mapppsgood morning04:32
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:14
davmor2Mornign all08:17
davmor2Morning all even08:17
brobostigonmorning davmor208:18
daftykinsmorning all \o08:23
daftykinsoooh yes my glorious new keyboard is here :D sweet mechanical keys again instead of horrid membrane08:24
brobostigonmorning daftykins08:24
diddledandaftykins: I think one of my new rams is bust08:24
daftykinso rry? does it stop POST or is it causing instability?08:25
diddledanit would bluescreen randomly08:25
daftykinsah and the reasons keep changing?08:25
daftykinsis it stuff that requires you set an XMP setting in the BIOS, or just bog standard?08:25
diddledanI ran windows' inbuilt memory test and it said problems. removed two sticks and now it passes the same test08:26
daftykinspin it down with memtest86+ :)08:26
diddledanyeah, I might do that later - set it going overnight08:27
daftykinsnah just do it on the suspected bad DIMM, it'll only take like 15 minutes for a 4GB module if that08:28
daftykinsi got 2400MHz stuff myself, so i set it to its' XMP setting in the BIOS08:28
daftykinsalso ugh at my old motherboard causing one of the core 2 quad PCs to stop POSTing again, so i think it's time to call that motherboard dead08:30
daftykinsor at least unreliable!08:30
diddledanwar of attrition - change everything until you can prove a negative08:31
daftykinsgot to decide whether i just take the motherboard from the lowest specced system, as it's quite a nice one, or get another off ebay08:32
diddledan"it hasn't died for the last 3 reboots. does that mean it's fixed or just not completely dead?"08:32
daftykinshehe, it's funny because it does it when it's unplugged from the mains, but it's not the CMOS battery08:33
diddledanI hate the analogue nature of digital-equipment failures08:33
daftykinsyeah i'd much rather a true death, although then i'd be sat for ages faffing trying to get it to POST i suppose08:33
diddledanI like binary - alive or dead08:33
daftykinsbit sad that videos info didn't tell me what on earth it was08:40
diddledanportable computer from 1980 with a CRT display! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5SzKM7g5Ds08:44
daftykinsgm JamesTait o/08:48
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Milk Chocolate Day! 😃  🍫08:49
diddledanthat's a day I can get behind!08:49
JamesTait👋 daftykins08:49
* JamesTait reaches for the Milk Tray.08:49
diddledanI'm going to pre-empt davmor2 to make his job more difficult because he can't duplicate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQCQnARnKbc08:49
JamesTaitI couldn't eat any now, I'm too full of fruit and oats.08:50
daftykinsi wanted you to have said 'fruit and nut'08:50
daftykinsdiddledan: haha i love the line 'playing along at home' i use that myself :>08:50
JamesTaitOh, I forgot the nuts!08:50
daftykinsCadburys Dairy Milk fruit and nut ;D08:51
davmor2diddledan, JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjIn6SJK5Y08:59
* daftykins hears the brass band starting again09:00
JamesTaitdavmor2, I don't know where my boys heard this, but they went through a phase of singing it constantly a few years ago.09:01
diddledanoh god that's an earworm09:02
davmor2diddledan: hey you only have yourself to blame you stole shanks and bigfoot09:09
daftykinsdiddledan: https://youtu.be/yac6YByAcRc?t=520 D:09:15
daftykinsITS EVERYWHERE!09:15
czajkowskiMyrtti: ping mind a dm ?09:19
daftykinsPM :P09:20
* daftykins teases czajkowski's twitter talk09:20
* czajkowski slaps daftykins09:20
czajkowskithings you cant do on twitter but you can on IRC! :)09:21
* daftykins gains a red face :o09:22
popey 09:24
daftykins 09:24
diddledan 09:24
czajkowskispeechless who'd have thought it would happen09:25
SebthreeBQM10HDthat was a test thing just done 0TA 1209:28
Myrtticzajkowski: sure09:51
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czajkowskiMyrtti: tis sorted now10:03
daftykinsmmmm lovely new keys10:04
daftykins£80 admittedly, but i thoroughly recommend the steelseries M500 keyboard10:04
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daftykinsgiven i was linking to tall bikes yesterday, i just ran into one!12:41
daftykinsthis guy was employing child labour to push him around12:41
diddledandaftykins: I think we need to report him then14:17
ghostnetpcreport who14:18
diddledanwas he worried I meant him?14:21
daftykinsprobably, tinfoil freenoders everywhere!14:28
daftykinscan't believe i raised an RMA ticket on some 7 year old RAM :D go Corsair \o/14:29
diddledanthat’s impressive14:29
daftykinsthey might still tell me it's not under the lifetime one but we'll see :>14:33
Seeker`daftykins: I suspect their response will be "LOL"14:39
daftykinsSeeker`: when their products carry a "Lifetime Warranty" ? bold claim sir :P14:40
davmor2daftykins: man that's cheating it has 3 wheels14:44
diddledanthe bike14:45
davmor2diddledan: 3 wheels remember the trike ;)14:45
diddledangood point14:45
daftykinsoh i see, a topic hop threw me!14:47
davmor2daftykins: sorry playing catchup :)14:48
daftykins^_^ np14:48
daftykinsthe clowns were pretty ace14:48
daftykinsnice, Corsair just replied asking if i only had one kit faulty15:06
daftykinsnow that is support.15:06
DJonesdaftykins: They were all faulty weren't they, time for a replacement15:12
daftykinsguy that used to work for this client took that office PC home for himself so i don't know what it's up to now15:13
diddledanI miss this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsNaR6FRuO015:47
* daftykins doesn't15:47
DJonesI'm with daftykins on that15:57
diddledanonly the sound, not the speeds15:58
Seeker`I hope that's the old ladies video16:08
daftykinsi was about to say no, i much prefer the instant sync of VDSL... but the routers i've used take a fair while to sync16:08
daftykinsthat's scary16:12
daftykinsLOL my 7 year old RAM RMA has been accepted - Corsair are ace17:35
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diddledanwatching london has fallen. they blow the poo out everything18:45
zmoylan-pi2016 has taken garibaldi... http://www.epictimes.com/07/28/2016/j-michael-straczynskis-statement-death-jerry-doyle/ :-(18:59
diddledanit sounds like it's widdling-down outside19:57
daftykinsit's gone very gloomy here! i've had to actually close up the windows again from super summer mode++19:58
daftykinsdiddledan: https://youtu.be/7S5IuaKiZIY?t=22521:21
daftykinsMODEM SOLO!21:23
daftykinsi had that Lasat modem in blue, too21:23
zmoylan-pii only dealt with usr modems thank gorky21:25
daftykinsah the Lasat was ace, when we got it though it had a 9 pin serial cable and the mouse was 9 pin too :( only one port on the PC21:27
daftykinstook weeks to beg the old man to go back and buy a 25 to 9 adapter21:27
zmoylan-piyeah, i had to scan in a huge dublin map on a pc with 1 serial port, using serial mouse, serial scanner. eventually found a ps/2 mouse that decided it would work...21:28
daftykinsi loved the article about Australia being off its' GPS data right now because of the plate shift21:29
zmoylan-piof course it meant nicking the newest shiniest mouse from my boss to do the job...21:29
daftykinszmoylan-pi: what a coincidence!21:29
zmoylan-pi7mb of b&w pcx images of dublin city to add a map facility to crm software...21:30
zmoylan-piwritten in basic for extra difficulty bonus points... :-)21:31
zmoylan-piit worked suprisingly fast on 286's with 640k of ram...21:33
daftykins7 whole megabytes!21:34
daftykinsi always think it'd be ace to grab some of today's tech and travel back in time to an 80s CES equivalent and show it all21:34
zmoylan-pihard disks were 40mb so it was a _lot_21:35
daftykinsoh i recall the 486 apricots we got at home with the 40MB removable cassette drives21:35
zmoylan-piphones would be meh compared to pdas of 90s.  90% of their functionality wouldn't work without cloud21:35
daftykinsthat's a little bit like saying your life raft doesn't work without the sea, though21:36
zmoylan-piyou'd have to drag a laptop back.  and while it would be smaller and shinier with way more spec it would be... just a laptop21:36
daftykinswell it would also be thin enough to cut cheese!21:38
zmoylan-piand without wifi and a lot of network infrastructure it wouldn't talk to contemporary hardware21:38
zmoylan-picopy that file to a floppy... :-)21:39
ali1234i would take a selfie stick back in time21:44
zmoylan-pior send the file via serial cable...21:44
ali1234people would be so confused by it21:44
zmoylan-pii saw a pic of a selfie stick in 1920s iirc21:45
ali1234i'd take one of the ones with a fake hand on it21:45
zmoylan-pithey were rigging cameras for self pics back then too21:45
zmoylan-piif you want to crush their spirit take a modern printer so they can see how bad they still are...21:46
zmoylan-piwhat you could do is bring a printout of the linux kernel back...21:48
ali1234tbh there isn't much around today that wasn't predicted in popular culture in the 80s21:48
ali1234or at least sci-fi21:48
zmoylan-piwhen i see tradeshows announcements there's next to nothing exciting21:49
ali1234it's plenty exciting21:49
ali1234it would be to an 80s guy anyway21:49
zmoylan-pithe last thing that made me go wow was psion pdas.  they were insanely good compared even to desktop computers of the time21:49
ali1234raspberry pi is pretty impressive21:50
zmoylan-pinow the pi _is_ fantastic... but it's revolution isn't technical but more almost social.  so many of them they created an instant community of hardware geeks21:50
ali1234yeah but even so... the price and capability are amazing21:51
zmoylan-pipure moores law21:51
ali1234it destroys anything over about 10 years old21:51
ali1234let alone 80s21:51
zmoylan-pibut someone decided instead of making a better faster machine for normal prices make a cheap as chips full system21:51
ali1234we have those too they are called i721:52
zmoylan-piwhen i started a pc was around ir£3000. and it dropped and dropped till now you can get a cheap laptop for €20021:52
zmoylan-pibut some of them 3k computers are still ticking along whereas sub €300 laptops will be dead in 10 years21:53
ali1234i think the most impressive thing you could take back would be a 16GB micro sd card. "yes, this 1cm square stores an order of magnitude more than every computer here, and it costs the same as a cup of coffee"21:53
ali1234*every computer put together21:54
zmoylan-pii remember my visor neo, getting an sd sled and adding a 16mb card to it.  all the books i could carry compressed onto it!! :-)21:54
daftykinsi was more getting at taking things back to demo the performance, not the concepts21:56
ali1234yeah it wouldn't be a very interesting demo, but the numbers...21:57
zmoylan-piand that's the hard part.  you'd need to drag back a lot of hardware.  otherwise it's just another box with blinky lights and a promise that's doing cool stugg21:57
daftykinsi don't think so21:57
ali1234if you want to wow people, a gear vr would do it21:58
zmoylan-pifor a % of the population it doesn't work and/or makes them throw up21:58
ali1234same with rollercoasters man21:58
ali1234i don't get this idea that you can't make vr games that make people sick21:59
ali1234if you don't get sick playing a fighter jet simulation it isn't immersive enough in my opinion22:00
zmoylan-pinow a good mp3 player might be the most bang per buck in terms of functionality.  here's a box the size of a pack of ciggies and it contains months of music22:00
zmoylan-piplus tv shows and movies...22:00
ali1234mp3 players are out of date now. people just stream22:00
zmoylan-pimany people just stream... many don't22:01
ali1234old people :)22:01
zmoylan-pipeople in rural areas without broadband22:01
ali1234and hipsters22:01
zmoylan-pipeople in dead zones where no amount of infrastrucure seems to work22:01
ali1234i'm waiting for CDs to become fashionable again so i can sell all mine to hipsters22:01
zmoylan-pitight people who refuse to pay for data22:02
ali1234but they only want records and VHS tapes22:02
ali1234and cassettes22:02
ali1234give it another 10 years though...22:02
zmoylan-piespecially now japan has stopped making them...22:02
zmoylan-pisome very smart person went around and bought all the vinyl making gear a few years back...22:03
ali1234i can't believe that... there's too much of it22:03
zmoylan-pithere was, but a lot was junked as it was /useless/22:04
ali1234loads of studios still have the ability to cut dub plates22:04
ali1234it's not like one guy has a monopoly ;)22:04
zmoylan-pismall runs seem ok but for large runs you need more industrial equipment aiui22:04
zmoylan-piwe might just have to wait for 3d printers to have a high res... :-)22:05
ali1234now that is definitely a way off22:06
zmoylan-pii'd have agreed 2-3 years ago.  but a lot of smart people are pushing the envelope for lots of different reasons22:06
ali1234the very best 3d printers are still two orders of magnitude away from being good enough to do that22:07
zmoylan-pithose using them for medical applications are motivated to go super high res.22:08
ali1234haha someone tried it: http://www.amandaghassaei.com/projects/3D_printed_record/22:09
ali1234that's actually surprisingly good22:09
zmoylan-piit'll be the ip by pigeons for 3d printers.  as the tech improves someone will keep trying :-)22:09
zmoylan-piclarkes first law :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarke%27s_three_laws22:11
ali1234done on a stratasys printer22:11
zmoylan-pia very non standard piece of kit i'm guessing22:12
ali1234extremely expensive high end gear, nothing at all like a typical rep rap thing22:12
zmoylan-piwhich is why i think the medical 3d printing folk will be the first to approach the res required22:13
zmoylan-piof course it could also be the i want to modify my phone to make a 3d printed phone case that clips an extra battery to the back of my smartphone that can't make it through one single day... :-)22:17
ali1234of course if i was going back in time i would be really tempted to troll people too22:18
zmoylan-piof course... :-) and in the future everyone uses macs... :-P22:18
zmoylan-pidonald trump running for president would probably get you laughed out of the room...22:20
ali1234maybe not. he was much less of a joke in the 80s22:21
ali1234just another rich business man22:21
ali1234and they had an actor for president then22:21
ali1234you'd probably get more of a reaction telling them a black man was president22:22
ali1234even in back to the future he only got to be mayor22:23
ali1234but no i'd do stupid stuff like tell them youtube poops are the most popular form of entertainment in 201622:28
ali1234then show them "over 9000"22:28
zmoylan-piyou could show them a typical youtube page of comments...22:30

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