ahoneybunsome more green today00:31
yofeljust fixes for the mess I just made00:32
yofelbut not it should be quiet - I hope00:32
yofelI think we need another semaphore around dput...00:45
* clivejo cries00:48
yofelit'll get a lot more red00:49
clivejoI dont like red 00:50
yofelfunny enough, swy-01 is so slow, that it never hits the concurrency issue with dput00:50
yofellets see if I can figure out another DRB wrapper00:51
tsimonq2acheronuk: odd schedule, my time zone is CDT and it's 9:11 PM right now02:11
ahoneybunheyo tsimonq202:14
tsimonq2how are you ahoneybun?02:24
ahoneybunfine, you?02:24
tsimonq2great ahoneybun :)02:28
ahoneybunhow's the 16.10 alpha for lubuntu?02:29
tsimonq2great :)02:30
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> yofel your pushing that servers CPU over 90%02:48
ahoneybunclivejo: you said something about trojita right?05:32
ubottuThe official Kubuntu support channel is #kubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.06:31
ahoneybunoh you built it for yakkety...06:45
ahoneybunI need a xenial as I can't get gpg to work06:45
blazeahoneybun: what's wrong and how to reproduce?07:15
blazegoogle doesn't tell me anything about gpg issues on YY07:47
acheronukblaze: they were talking about trojita email client I think? 07:52
tsimonq2acheronuk: ping08:00
acheronukmorning (or middle of the night)08:00
tsimonq2hey, can you help me figure out what is wrong with plasma-discover ?08:01
tsimonq2I have both the apps and plasma staging PPAs enabled08:01
acheronukwrong in what sense? won't install?08:02
tsimonq2 plasma-discover : Depends: packagekit (>= 1.0)08:02
tsimonq2                   Recommends: software-properties-kde but it is not going to be installed08:02
tsimonq2acheronuk: ^08:02
tsimonq2acheronuk: yeah, won't install08:02
tsimonq2acheronuk: what's up with packagekit?08:03
acheronukpackagekit 1.2? I think is stuck in 'proposed' for YY08:03
tsimonq2well that needs to be solved, otherwise with those PPAs, lubuntu-qt-desktop is not installable :(08:04
acheronukactually 1.1.108:04
acheronukit was being talked about the other day. have to check the IRC logs as I can't recall if anything was to be done08:05
tsimonq2trying: packagekit08:06
tsimonq2skipped: packagekit (0, 43, 8) got: 291+0: a-168:a-16:a-17:i-18:p-22:p-17:s-3308:06
tsimonq2it breaks a loooooot of packages...08:06
tsimonq2acheronuk: playing with it in a VM now08:10
tsimonq2I'll try upgrading it and seeing what it breaks08:10
acheronukpython3-aptdaemon depends gir1.2-packagekitglib-1.0 (<< 0.9)08:19
acheronukso 1.1 would break that, and in turn aptdaemon itself08:20
tsimonq2yeah just figured that out acheronuk 08:24
tsimonq2acheronuk: so is that the only package broken you think?08:24
acheronuknot sure, but I guess breaking apt-daemon is a source of most of the other breakage that would result, if not all08:27
tsimonq2acheronuk: do you think just bumping the dep would fix it?08:27
tsimonq2acheronuk: it should, because it's already in Debian :D08:28
tsimonq2(packagekit is)08:28
acheronukI don't know enough about apt-daemon to say what effect a much newer packagekit would have on it08:29
acheronukthe << 0.9 was clearly there for a reason. whether that reason still holds, I can't say08:30
acheronukLP bug: 149629208:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1496292 in packagekit (Ubuntu) "Needs to be ported to packagekit 1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149629208:33
tsimonq2hey, there we go, that's the issue I think!08:39
acheronukyep, when aptdaemon 1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu15 gets out of 'proposed' itself, that 'should' sort it08:40
tsimonq2alright, time to look at that now :)08:40
acheronukDepends on gir1.2-packagekitglib-1.0 (>= 1.1.1) now, to enforce using08:41
acheronuk      PackageKit 1.1; which drops GET_DEPENDS and GET_REQUIRES.08:41
acheronukoh, last few comments on that bug suggest a few things need rebuilding for the new packagekit itself08:44
acheronukbut seems people are on it :)08:44
tsimonq2acheronuk: it's been a month, maybe I should poke someone about it? :)08:47
acheronukah. getting my month wrong!08:51
tsimonq2acheronuk: so what do you suggest? :)08:53
acheronukhi soee 08:55
tsimonq2acheronuk: huh?08:55
acheronuktsimonq2: oh, you haven't seen that. short for "What Would Yofl Do"08:56
tsimonq2acheronuk: XD08:57
tsimonq2I don't know him well enought :P08:57
soeeYofl ?09:01
tsimonq2soee: y o f e l09:01
soeeah right as it is some family to Yoda09:02
tsimonq2acheronuk: well what WOULD he do?09:03
soeehe woudl YODLE!09:04
acheronuktsimonq2: a few days ago on those logs he said he would "look over it". assuming that reply was about this09:06
tsimonq2yofel: could you please take a look at bug 1496292 ?09:06
ubottubug 1496292 in packagekit (Ubuntu) "Needs to be ported to packagekit 1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149629209:06
* tsimonq2 runs09:06
acheronukso I would see later whether he got a chance09:06
tsimonq2alright :)09:06
tsimonq2speaking of that, I'm off to bed, o/09:07
acheronuknight then, or morning, or whatever the hll :P09:08
yofelahoneybun: linode? yes. I'm trying to impose some CPU limits on it, but live updating didn't work so I need to try that when the node is offline09:23
yofel07:27:56 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.09:24
yofelhm, updating docker did not help09:25
yofelok, linode can now only use 1 cpu09:35
yofelthat should throttle it a bit09:35
soeeyofel: did you used KDevelop ?10:49
yofelI did, but haven't used it in a long time10:49
soeeis it good for creating plasoimds ?10:50
yofelno idea -> #kdevelop10:50
soeealso i tried to click on New project button and it does nothing:/10:50
yofelour kdevelop version is more than a bit outdated though10:50
yofelsitter: can I somhow access the toplevel Launchpad API collections through Rubber? I'm trying to figure out a ruby equivalent for lp.git_repositories.getRepositories(target=lp.projects['kubuntu-packaging'])10:53
soeebah another issue10:54
soeethis seems to make my New project button work https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=218&t=13050110:54
yofelah yeah, as I said, our kdevelop is outdated10:55
soee!info kdevelop | xenial10:56
ubottuxenial: kdevelop (source: kdevelop): integrated development environment for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.7.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 1628 kB, installed size 6494 kB10:56
soeeisn't it latest stable ?10:56
yofelit is, but it's qt4, you want to qt5 version for the apptemplates to work fine10:56
yofel*want the10:56
soeerofl :D11:15
acheronukdaily builds of qt5 kdevelop in a someones ppa? https://launchpad.net/~blaze/+archive/ubuntu/kf5 11:20
acheronukI had that enabled on Xenial before I upgraded, but never go round to actually trying it.11:21
acheronuk*got around11:21
yofelon my desktop, quassel gives Rik the same highlight color that it gives aaron on my notebook, and as both nicks start with a, my mind constantly tries to read Rik's messages as aaron's11:23
clivejoyofel: can I disable autotests for - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/275736185/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kross-interpreters_4%3A16.04.3+p16.10+git20160729.2156-0_BUILDING.txt.gz11:24
clivejoseems they still dont want to work even with fake frame buffer11:24
clivejoacheronuk: any progress on marble?11:25
yofelto me that reads like kross is actually broken?11:25
yofelit shouldn't even need X11:25
acheronukclivejo: not got back to it today yet. I plan to late afternoon11:25
* clivejo has no idea what kross is and why it needs interpreting 11:26
* acheronuk was surprised palapeli is a jigsaw puzzle11:27
yofelclivejo: belongs to the other language bindings stack11:28
* clivejo wishes KDE software was more descriptively named11:31
yofelwhere's the fun in that? :P11:31
clivejowhats wrong with kjigsaw ?11:31
yofeldunno, wasn't the developers preference?11:32
clivejoI dont like having to go hunt for apps11:32
clivejois it any wonder noone knows about them!11:33
yofelwell that's what package descriptions are for...11:33
yofeland categories to some extent11:33
clivejoand even if I knew what it was and wanted it, I can bearly spell it!11:33
clivejonot good having to go ask google for names of apps you want11:34
soeehmm: X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=org.kde.tutorial11:38
soeewhat valud shoudl be set for kubuntu related plugins/plasmoids ?11:38
yofelorg.kubuntu.something I guess?11:40
BluesKajHiyas all11:48
clivejoGranatier is a clone of the classic Bomberman game, inspired by the work of the Clanbomber clone.11:49
clivejonice to know11:49
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* soee wonders if it is possible to grab system version automatically12:35
blazesoee: kdevelop5 is pretty stable now, almost ready for release12:59
clivejosoee: are you making an installer?14:04
clivejoor welcome screen for first login?14:04
acheronukeek. wall of PIM red!14:05
soeeclivejo: some attempt  to create simple slideshow/welcome screen as a widget14:06
clivejoacheronuk: mostly all PIM stuff now14:06
clivejowish could get cantor out of the way14:07
acheronukyep, running out of other stuff to fix!14:07
clivejohint hint, nudge nudge, kick up the backside!14:07
acheronukI think Simon is preoccupied with QtWebEngine and it dep14:08
clivejowhat is the story with libindi-dev?14:08
clivejofor kstars14:08
acheronukStill in proposed?14:08
acheronukI saw v 1.2 stick there, but hoped it would migrate14:09
clivejocould we maybe do a test build of the version in proposed and put it in unstable?14:09
* clivejo wonders if unstable has proposed enabled14:10
acheronukI can't see why not, but better check.....14:10
acheronukit didn't the others day, hence kstars failed again14:10
acheronukI didn't realise, so it was a bit wtf? when it failed14:11
clivejo!info libindi-dev14:12
ubottulibindi-dev (source: libindi): Instrument-Neutral Device Interface library -- development files. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1.0-1ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 231 kB, installed size 1119 kB14:12
clivejowhatever that is14:12
clivejomaybe those PIM packages could be disabled and the list used to plan what we are holding back from Apps 16.0814:21
clivejoacheronuk: do you have kstars locally?14:27
clivejoif you do can you bump libindi-dev (>= 1.2~),14:28
acheronukdone I think14:32
soeedo you gusy have any proposition what should be on welcome slides?14:35
clivejosoee: Id like to see something like that other flavour14:40
clivejothere was a discussion in here about it, but not I cant remember the name of it!14:42
acheronukhmmm... I'm putting most of my marble changes in 1 commit. should I have staggered them?14:44
clivejoin Debian yes you probably should, in Kubuntu Id just use one commit14:46
acheronukOK. this builds locally, so......14:49
clivejowhat builds locally?14:49
clivejooh cool14:49
acheronukwill need some lintian overides and a few other things changing still.14:50
* acheronuk waits for that to crash and burn!14:51
* clivejo goes to do another hour or so of power washing now his hands have stopped vibrating14:56
clivejokdeconnect is at version 1.014:57
clivejoabout time too!14:57
clivejothought we would have a 0.9.9014:57
acheronukI keep trying it every so ofetn, but somehow always end up giving up on it as not quite worth it14:58
santa_yofel, clivejo: in addition to my plans for the build depend bumping system we discussed I also found other flaw which I would like to fix, but it will take some time16:09
santa_from kconfigwidgets debian/control:16:10
santa_↑ these version should be bumped too16:11
santa_but the current stuff doesn't16:11
acheronukwhooooo! a whole 1 package migrated -> breeze-icon-theme (4:5.24.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1 => 4:5.24.0-0ubuntu1)16:32
soeewhat ya doin' maaan  ? :)16:36
ahoneybunwhat is that?16:46
soeeahoneybun: im testing how welcom screen/slideshow will work as a Plasma widget16:47
soeethe main purpose is to have one slide where user will have backports ppa explained and option to add it automaticaaly to his system 16:48
ahoneybunso a welcome screen nice16:48
ahoneybunis that hosted anywhere yet soee?16:50
soeeahoneybun: no, i'm working on it on my laptop. Need to learn a bit qtquick16:51
jimarvanhello! :)17:13
jimarvanquiet today :D17:39
tsimonq2I'll be around for a couple mins19:04
acheronuktsimonq2: in that case, on snaps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21546329/19:05
tsimonq2so you are running a snap?19:06
tsimonq2acheronuk: ask on #snappy19:06
acheronukI have. no answer yet19:07
acheronukand you popped your head up! ;)19:07
acheronukI'll work it out19:07
clivejosoee: ping19:33
soeeclivejo: sup?19:34
clivejothats the welcome screen I was talking about earlier19:34
soeeyup but i would liek to have it done in qtquick19:36
blazelaunchpad ate my package :O19:52
blazeno rejection message, nothing19:53
clivejoit killed my kittens too19:53
acheronukblaze: I've have had that happen a few times19:54
clivejoacheronuk: fancy doing the symbols on okteta19:54
acheronukI looked at those, then slowly backed away....19:55
tsimonq2clivejo: I'm trying to knock some sense into cantor19:56
* acheronuk gives up on snappy19:56
acheronuktsimonq2: are you succeeding?19:58
tsimonq2acheronuk: well turns out the libraries it was complaining about in dh_install were actually already included in cantor-dev.install19:59
tsimonq2MERGE FAILURE19:59
tsimonq2on it!19:59
tsimonq2grr seems like it's an internal erorr20:00
clivejonah, leave that one!20:00
* tsimonq2 steps away and lets clivejo get it20:00
clivejoits still looking on debian20:00
clivejoneeds moved to LP20:01
tsimonq2I'm off for now, but I'm close with cantor20:07
acheronuktsimonq2: ok20:15
acheronukNo wonder marble rarely builds. That's twice in the last 24hs that it's had code changes resulting in new or missing symbols. You fix it, and by the time you do it's already broken again!21:21
* clivejo nods knowingly21:22
clivejowhats the red and black mess in the top left21:52
clivejoholy moly22:05
clivejomore missing symbols#22:05
acheronukHonestly, I'm going to work out when that guy sleeps, and fix it THEN!22:07
* clivejo giggles22:10
acheronukIt's symbol slaughter in that commit!22:10
clivejosounds like an interesting hobby22:12
clivejoI might become a symbols slaughterer22:12
acheronukI'm leaving that alone tonight now22:13
clivejohas anyone tried a wayland session in YY?22:13
acheronuknot yet22:13
* clivejo wonders how you do it22:15
santa_ grep-aptavail -FDepends libmarblewidget-qt5-23 | grep ^Package | sort -u22:19
santa_Package: libmarble-dev22:19
santa_Package: marble22:19
santa_Package: marble-plugins22:19
santa_Package: marble-qt22:19
DarinMillerI tried wayland in YY on my laptop.  Touchpad does not work very well.22:19
clivejoDarinMiller: how to you switch over?22:20
santa_clivejo, acheronuk: am I mistaken or ... nothing but marble uses that library?22:20
DarinMillerInstall the wayland components, logout and use the session selector to switch to wayland.22:20
clivejogot a how to?22:20
acheronukIt's just an alternate session is it not?22:21
acheronukand things either work or are broken?22:21
DarinMillerNo.  I used a package manager to find  the wayland compoents.  Just a sec I will grab my laptop and let you know what they are...22:21
DarinMillerYes, alternate session.  22:22
clivejosanta_: libkgeomap needs libmarble-dev22:22
DarinMillerI attempted on my intel video only box... 22:22
clivejosudo apt install plasma-workspace-wayland22:22
DarinMillerthat's one of them....22:23
clivejothat seems to pull the necessary components? 22:23
acheronukI assmed that one pulls in everything else needed?22:23
clivejoThe following additional packages will be installed:22:24
clivejo  kwin-wayland kwin-wayland-backend-drm xwayland22:24
clivejogonna log out and try it22:24
DarinMillerI also installed qtwayland, wayland-protocols kwwin-wayland22:25
DarinMillererr. kaywayland-integration22:25
* acheronuk waits to see if this breaks clivejos desktop22:25
DarinMillerNVidia proprietary installed?22:26
santa_clivejo: but libkgeomap wasn't skipped in kubuntu? I have no idea why by the way22:26
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> When yofel asked if you are evil, you soooo lied!22:27
acheronukI said "only on Friday"22:28
acheronukbut maybe I meant Saturday...22:28
DarinMillerWayland works much better with a mouse.  The tap to touch on the touchpad was not working when I tried it a few days ago...22:29
* soee don understand how those plasmois icons work :<22:30
DarinMillerWayland:  panel does not autohide  nor will windows cover...  useable but a lot of little paper cuts....22:31
clivejonope, cant log in22:31
* DarinMiller wishes he could help soee, but knows nothing about plasmoid icons...22:32
* clivejo thinks hes got a kilo of sand in his hair22:32
DarinMillerclivejo: are you using nvidia proprietary drivers?22:32
clivejoit flashes up the NVidia logo and puts me back to the log in page22:33
DarinMillercan't do that yet....22:33
acheronukwhere did you come from? ^^^^^^^^^^^^22:34
* clivejo kicks marble22:34
DarinMillerI tried a couple months ago using Nvidia with nuveau? and could not login either.  Intel video cards work though....22:35
clivejoit retries automatically22:35
clivejo3 times I think22:35
acheronukI assumed it would not do that with an actual build failure, but fair enough22:35
clivejoit cant tell the difference between LP being a *beep* and a failed build22:36
acheronukis that the LP API's fault?22:38
yofelit's a bloody workaround for all issues22:40
yofelAPI should not be much of a prolem anymore, there's a multi-retry-after-sleep around all API calls now, so unless LP is actually *down* for more than 5 minutes, that should not error out anymore22:40
yofelfetching from KDE is also properly throttled now, so that's good22:41
clivejoyofel: o/22:41
yofelthe oddball memory allocation issues are still a problem, as is excessive dput concurrency22:41
yofelformer I'm clueless about, latter needs a semaphore accessible from the containers22:41
clivejothe git sycamore, can it be disabled for other git repos?22:42
yofelwell, it operates on a per-host basis as far as I can see22:42
clivejoseems to be messing up with the libkolab repos22:42
yofelso it should only throttle kde and lp22:42
yofelor it messes up kolab because that's not configured...22:43
clivejooh, it has to be configured?22:43
yofelnot quite sure, but it has git.kde.org and git.launchpad.net in the code22:44
yofelright, it will error out on anything that's not on kde or launchpad22:45
yofelclivejo: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci-admins/kubuntu-ci/+git/pangea-tooling/tree/git-monitor/git22:46
yofelI wonder if adding an 'other' option would make sense...22:47
yofelthat would make it at least not fail22:47
yofelhm, why didn't that work..22:55
yofeloh, that's also wired in the semaphore22:56
yofelnext try22:56
yofelclivejo: fixed22:58
clivejohow did you fix it?22:58
yofeladded an :other symbol that's the default for all not configured hosts22:59
yofelmeaning all random hosts are throttled through the same semaphore, but that's better than failing22:59
clivejowhere did you add that?22:59
yofellet me commit it22:59
yofelclivejo: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci-admins/kubuntu-ci/+git/pangea-tooling/commit/?id=fd331c220675e131aef86aaa1fc2a46738bbf57f23:01
clivejoI see it :)23:01
yofelnow let me deploy that everywhere23:01
clivejodoes KCI automatically pick that up?23:01
yofelno, auto-deploy is broken right now23:02
yofeland you can't even auto-deploy that, as the monitor service needs to be restarted on every host23:02
yofeljenkins can't do that23:02
clivejothat merger is on swy-0123:05
clivejohow did you move it to run on linode?23:06
yofelyou don't. The scheduler does that23:06
yofelyou *can* limit projects to certain slaves if you need to23:07
yofelsome mgmt jobs are e.g. limited to master23:07
clivejooh no!23:19
yofel23:21:57 stderr: fatal: remote error: Repository '~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/libkolabxml' not found. ? ^^23:25
clivejoyes, I accidently mirrored libkolab into it :(23:25
clivejoso I deleted it and will copy it across again23:26
clivejonot funny :P23:26

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