crayonhi, why am i banned from the main chan?00:23
elky^ no idea01:04
elkycrayon: no idea, you pinged out just over an hour ago and i see no bans. did you try joining again?01:22
crayonthanks elky, in now...02:06
aviscan i please be unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic.  the last two times i am banned from there is is for extended periods of time that is never warraranted for the offense.  can you please docuement that ?  thanks02:50
ubottuIn #ubuntu, TheLawyer said: ubottu: that is not clear enough for me, what is apt-clone?05:25
ubottuducasse called the ops in #ubuntu (vlan2)09:15
ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu-mate (Guest79828)18:34

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