lucas_aiWhat's a very fast browser for linux that I can use really fast with keyboard shortcuts, not much with the mouse? I wanna increase productivity.02:53
sarnoldlucas_ai: a friend told me about this, but I couldn't figure out how to run it http://edbrowse.org/02:56
sarnoldlucas_ai: I use pentadactly for firefox, but it's chronically not functioning after firefox updates, and you have to run it from git... maybe search for it and then figure out something -else-. I can't, I'm too used to pentadactyl now. some day when I have to switch life is goign to be terrible for a few months.02:57
hallynsarnold: i'm back to using vimperator (which pentadactyl was the new version of)04:53
hallynit has a few downsides, but at least it always works04:54
lucas_aiI made a simple service and put it in /etc/init.d/potentialstudio ... why am I getting this error: Failed to start potentialstudio.service: Unit potentialstudio.service not found.05:10
lucas_aiI made a simple service and put it in /etc/init.d/potentialstudio ... why am I getting this error: Failed to start potentialstudio.service: Unit potentialstudio.service not found.05:48
Seveaslucas_ai: /etc/init.d is obsolete, make a proper systemd unit file.06:15
lucas_ai_my systemd unit is working now, but how do I make it start when booting Ubuntu? when I do "sudo service potentialstudio enable", I get "potentialstudio: unrecognized service"07:27
ikoniathat is not how you manage systemd07:36
ikoniaman systemctl07:40
lucas_aiI'm on Ubuntu server 16.04 with unity, and I can't log into an XFCE session. There's no option in the login screen!08:00
lucas_aiI literally can't find a way online.08:02
lucas_aiAfter installing xubuntu-desktop and rebooting, I have XFCE+Unity as default. I can't find a way to use gnome+Unity again. The settings icon in the login screen doesn't exist. Any ideas?08:23
lucas_aiHow do I start my script or service when booting up?08:51
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thenewonehi guys12:53
thenewonewhen i try to install something i get this error12:53
thenewonefiles list file for package 'linux-headers-4.4.0-31-generic' is missing final newline12:53
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alnri'm trying to patch openssl on xenial for CVE-2016-2107 (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-2107.html) my system reports openssl 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.1 as newest,  but the vulnerability remains even that that page purports that 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.1 should cover it. is there a later version available?16:09
patdk-lap2how did you test that you are affected by cve-2016-2107?16:14
patdk-lap2and did you restart your server, or atleast all services that use openssl after you upgraded?16:15
alnrpatdk-lap2: i did restart the server. i'm using sslabs.com as the test.16:36
alnralso https://filippo.io/CVE-2016-2107/16:44
gbakerI have a question about SSD's seem slow for buffered disk reads being in a raid0. Anyone have experience with this?18:12
bekksDefine "seems slow" and elaborate on your benchmarking please. :)18:12
gbakerJust used hdparm and cached is 12149.30 MB/sec and buffered is 838.09 MB/sec18:13
bekkshahahahahdparm :)18:14
cncr04ssounds about right, I get up to 900MB/s reads18:14
gbakeryeah, but it's been a few years since I've been on a 1/2 decent machine. I have to leave MS... ugh on my desktop for app specific reasons :(18:15
bekksThen why do you use the most useless benchmarking tool ever?18:16
gbakerlast time I was using linux not in a VM has been a few years...18:17
cncr04syou are unlikley to reach full saturation of your two 6G sata channels, mabye get sas drives or get a m.2 slot or pci ssds18:17
gbakerIt's 4 m.2 drives18:18
gbakerI should state this is a laptop.18:18
gbakerSo I do expect differences18:18
cncr04sthen u got a problem, as good single m.2 ssd get me 2000mb/s+18:18
bekksThe DISK, not the controllers in a laptop...18:19
gbakerThats what I figured. It should be faster18:19
bekksIf you really want to benchmark your disk, use a benchmarking tool, and constraints that result in benchmarking the disk, not your memory.18:19
bekksForget. about. hdparm.18:19
gbakerSuggestion on best one to try?18:20
bekksdd and testfile sizes larger than your RAM.18:20
bekksand a blocksize which is at least your filesystem blocksize.18:21
gbakerwith dd it's  2.70247 s, 795 MB/s18:22
bekks"with dd". Which exact dd command did you use?18:22
cncr04sI have a feeling your slots are just using sata channels18:23
gbaker"dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test1.img bs=32G count=1 oflag=dsync"18:23
bekksCool, so you benchmarked your CPU.18:23
bekksYou benchmarked how fast it can generate zeros.18:23
bekksand bs=32G is nonsense, since your filesystem does not use 32G blocks.18:23
bekksand oflag=dsync is even more nonsense, since you want to benchmark your disk, not synchronous writes.18:24
cncr04sdd if=/dev/zero of=/swap bs=1M count=1024 is what I use18:24
gbakerJust seeing most sites posting hdparm stuff still... Ill try that18:24
bekksYou are benchmarking your CPU too.18:25
bindidd bs=1M count=256 if=/dev/zero of=test conv=fdatasync18:25
bekksgbaker: millions of flies cant be wrong? :)18:25
bekksevery benchmark using /dev/zero for reading will benchmark your CPU-18:25
cncr04sso what18:25
gbaker268435456 bytes (268 MB, 256 MiB) copied, 0.312221 s, 860 MB/s18:25
binditaken from https://romanrm.net/dd-benchmark18:26
bekksBenchmarking your CPU isnt benchmarking your dis.18:26
cncr04sbut I always max my disk speed18:26
gbakerusing bindi's command18:26
bekkscreate a file larger than your RAM using dd if=/dev/urandom ... - then benchmark your disk using that file.18:27
cncr04screating random data is even worse then 0's18:27
bekksYeah, and you arent benchmarking that file creation...18:27
gbakerShould I use something like double the ram?18:28
bekksgbaker: No. Just larger than your RAM is sufficient.18:28
cncr04sI never need to do that18:28
bekksBecause you always benchmarked your RAM.18:28
cncr04sram speed is 20GBPS18:29
cncr04sor more18:29
bekksDid you benchmark that, too? :)18:29
cncr04sthis guy18:29
cncr04sdon't listen to him18:30
bekksCool, the old strategy to tell people "dont listen to him" when running out of facts.18:30
cncr04swhatever file you create it has to end up going through the cpu and ram18:30
cncr04sso his points suck18:30
gbakerlol, every site has conflicting info. So I'm used to it :)18:30
bekkscncr04s: If you have no clue what I am talking about, how do you decide wether my point is wrong? That would be interesting to know18:31
gbakerI just felt that it seemed slow for 4 x M.2 drives but at the same time not many people are also doing this on a laptop either.18:31
cncr04syou don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about either18:31
bekkscncr04s: I do understand what you are talking about, but you are denying facts-18:32
bekksSo there is no point in trusting you.18:32
gbakerIt's ok, I was sent over from #ubuntu because of my setup so it was more confusing over there.18:34
cncr04sgbaker: your speeds indicate a bottleneck in either your drives speed, but more likley the interface they are using, probably using sata channels.18:34
gbakercncr04s: I believe that is the issue, but still seemed a bit slow.18:35
cncr04sI get around the same speeds with two ssds in raid0, they are sata 6G18:36
gbakerI first installed using mdadm as I read on several sites that it is the preferred way. But that seemed to reduce speeds.18:37
gbakerOne more quick question... every post I've seen is about a year old or older for Nvidia and mobile gpu's for SLI. Has anyone ever heard if they ever plan on adding support for SLI for mobile gpu's?18:40
cncr04swhat is the seed of one or two18:40
cncr04sbtw using 4 drives in raid0 is just asking for trouble imho18:41
gbakerYeah, but I use 5th drive for backup of /home and a few other directories.18:42
gbakerI did have it in raid 10 for a bit but it was a nightmare getting that set up.\18:42
cncr04sraid10 is the best18:43
gbakerYeah, but I was getting so many issues when I set it up. Kept having issues with having to install Nvidia drivers on live disk before I could start install or it would hang and after I figured that out I ran into several other issues. Took a week to get all of the tweaks I needed to do with getting that set up.18:45
cncr04sif your booting from it, you would typically set the raid up during installation, any sort of nvidia drivers don't apply to that step, not sure waht you mean18:46
gbakerOn live disk I had to do it from the desktop installer. Using the desktop installer It took me a bit to figure it out but unless I installed nvidia drivers on the live disk and restart xserver then start install it would hang.18:48
gbakerLike I said. Getting this thing set up was an odd one. It's a laptop so I expected a few issues on getting it running and quite new hardware, but I'm fairly persistent.18:50
cncr04smdadm -v --create /dev/md0 --level=raid10 --raid-devices=4 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd118:51
gbakerOn MSI's forums for this laptop I've only read a few that said that they were trying to install linux and couldn't find anyone that succeded. :)18:51
gbakerOh I know how to create raid using mdadm.18:52
cncr04syour in ubuntu-server so I've never really used it for desktop purposes or with a gfx card18:52
gbakerI know but reg chan suggested server because of my setup was confusing to them. Not many laptops with 5 SSD drives18:53
gbakerand most couldn't answer raid questions.18:54
cncr04smy laptop only has one connector18:55
cncr04sits not that old lol18:55
gbakerThis thing is a big beast.18:55
gbaker18.4 inch screen...18:56
gbakerShould have seen me take it on a plane... It didn't fit in the x-ray trays. And TSA gave me some odd looks and made me fully boot it up.19:00
cncr04smy laptop was a waste of $19:00
cncr04sI never use it19:00
gbakerI got a MSI-GT80-Titan-2QE and upgraded it quite a bit.19:01
gbakerSeems a bit much for a laptop but I was spending 75% of my time at my grandmas taking care of her because she is 93 and didn't want to feel like I was stuck on a laptop.19:03
gbakerI miss my old AIX admin days.19:04
gbakerLaptops last years for me, it's cellphones that seem to be a waste for my money. I can't get a year out of them before I do something stupid and break them. 2 months is my shortest time before I destroyed one.19:11
cncr04sI <3 servers, phones don't do server stuff, hold no interest with me.20:30
gbakerlol. I only use for that emergency call I've been expecting for several years.20:33
gbakerLast one I broke I had an audience and it was embarrassing. I accidentally drop kicked it across 2 lanes of traffic into a curb.20:35
gbakerSpeaking of servers I picked up 40 nice server fans at a thrift store about a month ago for $5. Un used and boxes still sealed.20:36
cncr04swhat kind of fans20:37
gbakergfb1212vhw delta fan20:38
cncr04si'll buy all 40 for 10$, a nice 100% profit for you.20:38
gbakerI want to keep a few and sell the rest. The airflow is great and they are fairly quiet.20:39
cncr04sI didnt think about noise when I got my 2u20:40
cncr04sthe others I have are in server rooms so I don't care, but this one I got in my room20:40
gbakerYeah, I usually don't pay attention until I had the old seagate 10k rpk scsi drives, sounded like an airplane taking off :)20:42
gbakerI kinda miss it but it could get loud20:43
bekksHave you ever heard a Oracle M5000 powering up - or a T7? :)20:44
gbakerI remember the IBM S80's winding up. I miss that.20:45
bekksThe lovely sounds of an entire airport :)20:46
gbakerYes :)20:47
gbakerI joked about that with a coworker when I said it sounded a lot like the M1 Abrams starting up back when I was in the Army.20:48
bekksPretty quiet, those Abrams :D20:49
gbakerI really wanted to have one as a everyday driver, but they do eat quite a bit of fuel. But I wouldn't worry if people cut me off.20:51
bekksyou wouldnt even notice :)20:51
gbakerAfter seeing a Humvee take more damage than the honda civic it hit on post I felt less secure about military vehicles.20:53
bekksWell, the Humvee is more like a limousine with camouflage.20:54
gbakerIf that. The way the fan is set up for the radiator if you hit water anything faster than 2 mph the cheap plastic blades would break off.20:55
bekksDoesnt sound like a Skunkworks invention :P20:56
gbakerOne of my best memories was learning how to use the old punch card programming... in the 90's. Only because they still had some operating.20:58
gbakerScariest part was my dad was in some of the training videos, and he was quite a bit older than my mom. (13 years older) It felt like quantum leap.21:00

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