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kpsafter installing ubuntu mate pc still booting automatically to Windows 1011:56
Akulikps, are you the same kps that was here yesterday?11:57
Akuliand you're sure you've disabled fast boot in windows 10?11:57
kpsyes i'm that guy who contacted here yesterday also.11:58
kpsyes fast startup already disabled11:58
Akuliif your computer is new maybe there's a secure boot thing in the bios?11:58
Akuliyou need to disable that because grub and ubuntu are not verified by microsoft11:59
kpsbcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi11:59
kps^^also didn't work11:59
kpshow can i disable secure boot ?12:00
Akulicheck if your secure boot is turned on... but if it has worked before i don't think thats the problem12:00
Akuliwhen your computer boots hit a key to get to its settings12:00
Akuliusually its esc or f2 or something12:00
kpsmine f212:00
Akulifind the secure boot there and disable it12:00
alkisgkps: have you booted with a live cd now?12:01
Akulii need to go12:01
kpsi can biit from live usb stick if it can help12:01
alkisgOK try what Akuli said, if it doesn't help, we'll see later for the live method12:02
kps i can  boot from live usb stick if it can help12:03
kpshow can i post pictures here12:04
kpsjust want to show that there are not any option tjere like that12:04
alkisgGoogle for "paste image", then upload the image somewhere, finally paste the url here12:05
alkisgE.g. http://ctrlv.in/12:05
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kpshere are three pics showing things under - advanced,boot,security boit menus12:10
kps<alkisg> are you there ?12:15
kpsalkis georgopolous /12:18
ouroumov_can you access GRUB kps ? (holding shift or Esc while booting)12:21
ouroumov_And you have the Ubuntu Option there?12:21
kpswith live usb stick ^12:21
kpswithout live usb nothing comes there12:21
ouroumov_can you run the command "lsblk" in a terminal and paste the output to pastebin.com then give the link?12:22
ouroumov_(In the live usb)12:23
kpsouromov_   here is that file12:33
kpsbtw i don't know how to use pastebin so if something is wrong i did please bear with me then12:34
ouroumov_No it's ok, however lsblk from the live does not quite give the information I wanted12:35
kpsso what should I do now12:35
ouroumov_There should be an "Installation Help" section somewhere in the Welcome splash screen live version12:37
ouroumov_With something about "boot repair" and some instructions12:37
kpshey guys after using boot repair to bring the grub for loading ubuntu from hdd now only ubuntu is showing  to be one option for os13:07
kpsWindows 10 is not there to be selected   please please help me now13:07
kpsis anyone here to help me13:12
kpshey where you all are please help here13:16
kpsplease buddy help me13:17
ouroumov_You don't have a W10 boot option when you go into the GRUB?13:17
kpsit's just showing ubuntu and other two options like advanced or something else13:17
ouroumov_That shouldn't happen, did you use the fix recommended by bootrepair?13:17
kpsi choosen sda3 which was the partition in which I installed  ubuntu13:18
ouroumov_You're logged into Ubuntu from your disk or from your USB right now?13:18
kpsfrom hdd13:19
ouroumov_open a terminal and type "sudo update-grub"13:19
kpsand it's showing C partition having windows files13:19
kpsafter that?13:21
kpsit's showing windows 10 in sda1 and again found Windows 10 in sda213:21
ouroumov_reboot, see if it fixed it13:21
kpsyes it has detected Windows 10 but showing 2 Windows  that is sda1 and sda213:23
kpsso which should i choose to load win1013:23
ouroumov_I don't know. One of the option is probably the recovery. Try the first option, then the other13:24
kpsokay I'm trying  by the way is there a way to delete one of them?13:25
ouroumov_Yes, but don't ask me how, maybe ask the forums13:25
kpsdeleting the option  i mean13:25
ouroumov_We have a nice community @ https://ubuntu-mate.community/13:25
kpsbtw thanks alot13:26
kpsthank you very much13:26
TintomaticI upgraded my laptop with Intel graphice from 14.04 to 16.04, and now Compiz is very broken (window trails and other problems). Does anyone have a guess for what I should look at?13:37
ouroumov_Tintomatic, are you dead set on compiz or do you just care about vsync?13:42
swift110hey all13:44
TintomaticI like my wobbly windows!  Actually there are a few useful things I find useful.  Are you suggewsting that Compiz is no longer adequatly supported?14:01
swift110I love wobbly windows14:07
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alkisgTintomatic: google for "disable sna"14:24
alkisgIt might help with the glitches14:24
Tintomaticthanks! will try it14:27
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Guest87346Hello, I have wifi problems in my clean install of Ubuntu mate 16.10 i also tried Xubuntu 16.04. Same there. Its very unstable and I only get like 1 of 5 bars connection. Even tho the wifi stand right in front of the laptop14:42
ouroumov_hi Guest8734614:54
ouroumov_Guest87346, standard troubleshooting procedure is lshw -C network --> get model of NIC and driver, then google with "Ubuntu" prefix14:55
hoghey anyone of you know viperfx like equalizer for ubuntu ?14:58
swift110hey all15:09
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APoliTechJust a heads up about the magnet link for 16.10 alfa 2. if you use the magnet link you will get 15.1015:27
ouroumov_APoliTech, can you post that on the Forum? I think @lah7's the one handling the links15:44
ouroumov_He's not on IRC afaik15:44
ali1234flexiondotorg: is the official raspberry pi 2 server image made with your flavour maker?16:03
ali1234this: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/16.04/release/ubuntu-16.04-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi2.img.xz16:04
flexiondotorgali1234, No. But I am planning to get my stuff integrated into the official stuff.16:04
ali1234okay. does the flavour maker support device tree overlays?16:04
ali1234because the official image doesn't16:05
Codfectionjust wanna ask.. for programming.. the tools are same as ubuntu (unity) or different?16:11
Codfectionas it is handled by community16:11
n0de01Hi! Does anyone having freezing issues while using eclipse on Ubuntu Mate Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS ?16:16
alkisgCodfection: the same16:20
Akulieclipse is supposed to freeze :D16:20
Akulii mean... its eclipse16:20
Akulinot really16:20
Codfectionthere is bug in ubuntu mate ? Akuli16:20
AkuliCodfection, its 16.04, i'm not surprised that its buggy16:21
Akuliif its buggy16:21
CodfectionAkuli, u said eclipse is supposed to lag o16:24
Codfectionon ubuntu mate16:24
Codfectionthats why I asked16:24
Akulinot really :)16:24
Codfectiononly steam is not working for me16:24
Akulii've never actually used it because i've heard its slow16:24
Akulialso, i'm happy with geany16:24
n0de01Sometimes there's even seems to be bug while installing system software updates from Software updater utility16:25
AkuliCodfection, you probably want to type steam to the terminal, then copy-paste the errors  you get to google16:25
CodfectionI hate ubuntu16:26
Codfectionfull of bugs16:26
Codfectionlove mate desktop thou16:26
CodfectionI have tried using ubuntu16:27
Codfectionon vm16:27
Codfectionit lags16:27
Codfectionubuntu mate works fine :P16:28
Codfectionguys wanna ask u.. is i5 laptop enough or do I need i7 laptop? for vm16:29
AkuliCodfection, what is that in megaherzes?16:33
Akulifor example this processor is 2x2.93MHz16:37
Akuliwhat are your processors you're talking about, and how much ram do the computers have?16:37
flexiondotorgali1234, Yes, the Flavour Maker support devicetrees16:45
ali1234okay thanks16:47
ken_remove an application in linux terminal18:47
ken_how to do that18:47
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ken_ how remove an application in linux terminal18:49
ouroumovsudo apt remove <package_name>18:50
DarkPsydeLorddepending on what exactly you want to remove18:50
ken_libre office18:51
ken_Building dependency tree18:52
ken_Reading state information... Done18:52
ken_E: Unable to locate package libreOffice18:52
DarkPsydeLordthen sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice18:52
DarkPsydeLordshould work18:52
ken_libreoffice is still there18:54
ouroumovken_, there's no caps in libreoffice18:57
ouroumovYou used one in your earlier command18:58
ouroumov<ken_> E: Unable to locate package libreOffice18:58
ouroumov<ken_> E: Unable to locate package libreOffice18:59
Akulisudo apt-get purge libreoffice; sudo apt-get autoremove --purge; sudo apt-get autoclean19:01
Akuliand its done19:01
ken_Reading package lists... Done19:01
ken_Building dependency tree19:01
ken_Reading state information... Done19:01
ken_E: Unable to locate package libreOffice19:01
ouroumovYou still have the Upper Case "O" ken_19:02
ouroumovUbuntu is case sensitive, alright?19:02
ouroumovls != Ls19:02
DarkPsydeLordmaybe use everything in one line19:04
DarkPsydeLordsudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice && sudo apt-get autoremove19:04
ken_do] password for ken:19:05
ken_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)19:05
ken_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?19:05
Akuliken_, you have another terminal open with apt-get running19:06
ouroumovYou probably have the GUI software updater or something like that (synaptic?) with a lock on the ring19:06
Akuliis he just trolling or did he really write libreOffice twice?19:07
ouroumovHe's new19:07
DarkPsydeLordwell sometimes you cant see those mistakes specially after several hours of coding or reading19:08
DarkPsydeLordor baking specially that last one19:08
ken_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:09
ken_Reading package lists... Done19:09
ken_Building dependency tree19:09
ken_Reading state information... Done19:09
ken_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:09
DarkPsydeLordare you sure you still have libre office installed?19:14
DarkPsydeLordplease run dpkg --get-selections | grep libreoffice19:14
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johnanyone running dev version?20:42
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Guest55167is there a special developmental irc?20:48
mate|86737any dev people online?21:00
mate|86737is upgrading dev ver via synaptic advisable? or is it preferable to use apt-get upgrade or software boutique or what21:02
mate|86737they each have very different results, and I'd like to not break packages if possible21:02
Sebastienmate|86737, it's the same channel, just hang out here, and be idle21:05
Sebastiensomeone will help you maybe21:05
mate|86737okay, cool. thanks21:05
Sebastieni would prefer to use sudo apt-get update then u pgrade21:05
Sebastieni would prefer to use sudo apt-get update then upgrade21:05
mate|86737usually I would21:05
mate|86737but there are packages being kept back21:05
Sebastienwhy wouldn't you this time?21:05
Sebastienremove them ?21:06
Sebastienreplace them, or update them21:06
mate|86737well there are also a few more changes in alpha 221:06
mate|86737such as cheese being reintroduced21:07
mate|86737it's been a while since i've done testing21:08
mate|86737i guess i'll just use synaptic21:10
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ouroumovhi ubuntu-mate22:38
ubuntu-mateAnyone are be there?22:38
ubuntu-mateMy computer can't find OS on HD22:39
ouroumovubuntu-mate, you're booted in the live session after having performed the installation?22:39
ubuntu-matewith gparted I see all patition, and all its fine22:40
ubuntu-mateRun live session22:40
ouroumovubuntu-mate, what option did you pick during the install? "Erase disk and install" / "Something Else" ?22:41
ubuntu-mateI want repair, without reinstall22:41
ubuntu-mateI dont run install22:41
ubuntu-mateBut I can o this22:41
ouroumovubuntu-mate, what option did you pick during the install? "Erase disk and install" / "Something Else" ?22:42
ubuntu-mateI have the follow options to pick...22:43
ubuntu-mateUpdate Ubuntu 14... to Ubuntu 16.04...22:44
ouroumovPlease don't do that, just tell me what you remember choosing22:44
ouroumovSo this is an upgrade, not a clean install?22:44
ubuntu-mateIs seens22:44
ubuntu-mateErase Ubuntu22:45
ubuntu-mateInstall Unbuntu22:45
ouroumovubuntu-mate: what is your native language?22:45
ubuntu-mateErase Disk and install22:45
ubuntu-mateIn the installation I have Upgrade to pick22:46
ubuntu-mateBut... Is safe?22:46
sslovese quiseres, explica em pt22:46
ouroumovubuntu-mate, I can't understand your problem, but there's a local channel you can use: #ubuntu-pt22:47
ubuntu-mateVoce perguntou se quais sao as opcoes22:47
ubuntu-mateque tenho22:47
ubuntu-matepara escolher22:47
ssloveja fiseste a installacao?22:47
ubuntu-mateTo na Live Session22:48
ouroumovubuntu-mate, sslove: can you please chat on #ubuntu-pt ? Here is supposed to be English only as it's an official non-localized Ubuntu support channel22:48
ssloveok, can u send a screenshot of your gparted with missing os?22:48
sslovesure, let's resume in english22:48
ubuntu-mateone moment22:48
ssloveouroumov, thanks for ur help and suggestion for #ubuntu-pt22:49
ubuntu-mateHow I send a picture?22:50
sslovea link to imgur maybe?22:50
ubuntu-mateI was had a Windows 7 in one of this patitions22:52
ubuntu-mateAnd I deleted22:53
sslovewell, what do u see in the file manager?22:53
sslovejust because u deleted ur win7 doesn't mean u can't recover any data, there are tools for that, but if you have all of ur important data backed up already, maybe don't worry about it.  either way you'll need to reinstall windows if u really need it. do u plan on ur ubuntu mate being your main OS?22:57
ubuntu-mateI dont need anymore Windows23:00
sslovei am guessing windows was in sda1 right?23:00
sslovesda 6 is ur ubuntu 1404 and sda7 ur home partition?23:01
ubuntu-mate6 is home partition23:01
ubuntu-mateand 7 system file23:02
ubuntu-mateDont laugh of me23:02
ssloveok, uv got a small home partition and seems backwards to me23:02
ssloveeverything is backed up?23:02
ssloveunless ur doing a lot of gaming/steam where the system partition can grow very large because of games, u should be fine with a system partition of 30gb or even less23:04
ubuntu-mateBut if is only solution23:04
ubuntu-mateThe home partition is need more MD than system patition?23:05
ubuntu-mateOh ok23:06
ouroumovSystem is for your programs. /home is for your data23:06
ubuntu-mateI dont know this23:06
sslovewell, backup ur stuff, if u can, then if u wanna preserve all the apps and themes/icons and settings and everything, get aptik, create a backup folder for aptik, once that is done, delete the system partition, grow the home partition...23:06
sslovehow much ram have u got?23:06
ubuntu-mateAh ok... I understood23:07
ouroumovYour SWAP partition is a little small for 4GB - you won't be able to hibernate23:08
ubuntu-mateIs better more than 4GB, right?23:09
ssloveul want to move the swap partition to the very beginning, next, make a boot partition, about 500-600mb, then a system partition, about 30gb unless ur a gamer, then if u have extra space after ur new system partition and between home, u might wanna consider moving the home partition to the left, then install, and download aptik and use the 1 click restore, you're good to go23:09
ssloveis it a hd or ssd?23:10
ubuntu-mateIm not a gamer, Im a programmer23:10
ubuntu-mateIs ssd23:10
ssloveoh i see, then it doesn't matter afaik23:10
ubuntu-mateMan, this are very good tips23:10
ubuntu-mateOr woman..23:11
sslovebut hd's better to put whatever u want fast access to in the beginning (left) of the drive23:11
sslovebut since u have ssd, i don23:12
sslovebut since u have ssd, i don't think it matters where swap is23:13
ouroumovsslove, it's funny: I had never thought about that but now that you mention it it's kind of obvious that the swap should be near the center of the drive.23:13
ssloveyea ur swap should match ur ram, so ram can write to it23:13
ssloveyea, smaller diameter, faster rotations/access23:14
ssloveand naturally u want that for swap. i always put swap first and boot 2nd because i want those fast and they're small partitions anyway. i used to make boot partitions as small as 200mb, but u must remember to autoremove and purge kernels often, after upgrades23:15
sslovewhere u from umate?23:16
ouroumovI learned something today: thanks.23:16
ubuntu-mateI heard: "If you have a small swap, it better speed of your cpu"23:16
sslovehahaha, cool23:17
ubuntu-mateBut is seems not true23:17
sslovei don't see the connection23:17
sslovewhere r u from and what programming do u do?23:18
ubuntu-mateIm from Brazil, I programm one software to Virtual Office.23:19
ubuntu-mateIn this moment23:19
sslovecool, where in br?23:19
ubuntu-mateI already do many programs23:19
ubuntu-mateIn Sao Paulo, SP23:20
ubuntu-mateAnd you?23:20
sslovei don't know what virtual office is/means23:20
ubuntu-mateIs a Type of Coworking Centers23:20
sslovei'm a culinary artist from NYC23:20
ssloveworking in asia now23:20
ubuntu-mateIs crazy23:21
ubuntu-mateWhat you do with Linux?23:21
ssloveas much as i can23:21
sslovemostly just an enthusiast, but i participate and contribute money to projects i like23:22
ubuntu-mateIf you dont bother23:23
ubuntu-mateshow me a pics of your art23:24
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ubuntu-mateVery cool23:24
sslovei am a culinary artist, a chef by another name except i don't work in restos, i work freelance. my art is creating new dishes, but i dabble in other arts too, just a creative person. i think programming is creative too, well at least it's creating, and i'm sure some solutions require creativity, altho programmers are not usually considered artists23:26
ubuntu-mateohhh is very true23:27
ubuntu-mateI try sometimes develop some art with I do23:28
sslovei want to learn programming actually, just at least so i can study code and submit patches or squash bugs or maybe someday  participate in cool projects, or hack/fork my own shit23:28
ubuntu-mateVery nice23:28
sslovei am loving this release of U-MATE23:29
ubuntu-mateIS the first time that I try install23:30
ubuntu-matecause bug hd, shure23:31
ubuntu-mateBut, is seems very light23:31
ubuntu-mateI like cooking too23:31
ubuntu-mateBut I cooking food from "Minas Gerais"23:32
ubuntu-mateIs a state of Brazil23:32
ubuntu-matePolenta With Chicken23:32
sslovemakes my old netbook nice and fast and modern again, but when i use unity on my slightly newer netbook, with 2gb ram, i realize how much extra polish unity has, and i love the HUD most of all. i was looking for something in an app with so many menu items, and i couldn't find it, with HUD it would take a second to tap alt and search. U-MATE 16.10 is working on a HUD, smart move, that shit is the most killer feature ever23:32
ubuntu-mateChicken with okra23:33
ubuntu-matehahaha yes is true23:33
ssloveyea my mate install on my netbook is about 300mb or less at idle, not bad. atom 1.6ghz and 1gb ram, lol23:34
ubuntu-matesweet corn bread with cloves and cinnamon23:34
ssloveyea is minas gerais the culinary capital of brasil?23:34
sslovemmm that sounds good23:34
ubuntu-mateIn Brazil, we have a many kind of colinary23:35
ubuntu-mateFrom Bahia23:35
ubuntu-mateFrom Minas23:35
ubuntu-mateFrom Sao Paulo23:35
sslovei was in ceara, and wasn't impressed with the food there23:35
sslovein a small city23:35
ubuntu-mateThe capital of colunary is Sao Paulo23:35
ubuntu-mateBut like NY23:36
sslovea lot of the churrasco was, um, pretty much always very overcooked23:36
ubuntu-mateCause the financial center23:36
sslovelol, dry hard meat not my favorite23:36
sslovei should check out sp23:36
ssloveif i can23:36
ubuntu-matehahaha Dry hard meat?23:36
ubuntu-mateCarne seca?23:36
ubuntu-mateCome to SP!23:37
sslovei'm sure there are talented chefs and cooks throughout the country tho23:37
ubuntu-mateStay in my apartament23:38
ssloveoh man that would be sweet23:38
ubuntu-mateMy ap, localized i center of Sao Paulo23:38
sslovei sent u a pm, send ur info there23:38
sslovedo u see it?23:39
ubuntu-mateI talked you u there23:41
ssloveyea man, many things i love about this ubuntu mate, crazy nice once i tweak it to my liking, but it has superseded mint, it includes the mint menu (minus the ability to install software from the menu, what' the fuck is up with that), a dock, gdebi, the awesome welcome app and software boutique with ppa's. global menu(top menu), mate dock, etc. so nice, but still no HUD, oh well.23:42
ouroumovsslove, MATE menu was probably forked before that feature was implemented in Mint menu23:45
ouroumovAnd yeah, as you pointed there's a HUD in alpha testing now thanks to flexion.org23:46
ssloveyea that's awesome23:53
sslovehey anyone here know why the 'advanced menu' (mint menu innit?) doesn't install software searched from the menu like mint menu does (or at least used to)?23:54
ouroumovI'm off to sleep, see ya.23:55

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