hayI just installed Lubuntu on my Acer laptop. It is giving me an error right after I boot it.03:42
hayBoot failed03:42
hayAnything I can do?03:43
TheoryIs there a way to disable the touchpad with lubuntu?08:53
Theoryshit is going crazy everytime my finger gets close to it08:53
TheoryAh nevermind I got it..syndaemon -d -t08:56
___SpectreHi, the volume slide freezes when I use it to change the volume. is not a driver related issue, just the visualization of the slider doesn't disappear after i clink away from it10:22
___Spectre(I am using lubuntu 15.10 updated)10:22
alex______bonjour / hello ?11:39
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RosikaHello. Can anybody help me? I want to install evernote on my Lubuntu-system (16.04, 64bit). But there are difficulties. Adding "repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa" worked alright but nevertheless everpad package could not be found.14:56
screenflashesblaneed help asap18:34
screenflashesblaall ubuntu systems have a bug on my comp18:34
screenflashesblascreen flashes black in the middle every 2 seconds, lasts for like a second18:34
screenflashesblaATI RADEON 4650 if it helps18:35
zeus__Hi, i'm having an issue when installing Lubuntu. When I boot into the installer, and click 'install' or 'try without installing', it freezes. I'm using a pretty old PC and wiped the harddrive, so there's no OS on there now. I can run memory test just fine. Model is dell inspiron 1000.19:11

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