zakihi Kilos10:04
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pavlushkaHello every one!12:19
pavlushkaGood afternoon Kilos !12:19
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: কি অবস্থা?12:19
AudaciousTUXvala na :'(12:20
AudaciousTUXkhai dai ghumai :'(12:21
pavlushkaএর চেয়ে ভাল আর কি চাও?12:22
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: have you encountered ovronil here, recently?12:23
pavlushkaQA tell avroniil that we would love to have him here, and missed him by a tiny little second :)12:25
QApavlushka: I don't know who avroniil is. Say 'avroniil on freenode' and I'll take your word that avroniil exists12:25
pavlushkaQA tell ovroniil that we would love to have him here, and missed him by a tiny little second :)12:25
QApavlushka: Sure, I'll tell Ovroniil on freenode12:25
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: I am fasting the Nafals, condition is good, :312:28
AudaciousTUXnope :(12:32
Kiloshi guys, ill be here jusdt now . just got back from town and still chores to do13:10
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pavlushkaHello kam!16:50
pavlushkaHello kamrul !16:50
Kiloshi pavlushka and others16:53
pavlushkaHello Kilos !16:53
Kilosif we make things exciting for him ash will find the time to be here16:55
pavlushkaKilos: I think the issue is time for him, :|17:04
Kilosthats why i said if he finds something exciting he will make time17:05
Kilosit must be some idea hanging in the back of your head all the time17:05
Kilosflame wars normally attract people17:06
pavlushkaha ha17:18
Kilosoh pavlushka 17:18
Kilosremember that other guy from th foss stuff that was here17:19
Kiloshe can come back17:19
Kilosno that one that rj fights with17:24
pavlushkayes, that's him17:25
Kilosoh yes then him17:25
Kilosi have you so i dont have to remember everything17:25
Kiloshi kamrul 17:26
kamrulhow r u all?17:26
Kilosok ty and you17:26
pavlushkaKilos: i am laughing on other facts on him :p17:26
Kiloswhy havent you told me17:27
kamrulha ha17:27
kamruli have a problem can you solve it?17:27
Kilostell us what the problem is17:28
Kilosif its money dont bother17:28
kamrulno...i have wifi problem..it always automatic disconnect17:29
* pavlushka rofls17:29
Kilospavlushka fix his wifi17:30
pavlushkakamrul: give us a "lspci -nnk" in paste.ubuntu.com17:30
pavlushkakamrul: and then post the link here.17:30
Kiloshave you used lshw pavlushka 17:31
kamruli don't understand what is ispci -nnk?17:31
Kilosls is list17:31
Kilosyou do it in terminal17:32
Kilosthe command will list what is in your pc17:32
pavlushkamy bad kamrul , i thought you are zaki's sys admin friend, :)17:33
kamrulyah..zaki is my roommate..but zaki is busy now so17:34
pavlushkano problem, just paste that result in paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link.17:34
pavlushkakamrul: not this, but result of "lspci -nnk" command from terminal.17:42
pavlushkaKilos: yes i have checked lshw17:43
pavlushkakamrul: but dont use the "" inverted commas17:44
Kilosthose inverted commas messed me around for a long time17:46
pavlushkakamrul: why?17:47
kamrulfor ""17:47
RemonShaiQA coffee please18:02
QARemonShai: There isn't a pot on18:02
RemonShaipavlushka, hi....18:03
Kiloshi RemonShai 18:03
KilosQA coffee on18:03
* QA starts grinding coffee18:03
pavlushkakamrul: try to follow this, https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new/pull/74/commits/8c5ab142e254a709df397d5d3121acc2d783d2d218:04
RemonShaihi Kilos how're u?18:04
Kilosok ty RemonShai and you?18:04
pavlushkakamrul: and if you encounter any issue in the steps, tell us here, :)18:04
pavlushkaHello RemonShai !18:04
RemonShaiKilos, me too... 18:04
RemonShaipavlushka, তারপর .... ভাল আছেন???18:05
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!18:07
KilosQA ty18:07
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos18:07
RemonShaiQA, coffee on18:08
* QA starts grinding coffee18:08
pavlushkaRemonShai: জি ভাল, আপনি?18:08
QACoffee's ready for RemonShai!18:12
RemonShaipavlushka, fine but Flood water is rising . I'm worried my pond full of fish .18:12
pavlushkaRemonShai: fence it by fishnets then, like I did. :p18:15
Kilosdo you guys eat the fish, or just for show18:16
Kilosas in, are they basic carp or the koi variety18:17
pavlushkamy ones are carp, not sure of RemonShai's18:18
Kiloswild carp , same as im big dams and lakes etc?18:18
RemonShaiYet one meter of water will rise , if the pond sink . But the problem is the shower . This gets the chance to break the bank .18:19
Kiloskoi are the fancy ones18:19
RemonShaipavlushka, me too18:20
zakihello everyone :)18:20
Kiloshi zaki 18:20
zakiKilos: how are you? and pavlushka18:21
zakiRemonShai: you too18:21
Kilosok ty and you?18:21
RemonShaifine... zaki 18:22
RemonShaity zaki 18:22
zakii'm little busy, but fine. :)18:22
RemonShaiby the way.... here, anyone use texmaker???18:23
zakiKilos: ddg texmaker18:23
zakikewpie: ddg texmaker18:24
kewpiezaki: "Official site" http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/ :: Free TeX editors :: Linux TeX software18:24
RemonShaii know that site... but i face a problem... & there site, I cann't understand solution.18:25
zakii never use it.18:28
RemonShaizaki, quora math solve the thing of my attention on.18:30
RemonShaizaki, to use normal text editor(libre math)it takes a huge time to type math. but Texmaker/TeX is cool...18:33
kamrulKilos, thanks..18:36
Kilosfor what kamrul 18:37
kamrulfor helping me18:38
Kilosit was pavlad18:38
Kiloswhen i can help i do, but when its too difficult for me i try find someone else to help out18:39
Kilosand pavlushka is getting very good at helping18:39
kamrulyeah,that's sure18:40
Kilosyou see remonshai message18:43
zakiboooom booom18:56
Kilossleep tight banga peeps19:03
zakigood night.19:09
pavlushkaSorry kamrul, power cuts19:15
pavlushkaSo kamrul , does that work?19:21
Guest37817AudaciousTUX, এতো রাইতে কী করো?19:25
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX !19:31
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: কি ঘুমাইতে আইসো?19:32
pavlushkaHello Guest37817 | Rezwan!19:32
AudaciousTUXho :v19:32
AudaciousTUXareh shondhar por ghum dichi19:32
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: কি কর?21:29
AudaciousTUXmahbubul hasan er boita pori21:58
AudaciousTUXapni ratre jaiga ki koren?? :/21:58
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: নফল রোজা , সেজন্য একি routine applied, :p22:49
pavlushkaSee ya guys! bye :)23:15

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