Kilosmorning everyone06:25
paddatrapperMorning Kilos 06:41
Kiloshi paddatrapper we freezing here today06:41
Kiloswater all iced06:41
Kilosdont forget na3il will help with a total rewrite to python 3 hey06:42
Kilosand elacheche also showed interest06:42
paddatrapperAi! Sun is shining here 06:43
Kilosyour one works fin though but i think the venv think makes it slower, is that right06:43
Kiloshow is your flu?06:43
Kilosfingers frozen here06:44
paddatrapperAwesome. Definitely think we should just fork it then and maintain it ourselves seeing as no one that side is bothering 06:44
paddatrapperIt's subsiding. Managed to sleep through last night which was awesome 06:44
Kiloswonderful, cheche said last night he will fork it06:44
Kilosmy flu has hung on for 4 months now06:45
Kiloseyes stuck closed this morning for the first time06:45
paddatrapperWhich channel was that conversation on? Can't find it 06:46
paddatrapperEish... That's not nice 06:46
Kilosoh and you forgot paddatrapper 06:46
Kilosyou will see kewpie there06:47
paddatrapperI don't recognize that nick... 06:47
Kilosbut when i do start meeting she says cracks his knuckles06:47
paddatrapperAh yeah... 06:47
Kiloswhich nick06:48
paddatrapperNeed to add it to the config 06:48
Kilosshe your bot running here on lappy06:48
paddatrapperAwesome. Had any issues with minutes? I've had one or two errors with writing them to the database 06:49
Kilosi havent got that far06:50
superflypaddatrapper: you converting ibid to py3? 06:51
paddatrappersuperfly: seems like the best way forward, though I'm not sure how the hacked together SQLAlchemy db setup will handle it 06:52
superflyYa, they hacked SQLAlchemy a bit. I should take a look. 06:52
superflypaddatrapper: I think that was for database migrations, you might be able to just use alembic instead 06:53
paddatrapperAwesome. Yeah tumbleweed was amazed I could port it to a newer SQLAlchemy version at all... 06:53
Kiloshi superfly is it my imagination or is the venv thing slower than a .deb install06:53
superflyKilos: it's your imagination 06:54
Kiloslol ok06:54
Kiloslots more work though06:54
paddatrappersuperfly: I don't have much experience with the different SQL frameworks, so I'll take your word for it 06:54
paddatrapperKilos: yup that's why it's usually just for dev setup 06:55
superflypaddatrapper: alembic is a migration system built on to of SQLAlchemy 06:55
superflyWe use it in OpenLP 06:55
paddatrapperOk cool. Sounds promising 06:55
paddatrapperDoes anyone know of launchpad supports git? May be a better place for development if the majority of devs come from here 06:57
superflypaddatrapper: maybe we should organise a hack day 06:57
superflypaddatrapper: it does, although I'm not sure how well 06:58
paddatrappersuperfly: definitely :) 06:58
Kilosseems a few of the africa guys will get involved06:59
Kiloschores and sheep time. wbb07:00
superflyI should probably get out of bed sometime 07:04
superflyTalking of out of bed... Morning magespawn 07:11
magespawnnice superfly07:12
ra1v3nGood Morning all07:24
paddatrappermorning magespawn, ra1v3n 07:26
ra1v3nmorning paddatrapper 07:27
Kiloshi magespawn ra1v3n 08:06
Kilosmorning chesedo 08:07
ra1v3nhello Kilos08:07
chesedomorning oom Kilos08:07
ra1v3nkilos how can one easily verify the contents of a written dvd against files on hdd08:07
Kilossjoe ra1v3n 08:09
Kilosi dunno how you verify from one to the other08:10
Kilosbut to check or sort dvds i think ddrescue08:10
ra1v3nok I shal continue to google08:10
Kilosor handbrake 08:10
Kilosi forget08:10
ra1v3nI will look at ddrescue thanx08:14
ra1v3nhandbrake is for video conversion08:15
ra1v3nThank you that resolves a different problem I was having08:18
Kilosyay that was luck08:19
Kilosill be afk for some hours08:19
KilosMaaz watch them08:19
MaazOK Kilos I'll keep an eye on them for you08:19
ra1v3nciao 4 now Kilos 08:23
Sicelogreat background, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p39pERjIqAg#t=48m59s09:01
LangjanHi Kilos gaan dit goed Boet?10:06
LangjanKilos, Sportron promised that the parcel would be at the van der Hoff rd address by yesterday - do you know if it arrived?  10:56
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest13413
=== Guest13413 is now known as pavlushka
Kilosai! no one even told jan im afk13:10
Kilosjust got back and still chores to do13:11
magespawnhey Kilos 13:14
Kiloshi magespawn 13:14
Kilosnow gotta go lock up sheep and lions playing the highlanders13:15
paddatrapperKilos: lots to do, so little time 13:19
magespawnhey Kilos had to restart13:49
Kilosjust got back from sheep chores , but at least lions leading13:51
Kilosyeah paddatrapper so little time13:52
magespawnwhat is the score?13:54
Kilos17/6 in our favour13:55
Kilosgo lions13:55
Kilossecond semi final, so this decides if we make it into the finals13:56
Kilosother 3 teams all NZ teams13:56
magespawnwow hectic, would they get a home game for the next one if they win?13:59
Kilosi think so13:59
paddatrapperNo, Hurricanes have a home final unfortunately14:00
paddatrapperBecause they thrashed the Chiefs14:01
magespawnwho won the first semi?14:01
paddatrappermagespawn: Hurricans14:01
Kilosgo lions14:13
magespawnthanks paddatrapper 14:15
Kiloslions into the final against the hurricanes14:35
magespawnhey Kilos back again, score?15:14
Kilos42/30 final  score magespawn 15:14
Kiloswe have a team in the finals15:14
magespawncool beans, so they are off the nz15:14
Kilosthats the hard part15:15
Kilosno time to acclimatise15:15
magespawnright, chat later.15:27
Kilossjoe, long time no flamewar here17:06
Kilosinetpro you busy?17:07
Kilossleeping or watching tv or what?17:07
paddatrapperThey all out celebrating the Lions probably 17:08
Kilosthe fly once told me geeks dont do sport17:09
Kilosmaybe his mind is changing now17:09
paddatrapperHaha 17:57
pavlushkacan anyone tell me which part is the driver code here, https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new/pull/74/files ?18:16
pavlushkaand Hello everyone!18:18
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:04
d`_`bwhen you blindly "sudo do-release-upgrade"... yolo!20:24
=== ludo is now known as d`_`b
d`_`bpainless :D21:13
pavlushkad`_`b: is it in effect? the do-release-upgrade thing? no need to sudo though for that.21:23
d`_`bit's finshed, wrestling a bit with my erlang pacakges but otherwise all just seem perfect.21:34
pavlushkawow, See ya ZA!23:13
pavlushkaand d`_`b !23:14

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