daftykinstwo quad cores with 8GB RAM, could be good to get some console only pals into PC gaming if we ever switch!00:00
diddledantime for me to jump in the hay. hit the sack. that kinda thing00:00
daftykinsno biting its' nose!00:00
diddledanquite hard00:00
daftykinsnn sir \o00:00
daftykinsand then there were two00:01
daftykinszmoylan-pi: i'll race your Pi with my Pi!00:01
zmoylan-pimine is ancient pi-b00:01
diddledanhint: arsenic reduces the population well00:01
daftykins* arsenip00:01
zmoylan-pisleep well diddledan00:01
diddledanand then it'll be a case of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA5jsa1lR9c00:02
diddledanI really think that song is sick with the line "gonna make love to your baby". wtf?!00:03
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:21
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DJonespopey: I mentioned that Anatine twitter client the other day, been trying it out today and I'm impressed, I'd put it the top of the list for standalone twitter clients on Ubuntu16:30
diddledanDJones: it looks like it's mostly just a wrapper around twitter.com16:56
DJonesYeah thats how I understand it as well, but seems better than most16:59
DJonesdiddledan: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/07/anatine-desktop-twitter-app-electron17:02
DJonesDespite looking every inch the desktop app Anatine is — don’t groan — an Electron-based wrapper around the mobile Twitter website.17:02
webpigeonanyone know why all of the apt-get surgestions now only read apt: "ie. Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them."?18:09
webpigeonhi o/18:11
SuperEngineerLast night I upgraded 14.04 to 16.04 - easiest & non-hassle of all the Ubuntu upgrades so far.  Very pleased, congrats to all involved - and double thanks to all the bug hunters from 16.04 allowing 16.04.118:53
SuperEngineeronly "problems" encountered - old printer driver said incorrect configuration" and would'nt allow printing.  So I readded the printer, off the system went to find me an updaated driver, down;oaded, installed, printing working agsin... s'imples. Thank you all.18:56
penguin42SuperEngineer: Out of curiosity what was the printer?18:58
SuperEngineer[even had an unexpected "resiliance test" when 1 hout after upgrade completed and I was using the system... total area wide instant power cut!  - restarted system this morning.... perfek!  ;-)18:59
SuperEngineerpenguin42: printer was/is Epson XP 41218:59
penguin42SuperEngineer: Was that an Ubuntu standard driver or one that was installed from an Epson site/disk?19:00
SuperEngineerUbuntu found the driver at Epdson.. told me it was proprietory and gave me the choice to install or not to install.  One day I'll get me a printer with open [as in FOSS] driver!19:01
penguin42ah ok19:02
penguin42SuperEngineer: It's actually getting harder; latest Samsung wouldn't work with the open driver19:02
SuperEngineerthat's bad news19:02
SuperEngineerAnd, things get better... at long last psensor now shows me hard disk temps... could previously only get these from disk utilty or command line.19:06
SuperEngineerboth hard disks now displaying temperature in psensor :-)19:06
SuperEngineer[could never get it to do that before on my AMd dpu'd sys]19:08
SuperEngineerLetter to powe company? "Dear power company, if you ever do that again - I'll 'av the lot of ya!!!]"   phew, that was too close to the upgrading itself.19:20
penguin42yeh that would be more interesting to recover from19:21
SuperEngineerpenguin42: you have a wicked sense of humour19:21
penguin42oh yes, I'm truly evil19:25

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