Son_Gokuzyga, you can push https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-4154def2ea and https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-c6820c54b1 to stable now00:14
hades|2how to run latest amd64-all-snap.img + LXD Containers ?02:03
hades|2ans also how to get webdm working with latest  amd64-all-snap.img ? i get some apparmor error02:13
bullhi friends06:13
bullwhat after : do in snapcraft file ?06:14
bullartmello, this is the problem man same happening with me ,06:15
bull QStandardPaths::DataLocation point to container's location instead of user's /home/.local/share/myapp/data06:16
bullam getting this error- expected string or bytes-like object06:21
bullanyone on ??06:27
bullexpected string or bytes-like object07:26
bullwhat does this mean07:26
qenghobull: From what command? Your questions don't ask enough.07:27
qenghobull: Add "--debug" to the end of snapcraft command line.07:28
bullmy snapcraft file is here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/21494084/07:29
bulland the output of --debug is  http://paste.ubuntu.com/21494119/07:30
bullits been 3 hours and more i cant make snap of this application here07:30
bullhard journey with snapcraft so far, i cant make my app  deskie work after snapping it .  it wont work perfectly like it should idk how people gonna use this tool its harder then debian packaging damn07:32
qenghobull: There is a bug in snapcraft because it should have failed in a better way, but it should have failed because your YAML is bad. Its nor valid at all.07:33
qenghobull: Indentation matters. Sections matter.07:33
bullqengho,  whats wrong it should debug line no. etc man07:33
qenghobull: What does "application:" mean?07:34
qenghoDid you make that up?07:34
bulli used the same field in making snap for my previous application it works well07:34
qenghostage-packages takes a list, but the next line is indented the same amount -- not valid.07:35
bullokay let me check07:35
bullapplication is a part ??07:35
qenghobull: Notice how "plugs" and "architectures" doesn't look like "stage-packages"?07:36
qenghobull: Okay, that is good. It needs a plugin, I am pretty sure.  Use "plugin: nil", maybe.07:36
bullokay but it should output these things instead of such a horrible output07:37
bullokay wait let me check07:37
bullbro we use tab to make space or spacebar ??07:39
qenghobull: that's a bug. It's never seen YAML like this. Please, run "$ ubuntu-bug snapcraft", title "snapcraft crashes with useless message on bad YAML" and attach a link to your YAML.07:39
qenghobull: It's up to you. Be consistent.07:39
bulli will07:40
bulli cant report bug07:42
bullhow to do that ??07:42
bullmy current snapcraft file is  this http://paste.ubuntu.com/21494890/      please report the bug07:44
bullit still saying same after i fixed the indentions --  expected string or bytes-like object07:45
bullits working now after removing architectures07:48
bullsnapcraft :- downloading icons whille snapping app make no sense or its useless -- Get:41 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/universe DEP-11 64x64 Icons [7,448 kB]07:52
bullwow , am still not able to know what the hack is going on here with snapcraft !!! it still showing me same error at end of building process .08:13
bulldownloaded 28 mb of cache , 200mb + of packages and at last it fails haha with this line - expected string or bytes-like object08:14
bullmhall119,  you there ??08:15
tsimonq2bull: mhall119 is sleeping right now :)08:50
bulltsimonq2,  damn08:50
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bulli reported bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/160803209:14
mupBug #1608032: snapcraft crashes with useless message on bad YAML <output> <snap> <snapcraft> <snappy> <ubuntu> <useless> <Snapcraft:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1608032>09:14
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jdstrandtianon: sorry I missed you (yesterday was a half day for me), the general guidance is that if the snap needs things here and there from other interfaces to use those interfaces *iff* the snap legitimately needs that access. for example, if docker does bind to a port and listen to network connections, then use network-bind, otherwise, add it to your interface12:54
jdstrandtianon: also, don't worry about seccomp policy right this second-- I suggest using @unrestricted right now because the way seccomp works, you can't ever get more syscalls than the parent. Perhaps, maybe, you could get away with listing everything in snap-confine.git/debian/README.syscalls and leave out, say, init_module (and others that are kernel module related), keyctl and a few others that are listed as dangerous in the interfaces/seccomp/default12:58
jdstrandtianon: point is, docker, like lxd, is quite special in that it can be thought of in some ways as an alternate launcher and it needs a lot of privileges to launch its app containers12:59
jdstrandtianon: we can discuss this all next week. I'm happy to answer any questions and provide guidance/tips/etc13:00
mupPR snapcraft#698 closed: Add option disable-parallel for autotools plugin <Created by blakerouse> <Closed by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/698>16:04
tgm4883If I'm just changing security settings in my snapcraft.yaml file, do I just need to run 'snapcraft snap' to test the changes? I'd rather not rebuild the whole thing everytime16:25
kyrofatgm4883, you mean changing the plugs/slots stuff? Indeed, no need to rebuild16:29
tgm4883kyrofa: exactly. Right now this app only (semi-)works in --devmode16:30
kyrofatgm4883, anything not in parts you can modify freely and just run `snapcraft` again to get it in a snap. Snapcaft will regenerate the prime/meta directory each time16:30
tgm4883oh that is nice16:31
kyrofatgm4883, so apps, snap name, version etc16:31
tgm4883that will make adding apps much easier16:31
tgm4883speaking of version, can that have a variable in it? Like $DATE16:31
kyrofatgm4883, are you aware of the `snap try` functionality?16:31
tgm4883no, what's snap try?16:31
kyrofatgm4883, no, but you're not the first to ask. We'll add something like that soon16:31
kyrofaOkay, snap try. Hold on I need to move then I'll explain16:32
kyrofaOkay, I'm back16:40
kyrofatgm4883, assuming you're running snapcraft on a 16.04 machine, you can just run `snap try prime/` after running `snapcraft prime`16:41
tgm4883ok, running a build now, should be done in a few minutes16:41
kyrofatgm4883, that will bind-mount the prime directory and pretend it's a snap installed on the system16:41
tgm4883what does that do for security confinement?16:41
kyrofatgm4883, which means you can run all the apps from it and everything, except it's not a squashfs image-- if you change the prime directory, you change the snap16:41
kyrofatgm4883, still works the same way. You can `snap try --devmode` too16:42
tgm4883ah cool16:42
kyrofatgm4883, it makes for faster iteration16:42
tgm4883yea that will help16:43
kyrofatgm4883, but a word of warning. There's a bug where, if you run `snapcraft clean` or otherwise remove the prime directory, snapd gets confused16:43
kyrofatgm4883, it's been fixed in master, but not released yet16:43
kyrofatgm4883, so if you're going to clean the prime directory, `snap remove` the snap first16:43
tgm4883also if I stop running "snapcraft clean" and rebuilding the whole thing :)16:43
tgm4883apparently I like to watch it do a git clone of the repo16:43
kyrofatgm4883, you know you can clean individual parts and individual steps of parts, right?16:44
tgm4883I need to look at that part of the documentation again16:45
tgm4883Are old versions of snaps ever removed?16:47
kyrofatgm4883, right now, no. But the next version of snapd will prune them16:47
ogra_there are always only two versions kept around16:47
tgm4883I doubt they are causing problems, but it's starting to get annoying when I do a 'df -h' and see 20 versions of the same snap mounted16:47
kyrofatgm4883, I think it'll remove once there are three16:48
ogra_(unless you sideloaded ... then it is up to you to do tthe clean up)16:48
kyrofatgm4883, agreed16:48
kyrofaHey ogra_!16:48
tgm4883sideloaded then via snap install16:48
ogra_yeah, that will pile up forever16:48
ogra_you need to run snap remove every once in a while16:48
kyrofatgm4883, indeed, sideloaded = snap install <local file> versus snap install <snap name in the store>16:48
tgm4883Is there a limit to the number of snaps you can install? I noticed it started over on the /dev/loop# when it got to 2016:49
tgm4883or maybe that is a coincidence16:49
tgm4883I did remove the hello and hello-debug snaps around that time16:50
ogra_well, i guess there is a limit ... i doubt the kernel can handle more than /dev/loop6443516:51
tgm4883that makes sense16:51
ogra_but if you have 65k snap packages installled then i want your HDD too !16:52
ogra_that would likely be plenty petabytes :)16:52
tgm4883cool, going to work on security stuff, then only like 9-10 more things to add/fix before this app is good16:52
ogra_YAY !16:55
ogra_first cronned build ...16:55
kyrofaogra_, awesome!16:56
ogra_now only autoulpoad is missing ... waiting for a store fix for that one16:57
kyrofaogra_, can't auto-upload to a shared snap?16:57
kyrofaI've run into that as well16:57
kyrofaogra_, is that a store issue or an LP issue?16:58
ogra_i think a store issue ... store people are researching since wed.16:58
kyrofaogra_, have you tried uploading via snapcraft push yourself?16:58
ogra_bug 160738916:59
mupBug #1607389: shared snap packages can not be uploaded from LP builds <Software Center Agent:New for facundo> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1607389>16:59
ogra_kyrofa, nah, only manually through the web ui16:59
CavanAfter I create my snap I'm still getting '...log.dir can't be created read only file system' after I've declared the logs as $SNAP_USER_DATA. Any suggestions?17:09
CavanI did notice the log files are being made in a different directory (user/snap/..) but I'm unsure how to change that17:10
kyrofaCavan, you notice the log files being created in $HOME/snap/... but you're still getting a "read-only" error?17:11
CavanThe snap is being created in /snap/zeppelin/current and the logs are being created in /home/cavan/snap/zeppelin/x33. But if thats the way they're meant to be then yes17:13
ogra_yes, that is the location of $SNAP_USER_DATA17:13
ogra_i.e. /home/$USER/snap/$PACKAGENAME/$VERSION17:14
CavanYeah, the file which writes the files needed 'zeppelin-daemon.sh' is returning this everytime I try to run it /snap/zeppelin/x33/bin/zeppelin-daemon.sh: line 180: /snap/zeppelin/x33/zeppelin-cavan-cavan-HP-ENVY-15-Notebook-PC.out: Read-only file system' Is there a way to point it to the $SNAP_USER_DATA to read or a way to create in the main directory?17:17
ali1234heh... snaps are quite big aren't they...17:38
ali1234i'm still trying to figure out if it is even possible for a daemon to play audio17:39
ali1234the funny thing is that the deb package of gmediarender has the same problem... it ships with an init script which doesn't work but if you just run it at a command prompt it works fine17:39
kyrofaCavan, that depends on if the application you're snapping supports that as some sort of config options or cli parameter17:55
kyrofaali1234, daemons aren't session-specific, but I suspect audio is18:10
kyrofa(don't know for sure)18:11
kyrofaSheesh sergiusens, take a day off man18:37
acheronukmay be a simple reason for this, but any help appreciated. see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21546329/18:49
ali1234kyrofa: yes, that's the problem19:14
kyrofaali1234, what if you made it an app and configured it to run at startup, similar to how something like skype or the owncloud client fires up? Neither of those are snaps, but I assume it just uses the .desktop files19:16
kyrofaNot startup sorry-- login19:16
ali1234kyrofa: it won't work because nobody ever logs in to this system19:16
kyrofaali1234, oh interesting. But you want to play audio?19:16
ali1234with uPNP19:16
kyrofaHow would you do that without snaps?19:17
ali1234i don't know19:17
ali1234i would probably rip out all the session permissions management19:18
ali1234or run everything as root19:18
ali1234or something horrible like that19:18
ali1234the point is the system won't even have a monitor19:19
ali1234it will look like a piece of stereo equipment19:19
ali1234another use case would be something like amazon echo or mycroft19:20
ali1234actually doesn't mycroft run on ubuntu?19:22
ali1234how does that play audio?19:24
ali1234no daemons defined19:27
ali1234so... i think there should be a proper way to do this19:28
ali1234i should be able to grab the nase image, install my snap, and have it just work... without having to create users and configure auto login19:29
Son_Gokuzyga, did you finally submit the updates to stable?20:04
Son_Gokuand have you done any work to address the fedora-review feedback?20:05
Son_Gokufor snap-confine20:05
mupPR snapd#1556 closed: asserts: add Assertion.Prerequisites and SigningKey, Ref and FindTrusted <Critical> <Created by pedronis> <Merged by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1556>21:02

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