX, but in a makefile i need to use $(DESTDIR)09:02
imexilthanks dholbach, ogra_09:02
ogra_(note the brackets)09:02
ogra_i'm not sire how make-parameters: are used here09:03
qenghoimexil: You're going to have to change the Makefile to use DESTDIR instead of IMEPREFIX, or make a new snapcraft plugin that runs "make install IMEPREFIX=installdir". See /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/snapcraft/plugins/make.py .09:06
* qengho afk.09:06
imexilRight. I was hoping to not have to change the Makefile since I'm not upstream09:07
imexil"IPEPREFIX=$(DESTDIR)" does not work btw.09:08
mupPR snapcraft#692 closed: Use the new snapcraft mailing list as contact info <Created by seb128> <Closed by seb128> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/692>09:10
ckinghiya, stress-ng is a published snap, yet I can't find it with snap find and hence I can't install it from the store. Not sure what's gone wrong.09:11
mupPR snapcraft#693 opened: Implement "oneshot" daemon type <Created by stgraber> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/693>09:13
ckingalso, I have smemstat that's been pending review for a while, can somebody review that? I'm kinda blocked by the human processes involved in getting my snaps uploaded09:23
ckingit's not helping with "velocity"09:23
ogra_cking, just stop using exotic interfaces :) .... most of us dont have to wait at all09:26
ckingogra_, ok, well, that's all my code then ;-)09:26
seb128cking, if the published one is in devmode it might not be listed by snap find by installing it should still work?09:36
seb128(I think from what I read)09:37
seb128do you force devmode?09:37
ckingi don't believe I did09:37
seb128k, maybe you got confused by the store UI and didn't actually press the publish button?09:38
seb128seem to happen to some people09:38
seb128otherwise I don't know, you need somebody from the store team I guess09:38
ckingit says "Package status is Published"09:38
seb128k, dunno then, sorry09:39
slangasekogra_: I've gotten myself into a strange situation where I have a grub.cfg looking for $snap_kernel variable and snapd is writing $snappy_kernel variable instead... which of these is the right variable?09:40
slangaseki.e. is my grub.cfg stale or is my grubenv stale09:41
ogra_i *think* you want snap_kernel ...09:42
ogra_hmm, though looking at the arm configs it seems to be snappy09:43
ogra_yeah, i take that back, it should be snappy_kernel, thats used everywhere else09:44
slangasekso this was changed recently?09:44
ogra_abd looking at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems/view/head:/generic-amd64/grub.cfg the code agrees too09:44
ogra_not that i'm aware09:45
slangasekI had this working last time I built an image, using the same version of snap supporting 'snap weld', and something has changed ;)09:45
slangasekok, very confusing, I don't know where this grub.cfg is coming from09:46
ogra_well, it doesnt look like the grub.cfg in the gadget has changed much since we switched to all-snap images09:47
slangasekI don't know where the broken grub.cfg is coming from - my problem to sort out09:47
ogra_sergiusens, bah, the rust selftests fail in the PPA snapcraft build :/09:47
ogra_slangasek, do you use the right build tool ? you need to use the u-d-f-experimental from mvo currently09:47
slangasekogra_: yes, I use the right build tool, it's called ubuntu-image. :P09:48
slangasek:P ;) :P09:48
ogra_then i agree that it is your problem to sort :)09:48
slangasekhmm, there's a broken /system-data/boot/grub/grub.cfg09:49
slangasekso that's actually coming from snap weld, so I probably need to get fixes to that09:50
ogra_well, isnt snap weld dead ?09:50
ogra_i thought it already got renamed09:50
slangasekyes, but that's the interface we were writing to at the time09:50
slangasekand I was trying to debug why my previously-working image build pipeline regressed09:51
slangasekogra_: ok, now the problem I'm getting is that the initramfs scripts in canonical-pc-linux_32.snap are failing to remount the filesystem after fsck....10:06
ogra_slangasek, do you have that from the store ?10:07
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slangasekogra_: I have it as downloaded by 'snap weld' today, yes10:08
slangasektracking edge channel (which is a prereq)10:08
ogra_hmm, weird10:08
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ogra_slangasek, is that on first boot ?10:10
slangasekogra_: yes10:10
ogra_are there probably some format options missing ? i forgot how u-d-f did the formatting ... i think we called out to sgdisk10:11
mupBug #1607297 opened: Error with an example Python snap <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607297>10:15
slangasekogra_: no idea, I'm getting no output from that bit of the initramfs script... it just tells me it's /trying/ to fsck10:16
mupPR snapd#1597 opened: tests: add hardware-observe spread test <Created by fgimenez> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1597>10:18
ogra_well, our fsck is actually not a real fsck ... (well, it is, but we mount -o remount before which commits the journal ... thats a lot faster to fsck)10:18
ogra_# Mount and umount first to let the kernel handle10:19
ogra_# the journal and orphaned inodes (much faster than e2fsck).10:19
ogra_mount -o errors=remount-ro "$path" "$writable_mnt" || true10:19
ogra_umount "$writable_mnt" || true10:19
ogra_and then we run10:19
ogra_/sbin/e2fsck -va "$path" >> "$logfile" 2>&1 || true10:19
ogra_right afterwards10:19
ogra_there should be a log in case you have an initrd prompt10:20
ogra_under /run/initramfs/10:20
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stgraberzyga, jdstrand: Hey, so I have an interesting issue with the LXD snap. I'm running two daemons, one is lxcfs, the other is lxd. lxcfs runs a fuse filesystem which lxd must have access to.10:35
stgraberzyga, jdstrand: the problem is that because snapd creates one mount namespace per process, lxd can't actually see the filesystem that lxcfs mounted, it just sees an empty directory10:35
stgraberzyga, jdstrand: any chance we can alter the way this works to re-use the existing namespace (setns into it if it exists, instead of unsharing a new one)10:36
stgraber(I may also be wrong and maybe the launcher already does that and I screwed something up in my setup)10:37
* ogra_ is surprised you can fuse-mount anything at all from inside a snap ... i tried sshfs and failed due to no /dev/fusectl access10:37
stgraberogra_: running devmode right now. I have a fuse interface implemented here but need a bunch more things for lxcfs to be happy (it needs to create its own mount namespace, mount a bunch of kernel filesystems, ...)10:37
slangasekogra_: /dev/vda2 has unsupported feature(s): metadata_csum10:38
stgraberso yeah, that's an odd case where even --devmode still breaks you :)10:38
ogra_stgraber, oooh lovely ... please make it a separate interface, not buried in an lxd inetrface or so ... i want to use it :)10:38
slangasekogra_: so it seems that creating a new filesystem with e2fsck in yakkety is not compatible with series 16's e2fsck, sigh :/10:38
stgraberogra_: yeah, the fuse one I have separate. lxd itself will use a new "unconfined" interface because well, we need unconfined apparmor and unconfined seccomp to run :)10:39
* stgraber -> lunch10:39
ogra_slangasek, hooray for steady advancement of our software :P10:39
slangasekogra_: and I don't know how this regressed, either, because e2fsprogs hasn't changed in yakkety since 6/30, so that *should* have been the version I used for my previous round of testing10:40
ogra_well, i'm not sure if u-d-f actually uses e2fsprogs or rather some fancy go implementation10:41
ogra_looks like it actually uses parted directly10:43
ogra_(which actually is a bit awkward when doing GPT stuff)10:44
slangasekogra_: /I'm not using u-d-f/10:48
ogra_i know ... but it works with u-d-f10:48
ogra_so you have something to compare to10:48
slangasekwith the yakkety version of e2fsprogs?10:48
ogra_well, i know mvo tests his builds before pushing a change to u-d-f ... assuming he runs yakkety locally i would guess it has worked two weeks ago when he did the last u-d-f10:49
ogra_(i personally have only tested in xenial though)10:50
slangasekyes, and at that point it also worked for me with ubuntu-image10:50
slangasekand e2fsprogs claims not to have changed since then ;)10:50
ogra_i'm just not sure if parted actually uses e2fsprogs internally for its mkpart call10:50
slangasekit does10:51
ogra_ah, k10:51
slangasekanything else would be layer-violating madness ;)10:51
ogra_well, it doesnt call out to sgdisk for GPT partitions :)10:52
ogra_so you never know :)10:52
slangasekyes, because it's parted and because partitions10:53
slangasekit's not fsed10:53
ogra_(i wasnt serious ... :) )10:53
imexilI think I got the snap build and installed but how can I make sure the snap version of an application is run and not the apt installed version?10:54
ogra_sergiusens, josepht, no change with the patch /tmp and /home/ubuntu are still having 0755 permissions and are root:root10:55
ogra_i take that back, i'm blind10:55
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slangasekogra_: the fsck failure was a red herring and must have always been there.  I've adjusted the mkfs.ext4 options in u-i, it now succeeds, and the rw remount still fails to happen11:01
slangasekogra_: so, what changed in the edge kernel snap since last week?  how can I see the history of the package, etc.?11:02
slangasek(or even retrieve an older version for comparison, since I didn't keep the old working dir around, thinking I was done with it!)11:03
loologra_: hey11:03
loologra_: have you ever got: run-parts: /etc/network/if-up.d/ubuntu-fan exited with return code 111:03
ogra_lool, yeah, old bug that is fixed since a while ... iirc apw did an SRU11:04
apwogra_, right that should be fixed i beleive11:04
ogra_slangasek, nothing should have changed, uploads are all manual11:04
loologra_: I took https://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/amd64-all-snap.img.xz did sudo snap refresh ubuntu-core (couldn't refresh canonical-pc as it fails with a pcspkr module loading error) and rebooted, then lost network (this is under KVM) because eth0 was ens311:04
ogra_slangasek, and to my knowledge nobody uploaded a new kernel snap11:05
slangasekogra_: how would I rule this out with certainty? :)11:05
lool- Download snap "canonical-pc-linux" from channel "stable" (revision 24 of snap "canonical-pc-linux" already installed)11:05
lool- Download snap "canonical-pc" from channel "stable" (revision 6 of snap "canonical-pc" already installed)11:05
loolso I'm fully up-to-date thre11:05
loolperhaps the snap isn't updated11:06
ogra_slangasek, uh.oh ... so pobviously there was a kernel snap upload yesterday, i dont know where it comes from, my new kernel snapping isnt ready yet and i wouldnt know who else uploads under the shared store account11:07
slangasekogra_: mmhmm - ok, thanks for checking :)11:07
ogra_apw, ppisati_, did one of you upload a canonical-pc-linux snap yesterday ?11:08
ogra_(and how was the built ??)11:08
slangasekogra_: fwiw if there were something usable in a channel other than 'edge' I would happily use that for prototyping instead :-)11:08
ogra_slangasek, try stable11:08
slangasekogra_: stable is too stable11:08
ogra_but note that has a very old ubuntu-core11:09
slangasekyes. too old for my purposes11:09
slangasekogra_: meanwhile... maybe you could back that rev out of the edge channel?11:10
apwogra_, i think that was bjf11:10
ogra_slangasek, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/canonical-pc-linux_31.snap (give it another munitee, still uploading)11:11
ogra_apw, how did he build that ? there are a good bunch of packages that need to go in there11:12
apwogra_, i believe the snapcrafy.yaml is on the tip of our branches11:12
ogra_apw, that wont work11:12
apwogra_, but ... i'd say you'd be better short circuiting to him direct11:12
apwogra_, oh i am sure, but hey, this is how you learn :)11:13
ogra_we need all that meta pulls in ... and soon also mesa and some other bits11:13
ogra_apw, i have a buiolld system nearly ready for the kernel snaps11:13
ogra_slangasek, uploaded, grab it :)11:13
apwogra_, don't panic, i am sure we are not expecting it to work currently, he is likley working out how to join all the bits up11:13
ogra_apw, well, it would be nice if you could upload it under a separate name then ... you just killed the edge channel for eveyone :)11:14
* ogra_ tries to find out how to unpublish a single revision11:14
apwogra_, we did what ?  oh perhaps i malign him, ask bjf if it was him and go from there11:15
slangasekapw, ogra_: I'm talking with bjf here at sprint, he tells me he did not intentionally upload anything11:15
ogra_apw, well, someone uploaded canonical-pc-linux under the shared store account11:15
apwogra_, as far as i know it was not me11:15
slangasekand it would've had to be an upload + publish11:15
slangasekanyway, if we're downrevved to 31, yay11:16
ogra_not for edge i think11:16
slangasekah, ok11:16
ogra_sigh ... so i can only unpublish the whole package (all revisions)11:16
slangasekogra_: hmm but snap weld gave me 32 again. I thought the store was instantaneous!  how do I manually grab 31?11:16
ogra_slangasek, i dont know ...11:17
ogra_by default the store only gives you the latest ... and i cant mange to remove only one revision11:17
slangasekogra_: who should I hunt down here to fix it? ;)11:17
slangasekogra_: other option11:17
ogra_i tried to uncheck the channle from the snap now ...11:18
ogra_try again, probably that works11:18
slangasekogra_: can you point the beta channel to 31 for canonical-pc-linux and to 138 for ubuntu-core?11:18
slangasekI'll try again, but it's inconveniently slow to iterate11:18
ogra_31 -> beta i mean11:18
slangasekwhat about for ubuntu-core? I only get to pick one channel for both11:19
ogra_oh, wait thats i38611:19
ogra_30 is actually amd6411:19
imexildholbach: FYI I changed the IPEPREFIX to $SNAPCRAFT_STAGE. Now the snap builds but the resulting snap package is not working. Basically it is not clear where the binary end up etc. Latest state is https://github.com/dietmarw/snaps/blob/master/ipe/snapcraft.yaml11:19
ogra_pushed to beta too11:19
slangasekum ok11:19
slangasekand ubuntu-core?11:19
ogra_yeah, its a bit weird since each upload bumps the revision and you need one upload per arch11:20
ogra_on it11:20
ogra_looks like 138 and 139 are beta+edge already11:20
ogra_so you should be fine11:20
slangasekogra_: sweeeeet thanks!11:21
ogra_apw, https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/+junk/kernel-test-snap ... that is what you actually need for a working kernel snap (amd64 only currently, i'm about to add all other arches til EOW) ... i guess it makes sense if you guys take that over once i have it done11:22
ogra_that should then auto-upload to the store from LP snap builds11:23
mupPR snapd#1598 opened: Implement a fuse interface <Created by stgraber> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1598>11:24
stgraberogra_: ^ (I won't actually need it, but hopefully it does cover the bits you need)11:25
ogra_crap, the gadget in the store is also broken ... so i cant do the final test for josepht's fix :/11:25
* ogra_ hugs stgraber 11:25
stgraberogra_: given that my use case needs a lot more things and I'll be just running everything using a lxd interface, I didn't really get to test this so much. It may be that you need to add a few bits to the seccomp part maybe. Anyway, that's certainly a start and should work for some fuse fs.11:26
ogra_stgraber, i'll poke around in it once i have some time for that11:26
bjfppisati_, have you uploaded a kernel snap to the store recently?11:30
ogra_bjf, perhaps it was mb11:30
bjfogra_, we are trying to find out who uploaded the kernel snap to the store .. was not me11:30
ogra_bjf, seems someone also uploaded a gadget called just "pc" so it seems someone is working on that ... try to hunt down mvo11:31
* ogra_ dances 11:31
bjfogra_, hunting ...11:31
ogra_sergiusens, josepht, patch verified, my os snap looks fine and i have a properly booting image11:32
ogra_and on that note ...11:32
* ogra_ is off to the dentist ... back in 1-2h11:32
mupPR snapd#1595 closed: many: make seed.yaml on firstboot mandatory and include sideInfo <Reviewed> <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1595>11:40
dholbachimexil, looks like stuff is not copied over from stage/ to prime/11:54
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imexilYes. But I'm a bit at a loss since my lack of understanding of the internals. I assumed replicating the typical compiling workflow would be good enough. But looks like creating snaps is much more evolved.11:55
imexilI couldn't find any debug flags to turn on to see what is or is not done during building the snap. Are there any "verbose" switches?11:57
bjfogra_, apw yes it was mvo11:58
mupPR snapcraft#693 closed: Implement "oneshot" daemon type <Created by stgraber> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/693>12:03
mupBug #1607344 opened: snap gives confusing error messages if snap login was ran with sudo <Snappy:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607344>12:10
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kalikianaimexil: Did you look through parts/*/install where the files are? That's the first step I take if something appears to be missing12:36
kalikianaI'm not sure that snapcraft does anything "special" during the build itself. It's mostly invoking make with the variables you defined.12:37
kalikianaimexil: A basic fault could be that the default PREFIX is something inconvenient, like usr/local which isn't where you expect binaries in the final package - the convention is the same as a typical Linux-based distro, /usr/ or /12:39
jdstrandstgraber (and zyga): personally, I would be ok with the shared-within-a-snap mount namespace because that would also solve the "/tmp shouldn't be separate" bug and conform to our design goal of "everything within a snap should be able to work together". That said, there has been resistance to that approach, so I'll let others comment12:48
* apw has just built the same snap in a xenial environment and in a yakkety environment (simple hello-world.c test) and the X one is 4k and the Y one is 600K12:48
jdstrandstgraber: as for 'unconfined', we can discuss that in the PR but I don't think we'll want it to be named that based on previous design goals. the policy needs to be what it needs to be, but 'unconfined' won't be the name of the interface12:50
ahoneybuntrying to snap the new pithos release, wish me luck lol12:50
jdstrandstgraber: aka, it should be named 'lxd' and docker's should be named 'docker'12:51
dholbachimexil, I'd suggest sending a quick mail to snapcraft@lists.snapcraft.io asking for help12:52
ahoneybunheyo dholbach12:52
dholbachhi ahoneybun12:53
imexilkalikiana: The problem is that the PREFIX can not be anything that is not writeable by user. I've now used $SNAPCRAFT_STAGE and after running `snapcraft`  the dir structure looks like: http://zb.dwe.no/?113bba383c80bdb9#gYrjz3cktMYOrRDu9OOmh62aQxN9YK0LyTManzrP978=12:53
ahoneybungot time to debug a snap?12:53
stgraberjdstrand: yeah, zyga already told me I should go with a lxd one which is effectively unconfined rather than make this generic12:53
imexildholbach: Yes probably a good idea.12:53
ahoneybunyaml: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21269089/12:55
stgraberzyga: so I just sent https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1598 (as mentioned before, we won't actually need it but ogra_ apparently has a use case for it :))12:55
mupPR snapd#1598: Implement a fuse interface <Created by stgraber> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1598>12:55
ahoneybunI'm getting local source is not a directory12:55
kalikianaimexil: PREFIX=/usr is perfectly writable by the user as it's going to become parts/*/install/usr/ anyway12:55
ahoneybunmost likely did something wrong with curl and tar12:55
jdstrandstgraber: and no, you didn't screw something up with regard to the private mount namespace12:55
kalikianaimexil: I don't actually know what SNAPCRAFT_STAGE is. I haven't seen that in any docs. What does it point to?12:56
ahoneybunit's building12:58
ahoneybunfalse alarm13:02
ahoneybunjust some stuff from curl13:02
jdstrandtianon: hi!13:03
tianonjdstrand: http://blogs.gnome.org/markmc/2014/02/20/naked-pings/ (this is an automated contentless pong to mirror your contentless ping - please provide more information and I'll respond when I'm around and have a minute)13:03
jdstrandtianon: boy, I was just greeting you before I responded :) Maybe you should adjust your bot :)13:04
ahoneybunso I changed the source to : ./ and it does something but fails13:04
ahoneybunautoreconf -i returns with non-zero exit status 113:04
jdstrandtianon: anyway, re docker> you technically can do two interfaces (one for client and one for server) but snappy is designed for an interface to have two sides: a 'slots' side and a 'plugs' side13:05
jdstrandtianon: the server implements the 'slots' side and the client the 'plugs' side13:05
imexilkalikiana: it points to the stage dir. I found it described here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/snapcraft-advanced-features/13:05
jdstrandtianon: when a snap provides a slot-implementation, that makes available the slot to be plugged by other snaps13:06
imexildholbach: Mail sent. (for moderation since I wasn't aware that it's for subsribed users only)13:08
jdstrandtianon: in this case, you'd write a patch to snapd that implements the 'docker' interface. Then the docker snap would 'slots: [ docker ]'. when a user installs the docker snap, then 'snap interfaces' would show it as available and a client snap could 'plugs' it. eg, a client snap might 'plugs: [ docker ]'13:08
ogra_stgraber, zyga, i even have a shiny bug for it... bug 160311313:09
mupBug #1603113: add fuse filesystem interface <snapd-interface> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603113>13:09
jdstrandtianon: more concretely, the docker snap's daemon command would 'slots: [ docker ]' and the docker interface implementation would put the apparmor rules needed for the daemon to run in PermanentSlotAppArmor and the daemon's seccomp rules in PermanentSlotSecComp13:10
jdstrandtianon: then you put the rules for the client to connect to the server in ConnectedPlug[AppArmor|SecComp] and the rules for the server to connect to the client in ConnectedSlot[AppArmor|SecComp]13:11
ahoneybunhow do I tell snappy to look into parts/pithos-download/src/ ?13:12
dholbachthanks imexil13:12
ahoneybundholbach: ^13:12
dholbachahoneybun, do you want to copy things over? or do you use some build system?13:13
jdstrandtianon: if you haven't already, I suggest you read zyga's blog series: http://www.zygoon.pl/2016/04/snappy-snapcraft-and-interfaces.html and take a look at the the location-observe interface (interfaces/builtin/location_observe*.go)13:13
dholbachahoneybun, source-subdir for the latter ("snapcraft help sources" explains this)13:13
ahoneybunthere is a autogen.sh file in there thast needs to run13:13
ahoneybunreading from here: https://github.com/pithos/pithos/wiki/Installing-from-Source13:13
dholbachahoneybun, autotools plugin with source-subdir then13:13
ahoneybunsource: source-subdir?13:14
kalikianaimexil: Hmm thanks. Should "ipe" have an install target? Do the logs show its installing anything at all? I notice plugin: make but no *Makefile in parts/ipe/build13:14
mupPR snapcraft#694 opened: Pass --root to the python3 plugin on build <Created by blakerouse> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/694>13:14
ahoneybundholbach: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21269089/13:14
jdstrandtianon: /me notes he meant to say PermanentSlotSnippet instead of PermanentSlotAppArmor/SecComp and the same for PermanentPlug*13:14
ahoneybunthis is the current yaml13:14
jdstrandtianon: and ConnectedPlug*13:14
jdstrandtianon: the blog post and the location-observe interface should make things clear13:15
dholbachahoneybun, I'm not sure... do you want me to figure this out for you now?13:15
ahoneybunmm help me figure it maybe13:15
ahoneybundoes not have to be now now13:16
ahoneybunman snapcraft is picky about spacing13:27
ogra_nessita, help ?13:29
ogra_Launchpad uploaded this snap package to the store, but the store failed to13:29
ogra_scan it:13:29
ogra_  Can not create a new package with name ubuntu-core, multiple origins for ubuntu-core are not allowed.13:29
ogra_what can we do there ?13:29
ahoneybunmaking some progress dholbach13:31
ahoneybunthanks to the playpen I've simplifed my yaml a lot13:31
kyrofaahoneybun, it has to be valid YAML :)13:31
kyrofaIf YAML isn't spaced right it can't be parsed13:31
ahoneybunwell I got to the point that it found the autogen.sh file13:32
ahoneybunit said it was missing intltoolize13:32
nessitaogra_, let me check13:33
ogra_nessita, the ubuntu-core snap recently got changed to shared maintainership ... i could imagine that is realted13:33
nessitaogra_, are you uploadingas yourself, and you can collaborate with the ubuntu-core package?13:33
ahoneybunmm missing appstream.xml.m4?13:33
ogra_nessita, yes, to both, i can manage it in myapps and i can upload it manually13:33
ogra_jzst not through LP13:34
ahoneybuntrying again13:34
dholbachahoneybun, how about this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/21272597/13:35
dholbach(as you can see, I nicked the build plugin from autotools)13:36
dholbachand we should probably file a bug for the autotools plugin to respect autogen.sh as well13:36
dholbach... or to allow specifying the build script13:36
ahoneybundholbach: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21272663/13:36
ahoneybunthis going somewhere13:37
dholbachahoneybun, can you try what I pasted earlier?13:37
ahoneybunit's priming!13:37
dholbachbecause that works for me13:37
dholbachwhat is mqtt-paho/python3 needed for?13:37
ahoneybunit needed python so I thought13:37
ahoneybunsomething about no module named gi13:39
dholbachpython3-gi maybe?13:39
ahoneybunit built but13:40
dholbachno, in stage-packages13:40
ahoneybunit is in the build-packages13:40
ahoneybunon I saw that13:40
* ahoneybun looks anyway13:40
ahoneybunthe docs are pretty good13:40
dholbachor check out http://snapcraft.io/docs/build-snaps/parts13:41
dholbachstage-packages lists the dependencies needed to actually run the contents of the snap. They’ll be packed into the final snap. Here, the requirement is for the hello-world part to download and unpack libqt5gui5 with all its dependencies. This method can reuse any of the 48000 .deb packages that traditional Ubuntu provides. It’s really that easy: just specify the packages you need embedded into your snap13:41
ahoneybunalright cool let me try doing that13:43
ahoneybundid you want me to test your yaml too?13:43
dholbachno worries, if yours works, go ahead and use that13:44
ahoneybunam I allowed to upload it to the store if it works well?13:44
ahoneybunor do I need permission from the developer?13:45
dholbachno, you can just upload13:45
ahoneybunalright cool13:46
* ahoneybun needs to get his laptop charger13:46
ahoneybunI'm getting a glib error13:49
timothyahoneybun: which one?13:50
ahoneybunI love chrome syncing <313:51
timothyahoneybun: it seems a wrong prefix error, since it looks for /share intead of /usr/share13:51
seb128timothy, what's your snapcraft.yaml?13:52
ahoneybunso looking in the wrong place13:52
timothyseb128: not mine :P13:52
seb128ahoneybun, ^13:52
seb128ah, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21272663/13:52
seb128so yeah13:53
ahoneybunwell I added a stage-package13:53
seb128ahoneybun, you hit bug #159083113:53
mupBug #1590831: having prefix='' by default is non standard and confusing <Snapcraft:New> <snapcraft (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1590831>13:53
seb128you can use "configflags: [--prefix=/usr]"13:53
seb128comment on the bug as well to say that's you got confused by the issue13:53
seb128it might help to convince kyrofa & co that it's an issue13:53
ahoneybunseb128: where do I put that line13:53
seb128ahoneybun, under "      plugin: autotools" for example13:54
timothyif you don't like /usr you can use prefix=/13:54
timothymaybe :P13:54
mupPR snapcraft#695 opened: Add process-dependency-links option to Python plugins <Created by OddBloke> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/695>13:56
ahoneybundone seb12813:56
ahoneybuntrying another buil13:56
ahoneybundholbach: once it runs I'll see if I can remove mqtt-paho/python313:58
zygastgraber: looking14:01
ahoneybunseb128: that is not the issue14:01
ahoneybunit's not in /usr/share/pithos/ either14:02
ahoneybunthe heck14:03
ahoneybunit's in prime/user/share/pithos though14:03
ogra_sergiusens, hmm, so trying to upload the new ubuntu-core to the store it fails complaining that confinement should not be set for type: os ... i guess we need another change14:03
seb128ahoneybun, ah, that fun bug14:03
ogra_sergiusens, i guess if i leave it out in snapcraft.yaml the build will still push it into snap.yaml in the resulting snap ?14:04
seb128ahoneybun, you basically hit bug #158325014:05
mupBug #1583250: upstream use of build-time defined DATADIR incompatible with snaps relocation <snap-desktop-issue> <Snapcraft:New> <Snappy:New> <snapcraft (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <snapd (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1583250>14:05
kyrofaogra_, indeed it will14:05
kyrofaogra_, I didn't know about that requirement :P14:05
ogra_so we need to prevent that then14:05
ogra_kyrofa, well, i blame jdstrand :)14:06
ogra_'confinement' should only be specified with 'type: app' lint-snap-v2_confinement_valid14:06
ogra_i guess snapd or u-d-f dont really care about that field, so we could probably just fix it in the reviewer tools14:06
ogra_(fix = ignore)14:07
ahoneybunany way around it seb128?14:07
mupPR snapcraft#696 opened: Replace 'strip' with 'prime' on intro page and step options <Created by bogdanap> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/696>14:08
seb128ahoneybun, you can try to --prefix=/snap/pithos/current/usr and organize: snap/pithos/current/usr: usr14:08
ahoneybunorganize is under the prefix?14:08
seb128it's a hack14:10
seb128but prefix makes things installed where you point14:10
seb128but snapd relocates14:10
seb128so you end up having files are /snap/pithos/current /snap/pithos/current/usr if you don't reorganize14:11
ahoneybunI'm writing organize wrong14:12
ahoneybungetting validatiing issues14:12
ahoneybunthe docs don't write an example of it14:13
seb128organize: [ snap/pithos/current/usr: usr ]14:14
seb128I guess?14:14
seb128or - snap/pithos/current/usr: usr14:14
ahoneybunnone of those14:15
ahoneybun[{' ': ' '}]14:16
seb128        organize:14:16
seb128snap/gedit310/current/usr: usr14:16
ahoneybunis what the error says14:16
seb128try like that14:16
seb128with the current name14:17
ahoneybunmapping valuse are not allowed here14:17
seb128can you share your snapcraft.yaml?14:17
ahoneybunfunny thing14:19
ahoneybunI'm making a snap using a snap14:19
kyrofaahoneybun, "organize: snap/pithos/current/usr: usr" is not valid yaml14:19
ahoneybunusing the Atom editier14:19
ahoneybunyea lol14:20
seb128ahoneybun, sorry, just got on a new line for the pair14:25
seb128ahoneybun, like in https://github.com/8none1/gedit310/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml#L1914:25
ahoneybunso far I have not found a snap that uses organize to learn from14:25
seb128ahoneybun, ^14:26
ahoneybunnow it can't find python3-dbus1 in the cache14:26
ahoneybunthe heck14:26
seb128can you pastebin the error?14:28
ahoneybunI can't find it here either14:28
ahoneybunno 114:29
ahoneybunI did not see the error before because of the organize thing14:30
ahoneybunsnapping now14:30
ahoneybunthis will be the last build for a few hours g2g out in a bit14:30
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: I just saw your email14:31
ali1234how do i snap a service?14:35
ahoneybunmm why am I getting that gi module error again14:35
ahoneybunI have it in stage-packages14:35
seb128ahoneybun, oh, my fault I guess14:36
seb128the reorganize probably move it14:36
ahoneybunmost likey14:36
seb128ahoneybun, try moving stage-packages to a different part like in the gedit example I shared14:36
seb128that's better as well because it means you can clean/rebuild pithos without redownloading all the debs every time14:37
kalikianaali1234: http://snapcraft.io/create/ see "daemon: simple"14:37
ahoneybundifferent part?14:38
ahoneybunthe deb: ?14:39
seb128ahoneybun, ahoneybun like in https://github.com/8none1/gedit310/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml#L1914:39
ahoneybunoh line 1914:39
seb128ahoneybun, http://paste.ubuntu.com/21278483/14:40
seb128ahoneybun, like that14:40
seb128ahoneybun, it makes the deb build a different element so you don't need to redo that part every time you build the source14:40
seb128also it means the reorganize is only going to apply to the pithos build14:41
seb128not to the deb content14:41
ahoneybunwhat plugin nil?14:41
seb128oh right14:41
ahoneybunyea running now14:42
ali1234kalikiana: if you make hello-world into a simple daemon, wouldn't it just start and then immediately exit indefinitely?14:44
ogra_slangasek, FYI, i just re-owned the snap build for ubuntu-core to the snappy-dev team, if you go to https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+snap/ubuntu-core you should see a "request builds" link ... (i just noticed you are team admin for snappy-dev :) )14:44
ali1234or until init decided it was respawning too fast and then disabled it...14:45
kalikianaali1234: I think the assumption is that hello-world keeps running. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense as a service.14:46
ali1234it's GNU hello world14:46
ali1234it just prints "hello world" and then exits14:46
kalikianaNo that's not what it is. It's a node application.14:48
ogra_depends which hello-world package you refer to :)14:48
ogra_there are plenty of them in the store14:48
kalikianaToo many if you ask me...14:48
ali1234source: http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/hello/hello-2.10.tar.gz14:48
ogra_the canonical owned one ships a bunch of sub commands14:48
ogra_hello-world.env ... hello-world.evil and hello-world.sh14:49
kalikianaogra_: I do like the hello-world.env for the first steps into a snappy world. But there's no way to tell this from any of the others, let's be honest the name should've been reserved or an actually meaningful name should've been used.14:50
ogra_but it is what it is now ...14:50
kalikianaAnd of course using two other hellos in the tutorial isn't helping14:50
kalikianaali1234: For the moment, try to re-read the steps in the service section and ignore the previous GNU hello example.14:51
kalikianaIt's unrelated.14:51
kalikianaSentences... words... whatever is said there :-)14:52
ali1234i keep reading them over and over and they aren't giving me any useful information :(14:53
ali1234as far as i can tell i just define an app like normal, but i also say "daemon: simple"14:54
ali1234assuming it is a simple daemon, which it is in my case14:54
ogra_thast line tells snapd to create a systemd unit for it at install time14:54
ali1234called hello-service?14:54
ogra_iirc it is a bit more complext ... sanp.foo.bar.baz ...14:55
ali1234can it be named the same as the app?14:55
ogra_check with systemctl14:55
didrocksChipaca: do you know if there is any way to get the whole list of snap for my device in the store? (now search needs to have a string as a parameter)14:56
kalikiana'snap find' works fine here, if you are patient14:59
didrockshum, here I have "empty search query"14:59
ogra_the latter is the latest15:00
ogra_you cant search with empty string anymore15:00
didrockswhich is annoying to get a list of "snap of the months" :p15:00
ogra_didrocks, https://plus.google.com/+Uappexplorer-ubuntu/posts15:01
ogra_you can even see them roll in (semi-live ... its a bit delayed)15:01
jibeldidrocks, you can do "snap find ." that'll return everthing apparently15:02
didrocksogra_: yeah, I was thinking about using this for the coming months15:02
didrocksoh dot!15:02
* didrocks hugs jibel15:02
didrocksthanks! that does the trick15:02
ogra_didrocks, that only returns 100 results though (hardcoded at the store side)15:03
didrockshow does it select what to return?15:03
ogra_ogra@styx:~/Devel/branches/snapcraft$ snap find .*|wc -l15:03
didrocksit goes to x15:03
stgrabersergiusens: snapcraft.io says to use "upload", the command line tool says to use "push" instead, guess the website should be updated15:03
didrocksso just no x y z ? ;)15:03
ogra_dunno, but there are more than 100 snaps15:03
ogra_... in the store15:03
didrocksok, let's say it's taking ascii order15:03
jibeldidrocks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/21281325/15:09
didrocksjibel: that's "snap find ."? or juts a shell script?15:09
jibeldidrocks, for x in a ...; find $x ... ;)15:10
ogra_quite awkward that we need such hacks instead of just having the store properly returning more than 10015:13
josephtI think the intention is to not have 'snap find' return a list of "all" snaps in the store15:23
ogra_yes, i understand the intention ... i just dont agree with it ;)15:23
ogra_(it annoys me on the phone since i use it ... in android i can go on for hours to browse the store apps)15:24
ogra_(on ubuntu it stops at 100 apps)15:24
jibelif only it was 100 random apps, but it returns always the same15:25
ogra_i suspect that is why people always say there are no apps in ubuntu phone ... if they would see the whole list the experience would be quite different :)15:25
josephtogra_: fwiw, I agree.  I want to be able to aimlessly browse them all as well.15:26
jibelogra_, they would discover all your webapps, that would be such an experience ;)15:26
ogra_see !15:26
mupBug #1607297 changed: Error with an example Python snap <Snapcraft:New> <Snappy:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607297>15:33
JamesTait"< ~didrocks> how does it select what to return?" - the same way we did for Clicks: highest relevance, best ratings average, most recently updated.  The fact we can't browse endlessly on the Click scope is a bug in the scope, the server has pagination but the scope doesn't use it.15:34
didrocksJamesTait: oh, interesting :)15:37
JamesTaitThere's also the size parameter to the API endpoint to get more than 100 results.  This is all documented at https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/docs/#pagination-of-collections (formerly https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppStore/Interfaces/ClickPackageIndex#Pagination_of_Collections)15:39
didrockshum, we could may be hack something around this, would be better than the shell script for now :)15:47
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
mupPR snapd#1599 opened: asserts,client: switch snap-build and snap-revision to be indexed by snap-sha3-384 <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1599>16:35
ali1234well that didn't work16:50
ali1234hmm i think it worked that time16:54
ali1234oh wait, it didn't16:54
ogra_funny monologue :)16:55
ali1234doesn't work16:56
ali1234doesn't create a service file, doesn't create a command in /snap/bin, doesn't even attempt to start anything when i install it16:57
ogra_plugin: nil16:57
ali1234yes because it is already packaged16:57
ali1234so i just stage it16:57
ogra_and you are sure it ends up in the resulting snap ?16:58
ogra_and gmediarender is actually a daemon ?16:58
ogra_(i.e. it doesnt return)16:58
ali1234yes, when you run it without arguments16:59
ali1234that's /snap/gmediarender/current16:59
ali1234the init.d is part of the package. i don't want to use it because it doesn't work17:00
ogra_kyrofa, bug #1607459 for your pleasure17:00
mupBug #1607459: type:os should prevent adding "confinement" to the snap.yaml <snapcraft (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607459>17:00
kyrofaThanks ogra_17:01
ogra_ali1234, and when you install the snap you dont see systemd errors in the syslog ?17:01
ali1234[201393.122973] audit: type=1400 audit(1469724778.984:22): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" profile="unconfined" name="snap.gmediarender.gmediarender" pid=3485 comm="apparmor_parser"17:02
ali1234i see that17:02
ogra_well, you should also see a start attempt of the service17:02
ali1234there is no service for it to start, unless it has a really cryptic name17:03
ali1234i did systemctl | grep media17:03
ali1234all i see is the mounts17:03
ogra_ogra@styx:~/Devel/branches$ systemctl |grep upnp17:03
ogra_  snap-upnp\x2dserver-1.mount                                                                 loaded active mounted   Mount unit for upnp-server17:03
ogra_  snap.upnp-server.minidlna.service                                                           loaded active running   Service for snap application upnp-server.minidlna17:03
ogra_  snap.upnp-server.webdav.service                                                             loaded active running   Service for snap application upnp-server.webdav17:03
ogra_that is what i get for my upnp-server snap17:04
ogra_so you shoudl actually see ...17:04
tianonjdstrand: epic, that helps a lot, thanks so much! :D (I've also adjusted by over-enthusiastic naked ping script O:)  I used to get folks pinging me with "tianon: hi" a _lot_ to check if I was online before asking me questions :P)17:17
ali1234yeah i don't see that at all17:41
ali1234ogra_: can i have your snapcraft.yaml please?17:44
ogra_for the upnp-server ? thats a bit more complex, but sure ...  one sec17:44
ali1234i just installed it from the store and it works17:44
ogra_indeed it does :)17:44
ali1234well at least i got some service files anyway17:45
ali1234this will actually be helpful for me, since i need a media server to test with :)17:45
ali1234and gmediaserver sucks17:45
ali1234don't suppose you know of another media renderer?17:45
ogra_you can access it via webdav to dump files into it17:45
ogra_(i always use nautilus' "connect to server" with: dav://$external_ip/)17:46
ali1234gvfs consistently crashes on my system17:47
ali1234https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/1511626 - also affects gvfs-dav17:47
mupBug #1511626: gvfsd-smb crashed with signal 5 in g_settings_set_property() <amd64> <apport-crash> <vivid> <gvfs (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1511626>17:47
ahoneybunseb128: it's looking in the wrong place again17:48
seb128ahoneybun, :-/17:48
seb128ahoneybun, pastebin?17:48
ahoneybunthe glib error about .gresource17:48
ahoneybunlet me get it17:48
seb128ali1234, is that a snap or a deb?17:48
ali1234seb128: which?17:49
seb128ali1234, that gvfsd-smb bug is weird17:49
ali1234that's a deb. the one from the repos17:49
ahoneybunseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21299368/17:49
ali1234nothing to do with snappy, i;m just griping17:49
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
jdstrandtianon: hehe - I was just trying to be friendly :)17:49
tianonjdstrand: indeed! :D17:50
seb128ali1234, can you "$ strace -f /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-smb 2>&1 | grep schemas"?17:50
jdstrandtianon: I can definitely relate to the motivation for that bot though. 'jdstrand: ping' just doesn't cut it :)17:50
tianonhahaha yeah17:50
tianonI get highlights on my phone too17:51
jdstrandoh yeah17:51
tianonso it's frustrating to be out somewhere and get "tianon: ping" as a notification17:51
jdstrandthat would be rough17:51
seb128ahoneybun, can you pastebin your snapcraft.yaml? I guess it's going to be easier if I have a try there, it looks better but unsure why the resource is missing17:51
tianonbut "tianon: do you know XYZ about ABC?" is super useful and tells me whether I need to connect to irssi from my phone to reply :)17:51
ali1234seb128: well lokk at that... it is opening something from /usr/local17:52
ahoneybunseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21278483/17:52
ali1234/usr/local/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled to be specific17:52
seb128ali1234, delete that one...17:52
seb128ali1234, local install bitten users since linux :p17:52
ahoneybunseb128: updated one17:53
seb128ahoneybun, k, going to try it here17:53
seb128ahoneybun, is the resources not installed? ls  /snap/pithos/current/usr/share/pithos? do you know if that's supposed to be part of the make install or generated?17:54
ahoneybunit is in the prime dir17:54
ali1234seb128: still crashes though17:55
seb128ali1234, same bt? can you pastebin the strace cmd?17:56
seb128the ouput of the cmd I mean17:56
seb128ali1234, you still have /usr/local lines, can you wipe out /usr/local/(share/)glib*?17:57
ali1234i will nuke /usr/local17:57
seb128or just move it away17:58
ali1234still crashes, but maybe things are still in memory17:58
ali1234hang on i will reboot17:58
ali1234strace now says this http://paste.ubuntu.com/21300641/17:59
ahoneybunany luck seb128?18:05
mupPR snapd#1600 opened: many: various fixes around the `create-user` command <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1600>18:06
seb128ahoneybun, I didn't have the debs so it took a bit to build, almost done18:06
ahoneybunoh ok18:06
ahoneybunis there any docs for the file system of snaps?18:07
seb128http://snapcraft.io/ has some details18:07
ali1234seb128: still crashes18:07
ahoneybunnot much18:08
seb128ali1234, interesting, does it do it if you start the process by hand from a cmdline?18:08
seb128ahoneybun, what info are you after?18:08
ali1234i don't know how to do that18:08
ahoneybunwhere that /snap/pithos/current/ stuff it18:08
ahoneybunlike where to look for the file that seems to be missing18:09
ahoneybunit is in the prime dir18:09
seb128ali1234, what if you try "/usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-smb --spawner :1.9 /org/gtk/gvfs/exec_spaw/7"18:09
seb128it's the prime that is mounter in /snap/pithos/current18:09
ali1234it says "call_spawned_cb: Error sending a message: The name :1.9 was not provided by any .service files (g-dbus-error-quark, 2)"18:09
ali1234then it just continues to run doing nothing18:09
seb128ali1234, how do you trigger the crash usually?18:10
ahoneybunso it is in /prime/usr/share/pithos/pithos.gresource18:10
ali1234open thunar and type a smb: or dav: url into the location18:10
ali1234or anything else that uses gvfs18:10
seb128ali1234, does that crash the process you just started?18:10
ali1234this ia guaranteed crash 100% of the time18:10
seb128ahoneybun, arg, sorry18:11
seb128ahoneybun, I though your snap was name "pithos"18:11
ali1234seb128: no18:11
ahoneybunwell pithos-ahoneybun is the name18:11
seb128ahoneybun, --prefix=/snap/pithos-ahoneybun/current/usr18:11
seb128same for the organize rule18:11
ahoneybunbuilding now18:12
ahoneybunthis will work!18:12
ahoneybunI will keep trying18:12
ahoneybunFranz was a fail though18:12
ogra_this will work unti you hit a distro where snaps dont get installed to /snap18:13
ahoneybunone step at a time lol18:13
seb128ogra_, well I raised that issue several time but seems it's not judged important enough to be discussed yet, so let's see once we get there18:17
seb128I can foresee what comes though18:17
seb128it's going to happen18:17
seb128we are going to get online rants about snaps18:17
seb128and then it's going to be a priority to address18:18
ogra_yeah, and lots of fun with ad-hoc sprints and such18:19
* ogra_ already looks forward to the traveling :P18:19
ogra_(though i must admit i have never used that hack :P ... *my* snaps will work :) )18:20
seb128yeah, you snap code from bc writen in stones :p18:21
kyrofaYeah I've not run into it either18:22
kyrofaI suspect seb128 picks projects to snap based on whether or not this hack is needed :P18:22
ogra_seb128, you mean nethack isnt a modern MMO ?18:23
seb128kyrofa, I'm just helping ahoneybun here18:23
kyrofaseb128, I know, I'm just kidding :)18:23
kyrofaseb128, it's definitely a problem18:23
kyrofaseb128, but the workaround that's needed is a hard one18:23
kyrofaSo it's slow18:23
ogra_there is nothing five stacked wrapper scripts cant fix :P18:24
seb128ahoneybun, seems to go further, need to stage-package gir1.2-gtk-3.0 now18:24
ahoneybunI'm building still lol18:24
kyrofaogra_, typically I agree, but there are really some projects that write this path into binaries18:24
seb128kyrofa, the proper fix would be easy, just provide a stable location, e.g /var/lib/snap/name that point to the real mount18:24
ahoneybunshould I cancel it and add that?18:24
ahoneybunseb128: ^18:24
seb128ahoneybun, yes18:25
kyrofaseb128, I'm not sure we can even guarantee that across distros18:25
seb128why not?18:25
ahoneybunI keep after every build so that's what slows me18:25
seb128kyrofa, just make them in XDG_RUNTIME_DIR?18:25
seb128ahoneybun, looking at your build-packages you are going to need more stage-package18:26
seb128ahoneybun, if there is a deb around look at its depends and add that as stage18:26
seb128apt-cache show gstreamer1.0-plugins-good, gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad, python3-pkg-resources, python3-gi, python3-gi-cairo, gir1.2-gtk-3.0, gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0, gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.018:26
seb128ahoneybun, ^ those18:26
ahoneybunI added what the github page showed18:27
ahoneybunthat's to build no?18:27
seb128those ^ are runtime depends18:27
seb128you need the bindings for cairo/gtk/gstreamer18:27
ahoneybunthat was apt-cache show pithos right?18:28
mupPR snapd#1601 opened: partition: clear snap_try_{kernel,core} on success <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1601>18:29
seb128ahoneybun, yes18:29
ahoneybunalright put it in stage-packages18:30
kyrofaahoneybun, seb128 note that snapcraft will pull in libs if ldd shows them18:33
ahoneybunI'm getting a error about file paths in common18:33
seb128kyrofa, is that true for python instrospection bindings as well?18:34
seb128I guess not18:34
ahoneybunbut different contents18:34
seb128ahoneybun, pastebin?18:34
kyrofaseb128, probably not, I figure that stuff is dlopened18:35
ahoneybunmost likely need desktop/gtk318:35
seb128ahoneybun, can you share the snapcraft.yaml?18:36
seb128I wonder if that got fixed in a new snapcraft18:38
seb128kyrofa, ^ do you know? the file conflict thing18:38
ahoneybunI should have a new version18:38
ahoneybunthe newest18:38
kyrofaahoneybun, seb128 indeed, that bug was fixed in the version being SRUd now18:39
seb128ahoneybun, install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapcraft/2.13.1/+build/10516627/+files/snapcraft_2.13.1_all.deb18:39
kyrofaahoneybun, until that fix gets to you you can filter one (or both) of them out using the stage and snap keywords18:40
ahoneybunwhich are?18:40
kyrofaahoneybun, https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/docs/snapcraft-syntax.md18:40
kyrofaahoneybun, ways to filter files out from parts18:41
ahoneybunso - file to exclude18:42
ahoneybunand * to include?18:42
ahoneybunnot sure18:44
seb128ahoneybun, just install the new snapcraft with dpkg ^18:46
ahoneybunyea just did that lol18:46
seb128ahoneybun, you need gir1.2-secret-1 as well18:46
seb128just hit that one missing, rebuilding...18:46
ahoneybunit's priming for me18:47
ahoneybungot a error about the desktop-launch18:47
seb128iterating on snapcraft is not as easy as it should18:47
seb128tends to need to wipe lot of the state and restart18:47
seb128which one?18:47
ahoneybunwell I have desktop-launch pithos18:48
ahoneybunbut there is no executable for that18:48
ahoneybunto install it I think it needs to run the ./configure and then the make install18:49
ahoneybunso the bin is in /usr/local/bin/pithos18:50
ahoneybunbut with our changes18:51
ahoneybunit should be snap/pithos-ahoneybun/current/usr/local/bin/pithos18:52
ahoneybuntrying that now18:52
ahoneybunthe geddit did it different18:53
ahoneybunthe command desktop-launch does not exist or not executable18:53
seb128ahoneybun, your snapcraft was starting the right command, we wouldn't have had the import errors from the code otherwise18:56
ahoneybunseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21308132/18:57
ali1234hmm okay, my gvfs is fixed, thanks seb128!18:59
ali1234now back to snappy...18:59
seb128ahoneybun, weird, is that since the snapcraft update?!18:59
seb128need to go for dinner but I might be back later19:00
ahoneybunI updated to 2.13.119:00
ahoneybunlet me do a clean build19:00
ali1234so i actually do have a service file for gmediarender19:00
seb128works here19:00
ahoneybunit builds?19:00
ali1234but the thing is it doesn't ever show in systemctl19:00
ali1234ah... i need to say "systemctl -a"19:01
ali1234snap.gmediarender.gmediarender.service     loaded    inactive dead      Service for snap application gmediarender.gmediarender19:02
ali1234how do i clean up all the old snaps i have installed?19:08
ahoneybunsnap remove19:24
ahoneybunsnap list will show the ones installed19:24
ali1234i just want to remove the old revisions19:27
ahoneybunI'm getting so close!19:38
zygaali1234: snapd 2.11 (in proposed soon) will do this automatically19:39
ahoneybunnow down to some gtk-warning and apparmor issue19:53
stokachutrying to run conjure-up -h and it just hangs https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/KP42oVnq/20:05
stokachui did run snap install conjure-up --devmode to attempt to run conjure-up -h20:06
stokachuit works in snap try prime mode20:06
ahoneybunso running pithos runs20:23
jdstrandahoneybun: the apparmor issue is bug #1590679. there is an exploratory PR. we are getting close to deciding what the final implementation should be20:34
mupBug #1590679: Apps can't own session bus names (unity7 interface) <snap-desktop-issue> <snapd-interface> <Snappy:In Progress by jdstrand> <snapd (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1590679>20:34
kyrofaHey jdstrand, I figure it's not a high priority, but has any progress been made on the upstream changes necessary for seccomp errno20:38
ahoneybunjdstrand: I got around it some how20:40
ahoneybundaemon: simple fixed it20:40
ahoneybunno clue how20:40
jdstrandkyrofa: tyhicks is/will be working on it now/soon20:41
kyrofajdstrand, alright thanks!20:42
jdstrandtyhicks: what are your thoughts on CAP_IPC_LOCK wrt interfaces?20:44
jdstrandtyhicks: I'm conflicted-- on the one hand, an app should be able to lock memory I think, but on the other, it could be used to keep from swapping. its sorta like the oom_score_adj/setpriority discussion (where if you raise the score of other processes with your uid, you effectively raised yours) and sorta bleeds into process-control where you can renice20:46
jdstrandhonestly, I'm surprised we haven't seen it come up yet20:47
tyhicksjdstrand: we probably need to allow it (disallowing it can result in security issues) but document that it can be used to DoS other programs that try to lock memory20:48
jdstrandtyhicks: that is what I was thinking. I have no idea how we would sensibly mediate that20:49
tyhicksjdstrand: currently, we're not allowing any programs to lock memory so allowing it is an improvement even if there is some snap that (un)intentionally locks the maximum amount of memory20:49
jdstrandyeah, we can handle abuse through store processes20:50
tyhicksjdstrand: store processes is how we'll handle it today but, in the future, snap-confine could place cgroup limits, or maybe use apparmor's rlimit mlock rules, on a specific snap app that is lower than the system mlock limit20:53
tyhicksjdstrand: snap-confine could also call setrlimit(RLIMIT_MEMLOCK, ...) before setting the seccomp filter (assuming that we're still blocking setrlimit())20:55
jdstrandtyhicks: we allow setrlimit but not CAP_SYS_RESOURCE (in safe interfaces)21:00
jdstrandtyhicks: but we could always arg filter RLIMIT_MEMLOCK21:01
jdstrandtyhicks: ok adding capability ipc_lock to default template (no idea where else to put it-- speak up if it should be somewhere else) wich comment, and created incoming card with this conversation21:02
jdstrandtyhicks: I guess I could create a manual connected interface21:03
tyhicksjdstrand: I don't think memory locking is something we should expose to users21:04
jdstrandyeah, that was my feeling too21:04
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ahoneybunwhat happens if a name on the snap store is taken?21:31
kyrofaahoneybun, only one account can publish a given name21:34
ahoneybunsomeone is holding pithos - the name of the app I'm summiting21:35
ahoneybunso I got pithos-1 lol21:35
ahoneybunkyrofa: how do rev's work?21:53
ahoneybunlike I just upload the same version to the store and it changes the rev ?21:53
kyrofaahoneybun, they're assigned by the store when you upload21:53
kyrofaahoneybun, right, the version you set is just a human-readable string21:53
kyrofaahoneybun, the revision is used to determine which snap is newer than another21:53
ahoneybunI want to keep 1.2.0 as that is the version of the app that I packaged21:54
kyrofaahoneybun, sure21:54
ahoneybundo you think the dev of pithos grabbed the name?21:55
ahoneybunhey seb12821:56
seb128hey ahoneybun, saw the backlog, congrats on getting your snap to work ;-)21:56
ahoneybunit seems to21:56
ahoneybunpithos launchs it from terminal21:56
ahoneybunat some times I can get it to show in Dash21:56
ahoneybunseb128: http://imgur.com/a/Kdrti21:57
ahoneybunI can't seem to find it in Dash though21:58
ahoneybunit worked that one time21:58
ahoneybunbut I have uninstalled it a few times21:58
seb128it should work if you have  a .desktop in setup/gui21:58
ahoneybunI do21:58
ahoneybunalso a icon21:58
seb128that gets installed in /var/lib/snap/desktop/applications21:58
seb128and unity should pick it up21:58
ahoneybunfollowed dosbox21:59
ahoneybunfrom the snappy playpen21:59
seb128k, unsure about that one, maybe an unity bug21:59
seb128need to go though, time to sleep here21:59
ahoneybunit does not put a bin in /snap/bin mm21:59
kyrofaahoneybun, can I see your yaml?22:10
kyrofaahoneybun, as well as your desktop file?22:10
mupPR snapcraft#696 closed: Replace 'strip' with 'prime' on intro page and step options <Created by bogdanap> <Merged by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/696>22:11
ahoneybunkyrofa: yaml: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21334564/ ; desktop: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21334623/22:30
kyrofaahoneybun, you're saying installing that puts nothing in /snap/bin/ ?22:33
ahoneybunfunny that it is not in snap list either22:35
kyrofaahoneybun, huh-- is it in /snap/ at all?22:36
ahoneybunit makes a dir22:36
ahoneybunin /snap/22:36
kyrofaahoneybun, indeed22:36
kyrofaahoneybun, I do see a problem with the desktop file, though22:37
kyrofaahoneybun, installing this snap should create a /snap/bin/pithos-ahoneybun.pithos-app binary22:37
kyrofaahoneybun, the .desktop file needs to Exec=pithos-ahoneybun.pithos-app22:37
ahoneybunsomehow I'm launching it22:38
ahoneybunthough it is not installed though apt22:38
ahoneybunI built it from source22:38
ahoneybunnot sure how to remove it though22:38
kyrofaahoneybun, you mean via `make install` ?22:39
kyrofaahoneybun, I don't suppose it also generates a `make uninstall` or `make remove` target?22:39
ahoneybunthat worked22:40
ahoneybunadded that to .desktop btw22:40
ahoneybunso I was running the source built version...22:42
kyrofaahoneybun, makes sense22:44
ahoneybunsnapping it up again with the changes22:51
ahoneybunstill not making anything in /snap/bin22:52
kyrofaahoneybun, and it shows up in snap list?22:53
ahoneybunso it made something in /snap though22:53
kyrofaahoneybun, can you pastebin `ls /snap/` and `ls /snap/bin/` ?22:54
kyrofaahoneybun, please also pastebin `cat /snap/pithos-ahoneybun/current/meta/snap.yaml`22:56
kyrofaahoneybun, oh! It's a daemon22:58
kyrofaahoneybun, that won't put anything in /snap/bin/, it'll generate a systemd unit file in /etc/systemd/system/22:58
ahoneybunwell it needed to do a service22:59
kyrofaahoneybun, is that what you want? Those aren't launched by desktop files22:59
ahoneybunwhich AppArmor has denied22:59
ahoneybunkyrofa: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21338511/23:07
kyrofaahoneybun, as jdstrand mentioned earlier, that's bug ##159067923:08
mupBug #1590679: Apps can't own session bus names (unity7 interface) <snap-desktop-issue> <snapd-interface> <Snappy:In Progress by jdstrand> <snapd (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1590679>23:08
ahoneybunyea I saw that.23:10
ahoneybunwhat does it mean when it fails to load canberra-gtk-module?23:14
ahoneybuninstalling it with --devmode gives me that error23:15
wililupyDid we change ubuntu-device-flash for gadget snaps?23:56
wililupyI get an error no hardware description in Gadget snap.23:56
wililupytrying to use --gadget=canonical-pc23:56

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