apwdjs, given the only thing you change is the kenrnel, that tends to indicate it is related to that rather doesn't it ?08:20
ddalexI'm getting errors with a ppa/mainline kernel09:59
ddalexwhere should I report them ?09:59
ddalexor, maybe, how ?10:00
apwddalex, those are debugging tools, so mostly not supported, we may be interested in some classes of issues as they may indicate issues coming down the line10:03
ddalexapw, are these unmodified upstream kernels ? i.e. are the bug reports valid for bugzilla.kernel.org ?10:04
apwthey are unmodified indeed, they have an ubuntu-like configuration applied but otehr than that no changes10:04
apwddalex, so yes filing them upstream is not unreasonable10:04
ddalexthanks, I'll fill upstream10:05
zygaogasawara: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/160734412:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1607344 in Snappy "snap gives confusing error messages if snap login was ran with sudo" [Undecided,New]12:09
ogasawarazyga: thanks!12:11
attentedoes building the kernel require editing the Makefiles to disable -pie? is there some easier way to pass cflags into the build system?13:27
apwattente, which series are you building on, and which kernel are you trying to build.  depending on the combinations that can be true13:29
apwattente, though there is a patch in recent ubuntu kernels for that13:29
attenteapw: building from git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-yakkety.git13:30
attenteapw: it's the current master with a small patch on top13:31
apwattente, right but what are you building that _on_ as a local host, you should be building it in a13:32
apwyakkety chroot, whcih wuold understand the pie bits13:32
apwthough -22 is very old, why that one of all of them, maybe that is too old to have the fix13:33
attenteapw: which branch is the development target?13:33
apwfor the 4.4 that is in the xenial repositories, we're working on 4.6 in the yakkety repo13:34
djsapw: well, yes, the failure to decrypt the rootfs is definitely related to the kernel since that is the only thing changing14:44
djsapw: I'm wondering whether it's a timing problem of some sort, I was poking through the initramfs-tools scripts a bit trying to see where it might be getting stuck14:45
djsbut so far no luck... booting with debug doesn't get me anywhere, the problem is earlier than that14:46
apwdjs, it was 4.7 you were trying out wasn't it14:47
apwi would guess we have something useful turned off in that 4.7 build, like an encryption algo or something14:48
djsyeah possibly... I was also looking over diffs between the 4.6.4 and 4.7.0 initrd and there definitely are some14:50
djsso do those builds get refreshed from time to time or are they static?14:50
apwbuilds are a one off, unless we find a clear config issue which gets fixed in our main branches, then i may chose to respin them14:53
djsok, so do you have any suggestions on how I ought to proceed? my interest in newer kernels is support for newer hardware in the laptop I'm running on14:54
djsit's not too bad with 4.6.4 but I'm hoping a few issues will be fixed with 4.714:54
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