Bashing-omDone for this session; later .04:02
ducassemorning all06:56
OerHeksHi ducasse06:59
ducassehi OerHeks - how are you today?07:00
OerHeksmy dog just ran off with a piece of garlicbread07:02
OerHeksgood, and how do you do?07:02
ducassefine, thanks, just served the cat breakfast and boiled some tea. the first things that need to be done in the morning :)07:04
OerHeksmy dog does not like tea07:06
ducasseseems he (she?) likes garlicbread, though.07:08
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ducasseEriC^^: do you know much about legacy booting with gpt partition layout?11:38
daftykinshe's the boot king :D11:38
daftykinsmorning \o well, afternoon but who's counting :)11:38
EriC^^yeah you need a bios-boot partition for it to work11:38
ducasse\o daftykins, how are things?11:38
EriC^^hey daftykins :D11:39
ducasseEriC^^: we had a guy yesterday, i told him to make one, and it still refused to boot.11:39
ducasseit's known to be problematic, the arch wiki says?11:39
daftykinsmmm not much happening here to be honest, still in bed from the laptop and making plans with friends who are over on the island from England for the weekend, talk of a bbq :D11:39
EriC^^not really11:39
EriC^^did he make it in the first 2tb of the disk?11:39
ducasseEriC^^: 500gb disk, so yes.11:40
daftykinswhy did they make the disk GPT? thats like, a facepalm moment11:40
ducassein the end i told him to switch to uefi mode and reinstall with an efi partition. worked.11:41
ducassedaftykins: the disk was gpt after a windows install, he just deleted the partition.11:41
ducassebut i was curious about why it refused to boot with the bios boot partition.11:42
* daftykins runs off with OerHeks' garlic bread - ah Drabber, you are an excellent decoy11:42
ducassenow you have that for the bbq!11:42
daftykinsi think our friends parents are feeding us for free o011:44
daftykinsyay at being over 30 and still going around school time friends places and being fed for free XD11:44
daftykinsthats life on a small island for you!11:44
ducassemake sure they don't drug the food and sell you into slavery. ;)11:44
BluesKajHiyas all11:48
daftykinshi sir11:49
ducassehi BluesKaj11:49
daftykinshow goes it over there?11:49
BluesKajHi daftykins very well thanks, beautiful day here. How about there?11:50
daftykinsmmm if i'm honest i haven't opened the blinds and looked out yet :D but i hope it's good, theres a bbq planned!11:50
BluesKajBBQ rocks :-)11:51
ducassedaftykins: do you know a good technique for applying thermal paste, or do i just put a small dab in the middle?11:55
EriC^^maybe put all over it12:05
BluesKajoops, mounted transistors etc with thermal paste ..still have a Heathkit AA29 amp built in 1972 in working condition12:07
ducassewhat i'm finding online is very contradictory, i just assumed i shouldn't use too much.12:07
EriC^^really? i've never used one myself but i know about thermal stuff from uni (studied mech engineering) it makes sense that you need the least amount possible but over the whole surface area to remove any discrepencies in the materials12:08
BluesKajwell, you can always doogle, don't think the technique has changed much tho12:08
EriC^^over the whole surface area, but just enough not too much12:09
BluesKajdoogle=google :-)12:10
ducassea couple of tips online said that a dab in the middle would be spread evenly over the service when the cooler is pressed down - i have no idea, that's why i asked :)12:10
BluesKajnot too thick if you spread it, also depends on what kind of surface12:11
EriC^^when in doubt, youtube12:12
ducassethanks, i'll view that.12:12
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daftykinsducasse: sorry i'd fallen asleep D:14:17
daftykinsyeah different people have different methods, i like to use my arctic silver 5 and a knife to spread a thin layer out over the heatspreader, then the leftover on the knife i wipe onto the heatsink contact surface... then i rub that in with a piece of toilet paper or cotton pad to fill up the microscopic gaps in the metal (which discolours it slightly)14:18
daftykinsworks well :>14:18
ducassedaftykins: ok, thanks - i'll try that. the thermal paste i have is noctua nt-h1, it was supposed to be a safe choice :)14:26
ducassei'm mounting a noctua nh-u12s on an i7 4790k, it gets too hot under heavy load with the stock cooler.14:27
daftykinshmm that usually only happens with bad case cooling14:28
daftykinshmm they changed how they do it, it seems!14:30
daftykinsi've seen folks do it that way online14:30
ducassethe temp inside the case is good, and for everything except the cpu when under full load for an extended period of time.14:31
daftykinsheh makes sense, my method was from back in the day before heatspreaders took off...14:31
daftykinswhat are you seeing for temps at max load?14:31
daftykinsjust curious, it always makes sense to have a fancier cooler :)14:32
ducasseup to 80°C14:32
ducasseat normal load it rarely exceeds 30.14:32
daftykinsis that using the on-chip graphics or do you have a discrete card?14:32
ducassei asked in ##hardware, and they said it was pretty common to see that with the stock cooler.14:35
daftykinsthey're idiots in there though14:35
daftykinsi didn't get banned though! i don't go there :D but i know someone who pastes their crazy on a regular basis14:36
ducasseyeah, i asked about thermal paste and got tthe answer "use this much ---> ."14:36
daftykinsoh dear14:36
ducassethat's not very helpful.14:37
ducassethe other things they said about cooling seemed to make sense, as it mirrored what i was reading elsewhere. there were a lot of reports of heating with the 4790k and the stock cooler.14:39
daftykinsah maybe they bundled a bad one with that specific model14:40
daftykinsmy i7 6700 (non-K) is idling in the low to mid 20s, using a discrete graphics card14:40
ducassepossible. it works really well for everything except encoding video, for example :)14:40
ducassemine too.14:40
ducasse(with on-die gpu)14:41
daftykinsooh i worked out how to enable HEVC hardware decode the other day, this huge Sony 4K sample file plays as smooth as now with only 5% CPU load14:41
ducassenice, which gpu?14:42
daftykinsnvidia 1070 :)14:42
ducassethose are actually kinda scary ;)14:42
daftykinsBit rate                       : 75.6 Mbps14:42
daftykinsMaximum bit rate               : 123 Mbps14:42
daftykins1.12GB for a 2 minute sample14:42
daftykinsoh that's 10 bit HDR too14:43
ducasseis this linux or windows?14:43
daftykinswindows with MPC-HC14:43
daftykinsi'd have to have a screw loose to buy cutting edge hardware and then run Linux14:43
ducasseyes, i would think the linux libs lag a little there.14:43
daftykinsi think ffmpeg added full decode support a couple of weeks ago14:44
daftykinsfew snaps of when i got the 1070 there :)14:44
ducassei bought "recent enough" hardware, didn't want to wait 6-12 months for support.14:44
daftykinswith free Haribo!14:44
ducassedear $deity, that card is a *monster*.14:45
daftykinsmmm i thought my 560Ti was chunky back 5 or so years ago14:45
ducassethe only discrete gpu i own is an amd hd5450 :)14:45
daftykinsnow they screw huge metal backplates to them to stop the PCBs warping14:46
ducassebecause heat?14:46
daftykinsnah weight14:46
ducasseah. these chips are getting very impressive, though.14:46
daftykinsnot sure if you read much hardware news, but this thing is an efficiency king - sits here as i'm at the desktop with the fans off and sorta, 35 deg C temps14:46
daftykinsfans only spin up once it warms up to 60 deg C :)14:47
ducassehehe, there was a guy in #ubuntu maybe two weeks back who was *insisting* on buying an amd cpu, and asked for a good mobo that supported a cpu with 220w tdp :)14:48
daftykinsmmm AMD have slipped big time :( it's really sad14:49
daftykinshopefully their new Zen CPUs at the end of the year will be nicer though, good to have competition of course14:49
ducassethose cpus are horrible. *utterly* horrible. i hope zen can keep up, yes.14:50
ducassereally liked amd at one point.14:50
daftykinsi keep looking at the blown caps on this little motherboard (which it turns out still works) and wishing i could solder :D14:52
ducassehehe - i suck at soldering :) what kind of board?14:53
daftykinshttps://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5KPLAM/ super budget old thing14:53
daftykinsooh an ebay special snap - http://i.ebayimg.com/t/ASUS-P5KPL-AM-SE-LGA775-Socket-G31-Intel-Dual-Core-1333-MHz-Motherboard-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/$(KGrHqR,!pwE-)Y0FdzcBP7(MghG)g~~60_57.JPG14:54
ducassei've got one from the same gen, p5b-v i think. still works, but switched off.14:54
daftykinsah har14:54
daftykinsmy theory right now is that the caps blew and then killed one of the RAM modules (which i've sent for a free replacement)14:55
daftykinsthat means both of my 2 core 2 quad machines will have 8GB RAM now :)14:55
ducassewehey! :)14:55
daftykinsright now i still have another core 2 duo 2.8GHz spare though so i've been playing with it in these 3 boards i have left14:56
ducassei've thought about spinning up my c2d again, but power usage...14:56
daftykinsone works but has fried USB from a lightning strike, the one above with the bad caps and another that's totally dead14:56
daftykinsmmm they are quite the tanks now14:56
ducassemine works just fine, but i haven't looked for blown caps or anything lately. it's just in a cupboard in case i suddenly need a backup machine for something..14:58
daftykins*nod* best use probably! i thought this one wasn't POSTing because of the blown caps, but eventually i found this one RAM module was making every board it was in act out14:59
daftykinsso it runs now, but i think it's unwise to use because it'll probably damage components i put in14:59
daftykinsi really struggle to think of the use for a core 2 duo level machine, too...15:00
ducasseme too. i _thought_ about using it with pfsense as a firewall, and bought a mikrotik :)15:00
ducassethe mikrotik stuff is really nice, though, thinking about getting an ap from them.15:02
ducassehmmm... the guy i was helping said he was terminating his x session, and hasn't come back. i guess that didn't work, then :)15:04
daftykinsruh roh15:04
daftykinssounds like your calendar just opened up 8D15:05
ducassehe was doing an upgrade from trusty to xenial, obviously with quite a lot of ppas, and it did _not_ go well. surprise.15:06
daftykinsfancy that :)15:10
ducassei told him 5 hours ago it would be quicker to backup+reinstall, but he's still at it.15:10
ducassenice troll - "fff | When I type MOUNT C C:\ it won't mount the drive"15:13
daftykinshah that sounds like DOSbox15:14
daftykinshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Soldering-Helping-Desolder-Beginners-soldering/dp/B006EXZM28/ this seems tempting15:14
ducassei actually looked at one like that in a local shop, but decided i was much too dangerous with a soldering iron.15:15
ducasseit's tempting to get one plus another rpi + a ton of interesting components, though.15:16
daftykinsdangerous shops to go by :)15:16
ducasseabsolutely. i'd like another rpi for experiments, there's just so much they can be used for.15:19
daftykinsmmm, had fun setting my first one up as the music streamer, i put it on a spare card so i still have the NOOBS card to take a look at15:20
ducassemine is hooked up to the tv, running openelec. decent enough media box, but i'd like something with hevc support.15:22
daftykinsmmm i sit in #kodi and mostly suffer fools that can't even use their Pis15:23
daftykinsi run an Amazon FireTV though for mine these days :) retired the intel atom + nvidia ion1 nettop15:23
ducassehehe, i can *vividly* imagine that :) i was looking at the webox core...15:24
ducassewhenever i look at amazon.co.uk i get a lot of "this seller doesn't deliver to norway", but when i go through sweden they will deliver there.15:27
daftykinsooh you suffer the same as me, mine often says "does not post to Channel Islands"15:27
daftykinswhich is a very rude move15:27
ducassemaybe we're on the "axis of evil".15:27
daftykinswe're a funny land, we hold British passports but when we go to England for university we have to pay the same international tuition fees as someone from Asia might15:28
daftykinsan ex girlfriend was even put in the same accomodation as folks from the far east15:29
ducassebritain is weird :) i've always loved it there, though.15:29
ducassei wonder if it's the sellers or amazon, i've ordered plenty from uk companies over the years without any trouble.15:31
daftykinsyeah i only get it from marketplace sellers, are your postal services perhaps more expensive to cross the border?15:32
ducasseour postal service is expensive, period :)15:33
ducassewhen are you going to the bbq?15:37
daftykinsi live in the capital these days, my friends parents place is on the central west coast, so i'd cross the island at its' skinny part :>15:39
ducassewhich island are you on?15:39
ducasse(i only remembered it was one of them :)15:40
ducassecool :)15:42
ducassehmmm, seems this thunderstorm is getting closer...15:42
daftykinsruh roh!15:44
ducasseneed to get a ups for the file server at some point.15:45
daftykinsthey're great, small investment but nice to have that peace of mind15:46
daftykinsi bought a UK plug to UPS adapter a bit ago too, so now i run my router and switch from it as well15:47
daftykinsquite funny to still be online from my phone or laptop when the island had a power cut the other day15:47
ducassedefinitely, i have surge protectors on everything and a _very_ good electrical system, but i'd hate for that particular box to suddenly lose power.15:48
daftykinsi'd like to submit myself for idiot of the day award16:01
daftykinsassemble the hardware with the lightning fried USB motherboard and attempt to use a USB keyboard to enter the BIOS :D16:02
* ducasse facepalms16:05
ducasseit's embarrasing when things like that happens...16:05
daftykinswow it wants a BIOS update for a core 2 duo16:06
daftykinsand that's no longer possible because USB!16:07
ducassehmmm. can't you do it from cd/dvd?16:07
daftykinsi'd probably have to find a utility that works, then cobble together some bootable media to do it16:08
daftykinslots of work really16:08
ducassemore than it's worth, probably.16:09
ducasseit's fun to fiddle with older hardware, but rarely productive :)16:11
daftykinsjust threw in a spare SSD i put xubuntu on, boots straight in \o/16:11
ducassewhy do people paste in the channel when explicitly told to use a pastebin?16:12
daftykinswell, this thing could still be useful for a secondary file server for someone i know... but not if i have to press F1 to get past this CPU prompt :D16:12
daftykinsidiots :)16:12
ducasseif they don't know what a pastebin is, they can just ask :)16:13
daftykinsthose ones irritate me too, won't even ask about things they don't get16:14
ducassewhen you're asking for help, you should be asking about things you don't understand, right?16:15
daftykinsi mean i'd expect it from the youngsters...16:15
ducassehope he figures out how to use a pastebin soon, i need to make dinner..16:16
ducasseoh god, he has now posted it on a pastebin and asks what i can see *without posting the url* :)16:17
daftykinsyep you have to guess the paste ID16:18
daftykinswhat do you mean it'll take forever? :D16:18
ducasseok, paste.ubuntu.com/0000001 - nope, that's not it, 0000002, nope...16:19
daftykinsthis is a good method, i'll install server from another PC then transplant the disk16:21
ducassethis guy has a bad apt situation, but i think i'll start meking dinner and hope someone else can help - /me need to feed :)16:25
\9it would appear that you can't install in efi mode without an efi partition...17:15
Bashing-omThat is a fact ^, due to how the firmware looks for the boot code .17:16

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