qenghoHi hi hi.00:45
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* qengho pounces on hikiko.05:15
qenghoFinally! I've been *so lonely*.05:15
hikikoHi qengho !05:15
pittiGood morning05:51
seb128good morning desktopers06:51
didrocksre seb12806:52
seb128re didrocks :-)06:52
seb128just got my coffee and done with email backlog, can start looking at what I should put on my plate for today ;-)06:52
flocculantseb128: bacon and eggs06:54
willcookemorning all08:03
TheMusoHey Laney, willcooke.08:03
didrockshey Laney, willcooke, TheMuso08:03
seb128hey Laney willcooke TheMuso08:03
Laneywhat's up08:06
davmor2Oh Laney you so street08:07
Laneywest side is the best side08:10
pittihey Laney!08:12
pittiça va seb12808:12
davmor2Laney: Wales is no the best side, It's nice don't get me wrong but not best ;)08:12
pittihello davmor2 and willcooke, how are you?08:12
davmor2pitti: 'ow do chap? I'm good thanks netboot testing today my favourite \o/08:13
pittidavmor2: hah, you have strange pleasures :)08:14
seb128pitti, salut, ça va bien ?08:15
pittiseb128: oui, et toi ?08:16
seb128très bien merci !08:16
davmor2pitti: Oh sorry I seemed to be missing the <sarcasm></sarcasm> tag I do that I assume people see text from me and read it in my sarcastic tone by default ;)08:17
pittidavmor2: honestly, I actually do like to test netboot -- it feels a bit magic :)08:18
pitti"here's a completely blank machine which boots ubuntu out of thin air"08:18
pittiwell, thin air and some really thin copper lines, close enough :)08:18
davmor2pitti: for me it is the time it takes that drive me to distraction other than that it is fine :)08:18
pittiadmittedly I usually test with a VM and use my laptop as a proxy (apt-cacher-ng), then it's really fast08:19
davmor2pitti: yeah see I can't do that as I need to test that it connects to the servers each time :)08:20
pittidavmor2: actually, can we automate the actual install with preseed?08:20
pittithere's little reason why netboot tests can't be fully automated as an autopkgtest of d-i08:20
pittinested qemu works well enough these days08:20
davmor2pitti: true but hey for now I'm it08:21
davmor2willcooke: should there be a unity8 option for yakkety on netboot by the way?08:22
willcookedavmor2, no08:23
willcookeat least, not yet08:24
willcookehey andyrock09:11
seb128hey andyrock09:19
Sweet5hark1heh, sooo, researching some stuff on precise I found I could crash the gdb that the crash reporter called, causing a new crash reporter that ... can be used to crash a gdb again and so on.10:38
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pittitedg: Trevinho included the bamf merge in a different landing (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bamf/0.5.3~bzr0+16.10.20160726.1-0ubuntu1), so can you please remove it from the mega-ticket?11:01
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ximionLaney: you want libarchive >= 3.1.9 for asgen to work12:36
ximion(but that was an alpha release, so 3.2 will do :) )12:36
tedgpitti: Ah, okay. We need an indicator-network fix and unity7 to land as well.13:05
* Laney just watched the last episode13:14
Laneyximion: yeh, I'm going to backport it13:14
pittiLaney: ooh! I really liked Breaking Bad13:15
* Laney hears the archers theme tune13:15
Laneypitti: yeah, me too!13:15
Laneyalthough I'm not sure if I'm on his side any more :-)13:15
pittiLaney: I think that was the point :)13:16
pittithe great thing was that you cannot really pinpoint when he stops being the pity underdog/likable person and becomes the monster cartell boss13:16
Laneylast time I was at climbing there were 3 people with Heisenberg t-shirts at the same time13:16
LaneyThe central theme of "Ozymandias" is contrasting the inevitable decline of all leaders and of the empires they build with their pretensions to greatness13:22
ximionLaney: I will probably do the same for Debian13:27
ximionthe change I wanted for libarchive was in Git master for about three years - libarchive releases slowly13:27
ximionBreaking Bad was awesome!13:28
seb128tedg, hey, so about inkscape, menus works for me....14:31
tedgseb128: Yeah, what version of snapd do you have?14:32
seb128current xenial14:32
seb128so 2.0.1014:32
tedgHmm, was thinking that was the issue.14:32
tedgYeah, current xenial here too.14:32
seb128did you install --devmode or not?14:33
tedgseb128: No, not --devmode, but you said it worked both ways for you, right?14:33
seb128just curious if it works in devmode for you14:33
seb128but yeah, works in devmode or confined here14:33
seb128with lim or not14:33
seb128do you get any error if you start if from a command line?14:34
seb128or in syslog, maybe apparmor denies?14:34
tedgseb128: Hmm, works in devmode14:35
seb128dpkg -l | grep snapd?14:35
seb128did you restart your machine since you upgraded?14:35
tedgYeah, restarted this morning.14:35
tedgYup it is 2.0.1014:36
seb128dmesg | DEN14:37
seb128it apparently tries to use gnome-vfs and get denied14:37
seb128unsure if that's worth fixing, it's time to move away from gnome-vfs :p14:38
seb128nothing to do with the menu though14:38
tedgSure, next release of Inkscape drops GTK2. This release is aimed to be the last there.14:39
seb128so, DENIES?14:41
seb128in confined mode14:41
seb128well if you try confined before those are probably still in the log14:41
seb128andyrock, thanks for fixing that esc-clos-dialog issue :-)14:52
seb128tedg, no denies then?14:52
andyrocknp :D14:52
seb128andyrock, if somebody added that code though that was probably for a reason, are you sure it's safe to delete it?14:52
andyrockpretty sure Trevinho tought it was a good idea14:53
andyrockbut it's not14:53
andyrockseb128: I cannot see a design reason on why doing that14:53
tedgseb128: Standup, just a sec14:54
seb128tedg, no worry, sorry for the nagging, I was unsure if you saw my message since I didn't mention your name14:54
seb128andyrock,       SessionView: only use the Escape key event if a button is key-focused14:54
seb128is the commit it was added14:54
seb128so yeah, let's see what Marco says14:54
andyrockseb128: he will disagree and we'll force him to approve it :D14:58
seb128yeah we will!14:58
tedgseb128: Do you have the dbus-user-bus stuff installed?15:25
tedgseb128: I'm getting denials on /run/user/1001/bus15:26
tedgThinking it can't talk to DBus and thus export the menus.15:26
seb128right, sorry15:27
seb128tedg, can you apply that patch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apparmor-dev/apparmor/master/revision/3492 to /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/dbus-session-strict and 'sudo invoke-rc.d apparmor reload"15:28
tyhicksseb128, tedg: FYI, I included that patch in apparmor 2.10.95-4ubuntu2 (landed in yakkety)15:30
tedgtyhicks: Are you planning to SRU?15:30
tyhickstedg: it is needed in xenial?15:30
seb128tyhicks, thanks for that :-)15:31
tedgtyhicks: Not sure, it means if you have the user bus config installed snaps don't work. The user bus stuff isn't that common, but will likely become more so depending on how systemd user sessions go.15:31
tyhickstedg: I can include it in the apparmor SRU that I'm preparing now15:32
tyhicksshouldn't hurt anything15:32
seb128tedg, let me know if that fixes it for you15:32
tedgseb128: Yup, it does!15:32
tedgtyhicks: Cool, thanks!15:33
seb128tedg, great, mystery solved!15:33
seb128tedg, other small issue, the Icon used in the .desktop doesn't exist, you probably want to copy the inkscape one in your setup/gui/icon.svg15:35
Trevinhoseb128, andyrock: I remember it was discussed at the time with John... So first escape press would have done that15:45
andyrockmmm Trevinho but why? what's the point? :)15:46
seb128hey Trevinho, stop doing IRC on vac days! ;-)15:46
* Trevinho hides15:46
seb128Trevinho, hope you are having a fun day at the sea ;-)15:47
tedgseb128: Ah, oops16:05
tedgseb128: Can I symlink that?16:05
seb128tedg, good question, no idea, try and tell me :-)16:05
tedgseb128: Seems to, rebuilding on LP16:12
tedgseb128: Also sent a mail to inkscape-devel to get some feedback.16:12
seb128tedg, great, thanks!16:13
Laneynight night!17:18
willcookenight Laney17:19
willcookenight all18:29
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