pchooWhat's the best way of disabling the "hot corner" action in ubuntu gnome 3.18?09:14
pchooI want to disable the super button action when the mouse goes to the top left corner09:14
pchooAh, I've found the extension for it, turns out you can't use extensions.gnome.org with chrome... It didn't pop up anything asking me to enable stuff, Firefox works!09:23
pchooan instance of gnome-meteor-settings is taking 10.4% of my RAM (16GB), and I booted my laptop up 7 hours ago15:18
pchooIs this common, or is there a memory leak somewhere?15:18
jbichapchoo: I've never heard of gnome-meteor-settings, it's not something that's installed by default15:35
pchoojbicha: Apologies, work head got in the way, gnome-settings-daemon was what I meant to type15:37
pchoojbicha: It appears to be sitting pretty at 10.4% right now, I have a suspicion it climbs when I lock my computer for a short period of time15:37
pchooHmm, I've just locked my computer for about 5 minutes and it's climbed to 10.8%15:51

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