aviscan i please be unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic.  the last two times i am banned from there is is for extended periods of time that is never warraranted for the offense.  can you please docuement that ?  thanks02:51
elkyif he would stick around for more than 6 seconds we'd be able to talk to him03:58
elkywait i can't math. 5 seconds.03:58
avisthe time before last i was banned from #ubuntu-offtopic it was for ever 6 months.  all i could think in my head was -- how could they justify this long of a ban.  further i am banned now and they simply didn't like my respectful language syntax.  thank you04:19
avisplease consider unbanning me04:19
Unit193+b @pdpc/supporter/student/avis$##fix_your_connection04:26
elky3 seconds this time.05:48
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