lotuspsychjegood morning to all01:50
OerHeksheyyyyyyyy :-)01:51
OerHeksYou fell out of bed, or just got home01:51
lotuspsychjefell out by a mosquito :p01:53
lotuspsychjegrrr nasty animals01:53
OerHeksdoes he have a name ?01:53
OerHekscan someone put ubuntu +r ??02:11
ubot5Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu02:11
DalekSeclotuspsychje: Problem?02:15
lotuspsychjeDalekSec: in #ubuntu02:16
OerHeksDalekSec, can you put +r on #ubuntu? ( for a little while)02:16
DalekSecSo doesn't really help to call OPs in here then..02:17
lotuspsychjeDalekSec: its a more silent way02:17
DalekSeclotuspsychje: But different access lists.02:18
OerHeksTrue, i have ops here, but not in #ubuntu, lotuspsychje02:19
DalekSecUbuntu members all do. :P02:19
OerHeksindeed :-)02:19
DalekSecMan, it'd be chaos if #ubuntu had that. :P02:20
OerHeksI don't want to be ops at all, but we in #ubuntu-nl have a few positions open, needed.02:21
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: downloading OTA-1202:22
OerHeksah, the wave arrived02:22
lotuspsychjelookin good02:33
lotuspsychjecalendar got bigger fonts with green active day02:34
lotuspsychjeand system categorie added to top bar02:35
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OerHeksr.i.p. werewolf03:01
lotuspsychjetime to get wily out of topic :p03:02
lotuspsychjeand see only LTS versions :p03:02
lotuspsychjelooks interesting OerHeks https://ring.cx/en03:14
lotuspsychjeskype alternative03:16
OerHeksoh, dan kunnen we tegen elkaar kletsen03:17
OerHeksnou, als je me wil zien, ik heb een ip-cam .. maar ik ben niet knap hoor03:18
lotuspsychjeyeah ive controlled your ip cam once :p03:19
OerHeksow wait, english03:19
OerHeksyou are 19 minutes late!06:19
OerHekshi ducasse06:19
ducassewhat happened at 8 o'clock? :)06:20
OerHekssome dude tried to convince me that bumblebee is awesome, better than prima, but he cannot get it to work :-D06:20
ducasseheh, doesn't sound like he convinced you ;)06:21
OerHekshe disappointed me, yes06:22
OerHeksnow i have to see my shrink06:22
OerHeksdaftykins, are you free?06:22
ducasseif you do tech support for any length of time you _will_ need therapy, in my experience :)06:23
OerHeksTrue. actually, i think it is healthy, to step out after 9 months for some short period of time ..06:24
daftykinsOerHeks: morning o/08:23
daftykinsjust got my new keyboard 8D08:23
daftykinsoooooh bliss!08:23
OerHeksYou type much smarter now08:23
daftykinsmmm it feels like it requires so much less effort08:24
ducasseooooh, which did you get, daftykins?08:26
daftykinsthat steelseries M500 with the cherry MX red keys08:27
daftykinsall its' funky buttons are working without the software too, so i might ignore it entirely08:27
ducasseactually looked at those in a shop the other day, looked nice. i prefer cherry blue switches, though.08:28
daftykinsi decided they were too loud, the blues - they were on my old das08:29
daftykinsthey would irritate anyone i would be on webcam with :)08:29
ducassedon't have a webcam, nor a microphone :)08:29
daftykinsd'aww ;)08:30
daftykinsi've heard a few people say they annoyed work colleagues when they took a blue switch board to work XD08:31
ducasseor one of the old ibm model b's :)08:31
daftykinsOerHeks: so someone made you try bumblebee? ruh-roh08:39
daftykinsthis is the trouble with #ubuntu folks, they resist change once deprecation comes about08:39
OerHeksno, that guy tried to convince me that it works great, but he didn't get it to work :-D08:39
OerHeksand furter-on he said i asked him about it, grinn08:40
OerHeksand then ducasse came out of bed, 18 minutes late08:40
daftykinslets sneak in and change his alarm ;)08:41
daftykinsoof i best go do my proper wakeup now, i only got up for the postman delivering my keyboard08:42
ducassedon't have an alarm as such, mine is built-in :)08:43
OerHeksmy alarm has a tail and 2 brown eyes08:44
OerHekswent off 03:15 this morning ...08:44
ducassewell, i've got one too, but she usually gives up after a few attempts.08:45
daftykinsOerHeks: wow what did Drabber want? :)08:48
OerHeksHe wanted a walk & cookie08:48
OerHeksi told him to use firefox, but he insisted me08:49
daftykinswe are staff to our pets!09:00
BluesKajHey all11:22
daftykinsgm \o11:22
ducassehi, BluesKaj11:24
BluesKajhi daftykins, ducasse11:24
daftykinshaha i'm RMAing some 7 year old RAM :D11:25
daftykinsgo lifetime warranty \o/11:25
OerHeksisn'tlifetime waranty 5 years?11:26
OerHekshi BluesKaj11:26
daftykinsreturn material auth, so replacement under warranty11:26
BluesKajreally eh, must have been $$$11:27
daftykinsnah not really, let's see... i had to dig out my original invoice11:27
daftykins£66.94 for 2x2GB DDR2 :)11:27
OerHeksThis version of the warranty applies to products purchased on or after April 15, 2014 ..11:29
daftykinsyeah they've pretty much always been good though11:34
daftykinsso cheap to make RAM, makes sense to give it their faith11:34
daftykinscosts them near nothing to send out some replacements :)11:34
de-factois lifetime meant for the life of the RAM or for the user who installed it? :P11:48
OerHekslife of the OS12:04
daftykinsjust seen that XD12:41
daftykinsi got the RMA guys!18:42
daftykins7 year old RAM and still good :)18:42
daftykinsthey even have a set in stock O_O18:42
ducassewow, that's pretty good :)18:42
daftykinshave to post them to the Netherlands18:45
OerHeksow wait, not to me18:47
daftykinsi posted the Guernsey fudge to lotus today :)18:48
daftykinshe'll get a surprise soon!18:49
ducassethey're broken anyway, OerHeks :)18:49
daftykinshehe that's true, well 1 x 2GB out of the 2 x 2GB kit is faulty18:49
daftykinsand faulty in a really weird way, too18:49
ducasse"weirdly faulty ram" tends to be interesting.18:50
daftykinsso it can work, it can memtest fine... but if you disconnect all mains power for 10+ minutes, it won't POST after that18:53
daftykinssome motherboards will even display a message stating the BIOS is corrupt18:54
ducassewho the hell are these #wrongplanet idiots - kids?19:31
OerHeksdunno, those spammers run for fun19:32
OerHeksand i see same ips over and over again19:32
daftykinssomeone hitting #ubuntu ?19:32
OerHeksyeah, trains of spammers19:33
ducassecan't they be banned?19:33
OerHekswell, #freenode blocks ranges of bouncers, and such, but not enough, there are lots of complaints about that19:33
daftykinsseemed to me the serious stuff only happened when ops weren't around :/19:33
ducasselately this has happened daily, or several times a day, and it always seems to be the #wrongplanet crowd (or someone who wants to blame them)19:35
daftykinshas an op done anything?19:35
OerHekswith single #19:35
* daftykins nudges dax19:36
OerHeksholiday time i guess19:36
daftykinscould be!19:40
daftykinsgood to know19:40
daftykinsthey're only around when dafty calls someone an idiot ;D19:40
ducassewhat did he actually do for you to call him that? :)19:42
daftykinsthe guy had been in-channel for a week asking for help, seeing us tell tonnes of others that 16.04 wasn't out yet so they should be in #ubuntu+1 - yet didn't think that applied to himself19:43
daftykinsit was only on my turn that the version was admitted19:44
ducasseaha, i see. i get the frustration, you get people in there doing the strangest things some times...19:45
daftykinsyip, it's the deception that was my #1 pet peeve19:46
daxyay Drone19:46
daftykinsdax: ops working hard as usual?19:46
ducassethat bot is earning it's keep :)19:46
daxthis one's working hard in real life19:46
daxif any of you have ever worked with windows licensing, you can probably guess how frustrated i am right now19:47
ducassethankfully, never :)19:47
daftykinsthankfully not within a corporate context19:47
daxducasse: #wrongplanet is a channel for autistic folks. As such, it tends to have some drama. Every so often, one of the drama people decides to start spamming other channels claiming to be acting on behalf of #wrongplanet, so that people join #wrongplanet and get angry19:47
hggdhdax: try IBM licencing19:47
daftykinssmall biz, totally fine19:47
ducasseoracle, though...19:47
daxi.e., it's some disgruntled idiot, not actual #wp ops or anything19:47
daxhggdh: true19:47
daxthankfully, our vendor handles Oracle licensing for us, it's included with our license for the vendor's product19:48
ducassedax: this was 10+ years ago, i understand it's gotten much worse now.19:48
daxdaftykins: yeah, we're at the scale that we use a key management system, which tends to not work when people completely ignore best practices and then yell at me when it takes time to pick up the pieces19:49
daxit has not been a good week19:49
daftykins:> yeah i've read about the KMS mess19:49
daxthankfully Windows 10 can do activation through active directory. but we're not on Windows 10, so that's not much help right now :319:49
daftykinsthe place i used to teach at have a really hellish game licensing the students' test systems now19:49
daftykinsi'm sure a migration to 10 would be the next most enjoyable task ;)19:50
daxit's getting better. i wish we could just use an OS that doesn't need me to faff around with DRM though19:52
daxsuch a waste of time19:52
daftykinsyou'd only have a different batch of problems using FOSS19:56
daftykinsand if you disagree with that, you're living a lie :)19:56
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ubot5Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily - Scheduled to go EOL on July 28th, 201623:20
daxis that thing officially dead yet23:21
daxi haven't been paying attention23:21
hggdhjust died23:25
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