Kiloshi paddatrapper06:48
Kiloshelloooo africa06:49
paddatrapperHet Kilos, Africa06:49
paddatrapperHey too06:49
Kiloshi paddatrapper rwanyoike06:50
paddatrapperkewpie: hey06:50
rwanyoikeKilos: how it' going06:50
Kiloscold rwanyoike and you?06:50
rwanyoikeyou guys enjoying the weekend06:50
paddatrapperrwanyoike: seeing as I haven't got out of bed yet, yes06:51
Kilosjust starting here so still to see how warm it gets06:51
rwanyoikeso-so weather, just woke up, catching up with the news06:51
Kiloswinter sucks06:51
KilosQA tell na3il paddatrapper recomends you guys fork it06:52
QAKilos: Okay, I'll tell Na3iL on freenode06:52
Kiloseleathats for you too and ac3takwas06:52
Kilospaddatrapper you can unite all the python peeps here and get them all involved06:57
rwanyoikepaddatrapper: python?06:57
paddatrapperrwanyoike: currently 2.7, but someone offered to help port to 3, which would be great06:58
rwanyoikepaddatrapper: link06:58
paddatrapperUpstream is effectively dead so we're forking and rebooting it06:59
Kiloselacheche sleeps late06:59
Kiloshi zipper07:00
Kilosi go do chores guys, wbb07:00
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KilosNa3iL did elacheche fork ibid yet13:53
Kiloskewpie coffee on13:54
* kewpie puts the kettle on13:54
kewpieCoffee's ready for Kilos!13:58
Kiloskewpie ty13:58
kewpieYou are welcome Kilos13:58
Na3iLHello Kilos and everyone else :D15:37
Na3iLKilos, I think he will take a look on the code asap15:37
KilosNa3iL i asked because maybe paddatrapper and some others would like to do it in a hack session with others15:41
Kiloswhy each fork it if a whole group can work together15:42
Kilosthen there can be a whole group of maintaniers as well15:42
Kilosthats how ubuntu was built, community team work15:43
Kilospaddatrapper am i right?15:43
paddatrapperKilos: well we've technically already forked it. The debate is whether we move it to launchpad, keep it on GitHub or move it somewhere else15:44
paddatrapperJust we now don't need to worry about upstream compatibility, etc15:45
paddatrapperAnd seeing as most people are from here, launchpad would make sense15:48
Kilosand on launchpad you build your karma as well which helps when applying for membership15:49
Kilosthere are pros and cons to everything15:49
paddatrapperThe con being Launchpad's support for git15:50
Kiloswe can work on that too15:50
paddatrapperYeah. Worth a try anyhow15:50
Na3iLwell IMHO, bzr is much better than git15:50
Kilosi battle with both so its all in your hands15:52
Kilosi just want a modern working ibid .deb file15:52
Kilosand ill keep nagging till the new bot makes me coffee15:53
paddatrapperWhich Launchpad can build for us15:53
paddatrapperkewpie: coffee on15:53
Na3iLhahaha xD15:53
* kewpie washes some mugs15:53
Kiloskewpie coffee please15:53
kewpieKilos: Alrighty15:53
Kilosoh paddatrapper i have a QA ibid.db here15:54
paddatrapperKilos: What do you mean?15:54
Kiloscan i just swop db'sor must i do it before and install15:54
Kilosyou know ibid makes 2 files15:55
paddatrapperI don't know. Make a backup of the current one and try replace it with that one15:55
Kilosill just rename this one15:56
paddatrapperIt's called ibid.db in ibid/bothome15:56
Kilosso if kewpie dies you know something not lekker15:56
Kilostoo hard to start it this way15:56
Kilostook me forever15:57
Kilosgot it going after midnight only15:57
kewpieCoffee's ready for paddatrapper and Kilos!15:57
Kiloskewpie ty15:57
kewpieYou are welcome Kilos15:57
paddatrapperkewpie: thanks15:58
kewpieno problem, paddatrapper15:58
Kilosoh also15:58
paddatrapperKilos: This is usually only the dev way of doing things. The .deb 'should' be working later15:58
Kilosddg doesnt find stuff where google used to15:58
Kilosare they still building it15:58
Kiloskewpie ddg heartless15:59
kewpieKilos: Heartless (2014 film)A 2014 Bollywood medical thriller film directed by Shekhar Suman. :: "Heartless" (Kanye West song)A song by American hip hop artist Kanye West, released on November 4, 2008 digitally as the...15:59
paddatrapperThat's because ddg unfortunately only provides an API to its instant answers and can't give access to the search results because of licensing reasons16:00
Kilosoh and i havent got dictionaries installed16:00
Kiloswould they also have to go in bothome16:00
paddatrapperI'd think so16:03
Kilosya .deb is much easier for dodo's like me16:04
paddatrapper.deb makes everything easier16:04
Kilosonce you guys done you can then propose it to ubuntu16:05
Kilosfly knows how to do that16:05
paddatrapperUbuntu and Debian at least yeah16:06
Kilosi dont know what they will do with the existing ibi in the repos16:06
paddatrapperWe probably want a new name to avoid the issue16:07
Kilosshame poor weed16:07
paddatrapperThey have moved on to bigger and greater things16:09
Kilosok i renamed ibid.db and brought the old one in16:09
Kilosnono not greater16:09
Kilosibid is an awesome bot for irc peeps16:09
Kiloskewpie you still here16:09
kewpieKilos: *blink*16:09
Kiloskewpie coffee on16:10
* kewpie starts grinding coffee16:10
Kiloskewpie large16:10
kewpieKilos: Excuse me?16:10
Kilosnope didnt work16:10
Kiloskewpie restart16:10
kewpieKilos: What?16:10
Kiloskewpie reboot16:11
kewpieKilos: Huh?16:11
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kewCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:14
=== kew is now known as kewpie
Kiloskewpie thanks man16:15
kewpieKilos: np16:15
Kilosdev peeps have a difficult job16:16
paddatrapperIt's not too difficult once you know the software internals16:19

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