inetprogood morning 05:24
paddatrapperMorning inetpro05:57
paddatrapperMaaz: tell Kilos I am here now...05:57
Maazpaddatrapper: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:57
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Kilosmorning all. wbb chores time06:51
paddatrapperMorning Kilos07:01
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chesedomorning all07:07
magespawngood morning07:09
dlPhreakmorning, chesedo paddatrapper, Kilos 07:09
dlPhreakHi magespawn 07:09
paddatrapperMorning dlPhreak07:11
dlPhreakAre you well paddatrapper ?07:12
paddatrapperHey magespawn, chesedo07:12
paddatrapperdlPhreak: going down with flu. You? 07:31
dlPhreakI'm good thanks paddatrapper, just another day in service to the man.. Eat more apples..07:33
dlPhreakActually, if your flu is still in it's infancy and you want to halt it's spread, get some fresh ginger and grate it into boiling water then let it simmer for 10 minutes and then strain it and drink it with some lemon and honey.07:39
thatgraemeguymorning peoples07:57
paddatrapperdlPhreak: sounds like a plan. The entire household has it so I'm all for doing everything I can to avoid it! 07:59
paddatrapperMorning thatgraemeguy07:59
Kiloshi paddatrapper thatgraemeguy dlPhreak magespawn chesedo inetpro and all lurkers08:25
Kiloshmm... we even have some lefties amongst us09:52
jeritgood arvies everyone10:31
Sicelo!seen sicelo10:33
Sicelohi jerit 10:34
Kiloshi jerit Sicelo SEptic 10:48
jerithello hello10:48
jeritthis is so much fun10:48
SEpticdid you break it?10:49
jeritadding in better error reporting to my API so that I can see what bugger up is happening in Entity Framework10:49
jeritthats preventing data from being saved10:49
SEptichope your comments are up to scratch else ... eish10:53
theblazehenwebCan anyone tell me when I ping timed out earlier?10:56
theblazehenwebLink between router and other pc showed as up, but nothing showed in dhcp, didn't have the mac addresses of vm host or anything, so couldn't arping either. I had my dhcp lease time really low, for testing my DDNS and dhcp in docker containers, caused unbound some issues before, but hosts were still registered. Decided to reboot router, but it didn't come back up10:59
jeritlets see if quassel behaves better11:00
theblazehenweb@andrewlsd AFAIK you need a working userspace for a dhcp client to work right?11:01
* theblazehenweb needs to get a serial cable so I can send magic sysrq keys to the host from router..11:01
theblazehenwebOr maybe I should make it stop kernel panicing11:02
jerit__well it seems my connection is stuffed regardless11:11
=== jerit__ is now known as jerit
jeritapparently doesn't matter if I use a bouncer or not, if I'm connected via a client running on my machine... meh11:15
ra1v3nHello all11:18
Kiloshi ra1v3n 11:22
ra1v3nhi Kilos 11:25
Sicelojerit-: where is the bouncer running from?11:26
Sicelojerit-: where is the bouncer running from?11:36
Kilosseems the bouncer is working jerit you bouncing in and out all the time12:15
jerityeah I noticed12:19
jeritmight have to kill it for the sanity of everyone on the network12:19
jeritis it supposed to do that while I'm not connected to it?12:19
jeritmight have to kill it for the sanity of everyone on the network12:20
Kilosmaybe a timeout thing12:20
Kilosi have no idea12:20
Kilosother quassels dont12:20
Kilosmaybe somewhere in settings12:21
Kilosnot timeout, times are dfferent12:21
jerit-well I'm connected again, lets see if it still bounces like that12:22
Kilospeeps can also turn off join/part messages if its annoying 12:24
dlPhreakI always turn off join/part12:28
dlPhreakWhich bouncer are you using, jerit- ?12:28
jeritthere we go again12:34
Sicelothe problem is that the znc is running on a bad connection apparently12:37
Sicelo13:36 < Sicelo> jerit-: where is the bouncer running from?12:38
theblazehenwebWell, saw 2 extremely stupid / crazy things today..12:48
theblazehenwebQuitting teamviewer made me run out of ram, htop said 39.9% of 8 GB used by teamviewer, was fine before that12:49
theblazehenwebAnd http://ricardo.cc/2011/06/02/10-CoffeeScript-One-Liners-to-Impress-Your-Friends.html12:49
Sicelonot surprising :)12:49
LangjanHi guys 14:09
Sicelotheblazehenweb: juniper web filter blocks that link, grrr :(14:14
SiceloCATEGORY: Enhanced_Potentially_Damaging_Content REASON: BY_PRE_DEFINED14:14
Sicelononsense ... /me hates 14:14
theblazehenwebSicelo: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fricardo.cc%2F2011%2F06%2F02%2F10-CoffeeScript-One-Liners-to-Impress-Your-Friends.html&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b14:17
theblazehenwebJust search cache:$url on google14:17
LangjanChasing sheep Kilos ?14:20
Sicelolol theblazehenweb. juniper's proxy is quite good .. that's blocked too :)14:23
Siceloi'll check the link later on another network14:23
SiceloCATEGORY: Enhanced_Potentially_Damaging_Content REASON: BY_PRE_DEFINED14:23
theblazehenwebSicelo: Challenge accepted14:37
Kiloshi Langjan 14:37
theblazehenwebCan you run linux at work?14:37
theblazehenwebhi Kilos 14:37
Kiloshi theblazehenweb 14:37
Kilosjust returned from sheep yes sir14:38
Sicelotheblazehenweb: no. i can ssh proxy on the wifi though .. just don't feel like doing it now ... but on the "work" network, windows, with least privilege14:45
LangjanHi Kilos are you well?14:46
LangjanJy moet vuurmaak14:48
theblazehenwebSicelo: Can you run unprivileged exes?14:51
Kiloskom nog groter koue Langjan 14:54
Kilosals was ys hier vanoggend14:54
Kilosim ok ty and you sir14:54
LangjanAll fine thks Kilos, was 7° this morn, coldest of the winter14:56
Kiloswe were - and some change i think14:56
LangjanForecast says slightly warmer tomorrow and still better Saturday14:57
Langjan- ?14:57
Kilosdont you even know what a minus is14:57
LangjanThats for Bela-Bela, dunno about Pretoria14:57
Kilosthe opposite of +14:57
LangjanYes, all thats below 10° is minus14:57
Langjanso we were -7 14:58
Langjansorry -314:58
Kiloswe  musta been minus 1 or 2 ithink14:58
Kilosnee man14:58
LangjanJy moet vuurmaak14:58
Kilosminus is under zero14:58
Langjanno under 10 for us Zululanders14:59
Kiloshaha oh ya14:59
LangjanMaar as jy vuurmaak dan word dit warm en jy kan daai skaaptjops braai14:59
Kilosjy het altyd kos op jou brein15:00
LangjanNo parcel yet?15:00
LangjanNee skaaptjops, baie lekka15:00
Kiloshavent heard yet15:00
LangjanThey said they will deliver to your friend, hopefully soon15:01
Kilosits a friend of an old neighbour15:01
Langjanwhen will you see them? 15:01
Kilosso most likely van der merwes so maybe 1/2 a parcel arrives15:01
Kilosi see neighbour daily but friend in town15:02
LangjanAre they Australian women?15:02
Kilosnee man daai goed wat jy se boere is15:02
LangjanThe ones that will steal half the parcel15:03
Kilosno man local peeps15:03
LangjanThey call them mate15:03
Kilostannie is floorsie15:03
Langjanspelt different15:03
Kilosthats no aus name15:03
Langjanja man al die ozzies is mate15:03
Langjanjys op en wakker vandag15:04
Langjangehoor van Debs?15:04
Kilosbesige dag gehad en dit was so koud vanoggend mens se neus het gebrand as jy inasem15:05
Kilosja maar sy sien eers daai spesialis in twee weke15:05
LangjanJa ek onthou jy het gesê15:05
Kilosals reg met die rekenaars15:06
LangjanEk probeer hard maar niks breek nie want eks nie op kde nie, nou kuier ek maar sommer net15:06
Kiloshet jy systemback probeer15:06
Langjannog nie15:06
Kilosek het dit gebruik15:06
LangjanDie Intel mense het my gebel, eks beïndruk15:07
LangjanHoe werk dit?15:07
Kilosen instaleer op desktop en dis presies asof ek hier op lappie is15:07
LangjanSal dit my vbox ook behou?15:07
Kilosek weet nie , lees wat se hulle van die ding15:07
Kilosmyne het kiekies en epos settings en als onthou15:08
Kilostot my irc klient en pidgin is als daar15:08
LangjanEk sal beïndruk wees as dit vbox onthou15:09
Kilosnie pigeon nie , pidgin15:09
Kilostik pidgin in synaptis en lees wat dit is15:09
Langjanduifies man15:10
Kilosbeter as empathy15:10
Langjanwats empathy?15:10
Kilosim client15:10
KilosIM client15:10
Kilosinstant messaging client15:10
Langjandont use that stuff15:10
Kilosno you skype15:11
Langjanonly Whatsapp15:11
Kilosi dont whatsapp15:11
LangjanI use carrier pidgin15:11
Langjanlots empathy for them, dont let them fly too far15:12
Kilosyou crazy old coot15:12
LangjanNetnou maak ek jou kwaad, ek praat nou bog, gaan maar groet. 15:13
LangjanHow was the meeting, irc?15:13
Langjancoc thats me15:13
Kilosyou need to attend and learn something15:13
Langjantoo old for that fancy stuff15:13
Langjanmy lady just arrived, gaan net gou groet15:14
Kilosnothing fancy man its same as chatting here15:14
Kilosgo well my friend and ty again15:14
Langjanno you chat about too complicated things15:14
Kilosgeniet jou aand15:14
Langjandankie Kilos  jy ook, hoop jy bly warm15:14
Kiloslekker slaap oom15:14
Langjanj ook dankie, ek hoor ons gaan koek eet by die bure15:15
Langjanjy ook15:15
Kiloshi Cryterion 15:47
CryterionGood evening Kilos15:48
Kiloshi  nlsthzn 16:01
Kiloshows my trainee ahab16:02
nlsthznuncle Kilos , hello :)16:02
nlsthznso now the aprentice has become the master?16:02
Kilosi still cant fix things16:03
Kilosi fix peeps not apps16:03
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Kiloshi d`_`b 16:06
d`_`bHi Kilos16:06
* nlsthzn is good at re-installing16:10
Kilosi havent had to do that for a while16:10
Kilos14.04 kde has reallt been good to me16:11
nlsthzncurrently have opensuse tumbleweed installed, bleeding edge and rolling... every upgrade is a potential for breakage >.< (I blame nightshift and bad decisions)16:11
nlsthznin all fareness it is pretty stable if you consider what they do :p16:12
Kiloswhat do they do?16:13
* nlsthzn is going for 5 hour IELTS test on Saturday to prove he speaks the english deliciously16:13
nlsthznthe fact that it is a rolling release on the bleeding edge16:13
nlsthzneven arch can't keep up some days :p16:13
* nlsthzn goes to do some work again.... catch you all later16:15
Kilosenjoy lad16:15
Kilosty for visiting16:16
Kilosfrog boots!17:10
paddatrapperKilos: Hey, sorry been laid low by flu17:29
Kilosnp paddatrapper get well soon lad17:31
paddatrapperI am certainly trying!17:31
Kilospaddatrapper you got some time?17:42
Kilosif you too ill then rest rather17:43
paddatrapperKilos: Yup, though not too sure how much use I'll be17:43
magespawn home time chat later all18:03
inetproevening 18:10
inetproArguably a few months late, we're finally having our #Ubuntu 16.04 release party in SF tonight! Learn more at https://t.co/scQJWCUEJr18:10
inetproanyone joining us? 18:10
Kiloshi inetpro 18:10
inetprooops, I mean them :-)18:11
spinzai'm tired of the standard ubuntu appearance.  it's really dead boring18:13
spinzai've tried some skins but it's not great.  how is ubuntu gnome?18:13
inetprospinza: tried Kubuntu yet? 18:14
inetprotry it! 18:16
not_found_the arc theme is pretty awesome18:16
spinzacan't say it looks pretty18:16
not_found_but I have found it slightly broken from time to time :/18:16
inetproeven Kilos is not looking back 18:16
Kiloseven kilos18:17
Kilosuse 14.0418:17
Kiloseverything works18:17
Kilosthey still sorting bugs on 16.0418:17
Kilosfor some 16.04 works fine18:17
inetproI have no troubles with 16.04.118:17
not_found_if you add backports to Kubuntu it is pretty epic18:18
not_found_very close to upstream18:18
not_found_oh and hi all :p18:18
spinzai've got ui tweak and paper icons18:19
Kiloshi not_found_ 18:19
spinzaswitched to arc theme now18:19
ra1v3nhello 40418:19
inetproand if data wasn't a problem I would try kde on debian unstable 18:19
* not_found_ is in tumblweed for the freshest KDE18:21
not_found_oh and hi ra1v3n :p18:21
not_found_and uncle Kilos 18:21
tumbleweedhi not_found_18:21
not_found_oops sorry tumbleweed ... you should be over on #opensuse :p18:21
inetpronot_found_: please find yourself 18:21
not_found_its easy once you realize there is no spoon inetpro 18:22
Kilosnot_found_ ?18:24
Kilosoh my18:25
not_found_a bit slow on the uptake tonight uncle Kilos ?18:26
=== not_found_ is now known as not_found\
=== not_found\ is now known as not_found
* not_found goes to make tea and do some Task Risk Assessments :'(18:27
chesedonot_found: can you get _success_ to join us too - also please leave _redirected_ and _server_error_ where ever you escaped from :D18:42
* not_found does not have super cow powers, sorry 18:45
not_foundso you like arc theme spinza ?18:49
not_foundwb uncle Kilos 18:54
not_foundbtw do you know if they finally got enough people to fill the membership board uncle Kilos ?18:56
Kilosi think so not_found 18:56
Kilosone other reapplied i think18:57
Kilosyou may apply for membership, ill give you a +118:57
Kilosnever let your membership expire18:58
Kilosand ty , i lost connection because modem forgets to work at times18:58
not_foundI don't plan on any sustained activity in the Ubuntu community uncle Kilos :) was simply trying to assist a situation that shouldn't have existed imo19:00
not_foundup up up and down... turn turn turn around...19:24
inetproai 19:24
Kilos-night all. sleep tight20:24
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos

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