nachtkriecheris this channel active?02:55
nachtkriecheri was wondering if anyone had set up xrdp on xubuntu02:55
RWFwww.buzzen.con   is a great place to chat16:31
pavlushkahello burtons !16:54
burtonshas anybody else noticed that the new LTS (16.04 I think) is actaully quite a bit less stable than the last LTS?  I've been having problems with the screen blanking forever requiring a reboot, plus booting problems over time. I'm thinking it might be hardware problems maybe, especially the booting16:54
burtonsI swapped the drive in the machine I'm having problems with and trying Solaris on it, but  I was wondering if anybody else was finding issues with 'Linux' stability in general lately.16:54
mrkrampslast LTS is currently 14.04.5 and yes, it had been quite unstable in certain components when it was 14.04.116:56
mrkrampssome regressions in early stage of LTS releases are quite common16:57
* pavlushka thinks the same, 16.04.5 supposed to be more stable :)16:57
mrkrampsburtons, graphics card and driver in use?16:57
* pavlushka feels relieved on mrkramps' intervention after seeing the issue, whew17:03
burtonsmrkramps off the top of my head i'm pretty sure it's a low end nvidia card.  i don't have access to the machine right now17:13
mrkrampsburtons, proprietary nvidia driver or free nouveau driver?17:14
pavlushkaburtons: can you paste the "lspci -nnk" result in paste.ubuntu.com? and give us the link?17:17
mrkrampsburtons, i guess best idea is to come back later when havin access to the affected system17:20
* pavlushka didn't notice the machine unavailable issue, oops17:21
burtonsyes, i'll get back to this channel with some more specific details, just curious about general stability that people are seeing17:37
burtonsthe booting issues are more of a problem17:37
burtonsi've done 3 installs so far of the new LTS and after about 3 reboots the machine won't boot anymore, pretty much consistently and there's nothing to go by on what's going wrong (just a blinking cursor on boot after the BIOS screen)17:38
burtonsmaybe there's something interesting over the serial port but i haven't set that up in years17:38
kittihow do i upgrade from terminal18:04
mrkrampskitti, your definition of "update"?18:04
kittifrom 15.10 to 16.0418:05
kittii kinda broke the upgrade tho, installer ran for a minute then said "system program detected" and quit18:06
kittinow when i try upgrade18:06
kittiit says "not all updates can be installed" and says to run partial upgrade18:06
kittianyone help?18:08
eitzeiWhat will happen if you try to do the "partial upgrade"?18:08
kittishould i try it18:09
kitticlick "partial upgrade"18:09
xmetalnot really sure but in different distros sometimes a partial upgrade upgrades something that lets you do the rest of the upgrade18:22
xmetali would listen to any of the ops/moderators in here and their advice though18:23
knomepartial upgrade is generally safe, as much as any regular update18:50
xmetalagreed @ knome18:57
knome...and in the situation in question, that's pretty much the only way to a sensible system anyway (so, backup and go for it)18:57
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karamazovhi m80m8s21:28
xubuntu52wHello, anyone here?22:55
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xubuntu34wHey, got an issue that maybe someone could help me with.23:54
xubuntu34wLol, so when I close my lid, and log back in, my mouse becomes invisible.23:58
xubuntu34wWhat's the command to reset a program, and what's the name of the program I need to reset?23:59
xubuntu34wI did "ps -e | grep 'mouse'"23:59
mrkrampsxubuntu34w, intel gpu?23:59
xubuntu34wBelieve so.23:59
xubuntu34wIntel processor.23:59
xubuntu34wLenovo T53023:59

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