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cariveriHello there. OTA-12 offers a mobile data switch in the connectivity settings. but what does it do?07:35
cariveriaccording to the commit log Pete Woods has built it.07:36
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goldwHello guys13:21
goldwthere is developers ubuntu touch? ;)13:22
goldwI'll be here13:24
faenilgoldw: hello14:07
goldwI have a little question there14:11
goldwI try to install touch ubuntu on pro 5 meizu14:11
goldwI have a problem14:11
goldwdoes not show the keyboard))14:12
goldwI do not know what to do with this problem14:12
faenilso you successfully installed Ubuntu Touch on an Android Pro5?14:13
goldwhow to fix a keyboard problem?14:13
faenilwhich tutorial did you follow?14:14
faenilI've never tried as I don't have Pro514:14
faenilbut you can check /var/log/syslog to see if there are any keyboard-related errors, or have a look at /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/maliit-server.log (doublecheck path as I've just typed it)14:15
goldwI followed these instructions14:15
faenilI can have a look at your /var/log/syslog if you paste it on pastebin.ubuntu.com14:15
faenil(I'm about to leave)14:15
goldwOf course I can do it14:17
goldwnow I try the latest test version14:17
goldwubuntu-touch / testing / meizu.en14:17
faenilgoldw: no you should go with ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en14:17
faenilgoldw: either rc-proposed or stable14:17
faenilnothing else, afaik14:17
goldwIf the problem is not corrected14:17
goldwI can send you the log14:17
faeniljust don't use testing, at least I don't know what images "testing" has14:18
goldwthank you very much ;)14:18
faenilrc-proposed is the one to use for bleeding edge, and stable for the last stable OS version14:18
faenilno problem!14:18
faenilI'm leaving now, feel free to ping me back later or tomorrow ;)14:19
goldwok all the best14:19
faenilto you too!14:21
JakesDenCan someone help port Ubuntu touch to my device?14:57
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ahoneybuncan someone please remove fmulcar@hotmail.es from the ubuntu-phone list?17:03
mimecarhave you also read your messages right?17:13
mr_rcollinsOk, now that OTA-12 is out, I'm putting Ubuntu back on my M10.17:50
mr_rcollinsBut one question, is there a sleep mode, like a laptop?17:50
mr_rcollinsI don't need it to try to save power when I'm not using it.17:51
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DPAHi, I have a Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu edition, and I try to find out which parts of my phone are /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1. /dev/fb0 seams to be the camera on the back of my phone, but I haven't found out what fb1 is. I also wonder, why the size of the framebuffer fb1 is 0x0 (the content of /sys/class/graphics/fb1/virtual_size is "0,0").19:44

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