Researcherwb tacod06:27
Researcherglad to see you here06:27
Researcherthanks for joining in here06:27
tacodyou're welcome. I'm gonna add this channel to my auto-join.06:28
Researchersure bro06:29
Researcherhi Kilos07:33
Researchergood morning07:33
Researcherhi tacod07:33
Kiloshi Researcher and other peeps08:20
QAKilos: By the way, pavlushka on freenode told me "tell kilos that due to net line issue I was not getting his messages about what he was asking me to do but know I see checking the logs, even the logs were unavailable at that moment, :(" 9 hours, 4 minutes and 37 seconds ago08:20
Kiloshi lubmil08:53
lubmilhej Kilos08:53
lubmil.p Pakistan09:03
ChanSebaIslamabad, PK: 31.82°C, Rozproszone chmury, 1007 hPa, wsch. 02:17:21, zach. 16:10:53, wiatr 5.1 m/s (180°), wilg. 66%09:03
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zmeunigga in paris12:54
zmeuKilos: you're developer12:54
Kilosim too stupid for that12:55
zmeudo you know how much ipv6 are accepted in this network per cidr12:57
Kilosno sorry, Researcher should12:57
zmeuResearcher: sleep12:57
zmeuCurrent Version: Textual 5.2.10 (Git Reference: 160309.15-5-gbeded18-devid)13:01
KilosResearcher you here?17:27
pavlushkaHello SalimBinHamd !17:27
pavlushkaQA seen Researcher17:28
QApavlushka: Researcher was last seen 9 hours, 55 minutes and 23 seconds ago in #ubuntu-pk on freenode [2016-07-28 07:33:30 UTC], and has been online on freenode since 2016-07-26 16:10:45 UTC17:28
Kiloshi tacod17:59
tacodhola Kilos17:59
tacodhow are we doing today?18:00
Kilosok ty and you18:02
Kiloswaiting for Researcher to wake up18:02
tacodI'm alright, just trying to fight the darkness today.18:04
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