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kdx7214Does the control centre not install mysql/db structure/users when you do a secondary backend?   It's failing to connect and none of it is present02:42
tgm4883kdx7214: you shouldn't have mysql on a secondary backend02:49
kdx7214then why does it ask for the information and error out in the logs?  I'm confused02:50
tgm4883kdx7214: you should be connecting the the mysql server on your master backend02:51
kdx7214ok, so then do I leave the local backend config blank in setup on the remote frontend?02:52
tgm4883kdx7214: you would still have that populated02:52
kdx7214so it has information but actually does nothing (except show errors in the backend log file that is)02:53
tgm4883kdx7214: can you post a screenshot and pastebin the log?02:53
kdx7214yeah, hold on and let me generate it again - just cleared logs to check something02:54
kdx7214ok, here's a quick screen cap (couldn't figure out the pastbin part on short notice)03:01
kdx7214this machine is on 16.04 so have to use journalctl for the logs03:01
tgm4883kdx7214: might be worth checking /home/mythtv/.mythtv/config.xml and see if the proper DB credentials are in there03:03
kdx7214they are correct for master backend03:04
tgm4883hmm, ok03:04
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kdx7214Quick question about secondary frontend and livetv21:27
kdx7214I have a primary backend without a frontend - it has disk and mysql only21:28
kdx7214secondary front end mounts disks via cifs (working find)21:28
kdx7214no db overrides on secondary front end so should use storage groups defined on master21:28
kdx7214but when I go to watch livetv it tries to use a default file in /mnt/store which I do not have setup anywhere21:28
kdx7214any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?21:29
kdx7214here's a snip of the log http://imgur.com/a/1bJkX21:30
tgm4883kdx7214: why are you mounting stuff on the frontend?21:30
kdx7214because the wiki said I have to21:30
kdx7214since storage is on primary backend21:31
tgm4883kdx7214: why do you have mythbackend running on your frontend?21:31
kdx7214because there is a capture card there and the wiki says you must run backend for that21:31
tgm4883ah ok21:32
tgm4883And you've defined the card in your secondary backend?21:32
kdx7214I've run mythtv for years but always on one machine - this is my first attempt to load balance for eventual more front ends21:32
kdx7214Card is there and it's showing as active21:32
kdx7214when I start LiveTV it just delays a few seconds and returns to the front end21:33
kdx7214only suspicious thing is the wrong path it tries to open for the recording21:33
tgm4883Ok, so on your secondary backend, you ran mythtv-setup?21:34
tgm4883and you don't have that path listed in your livetv storage group on either backend?21:35
kdx7214not the /mnt/store one21:35
kdx7214I suspect it's a default in the code.  I checked the mysql tables and that is not anywhere in the db21:35
kdx7214just not sure under what conditions it tries to use it21:36
tgm4883I would suggest adding a directory on your secondary backend for a livetv storage group21:36
kdx7214would have to be the mount point as the ssd doesn't have enough space for that long term21:36
kdx7214was hoping to avoid a secondary override21:36
tgm4883kdx7214: what do you mean by secondary override?21:37
kdx7214according to the wiki, if you go into mythtv-setup on the secondary backend and define a storage group, that will override what is on the primary21:37
kdx7214trying to keep the secondary backend setup as simplistic as possible21:37
tgm4883kdx7214: that is true. So without that, it will use the values from your primary backend. What do you have for live tv storage group on your primary?21:38
kdx7214I have 3 setup:21:39
kdx7214 - /storage/disk1/a/livetv21:39
kdx7214 - /storage/disk2/b/livetv21:39
kdx7214 - /storage/disk3/c/livetv21:39
kdx7214all folders exist, have correct permissions, and are fully accessible21:39
tgm4883kdx7214: those are mounted on the secondary backend at those same locations?21:40
kdx7214also made sure uid/gid for user mythtv and group mythtv are same on both machines21:40
tgm4883kdx7214: I would test adding one of those directories to the SG at the SBE level21:41
kdx7214k, I'll give that a shot.  Hadn't tried that yet in case I was doing something stupid :D21:42
kdx7214Oh, btw, you were helping me yesterday and I figured out the problem...21:42
kdx7214it seems Mythbuntu Control Center (or mythtv-setup) creates numerous config.xml files21:42
kdx7214and they are not all links - and were different, which is odd on a fresh install on a new machine21:43
tgm4883yea that's weird21:43
tgm4883they should all be a symlink to /etc/mythtv/config.xml21:43
kdx7214had no idea it creates so many of those21:43
kdx7214I changed them all to be symlinks to that file for simplicity21:43
tgm4883should be one in each home directory and then in /etc/mythtv21:43
tgm4883yea that makes it easier21:43
kdx7214for whatever reason the one in /home/mythtv and /root were not links and were different21:44
kdx7214ok, the sbe override did fix it.  LiveTV now works just fine - just wonder why needed the override21:47
kdx7214One last question (for now anyway)...21:47
kdx7214when I run mythtv-setup anywhere on a machine with systemd, it fails to start/stop the backend properly21:48
kdx7214Is that normal for mythtbuntu on 16.04?21:48
tgm4883kdx7214: I don't believe so, does it kick out an error? How are you trying to stop it?21:48
kdx7214It normally does it by itself on non-systemd machines.  If I run the setup program it stops the backend, runs setup, and then gives option to start backend/mythfilldatabase at exit21:49
kdx7214both stop and start fail so I have to do it manually with sudo systemctl start mythtv-backend21:50
kdx7214(or stop, obviously)21:50
kdx7214my assumption was it still tried to run /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend but that's there and just runs the systemctl stuff21:50
kdx7214but not critical - I know it has to be done so can deal with it that way :)21:52
kdx7214Thanks for the help!21:52

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