R13oseYankDownUnder: Stable release 5.7.2 (19 July 2016; 8 days ago) which is on Wiki.00:00
YankDownUnderR13ose: This is the basics of what I followed to create a stable KDE/Plasma environment: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/05/install-kde-plasma-5-6-kubuntu-16-04/00:00
R13oseYankDownUnder: are you saying 5.7.x is not out there yet for auto upgrade?00:04
YankDownUnderR13ose: I haven't looked - and, as a matter of fact, I'm kinda browsing now...00:04
R13oseYankDownUnder: thanks00:05
YankDownUnderR13ose: http://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/install-kde-plasma-5-7-ubuntu-fedora-opensuse-arch-linux/00:06
R13oseYankDownUnder: I saw that but that install not upgrade isn't this?00:07
YankDownUnderR13ose: However, that being said, I'm going to sit and wait as things are running quite well for *me* at the moment...therefore, I'm not in a rush, and this is basically a production workstation...so I'm happy with it's current performance... :)00:07
YankDownUnderR13ose: Read through it - it's an "upgrade" when you look through to the finer points.00:07
YankDownUnderR13ose: It's all a matter of preference and choice.00:08
R13oseYankDownUnder: "kubuntu-desktop is already the newest version (1.338)"00:09
YankDownUnderR13ose: Did you comletely read the entire page prior to attempting the upgrade/dist-upgrade?00:10
Ben64be aware that using 3rd party repositories is not supported00:11
R13oseYankDownUnder: ^00:11
berndwie schaltet man hier die übersetzung ein?00:11
R13oseYankDownUnder: I re-read and I see what you mean, thanks.00:12
daxbernd: English here, please. /join #ubuntu-de for German.00:12
YankDownUnderR13ose: Fair enough...I'd offer to try it, but, as I said, this system is stable right now, and it's early in the day - so any attempt to muck about with stuff that are going to interrupt my operations will have to wait until later this evening...hmm...however, that being said, I'm going to muck with it later...but just not right now...00:12
bernddanke, ist aber keine antwort auf meine Frage...00:12
R13oseYankDownUnder: thanks for all the help.00:12
YankDownUnderR13ose: You're more than welcome. Peace.00:13
zrooLikhey everyone00:15
zrooLiki've got a problem in my ubuntu00:15
zrooLikE:Malformed entry 43 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list (Component), E:The list of sources could not be read.00:15
zrooLiksome know how I can solve this issue ?00:15
YankDownUnderzrooLik: Have you looked at line 43 in the sources.list ?00:16
zrooLikI havent00:16
zrooLiki'm a new user00:16
YankDownUnderzrooLik: Ah.00:16
Bashing-omzrooLik: 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list ' and compare line 43 to others and adjust it .00:16
visherame neither00:16
zrooLiksorry  ;/00:16
visherawhere am I?00:17
berndwie komme ich in ubuntu-de?00:17
Bashing-omvishera: As per the topic .. this is ubuntu support channel .00:17
forever_hey h@ck3rs00:17
bazhangubuntu support only here forever_00:18
forever_i knw00:19
YankDownUnderOMG this is Ubuntu support? And here, all these years, I thought it was an IRC channel for vegetarian recipes...dang...00:19
bazhangchit chat elsewhere forever_00:19
zrooLikso Bashin-om00:20
forever_how can i get to downgrade from backbox 4.3 to 3.300:20
zrooLikwhat should I do exactly ? dont really understand what should I do to solve it00:20
daxforever_: ask the Backbox folks00:20
bazhangforever_, ask in a backbox channel its not supported here00:21
daxubottu: backbox00:21
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.00:21
YankDownUnderzrooLik: Line 43 - are you looking at it? Have you compared your "sources.list" with any others?00:21
zrooLikno I havent00:21
zrooLikwhere should i find more of this sources.list ?00:21
YankDownUnderzrooLik: Tell you what - why don't you use "pastebin" to put up YOUR copy of the "sources.list" and we can have a look-see at it, hmm?00:22
zrooLiki'm a realy newb ah00:24
forever_whats the channel number for backbox folks00:24
s_spiffanyone know how to ensure nvidia driver is used instead of the onboard graphics intel driver? The nvidia-settings shows Nividia in use, but when I use inxi -Fx in the terminal, it shows intel driver loaded00:24
daxforever_: see ubottu's comment00:24
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danemacmillanI'm in a login loop from unity login. I enter my password, then just start back at the login. I ssh'd in, and my user does not have its encrypted home directory mounted, and it won't mount.00:29
danemacmillanANyone experiencing something like this?00:29
yonakaKuramoriI would guess that your shell was set to /bin/login, somehow.00:32
MGrayHey everyone. Would anyone have any info on booting from linux USB on an HP Spectre? I have been trying with an MBR Rufus created USB, but it's not picking it up for some reason #hp-bios-fail00:33
tomer_hello. I'm try to follow the answer given here: (http://askubuntu.com/questions/715306/xbacklight-no-outputs-have-backlight-property-no-sys-class-backlight-folder). I get a "failed to create symbolic link '/sys/class/brightness': Operation not permitted" when doing so. Any suggestions?00:33
YankDownUnderMGray: Have you changed the boot order for BIOS on that machine?00:34
yonakaKuramoridanemacmillan: You'd probably want to set it back to bash using chsh, but I think you'd need a working shell to do that.00:34
MGrayHey YankDownUnder . Yes - I have disabled secure boot. Can see the USB drive to boot but it ends up just trying to browse the files which is weird! Writing my ISO to a GPT formatted USB drive shortly to see if that works00:35
yonakaKuramoridanemacmillan: Also, you'd need a shell that could open some sort of editor to see if that was the case, by reading /etc/passwd. You could also change your default shell by setting the environment variable $SHELL to the location of a shell.00:36
YankDownUnderMGray: Ok...disabling secure boot works sometimes - but what I was getting at was "boot priority" - the process by which the machine actually boots - what devices it looks for first...hmm...00:37
danemacmillanyonakaKuramori: I can SSH into the box as that same user, and I can see the home directory is not mounted properly with its encrypted contents.00:37
yonakaKuramoridanemacmillan: But you can get past the login prompt and get to a shell?00:39
MGrayYankDownUnder: yes - machine currently has windows 10 on it.00:40
MGraySuccess - Using RUFUS for windows with a setting of GPT partition table and FAT32 to write the ISO file worked a treat! :-)00:40
YankDownUnderMGray: That is not what I meant, nor what I asked. I wanted to know if you set the boot priority in your BIOS or in the "boot menu" of the BIOS on that machine...so that the USB is the primary device to boot from...00:40
YankDownUnderMGray: All is good, then...all is good...00:41
yonakaKuramoridanemacmillan: I think you'd just have to run ecryptfs-mount-private, if you're able to get a shell.00:41
yonakaKuramoridanemacmillan: Ah, I reread your statement. I'm not sure in the case of a local login taking you back to the login screen, though I do know that when you ssh in to a system you may have to run ecryptfs-mount-private to mount your home directory.00:44
rangergordI have 16.04.1 installed in a Virtualbox VM. The performance is quite horrible. First, compiz uses a ridiculously high amount of CPU (eg 1 full core when I click the Ubuntu button to show the main menu). But most importantly, randomly I get huge sustained spikes of IO when I open Firefox, freezing the system until I have to force-shutdown. I'm talking read of multiple megabytes per sec. Here's00:47
rangergord30 seconds of iostat monitoring: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21218030/ . All I did was open Firefox and go to google, didn't even do a search. Main culprits: Firefox, compiz, gnome-terminal-server, X. I doesn't happen automatically, it generally takes 15-20 mins of usage. But when this happens once, I can always reproduce it by opening firefox.00:47
rangergordMy questions are: 1) is anyone here using Ubuntu dekstop in a Virtualbox VM without issues?   2) How do I even begin to troubleshoot this?00:48
Ben64rangergord: i'd suggest not using unity00:48
rangergordBen64: haha, i try to give it a shot every LTS, but you're right00:49
DragonAKHey guys00:50
DragonAKUsing Ubuntu 8.04 in a 15 years old machine, heeh00:50
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.00:52
bazhangtime for an upgrade if you want support DragonAK00:52
DragonAKHeh, surely. I think I'll do an upgrade fest here00:53
rangergordBen64: I just installed mate-desktop, but where's the option to use it? Typically login screens have an option to select the session type. Does this mean I didn't install it properly, or did someone make another brilliant design decision?00:53
bazhangI am using the not yet released 16.10 on a 12 years old computer DragonAK00:54
rangergordnm, seems like I need ubuntu-mate-desktop, not mate-desktop00:55
DragonAKWhoah, that's cool, bazhang!00:56
DragonAKI hope mine can deal with it, heheh00:56
bazhangDragonAK, so a fresj install of 16.04 LTS should do00:56
DragonAKI'll surely give it a try!00:57
Bashing-omDragonAK: And if you are handy and into exporing ... a minimal install of 16.04 .00:57
Bashing-om!minimal | DragonAK00:57
ubottuDragonAK: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:57
DragonAKThank you so much, everybody. I'm installing it right now~00:59
DMAHello. After upgrading my aunt's laptop to Ubuntu 14.04 LibreOffice isn't opening .ppt files with Impress but with Writer despite default action being Open with Impress. However, .xls do open automatically with Calc and .doc with Writer. Any ideas on how to fix that?00:59
bazhangdma have you asked #libreoffice yet01:00
DMAbazhang: yep01:00
DMAI don't know if the base app needs a parameter or something01:01
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OerHeks 01:23
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vkrishnmy laptab supports booting from usb, can someone recommend which dvd to download ?01:25
OerHeksvkrishn, ubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu-mate .. many flavors, start the the main ubuntu 16.04 LTS01:27
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Xenial, and help keeping the servers' load low!01:28
epstin3ubuntu mate 16.0401:29
vkrishnOerHeks, thanks, will it support tablet UI features ?01:30
peppajust tried peppermint 7, I like it alright. if I could fix this flash issue I am having.01:30
OerHekspeppa, don't suggest peppermint! it is NOT ubuntu01:31
vkrishnhw spec - atom Z37xx series (4cores)+2gb ram01:31
OerHeksvkrishn, try the live mode from the iso01:31
vkrishnOerHeks, ok01:31
peppaoh alright...01:32
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danemacmillanyonakaKuramori: I did try that, but it complains about a config error.01:42
AlphaAnyone using Ubuntu Server 1601:45
Alphaor know how to configure a new ubuntu server01:45
AlphaI'm a student am 17 yrs old01:45
AlphaI'm trying to settup file server using ubuntu01:46
AlphaUbuntu server 1601:46
AlphaAnyone has some ideas ?01:46
AlphaI've search the web tried some stuff01:46
Alpharead some books01:46
Alphaholy cow01:46
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server01:47
Alphais it this quiet ?01:47
wyseguysetting up a new computer with a radeon hd 6850. I read that they were getting rid of the old drivers and now using amdgpu, but little confused on how to get these new drivers working01:47
tgm4883!details | Alpha01:47
ubottuAlpha: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.01:47
wyseguyi have a tripple monitor setup, but only 2 are working, and the screen has a lot of tearing going on, so i figure its a driver issue01:48
tgm4883I generally don't respond to questions such as "Anyone using Ubuntu Server 16"01:48
wyseguytgm4883, lol01:48
Alphai'll detail my erros in a few minutes01:48
OerHeksAlpha, good start is #ubuntu-server, and this howto https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu-16-0401:48
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AlphaTHanks OerHeks01:49
AlphaI'll check it out01:49
OerHekswyseguy, radeon, 16.04,, the open driver takes only 2 monitors IIRC01:51
wyseguyOerHeks, okay, how can i get 3 monitors working?01:52
OerHekswyseguy, i don't know :-(01:54
wyseguyOerHeks, that makes no sense, looks like you cant use fglrx anymore, and you have to use the amdgpu driver01:56
wyseguyOerHeks, do you know if by default its using the amdgpu driver? how can i tell?01:56
OerHeksnewer cards use AMDgpu, the older ones radeon.01:58
wyseguyOerHeks, okay so since i have a hd 6850, i would use the radeon one right?02:00
OerHekswyseguy, not sure, i think it is  a radeondriver card, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver maybe someone else knows this exact02:02
wyseguyOerHeks, pastebin.com/hYhEJW4f02:03
lotuspsychjewyseguy: xrandr --auto detecting your 3rd screen?02:07
OerHekswyseguy, you can tell what driver is in use, open terminal: lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'02:07
-udtaa:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:08
-puwyrav:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:08
-mcnak:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:08
-mcnak:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:08
-zevis:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:09
-naosjsr:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongpl02:09
-mwhrwuf:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:09
-efxwk:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:09
-kvhuygd:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongpl02:09
wyseguylotuspsychje, pastebin.com/dTQtTTfh02:09
wyseguyOerHeks, Kernel driver in use: radeon02:10
Karrde!server is incorrect since 12.04 ("Since 12.04, there is no difference in kernel between Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server since linux-image-server is merged into linux-image-generic.")02:10
-nfero:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:10
-xexvr:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet 02:10
-qyvzmj:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:10
-uoapyix:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:10
-uwnpco:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:10
-uwnpco:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:10
-cbpdbz:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplan02:11
-orixme:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrong02:11
ptahtoo much hacking02:11
wyseguyi wonder if anyone is gonna go there now lol02:11
-wilvuo:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplane02:11
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-zvivnd:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:11
-zfazrm:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:11
-xdpunkk:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:11
-bubbgs:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wro02:11
-wwhnnsy:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #w02:11
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ptahplanet x?02:12
-gnluw:#ubuntu- #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet02:12
ptahplanet x?02:13
CoJaBoWhy is that channel still allowed to exist here?02:13
lotuspsychjewyseguy: try xrandr --auto02:13
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wyseguylotuspsychje, okay, no output from it02:14
OerHeksspam guys, it is ##wrongplanet, duhh02:15
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lotuspsychjewyseguy: can this help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/106683/any-really-decent-way-to-get-three-monitors02:20
wyseguylotuspsychje, funny, since my dell laptop on the docking station can support 3 :p02:23
nightowl_hello everyone02:23
lotuspsychjewyseguy: both machines have same ubuntu?02:23
nightowl_can I just post my question here?02:24
lotuspsychjenightowl_: if its ubuntu related, sure02:24
wyseguylotuspsychje, YES02:25
wyseguylotuspsychje, i think im just hook up my laptop again02:26
nightowl_YES :) my laptop has an SD card reader built in and I am just trying to access a brand new micro SD card via an SD card adaptor; the micro sd card is automounted as read-only (using ubuntu 14.04)02:26
wyseguynightowl_, sudo fdisk -l02:27
ptahrm -r /02:28
nightowl_I can see the sd card as FAT32: /dev/mmcblk0p1            8192    31211519    15601664    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)02:28
wyseguyptah, thats not nice02:28
wyseguynightowl_, dont run that command ptah put up02:28
wyseguyi know lol, but some people may do that02:28
OerHeksptah, you could be removed for such jokes02:28
wyseguynightowl_, run this: sudo ls -l /dev/mmcblk0p102:29
wyseguyptah, now my tshirt with the command on it in the closet is a much better approach02:29
OerHeksnightowl_, how big is that sdcard in Gb ?02:29
OerHekssome cardreaders go up to 32 gb..02:30
nightowl_wyseguy, --> brw-rw---- 1 root disk 179, 1 Jul 28 02:48 /dev/mmcblk0p102:30
wyseguynightowl_, so that means that root is the owner of that card...02:31
wyseguywhat is your user name on the computer?02:31
ptahwyseguy, im using a mini dell laptop which i got as a gift alrewady had ubuntu installed02:31
ptahi have ubuntu 8.0402:31
nightowl_assume my user name is owl :)02:31
wyseguyptah,  nice, i have a del lattitude e7240, it runs awesome, even in its dock with tripple monitors02:31
ptahi updated firefox but facebook flash doesnt work, but youtube works02:31
lotuspsychjeptah: 8.04 is eol02:32
ptahwhat do i do?02:32
Sebastienwe told you 8.04 is too old02:32
Sebastienyou need to upgrade02:32
wyseguynightowl_, okay run this... sudo usermod -G disk --append owl02:32
wyseguybut change owl to your user name02:32
ptahso newer firefox wont fix it? i need newer kernel?02:33
lotuspsychjeptah: you need a newer ubuntu version02:33
wyseguyi feel ptah is trolling02:33
nightowl_wyseguy, done that02:34
wyseguynightowl_, now you should be able to write to the card02:34
ptahim not trolling02:34
ptahi hadnt used linux for long time and now im back on it02:34
wyseguynightowl_, oh run this....02:35
wyseguymight have to remount the card02:35
wyseguynightowl_, sudo mount --options, rw /dev/mmcblk0p102:35
nightowl_wyseguy, unfortunately I still get the read-only file system (ex from sudo mc)02:35
wyseguydont run that02:35
wyseguylet me fix it02:35
wyseguynightowl_, sudo mount --options,rw /dev/mmcblk0p102:36
wyseguythere run that02:36
lotuspsychjeptah: you dont make sense, back on linux and you installed a non-supported old version?02:36
wyseguyor just physically pull the card out and reinsert it nightowl_02:36
ptahi didnt install old version, it was already there02:37
wyseguyptah, upgrade yo02:37
ptahyou didnt read02:37
lotuspsychjeptah: install a supported version from topic02:37
orlockptah: Use it to download a new one to install?02:37
OerHeksupgrading from 8.04 with grub1 .. that takes a lot of work, do a fresh install of something lightweight like ubuntu-mate or Lubuntu02:38
wyseguyptah, ubuntu mate is nice on older hardware02:38
wyseguyreally nice02:38
ptahthe thing is im not sure if this mini laptop which is not that new can handle the new version02:38
nightowl_wyseguy, mount: block device /dev/mmcblk0p1 is write-protected, mounting read-only02:38
wyseguyptah, ubuntu mate should run just fine02:39
ptahits like 2008 or 602:39
lotuspsychjeptah: try a liveusb02:39
lotuspsychjesee for yourself02:39
wyseguylotuspsychje, you know why nightowl_ is still getting that message?02:39
OerHeksptat don't expect it to be a good youtube machine :-D .. old netbooks are just doorstoppers02:39
ptahi know it is slow and delays02:40
wyseguynm, nightowl_ pull the card out and reinsert it02:40
ptahbut im just here fror fun02:40
nightowl_wyseguy, did that, no change, restarted the whole system with card inserted, still no change02:40
ptahyoutube works but instagram aned facebioik vidsw dont02:41
nightowl_wyseguy, I checked the SD card adaptor, it is not locked :)02:41
wyseguy_that was weird02:41
lotuspsychjeptah: install a supported version first, then we can help you02:41
wyseguy_nightowl_, did that work?02:41
ptahlotuspsychje, once i do that i dont need help lol02:42
ptahsupported then its ok02:42
nightowl_wyseguy, nope, it did not :(02:42
lotuspsychjeptah: then your problem is gone and you dont need to talk here anymore for support02:43
ptahim here to learn things that i dont know02:43
lotuspsychjeptah: only if you install a supported version02:43
owen1i installed flashplugin-installer and restarted chromium. going to chrome://flash/ tells me that flash plugin is not installed. any ideas?02:44
lotuspsychjeowen1: try chromium + pepperflash02:44
nightowl_wyseguy, however, I could write to the same sd card from a Windows OS :(02:45
lotuspsychjenightowl_: did you try gparted on your sd yet?02:45
nightowl_lotuspsychje, yes and it says the disk is in read only mode02:46
lotuspsychjenightowl_: you cant format from there?02:46
ptahlotuspsychje, is ubuntu-offtopic a dead channel or active?02:46
lotuspsychje!ot | ptah02:46
ubottuptah: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:46
owen1lotuspsychje: how do i install pepperflash? apt-get? btw, i am on 15.1002:46
nightowl_lotuspsychje, nope, because gparted does not let me to; the sd card has an exclamation mark with the note "Unable to open /dev/mmcblk0 read-write (Read-only file system).  /dev/mmcblk0 has been opened read-only."02:47
lotuspsychje!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree02:47
ubottupepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.8.2ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 10 kB, installed size 41 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:47
DalekSeclotuspsychje: Easier to install adobe-flashplugin from partner, it contains both PPAPI and NPAPI plugins.02:47
ptahi cant join it says to #ubuntu-offtopic02:48
ptah#ubuntu-offtopic :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services02:48
OerHeksptah, the error you get is clear, register with #freenode02:49
lotuspsychjenightowl_: what brand is your sd card? could be RMA broken02:50
ptahOerHeks, im too lazy now lol02:50
nightowl_it is a Kingston, 16 GB (however, windows 10 was ok with it, on another machine)02:51
OerHeksptat please keep that comments for yourself, this is ubuntu support only02:51
nightowl_lotuspsychje, it is a Kingston, 16 GB (however, windows 10 was ok with it, on another machine)02:52
wyseguy_nightowl_, sorry had a call come in, so where are you now?02:53
wyseguy_you tried to unplug the stick and reinserted it?02:53
lotuspsychjenightowl_: wich ubuntu version are you on?02:54
nightowl_lotuspsychje, 14.0402:54
nightowl_wyseguy, I'm still here, can read the sd card, but not write to it; tried gparted as well, it says "Unable to open /dev/mmcblk0 read-write (Read-only file system).  /dev/mmcblk0 has been opened read-only."02:55
wyseguy_and you reinstalled the card?02:56
nightowl_lotuspsychje, what does RMA mean?02:56
wyseguy_like pulled it out and put it back in?02:56
wyseguy_gonna go get an energy drink out of the vending machine, ill brb. nightowl_dont give up on linux, it has a few quirks to work out but once you get though them, you wont go back, promise02:57
wyseguy_nightowl_, ^02:57
Freedom777nice room02:58
nightowl_wyseguy, I'm running on ubuntu since 2010 :)02:58
wyseguy_nightowl_, well sh*t, nm then haha02:59
wyseguy_what up Freedom77702:59
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
Freedom777im good syseguy_02:59
wyseguy_w* lol02:59
OptiprismHi, how do I get qt4 on 16.04 ? I need it for a project but 16.04 has 5.5.1 installed03:00
OptiprismAny ideas how I would get the old version?03:00
nightowl_wyseguy, still, I don't get it, a brand new sd card and it only mounts as read-only? :(03:00
lotuspsychjeOptiprism: its not recommended to mix package versions03:01
Houseam i just misremembering, but didn't `tcpdump` used to always show local host on the left, remote host on right, and in/out traffic direction with >/< ??03:02
nightowl_lotuspsychje, would you have any other suggestions please? :)03:02
lotuspsychjenightowl_: could try testing another ubuntu/kernel version as a test perhaps03:03
nightowl_lotuspsychje, u mean an older one would be ok too?03:03
Optiprismlouspsychje yes but I do need it to compile something03:04
lotuspsychjenightowl_: wich one are you on right now?03:04
nightowl_lotuspsychje, 14.0403:04
lotuspsychjenightowl_: perhaps try 16.04 as test?03:04
nightowl_lotuspsychje, I see, I will do that then and get back here later03:05
lotuspsychjenightowl_: perhaps also start a !bug for your issue?03:05
OerHeksOptiprism, install 12.04 if you *need* to compile something that is EOL http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/qt4-dev-tools03:05
Optiprism12.04 ? Doesn't 14.04 also have qt4 ?03:06
nightowl_lotuspsychje, ok, I might do that as well, once it clarifies as a bug :) (if I am able to write to the card from other linuxes or ubuntu versions)03:06
nightowl_lotuspsychje & wyseguy, many thanks for assistance03:06
OptiprismHm, is there a way to run different packages in the same ubuntu?03:08
OptiprismWhat about docker?03:08
lotuspsychje!pinning | Optiprism at your own risk03:08
ubottuOptiprism at your own risk: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto03:08
Optiprismhm interesting03:09
lotuspsychjeOptiprism: the more clean way would be using qt version from your current ubuntu version, if you have an issue !bug it03:09
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rypervencheHi there.03:37
rosganihello darlan03:40
rosganiKViusol hi03:47
KViusolAnybody reading this?03:47
KViusolOh lord hello03:47
KViusolOk so03:47
rosganiKViusol yup03:47
KViusolHow in the heck do I install Ubuntu on a USB flashdrive03:48
KViusolI'm just stuck on installation type menu03:48
rosganiwhat kind apps u r using?03:48
KViusolWhat do you mean?03:48
KViusolI was at the dev/sdb list03:48
rosganithere is apps to load the iso into USB03:49
KViusolI don't know which one to pick, one says it's windows 10 boot03:49
KViusolI used Rufus,03:49
KViusolI'm typing this from the Try Ubuntu thing, I think.03:49
rosganiOk, you can trying Universal USB Instaler03:49
rosganidownload from here http://www.pendrivelinux.com/downloads/Universal-USB-Installer/Universal-USB-Installer-
KViusolI'll look it up.03:50
KViusolI already have Ubuntu on the flash, I just don't know what sdb to pick03:51
KViusolI think there were 4, dev/sdb, dev/sdb1 (win10 boot?), dev/sdb2 and dev/sdb303:51
rosganirunning from WIndows 1003:51
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kiwimanhow do i use this website ? its for ubuntu03:59
Kyokuanyone know an ubuntu desktop app that will play youtube videos without the browser?04:03
datahead8888I'm installing a large number of updates for Ubuntu that I put off.  For the one about the grub file, I had changed the file, so I had told it to show a side by side comparison, which never showed.  Now it just skipped the file completely.  What is the best advisable action to take now?04:04
rypervencheKyoku: mpv, VLC might these days. Not sure.04:04
rypervenchedatahead8888: Why did you manually edit your grub.cfg?04:04
rypervenchedatahead8888: Or was this for /etc/default/grub?04:05
datahead8888I had changed it to boot initially without the desktop when I was trying to run a program that used tons of RAM a while back04:05
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datahead8888I'd like to revert this anyways, though I will need to make sure I pull the correct file for my updates04:05
datahead8888I do, however, have dual boot set up so that I can boot between Windows and Ubuntu04:05
kiwimani want to upload a file in here https://goo.gl/dOx9Mr .. but dont know how.. can somone tell me04:06
rypervenchekiwiman: That is not Ubuntu-related.04:08
datahead8888rypervenche, I think it was /etc/default/grub because it shows it was modified the summer of 2015 when I did some work with that program04:08
rypervenchedatahead8888: Which file did you update and which was overwritten?04:08
datahead8888Though I can't remember what I changed anymore04:08
rypervenchedatahead8888: So you're trying to find a backup of it?04:08
datahead8888I think it skipped this file when I told it to view a comparison during the Ubuntu updates04:09
kiwimanrypervenche:  yes it is for ubuntu..... i have a file tobe uploaded and this guy told me to use this https://goo.gl/dOx9Mr04:09
datahead8888Yeah, I think I set: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" in the file04:10
swift110-phonelol datahead is here04:10
rypervenchedatahead8888: Ah, yeah, something like that will do it.04:10
kiwimanhow do i hibernate my ubuntu machine04:11
datahead8888Oh, hello, sw04:11
datahead8888*** swift110-phone04:11
datahead8888rypervenche, was is the best way to make sure I have an update to date version for the updates I just pulled?04:11
harukiso... is there any way to use terminal remotely from android?04:12
datahead8888I'm fine with reverting my own changes to the file, as long as I don't lose my dual boot menu for Windows/Ubuntu at all04:12
rypervencheharuki: Sure. You just need an SSH client.04:12
datahead8888Though I'm not seeing how the grub file would have anything to do with a dual boot04:13
kiwimanhow do i hibernate my Ubuntu?04:13
rypervenchedatahead8888: I don't quite understand your question about the up-to-date bit.04:13
rypervenche!ask > kiwiman04:13
ubottukiwiman, please see my private message04:13
reggie_hey guys04:14
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tatertotshey reggie04:14
kiwimanrypervenche: bitch ....when did i ask to ask ? the question was straightforward bitch ass fool....04:14
rosganiharuki, there is Juice SSH04:14
datahead8888I ran the pending updates from the Update Manager in the Unity desktop system, and it started working through them.  It then told me there was a change needed to the grub file but that I had other changes to it.  It asked if I wanted to take the updated version, retain my version, or see a comparison.04:14
kiwiman"how do i hibernate my fucking ubuntu bullshit"04:14
kiwimanLinux mint is so much better than this bullshit ubuntu04:15
tgm4883kiwiman: chill04:15
kiwimani will kill ur mom and chill her04:15
datahead8888I figured that when I chose the comparison and tried to use forward to continue, it probably just omitted the changes from the update04:15
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu04:15
kiwimani would rather use CENTOS as my server04:15
kiwimanfucking ubuntu fucking sucks04:15
rypervenchedatahead8888: I don't have experience using the GUI for that diff.04:15
daxtgm4883: danke04:16
* tgm4883 tips dax04:16
datahead8888Is there a way to reexecute the installation through the console instead, safely?04:16
daltocollective hurrah from the crowd04:17
datahead8888Well, I need to upgrade from Ubuntu 12 to 14 anyways, so I'll probably end up with a new grub file anyways04:18
R3D2Eim trying to setup vsftpd04:19
MojtabaHello, I have ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS and I am trying to upgrade to 16.04.1 LTs, but it does not allow me.04:21
WhiteNighthello all, is there an app for Ubuntu that I can use to remotely connect to my Android phone and perform all functions? (like via Bluetooth or over Wifi), thanks04:21
MojtabaI changed the update version to any newer version, and it offers me 15.1004:22
CaffeineAddictI setup a sftp only account per tut here:04:22
rosganiWhiteNight what function do you want to cnnet?04:22
CaffeineAddicthowever I am trying to simlink stuff from the /var/www dir into the users home dir so they have access04:22
CaffeineAddictthe simlinks show up ... but if you sftp in as that user it gives an error when attempting to get in the dir04:23
WhiteNightrosgani, Voice Calls mainly, for text I know there are stuffs like Mighty Text, for whatsApp I use Whatsie, for Viber, I use the Viber app04:23
Bashing-omltsupgrade | Mojtaba04:23
CaffeineAddicti gave the limmited access users the group www-data04:23
Bashing-om!ltsupgrade | Mojtaba04:23
ubottuMojtaba: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.04:23
rosganiWhiteNight I see04:23
WhiteNightMojtaba, Bashing-om ... I think one can't directly go from 14.04 to 16.04, you have to do one major release ver to another in sequence, right?04:24
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.04:24
MojtabaBashing-om: Now is Jul 2804:24
R3D2Eanyone good with vsftpd04:24
WhiteNightR3D2E, put your question, if anyone knows and/or is available, you will hear from them04:25
Bashing-omMojtaba: I have seen no indication to this time that the release upgrade path has been enabled .04:25
R3D2Eok cool thanks04:25
R3D2Ehow do i ssh in vsftp?04:26
CaffeineAddictusing ChrootDirectory %h in /etc/ssh/sshd_config ... how do i give a user access to files outside of this chroot04:26
WhiteNightR3D2E, vsftp is for FTP protocol (file transfers using port 21 and 20 (data)04:26
WhiteNightSSH (port 22) is for secure login and secure file transfer04:26
WhiteNightboth are different things, whats your requirement/04:26
R3D2Ei have it setup on an old computer im trying to access it from my laptop it wont let me04:28
Bashing-omWhiteNight: No .. see ' cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades '.. with the 1st point release LTS-LTS is enabled .04:28
WhiteNightyou need to use an FTP client (use the ftp command line) or a FTP client on Windows such as FileZilla04:29
WhiteNightBashing-om, thanks04:29
R3D2Eim trying to use via CLI04:29
Bashing-omWhiteNight: :) .. We are all on this learning curve .04:30
WhiteNightBashing-om, yeah with Unix, it's just like that :)04:30
WhiteNightR3D2E, can you share a screenshot? use pastebin or imgur04:31
tatertotsthis availability of a 14.04 > 16.04 upgrade, will it be available on 14.10 also?04:31
WhiteNightBashing-om, I am sure diff people have diff styles and choices, I personally keep /data separate and re-install the entire OS, packages and maintain a script to do my custom configs. Its faster, bug free and more efficient for me (just a personal choice though)04:32
Bashing-omWhiteNight: 3 separate backups of my personal data .. and a change log of all changes I have made .04:35
WhiteNightBashing-om, likewise ;-)04:36
rypervencheR3D2E: Do you have a specific need to be using FTP and not SFTP?04:36
WhiteNightI am a bit more paranoid actually, I sync everything once a month to a last resort  hard drive and keep it in the locker of the bank! lol04:36
WhiteNight(LUKS encrypted of course)04:37
WhiteNightrypervenche, R3D2E Correct. The first and most basic service that would run on any Linux machine is SSH, so why not use it via a Windows client like WinSCP :)04:37
WhiteNighttx rypervenche04:38
rypervencheWhiteNight: What cipher do you use on it? :P04:41
R3D2Ei wanted to get more familiar with doing it via CL04:43
=== janis is now known as dorami-doraemon
WhiteNightrypervenche, ssshhhhhhhhh04:46
rypervencheR3D2E: Then you can use sftp instead of ftp. You don't need to do anything, just make sure that SSH works on the machine.04:47
R3D2Eok cool thanks04:47
IamTheBossany1 there?04:49
rosganihi IamTheBoss :)04:53
rosganihi IamTheBoss whats'up :)04:54
IamTheBossnm man04:54
IamTheBossu tell04:54
OerHeksnetwork, the sun ..04:54
elkyIamTheBoss: do you have a question for the tech support channel?05:00
IamTheBossyes i have05:01
IamTheBossin NetworkManager it shows unwanted things like device not managed05:01
IamTheBossany fix for this?05:02
ubuntu588  limbo@limbo:~/tools$ glxinfo name of display: :0 X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)   Major opcode of failed request:  154 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext)   Value in failed request:  0x0   Serial number of failed request:  71   Current serial number in output stream:  7205:04
ubuntu588I see the following error when running glxinfo05:04
ubuntu588e of display: :0 X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)   Major opcode of failed request:  154 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext)   Value in failed request:  0x0   Serial number of failed request:  71   Current serial number in output stream:  7205:04
ubuntu588it used to work...not sure what happened05:05
ubuntu588can someone help me with this05:05
elkyIamTheBoss: wired?05:08
IamTheBossi use wifi05:08
IamTheBossi face same problem in lan also05:08
elkythe device you're talking about, that NM says is not managed, is it wired?05:09
IamTheBossyes it is wired05:09
IamTheBossEthernet Network()05:09
IamTheBossdevice not managed05:09
elkyIamTheBoss: i believe wired devices don't get managed by network manager by default because it's not necessary in the majority of cases.05:10
IamTheBossyes that is fine but why it is showing that message05:10
IamTheBossi have ubuntu 14.04 also it doesnt show this type of message whereas it shows in 16.0405:11
elkyIamTheBoss: so that you know it's not, i assume05:12
IamTheBossso its expected behaviour in 16.04?05:13
elkyIamTheBoss: i don't know enough to answer that, but it seems to have been expected behaviour for a while, judging by http://askubuntu.com/a/7120505:14
guineess-bookhi all05:14
ubuntu588can someone help me fix this issue05:14
guineess-bookanyone interested in WORLD GUINESS BOOK WORLD GAMER RECORD ?05:15
guineess-bookCOME TO ##WORLDGAMER05:15
ubuntu588glxinfo is throwing error05:15
guineess-bookWITH CURRENT WINE05:15
OerHeksguineess-book, please don't spam05:15
Sebastienplease stop SCREAMING05:15
IamTheBosselky, I have 1 more question05:15
=== toast_ is now known as Guest34881
elkyIamTheBoss: what is the question?05:16
Guest34881lol wut is this05:16
ubuntu588is throwing error05:16
ubuntu588e of display: :0 X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)   Major opcode of failed request:  154 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext)   Value in failed request:  0x0   Serial number of failed request:  71   Current serial number in output stream:  7205:16
OerHeksIamTheBoss, logically without networkcable, the adapter is not managed.05:16
IamTheBossin 14.04 text file content is rendered as its icon but its not in 16.0405:16
IamTheBosshow to render it like 14.0405:16
elkyIamTheBoss: i believe that askubuntu link i gave you answers that?05:17
elkyIamTheBoss: it might be a bit out of date05:17
guineess-bookhey guys05:17
ubuntu588can you help me fix this issue05:17
guineess-bookwhat wine version of ubuntu right now05:17
ubuntu588e of display: :0 X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)   Major opcode of failed request:  154 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext)   Value in failed request:  0x0   Serial number of failed request:  71   Current serial number in output stream:  7205:17
elkyubuntu588: i don't know or i would have answered.05:17
IamTheBosscan we do that in 16.0405:17
OerHeks!info wine05:18
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu14 (xenial), package size 0 kB, installed size 6 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)05:18
OerHeksgood 'ol 1.605:18
guineess-bookthat's good05:18
guineess-bookbut not much mmorpg05:18
guineess-bookthat can be playing05:18
guineess-booklet me check the latest source code that can be run05:19
guineess-bookwhat do you guys love the most05:19
guineess-booklinux is boring without game05:19
guineess-bookis bullshit05:19
orlockPlenty of games under Linux05:19
guineess-bookjust visit us , guiness book world of record gamer edition at ##worldgamer05:20
guineess-bookwe have a plant to make aion05:20
swift110-phonei see05:21
guineess-bookas the world gamer contest05:21
guineess-bookbut linux user can't play it05:21
elkyubuntu588: i searched your error message on google, is it possible you have a manually installed graphics driver for a nvidia card?05:21
guineess-bookthere is alot of game like eden eternal that can be run05:21
guineess-bookso don't forget to join US05:21
OerHeksguineess-book, make it work on linux, and don't spam, again.05:21
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amazingalex224ckg usp05:28
amazingalex224my sp05:28
amazingalex224myp enis05:28
shafoxSome of the service in my ubuntu box gets stop abruptly. Anywhere I can look for the info when it has stopped and what made it stopped??05:34
tigefashafox: sudo systemctl status myservice05:36
ubntuusam using ubuntu 16.04.1, just today i noticed that it is showing some folders in Home which it didn't use to before05:36
ubntuuseven some folders relating to old installations05:36
ubntuuslike games and applications,05:37
ubntuushas something changed with ubuntu?05:37
shafoxtigefa: has it been changed from systemctl to sysctl ?05:37
Grimsfubntuus: they start with a '.' ?05:38
daxshafox: no, they're different commands05:38
shafoxdax as it says sudo: systemctl: command not found05:39
Grimsfubntuus: those are hidden files/folders that usualy don't show, if you're in a GUI file explorer try Ctrl+H to not show them05:39
daxshafox: which version of Ubuntu?05:39
shafoxdax: 14.0405:39
ubntuusGrimsf: that worked :)05:39
daxshafox: uses upstart, not systemd, so no systemctl. you'll need advice from someone who knows about upstart (i don't)05:40
ubntuusGrimsf: just a query, if i "purge temporary files" from settings why don't they delete those old/obsolete files?05:40
shafoxdax sysctl is from the new version or the old ones ?05:40
ubntuuslike old installations and things that are no longer in use05:40
daxshafox: sysctl is completely unrelated05:40
Grimsfubntuus: because those anre't 'temporary', temporary files usualy go to the /tmp where they automatically get removed on reboot05:41
shafoxdax ah ok.05:41
Grimsfubntuus: the 'hidden' files/folders contain settings and preferences05:42
ubntuusGrimsf: so would it be ok for me to delete some obsolete files? like few games and apps data which were already uninstalled during earlier ubuntu versions?05:43
sponixAnyone else having Transmission CPU/Mem race when trying to create a new torrent from a Source Directory ?05:44
OerHekssponix, if it does not make your system not responsible, it is fine05:45
Grimsfubntuus: sure, these files are recreated (if missing) by the application when you run it, at worst you will loose your settings for the specific apps, but nothing critical unless there are some secret/private/public keys (ie .gpg / .ssh / etc...) you haven't backed up05:46
OerHeksit should soon drop to low levels05:46
ubntuusGrimsf: ok,thanks :)05:46
pagiosanyone using i3 wm?05:46
shafoxdax: so if i follow what upstart has to say then i would probably find what i am looking for ?05:46
sponixOerHeks: It does, when it runs through all 32G of Ram..05:46
Grimsfubntuus: for those you know you don't need, you can just delete them, those you don't better make backups before, you never know ;)05:48
daltoubntuus: only just starting reading back a bit but thought I'd mention Synaptic Package Manager will also clean a lot of leftovers for you - I don't currently have junk but I believe the option is Not installed (removeable) within the Status option - remove them05:49
dalto(maybe not directly related to other advice you are getting .. but...)05:50
mike-zalcan someone help me with bumblebee? cannot get it run, although I tried all solutions and fixes. bumblbee conf seems to be correct but I still get: primus: fatal: Bumblebee daemon reported: error: [XORG] (EE)05:50
OerHeksmike-zal, weren't you here before with the same question ?05:50
OerHeksmike-zal, bumblebeee is old, prime is current05:50
mike-zalyes, never solved it. and bumblebee should work on 16.04 from what I saw on the net05:51
ubntuusGrimsf: yeah,right.. would only delete things that I know of,  would leave everything else as it is  :)05:51
mike-zalthere is even bumblebee 4 version coming05:51
ubntuusdalto: thanks for the tip05:51
daltomy pleasure05:51
mike-zalalthough some may think it's depracated but there is no official info about it and there are sites telling how to install bumblebee on 16.0405:51
OerHeksmike-zal, yeah, no, ubuntu uses prime05:52
mike-zalOerHeks, prime seems to be more primitive then bumblebee at the moment. bumblebee can run any program with nvidia, prime just uses nvidia for the whole destop witch makes it less effective and power consuming05:53
ubntuusGrimsf: ctrl+h is working temporarily for me .. whenever i close and reopen file-manager again they are all visible again05:53
Grimsfubntuus: hum, try going into the file manager's settings see if there is a 'show hidden' box that's ticked somewhere and untick, strange that it defaults to that05:55
mike-zalOerHeks, there are also some tutorials how to run primus and bumblebee at the same time in 16.04 (not a stable solution thou) so basically there is no reason why bumblebee couldn't work in latest ubuntu05:55
mike-zalat least I never found any official info that it doesn't. just one commentary in one site that it's deprecated, but others still claim to make it work.05:56
OerHeksmike-zal, so use that ( unknown and probably unofficial) tutorial ?05:56
mike-zalI don't want to run bot. I still try to use bumblebee first and only when I will be at the end, will try primus. but I still hope that I can fix this bumblebee somehow.05:57
OerHeksi cannot get it to work <> it works better , makes no sense05:57
mike-zalthat is why I'm looking for somone who is familiar in that matter05:57
mike-zalalso, I'm not sure about nvidia versions. I tried once to install newer one instead 304 and got into login loop in lightdm05:58
ubntuusGrimsf: thanks again, that worked :)05:58
mike-zalbut probably that was my fault because I didn't purged 304 before installing 364 ;P05:58
Grimsfubntuus: glad I could help.05:59
mike-zalbeen trying to find info about different nvidia driver versions and... there are some answers but they make no sense for me. bunch of technical works but no clear answer: can I run any nvidia version or just only specific one for my nvidia car?06:00
OerHeksmike-zal, remove that ubuntu-driver ppa and try again?06:00
ubntuuswhat does "toggle maximization state" do?06:01
mike-zalOerHeks, as to this tutorial, I saw it on askubuntu and some other site. but things it recomends are too deeply diging into system, it's a complex process and one small mistake and system won't be bootable so I don't intend to use that (I mean tutrial with bumblebee and primus)06:01
mike-zalhowever steps to install bumblebee and primus are normal, as on every site I've seen.06:02
Grimsfubntuus: a bit more context with your question would be great, but I'm gessing it's to do with the window manager and how the window maximizes (ie. takes all available screen space)06:03
mike-zalOerHeks, I never added any ppa for nvidia. system installed it automatically. I just used general command to install bumblebee and it seemed to be in repos already. and it pulled 304 nvidia, but that's normal from what I saw. ubuntu always does that when used automatic choice..06:03
mike-zalOerHeks, I just used: sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia primus linux-headers-generic06:04
ubntuusGrimsf: I saw "toggle maximization state" under keyboard shortcuts.  alt+ctrl+f5 . was just wondering what it does . so when i tried this i got a no gui screen06:04
mike-zaland then edited /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf for matching with nvidia-30406:04
OerHeksmike-zal, i have no clue what tutorial you talk about, nor seen it on 'every site'. we don't support unofficial guides.06:05
mike-zalOerHeks, you just asked, I answered. I don't intend to use it so let's forget about this questionable tutorial.06:05
OerHeksand btw, the one in 16.04 is 361, 364 is in the driver ppa06:06
OerHeksno, i didn't ask about it, you push it.06:06
Grimsfubntuus: strange they call it like that. but you got you're answer then, from memory ctrl+alt+f7 should get you back to gui [...]+F1 tp +F6 should be text terminals.06:08
mike-zalin previous system installation I also installed bublebee like shown above and then added ppa for the newest nvidia and installed it which resulted in login loop. that's old news. system is reinstalled freshly. installed bumblebee again in classical way and still it doesn't work and I'm not so quick to install any nvidia driver manually, although I suspect what was my failing last time.06:08
ConsoleFxpeeps, I just installed nvidia drivers on my ubuntu box (used additional drivers window) and it got installed successfully. But even after successful reboot I dont see the resolution/visual experience changes. Can anyone please help me what might be wrong here?06:10
cfhowlettConsoleFx, in my case, I must switch manually from intel to nvidia to see the improvements06:11
cfhowlettsee your system settings for the "Nvidia" command console06:11
mike-zalOerHeks, anyway, will keep asking for bumblebee help for some time and maybe someone will know more about it. if I loose my patience I will switch to prime.06:11
guineess-bookTEST WITH YOU'R WINE06:11
cfhowlettguineess-book, stop spamming this channel.06:12
ubntuusGrimsf: yes, also alt+f7 gets it back.. alt+ctrl+f2 also does take it to non-ui mode, the only difference i noticed was it ended with "tty2" while alt+ctrl+f5 ended with "tty5"06:12
ubntuusnot that it matters a lot perhaps but was just trying out :)06:12
ConsoleFxcfhowlett, could u please help me out on how to enable that manually?06:13
cfhowlettsee your system settings for the nvidia command console06:13
=== Sergio965_ is now known as Sergio965
Grimsfubntuus: that's the expected behaviour, it's usefull for when debugging the window manager/graphics server. each tty is a different terminaland those have been there for a long time06:14
ubntuusok, alright, i have just very little to no idea about the OS :)06:15
Grimsfubntuus: a legacy from the olden times of non gui operation, but still quite usefull06:15
ubntuusoh ok ,good to know :)06:16
ubntuusGrimsf: thanks for all the help _/\_   :)06:18
ptah /exec ps ax06:21
ptah /exec ps -ax06:22
ptah /exec ls06:22
cfhowlettptah, nothing will happen because you ARE NOT in your terminal ...06:26
ptahcfhowlett, no it works06:26
ptahi had a space06:27
ptahtry it it works06:27
ptahtry that /exec ls -aF06:27
ptahput the / at the end no space06:27
ptahirc has sh06:28
ptahsh -c ls06:28
ptahcfhowlett, did you try it?06:29
cfhowlettptah, I'll take your word06:29
ptahit works dude06:29
ptahi knew this years ago06:29
IamTheBossany1 here?06:37
cfhowlettIamTheBoss, ask your ubuntu questions06:37
IamTheBossnautilus is not rendering file content as icon06:38
IamTheBossin 16.0406:38
IamTheBosswhere as it was there in 14.0406:38
IamTheBosshow to get it back?06:38
lowbrouninstall 16.0406:38
lowbroinstall 14.0406:38
IamTheBossthanks but any other solution?06:39
lowbroMaybe installing an older version of nautilus, IamTheBoss06:39
IamTheBosscant we do changes in configuration using dconf./06:40
ptah /exec firefox &06:42
ptahyou can run progams from here too06:42
cfhowlettptah, this is the support channel.  chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please06:42
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tatertotsOk maybe it's getting late and i'm tired but why do users have access to other users files? like why can user1@host run 'cat /home/user2/Downloads/file.txt' ?07:38
tatertotsit's late and i'm tired07:39
cfhowletttatertots, because that user's home is not set to private07:40
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owen1i installed pepperflashplugin-nonfree so i have flash in chromium now. is there a way to disable it? i only need it occasionally.07:45
dagerikowen1: chrome://plugins/07:45
dagerikcan be disabled in there07:45
owen1dagerik: nice!07:46
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
tatertotsah this is because encrypted private was not selected during ubuntu installation07:47
tatertotskinda freaked me out at first when i noticed all users can read all other users files07:48
apollo13any reason why I would get no journal for a user with journalctl --user on ubuntu 16.04?07:52
cfhowletttatertots, settings those users to private directory is not the same as encryption ... but it should be done IMO07:52
tatertotsI guess i could do encrypted private now to prevent users from viewing other users data going forward.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome07:55
apollo13wth does vino not start anymore, and where is the log for it :/07:59
kiwimanhello guys dont send ur files thru any other website other than www.pazhanji.org .. this is the secure website u will ever find .. i dont have a quantum computer at my home to decrypt ur data08:06
mcphailKimse: stop spamming please08:06
mcphailKimse: oops - wrong nick - sorry ;(08:07
* mcphail blushes08:07
TessikHello Alfonzo08:07
alfonzohow do i install a package from source, without notifing the ubuntu OS package manager?08:08
ducassemcphail: impossible to get him to stop, he won't listen08:08
alfonzois dpkg -i the right way? since i am installing from source a ame caled flightgear as it has newer version i need no interferece from a pkg manager?08:08
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TessikHope that helps!08:10
alfonzoTessik: the files too,fly in /usr/local ,etc , i thought i could just keep the installed files in my /home/user/build directory for easy access08:13
alfonzomake does ransfer them into the OS parts automatically, still not  sure08:13
=== tom is now known as Guest62049
mcphailalfonzo: often, if there is a .configure script, it will take a "--prefix=/whatever/directory/you/want". If you use that and rebuild, "make install" should install everything under _that_ directory instead of /usr/local. Best check the documentation in your source tarball08:16
mcphail./configure *08:16
dellhemsudo apt-cache search modemman08:17
dellhemsudo apt-cache search modem08:17
dellhemwoops :)08:17
TessikAlmost had it :-P08:17
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wizardlysenseuseful piece of software08:29
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
guzzlefryIs there a list of supported devices for 16.04? I'm wondering if it will work with http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/nuc-kit-nuc6i5syk.html08:57
cfhowlettubuntu and linux in generally usually get along fine with intel devices, guzzlefry.  pro-tip:  make an ubuntu USB, (I carry a credit card USB in my wallet and have a another on a lanyard around my neck everyday).  Go to your local Fry's or other electronic toy store and boot the puppy up!  Admittedly a bit trick to do at the Apple Store but ... by no means impossible.09:00
llldinoThere isn't really a list per-se. You just need to make sure that drivers are available for all the hardware that you'd like to use. It seems to me that your Intel NUC would work fine with Ubuntu 16.0409:00
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:00
OerHeksguzzlefry, i think it will work, try the live iso09:00
llldinoGenerally Ubuntu works with mostly everything unless the device is very new, very old or very exotic09:00
Archeusi need help09:08
cfhowlett!help | Archeus09:08
ubottuArcheus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:08
Archeusdoes anyone know about keyloggers or anything like them ?09:08
Andrzejwhat exactly you need to know?09:08
cfhowlettArcheus, "does anyone ..." is a huge waste of space.  state YOUR issues and details.09:09
Archeusidk how09:09
Archeusbut someone knows whts happening on this PC09:09
harukianyone, is there a resource to learn about SSH?09:09
cfhowlett!ssh | haruki09:09
ubottuharuki: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)09:09
Archeusi want to remove tht09:09
harukifree resource, I mean.09:09
Archeusevery bit of info is sent to his mobile as a text msg09:09
llldinoharuki, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH09:09
cfhowlettharuki, man ssh would do it too09:09
Archeusi hve searched for something personal09:10
k1lArcheus: what makes you sure there is a keylogger?09:10
Archeusnd i dont want anyone to know about it09:10
cfhowlettArcheus, if true: reinstall ubuntu and lock it down properly09:10
Archeuscause thts wht keylogger do09:10
Archeusi cant reinstall it09:10
Archeusthere are many things on this09:10
Archeusplus tht person is my dad09:10
cfhowlettArcheus, then it's not your computer and we will not help you hack09:10
Archeusits mine09:11
cfhowlettArcheus, take it up with Dad.09:11
k1lArcheus: is it a keylogger? or did you just use a webbrowser or webpage which syncs the data with their account?09:11
Archeusit might be keylogger09:11
k1lArcheus: so you dont know09:11
Archeuscause he knows when this laptop was opened09:11
cfhowlettfamily issue, Archeus.  NOT an ubuntu issue.09:11
Archeustke this09:11
k1lArcheus: so if you know its a keylogger (knowing, not guessing) there is no way besides reinstall the OS.09:12
Archeuswould u like it if ur dad knows everthing u hve searched on laptop09:12
cfhowlettArcheus, we will not be helping you violate your Dad's trust.  Think on that before you text09:12
k1lArcheus: but i suspect its just a matter of webbrowser sync or webbrowser history09:12
Archeushe told me when i started my laptop09:12
AndrzejArcheus: haha, if he knows that laptop was turned on it's probably not keylogger, only logs that he is checking over ssh09:12
Archeushe lives 3 hrs from my place09:13
Archeusin another city09:13
cfhowlettArcheus, so?09:13
Archeushe gets text msg on mobile or something like tht09:13
k1lArcheus: then save your important data to a backup and make a clean reinstall. there is nothing else we can do09:13
Archeusno other way to stop him from checking everything ?09:14
AndrzejArcheus: XD, it's entertaining :)09:14
harukiso... archeus's pc is accessed by his/her dad?09:14
Archeusim a bot09:14
Andrzejhe can monitor in and out traffic09:14
OerHeksArcheus, so you *think* there is a keylogger, cannot do a fresh install, what do you want us to do?09:14
cfhowlettArcheus, you don't have the facts, you're guessing too much and you want us to help you bypass your father's restriction.  I'm beginning to see why your old man does not trust you09:14
Archeusone must give another one some privacy09:14
AndrzejArcheus how old are you?09:15
k1lArcheus: we told you what to do to get a clean ubuntu system.09:15
cfhowlettArcheus,  you're a bot or you're an untrustworthy idiot.  you're also ignored on my stream.09:15
harukiso, I'm a newbie. if he dual boot his with another linux distro, will his dad know?09:15
Archeusi dont thnk so09:15
cfhowlettharuki, unlikely09:15
OerHekshe is a responsible parent, good job09:15
Andrzejtechnically he can boot from USB09:15
Andrzejand work on system from USB09:15
cfhowlettquite easily too, Andrzej09:15
Andrzejit will be clean install and nothing will be logged on main system09:16
Archeusu dont get the point09:16
k1lArcheus: your question was answered now several times. do you have another issue?09:16
harukiso you felt it to be too restrictive?09:16
AndrzejUSB drive or even SD card09:16
Archeusis there any other way to know how he does tht and remove tht thing without reinstalling my OS ?09:17
Andrzejor, replace hard drive, that would I would do :)09:17
Ben64Archeus: no09:17
harukiso... what he want to know is whether there is any computer that remotely accessed his?09:17
k1lArcheus: no. because one cant know what he used and if there is no secret files left which might reinstall such thing again. so only way is to reinstall if that is a keylogger issue09:18
cfhowlettharuki, let's focus on your own issues please.  Have you any?09:18
AscavasaionIf I decide to pop a 32GB usb memory stick into my Raspbery Pi as a 'hard disk' to store MP3s, would it be beneficial speed/ease/etc to format it to ext4 and lose ability to use it in under other OS's, or should I format it FAT32 and keep it that way?09:18
AndrzejBen64: there is, kind of, he can monitor in and out traffic, basically sniffing and hope he will be lucky and catch outgoing messages09:18
Andrzejis they are not encrypted*09:18
Archeustht can be done09:18
cfhowlettAscavasaion, better asked in a pi channel09:18
harukicfhowlett: still reading the resources ubottu sent me?09:18
llldinoAscavasaion, Ext4 would be much faster than Fat32. I believe you can get drivers for Windows so that it can read Ext4 partitions09:18
Ascavasaioncfhowlett: *nods*09:19
Ascavasaionllldino: thank you.09:19
ArcheusAndrzej : how to monitor traffic ?09:19
ducasseArcheus: did you pay for this computer?09:19
Archeuswell my parents bought me this09:19
ducasseArcheus: so _they_ paid. and you're 16. play by their rules, then.09:20
Archeusi will09:20
Archeusbut now09:20
Archeusi dont want them to know wht i hve surfed today09:20
ducasseprobably too late.09:21
llldinoArcheus, Regardless, even if you removed the ability for your dad to view your activities, you don't think he would know you did that? If I was dad, I would take the computer back09:21
Archeusi dont mind tht09:21
Archeuslet him tke it09:21
OerHeksguys, he is answered.09:21
Archeusi will go then09:21
Archeusu probably see my as a child09:21
Archeusbye ppl09:21
AndrzejArcheus: ech please go and read documentation, there is plenty, I don't believe you will be able to wrap your head around this without actual knowledge about how networking and system in general works. If you are smart enough to do it on your own then kudos, otherwise I will not help you. The easiest way of going around restrictions would be using system from external bootable device like Pendrive or SD card, sniffing network traffic is just09:22
Andrzejbegining, even if you will find something then you would have to block or remove it09:22
Andrzejand if you will do it, supervisor (your dad) will notice it straight away, he seems to be a guy that knows what he is doing09:22
Ben64he's gone09:22
harukias a teen, to be honest.09:22
AndrzejBen64: heh yeah sorry, I was writting and didn't notice that :)09:23
pavelzhi, I can't reboot 16.04 on thinkpad t420. :    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/poweroff.target; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)09:25
pavelzwhat is that09:25
Andrzejharuki: yeah I am dealing with teenager like him at the moment, I sold an laptop to guy like that and he come back to my saying that 'the laptop is "duff"'. Honestly I had to fire up urban dictionary to find out what he means.09:25
AndrzejI'm getting old...09:26
ikoniapavelz: looks like apm is not responding09:27
harukihow do you use ubottu?09:28
pavelz'reboot' works but 'shutdown reboot/halt' does not09:28
OerHekspavelz, is it attached to a dockingstation ? bug seems to be known https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/144125309:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1441253 in systemd (Ubuntu) "hanging suspend job prevents shutdown" [Undecided,Won't fix]09:28
cfhowlettharuki, you are using it now09:28
ikoniapavelz: not really, reboot is a reset, (you'll find shutdown -r now will work too)09:28
ikoniapavelz: the halt is the power management powering off09:28
ikoniatwo different things09:28
ikoniaalthough I'm currently sat on a T430s with zero apm issues09:29
harukicfhowlett: I mean, the one that fire up that reading resource like ssh before?09:29
pavelzweird. used to work on 14.04 :D09:29
cfhowlettharuki, depends if there is a programmed factoid or not.  If so: !ssh       would be the trigger09:29
OerHekspavelz, try 'sudo init 0' or 'sudo poweroff -f' http://askubuntu.com/a/78855909:29
pavelzwell i guess I just keep on updating into stability09:29
jookiyayadoes ubuntu support reading/writing  gpfs  filesystem?09:29
pavelzah ok will try now09:29
ikoniapavelz: I don't think thats the answer09:29
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)09:30
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ducasse!brain | haruki09:30
ubottuharuki: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone09:30
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minimecharuki: if you use /msg, you get a personal annswer, like '/msg ubottu bash'09:31
harukiok. I's told by ubottu.09:31
harukiok, it's told by ubottu09:31
harukithanks everyone.09:31
jookiyayadoes ubuntu support reading/writing  gpfs  filesystem?09:33
llldinojookiyaya, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpGPFSHowTo09:33
max_ubuntuhey people.09:34
harukihi max09:35
Jack_529Hello Jack_67809:35
max_ubuntuapt-get insall <app> gets stuck at "0% [Waiting for headers]"09:35
=== jwheare_local is now known as xn--bcher-kva
llldinomax_ubuntu, What does 'sudo apt-get update' return?09:35
Jack_529Who developer C?09:35
max_ubuntuI can ping the internet, google, I can use hexchat from the  computer.09:35
\9max_ubuntu: maybe you have a dead repo in your sources then09:35
cfhowlettJack_529, this is not c support.  refocus on ubuntu please09:36
max_ubuntullldino: that is with sudo, I just didn't type that assuming it was implied.09:36
Jack_529cfhowlett: thanks09:36
mikhael_k33hlAnyone using urxvt on Ubuntu. I'm having problems implementing the solarized color-scheme:http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized  .Xdefaults: http://pastebin.com/epW5dkVz09:36
max_ubuntullldino: oh wait, update. let me do that.09:36
max_ubuntullldino: 0% [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers]09:37
Jack_529cfhowlett: server LAMP 16.04 online: it's secure?09:38
cfhowlettJack_529, so I understand it but take this up with the experts: #ubunut-server09:38
Jack_529cfhowlett: ok, thanks09:39
k1lJack_529: ubuntu patches known security issues. but what you set in the confics is your responsibility09:39
llldinomax_ubuntu, Sounds lieka dead repo. Do you add a lot of PPAs?09:39
k1lmax_ubuntu: put all the output onto paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here09:40
Jack_529k1l: ok09:40
max_ubuntullldino: fresh install.09:40
max_ubuntuk1l: hmm, coming up in a minute. my work environment blocks all pastebin's. give me a min or two. :)09:41
llldinomax_ubuntu, You can try following the best answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/156650/apt-get-update-very-slow-stuck-at-waiting-for-headers09:41
k1lmax_ubuntu: could be an blocking network issue09:41
llldinomax_ubuntu, You're at work now? Your admin might be blocking your apt-get update09:42
max_ubuntullldino: yes on the work computer on vpn.09:43
max_ubuntuis apt-get traffic over http or another protocol?09:43
llldinomax_ubuntu, I believe it's http09:44
llldinoPossibly https09:44
harukiso... as desktop user, I want to know what renotely accessing my pc entailed. so, first, can I access my ubuntu desktop remotely?09:47
max_ubuntuah, nevermind, I'm sure it's a proxy issue. Now even firefox is saying that the firewall needs credentials and otherwise it's refusing connections.09:47
max_ubuntusure my windows domain pass might work, but then it might get someone pissed of that I'm using firefox on linux in a VM.09:48
max_ubuntueven tho, technically it's not against the rules to setup development VMs.09:49
Guest10796what does apt download <package> say?09:51
ivo34hello I use two hdd in my pc. currently I have ubuntu on one of them. is there a way to migrate the instalation to the other hdd?09:54
bazhang!clone | ivo3409:55
ubottuivo34: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate09:55
Aliekezhihi, having a very weird issue with Ubuntu 14.04 : most of the repository lines are ignored when updating, it cannot contact some of it. Using the default repositories, didn't change anything manually in /etc/apt/sources.list...Everything else seems to be fine...Any ideas ?10:03
Aliekezhichanging to another miror server doesn't solve the issue10:03
OerHeksAliekezhi, can you show the output of apt-get update in paste.ubuntu.com?10:04
OerHeksign is not a bad sign, most of the times.10:05
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.10:07
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ivo34bazhang,  what about LVM?10:19
OerHeksivo34, what about lvm?10:20
melihbeni duyan varmi10:21
YankDownUnderOerHeks: Maybe - just maybe - this is a "code" randomly chucked into the channel to start the "Linux Revolution", perchance?10:22
OerHeksYankDownUnder, wait, the end of flash and cookies?10:23
YankDownUnderOerHeks: OMG - the end of Flash? Did Hell freeze over? ;)10:23
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ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.10:24
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ivo34OerHeks,  Logic Volume Management10:26
ducasseivo34: we know what it is, what about it?10:26
OerHeks"what about lvm? " is not really a question to answer10:27
OerHekswe are not parrots10:27
* YankDownUnder checks to see if he has feathers10:27
ivo34could I use it to move my ubuntu to another disk?10:27
ducasseivo34: not really, no10:28
ivo34I have ubuntu on an old maxtor 160 gb...and I bought an hitachi 2 tera10:28
OerHeksivo34, sure, you can move from ext disk to lvm. but you need to adjust some settings in your grub, perhaps reinstalling grub is the quickest and safest way10:28
ivo34I d like to move ubuntu to the new disk10:28
ivo34no external disks10:29
ivo34both are internal10:29
OerHeks* ext4 disk10:29
YankDownUnderGosh...and I was going to offer up my ancient 5.25" 1.2mb floppy...10:29
OerHeksYankDownUnder, if you had an 8" fdd, you could fire a nuke.10:30
YankDownUnderOerHeks: Strewth... :)10:31
ivo34for what? fanning your face?10:31
YankDownUnderOerHeks: Rent it out to the US govt for $10k per month...10:31
ducasseivo34: you can partition, format, rsync across, install grub and edit uuid in fstab, but it might be easier and quicker to reinstall.10:31
ivo34I see10:31
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ivo34I love my macbuntu10:32
ducasseivo34: grrr what?10:32
ivo34it is a perfect fake10:32
ivo34and works quite well now10:32
=== Shoe16|Phone is now known as Shoe16
YankDownUnderivo34: Did you change the boot screen, too?10:32
ivo34I was thinking on upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 only when macbuntu upgrade will be smooth and ready10:33
ivo34and only then get dirty10:34
YankDownUnderivo34: Well, get yer data moved first...reckon that's your priority right now...eh...10:34
ivo34but I see that switching hdd won't be easy neither10:34
YankDownUnderivo34: It's easy. "Plan the work, work the plan." Don't take shortcuts.10:35
ivo34hmmmm okay could I walk in some succesfull guy's footsteps?10:36
ivo34in the same endevour10:36
YankDownUnderivo34: ducasse just gave you the actual steps...follow the steps.10:36
ivo34partition... okay...format okay rsync across... I wonder what does that mean10:37
ducasseivo34: it's not difficult, but it takes time and effort. that's why i said reinstall might be better.10:38
ducasseivo34: rsync = copy data10:38
YankDownUnderivo34: Reinstall, rsync, dd - take your pick...or, cheat and use Clonezilla...you've got a few options...and then some...10:38
ivo34youre suggesting not migrating but copying and then deleting the original arent you?10:38
ivo34a new japanesse monster?10:39
YankDownUnder"Clonezilla" is for those that aren't happy with sitting at the console with console commands..."point'n'click"-ish stuff...10:40
kisbthe better option it is10:42
ivo34clonezilla got it...time to study10:43
YankDownUnderivo34: http://clonezilla.org/10:44
YankDownUnderivo34: Not much to study, really...however, if you like to read the fine print, please, by all means, do...10:44
ivo34I only wonder...10:45
ivo34would I be able to clone a running os?10:45
ivo34I mean the actual clonezilla's host10:46
YankDownUnderivo34: Um...short answer or long answer?10:46
YankDownUnderYou run it from a USB...ahem...10:47
ivo34I only have a 15Gb usb10:47
ducasseivo34: so what? you clone disk -> disk10:48
YankDownUnderivo34: You're not doing anything on the USB with the exception of running Clonezilla from the USB...the data gets cloned directly from the old drive to the new drive...no stopping in between, do not pass go, do not go directly to jail...etc etc etc...10:48
ivo34I see10:48
ivo34only a pivot point10:48
ivo34what if I want to set different partitions for system and /home in the cloned system?10:50
ivo34not able i guess10:50
ivo34I should reinstall then..shouldn't I?10:50
YankDownUnderOn that same token, using a "liveUSB" with whatever version of linux, and using "dd" from the console is basically the same thing - without all that "point'n'click" schmutz...10:50
ducasseivo34: fix that later, or reinstall.10:50
YankDownUnderivo34: THAT is something you have to chew over in your own head...10:50
OerHeksi would put the 2tb hdd in the 1st sata port, do a fresh install, and copy data after that10:50
OerHeksand get a case for that 160 gb for external backup drive10:51
YankDownUnder*Bingo* for the best answer...you get a slice of cheesecake for that...10:51
ivo34oh wait wait I think I already have separate /home partition but it is running out of space...I guess clonezilla will fix this...as I will prepare wider partitions in the new disk beforehand..10:52
YankDownUnder"wider partitions" - hmm...have to try to use that in a sentence tomorrow...10:54
OerHekswhat makes you think clonezilla fixes this?10:54
ivo34OerHeks, it will copy data from one partition to the other10:54
ivo34won't it?10:55
JediMasterHi, got a slightly unusual one, I want to have two NICs on a VM, one is a public facing IP range, and the other a 10.x internal subnet. I want the default route to be via the internal 10.x network, but have the ability for people to SSH in via the public IP. Is that even possible with the default route out via the internal NIC/subnet?10:55
OerHeksno, it will clone partitions as it is10:55
ducasseivo34: you need to resize partitions later, clonezilla does what it says on the tin.10:55
ivo34oh okay10:55
de-factouse rsync to clone a partitions filesystem content?10:56
maretHi everyone, is there a way to check what are changes when I update from 14.04 to 16.04? I can't find it anything. Articles only talk about changes between last versions and I am curious about summary of those.11:08
ducassemaret: read the release notes?11:09
maretducasse, too technical, too fine grained. I might have to read review of each version between I was just curious if there is some extra review give that some people updated only from lts to next lts11:10
OerHekstoo fine grained +  you want a review of each version, that bites11:10
ducassemaret: you should at least scan through them before upgrading.11:10
OerHeksreleasenotes are a fine summary11:11
YankDownUnder Different coloured boot screen. Yep. HUGE change.11:11
c0ax_Hey ppl. I have problem with AWS. Accidently I have terminated ec2 instance. But I have snapshot of volume. Now how I can attach volume to new instance and continue using that volume with my old files on that new instance..? P11:11
OerHeksSystemD is the biggest change, then the open ATI drivers11:11
OerHeksc0ax_, ask in ##aws ?11:12
c0ax_Oh there is aws11:12
k1l_the changes on the packages depend on what the software changed in the last 2 years. like php from 5 to 7. or python to version 3 etc.11:12
k1l_maret: so it is very difficult to see what changes are important for you. or any other single user.11:13
maretk1l_, sure I am looking for review article for general public as you see with every new ubuntu version11:14
k1l_maret: the obvious will be omgubuntu. or look onto the planet on ubuntu.com11:14
maretyeah didnt check plane..11:15
de-factomaret since there are so many changes, how about doing a quick review on a virtual machine and see if the software you are using is working for you on xenial? sooner or later you will have to upgrade especially since xenial is a long term support release...11:16
maretde-facto well I am going to install it anyway, i am just curious what has changed, I definitelly won't be able to figure that out just by trying it out.11:17
OerHeksthis is your best guide, maret https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes11:18
maretso no really guide then , I will just read articles for each version between 14.04 and 16.0411:19
maretthanks anyways11:19
ducassemaret: users are expected to read the release notes, so they don't get surprised by big changes that affect them.11:19
Abe_I thought 16.04 is not recommended yet until the release of 16.04.1 i didn't follow the hole conversation though11:20
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.11:20
de-factoat least that is what i always tend to do, fire up a vm and get a feeling for the new version, then when i feel its stable enough and most of my software is working on it (well sometimes with some patches) i go ahead and boot it from a usb, see if bare metal hw is working too, then install it on a second ssd (i always have two, one wth the older version, one with the new version). that way i always can use the older version if things break, but11:21
de-factohonestly i cant remember that i had to boot the older version11:21
Abe_if i do a dist-upgrade it hopefully doesn't upgrade to 16.04 or does it?11:21
DianitaHow to make a simple little console's temp color util like F.lux or RedShift?11:21
llldinoHow to I move the NFS module up in the boot order? Right now I have an entry in my fstab that mounts an NFS service that fails because the module isn't loaded at that time in the boot.11:22
BluesKajHey all11:22
DianitaHow to make a simple little console's temp color util like F.lux or RedShift?11:22
mcphailAbe_: not unless you have manually changed your sources list11:22
k1l_Abe_: ubuntu doesnt use apt-get to upgrade11:22
Abe_i don't want 16.04 until 2019 if it's possible11:22
Abe_so if I just do apt-get dist-upgrade it won't change thx. i think 16.04 will be still to buggy for me11:23
de-factoits pretty stable for me11:23
Abe_i tried kubuntu 16.04 and the screen locker didn't even work yet so I give them some more time to work on things11:24
OerHeksfresh install 16.04.1 works fine.11:25
Abe_i screwed my system once with the 16.04 upgrade..11:26
Abe_i wait until the last day11:27
OerHekslast day .. install 15.10 Abe_11:27
Abe_nope my pc works just fine right now ^^11:28
k1l_Abe_: its your decision. you can stay on 14.04 for quite some time if you like. so that is fine.11:28
Abe_if it aint broke, don't fix it11:28
k1l_just keep in mind, that some flavors dont offer the full 5 years of support. so if you use kubuntu that is only 3 years iirc11:29
Abe_they offer security updates until 2019 even for kubuntu i thought11:29
k1l_no. just for the packages in "main". not all kde packages11:30
Abe_well i use ubuntu i just installed kde on top of it11:30
Abe_if kde is not supported anymore thats fine, as long as security updates still come in11:30
k1l_Abe_: ubuntu only ships 5 years security update to packages in the main repo. the kde packages are handled by the kubuntu team and they dont guarantee any updates after their EOL.11:31
k1l_Abe_: so you wont get even security updates for the kde stuff after the EOL11:32
icedwaterWhat tools can I use to resize a lvm partition and its attendant filesystem on an Ubuntu VM? I tried dropping to "recovery" and using fsadm -l -e resize, but it didn't work.11:33
Abe_so i cannot use kde 4 until 2019?11:34
Abe_i have ubuntu on it i just did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop11:34
Abe_to get kde11:34
OerHekswho wants a 5 year ol' kde4 ..11:35
Abe_I do11:35
k1l_Abe_: its not about ubuntu or kubuntu. its about from which repo the packages come. and kde is not in main. only the packages from main do get 5years support by ubuntu.11:35
Abe_like i said i have ubuntu, i just have to log out and change my desktop enviroment11:36
k1l_Abe_: yes11:36
k1l_Abe_: but your kde packages dont get any updates after the kubuntu team set the EOL. that is the point.11:37
Abe_well thats ok then i guess. i will still use kde even after EOL11:37
Abe_kde 5 is still to buggy for me.11:38
BluesKajAbe_, the repos are shut down, time to install a newer OS that's still supported11:38
k1l_he is using 14.0411:39
Abe_EOL is 2017 for kde 4 i thought11:40
Abe_updates still work. don't confuse me xD11:41
k1l_Abe_: its not about kde. its about the team handling the kde packages11:41
PhotonI haven't installed Ubuntu on Laptop for while11:42
Photon,still needs to installing bumblebee on it?11:42
Abe_Photon: for Nvidia Optimus?11:42
PhotonYes Nvidia 740m11:43
Abe_Disable secure boot and install the recommended drivers. is what I did. No bumblebee11:43
k1l_no. bumblebee is deprecated long time on ubuntu11:43
DJonesPhoton: I've got a laptop with Nvidia 750M, I use nvidia-prime and haven't had any issues11:44
k1l_ubuntu uses nvidia-prime which is the official nvidia support11:44
PhotonGreat news11:44
Abe_I have Nvidia Optimus. They didn't install until I disabled secure boot in UEFI11:44
PhotonHow can I checking Graphic is disabled or enabled?11:45
Abe_Nvidia X server settings. you should be able to switch between intel and Nvidia gpu11:46
BluesKajAbe_, sorry I misinterpreted your situation .... I run kde as well, and 16.04 is still buggy the change to plasma5 hasn't been smooth, but it's getting much better11:46
Photonother question my Update Software not opening aftrr doubled click on it11:47
Abe_I know time will fix things. thats why I wanna wait longer.11:48
Abe_kde 4 still runs way more stable11:48
BluesKajAbe_, yeah if you're on a production machine then that's probly wise11:48
k1l_i think we got the facts cleared now11:49
Abe_well it's my home pc. and i don't wanted to be buggy to be honest11:49
BluesKajAbe_, quite frankly i regret switching to 16.04 so soon as my main OS11:50
PhotonGuys I searched on Google and couldn't find any usefulness sloution11:51
zetheroowe use a clonezilla image of Ubuntu on our PC's. One user is assuming that hibernation not working is due to Ubuntu not being installed with the installer due to some form of hardware detection going on during install. Doesn't sound right to me ... but is that a possibility?11:51
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.11:51
fukinoodlesIs it out? 28 today11:52
Abe_BluesKaj: I switched too. but I downgraded again using my old 3.13 kernel again.11:52
fukinoodlesMy Ubuntu installation has a bazillion bugs and I'm looking to do a clean install of 16.04. How can I keep my programs?11:53
BluesKajAbe_, I have an older legacy BIOS machine I may still reinstall 14.04 if the sudden crashes don't stop soon11:53
ivo34hello again...I want to dual boot ubuntu with windows, in a two hdd pc. currently I have ubuntu on an old maxtor 150GiB hdd with two partitions one for / and other for /home in the 2TiB hdd I have a ntfs 488GiB partition I called windowshome and I made another 50GiB for the windows system itself...now my question is: does the order I place partitions matter? I mean I think it is important to have systems in different hdd, but do need s11:54
ivo34ystems to be next to their home partitions? I was thinking on this scheme: ubuntuSystem(disk150GiB) windowsSystem(part50GiBdisk2TiB)windowsHome(part950GiBdisk2TiB)ubuntuHome(part1000GiBdisk2TiB)11:54
Abe_BluesKaj: whatever fits your needs is good i think.11:55
BluesKajfukinoodles, one method is to make sure you have separate / and /home partitions . That way you can install the OS to / and preserve your /home11:55
cuboidFirefox is not displaying a particular character in both webpages and in its interface. http://graphemica.com/%E2%96%B811:56
fukinoodlesBluesKaj I do have separate partitions11:56
k1l_cuboid: that works here on firefox11:57
BluesKajfukinoodles, then you shouldn't have much of a problem upgrading11:57
fukinoodlesBlueskaj Will that preserve my applications such as gimp?11:57
BluesKajfukinoodles, if it's not default your config files will be still be there, so reinstalling will restore al your settings if11:58
cuboidk1l_: The character displays fine in xterm (including in w3m).11:58
cuboidk1l_: I have Noto fonts installed.11:59
cuboidk1l_: I have the 'Allow websites to use their own fonts' option enabled, which I should be able to do.11:59
fukinoodlesCan I get a list of my installed packages so I dont miss anything?11:59
DJones!cloning | fukinoodles12:00
ubottufukinoodles: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate12:00
k1l_cubic2: could be a font issue you set there. it works here on a standard firefox and font setup12:00
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning12:00
cuboidk1l_: I have not changed the font setup in Firefox. I am however going to install the DejaVu font, just in case.12:01
k1l_cuboid: "standard font: serif"12:02
fukinoodlesSince the point release notification hasn't come out yet will I have to upgrade soon if I install the 16.04.1 ISO right now on the website.12:03
k1l_fukinoodles: its just a "servicepack" release12:03
k1l_fukinoodles: so if you have a 16.04 and run all the updates you are already on 16.04.112:03
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fukinoodlesSmall download size I guess for upgrading to 16.04.1 from 16.04?12:04
k1l_why dont you use the 16.04.1 iso for a new install=?12:06
cuboidk1l_: That is what is set in Firefox, but it still does not show the character. What serif font is yours using as the default?12:06
fukinoodlesk1l_ yeah that's what I;m gonna do. But since the point release for 16.04.1 hasn't happened yet (postponed to 28th Jul) will that mean I have to immediately update when that comes out later today?12:08
k1l_fukinoodles: no12:08
k1l_fukinoodles: the release did happen12:08
k1l_fukinoodles: its just the 14.04 to 16.04 LTS upgrade is not opened yet for last bug testings.12:08
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fukinoodleshmmm.. thanks12:09
mrautisticsheephi guys i have a dig big12:11
mrautisticsheepYou you read that wrong12:11
k1l_cuboid: its latin, serif. i really dont know what you changed. you said you changed the fonts so i guess your font just doesnt have a support for that unicode characters12:11
mrautisticsheepyou've read that wrong too12:11
cuboidk1l_: I have not changed the default font setup of Firefox. But I have downloaded and installed the Noto fonts which are Unicode fonts.12:12
scamwhat is command to install a .deb from CLi?12:13
AliekezhiOerHeks, here is the output of my error (have similar result with any repository) : https://bpaste.net/show/5f49c8aadf6a12:13
llldinoscam, dpkg -i path/to/.deb12:13
scamllldino, thanks12:14
llldinoscam, My pleasure12:14
k1l_Aliekezhi: seems like your ipv6 is broken12:15
OerHeksk1l_ +112:15
Aliekezhik1l_, and by default it doesn't use ipV4 when somehing doesn't work with v4 ?12:16
k1l_Aliekezhi: try a "sudo apt-get -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true update"12:16
crazyhorse18i'm unable to install "sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer" under ubuntu 14.0412:18
crazyhorse18i apparantly need it .. but i can't seme to be able to isntall it12:18
jungnhi all question for you(im hoping its a simple answer) i am running 16.04 in virtualbox and something happened where i no longer have the menu bar or start menu. I can right click on the desktop to get into a terminal but nothing i have tried has seemed to fix the issue i tried reinstalling unity and disabling/reenabling unity through ccms but it looks like it starts for a half second and then disappears. Any ideas?12:19
crazyhorse18http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/msttcorefonts << I found it on the site.. but i don't know if that means it should work with apt-get12:19
Aliekezhik1l_, OerHeks sadly, it still doesn't work with similar errors (except there are no IPv6 in the output ^^)12:19
k1l_crazyhorse18: do you have multiverse repo enabled?12:19
k1l_Aliekezhi: put all the command and output into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here12:20
llldinocrazyhorse18, You can try apt-cache search "mscore" and see if anotehr similarly named package shows up12:20
crazyhorse18k1l_, nah i haven't .. do i need to?12:20
k1l_crazyhorse18: ttf-mscorefonts-installer is the pacakge, and that works with apt. if you have multiverse repo enabled12:20
crazyhorse18k1l_, thanks for your help :)12:21
Aliekezhik1l_, https://bpaste.net/show/d69dfdc3a93612:21
k1l_Aliekezhi: is this sort of vpn, proxy or firewalled network?12:22
oleggHi Ninjas \n , im looking for a way that we can use parameter in jmeter request body, for example I want read json from file and send POST with that body, in addition I want a variable ${__time(dd/MM/yyyy,)} to put in that json, is there a way to do it?12:23
ouroumov_olegg, this channel is for Ubuntu support only, maybe ask in #programming ?12:25
oleggouroumov, ok thanks :)12:26
Aliekezhik1l_, no VPN or proxy12:27
BluesKajolegg, or ##linux12:27
oleggBluesKaj, thnaks :) +112:29
christian_Anyone here using Xubuntu 16.04.1 already? how's ur system? Did they fixed the bugs?12:32
ivo34hey which scheme is better for a dual boot here: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=105478 A or B?12:33
Aliekezhik1l_, I'll try setting up a VPN, maybe this part of the network is filtered12:34
tewardivo34: windows likes to have the start of the drive, but ultimately I don't think it matters as much.12:35
StephenSis it possible to have mariadb-server and mysql workbench installed on ubuntu, at the same time?12:35
ikoniaStephenS: should be12:35
StephenSbecause when I install mysql workbench, mariadb-server gets removed, while mysql gets installed12:35
StephenSreally weird12:35
ivo34teward so A12:35
ikoniaStephenS: is the workbench pakcage depending on mysql ?12:35
StephenSI think so12:36
ikoniaStephenS: where ar eyou getting workbench package from ?12:36
dionysus69I removed windows partition totally but updating grub still sees a windows loader. what do I do, just go to efi partition and delete windows.efi file?12:43
mahamadouI think the windows partitions were not well removed12:44
BluesKajdionysus69, that depends whether or not you want to run in EFI or legacy mode with, and how the GPT table will affect that is iffy iirc12:46
cuboidk1l_: Success! Once I installed ttf-dejavu, the character is showing up in the interface and on the webpages.12:46
dionysus69BluesKaj: I am in efi mode12:46
dionysus69I just want to remove windows from grub ... :)12:47
BluesKajdionysus69, run sudo os=prober if windows is removed , the sudo update-grub, i would think12:49
BluesKajos-prober dionysus6912:49
dionysus69update-grub still detects windows loader12:49
dionysus69since I just deleted windows partitions and efi loader would still be in efi partition12:50
BluesKajrun os-prober first12:50
BluesKajthen update-grub12:50
dionysus69yep, nothing, did the same12:50
BluesKajwell you can wipe the windows efi partiton then reinstall grub12:51
BluesKajfrom live media12:52
dionysus69I just did sudo efibootmgr -b 0014 -B12:53
dionysus69finally lol12:53
dionysus69where 0014 was windows hex in efibootmgr list12:53
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dionysus69but update grub still detects it xD12:54
BluesKajdionysus69, make sure you keep the gpt partiton table. It's capable of many more primary partitions than the dos tables12:57
torodoroi got strange problem. when trying connect to internet from any app, first time is ineffectual. Second time and next is working.12:57
dionysus69yes of course I am not touching gpt partition, whole my system is on it12:58
ioriadionysus69, http://superuser.com/questions/148418/remove-windows-7-entry-from-grub12:58
torodoroafter a while tis repeat.12:58
torodoroit's problem because program like thunderbird give me error for connecting and internet access12:59
BluesKajhehe ioria , it's exactly the opposite of my suggestiuon, so os-prober only looks for ntfs not ext partitions :-)13:01
BluesKajgood to know13:02
ioriaBluesKaj, yeah13:02
dionysus69ioria: thanks that worked :)13:03
ioriadionysus69, ok, but read the whole article  .... :þ13:04
MelioooMy wife started a new contracting company and she had soany hassles with hr hiring tech in the past she just interviews tech herself so when she interviews linux tech, they have a general confident professionalism most windows server hats dont have13:05
DArqueBishop!ot Meliooo13:06
DArqueBishopHrm, I guess that trigger works differently than I thought it would...13:06
GlockXhey guys, why does my ethernet connection is set to manual in /etc/network/interfaces after a fresh installation?13:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:08
MelioooOhh off topic13:08
metablacky understand me yes or no13:08
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sparklyjust upgraded 16.04. Had the "Please enter passphrase for disk cryptswap1 on none!" for 10 years on various machines. Wonder if someone has a fix (google failed me).13:17
sparklyand disabling encrypted swap is not a fix ^^13:18
OerHeksencryptes swap ... that is really bad, as the passphrase is on that encryptted swap :-D13:20
OerHeksrun around in circles13:20
sparklywell - its suppose to do it automatically. I remember stumbling upon the issue first time in Ubuntu 10 i think.13:21
OerHeksencryption and encrypted swap are not mature enough on linux.13:21
sparklythats what i though :/13:21
sparklyon "linux" may be a bit harsh13:22
OerHekssolution: use non encrypted swap, or no swap at all ( my choise would be the 2nd one)13:22
sparklysure. I do think its a problem that its a readily available option in the graphical installer.13:24
mysticTotI'm trying to modify the files in  the /sys/ directory. But it is saying permission denied?13:24
mysticTotI'm doing this with sudo13:25
llldinomysticTot, The sys directory is a virtual directory that is used by the ekrnal. It's not meant for operationg on13:27
sparklyi know its maybe not constructive but: ~10 years man with no fix to the encr. swap issues. Jeez...13:27
OerHeks /sys/ is a ram-based filesystem [...]. It provides a means to export kernel data structures, their attributes, and the linkages between them to userspace.13:27
mysticTotYes I know that13:27
mysticTotI'm trying to use ftrace13:28
mysticTotdebugfs is mounted on /sys/13:28
OerHeksmysticTot, good luck then13:28
mysticTotBut I'm not able to do that13:28
mysticTotLets echo function > current_tracer13:29
ModFatherDisplays what tracer is currently enabled. Can be changed by echoing a new tracer into it.13:29
mysticTotis enabled13:30
mysticTotThe point is I'm not even able to do this with su13:30
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kgirthoferhey all - when I start a screen session and then SSH into another box I loose the prompt colors, how do I fix that?13:40
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Ntemisi need help get some boxes to normal size after update to xenial13:49
Ntemise.g. firefox search box is huge13:49
rajivmarsWhat is the command to get information about the OS in ubuntu 16.13:59
zetheroois it true that if i type a password into the terminal that it's saved in the terminal history (bash history)?14:00
rajivmarsWhat is the command to get information about the OS in ubuntu 16.04?14:00
ikoniazetheroo: yes, as it will be an invalid command14:00
ikoniarajivmars: what sort of information14:00
OerHeksrajivmars, systemsettings > details14:00
rajivmarsikonia: like os version.14:01
zetherooikonia: isn't that a security risk?14:01
FlipBilluname -a14:01
geniizetheroo: If you're worried about that, put a space before the command and it won't go into the .bash_history file14:01
FlipBillfor kernel14:01
zetheroogenii: ok interesting14:01
ikoniarajivmars: you know you're using 16.04 - you've just said14:01
ikoniazetheroo: the security issue is the user, not this14:01
ikoniabash_history just puts anything you type into the terminal into the history14:02
FlipBillrajivmars, what information are you looking for.  Your question is not specific.14:02
ikoniaif you are stupid enough to put your password in and not clear it out of the history - then "you" are the security issue14:02
ikoniazetheroo: (I don't mean you the person I mean generic keyboard operator)14:02
zetherooso if it's in the bash history and someone steal the PC,  gets the file, they can see all those passwords?14:02
ikoniazetheroo: thats user security problem14:02
ikonianot a system security14:02
rajivmarsikonia: yes. But i don't know the command. I am new in linux.14:02
ikoniaand you can always encypt the disk14:02
ikoniarajivmars: but you know it's 16.0414:03
OerHekszetheroo, never seen my password in bash_history14:03
kgirthoferzetheroo, encrypt the drive14:03
ikoniarajivmars: so why do you want to know the OS if you know it's 16.0414:03
kgirthoferhe's referring to things like 'mysql -u root -ppassword14:03
zetherooI never knew the passwords were saved anywhere in plain text14:03
FlipBillrajivmars, Define "OS"14:03
rick6860is there a way to change the way folders display content? In windows I can show a list or details or thumbnails. Can I do that in MATE?14:03
kgirthoferthat'll get stored in bash history14:03
OerHekskgirthofer, oh, oke14:03
kgirthoferlogging in will not be stored in history14:03
FlipBillrajivmars, IOW, what are you asking?14:03
mcphailzetheroo: only passwords you have entered as a normal shell command are included in the history. If you type "sudo command" then enter your passowrd at the prompt, tthat isn't stored14:03
zetherookgirthofer:  can you clarify?14:03
sumorumankgirthofer: Thank you for explaining, I was so confused as to why you'd ever be typing your password into the terminal like that :P14:04
zetheroomcphail: ah ok14:04
kgirthoferso if you log into the machine - your password will not be stored in the history14:04
zetherooor if I ssh into another machine ...14:04
kgirthoferif you log into mysql for example and include your password it WILL store in bash history14:04
mcphailzetheroo: if you accidently enter a password in a normal shell prompt, if you type "kill -9 0" it will close the terminal without saving the password to your history14:04
OerHekszetheroo, if someone steals your machine without encrypting, send them here and we help resetting the password14:04
ikoniazetheroo: basically if you "visually" see the password on the command line - it's in the history14:04
ikoniazetheroo: if you don't see it - it's not14:04
kgirthoferyou can do things like mysql -u root -p with no password and it'll ask and not store the pass in histo14:04
ikoniathats the short cut to the answer14:04
zetherooikonia: ok, that's clear14:05
kgirthoferencrypt hte drive, encrpyt users home directories, then you're fine14:05
rajivmarsikonia: yes i know. But still i am curious to know the command to get this information from the terminal.. i know how to get it from the GUI. but i don't no the command line for this.14:05
zetherooabout encrypting the drive - can the drive be encrypted with a unique password - something other than the password of the user?14:06
tgm4883zetheroo: if you encrypt the full drive it's not tied to the password of the user14:06
ikoniazetheroo: honestly - I'd conisder long and hard about encrypting your drive14:06
ikoniait's not something you should do unless you REALLY need it14:06
tgm4883ikonia: why?14:07
ikoniait can put your recovert at risk, more so if you have a problem14:07
zetherooikonia: yeah, I tend to agree14:07
zetherootgm4883: ok, good to know14:07
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kgirthoferalways encrypt your drives14:07
FlipBillrajivmars, Are you reading the responses that have been sent to you?14:09
rajivmarsflipbill: yes i have read all those.14:09
zetheroowhat about passwords saved in memory - is that a risk?14:10
kgirthoferyea but it's one you have to deal with - so limit it's accessibility14:10
kgirthoferit's not a risk if you build your systems correctly14:11
zetheroowill encrypting the disk have any effect on that?14:11
zetheroospeaking of PC's14:11
zetheroowhich we don't "build" :)14:11
ikoniazetheroo: I think you need to be realistic about a.) your situation b.) your risk of compromise c.) the data you are storing on this device - is it really that secret14:11
tgm4883ikonia: +114:12
FlipBillrajivmars, I asked you for clarification in order to help you.  You seemed to ignore it.  Did I miss your response?14:12
zetherooit's more for informational reasons - it's come up from a couple Linux users and I keep asking for real-life scenarios ;P14:12
zetherooI just don't know myself how easy/hard it is to retrieve passwords from the memory/swap14:13
tgm4883zetheroo: IIRC, pretty hard14:13
llldinozetheroo, Maybe look into this: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/ecryptfs.html Full disk encryption is rarely necessary but If you have sensitive data you need to store ecryptfs can do so without you having to crypt the entire drive14:13
kgirthoferencrypting a drive adds to boot time, but it's inconsequential. After boot the drive is unlocked - helps if someone steals the drives or something else. Once it's booted the drive is unencryped. Hence encrypting user homes14:13
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FlipBillrajivmars, I aslo gave you something for the command line.  You seemed to ignore that too.14:13
ikoniarajivmars: lsb_release -a14:13
zetherooso encrypting the disk also means that the swap is encrypted14:14
geniizetheroo: When you type a command in like sudo <something>  the command you typed goes to the bash history file, but not the password you enter when sudo prompts you for one. So the only time passwords get in there is if for instance you run some command which has the password in clear text in the command itself14:14
geniizetheroo: And in those cases, just putting a space before the command will prevent it from being entered into the bash history file, as I explained earlier14:15
rajivmarsflipBill: I was asking about this command: "lsb_release -a". I have already mention that i wanted to know the commang which used to get information about my OS such as its version.14:15
zetheroogenii; thanks, we covered that. :) I am asking now about passwords stored in memory/swap14:15
rajivmarsikonia: that's all what i have asked for.14:15
OerHeksrajivmars,  pastebin this output please :-D >> lshw && uname -a && cat /etc/issue && lsb_release -a && lscpu && lspci && lsusb && df -h14:16
kgirthoferrajivmars, cat /etc/*-release14:16
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FlipBillrajivmars, Your interlocutors were puzzled because you already new the version ov your "distribution."  You were asked to explain what you meant by "OS."  I also gave you the command to identify the kernel.  We don't know your purpose.  Do you see the ambiguities?14:17
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FlipBillrajivmars, Note that OerHeks just gave you far something to obtain far more comprehensive information,  But we can't know what is helpful because you aren't helping us by being unresponsive and repeating the same vague question.14:19
OerHeksi forgot dmidecode ..14:20
lerntyIs there any way to change the order of indicators in Ubuntu 16.04? Solutions like this one for Ubuntu 14.04 don't work for me (I edit the file in /usr/ without copying it to my user directory): http://www.webupd8.org/2011/06/how-to-change-application-indicators.html14:20
FlipBillOerHeks, Heh.  And all that stuff in /etc/default/* and, and....14:20
rajivmarsflipBill: I am new in linux. that's why i wanted to know this simple command "lsb_release -a" to check OS detains from the terminal. i am learning linux, that's why i asked that question despite i know the OS version.14:21
rajivmarsflipBill: I am new in linux. that's why i wanted to know this simple command "lsb_release -a" to check OS details from the terminal. i am learning linux, that's why i asked that question despite i know the OS version.14:21
GnomethrowerHi there, I have a question about NTP/time sync on Ubuntu 14.0414:22
OerHekslernty, maybe this page is a better answer http://www.webupd8.org/2016/05/customize-notifyosd-notification.html14:22
GnomethrowerThis page https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/NTP.html seems to imply that timesyncd " replaces the client portion of ntpd"14:22
Gnomethrowerneed to know if that's the case on 14.0414:22
Gnomethroweras "NTP synchronized: no" when I run timedatectl14:23
lerntyOerHeks: thanks but I want to change the small icons in the top-left of the screen (indicators like the time and language settings buttons, although I understand these aren't able to be re-ordered, I have other custom indicators I'd like to re-order), not notifications :P14:24
zetherooWhen installing Ubuntu I am guessing it does some hardware detection ... no?14:24
skinuxIs the "time remaining" display of battery power for laptops accurate?14:25
FlipBillrajivmars, Fair enough.  But if you ask for help, please don't ignore requests for clarification.  Good luck.14:25
skinuxI ust unplugged my lappy, it shows 94% saying I have an hour and 16 minutes of power left. It changed from 2 hours to this in 2 seconds.14:25
alkisgskinux: do you have a car? when you see "remaining gas", don't you sometimes see "4 hours" and sometimes "2 hours"?14:26
llldinoskinux, It's a function of the wattage used by the laptop and the detected remaining charge. The timer can only be so accurate14:26
alkisgThat depends on how much you press the pedal14:26
alkisg(or in computers, the cpu)14:26
skinuxSo then my battery life is only one hour.14:26
zetherooIf I install Ubuntu on machine X and then make a clonezilla image of that install and restore that image to machine Y, and on machine Y hibernation doesn't work - could this be because Ubuntu was not "installed" on machine Y via the installer?14:26
skinuxHmm. When I bought this laptop I had a 3-4 hour battery life.14:26
alkisgNo, it may be from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what you do with it14:27
alkisgskinux: there's an indicator that tells you how much worn out the battery is14:27
alkisgIf it's e.g. 80%, it's still good. If it's e.g. 20%, it needs to be replaced14:27
skinuxOh? What is the package for that?14:27
Mordoczetheroo, it could be a number of things such as differences in hardware and such. What are the logs telling you?14:28
alkisgIn the past I used to see that in the control panel, power options or something, then battery properties14:28
mcphailzetheroo: hibernation is buggy, and does not work on all hardware. Furthermore, there must be enough swap space to store RAM contents14:28
rajivmarsFlipBill: SORRY:) If i am unable to clarify. I will try to ask clear questions after spending some time with linux.14:28
alkisgGoogle it a bit14:28
skinuxAlso, is there a way I can create an "image" of the system and save it as an ISO or something instead of burning it to DVD?14:28
FlipBillskinux, batteries are even harder to gauge than gas tanks.  There is no way to directly measure the electrons left to flow.  In a gas tank, a float can act as a decent proxy for volume, even if the fluid sloshes around.14:28
caboxFirefoxOS is full shit no antivirus potection firwall distabled!14:28
kgirthoferskinux, clonezilla to disk14:28
caboxl0l0 hah]14:29
zetheroomcphail: yeah, that's what I have found. I have a user who is blaming his hibernation not working on the fact that it was a clonezilla image "install"14:29
FlipBillskinux, this is all aside from the question of converting to duration in the face of unpredictable consumption rates.14:29
skinuxPower Statistics says my battery capacity of 51.5% what does that mean?14:29
zetheroobut I thought that hardware detection is on boot14:29
kgirthofermeans your battery is at 51.5% capacity14:29
FlipBillrajivmars, No need to apologize for being disoriented.  Just don't ignore people.14:29
alkisgskinux: it means it last half of what it used to, when it was new14:30
papiChulohi guyz14:30
mcphailzetheroo: see https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/power-hibernate.html for debugging tips14:30
FlipBillskinux, It means it is somewhere between fully charged and completely dead.14:30
skinuxAhh. In other words my battery is 50% quality..only half good.14:30
cabox-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----14:31
skinuxLooked at prices for a new one....$150-$200 for a new one.14:31
alkisgFlipBill: no, capacity isn't the same as charged, it means that if you charge it fully, it will only last for e.g. 2 hours instead of 4 hours when it was new14:31
FlipBillBatteries gauge readings are subject to calibration.  They can be wildly misleading.14:31
zetheroomcphail: is hibernation buggy on Linux in general, or is this more of an Ubuntu thing?14:31
zetherooI am guessing it's not just with Ubuntu14:31
FlipBillalkisg, True.  I was making a joke, and even those definitions are malleable.14:31
alkisgFlipBill: ok, and yup, they sure are14:32
skinuxHmm. In ten minutes I've lost 14% battery charge.14:32
mcphailzetheroo: linux in general. Hibernation has always been a bit neglected by the kernel devs14:32
rajivmarsFlipBill: I am not ignoring people. yes i was unable to clarify. It is because i am new to linux:)14:32
mcphailzetheroo: and I'm sure some hardware isn't as compliant with standards as it should be14:33
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)14:33
FlipBillrajivmars, Clearly you are not ignoring me now.  It seemed so earlier, to me.  I apologize if I was mistaken.14:33
=== abelu|away is now known as abelur
ahrc333ffhie codephobic14:34
codephobicI'm using 16.04 and I'm finding that nautilus is _very_ slow to open some volumes. There's nothing actually wrong with the disks and I have other volumes that open perfectly fine, so I'm just wondering if there's a bug or if it might be due to some format issue?14:34
codephobicAny advice on what tests I might conduct to discern the nature of the problem?14:35
GnomethrowerNTP enabled: yes | NTP synchronized: no | What do I do?14:35
rajivmarsFlipBill: No need to apologize. you guys are always helping people, and that's great:)14:35
Gnomethrowerntpd never seems to sync on my system, and it's enabled and running14:35
alkisgcodephobic: one test could be to check `dmesg`,`cat /var/log/syslog`, and `cat .xsession-errors`, right after accessing the volumes14:35
codephobicwonderworld: ah, ok I'll give it a go now14:36
mcphailcodephobic: if you have a terminal running "top" as you open the volume, is there anything noticeable? A runaway mediascanner service or similar?14:36
ahrc333ffcodephobic: I honestly couldn't troubleshoot this myself, but some suggestions might be to see if somehow permissions got screwed up. strace and ltrace might give you some information on that if nothing shows up in the logs. Hopefully someone more skilled can help.14:36
codephobicwonderworld: for some reason, all the volumes that were laggy before, are very zippy now. Can't replicate the problem.14:37
skinuxCan keeping AC plugged in all the time ruin a battery?14:37
alkisgcodephobic: if you're talking to me, I'm "alkisg", not "wonderwolrd"...14:37
codephobicalkisg: sorry for the mixup14:37
|avalon|yup, skinux, it is called overcharging14:37
skinuxSo, it ruins the battery then?14:38
codephobicalkisg: I'm using a new irc client and obviously my eyes aren't scanning the text well :(14:38
|avalon|if it is li-ion, yup14:38
FlipBillDepends on charger and battery type.14:38
codephobicalkisg: irssi, just in case you were wondering14:38
|avalon|and i think 90% are li-ion14:38
fukinoodlesAny command line tools to create LiveUSBs? The startup disk creator doesn't recognise multiple partitions.14:38
alkisgcodephobic: hehe, yup, ty14:38
FlipBill|avalon|, true.  A charger should regulate its current flow appropriately.14:39
cyberorgfukinoodles, https://github.com/cyberorg/live-fat-stick14:39
codephobicalkisg: it should be possible to find the issue in the logs, even if I can't replicate it now, right? do you know which logs to look through and where?14:40
codephobicalkisg: I bet you're wishing I was still mixing you up with wonderworld!14:40
fukinoodlescyberorg but this won't work with ext4 partions, right?14:41
alkisgcodephobic: haha... for starters, check the same commands that I wrote14:41
FlipBillcodephobic, have you run top or iotop while nautilus does its thing?14:41
alkisghe can't reproduce it now14:42
cyberorgfukinoodles, live-grub-stick would14:42
codephobicalkisg: k, will try and navigate up screen in irssi (god I make thinks complicated for myself!).14:42
FlipBillSorry, wasn't paying close attention.14:42
codephobicFlipBill: didn't see anything odd in top, got top running all the time.14:42
FlipBillI wonder if nautilus does any caching, say of images, that is not consistently necessary.  Perhaps making thumbnails?  I don't use it.  Does it display images like say, gwenview?14:43
codephobicmcphail: sorry for the late reply (new, horrid irc client), I didn't notice anything in top, at the time. Just xorg eating a bit more cpu for a moment.14:44
codephobicahrc333ff: thanks, I'll look into them later maybe, if my masochistic streak doesn't end.14:45
Sonderbladefor some reasons vlc sometimes shows streams with two sets of video controls. any idea?14:45
FlipBillcodephobic, I just googled and yes, nautilus does cache thumbnails.  Maybe related?14:46
codephobicalkisg: is "CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -11" something that might be relevant? The volumes are mounted in fstab using cifs and some are windoes shares across my network.14:47
alkisgcodephobic: cifs can cause big delays in nautilus, yes14:48
codephobicFlipBill: hmm, I always have the "detail" view, never use thumbnails (not really many photos, aside from wedding stuff, mostly music, tutorials and assorted rubbish.14:48
FlipBillcodephobic, Net access could create tremendous variability, I would think.14:49
codephobicalkisg: ah, so I might be on the right track ... just can't reproduce the error now.14:49
alkisgcodephobic: afaik nautilus generates thumbnails in any case, list or details or thumbs14:49
FlipBillcodephobic, do that across a network and it could get interesting.14:50
alkisgcodephobic: it has some settings for when to *not* call the thumbnailer programs, like networked file systems or big files14:50
codephobicalkisg: oh, didn't realise.14:50
codephobicFlipBill: I guess, but it was also occuring with volumes that are physically on this machine, but also shared across the lan.14:51
codephobicalkisg: ah, well that's something I'd never thought about before.14:51
codephobicalkisg: I'm going to google this "-11" status of SessSetup error. I have a feeling that might be it... Or am I just clutching at straws?14:52
alkisgno idea there14:52
codephobicalkisg: well, you've helped me narrow down to what is likely the issue at root14:54
FlipBillcodephobic, It would be easy to test/dismiss the thumbnail theory.  Just observe the thmubnail cache, wipe it out and run benchmarks.14:54
codephobicFlipBill: Ah, ok I'll give that a go, once I've fixed this CIFS VFS error issue.14:55
codephobicI think this problem might also be related to an issue I'm having with shutting down/rebooting, where ubuntu takes practically an age to do this, on occasion. And always when I've still left nautilus open.14:57
jucamsoy colombiano y nuevo en Ubuntu Mate14:58
jucamAcepto sugerencias de uso14:58
Zarroboogs!es | jucam14:58
ubottujucam: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:58
westoquei just successfully installed ubuntu 16.04.01 with an error in 1 file from check disk, does this mean my installation is no good? and i have to re-install? thanks.14:59
skinuxJust curious, is there any ability for a Unity app to run on Windows at all?15:00
skinuxOr for that matter, for a Unity app to run on a Linux where the user isn't using Unity for desktop?15:00
xanguaskinux: what is an "unity"app?15:00
skinuxUnity GUI API apps15:01
skinuxUbuntu has a Unity platform or something...15:01
fukinoodlesfuking kek "While there are some benefits to dual-booting (e.g. better performance for a native install), it is not recommended. Instead, it is best to do a native install of Ubuntu, and then virtualize the other operating system. "15:01
xanguaYou mean the launcher?15:01
skinuxNah, there are tutorials for writing "unity apps"15:01
|avalon|unity is also name of game and application development platform15:02
|avalon|there are two (at least) unities :)15:02
roug3you hackers15:02
skinuxThat must be it because it's commonly referred to as Unity 3D15:02
mcphailskinux: there are apps which run on ubuntu/mir/unity8 only. Is that what you mean?15:03
skinuxWhat is MIR?15:03
|avalon|yup, and on play.google you can find apss made witjh tthat second unity15:03
skinuxI'm guessing that is what I'm talking about, which also answers my question.15:03
uebera||!ltsupgrade | uebera||15:03
ubottuuebera||, please see my private message15:03
roug3help me how to hack wifi the fastest way ???15:04
xanguaroug3: wrong channel, wrong network15:05
papiChulouse reaver15:05
ahrc333fffukinnoodles: if you're dual booting win/ubuntu and you've got a desktop, it's totally worth putting them on separate HDD. All of the issues that page you reference become non-issues since you can have the boot loaders on separate HDD's and, worst case scenario, you can just use the bios tool to quick select your boot device during boot up rather than via GRUB15:05
DJonesroug3: Thats not something that would be ontopic in a support channel15:05
DJonesApart from being illegal pretty much everywhere15:05
ahrc333ffroug3: I'm sure the ##security guys would love to entertain your question XD15:06
papiChuloplease suggest me a channel where there is a possibility of finding a co-founder15:07
mortenmDoes anyone know how to make transmission remote work...?15:07
Zarroboogs!alis | papiChulo15:07
ubottupapiChulo: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http15:07
papiChulojoin #freenode15:08
ahrc333ffpapiChulo: you need to preceed the "join" by a forward slash15:09
mortenmDoes anyone know how to make transmission remote work...? For instance this magnet link seems to be good... I have installed the program; but just recieve an error cant connect to host....15:09
papiChuloyea i am new to this.. i fugured it out15:09
ricksebakI have a couple of 14.04 machines, and in the upgrade manager settings I selected "show LTS updates". how come it's not prompting me to upgrade now that 16.04.1 is out?15:09
papiChulothanks anyways15:09
mcphailricksebak: some bugs are being fixed. Will be available soon15:10
ricksebakmcphail: cool, thanks.15:10
=== jwheare_local_ is now known as jwheare_local
fukinoodlesAny command line tools to create LiveUSBs? The startup disk creator doesn't recognise multiple partitions.15:20
joeliofukinoodles: you can dd isos to USB in general15:21
joeliofukinoodles: https://askubuntu.com/questions/372607/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-from-terminal15:22
joelioif it's not an ubuntu image, you can use hybridiso to add the relevant encapsualtion/capabilies to make it work too15:22
=== ModFather is now known as ModFather-Away
=== rosgani_ is now known as rosgani
davido_can usernames contain utf8 characters?15:26
* joelio imagines emojis in /etc/passwd15:27
Invisiuscan someone help me with my install? I get a black/dotted screen after GRUB no matter what -nomodeset or -nouveau.modeset I add15:28
joelioInvisius: have you tired taking off silent to see it more verbose.. perhaps it's a graphics driver issue15:29
akikInvisius: those modes should not be prepended with a -15:29
Invisiusjoelio: I thought so too, but it never seems to get past the dotted screen on any display15:29
Invisiusakik: right I'm not sure why I typed that15:30
joeliodavido_: I'm pretty sure it's just ASCII for usernames but utf-8 in display name15:31
daku_Is there a way to get the lock screen to not sleep the monitor? Whats the point of having a beautiful login screen if no one can see it?15:31
co_hello, I installed ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386 and it seems to work, but how can I be sure my pc is not a amd6415:31
Invisiusit's an x99 platform on full UEFI boot, but even with CSM enabled I get the same result on 16.04 and 16.1015:31
akikInvisius: you can also remove quiet splash from /etc/default/grub if that helps you figure out the problem15:31
akikInvisius: sudo update-grub after editing that file15:32
davido_joelio : Thanks, I believe you're correct. I was just trying to decide if opening /etc/passwd for reading required considering utf8, but I believe the answer is no.15:32
fukinoodlesthanks joelio15:33
Invisiusakik: hmm can I do that from the GRUB command shell? there's no way to get to terminal/OS on the machine at the moment15:33
akikInvisius: yes i think so, press e at the grub prompt15:33
joeliodavido_: if there are utf-8 characters in the display name it could do - as you're read the whole file in that mode15:33
Invisiusakik: thank you, I'll try and see if I get a readout15:34
davido_Yep, just thought of that too. :) Thanks.15:34
R13oseI am having problems with the package ttf-mscorefonts-installer, how do I remove this?15:34
uebera||co_: Try this (if you see "lm", you have a 64 bit CPU): grep -o -w 'lm' /proc/cpuinfo | sort -u15:39
co_uebera, i get 'lm', thank you a lot !!!15:41
uebera||co_: yw15:42
uebera||R13ose: On the command line, enter "apt-get purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (w/o the quotes)15:43
R13oseuebera||: thanks15:44
symacj #wikidata15:45
=== madsa_ is now known as madsa
LiliyaHi, I'm trying to get hostnames with the nmap command. I don't know how to proceed. is anyone know how could I get those hostnames??15:46
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
uebera||Liliya: sudo nmap -sn 192.168.1.* (you must be root in order that ARP requests are sent which will get you the hostnames)15:51
Ntemisanyone knows what am missing?15:52
Ntemislibvorbis/libvorbis-1.3.2/libtool: line 42: -mips32r2: command not found15:52
ikoniaNtemis: what are you trying to do15:53
ikoniayou're not really giving context15:53
ikoniathere are vobis packages in ubuntu15:53
Ntemis../libtool: line 46: -mips32r2: command not found15:53
Ntemis../libtool: line 49: -mips32r2: command not found15:53
Ntemis./libtool: line 46: -mips32r2: command not found15:53
Ntemiscompiling a router firmware15:53
ikoniaso this is nothing to do with ubuntu then15:53
ikoniaso nothing to do with this channel15:54
Ntemisbut i miss some packages15:54
Liliyauebera||: this command is not as useful as it seems. I'm working on vmware infrastructure, so it returns (VMware) for all hosts. thats not what I want. Is there any chance for nmap to get the hostnames from a dns server ?15:54
ikonianothing to do with this channel15:54
ikoniano problem15:54
Ntemisideas where to look for help?15:55
fukinoodlesHow can know which partition is home and which is root (both same sized)? Don't want to accidentally wipe home during fresh install.15:57
InvisiusMwell i removed quiet splash, but still get the line of dots akik15:57
xanguafukinoodles: why is your / and /home partition the same size?15:58
InvisiusMI even installed this to an ssd on my htpc, transferred it over and got the same thing15:58
uebera||Liliya: If you have the IP addresses, you can use "dig +short -x <ip>"...15:58
OerHeksInvisiusM, how did you removed those?15:59
anveshmy wifi  is not detected in ubuntu 16.0415:59
anveshplease help me15:59
fukinoodlesxangus idk what I was thinking16:00
InvisiusMby editing the grub file and checking the launch options with e OerHeks16:00
boodllebatanvesh: did you update ?16:00
OerHeksedit during boot or from full booted syste,?16:00
InvisiusMfrom my htpc since the grub command line wouldn't let me permanently edit16:01
OerHeksInvisiusM, oke, did you update-grub after that?16:01
InvisiusMno, i can't boot to os on this system16:01
=== flynn is now known as Guest36769
fukinoodlesActually wait I can't see my home partition. Not in Gparted, df, disk image writer, nowhere. But it is half the size of root (I calculated from subtraction)16:03
OerHeksInvisiusM, just boot again, hold shift to enter grub menu, choose the line and press 'e ' to edit16:05
JaccFrostregister @yC4ang3.16:05
OerHeksInvisiusM, this will edit for one boot only, after booting you can set it permanent16:05
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:05
fukinoodlesis the home partition supposed to be invisible?16:06
EriC^^fukinoodles: no16:06
fukinoodlesI guess I'll see it during installation16:07
InvisiusMOerHeks I'm there again, it kept my edit from before and just says boot=casper --- at the end16:07
akikisn't casper a debian thing?16:09
InvisiusMnomodeset has been the only change that nade any difference , turns it from horizontal dots to all black16:10
InvisiusMakik this is definitely Ubuntu, "linux /casper/vmlinuz.efi file=cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed cdrom-detect/try-usb=true noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid boot=casper ---"16:13
akikInvisiusM: are you booting a live session?16:13
InvisiusMright trying to16:14
InvisiusMbut i get the same result on the transferred ssd install16:14
akikInvisiusM: maybe try xforcevesa option(?)16:16
=== flynn48 is now known as flynn82
akikis that still a thing?16:16
akikInvisiusM: what graphics card do you have?16:17
=== emil_ is now known as Guest28520
InvisiusMdots again, it's an msi gtx 980 akik16:17
=== flynn82 is now known as flynn48
akikInvisiusM: sorry, i don't know16:18
rafalcppwhat is the version of "apt-utils" in Precise and what in Trusty?16:18
k1l_rafalcpp: packages.ubuntu.com can tell you16:19
rafalcppk1l_: I'm thre but don't see a search16:19
rafalcppoh there it is. nevermind.16:19
InvisiusMthanks for the suggestions anyhow akik16:19
akikInvisiusM: i was thinking that you could start the installation in vesa mode and then later install nvidia-36116:20
InvisiusMI take it they removed that option from the kernel?16:21
akikInvisiusM: i guess so. can't keep up16:24
rafalcppcan I update a system to have version of software as on given date?16:26
tmianotcUbuntu 16.04 unity desktop environment does not load after open PC , just launcher16:27
rafalcppfor example apt-utils are now in Trusty at version 1.0.1ubuntu2.13 (or 2.14 with Trusty-updates), but few months back the version of this packet in Trusty was 1.0.1ubuntu2.1116:27
rafalcppcan I restore exact this version of software?16:27
tgm4883rafalcpp: given date, no. You could do given version16:28
rafalcpptgm4883: ok, how to have version 1.0.1ubuntu2.11 of apt-utils on Trusty?16:28
akikInvisiusM: can you try both "xforcevesa nomodeset" ?16:29
BluewolfHi all16:29
k1l_if that version is still in the repos, then you can force that with apt. but the question is, why do you want that version?16:29
rafalcppI need this to build identical version of software (for checking if build was correct / reproducible builds)16:29
tgm4883rafalcpp: iirc, 'apt install <packagename>=<version>16:29
jungncan anyone help me with an issue where Unity is "missing"16:30
rafalcppthanks tgm488316:35
rafalcppany reason how to easily obtain list of software versions on given date16:35
xphereshello, I would like to ask if installing a kernel for music with priority to multimedia will impact latency when playing a midi device16:36
rafalcppany reason how to easily obtain list of software versions on given date? e.g. I have list "apt-utils gcc g++" and date like "2016-01-01 12:00" (utc) and I want to get list like that apt-utils was 1.0.1ubuntu15, g++ was version ..... etc16:36
xpheresI have a big latency when playing a midi keyboard and I wonder if it worth changing the kernel or not16:36
mcphailxpheres: the #ubuntustudio people might be able to give you guidance. Generally, there's more to be gained by setting up JACK correctly than playing with kernel configs16:41
xpheresah thanks16:41
mcphail(in my experience)16:41
xpheresthat's another problem mcphail16:41
xpheresthere's no way I can start jack16:41
xpheresit works, it connects my midi interface to the synth16:42
xpheresbut it does not start and I followed all troubleshootings and forums and there's no way to make it start16:42
mcphailxpheres: I hit brick walls with jack too, so am probably not the best person to advise. I cannot, for the life of me, get it to start using HDMI audio16:42
xpheresI see16:44
xpheresI've read problems with jack server not starting has to do with kernel16:44
xpheresI would install another kernel just if someone confirms me that it makes a real change16:44
xpheresbut latency problem may rely on other things16:44
mcphailxpheres: well, I can run jack on the stock kernel from 16.04 if I use the audio outputs on my motherboard. But not with HDMI via my nvidia card16:45
xpheresthe latency problem by the way is only hard when recording16:45
xpheresbut not when playing without recording16:45
xphereswhen playing sounds ok16:45
xpheresso I wonder if new kernel will resolve latency when recording16:46
de-factoare there several different versions in the clipboard when i copied a text?16:48
mcphailxpheres: honestly, I think you need to get a low latency audio server running before messing with kernels. Jack makes a big difference. Why not ask in #ubuntustudio, though? They live for this kind of thing :)16:48
de-factohow come in one program pastes are completely different (other parts of text) from another program for the same copy?16:48
xpheresI asked there too mcphail16:49
xpheresthanks for the tip16:49
mcphailxpheres: cool. Good luck. It is great when it work!16:49
OerHeksde-facto, better code.16:49
xpheresI hope so16:49
OerHeksde-facto,  clipit is my favorite16:50
alkisgde-facto: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3571179/how-does-x11-clipboard-handle-multiple-data-formats16:50
fukinoodlesHelp needed. Trying to reinstall Ubuntu on a buggy installation and can't see my existing home partition in the liveUSB installation wizard.16:50
alkisgde-facto: example: Current clipboard offers formats: ('TIMESTAMP', 'TARGETS', 'MULTIPLE', 'SAVE_TARGETS', 'text/html', 'text/_moz_htmlcontext', 'text/_moz_htmlinfo', 'UTF8_STRING', 'COMPOUND_TEXT', 'TEXT', 'STRING', 'text/x-moz-url-priv')16:51
fukinoodlesIf I install anyway will the new install use my existing /home?16:51
de-factowow lol what a mess16:51
de-factodidnt know about those yet16:51
de-factoid prefer text to be just text16:52
alkisgde-facto: it's the same in windows, multiple formats are supported there as well. And it's a good thing, to be able to paste either rich text or plain text, depending on the target app.16:52
alkisgde-facto: for plain text, there's the middle click copy/paste16:53
de-factoalkisg thanks for hinting me to this. Well actually if i copied text, i cant imagine any scenario where i want its format to be pasted aswell16:53
alkisgI.e. you select something, then go to the target app, and press middle click. No "copy" step involved.16:53
akikde-facto: the same for me, i hate it when the formats are pasted along too16:54
de-factoyup that works much better16:54
asarguys help me out.. Software center says no application data found16:54
alkisgde-facto: copy from firefox, paste to libreoffice, you *might* want to preserve the format, and of course you can "paste as text" if you don't want to16:54
alkisgfukinoodles: if the installer can't see the partition, I doubt it will be used as /home16:56
alkisgYou should troubleshoot before continuing the installation16:56
de-factoalkisg thanks for making this clear, i didnt actually know the details about this, just was always cursing when the formats traveled along with the paste (because they almost everytime break things)16:57
alkisgfukinoodles: start with describing the problem, how are you trying to see the partition, what error messages you get etc.16:58
alkisgde-facto: you're welcome16:58
fukinoodlesI tried gparted, df both can't see it. Let me post screenshots from there.16:59
alkisgfukinoodles: no need. Text mode is better. What's the output of: sudo lsblk --fs; sudo fdisk -l17:00
fukinoodlesNo error messages just can't see it.17:00
alkisgPut those to paste.ubuntu.com17:00
fukinoodlesOK wait.17:00
alkisgfukinoodles: also include: sudo parted -l (in case it's gpt)17:00
=== tincan is now known as Alshulaih
fukinoodlesAlkisg I can run them from the LiveUSB trial mode, right? Or should I boot into Ubuntu?17:03
alkisgfukinoodles: liveusb is fine17:03
alkisgEven better, in case you need to run fsck...17:03
alkisg(file systems shouldn't be in use when running fsck...)17:04
marethi everyone I am installing replacing some linux distro with Ubuntu. so I have windows dual boot with the old distor. I've opened partion editor , I've marked swap partition from previos linux distro as new swap for ubuntu and I've labeled the old ext4 as / Mounting point do I need to do something else?17:06
k1l_maret: you could do a seperate /home partition if you like. but that is your choice. both will work17:08
maretk1l_, yeah for now I think I will be ok with one partition17:08
fukinoodlesAliksg http://paste.ubuntu.com/2129426017:08
maretbut definitelly a good point17:08
k1l_maret: and mark the "new" / to be formated to make sure there is nothing of the old system left that will interfer with the ubuntu17:08
fukinoodlesAlkisg http://paste.ubuntu.com/2129426017:09
maretyeap it will be formatted17:09
alkisgfukinoodles: you only have one ext4 partition, did you think you had 2, one for / and one for /home?17:09
fukinoodlesI'm sure I had two. I have another 20 GB /home partition. If you add the ones visible they are 300gb. My hard disk is 320gb.17:11
Ixbalanquehey all, new to linux here. I'm trying to start a daemon(?) but it returns an error message stating, "job for esxmon.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status esxmon.service for details" -- check the log and it says, "control process exited, code=exited status=255" -- Failed to start LSB: esxmon"17:11
alkisgfukinoodles: can you imagine something that deleted the whole partition? E.g. some user action?17:12
mareta crap I got error that it was not possible to install the bootleader at specified location, no details. I tried /dev/sda1 dev/sda2 same problem17:12
fukinoodlesNah I can access the files and it works fine on Ubuntu.17:13
maretI think it want to try to install on different disk not the primary one17:13
asarguys help me out.. Software center says no application data found17:13
EriC^^you're supposed to install it to /dev/sda17:13
EriC^^not a partition17:13
alkisgfukinoodles: also, what's the output of this: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt; cat /mnt/etc/fstab; sudo umount /mnt17:13
maretso /dev/sdb because sda is secondary disk17:13
maretok it wont mess up my windows booting will it?17:14
k1l_asar: used bleachbit or something?17:14
varaindemianhow do I know if the trim is working for my ssd (16.04.1)17:14
asark1l_: still the same17:14
EriC^^maret: is windows on /dev/sdb ?17:15
k1l_asar: no. did you use bleachbit? because that is known to make a mess on the system17:15
EriC^^maret: then yeah it will if you're using legacy17:15
maretit says dev/sdb1 Windows 7(loader), /dev/sdb2 Windows 7(loader) /dev/sdb4 (empty)17:15
k1l_maret: bootloader needs to go to sda or sdb.17:16
EriC^^any mention of efi?17:16
k1l_not sda117:16
maretdont t efi mentioned anywhere17:16
maretok so sdb it is I mean if data are safe...bootloader can be fixed afterwards17:16
maretwell picked /dev/sdb/ and wont alow me to go further -_- will retry installation17:17
k1l_asar: see this thread for the answers. changing language and reboot might help. or press the reload button if there is some: http://askubuntu.com/questions/760278/the-new-software-center-in-ubuntu-16-04-shows-no-application-data-found17:17
maretor should I try to continue wihtou bootloader?17:17
EriC^^what does it say when you try with dev/sdb?17:17
ahrc333ffasar: Are you writing to IRC from the device which is giving the error?17:17
maretits hard to install manually bootloader if I have ubuntu usb stick?17:17
asark1l_: i already tried that... i might make fresh install or something17:17
maretSorry, an error occured and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location, not details rofl17:17
asarahrc333ff: yes17:17
EriC^^maret: it's easy17:17
k1l_asar: you tried what exactly?17:18
k1l_asar: and you still did not answer if you used bleachbit or not.17:18
ahrc333ffasar: Interesting, so you have an internet connection. Does the application work at all?17:18
alkisgfukinoodles: see, your fstab proves that you didn't have a separate /home. It would mention it if you had one.17:18
EriC^^you need to follow a guide to do it17:18
asark1l_: the language thing17:18
maretlol actually nothing works :D17:18
maretclicking ok no cance the installation nothing17:18
alkisgfukinoodles: your /home is inside /dev/sda6, along with the existing installation.17:18
asark1l_: no it happened before i used bleachbit17:18
asarahrc333ff: what application17:19
fukinoodlesCan I do anything to separate it?17:19
EriC^^maret: reinstalling grub https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot17:19
maretEric well I might have to restart the computer because ok button does nothing17:19
ahrc333ffasar: Software Center. You're trying to utilize it, right?17:19
alkisgfukinoodles: sure, you can use gparted to resize your existing ext4 partition so that it now is only /home. But you don't need to; ubuntu can preserve /home on reinstallations, so you don't need a separate partition.17:19
k1l_asar: run "sudo appstreamcli refresh --force"17:20
asarahrc333ff: it opens but nothing shows17:20
asarahrc333ff: all it says is no application data found17:20
fukinoodlesalkisg do I have to uncheck format on the ext4 root partition?17:20
alkisgfukinoodles: yes, if you format it, you will lose all your existing /home files17:21
de-factoalkisg where did you get the list for your example from?17:21
ahrc333ffasar: not sure what happened,but I found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/760278/the-new-software-center-in-ubuntu-16-04-shows-no-application-data-found17:21
de-factoalkisg i mean this here:   Current clipboard offers formats: ('TIMESTAMP', 'TARGETS', 'MULTIPLE', 'SAVE_TARGETS', 'text/html', 'text/_moz_htmlcontext', 'text/_moz_htmlinfo', 'UTF8_STRING', 'COMPOUND_TEXT', 'TEXT', 'STRING', 'text/x-moz-url-priv')17:22
alkisgde-facto: I just ran the python code in the link I gave you, on my pc, after copying something from firefox17:22
k1l_asar: and in the future, dont run bleachbit anymore.17:22
maretEriC^^,  I did restart pc and back to installation again can I setup loader now> I did set ext4 for ubuntu it self and the swap17:23
maretou nvm i think I got it17:23
de-factoalkisg interessting i will play with that, thanks :)17:23
fukinoodlesAlkisg one last thing. When I add up all visible partitions in gparted GUI it adds up to exactly 300gb. But in sudo parted -l output I just checked and it does add to 320 like it should. All partitions are shown to be slightly bigger than in gparted GUI. Why is that?17:23
asark1l_: alright17:24
asark1l_: whats the best alternative17:24
k1l_asar: well, generally you dont need to clean your system. that is a bad habbit people get from using windows.17:25
alkisgfukinoodles: it's probably gigabytes vs gibibytes, see the difference in wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte17:25
varaindemianhow do I know if the trim job is activated and it works? (16.04.1)17:26
fukinoodlesAlkisg fuk me. Thanks for your help. I'll try not to fuck this up.17:26
alkisgfukinoodles: I don't think it's polite to say "fuck" in this channel... you're welcome though, good luck with your installation17:27
fukinoodlesMy apologies.17:27
k1l_varaindemian: see cat /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim17:29
ToxtloHi, I tried to get a GTX 1070 to work on my ubuntu 16.04 system. But there is only a black screen, no video signal. The motherboard support said, its a "compatibility issue". But is it possible its related to grub or ubuntu somehow?17:30
yogeshkcmy ubuntu 16.04 freezes on shutdown, does this happen with anyone else ? ( kernel 4.4.0-31-generic )17:35
Toxtlono, sometimes it takes a little longer to shutdown, but no freezes so far here17:35
ahrc333ffToxtlo: did you install proprietary drivers or have Ubuntu install then during the initial installation of the OS?17:39
Toxtlonothing installed so far. Until now I just used the onboard graphics card. When searching the net, there was no hint in any incompatibility of the hardware as the support said. Maybe becvause of ubuntu and grub? Used the automatic update tool from 15.10 to 16.0417:40
Toxtlothe monitor is not even getting a video signal, there is no bios or post of my mainboard showing up17:41
ahrc333ffToxtlo: Sot he video card was working on 15.10? Also, did you have proprietary drivers intalled then? And, how are you accessing the computer now.17:42
Toxtlono, upgraded from 15.10 to 16.04 first (but saw some people having issues after that). Now I wanted to install the graphics card. I removed the card and everything is back to normal17:43
Toxtlowhen powering up, there is the "beep" from my mainboard, after 5-10sec (normally I already see ubuntu login now) there is another beep from the card. But no video signal at all17:44
ToxtloI saw a topic about the "nomodeset" option, can this be the cause, its missing in my cmdline17:46
Toxtlo(but dont wanna break things, so nothing will work anymore, need the computer. :-D)17:46
=== Starkythefox is now known as Starky
yogeshkci have an amd graphics processor17:47
ale__hi, question: can I upgrade 10.04 to 12.04, 10.04 is not LTS ???17:47
ducasseToxtlo: if the mainboard won't post, this has nothing to do with grub options. ask in ##hardware.17:47
Piciale__: 10.04 was an LTS17:47
ricksebakToxtlo: you can add nomodeset to your grub config on a one-time basis. if it works, fine. and if it doesn't work, just reboot and that part of the config will be gone.17:48
Toxtloalready was in hardware >-> they suggested cmos reset, but after the asus support suspected its because I dont use windows I came here17:48
ahrc333ffToxtlo: if it's black and beeping from the beginning, it doesn't seem to be an issue with the Ubuntu install.17:48
ducasseToxtlo: this happens _long_ before ubuntu boots. has nothing to do with the os.17:49
ahrc333ffToxtlo: do you have enough power going to the card?17:49
Toxtloy, everyhting so far checked, so I suspected grub or something reading this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/791439/trouble-installing-ubuntu-16-04-since-i-got-gtx-107017:50
nightowl_hello... I'm back with some updates about my micro sd card I was trying to write to about 13 hours ago :)17:52
ahrc333ffToxtlo: if the issue were with the OS or a driver, then you'd see the boot information probably up until x-server launches.17:53
beginnerLhello, which irc channel should one join to discuss the next release (16.10?)17:54
ducassebeginnerL: #ubuntu+117:55
Toxtloahrc333ff ok, what would you suggest? :-|17:55
ducasseToxtlo: is there an updated bios for your mainboard?17:56
Toxtloalready flashed the latest one (2 days ago)17:56
ducassedon't know, this sounds very much like a hardware/firmware problem.17:57
Toxtlotested the card on another system, working, tested a gtx960 on my system, working, tested all PCIe slots, nothing... its so frustrating and the support only says: compatibility...17:57
ahrc333ffToxtlo: just so I can be clear here, did you ahve the new Geforce card when you were running 15.10?17:57
ahrc333ffAnd the new card works on a different system?17:57
ahrc333ffAnd, it's the screen is black from the moemnt you turn the computer on -- even prior to the boot process?17:58
Toxtlothere isnt even a signal noticed by the monitor17:58
Toxtloso y, its "black" (or blank in english?)17:58
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ahrc333ffToxtlo: Okay, when you tried the other system, was there a different monitor involved?17:59
ahrc333ffWhat type of connector are you using?18:00
=== puuska-ct8 is now known as puuska-silent
Toxtlono, same monitor, same cables, hdmi and DVI to VGA adapter (but the latter one I know now does not seem to work because of some conversion problems?)18:01
Toxtloso hdmi, same monitor, same cables18:01
akikwhat in gods name is roaraudio and why does it break my audio setup?18:03
ricksebakTotxlo: that still seems like a hardware problem. even if the video card works in another system, perhaps the broken system doesn't have enough power for it? or is incompatible with it in some other way.18:03
Toxtloboth have a 530W psu. its so frustrating... but if its not ubuntu or the grub cmd line I may really have to switch one component18:04
ale__<Pici>ok, can I make it? from 10.04 to 12.0418:06
ducasse!eolupgrade | ale__18:10
ubottuale__: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:10
dellhemUpdated ModemManager to 1.6, and now it can't start.. Any ideas? http://pastebin.com/xwCKNdqT18:10
ricksebakale__: yes18:10
dellhemI guess "Could not acquire the 'org.freedesktop.ModemManager1' service name" is relevant, but what should I do?18:10
ricksebakToxtlo: does any other OS boot with this video card in this system?18:11
Toxtlonothing else installed so far18:11
ducassedellhem: where did you get it from?18:11
OerHeksdellhem, modemmanager 1.6 is not in our repos18:11
OerHeksso likely something breaks18:11
Toxtlobut when I dont even see the ASUS logo right after power button pressed? :-|18:11
ricksebakToxtlo: maybe try some other flavors of linux, try freebsd. if any of them work or don't work, you'll have your answer about whether it's a hardware or software problem.18:12
ricksebakToxtlo: it takes like 20 minutes to try another OS (just in the live USB mode, you don't need to install it). i'd do that before i started swapping hardware.18:13
laura_hello people18:13
laura_anyone help me out with xubuntu18:13
OerHeksToxtlo, " there is the "beep" from my mainboard, ".. hardware isseu, join ##hardware18:13
Toxtlook, change boot order to usb first, insert gtx1070 and try live after that?18:13
Toxtlothey could not tell what the two beeps could have been, got very much help there the last days18:13
ducasseToxtlo: the bios doesn't know you are going to boot ubuntu before the post, it's a hardware/firmware issue.18:13
laura_my upgrade from xubuntu 15.10 to 16.04 stopped working a minute in, said "system program detected" (something to do with my printer) and quit18:14
OerHeksToxtlo, check the manual of the mobo for beep codes18:14
laura_know i try upgrade again it says "not all updates can be installed" and asks to run partial upgrade18:14
Toxtlothis is the normal bootup beep code18:14
OerHeks"The motherboard support said, its a "compatibility issue""  sounds like your mobo is not suited for that racemonster18:14
laura_but i heard this is bad18:14
Toxtlothe gpu beep code is what made me wonder18:14
laura_so what do i do?18:14
OerHekslaura_, it is not bad, update, and run pdates again, apt-get update -f18:15
laura_i already did sudo apt-get update18:15
hdonhi all :) i was using gimp and got into some kind of drag mode and no mouse/key could leave this mode. i couldn't focus on a different window or really do much of anything. so i killed gimp from vt. now my cursor is invisible/hidden. any ideas what command to bring the cursor back?18:15
Toxtloits a ASUS Z170-A its the same chipset and some forums even use this build, what motherboard would you suggest?18:15
laura_and it did something18:15
hdonoh it's back now... lol18:15
laura_now im trying to upgrade again same message appears18:15
OerHeksToxtlo, join ##hardware for that, not really an ubuntu issue18:16
ahrc333ffToxtlo: the only thing I can think of at this point is that, although there are similar PSU's, unless the machines are identical it still could be  PSU problem.18:16
OerHeksor bad card18:16
ahrc333ffOerHeks: works in a diffc omputer18:16
laura_DerHeks i already updated18:18
laura_sudo apt-get update18:18
laura_but idk what to do next18:18
laura_apparently theres command to upgrade from terminal18:18
laura_that fixes this message18:18
OerHekssudo apt-get upgrade after that?18:18
dellhemducasse: OerHeks: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/ModemManager/18:19
beginnerLif you are upgrading between releases, run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'18:19
ducassedellhem: then that's where you go for support.18:19
OerHeksdellhem, nice, but modemmanager might have dependencies, that are not met, downgrade that package18:19
dellhemducasse: Or maybe I'll just chat with someone helpful.18:20
bipulHave anyone know how to install OpneAS2?18:21
ToxtloOerHeks: There are prebuilds available with the Z170-A and a GTX1070.18:21
dellhemOerHeks: Yeah, probably have to.. You know how long it usually take for stuff like this to be available the right way?18:21
ducassedellhem: we support packages in the repos, random upgrades break things.18:21
ToxtloOk, I think I just have to double check everything and try a cmos reset. Thank you all. :-)18:21
laura_beginnerL: the upgrade installe wants me to partiallyupgrad18:21
OerHeksdellhem, as it is a LTS release, and that 1.6.0 is out 2 days ago, maybe next release??18:21
dellhemducasse: Yeah, sure, but there must be room for discussion in here?18:22
OerHeksToxtlo, check for bios updates too18:22
Toxtlohave them already18:22
OerHeksread the changelog, may give a clue18:22
Toxtlono changelog there :-P18:23
Toxtlobut good its not ubuntu. :-D18:23
OerHeksbios without changelog, never heard of that18:23
JasonW_anyone know if these boxes come with guest additions? https://atlas.hashicorp.com/ubuntu18:23
Toxtlothe changelog said "Improved system stability"18:23
dellhemOerHeks: Through one of the ubuntu repos?18:24
ducassedellhem: you're going about this the wrong way. if you need a newer modemmanager, then upgrade to 16.10, or ask for an sru of the package.18:24
OerHeksdellhem, yes, back to 1.418:24
OerHeksi would not go for 16.10 ..18:25
dellhemOerHeks: I meant if 1.6 will be release through one of them18:25
ducasseme neither, OerHeks18:25
dellhemducasse: ah, ok.. not really comfortable to be that far ahead :)18:25
ducasse!sru | dellhem this is the supported way18:26
ubottudellhem this is the supported way: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates18:26
OerHeksdellhem, likely not this release 16.04.1 .. but you can do a request on launchpad, file a bug for 1.4 and ask when 1.6 will be released, and why you *need*  it18:26
OerHeksnewer is not always bbetter, it need testing, dependencies must be met, etc18:27
beginnerLdellhem you could always give a try to opensuse tumbleweed, if you absolutely need it. It's a rolling release but updates are minimally tested before being available18:28
=== test is now known as Guest21767
tgm4883beginnerL: yes, because changing your entire distro over one issue is a sane way to go about things18:29
OerHeksbeginnerL, please stop suggesting other distro for testing18:29
OerHeksmakes no sense at all.18:30
OerHeksmodemmanager 1.6 is out for 2 days ..18:31
sslovebeginnerL, no, you may enter, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade for a regular upgrade, between releases the command is sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade' or use one of the various guis18:32
dellhemOerHeks: ducasse: Here's the reason for why I need 1.6: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/modemmanager/+bug/144109518:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1441095 in network-manager (Ubuntu Trusty) "novatel: improve probing for Dell branded modems" [High,Fix released]18:33
dellhemDo you have any suggestions for a workaround?18:33
ikoniadellhem: "fix released"18:33
dellhemikonia: oh, right infront of me..18:34
OerHeksindeed, This bug was fixed in the package modemmanager - 1.0.0-2ubuntu1.118:35
Guest21767i would like to know a good programming softare for ubuntu18:35
beginnerLsslove: I've been upgrading between the past 5 releases with dist-upgrade and it always worked, but thanks for the correction anyway.18:35
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator18:35
Guest21767thank you18:36
ducassebeginnerL: why do things the debian way on ubuntu? at least don't teach others to do that.18:37
catucaI am having a hard time installing Ubuntu on my system. It gets stuck while trying to format the partitions. If I try to format it manually, it says the device is busy even though I booted from the Live CD.18:38
Guest21767how can i find these programs?18:38
ikoniaopen the software manager and search18:38
sslovebeginnerL, um, dist upgrade definitely does not do a release upgrade18:38
sslovebeginnerL, u don't even need sudo, just do-release-upgrade is enough if ur system is otherwise up to date18:39
warbaqueI prefer sublimetext and atom (and vim of course)18:39
ikoniabeginnerL: there is no way you've upgraded between releases with dist-upgrade unless you've been changing the sources by hand18:39
warbaqueGuest21767: depends a lot on what you are programming18:40
jwranyone know when an upgrade to 16.04 should become possible?18:40
ducassejwr: when it's ready :)18:41
Guest21767i just wanna try out a progam on ubuntu18:41
AkariChan_Cool, I can finally go on irc with iPad and iRC is actually still working....18:42
ikoniajwr: I'd expect a few days now18:43
ikoniastart/mid next week18:43
ikonia(with a bit of luck)18:43
jwrcool, thanks.18:43
ivo34hello I am following this tutorial to move my /home partition: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving and i came to this point: cd / && sudo mv /home /old_home && sudo mkdir /home and then its not working and  I get this message instead: mv: cannot move «/home» to «/old_home»: device or resource busy18:43
ikoniaivo34: you're running the command from within /old_home18:44
ikoniait can't move the directory while you are in it18:44
jwrthe cd / should have taken care of that18:44
ikoniaI suspect he's not run it properly18:44
ikoniaor something else is using it18:44
ikoniaeg: a process, like the automounter18:44
jwrlsof | grep /home18:45
RyndaxonDoes anyone happen to use Slack's beta application for Linux? It frequently seems to give me screen artifacts. Does anyone also experience this or is this something wrong on my end?18:45
=== Guest32761 is now known as elias_a
jwrRyndaxon: I've had various problems with slack on linux, though not that specific problem. I switched to scudcloud and it's been fine.18:45
RyndaxonI see. I think I've come across that one in the past. May have to take a better look at it. I haven't had any other problems besides the artifacts though.18:46
ivo34jwr mozilla xchat dropbox processes appear18:46
jwrivo34: then those are the processes preventing you from moving /home. kill them and try again.18:47
ivo34jwr them all?18:47
=== YDU_awayaway is now known as YankDownUnder
jwror gracefully close them if you don't want to kill them, of course.18:48
sslovejwr, what do u mean? it has been out since april18:51
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=== Isai is now known as Agent
jwrsslove: 16.04 has been out since april. but you can't do an upgrade until 16.04.1, which came out a couple days ago. and apparently you still cannot do an upgrade until a few more things get fixed.18:52
\9jwr: right, afaik they're still doing some final bug testing18:52
jwryeah, i'll just wait until it starts prompting me i guess18:52
sslovejwr, i see18:53
\9should be soon enough anyway18:53
\9i can't believe that we're already halfway through to 16.1018:54
ivo34jwr hello again those applications I could easily close...because they were launched by me but...there are some others still preventing me from moving /home  to /old_home18:54
\9feels like 16.04 released yesterday18:54
ivo34jwr I hardly  know about them...18:54
jwrivo34: you won't be able to move /home until the `lsof | grep /home` returns nothing. keep running it and killing (or kill -9'ing) whatever you find.18:55
ivo34jwr zeigeist gvfs mime glib...18:55
YankDownUnderivo34: Are you actually logged into the account you're trying to move?18:55
jwrivo34: if you are worried about killing a vital process and breaking something, boot into a liveusb, then move it.18:56
ivo34YankDownUnder, yes18:56
\9i would imagine a whole lot of things would be accessing /home... wouldn't it be easier to log off and do it from a tty?18:56
\9live session would be better yeah18:56
ivo34I have no cd18:56
YankDownUnderivo34: Um...that's not the way to do it...you should be using a completely different account to "move" an account...18:56
jwrhe's moving /home, not a user account18:56
jwrhe or she, i meant.18:56
\9just do it from a live session you'll save yourself a lot of headache18:56
ivo34I have no live cd18:57
\9even if you do it from a tty, your login shell will still depend on /home18:57
YankDownUnderivo34: Yeah, mate - that's like trying to change the spark plugs on an engine that's running...hmm...18:57
\9unless you move the user home directory elsewhere18:57
jwri guess you could set a password for root, then login using a TTY with the root account.18:57
thesebhelp! install CD gives ERRORS if I try to install ANY desktop......without a desktop it boots to a purple screen with "Ubuntu 16.04" and blinking dots but NEVER finishes from that?!!? help! any chance to save?18:57
ivo34hey this is the ubuntu tutorial that I am following!18:57
ivo34it says to do it this way18:58
YankDownUndertheseb: Is the CD/DVD clean? Is the CD/DVD drive itself clean? When you burnt the CD/DVD did you have the program check for errors? Was the ISO you downloaded checked for errors?18:58
ivo34why I cannot move it from root?18:59
jwrivo34: that tutorial could be improved. it talks about using a liveusb for encrypted filesystems, but it's probably best to use a liveusb whether you are encrypted or not.19:00
jwryou cannot move it from root because of those processes that you see with lsof.19:00
ivo34I see19:01
jwryou can kill t hem and proceed, set a password for root and then login as root, or use a liveusb.19:01
YankDownUnderivo34: The article definitely needs improving...you have to be either root, or use a "live" system or use a completely different account, mate...otherwise, you're spinning your wheels...you can't move an account when you're IN the account...hmm...19:02
jwrit's really not hard to set a password for root and then login using that. you'll have what you want in 10 minutes.19:02
thesebYankDownUnder: i didn't check it for errors19:03
\9though killing the processes might leave the system in an unhealthy state19:03
\9seems risky to me19:03
jwrit's also not hard to boot from a liveusb, but i guess that's only easy if you have a thumb drive lying around.19:03
YankDownUndertheseb: So do all that first, THEN try again.19:03
ivo34jwr I do have an ubuntu live...but it is ancient!19:04
jwrdoesn'tmatter what version it is19:04
jwryou could boot up a freebsd livecd and do what you want. the OS and version doesn't matter.19:04
\9unless he has zfs?19:04
jwrwell yeah19:04
ivo34ubuntu 9.10 and suse linux 10.319:05
jwrunless you are using a somewhat exotic filesystem (zfs), either of those will work.19:05
thesebYankDownUnder: ok good idea thanks19:06
ivo34anyway at the point I am in the tutorial I have two /home partitions now19:06
ivo34I should somehow...differenciate them before booting I guess19:06
jwrjust ls each of them and see which is which.19:06
\9i don't understand why does the tutorial recommend using diff to compare them19:06
\9and not just use --checksum with rsync19:06
\9which does the checking for you19:07
ivo34I skipped that because the new partition was empty...19:07
YankDownUnderI don't understand why it's not implicit that the user be using a different account...19:07
jwri don't understand why the tutorial didn't suggest using a livecd, which would've helped ivo34. it clearly needs some work.19:07
ivo34but run the rsync three times19:07
ivo34the last time only wallch files changed19:08
\9probably would've been best to use a live session from the get go19:08
ivo34what about the root solution?19:09
\9i find it risky to just kill system processes left and right19:09
ivo34someone suggested to add a password and change to root user?19:09
YankDownUnderUse "dd" drive-to-drive, re-size partitions as required, disconnect and swap old/new drives, re-install grub and then *BINGO* it's done...I do this stuff in like less than an hour for clients...egads...19:09
jwroh, single user mode will do it19:10
\9hmm that could work19:10
ivo34single user mode?19:10
ivo34but we are a team arent we?19:10
jwrthat says 12.04 but it'll work for other versions.19:11
fukinoodlesIf I'm reinstalling Ubuntu and have a separate home partition should I format the root partition during install?19:11
\9YankDownUnder: dd just does a dumb copy, rsync can do error checking19:11
jwrivo34: if you login using single user mode, you will be able to complete the steps you want. by definition, there won't be any mozilla or xchat or whatever processes blocking you.19:12
YankDownUnder\9: I must have been doing the wrong thing for the past 17 years...my bad...19:12
\9hmm i'm actually not too sure19:13
jwrivo34: setting a password for root was my suggestion, but that's basically the same idea as single user mode, just not as good of an idea.19:13
ivo34jwr but i guess I need to undo the fstab modifications first?19:13
jwrlivecd or single user mode, for sure.19:13
jwryou can undo those modifications, or not. if you boot up with broken fstab things, ubuntu will just ask you if you want to skip mounting the broken things. you can skip them, and it's fine.19:14
ivo34jwr but it is not broken...19:15
ivo34I guess I should go back to point 319:15
ivo34to get the duplicated home mounted at media19:15
\9YankDownUnder: reading about this a bit more, i think dd knows to halt on error but then it would have to start all over again19:15
ducasseivo34: was old /home on a separate partition?19:16
OerHeksafter DD, always use ' sync '19:16
jwrivo34: step 1 of that tutorial should really be to boot a livecd or boot in single user mode. once you do either of those, all of the steps on the tutorial will work.19:16
ivo34I see19:17
jwrnote that if you use single user mode, don't use gedit, use nano, but otherwise the directions will work.19:17
\9single user mode is probably the easiest yeah19:17
ivo34anyway... booting a live cd would not mount host partitions... :-)19:17
\9you can mount them manually19:17
ducasseivo34: if i\ old /home was on a separate partition, just edit fstab and reboot. nothing to move.19:18
ivo34separate partition and hdd19:18
ivo34I moved the /home to another hdd19:19
ivo34now I have one hdd with / and /home and another hdd with /home19:19
ducasseivo34: then just edit fstab and reboot.19:19
jwrand also rsync the contents of the old one into the new one19:19
jwrpreferably prior to rebooting19:19
ducassehe's already done that, hasn't he?19:20
ivo34I am at the moving home into old home point19:20
ducasseivo34: not necessary on a separate partition, you just don't mount the old one in fstab.19:21
ivo34so now I put the live ubuntu rancid in the dvd drive...and reboot19:21
nicknighthello all what is the difference between xterm and normal terminal in ubuntu ?19:22
\9nicknight: xterm is an ancient terminal emulator19:22
ducasseivo34: why a live cd? what are you going to do? _it's not necessary_ :)19:22
ivo34i see i need to comment the old /home in fstab first19:22
Ryndaxonthe 'normal' terminal you're referring to is gnome-terminal if I remember correctly19:23
Birchynicknight: gnome-terminal is fancy, and supports transparency19:23
Ryndaxonthey're both terminal emulators19:23
ivo34rename the old home19:23
ivo34I cannot do it while I am logged it19:23
ducasseivo34: comment old home, enter new home in fstab, reboot, finished.19:23
nicknightwhich isbest ?? I am using normal termal it's hanged xterm is working normal terminal not opening19:24
\9ivo34: you don't need to move the old home since it's already detached from the root file system19:24
ivo34but there is something fishy here19:24
ducasseivo34: forget about 'mv /home /oldhome'.19:24
ivo34what about the "mount point" mentioned in the tutorial?19:24
ivo34thats the part I didn't quite understand...19:25
ducasseivo34: the tutorial does not apply to you, it assumes /home is part of /19:25
ivo34the placeholder19:25
nicknightBirchy:  \9 ??19:26
=== spacegoat is now known as ergot
\9well if your normal terminal does not open then you have a problem19:26
ivo34I remember when I installed the system i used different partitions despite being both system and home in the same hdd19:26
* \9 dons captain obvious outfit19:26
ulyzzeWhy when I try to mount a usb drive with the command line I get:19:26
ulyzze$ sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/19:26
ulyzzemount: block device /dev/sdd1 is write-protected, mounting read-only19:26
nicknightI am having dell vostro 15 intel 13 and using ubuntu 16.04 nor mal terminal not opening ...my laptop configuration good enough for ubuntu 16.04? ans among xterm and terminal which is best ?19:27
ducasseivo34: 'df' will tell you.19:27
\9ulyzze: it's probably write protected19:27
Birchynicknight: reset the gnome-terminal configuration and see if it changes19:27
ulyzzebut when I'm mounting it with the GUI Disks it's writable19:27
Birchyalso, try launching gnome-terminal from another terminal19:28
dellhemOerHeks: About modemmanager 1.0.0-2ubuntu1.1 that supposedly resolved the bug, isn't that a lot older than the bug itself?19:28
ivo34ducasse yes: sda1 / sda2 /home19:28
\9ulyzze: try use "-o rw" in the mount command to specify read and write19:28
ivo34so I dont need the placeholder do I?19:28
ducasseivo34: ok, good. then the rest is easy.19:28
nicknightBirchy:  reset how?19:28
ducasseivo34: no placeholder, no.19:29
nicknightBirchy:  also please tel my laptop good enough?19:29
ulyzze\9: $ sudo mount -o rw /dev/sdd1 /mnt/19:29
ulyzzemount: block device /dev/sdd1 is write-protected, mounting read-only19:29
ulyzzeit's the same19:29
OerHeksspammers, it is ##wrongplanet ... stupid19:30
ulyzze\9: wait, now I see it's also not writable in gui, please let me sort this out19:30
OerHeksdellhem, i just copied the bugreport answer19:31
* Pici pats Drone` 19:31
OerHeksdellhem, file a bugreport for 1.4, and say why you need 1.619:31
Birchynicknight: i believe it's "dconf reset /org/gnome/terminal/"19:32
dellhemOerHeks: OK19:32
timypmost channels you post 6 lines in 5 seconds you are kicked19:32
Picitimyp: they're gone now.19:32
timypdamn bots19:33
ulyzzeWhy can't I mount any usb disk in a writable mode?19:33
nicknightThanks Birchy  and what about my lapopit's good?19:34
bhalashYay, spam?19:35
nicknighthello any ne here ?? that spam and no msgs?19:47
nicknightin pendrive how uch space ubuntu os ma take foe installation?19:48
nicknighti have 1.6gb iso19:48
cyphasei just remembered that 15.10 is EOL today19:49
nicknightcyphase:  see you some where19:51
nicknightah got it python19:51
cyphasenicknight, probably :)19:52
ptah<ptah> nslookup exec -a | grep president obama please restore heat online mmo | sudo function nul19:52
ptah /exec ls -a | grep linux #skinnypuppy Orion rising east sun Ra Osiris resurrection Logos Christ shell su doers node /dev/null19:53
ptahptah> netstat -ta | grep sudo apt-get build-dep BitchX #industrial19:53
Piciptah: I don't know what you're doing, but please stop.19:53
pedrobHello there. I'm experiencing a bug with Ubuntu 16.04. I wonder if anyone here could help me19:54
YankDownUnderpedrob: Please clarify - state your issue, someone will answer.19:54
pedrobYankDownUnder: Oh, ok, thanks19:55
=== Brunost_ is now known as brunost
pedrobSo, this bug has happened for the second time now. I installed ubuntu 16.04 on my machine. And the first time it runs it works fine19:55
pedrobBut then after I restarted the system, only a blank pink screen appears19:55
pedroband it doesn't load19:56
pedrobor sometimes the Ubuntu logo appears loading but it never goes forward19:56
pedrobI can access Gru by pressing "esc" when this screen appears19:56
pedroblast time I erased the system and installed it again, and wanted to check whether it was going to happen again and it did19:56
YankDownUnderpedrob: After when you first installed the system, did you get all the updates and did you install "third party drivers"?19:56
pedrobthe only additional thing I did both times was installing Gnome319:57
pedrobYankDownUnder: By getting all the updates, you mean doing "sudo apt-get update?19:57
YankDownUnderpedrob: Best thing to do - after your "fresh installation" is to get all the updates - and as well, install all the third party drivers required for your system. After that, well, if all is smooth sailing, install what you wish...19:57
YankDownUnderpedrob: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" => but the "Software Centre" is there to tell you what's required...so you have the choice of using the GUI or doing it by hand in the terminal/console - whichever you feel the most comfortable with.19:59
pedrobYankDownUnder: I see, and is there anyway I can do it now or do I have to erase the whole system again and install Ubuntu?19:59
pedrobI see, I did sudo apt-get update, but I didn't know about third party drivers19:59
pedrobYankDownUnder: According to a friend, since I have an intel graphics card, third party drivers don't exist20:00
YankDownUnderpedrob: If you're comfortable with the terminal, in order to properly check for "extra" drivers, type: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall20:01
pedrobYankDownUnder: I see, and in order to access the terminal, I press first Esc to access the GNU GRUB, ad then what can I do?20:02
YankDownUnderpedrob: Simply just go step by step, one step at a time, make sure you have a solid system, THEN do as you wish afterwards, hmm? And "according to a friend" doesn't necessarily mean that your system doesn't have anything that might require an extra driver.20:02
=== madsa_ is now known as madsa
YankDownUnderpedrob: No...I did not mean "from grub"20:02
ZdS34Hi everybody. Is anybody able to give me some tips to check as i'am unable to install ubuntu 16.04 . In particular the installation fails at grub installation20:02
ssloveZdS34, from usb or dvd?20:03
pedrobYankDownUnder: What you actually meant?20:03
ZdS34sslove usb dual boot win10. 100 gb allocated for ubuntu. fastboot and secure boot disabled. legacy enabled20:04
ZdS34the error is20:04
ssloveZdS34, i've had bad luck and many failed installs with various bootable disk creators, but i recently had good luck with the SUSE disk creator20:04
ZdS34Sorry, an error occurred and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location.20:04
ZdS34i used rufus20:05
ssloveZdS34, live usb? what is ur install medium?20:05
YankDownUnderpedrob: Read though this page - you might find your answer: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/bugs20:05
ZdS34usb stick20:05
ZdS34i'm installing it on my pc with win 10 already installed20:06
ZdS34unfortunately i don't have a cdrom so i'm using a usb stick20:06
ZdS34the problem is grub20:06
ZdS34when the windows states the grub cannot be installed i have 3 possibility. change the device to install grub20:07
ZdS34continue without bootloader and quit20:07
ZdS34none of them work20:07
YankDownUnderZdS34: Disable "secure boot" in the BIOS and try again...20:08
ZdS34it seems the installation is stucking and i'm not able to quit it. i already checked the iso and everything seems fine20:08
ZdS34already disabled secureboot and fastboot20:08
ZdS34on a virtual machiine without windows everything is working :D20:09
ZdS34now i'm trying with ubuntu 14.420:09
ssloveZdS34, since secureboot, i have never seen so many install problems20:11
ZdS34never had this kind of problem but i'm sure secure boot is disabled20:12
ZdS34maybe is something related to dual boot?20:12
ubuNeedsHelpI have Windows 7 Bootloader. And it has 3 options. 1)Windows7 2)Windows8.1 3)Remix OS. May i Install ubuntu without losing my windows 7 Bootloader? Thanks.20:12
YankDownUnderZdS34: Sure and absolutely positive - two different things...20:12
ZdS34is there any log where i can check what's happening? i'm curios abouth that20:14
jookiyayawhat is the reason people use xfs  in linux over ext*20:14
ssloveZdS34, i've actually had similar problems, install not working with secure boot off, so i turned it back on and installation worked, ubuntu is signed so works with secureboot as well, have u tried that way?20:15
ZdS34ops to be honest no :) everywhere is written disable secure boot20:15
YankDownUnderZdS34: Patience...20:16
andywwwhiya, i’m shelled into a machine whicih i set a script going on earlier. is there any way i can jack into that sessions output?20:17
ZdS34well let me try then thanks for the tips guys i'll let you know20:17
ssloveZdS34, good luck20:17
kikko_393Hi Grace :)20:17
YankDownUnderZdS34: Read this - if you haven't looked at stuff online already: http://www.tecmint.com/install-ubuntu-16-04-alongside-with-windows-10-or-8-in-dual-boot/20:17
ZdS34YounkdownUnder thanks but that was the first one i read . i wil try the secureboot20:19
YankDownUnderZdS34: Coolbeans20:19
ducassejookiyaya: because it's more suited for certain workloads.20:20
kikko_393Put an text please20:20
=== Guest37013 is now known as atomic
kikko_393Put mirror ubuntu-server please?20:21
=== atomic is now known as Guest59452
romareis 2gb flash drive enough for ubuntu mate 16.04? it's 1.52gb20:23
YankDownUnderromare: Yes20:23
varaindemiank1l_: # trim all mounted file systems which support it /sbin/fstrim --all || true20:24
=== Guest59452 is now known as atomic
SchrodingersScatavionic: hello!20:35
avionichowdy Schrodingers20:35
avionicSo here's my question....just installed ubuntu.  How do I install/use my graphics card (ATI FireWire Pro) instead of the built in Intel HD graphics?20:37
avionicfrom lspci - 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Oland GL [FirePro W2100]20:38
=== Goddard is now known as Guest96024
romarefat32 for creating a bootable usb drive?20:39
romareor what was it?20:39
avionicI installed the desktop version 16.04 from usb stick20:39
user0461New to ubuntu phone with Scopes issue: I have disabled location services in each scope(top checkbox). later option to re-enable is not present(all remaining boxes are checked). Tried allowing GPS, but error "Please enable location services. Refresh by.." remains. Any ideas?20:40
compdocavionic, have you looked to see if a propriatary driver is available?20:40
pedrobYankDownUnder: When I access the gru and press "e", and I make alterations on the file, what do I need to press to save these changes? Cause if I press esc, it returns to gru menu with it not saved20:41
akikromare: for windows installation boot? ntfs20:42
avioniccompdoc - Would you please explain the best way to check?20:42
compdocSystem menu > Preferences > Hardware > additonal drivers, I think20:43
compdocif there arent any, you might be able to d/l and install a driver from AMD, if your card isnt too old20:43
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.20:44
rootman215Algum brasileiro :20:45
=== sins-_l_r_d_l is now known as sins-
avioniccompdoc - it lists one item.  "Unknown: Unknown" This device is not working. () Using Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPU's from intel-microcode () Do not use the device20:46
avioniccompdoc: I do see drivers listed on AMD's website.  I'll give that a try.  Thank you20:49
Ben64avionic: you probably don't want to do that20:50
avionicBen:  What else should I try first?20:51
dancingdemonhey guys20:54
dancingdemonis python 3 and python 2.7 both installed in ubuntu 1620:54
GourlayRunning Kodi on Lubuntu with HDMI to TV, but no sound. Have Nvidia GeForce 9600GS graphic card. The computer is a Asus Aspire 6900GS from 2009. How can I get sound to my TV with HDMI?20:54
GourlayAcer Aspire 690020:56
DarkPsydeLordnot sure if this helps at all but... did you tried hdaretask?20:57
DarkPsydeLordi dont use sound at all so not sure if that will help you20:57
GourlayGot this anser at the kodi channel: "i already said you likely need an nvidia proprietary driver, so ask in #ubuntu because it's OS support, not Kodi support - however run this for me: "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999".20:59
R3D2Eive been experiencing browser crashes a lot no matter what browser i use. ive done some research im not coming up with any solutions21:00
Bashing-omR3D2E: Hummm .. running out of menory ? what is reported by 'free -m ; top ' ? .. Pounding on swap and not enough horses to pull the load ??21:08
R3D2Eim running i5 and 8gigs ram21:09
Bashing-omR3D2E: Welp. with 8 gigs of ram .. memory should not be an issue . That was the only thought I had .21:10
R3D2Eive been looking for solutions everywhere cant seem to find a fix21:11
=== JanC is now known as Guest85214
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
Bashing-omR3D2E: In situations like that ... maybe run in an alternate terminal ' tail -f /var/log/syslog ' maybe catch a hint just before the crash ???21:13
_cbI want to put a wireless router in Building A, another wireless router in building B. For any user trying to use the router A or router B I want to check the mac against a database. If the mac exists then let the user use the router. If the mac does not exist then ask for an email address. Can I do that with ubuntu?21:21
tgm4883_cb: yes, that's just some form of captive portal software21:23
dancingdemonis it safe to upgrade openssl in ubuntu 16?21:24
dancingdemoni see 1.0.1 and people recommend 1.0.221:24
_cbThanks tgm4883! knowing the correct terminology, captive portal software, helps a ton.21:25
Bashing-om!info openssl21:25
ubottuopenssl (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility. In component main, is standard. Version 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.1 (xenial), package size 495 kB, installed size 999 kB21:25
tgm4883_cb: yw, I'm not sure what software is available to do it on Ubuntu, but I know it exists. Personally I do it via pfsense21:25
haasn`apt` should totally support the `apt insatll` command as an alias for `apt install`. The numbers of times I've written insatll instead of install ranges in the hundreds :|21:25
tgm4883haasn: file a bug report?21:26
Bashing-omhaasn: Make up a non-fat-finger alias for the commands ?21:27
mladouxhaasn, did you ever think of just making an alias yourself?21:27
dancingdemonOpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 201421:27
mladouxmeh, tired, bbl21:27
dancingdemonhow to uprade it Bashing-om ?21:27
tgm4883dancingdemon: using apt21:28
mladouxuse apt update/apt upgrade21:28
mladoux1.0.2g is current in the main repo.21:29
Bashing-omdancingdemon: That is trusty's version .. humm .. what returns - in a pastenin - ' apt-cache policy openssl ' . We see what we can do .21:29
tgm4883dancingdemon: out of curiosity, why do you think you need 1.0.2?21:29
dancingdemontrying to run some python script and keep getting ssl error21:30
dancingdemonpeople suggessted upgrading it21:30
=== octavius is now known as octavius_
haasn(the problem with aliases is that they're very non-portable. Either I have to copy around my .aliases to dozens of machines, or I get trolled by muscle memory)21:30
dancingdemonngdemon__> dancingdemon@DdIsLeechingPeeps:~$ python -c 'import ssl; print ssl.OPENSSL_VERSION'21:30
dancingdemon<dancingdemon__> OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 201421:30
dancingdemon<dancingdemon__> its lower than 1.0.2 hehe21:30
dancingdemon<RedDunce> yeah so you gotta upgrade that21:30
mladouxnot to mention that 1.0.1g has some known unpatched vulnerabilities in it.21:31
dancingdemonso how to upgrade it ?21:31
reduce_id like to run some benchmarks on different databases, will ubuntu desktop be much slower than server version?21:31
ikoniayou don't need to upgrade it21:31
ikoniareduce_: it will be no slower at all21:31
_cbtgm4883 are your devices pfsense enabled or do you install it on your wireless routers?21:32
reduce_do they have the same default settings re things like page sizes21:32
=== octavius_ is now known as octavius
dancingdemonhttps://bpaste.net/show/dea54d133c53 any idea what is this error?21:32
=== abdallah is now known as Guest20280
ikoniareduce_: yes21:32
ikoniadancingdemon: talk to the people who wrote that script21:33
ikoniadancingdemon: it's calling scripts from /usr/local/bin - they are not ubuntu scripts21:33
kikko_393Put mirror ubuntu-server please?21:33
=== ricksebak is now known as jwr
tgm4883_cb: I've got pfsense on a box that I've designated my router, I've got wireless access points (which are just old routers with openwrt installed). The APs don't know anything about pfsense. This is all offtopic, I'd be happy to answer your questions, but we should move to #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to continue21:34
ikoniaput mirror ubuntu-server ?21:34
reduce_ill be running this in a vm. Is there a flavour of ubuntu desktop that might work best with the limited gpu capabilities?21:35
ikoniareduce_: lubuntu / xubuntu21:35
_cbtgm4883 thanks. Am in the ubuntu-offtopic chanel.21:35
tgm4883_cb: me too :)21:36
sslovereduce_,  for official flavor, yes, lubuntu, but for absolute lightest ubuntu derivative, look no further than bodhi21:37
reduce_am i getting further away from ubuntu server configuration by going with lubuntu?21:39
reduce_over standard desktop?21:39
ikoniareduce_: no21:40
ikoniait's just a desktop21:40
sslovereduce_, U can even install enlightenment DE on any ubuntu install, and try that session. sudo apt install e1721:41
sslovereduce_,  u can get a nice DE with e17 under 100mb of ram no problem21:42
reduce_i just want to avoid a desktop that runs slow under virtualization because of gpu issues21:44
reduce_like cinnamon from linux mint did when i last tried it21:44
ikoniareduce_: lubuntu/xubuntu will be fine21:44
Schwarzbaer_"New release '16.04.1 LTS' available." WOOOOH!!21:45
reduce_thanks guys / girls21:45
sslovereduce_, in e27 u can choose renderer, hardware rendering is always faster, but if ur trying to avoid it, e works pretty snappy even under software rendering21:45
sslovereduce_, err, that is e17 obviously21:45
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen missing21:46
Bashing-omSchwarzbaer_: Finally ?? Available in the update-manager ?21:48
sslovei sure would love to get guayadeque working in 16.04 :-(21:50
dancingdemoni need to update openssl in ubuntu 16?21:50
dancingdemoncan someone tell me steps to do?21:50
ssloveit is the best music player in all of linuxland imho21:50
ikoniadancingdemon: you don't21:50
dancingdemonyou see ikonia21:50
dancingdemonit says we need higher ssl for the command to work21:50
ikoniadancingdemon: what are you trying to do ?21:50
dancingdemonrunning some command using python that upload images to some site21:51
dancingdemonits a python script and the developer21:51
dancingdemonis saying i need openssl above 1.0.221:51
ikoniathen the python script needs to be altered to not have a version check21:51
ikoniaubuntu will back port fixes21:51
ikoniaas most distros will21:51
mladoux1.0.2h is the latest openssl.... ubuntu is only one patch below that.21:52
ankitany help21:52
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen missing21:52
dancingdemonI don't get it so it's not safe to update it?21:52
mladouxthere were no feature adds, only security fixes.21:52
ikoniawhich wil be backported21:52
mladouxso your package shouldn't require it.21:53
ikoniadancingdemon: talk to the developer and explain his check is bogus21:53
ikonia(or remove / update the check yourself)21:53
mladouxsince anything that works on 1.0.2h will work on 1.0.2g which is current on ubuntu.21:53
mladouxthere is 1.1.x --- but that's still beta21:53
mladouxI would not advise using beta releases.21:54
Schwarzbaer_Bashing-om, so says do-release-upgrade -c21:54
Schwarzbaer_Looks like it'll require >5GB in packages for me, which... will take a while.21:55
Bashing-omSchwarzbaer_: "-c" ?? >> 'man do-release-upgrade ' ... no such option ?21:57
Schwarzbaer_Bashing-om, then someone didn't maintain the man page. -c is for "check".21:57
k1l_!ltsupgrade | Schwarzbaer_ Bashing-om21:57
ubottuSchwarzbaer_ Bashing-om: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but due to last bug testings it has been opened on July 28th.21:57
Bashing-omk1l_: Outstanding ^^, thanks .21:58
ankitubuntu 16.04 no sound, please help22:05
ssloveankit, have u tried to install a different sound server?22:07
ankitssolve nope22:07
ssloveankit, like sudo apt install pavucontrol22:07
ankitssolve yes22:08
ikoniano, then yes22:08
ssloveyea doesn't make sense22:08
* k1l_ suspects a video card driver issue and that the sound is at hdmi?22:08
sslovewhat does ur sound settings look like? do u get sound from earphones?22:09
ankitssolve yes i get sound from earphones22:09
k1l_so is it just muted in alsamixer?22:10
ankitkll_ no i checked, its not muted22:11
ankitk1l_ no i checked, its not muted22:11
ankitssolve any idea??22:12
ankitk1l_ any idea??22:13
ssloveankit, ok, that's good THAT u have headphones audio, um, what does ur hardware tab say?22:14
pedrobYankDownUnder: I ended up solving the problem. It was about the display manager. Changed it from gdm3 to lightdm and it works22:15
ankitssolve hardware tab??22:15
ssloveok sorry, ur on unity? output22:16
rvhello people22:16
sslovei'm on a MATE computer now22:16
rvme either22:16
rvwhat are you talking about, fellas?22:16
ssloveno sound22:16
mladouxis your audio set to prefer digital or analog?22:17
k1l_rv: technical ubuntu support22:17
rvok  i got the idea22:17
mladouxI know mine doesn't work on digital, only works on analog, because I don't have what I need to make the digital work.22:17
ankitssolve hardware tab??22:17
rvit may be a problem with your sound hardware, I suppose22:17
ssloveankit, i mean output22:18
ssloveankit, using MATE desktop now so i didn't recall how it is on ubuntu unity22:18
ssloveankit, u can check synaptic and see if u have alsa and pulseaudio, completely remove and reinstall one at a time22:20
ssloveankit, test pusle audio and alsa22:21
ssloverv, he said it works for headphones22:21
ankitssolve http://imgur.com/a/9YFu322:21
sslovewhich is weird, so it works actually, just nothing on speakers22:22
ankitssolve yes22:22
ankitssolve what should i do??22:26
ankitssolve i tried lots of solutions available over internet22:27
ssloveankit, try the reinstall of pulse audio or alsa, try each one. what does ur pavucontrol playback look like?22:27
ssloveand config tab22:27
ankiti tried reinstalling pulse audio and alsa yesterday22:28
ssloveankit, pavucontrol config tab22:28
ankitssolve i tried reinstalling pulse audio and alsa yesterday22:28
ankitssolve let me see22:28
k1l_ankit: can you show a screen of "alsamixer"?22:29
ssloveankit, best thing might be to ask on forum rather than here then, seems like uv tried what i'm suggesting.22:29
k1l_and how are the speakers connected. and are they connected and powered?22:30
ankitk1l_ http://imgur.com/a/OHSyu22:30
ankitk1l_ those are laptop in-build speakers22:31
akikankit: do you have roaraudio installed? mpd grabbed that as a dependency and it totally broke my audio22:31
ankitakik roaraudio not installed22:32
ankitakik should I install roaraudio??22:32
akikankit: no22:33
ankitssolve http://imgur.com/a/lM1jQ22:34
ALEX27What command to I use to list the channels?22:34
daxubottu: alis22:35
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http22:35
ssloveankit, and uv tried the different selections from the popup i assume?22:36
ALEX27!Where can I learn to use this?22:40
ubottuALEX27: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:40
k1l_!brian | ALEX2722:40
k1l_!brain | ALEX2722:40
ubottuALEX27: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone22:40
mikisidhello everyone.22:41
mikisidwhat is status of amd graphics drivers on ubuntu 16,04?22:41
ssloveubottu, are you any good at entertaining?22:41
ubottusslove: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:41
k1l_mikisid: same as before. no fglrx since amd doesnt make that anymore. use radeon and amd_gpu22:42
ALEX27join #Beginner22:42
SchrodingersScatALEX27: /join #Beginner22:43
ssloveALEX27, what are u trying to learn to use? ubuntu/22:43
ssloveALEX27, what are u trying to learn to use? ubuntu?22:43
mikisidi have hybrid amd r7 m235dx graphic on my laptop, what can i expect?22:43
ALEX27Right now I am trying to get around in this window.22:43
jinnksHi keep getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/21336693/ in the syslog when trying to connect to vpn, have checked everything but still cannot establish connection22:50
jinnksthis is on ubuntu 16.04 lts with xfce 4.12.2 as desktop22:51
jinnksusing network-manager-openvpn22:51
jinnksthese exact settings were working in ubuntu 14.04, and have stopped working since the upgrade22:52
ARIES1bheyyy there22:57
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moijkGood day. Anyone would suggest a low profile graphics card with two 1440p capable outputs?23:02
Atlas_can someone answer a question for me about virtual machines via PM pls?23:07
SchrodingersScat!pm | Atlas_ you get more help if you ask it in channel, prevents you getting paired up with a less than desirable.23:08
ubottuAtlas_ you get more help if you ask it in channel, prevents you getting paired up with a less than desirable.: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.23:08
k1l_Atlas_: you can ask in here if its ubuntu related23:08
Atlas_sorry guys got a bunch of PMs, was wondering if I run windows on VM in ubuntu will I be vulnerable to windows rootkits?23:09
SchrodingersScaton the VM23:09
tgm4883Atlas_: running windows in a VM on linux doesn't make your windows install any safer23:09
SchrodingersScatsorry, I mean, yes, on the vm it'll be vulnerable, it shouldn't touch your ubuntu though, unless it can break out ;( or if you share directories for it to mess with23:09
Atlas_no I sandbox my VMs23:10
Atlas_Thanks guys, appreciate the help :)23:11
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OverCoderHi everyone23:30
OverCoderOkay so I made this website https://repogen-microdroid.c9users.io/ , It simply generates the sources.list for apt, but then, do you guys think I should email the staffs of ubuntu.com and see if they push it as a part of their website?23:31
OverCoderI mean at first that was planned to be a separate website, but then why? let's be part of the ubuntu.com itself23:31
OverCoderrepogen.ubuntu.com, I guess23:32
Bashing-omdax: ^6 Taking care of the little things .. such that the big things can be taken care of .23:32
OverCoder(The website partially works)23:32
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Bashing-ominsanity_ai: Also, there is a dedicatd channel: #xfce .23:41
ilo123I am having trouble with nvidia-settings. I have two monitors, one is DVI-I (has the right resolution) and the other is DVI-D (has the wrong resolution). I can't get nvidia-settings to display the right resolution (1600x900) for the secondary monitor.23:42
ilo123I am using the latest driver (367.35).23:43
ilo123I am using GeForce GT 74023:43
datahead8888Is do-release-upgrade an advisable way to go from Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14?23:47
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datahead8888Is it best to configure /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades only to look for lts releases I assume?23:51
sslovedatahead8888, make sure uv fully upgraded ur 12 first, in order to avoid most problems23:51
k1l_datahead8888: yes23:51
sslovedatahead8888, i assume u mean 12.0423:52
datahead8888I just ran all available updates for 12 last night23:52
datahead8888I have Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTSnow23:52
datahead8888I have Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS now23:52
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ssloveyou're 2 LTS releases behind now, will u update 14 to 16 as well?23:53
datahead8888I had figured I would first upgrade to 14 then see if it was less of a hassle to install the latest version of the Cegui library23:53
daxnot like it matters, 14.04 is supported until 201923:53
datahead8888I'd then read up on 16 and decide if it's good to upgrade now or not23:53
datahead8888But being on 12 has been causing me hassles for certain23:54
datahead8888Ubuntu 12 has outdated repositories as far as I know, which makes compiling programs a hassle at times23:54
k1l_datahead8888: well, it got the softwareversions from 2012. so that is no wonder that todays programs might want different depencies23:55
datahead8888Yes, it is well past time for me to upgrade.  It was a little bit of a hassle backing up a large number of files from my hard drive first.23:55
datahead8888Is it best to configure /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades only to look for lts releases?23:56
datahead8888When using do-release-upgrade?23:56
k1l_datahead8888: yes23:57
datahead8888Ok, thank you23:57

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