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rajivmarsToday i have installed xubuntu-desktop on kubuntu 16.04. Everything works fine  until i turn my computer off. now when i turn it on and try to log in to xubuntu session, it is hanged on at the login screen. I mean i am not able to login and the computer freeze at the login screen. Anyone please help me?07:52
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user|43810Upgrading to 16.04 caused my Asus laptop to stop booting. It takes several reboots to get to the bios to change the boot device in order to run 15.10 from a CD so I can get online and aks if anyone else has a similar problem.10:06
soeenot here10:07
soeewhere is stoped booting exactly ?10:07
soeebrb, need to jump to shop10:08
user|43810After the first "Kubuntu" screen it goes black and sits there... it takes a few 3-finger boots to get to the bios screen. I'd like to try and recover some data which was not properly backed up, but it seems to overwritten everything and then failed to finish the install or something.10:42
soeeuser|43810: you can't reinstall ? Fresh installation10:43
soeeif you have black screen after plymouth so it seems sddm does not starts10:44
soeeyou tried to install 16.04 ? Over what previous version ?10:44
user|43810I was using 14.04 and had the offer to upgrade, so I cannot reinstall as I have no media to install from. I am considering installing 15.10 to get a reasonable OS but I'd like to have the option to recover some old files which I seem to have lost. Obviously I was behind in my back-ups, I've been busy in the garden and didn't allocate enough time to10:49
user|43810 back up things. Stupid, really.10:49
soeeuser|43810: you can use command line to backup them no ?10:51
user|43810I cannot get to a command line, the thing does nothing but sit with a blank screen until I boot from an external drive.10:52
user|43810If you are using 16.04 with no problems, did you do it from an online upgrade or did you make an install CD?10:53
user|43810It indicated everything had upgraded successfully but when I tried to boot up, I get the "Asus" screen, the "Kubuntu" screen and then... black10:54
soeeuser|43810: i had fresh install11:01
soeeyou should be able to switch to command line from that black screen11:01
soeetry key combination kie LAT + SHIFT + F1 etc11:02
soeeor boot to command line from grub11:02
soeewhere you pick system choose recovery mode11:02
user|43810Not sure what is LAT...? But I tried recovery mode... no good.11:07
BluesKajHiyas all11:48
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user|14779After upgrade from 14.04 Ltsdto16.04 lt13:33
user|14779After upgrade 14.04 lts to 16.04 lts splash screen hangs13:36
BluesKajuser|14779, did you upgrade your 14.04 packages before upgrading to 16.04. a lot of users forget to do so and end up with a broken upgrade13:45
user|56115After 16.04 Lts upgrade splash screen hangs13:58
user|56115Can't startx in root14:04
user|56115After upgrade from 14.04 lts to16.0 lts I get splash screen freeze14:15
user|56115Splash screen froze after upgrade to 16.04 lts14:19
Kardi_where r the files for Quassel stored? (i need to choose it as an app in firefox)14:49
BluesKajKardi_, quassel doesn't run in FF, it's a stand alone irc client15:02
Kardi_but where are its files anyway (I don't much about linux)15:30
Kardi_sys? run? dev? var? srv? mnt?15:32
SmurphyKardi_: These are all system locations.15:38
Smurphymake a: which quassel15:38
Smurphyand you will know where quassel is (executable binary)15:38
Kardi_Is "make a: which quassel" console code? I got [make: *** No rule to make target `a:'.  Stop.]15:40
Kardi_found it, just "which quassel" in konsole gives answer15:46
BluesKajKardi_,  no need to compile , qussel is in the repositories15:47
BluesKajquassel even15:47
BluesKajjust run , sudo apt install quassel in the terminal15:48
Kardi_yes thanks all good15:50
Ace2hi all , anybody around16:10
BluesKajyes Ace2, just ask your question16:12
Ace2Well I installed the upgrade to 16.04 yesterday16:13
Ace2besides looking like windows 95 , which a theme helped to change , ther eis a problem with desktop icons16:13
Ace2they all have a box around them16:13
Ace2can't be rotated as well16:13
Ace2wth is this?16:13
Ace2no setting i can find changes it16:13
BluesKajsystem settings > icons16:14
Ace2been there16:14
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Ace2thried all the themes , no settings to take away the boxes16:15
BluesKajupdate and upgrade after 16,04 was installed?16:15
Ace2converted from 14. directly16:15
Ace2the last lts release16:16
BluesKajno matter16:16
Ace2yes and updated before doing the major update16:16
BluesKajaster as well16:16
Ace2it says no updates available16:16
BluesKajperhaps the icon themes from 14.04 didn't revert to default when they aren't available on 16.0416:18
Ace2well it carried over programs and my mail ect. so maybe possible16:19
Ace2but er how on earth to fix it without full reinstall?16:19
Ace2it with anything i put on desktop firefox widget , folders ect.16:20
BluesKajdo you m ean the icons in the taskbar?16:20
Ace2icons on desktop16:20
Ace2boxes around them16:21
Ace2all other icons seem changed anyways16:21
Ace2more tirvial , but i can't stop the silly accesibility feature in panel at bottom right from restarting itself16:22
Ace2kinda of tauning me lol16:22
Ace2i do not need a screen reader , nice but no thx16:23
BluesKajbgiithe taskbar icons here are in transparent boxes, but I see your point , icons don't even appear on my activities desktops only their names16:27
BluesKajbgi typo16:28
Ace2i get the desktop icons , but come with big boxes surrounding them , can't rotate them either , can only resize16:29
Ace2can make them as big as screen16:29
Ace2but come with bigger boxes to boot , so weird16:29
Ace2in desktop affects nothing takes these boxes away lol16:30
BluesKajI use quicklaunch widget and drag my fav apps to it , no clutter on the desktop16:32
Ace2might be my work around till , this gets figured out16:33
Ace2is that standard widget in system?16:34
BluesKajclick the the 3stacked dashes on far right for widgets16:34
BluesKajsome call it the hamburger16:35
Ace2quick launc or app launcher16:36
Ace2added it to desktop now its a picture of a space ship lol16:37
BluesKajyeah then add your apps from the kmenu..Imoved over to left hand side of the taskbar so it's easy to drag and drop16:38
BluesKajthe quicklaunch that is16:39
Ace2how do i add apps to the space ship16:39
Ace2k kind got it16:40
Ace2now i added fire fox and its a big fire fox ison with a box too haha16:40
Ace2this is gonna be a long weekend :)16:40
Ace2k now second icon fore mail in ther16:41
Ace2can you add a showt cut to a folder16:43
Ace2seems not16:45
BluesKajthe icons should be small in the quicklaunch , you must have added them to the taskbar16:46
Ace2the icons are to the left of the littl rock16:47
BluesKajmine are beside the kmenu on the left16:48
Ace2guess mine are in task bar16:48
Ace2does the launch menu pop up or are the supposed to be show16:49
Ace2wel thx for help , i'll keep at it have a good one blues16:51
Ace2ahh yea you were right16:59
Ace2added icons to task bar , why the little rock kept showing16:59
tonythetigerIs there something special I need to do to get image and media converters, and root actions in the dolphin right click? If I try to install from dolphin's addon installer they all fail to install. I tried adding root-actions manually and I can see the options but none of them actually do anything17:21
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sexteenDot04dot1ISO verify failure: http://pastebin.com/rB9QEvWc20:03
sexteenDot04dot1where are the keys?20:04
user|54313can not boot from grub after update to 16.04.1 lts20:04
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sexteenDot04dot1any clue?20:05
sexteenDot04dot1kubuntu owned?20:06
ranuHello has anyone experienced a problem where the mouse leaves a tray where it goes? Not always, it is very strange20:07
ranuhm, it looks like deactivating vga output stopped the mouse effect20:09
ranuIs there any way to run the composition manager with the discrete graphics card?20:56
mhghi, im trying to use vmware on kubuntu, which is a great distro, i love KDE. thanks its developers. but i have errors, like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/755238/why-disabling-secure-boot-is-enforced-policy-when-installing-3rd-party-modules/759849 but i can't solve the problem21:01
mhglike this too, my output from terminal is same http://askubuntu.com/questions/762210/vmware-error-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-0421:03
Tundra-ServerGood afternoon everyone, I'm having some issues with my kubuntu 16.04 install. The install is fresh as of last night but for some reason the DM will not start21:06
Tundra-ServerDoes anyone have any ideas?21:06
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: If you can get to a TTY, you can try to reconfigure the DM...(sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm => choose/re-choose the DM) => see if that resolves the issue.21:13
Tundra-ServerReturns that gdm is not installed21:14
mhgany idea?21:14
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: then do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm (or sddm or lightdm) => see what that does, hmm?21:15
Tundra-ServerAll return that they're not installed. Which would probably cause this problem21:16
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Ok - so, that being said, a simple solution is: sudo apt-get install sddm => after that, do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm => just follow through all that is asked => once that is done, from the tty, do: sudo service sddm restart21:17
Tundra-ServerWell, I thought that too but apt-get returns an error itself21:18
mhgPlease help me!!!21:19
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: apt-get returns an error - hmm....what's the error?21:19
YankDownUndermhg: Is it safe to assume that you've asked in #vmware?21:19
mhgYankDownUnder: no i didn't ask this on #vmware i will ask it now.21:20
Tundra-ServerW: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock21:20
YankDownUndermhg: If I had an answer, I'd gladly give it to you - however, I use Virtualbox, and I can't honestly tell you much other than what I have21:20
Tundra-ServerE:couldn't create temporary file to work with /long/file/name21:21
mhgYankDownUnder: i have the same problem with VirtualBox too.21:21
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: When you're doing "apt-get install" -> you ARE using "sudo apt-get install", right?21:21
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Please do this in the tty: ps -Ae | grep update => tell me what shows up please21:22
mhgYankDownUnder: The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please install virtualbox-dkms package and load the kernel module by executing21:22
YankDownUndermhg: Have you done: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms ?21:23
mhgYankDownUnder: no i didn't. i do it now.21:24
YankDownUndermhg: Coolbeans21:24
mhgYankDownUnder: virtualbox-dkms is already the newest version (5.0.24-dfsg-0ubuntu1.16.04.1).21:24
Tundra-ServerYankDownUnder: nothing is returned21:25
YankDownUndermhg: Ok...how's about: sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox21:25
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Ok...can you do this and tell me what happens: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt-autoclean21:26
mhgYankDownUnder: http://pastebin.com/qVucGtfd21:27
Tundra-ServerWell it's working21:27
Tundra-ServerThat's what it says21:28
YankDownUndermhg: Far out...and what happens when you do: sudo systemctl virtualbox restart => ??21:28
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Is it done yet?21:28
Tundra-ServerVery big error21:28
mhgYankDownUnder: Unknown operation virtualbox.21:29
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: "Very big error" - hehehehee....right oh...and in a nutshell it says...?21:29
Tundra-ServerWell, the bottom of the error shows the same lines I gave you earlier21:29
YankDownUndermhg: Ok...what about: sudo apt-get -f install21:30
mhgYankDownUnder: http://pastebin.com/eDmmUaRH21:31
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: What is returned when you do: ps -AE | grep dm ?21:31
Tundra-ServerLowercase "e" or upper?21:32
YankDownUndermhg: Good - that at least shows that nothings "broken" as it were...now a question I would beg to ask is - have you rebooted the machine since? And if not, can you?21:32
Tundra-ServerCause one returns an error about the command itself and the other returns nothing21:33
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: ps -Ae | grep dm21:33
Tundra-ServerAlright, I've got sddm returned21:33
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Right - so, can you try: sudo service sddm restart21:33
mhgYankDownUnder: yes, i have rebooted the system twice i think.21:33
YankDownUndermhg: Right oh, fair enough...I'm not wanting to ask you to re-install Virtualbox...unless you don't really have any VM's configured and such...21:34
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: "Nada" meaning, er, what, no errors?21:34
Tundra-ServerNo errors, but no desktop either21:35
Tundra-ServerAt least none that I can see21:35
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: So if you do "CTRL-ALT-F7" - nothing shows up?21:35
Tundra-ServerThat's correct21:35
mhgYankDownUnder: I don't have any VM's. i installed Kubuntu a week ago, it's my first VM.21:35
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Ok...since you're at the tty, can you do this: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall => ??21:36
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Nothing happened?21:37
Tundra-ServerJust returned another error with the one of the same lines I gave you earlier21:38
YankDownUnderTundra-Server: Would you mind doing a reboot, please? (sudo reboot)21:39
YankDownUndermhg: Can you edit and add something to your /etc/apt/sources.list ?21:40
mhgYankDownUnder: Yes.21:42
mhgYankDownUnder: in #vmware they told me to restart the system, i will be back in a minute21:43
YankDownUndermhg: Ok...so if you're comfortable with that, please read this page: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads => this will setup the "latest and greatest" Virtualbox via PPA - not the one that's in the "Universal" repos...21:43
Tundra_O1dDsktopYankDownUnder: Well, that's a wrap. we're at initramfs21:43
Tundra_O1dDsktopI feel like I can now say that it's truely toast21:44
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: It's dead at the init. Lovely.21:44
YankDownUnderIt's not toast yet.21:44
Tundra_O1dDsktopWell, I'm not exactly up for sitting here for another 5 hrs troubleshooting this21:44
Tundra_O1dDsktopSo I'm just gonna reinstall21:45
Tundra_O1dDsktopYes this would be a great time to learn21:46
Tundra_O1dDsktopBut I've been running around all day21:46
Tundra_O1dDsktopSo, YankDownUnder , thanks for you assistance on the matter21:46
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: Can you read through this? http://www.howtogeek.com/196740/how-to-fix-an-ubuntu-system-when-it-wont-boot/21:48
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: However, that being said, if you want to re-install, may I suggest that you make sure that you enable "updates" whilst installing?21:48
Tundra_O1dDsktopWell, ya see, I did that21:49
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: Fair enough - just checking...and do you have any "third party" drivers that require installation?21:51
Tundra_O1dDsktopNot that I'm aware of21:51
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: Coolbeans...coolbeans...well, if you're on the path to reinstallation (as I would do, in all honesty), good luck and fair weather :)21:52
Tundra_O1dDsktopThank you kind sir21:53
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: You're more than welcome. Peace.21:53
mhgYankDownUnder: hi, i have a new problem, i restarted the system, and display resolution is 1024x768 i can't change it in Display and Monitor21:54
YankDownUndermhg: Does your system require graphics drivers that aren't installed? Or do you have multiple monitors?21:55
mhgYankDownUnder: i try to install Nvidia driver last time before restart, but i had some errors. but no multiple monitors21:55
YankDownUndermhg: Right oh -  so then the most important thing do do (doing things step by step) is to get the NVidia drivers installed first and foremost...21:56
_thelion_Hi, how do i set up bonjour in kde-telepathy, please? (Kubuntu 16.04)21:56
mhgYankDownUnder:  i have NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-367.35.run . is it correct?21:56
YankDownUndermhg: I'm honestly not sure - I don't have NVidia on my systems - is that what was recommended?21:59
YankDownUnder_thelion_: Is the package "kde-config-telepathy-accounts" installed on your system?21:59
YankDownUndermhg: I'll assume you've downloaded that, yes?22:00
mhgYankDownUnder: yes, but i don't remmember my graphic card model exactly22:00
mhgYankDownUnder:   ERROR: Unable to load the 'nvidia-drm' kernel module.22:01
YankDownUndermhg: Doesn't matter - here's something to try - before you run the NVidia install - in a terminal, type: sudo ubuntu-drivers list22:01
YankDownUndermhg: Try using the Ubuntu cert drivers first...as per my last message...22:01
_thelion_YankDownUnder: yes,this package is installed22:01
mhgYankDownUnder: http://pastebin.com/wbeM6xEr22:02
YankDownUnder_thelion_: Vrai - ok...so what then is the problem that you are having with trying to set up the accounts?22:02
YankDownUndermhg: In the same terminal, can you type: sudo lspci | grep VGA => and see what the model is, please?22:03
mhgYankDownUnder: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1)22:03
_thelion_if i want to add a new account (like Bonjour), i don't find "Bonjour" on that list.22:04
YankDownUndermhg: Ah...so you could try the nvidia-361 driver, hmm....22:05
mhgYankDownUnder: how to install that?22:05
YankDownUndermhg: You could do: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall22:05
YankDownUnder_thelion_: So anything "bonjour" is not showing up, oui?22:05
_thelion_yes. there's AIM,  Gadu-Gadu, Google, ICQ, Jabber, etc - but there isn't xmpp, neither bonjour.22:07
YankDownUnder_thelion_: Looking...22:07
YankDownUnder_thelion_: I can't find anything else related to this, but another channel to check is #kde-telepathy => I had problems originally - with something different - but the same - telepathy - and I ended up having to completely re-install all the "account" and "telepathy" related packages - but I'm not sure if that would be the same for you - so please check in that channel, they might be able to help further...22:11
_thelion_YankDownUnder: Thanks a lot - i will try it in that other channel22:13
YankDownUnder_thelion_: Pais.22:13
mhgYankDownUnder: good news. the nvidia driver is working fine now. the vmware is fine too, i disabled the secure boot, on installation of nvidia driver22:17
YankDownUndermhg: So you're buying donuts this morning?22:18
mhgYankDownUnder: :D i have an other quetstion. i have persian language on my system, all the numbers are in persian, i want them in english, how to fix this?22:19
mhgclock, calendar, ... .22:19
YankDownUnderShould be "System Settings" => "Regional Settings" => "Formats"22:21
mhgYankDownUnder: the region is United States - American English (en_US)22:22
YankDownUndermhg: Then you'd need to change things as you see fit - or what you feel the most comfortable with (what works for you) :)22:23
YankDownUndermhg: Also check "Translations"22:24
mhgYankDownUnder: the Preferred Language is American English but everything is persian in my system22:24
mhgplus one more problem, the right shift key is not working after restarting and driver installation. i don't know why.22:25
YankDownUndermhg: So you've done all the checking and changing in "Regional Settings" - you might want to logout/login and see if that resolves the issue.22:26
mhgYankDownUnder: restart dose not help? i restarted system several times now.22:27
mhgYankDownUnder: login/logout does not help.22:30
YankDownUndermhg: Read though this: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/change-language-settings-in-ubuntu/3448 (read through it - even though it's "Mate" based, you'll see where you can affect overall languages from the base system)22:31
mhgYankDownUnder: i see this http://pastebin.com/5nP9YT10 . is this the problem?22:33
YankDownUndermhg: "fa_*" is showing "Farsi" (Persian) as a base for time/numbers/money/etc => so you'd have to change that - unless you require Persian as a base for money/time/date/numbers...22:35
YankDownUndermhg: Something MORE to read! :) => https://wiki.debian.org/ChangeLanguage22:36
mhgYankDownUnder: i changed them, reboot the system. everything is fine now. thanks22:39
YankDownUndermhg: Ok...so, you can send the donuts anytime now...22:39
Tundra_O1dDsktopHey YankDownUnder you still around?23:29
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: I think so...but I could be mistaken.23:36
Tundra_O1dDsktopWell, do you know if an SCSI driver would be a third party or should I rely on the one that the OS installs23:37
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: I'd use the one that's built into the kernel/system firstly - unless it's specifically proprietary - which I highly doubt...what's it for? iSCSI or just plain SCSI?23:38
Tundra_O1dDsktopStraight up SCSI23:39
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: Should be good to go - right "out of the box" as it were...SCSI drives...hmm...used to love those...23:39
Tundra_O1dDsktopHehe, I had a buddy offload some old drives and controller cards to me23:40
Tundra_O1dDsktopSo I figured I'd make use of them23:40
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: Now I'm jealous. Last time someone did that to me - I grouped 'em all up and made a single "drive" out of 'em...chew up heaps of power, but I didn't care at the time...23:41
YankDownUnderTundra_O1dDsktop: Made for a great "disk" for the network, though23:43
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