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davmor2infinity: wonderbar07:58
willcookeinfinity, did the upgrade notifications go live?  (Want to press publish on this blog post and then forget about it)08:13
apwwillcooke, i do not see xenial in the meta-release-lts as yet ...08:18
willcookeapw, oki, thanks apw08:18
willcookeapw, is there something (a URL?) I can look at which would save me bothering you guys?08:18
Laneywillcooke: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts08:40
willcookethanks Laney08:40
willcookeLaney, so when I see Xenial appear in that list, we are go?08:43
LaneyThat means it's active, I'm sure that it won't simply happen silently though08:48
Laneytsimonq2: thanks, so your task if you choose to accept it is to get http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/364/builds to be all "ready"08:54
tsimonq2Laney: well Kylin is done, flexiondotorg is handling MATE (I'll do some a bit later if he can't), and that's the one thing for Lubuntu I don't have permissions for :P08:59
Laneytsimonq2: I can tick them if you want08:59
tsimonq2Laney: that would be awesonme09:00
Laneythis is a nice and small alpha09:01
Laneylet's get it done before lunch09:01
tsimonq2Laney: also, could you please take a look at the two PRs I have open adding the Lubuntu Next (LXQt) image?09:01
tsimonq2Laney: no PowerPC, uncheck that please09:01
tsimonq2Laney: we don't release PowerPC on non-LTS09:01
tsimonq2Laney: plus that has a pretty bad PowerPC-specific bug on it09:02
Laneywe should get it off the manifest then09:04
LaneyI think.....09:06
tsimonq2Laney: alternate still needs the boot09:06
Laneynein, check again09:07
tsimonq2Laney: thanks09:07
flexiondotorgLaney, I've just marked Ubuntu MATE ready.09:50
flexiondotorgOne issue with PowerPC images, but can be worked around and documented in the release announcement.09:51
flexiondotorgLooks like we have a full house.09:51
tsimonq2great! :)09:52
tsimonq2Laney: is it time then to send out the global announcement if we're all marked as ready?09:52
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, My understanding is someone has be push the images around the distribution network first.09:53
flexiondotorgThen we get to announce.09:53
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Have you written a release announcement email?09:53
apwpublishing first i believe yes09:53
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: working on it09:54
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: help, what should I use for a quote? :P09:54
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, I'll sort that for you...09:54
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: thanks, I'll get the rest of the announcement :D09:54
LaneyI'll do that shortly10:00
Laneyfreeze block is lifted10:06
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, You've been supplied a quote. All yours now. Just wait for Laney to give you the nod before posting the email :-)10:06
tsimonq2thanks a lot flexiondotorg :)10:08
Laneytsimonq2: ok, I just pushed the button11:44
Laneygive it a few minutes for torrents to start working11:44
tsimonq2Laney: give me like 20 mins and I'll send it11:45
Laneyi'll put the cron builds back on11:46
tsimonq2Laney: in the meantime, speaking of that, can I get my two PRs looked at please? :)11:47
LaneyI can't right now, but i_nfinity or s_langasek would be better in the first instance anyway11:47
Laneylemme know on monday if you're still waiting11:47
Laney(patch piloting then)11:47
slangasekLaney: fyi that fails to miss my highlight regexp11:47
Laneyis it deliberately wide enough to catch that kind of thing?11:48
slangasekLaney: no, but you matched my last name ;)11:48
tsimonq2slangasek: so can you? :D11:48
slangasekI didn't see the actual question11:49
slangasek"my two PRs" - where?11:49
tsimonq2slangasek: can you look at the merge proposals I sent a few days ago adding a Lubuntu Next image?11:49
* tsimonq2 hunts them down11:49
slangasekI think I'm going to have to defer that to infinity fwiw11:49
slangasekam at a work sprint right now so ENOTIME, sorry11:49
tsimonq2alright slangasek :)11:49
tsimonq2flexiondotorg, Laney: global release announcement sent11:53
tsimonq2I need approval for ubuntu-devel-announce, can someone please do that?11:54
LaneyI would wait 10 minutes for all the rsyncing to finish11:55
Laney(don't have the moderator password for u-d-a anyway)11:55
slangasekI can do that part11:58
slangasektsimonq2: fyi the quote thing was traditionally a "first milestone of the cycle" thing11:59
slangasekam I waiting before approving, or am I pushing the button?11:59
tsimonq2slangasek: /me blames flexiondotorg12:00
* flexiondotorg doesn't know any better.12:00
flexiondotorgI've always put a quote in.12:00
tsimonq2I don't know any better either :P12:01
tsimonq2slangasek: it doesn't hurt, right? :)12:01
Laneyslangasek: I don't see any rsync processes any more, so go for it12:06
tsimonq2Laney: posting to Fridge then too, after I correct some trivial things12:07
Laneymy work here is done12:07
* Laney lunch12:07
tsimonq2o/ Laney :)12:07
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Laney Thanks for your help :-)12:51
tsimonq2thanks for yours as well flexiondotorg :)12:54
wxltsimonq2: were you going to send a followup email to ubuntu-release about the necessity for the community to be self-motivating if they want to release milestones?17:03
tsimonq2wxl: no were you?17:03
wxltsimonq2: i can, if need be17:03
tsimonq2wxl: go ahead :)17:03
rbasakI feel that somebody from the community flavours needed to coordinate to stop being unhappy. Thank you for taking that up and sending the email.18:06
rbasakwxl: ^18:06
wxlnp rbasak18:06
infinitybdmurray: We have QA's and IS's +1 on the LTS->LTS upgrade switch.  Do you want to do the honors?19:34
bdmurrayinfinity: Okay.  What's the status of the xorg lts-xenial stack for Trusty?19:43
infinitybdmurray: Going to upload a fix on top of tjaalton's stuff, and then release it all to -updates.19:44
infinitybdmurray: I'm told it tests fine on a variety of hardware.19:44
bdmurrayinfinity: okay, I'm waiting on that to add HWE support stuff to Trusty's update-manager19:45
infinitybdmurray: Erk.  Kay.  Surely, you could have tested while it was all in proposed?19:46
infinitybdmurray: But I'll get all those Ts and Is dotted and crossed in the next few hours.19:46
bdmurrayinfinity: I've tested it but I didn't want to upload it because the HWE upgrade didn't go to well for me with an X kernel and a W xorg stack.19:47
infinitybdmurray: Well, yes, I meant you could have tested with X and X, since the X X is in proposed.19:48
infinityAnyhow, will get on it this afternoon.19:49
bdmurrayinfinity: And yes that's what I did.  Oh, I guess if anybody installed the proposed update-manager they'd have had proposed enabled so would get the X X from proposed.19:49
infinitybdmurray: Oh, while you're committing to changelogs, you can s/Supported: 1/Supported: 0/ for wily too, I'm sending the EOL mail today.19:50
bdmurrayinfinity: sure19:50
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