Shadow_7WIthout "true" for bitmap fonts, I cannot use face names for custom fonts with xclock00:00
OerHeksMitchell92,  With Chrome 46 you'll need to click the mic, Google killed the feature because very few users were speaking to their computers. Privacy concerns were also an issue,00:01
Shadow_7Under debian, dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config lets me choose in a dialog to use bitmap fonts.  Under ubuntu, there is not such output or option.00:01
OerHeksnow it listens 5 seconds00:02
Mitchell92ok. i'm looking to use it for text messages, not phone calls... i have an obitalk voip adapter that i use for that number.00:02
OerHeksgoogle hangout?00:04
danielthebagueBashing-om, thanks for your help anyway!! and good night00:06
Debianppthow do you install a package that is still in testing in ubuntu?00:13
OerHeksDebianppt, in testing/in proposed?00:16
Debianpptnot sure it is hexchat-otr00:16
Debianppti thought it was testing00:16
OerHekshmm i find it in next release, yakety http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=hexchat-otr00:17
xanguaYou are not in Kansas anymore00:17
Debianpptyes how do i download that one oerheks00:19
Debianpptwhat you mean next ubuntu major release?00:19
OerHekssee that url00:19
Debianpptyes i saw it00:20
OerHeksstrange, as their github https://github.com/adhux/hexchat-otr is 2 years ago, and gives a link to cypherpunks00:20
Debianpptim new to ubuntu00:20
Debianpptsimply downloading source should work right oerheks00:20
reisioDebianppt: what are you talking about testing00:20
OerHeksor is it this one? https://github.com/TingPing/hexchat-otr00:21
Debianppti want to download the ubuntu testing package hexchat-otr00:21
reisioDebianppt: there is no such thing as ubuntu testing00:21
reisioDebianppt: where is this package you're talking about?00:21
Debianppttingpin said this one http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/hexchat-otr00:21
Debianpptthat package00:21
Debianppthow do i download that00:22
OerHekshttp://packages.ubuntu.com/source/yakkety/hexchat-otr build it yourself then, i have no clue why it is not available in supported releases00:22
reisioDebianppt: links at bottom left00:22
reisioprobably got lost in xchat->hexchat shuffle00:22
Debianpptlinks to what00:23
reisioyou can get xchat-otr for 12.04, for example00:23
Debianpptwhat should i look for00:23
reisioDebianppt: downloads00:23
Debianpptsimply download and run?00:23
reisiokind of00:23
reisioDebianppt: what version of ubuntu are you on?00:23
Debianpptthe latest00:23
TechspectreIf a server has a RAID controller failure that somehow wipes the drives, is it possible that data may be recoverable with ddrescue?00:23
reisioDebianppt: that isn't a version00:23
Debianpptyes it is00:23
reisioTechspectre: not if it actually wiped them, no00:24
reisiowiped is wiped00:24
Debianpptwhatever the latest is that is the version :P00:24
Debianppthang on00:24
reisioTechspectre: if it merely destroyed the filesystems/partition table in some trivial way, possibly00:24
Techspectrereisio, that sounds like a more likely scenario00:24
reisioDebianppt: that differs depending on how informed you are :D00:24
reisioTechspectre: yes most likely00:24
reisioTechspectre: for example if your raid merely folded, which is what all raids do00:25
Debianpptreisio i just upated like 4 days ago buddy :)00:25
reisioDebianppt: to what? :p00:25
Debianpptwhat is the command prompt for version00:25
reisioDebianppt: cat /etc/*release* /etc/*version*00:25
Debianpptdid not work00:26
Debianpptyour going to find out i have the latest version00:26
Debianpptassume i have the lastest version00:27
Debianpptwhat is the instructions00:27
AdamEternalHey, I want to install Xubuntu, but I also want to keep my Windows XP OS for when I need it. How do I partition my hard drive for this when installing Xubuntu? http://i.stack.imgur.com/cuCJm.jpg00:27
Debianpptanyone know how to tell me to install this package http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/hexchat-otr00:27
AdamEternalIf I partition my hard drive, does it wipe my current OS?00:30
alchemistswlAdamEternal depends. I take you have WIN as your primary?00:31
AdamEternalalchemistswl What is WIN?00:31
alchemistswlWindows, sorry.00:32
AdamEternalWindows. Yes.00:32
roothorickwhy does do-release-upgrade want to remove aptitude?00:32
alchemistswlJust use the path way that Ubuntu suggest when you already have Microsoft Windows installed?00:32
roothorickfor that matter, why can't it lease alone Kodi and let me fix that later?00:32
AdamEternalWhat pathway? What step of installation is that?00:32
AdamEternalIs it somewhere on the step I linked?00:33
AdamEternalI know next to nothing about Linux.00:33
alchemistswlNormally if you install Ubuntu over the graphical installer, it will see that you already have Windows installed, you check that box to keep both.00:34
AdamEternalalchemistswl When I click "New Partition Table...", it says something about wiping the current partition table. Does that mean it'll wipe my current OS or something?00:35
AdamEternalWhat is a partition table?00:35
alchemistswlYes it will wipe that current partition table. Meaning all the partitions you have on your disk, get wiped.00:35
alchemistswlBut like I said if you use the graphical installer, it should detected that you have Windows already installed and lets you choose to keep both.00:36
AdamEternalSo what is a partition table?00:36
alchemistswlAdamEternal the partition table says how your whole HDD is partitioned00:37
AdamEternalSo if you get rid of the partition table, everything will meld together?00:37
alchemistswlFor a "normal" user, this means basically loss of all data00:38
AdamEternalLoss of all data. Shit.00:38
OerHeksif you don't have a backup of your data, it is not important.00:39
alchemistswlTheorethically you if you didnt say "yes" to "Write partitioning changes to desk" you are still away from data loss. I dont know what exactly you want to do. So I just do guess work here.00:39
alchemistswldisk I mean00:40
AdamEternalI want to use Xubuntu while keeping Windows XP on the side, but I don't have the installation disk for Windows XP. That's pretty much what I'm going for.00:41
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roothorickXP? Why?00:41
AdamEternalBecause that's all I have atm.00:41
AdamEternalIt is the reason I'm trying to safely install Xubuntu.00:42
alchemistswlwhat step are you at at the moment?00:42
alchemistswlwhat does your screen say to you?00:42
AdamEternalI got to this step. http://i.stack.imgur.com/cuCJm.jpg00:42
AdamEternal"Installation type."00:42
AdamEternalBrb, parrents calling.00:43
alchemistswlif you go back what does it say?00:43
roothorickkeep that machine off the Internet...00:43
AdamEternalGo back?00:43
AdamEternalShould it be different if I go back?00:44
AdamEternalThe Windows XP machine I'm talking about is what I'm using to talk to you, so I'd have to disconnect for a bit.00:45
BrianBrokeep it00:46
AdamEternalKeep my machine Windows XP?00:46
cfhowlettusing an unsupported OS with zero virus protection?  what could go wrong?00:47
AdamEternalI do need Windows XP for some programs and games, but I also want Xubuntu for that reason.00:47
cfhowlettdual boot.  easy to do.00:48
AdamEternalDon't I need to install Xubuntu and keep Windows XP in order to dual boot?00:48
cfhowlettthat is the definition of dual boot. dual = 200:49
AdamEternalOkay, so I just need to install Xubuntu and keep Windows XP.00:49
roothorickdo-release-upgrade could really handle PPAs better. There's no reason to nuke the system.00:49
reisiothere's usually an 'install alongside' option00:49
AdamEternalI thought there would be, but I never came across one when I tried.00:50
xanguaroothorick: that's why it's recommended to undo PPAs before you update00:50
AdamEternalI'll have another look and see if I missed something.00:51
reisiowhat's why? His notion that it should be handled better? I think not :p00:51
reisioroothorick: what happens, exactly? I don't use PPAs00:52
roothorickxangua: easier said than done00:53
roothorickreisio: it disables them completely and tries to remove every package that came from a PPA00:54
reisiothat is odd, wonder why it does that00:54
roothorickcrap. ppa-purge just wrecked my laptop.00:56
roothoricknow apt wants to remove half of gnome00:56
xanguaWhat PPAs?00:56
roothorickI had one for GCC 4.9 and etc00:56
roothorickstill had the system on the official, what was it 4.6 or whatever00:57
roothorickit clobbered the system anyway00:57
roothorickI'm going from LTS to LTS, it's supposed to be cleaner than this mess00:58
xanguaWhat other etc PPAs?00:59
xanguaYou're also supposed to not add a thousand PPAs :-P00:59
roothoricksteam, owncloud, Solaar, newer version of Inkscape, OpenJDK00:59
roothoricknot exactly invasive00:59
hack-wizard_Hey there, I recently got a slightly used 80GB SSD from a friend,  I want to move my root partition to it, but not my home (which is already separate)  I am currently using ss00:59
hack-wizard_I am currently using LVM for my physical hard drive (at least on the linux side) but I just want to put everything but my home dir on the SSD to make it more efficient01:01
hack-wizard_should I partition the SSD using LVM and if so how do I make it use that drive first instead of the slower Physical one?01:02
roothorickwell. That's why. I don't have older GCC on here somehow01:02
jf_What is LVM?01:02
hack-wizard_Logical Volume Management01:02
hack-wizard_supposed to be flexible and expansive, did it so I could adjust the home and root partition sizes if necessary01:03
roothorickoh. wow. Somehow the trusty official GCC has disappeared from my sources.01:04
sdsso i've got this lenovo x230 that i have just switch from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. everything is fine except wifi. kernel thinks my hardware switch is OFF, but pressing it doesn't change status (and other FN keys work as expected). here is the infamous wireless-info script output in case it is usefull (everything seems fine to my eye) https://paste.ubuntu.com/21467527/01:09
sdsanyone know how i could get this hard switch back to on?01:10
roothorickas a last-ditch effort I'm gonna do-release-upgrade with it still broken to see what happens. Not much point in avoiding breaking it further01:16
roothorickthankfully I've kept PPAs to a minimum on the one mission critical machine because of the problems they can create01:18
HammyHello Everyone, I have a intergrated AMD Radeon 3100 Graphics card, I have been trying to install it's propriarity drivers. I have searched on google and tried all soultions but it still can not find version.h on my system even when I try to link it. Can anyone provide any help even if it's remote help?01:18
roothorick"/bin/plymouth: not found" are you kidding me01:19
Bashing-omHammy: What release is this ?01:19
HammyBashing-om: xubuntu 16.04 and it's propriortary driver is version amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.1-legacy-linux-x86.x86_6401:20
AdamEternalThis time, it gave me an option to install alongside.01:20
AdamEternalThe only thing I did different was instead of directly going to install, I tried it then went to install.01:21
roothorickHammy: just use amdgpu. fglrx has been abandoned.01:21
AdamEternalYou guys are patient. That's wonderful. Thank you.01:21
Bashing-omHammy: Nope; no propritary driver for AMD in 16.04 . See the release notes : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes .01:22
roothorickHammy: and not directly by Ubuntu, mind. AMD itself has deprecated the old proprietary driver. If you insist on proprietary there's AMDGPU PRO, but it's mostly the same underneath01:23
Hammyroothorick: where can I get amdgpu and or install it?01:23
roothorickHammy: should already be installed01:23
roothoricklook at glxinfo01:23
tgm4883I'd be surprised if the AMD Radeon 3100 was supported by the AMDGPU driver01:24
Hammywell so far it is working01:24
HammyI'm able to get on 3d run games01:25
Hammyjust doesn't work the worlds greatest01:25
tgm4883Hammy: sure you're running AMDGPU and not radeon?01:25
Hammytgm4883: No I am not sure, still kind of rusty on a few things with Ubuntu like checking what driver I am running01:25
tgm4883Hammy: "lshw -c video | grep driver"01:27
Hammytgm4883:  configuration: driver=radeon latency=001:28
tgm4883looks like the radeon driver01:28
Hammyso I am running radeon01:28
Hammyis there anyway to update this?01:28
tgm4883Hammy: update it to what?01:28
Hammytgm4883: to try the ADMGPU01:29
Hammyotherwise I assume I am stuck with what I have01:29
tgm4883that doesn't support your card01:29
Hammywell then the fglrx is all I can find that will support it but it's being a royal pain installing. So I guess for now I'll make due with this, unless you guys know what version ubuntu this card was used under? I assume it's a obsolete version ow.01:30
HammyI found it,01:33
roothorickthe 3100 is the bottom end of a very old series, I wouldn't expect much01:33
Hammythanks guys you been a big help01:33
sarekIm trying to search a file for a string then move it to a certain folder, but <grep -rnw . -e "passthepopcorn" -exec cp -rf ~/Downloads/movies/ {} \;> is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated01:36
balliHow to remove/uninstall apps which are taking up the space even after uninstalling them from Ubuntu Touch Phone device?01:39
ubuntsergioGood Eveing01:43
ubuntsergioHow is everyone doing?01:44
cfhowlett!touch | balli, ask the other channel01:44
ubottuballi, ask the other channel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch01:44
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:45
ubuntsergiocan you help me wiht one question?01:46
cfhowlett!ask | ubuntsergio01:46
ubottuubuntsergio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:46
tacomon_[Chuy] it deppends01:46
ubuntsergioThanks Cfw and Tacomon01:47
ubuntsergioToday, I just turned my pc on today,  and it asked me to upgrade from  Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 without using  usual ubuntu sofware center, should that be normal?01:49
ubuntsergioI just got too used to either updating my ubunt using the software center or the terminal, so it looked odd to me01:52
Ubuntu_FailHello! I'm having trouble with Nvidia on Ubuntu 16.04. I have a GeFroce 965M and intel graphics (Skylake i7-6500U). Nouveau drivers are slow, and I'v etried various Nvidia drivers (367.35, 364, etc) Iand I can't get them to work - I get choppy video, very slow FPS.01:53
Ubuntu_Failwhat's worse is I had great performance back in May, with nvidia 352 - but even when I reinstall that version, I still have slow graphics...01:56
telboonnice.. 16.04 is out for apt-get already01:58
ubuntsergioHello, Ubuntu Fail, I think that once you updated  some  hardware may not properly recognized by the system, have you tried installing the driver from the package place, using the same one you used before, it may not be supported by default in  your service01:59
Ubuntu_Failyes - I'm using graphics-ppa ; ive tried installing, purging, reinstalling; I've also tried removing the ppa and using the ubuntu-drivers, still no luck02:00
Ubuntu_Failwhat's weird is that when I tried doing other changes - eg I removed virtualbox (I host on my ubuntu system), it ran well for one boot, and then went back to horrible. I think there is some kernel/header/config issue that's not acting right02:01
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holmserI'm trying to build a custom install thumbdrive for an embedded project02:04
holmseressentially what I need is to add the base ubuntu-desktop packages (no recommends) onto the iso for an offline installation02:05
holmserIs anyone aware of a tool that would build this easily?  Or way to take an already configured version of the OS and just include those packages?02:05
holmsermost of the information that I've found makes this process seem pretty complicated02:06
hades|2how to run latest amd64-all-snap.img + LXD Containers ?02:06
roothorickone of three machines upgrade. The one I expected to be the hardest, naively.02:08
roothorickholmser: what I did is install Server and then add/remove metapackages to get what I want, followed by autoremove02:11
roothorickmessy, but it gets the job done with minimal manual work02:11
Grizzly10im looking for a free VPN02:12
telboonweird. is 16.04 out for upgrade already?02:13
telbooni managed to apt-get dist-upgrade02:13
telboonbut apparnetly it wasn't 16.0402:13
roothorick16.04.1 went out yesterday, along with the LTS update notification02:13
roothorickyeah, that's not what dist-upgrade does02:13
roothorickI'm having a gay ol' time upgrading my rather custom setups02:14
telboonso is 16.04 out for upgrade for 14.04?02:14
hades|2anyone could help me with latest ubuntu-core ? it s such a mess...02:14
roothorick16.04.1, technically, but yes02:14
Grizzly10I tried to download cyberghost VPN does enyone know how to do it?02:15
holmserroothorick: you're talking about just getting the updates over the network?02:16
telboonhow do i upgrade to 16.04 from 14.04?02:16
holmsertelboon: it's a much better idea to wipe and reinstall02:16
roothoricktelboon: do-release-upgrade02:17
roothorickbut if you have any PPAs, you could have !!FUN!!02:17
holmserSo much fun02:17
telboonholmser: i see..but i would prefer not to lose my stuff02:17
telboonholmser: prob will try to take the risk02:18
telboonroothorick: thanks!02:18
holmsertelboon: backup your home directory02:18
holmsertelboon: I know where you're coming from.  Every time I think "I'll just upgrade, it will work this time!"  and then in about a month when I have weird issues I end up wiping and installing from scratch02:19
holmsernow I just backup my home directory to dropbox and use an ansible playbook to reinstall everything02:20
roothorickI've only wiped for post-upgrade hurt once, and it was actually Debian02:20
roothorickin fact, when I wiped that machine I put Ubuntu on it so that all my machines had a common OS and I could upgrade the less critical machines and catch issues beforehand02:21
Grizzly10any free VPNS02:25
Grizzly10any links to deepweb?02:27
lucas_aiWhat's a very fast browser for linux that I can use really fast with keyboard shortcuts, not much with the mouse? I wanna increase productivity.02:28
Bashing-om!info elinks02:34
ubottuelinks (source: elinks): advanced text-mode WWW browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12~pre6-11build2 (xenial), package size 523 kB, installed size 1491 kB02:34
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Bashing-omlucas_ai: ^^ elinks work for ya ?02:35
julio__buenas noches02:43
sikunjulio__, hello02:44
julio__alguien de venezuela02:44
lucas_aiWhat's a very fast browser for linux that I can use really fast with keyboard shortcuts, not much with the mouse? I wanna increase productivity.02:52
Bashing-om!info elinks | lucas_ai02:54
ubottulucas_ai: elinks (source: elinks): advanced text-mode WWW browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12~pre6-11build2 (xenial), package size 523 kB, installed size 1491 kB02:54
trumpoHi, somebody on Openpgp I can send a test mail?02:56
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meurerHey, I just got ubuntu installed on a machine with UEFI but GRUB wasn't showing up. Trying boot-repair from a USB yields an error message with "No boot loader is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda", log in http://www.pastebin.com/c1dcYHBa02:57
meurerHow can I fix this/ why is GRUB not starting up?02:57
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moparisthebestI got disconnected during a do-release-upgrade, I can ssh to the server, but can't resume control, any ideas?03:19
moparisthebestsearching says it starts a session in screen I can resume, but screen isn't installed on the server in any place I can find it?03:19
datahead7777I was looking at following these steps to resolve a password lockout in Ubuntu 14:03:28
datahead7777When it suggests entering "[letters and numbers]", does it matter what numbers and letters I use?03:28
datahead7777This somehow happened after upgrading from Ubuntu 12 to 14 -- it just doesn't accept my password now03:29
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baymando i set mywebsite.com as hostname in the /etc/hostname file?03:37
Bashing-omdatahead7777: Rather than a lost password , broke proprietary graphics driver ? .. At the login screen key combo ctl+alt+F1 to gain a console interface. Can you login here with your credentials ?03:39
dikiaapbayman: in local?03:39
=== adoom is now known as adendidada
baymanno this is on my hosted server03:40
baymanfrom linode.com03:40
adendidadais there a way to completely disable mouse double clicking in 16.04 ?03:40
datahead7777Bashing-om, I'll try this before doing the password reset - good point03:40
datahead7777I'll have to log off Windows to try, though.  If I still have issues, I might come back to see if anyone has any thoughts, if I don't find it with a google search.03:41
swift110-phonehey all03:44
datahead8888Hmm, it let me log into Ubuntu from the desktop login the first time03:45
datahead8888So I think you were right -- there must have been some other problem03:45
datahead8888Which means it could still happen again later03:45
Bashing-omdatahead8888: So, all good for now ?03:49
datahead8888Bashing-om: for now, yes, but I am a bit concerned I will be locked out again later03:50
hayI just installed Lubuntu on my Acer laptop. It is giving me an error right after I boot it. This has been happening on other distro's as well. I could get Debian to work (weirdly)03:50
hayI'm here because #lubuntu doesn't seem active.03:50
datahead8888I guess I could try to get in through the console next time and start my desktop manager manually, but I would like to prevent this03:50
hayAnd that this seems like a problem that can be solved here as well.03:50
Bashing-omdatahead8888: A number of other ways to gain access to your system . For now I would not be overly concerned about the future .03:51
datahead8888Bashing-om: true, it will probably be a lot of hassle to fix a problem when it isn't currently occurring03:52
datahead8888I would probably be better of fixing my broken Hexchat now03:52
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hayAnyways, my problem is whenever I boot Lubuntu up, it gives me a boot error (fresh install). On another distro it told me that '/syslinux/<something>c.32' was missing03:54
hayI am installing in Legacy Mode btw.03:54
swift110-phonei have lubuntu on my t42003:55
pugtorhey guys, without getting into like time relativity or something, is it typical for you to sync to an ntp server ~4 weeks ago, and then today have a 27s offset?04:18
noobuntuHow to kill network-manager process in 16.04? sudo stop network-manager doesn't work anymore because upstart replaced by systemd.04:25
=== newbuntu is now known as noobuntu
noobuntuHow to kill network-manager process in 16.04? sudo stop network-manager doesn't work anymore because upstart replaced by systemd.04:28
Hydr0p0nXTry systemctl stop network-manager04:29
noobuntusystemctl stop network-manager works. Thanks04:29
gbakerEvery article I have read has been at least a year old or older about linux Nvidia drivers and SLI for mobile, has anyone heard anything about possible support at some time?04:30
imthenachomanhey guys. having some trouble. i have set my router to assign my machine (by MAC address) a specific IP. however, it does not seem to be taking it. i went into "network connections" in ubuntu and edited it to be manual IP and even then it does not seem to be taking it. it seems to keep using the same IP no matter what i try. any ideas?04:38
swift110-phonehow are you dewdew04:55
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lucas_aiI made a simple service and put it in /etc/init.d/potentialstudio ... why am I getting this error: Failed to start potentialstudio.service: Unit potentialstudio.service not found.05:10
Dream1024i'm sorry  about your questions.can you describe it mor clearly?05:13
TheLawyerI'm going to reinstall my ubuntu box and I want to grap a copy of installed programs to reinstall them offline. How to do that? /var/cache/apt/archives then what?05:15
OerHeks!info apt-clone | TheLawyer05:23
ubottuTheLawyer: apt-clone (source: apt-clone): Script to create state bundles. In component main, is extra. Version 0.4.1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 12 kB, installed size 62 kB05:23
Guest10143hey I'm having some difficulty in 16.04.1. I switched to proprietary nvidia drivers but now the system wont reboot, just hangs on a blank screen after selecting ubuntu option in grub. I assume its a problem with switching driver and xorg.conf file that I created. After searching online I have seen people suggest removing the file and it fixing the problem. However I cant figure how to access a terminal to delete it?05:23
OerHeksGuest10143, trl alt f2 = tty2 , login and sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:24
OerHeksthen go back to ctrl alt F7 for the gui05:25
TheLawyerubottu: that is not clear enough for me, what is apt-clone?05:25
OerHeksit copies all packages, you want to keep.05:26
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate05:26
Guest10143OerHeks, thanks for the reply. at what point should i type ctrl atl f2. If i type it after it getting stuck booting i cant type anything, it just says "a start job is running for hold until boot process finishes up" but just keeps counting up05:28
OerHeksoh, that is completely different error05:29
Guest10143oh, anything i can do about it?05:30
OerHeksGuest10143, you might need to boot in recovery mode then, hold shift @ boot and choose in grub05:31
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode05:31
Guest10143recovery mod in advanced options? what do i do from there though?05:34
jakesoulsim having problems installing updates it says check connection but clearly im connected any help?05:34
OerHeksGuest10143, from there too: login and sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:34
Erealzhey guys what the best terminal irc client i use to know the name but forgot..?05:35
daxErealz: thinking of irssi or weechat?05:35
Erealzyea those are them in your opinion what the best out of those 2?05:36
Guest10143im not sure how to login? I have a recovery menu, and its read only05:36
OerHeksGuest101 read the recovery steps from ubottu05:37
OerHeksstep 8 etc05:37
Erealzirssi or weechat is one better then the other?05:37
Erealzoh is bitchX dead?05:38
daxbitchx gets revived every so often, but i wouldn't recommend it05:38
daxirssi and weechat are both active, "better" is based on opinion. i use weechat05:39
Erealzcool but why weechat over irssi then?05:39
Ben64try them both and decide for yourself05:39
Erealzi guess05:40
Erealzhey anyone watch mr.robot?..05:40
OerHeksHe not in this channel, Erealz05:41
Erealzjust wanted to spread the word show is spot on!05:43
Ben64please use #ubuntu-offtopic for chatting, this channel is for ubuntu support only05:43
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tiagofumocan someone help me with this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/804647/error-after-updating-to-ubuntu-16-04-1-from-14-04-1-target-filesystem-doesnt-h05:46
lucas_aiI made a simple service and put it in /etc/init.d/potentialstudio ... why am I getting this error: Failed to start potentialstudio.service: Unit potentialstudio.service not found.05:48
TheLawyerthanks OerHeks that's a useful tool06:04
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knoppixpeace to you all06:32
guzzlefrySo I'm running the live CD of Xubuntu 16.04.01 and I keep getting errors when trying to start applications: Failed to execute child process "pidgin" (Input/output error)06:43
guzzlefryI also tried to run the installer, but it wouldn't detect my SSD. Running an Intel NUC NUC6i5SYK.06:43
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lockI am using ubuntu 14.04 LTS and my sdhc card is not read by my pc. last time i formated it using gparted.07:19
Seveasguzzlefry: that smells like you ejected the CD after booting07:20
locknow what to do07:20
hasaninhello ,, is there a shortcut to use the same argument more than one time in the same command>> cp very/long/path/to/file1 same/long/path/to/file2  <<  with a keyboard shortcut or an expansion07:21
guzzlefrySeveas: USB flash drive07:21
Seveasguzzlefry: and you didn't unplug it?07:22
ducasselock: can you see the card with 'lsblk'?07:23
Seveasguzzlefry: hmm, that is really tricky to debug if you can't start anything :/07:23
Seveasdoes it happen right after starting, or after a while? Can you start anything?07:24
ducasselock: then it sounds like a problem with either the reader or the card. can you use that card in another machine, and another card in the same reader?07:25
bitnapWhen ever I run apt-get install It gives me error code 107:27
lockno i used it yesterday on window . window not read it fully only 4 gb out of 16 gd is read by window then i used it on ubuntu it read it fully i recovered data and format it using gparted.it was not formated by window due to error... ducasse:07:27
lucas_ai_my systemd unit is working now, but how do I make it start when booting Ubuntu? when I do "sudo service potentialstudio enable", I get "potentialstudio: unrecognized service"07:27
ducasselock: sounds like a broken card.07:28
ducasselucas_ai_: where did you put it?07:28
lockducasse : now what to do?07:28
ducasselucas_ai_: nv,. the arguments are in the wrong order.07:28
ducasselock: get a new card?07:29
lucas_ai_ducasse, /etc/systemd/system07:29
lockyesterday it was read by ubuntu after format it even dont see on my pc07:29
lockneither in window nor in ubuntu07:29
lockducasse :07:29
ducasselucas_ai_: 'systemctl enable ...'07:29
ducasselock: i understand that, and it sounds like the card is broken.07:30
lucas_ai_ducasse, how can I check if that worked?07:30
lockducasse : can i throw this?07:30
ducasselucas_ai_: it works if it doesn't say anything, check with 'systemctl status ...'07:31
ducasselock: i think so. you can ask someone else for ideas to be sure, but if neither windows nor ubuntu can see it, it is most likely dead.07:32
lucas_ai_ducasse, but how can I know if it will start when booting? right now it's inactive07:32
ducasselucas_ai_: 'systemctl enable ...'07:32
lockducasse : but why is it dead after format? :)07:33
lucas_ai_ducasse, it doesn't change its status as observed with systemctl status07:33
ducasselucas_ai_: 'man systemctl'07:33
ducasselock: i don't know, but you said windows gave you an error when you formatted it.07:34
lockducasse: ok bro! thank you for your precious help :)07:35
ducasselock: np, sorry about the card.07:35
lucas_ai_I changed to XFCE and my windows don't have any frame. How do I get them back? Or how do I go back to unity?07:37
=== YDU_away is now known as YankDownUnder
ducasselucas_ai_: sounds like xfce wasn't installed properly, maybe - you could ask in #xubuntu. to go back to unity simply log out and select unity at the login screen.07:42
lucas_ai_ducasse, can't log out without window frames or the desktop menues07:44
lucas_ai_can't open a terminal either07:44
YankDownUnderlucas_ai_: If you hit "ALT-F2" - does that bring up a "run" dialog?07:44
lucas_ai_no, none07:45
ducasselucas_ai_: ctrl+alt+f107:45
YankDownUnderOr even - if you want to "kill" the session, just do "CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE"07:45
lucas_ai_yes, but then how do I log out and in again with a command?07:45
lucas_ai_can't open my browser07:45
YankDownUnderlucas_ai_: Hit "CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE" - that should take you to the display manager07:46
lucas_ai_well, i switched to xfce without having to close the session. So all my windows were with unity and they changed to xfce without logging out07:46
ducasseYankDownUnder: that is disabled by default.07:46
ducasselucas_ai_: press ctrl+alt+f1, log in, restart lightdm.07:46
YankDownUnderFair enough.07:46
ducasseYankDownUnder: i think a lot of users hit it by accident and got very surprised when their work vanished :)07:47
YankDownUnderducasse: Understandable07:47
rajivmarsToday i have installed xubuntu-desktop on kubuntu 16.04. Everything works fine  until i turn my computer off. now when i turn it on and try to log in to xubuntu session, it is hanged on at the login screen. I mean i am not able to login and the computer freeze at the login screen. Anyone please help me?07:52
ducasserajivmars: are there any errors in ~/.xsession-errors?07:53
sikunanyone utilize google's two factor authentication pam module for 2FA SSH logins?07:55
rajivmarsducasse: No. i haven't found any errors. Everything works fine at the time when i installed it. the problem started when i turn on the computer first time after i installed it.07:55
ducasserajivmars: what about the lightdm/X logs?07:56
lucas_aiI can't log into an XFCE session. There's no option in the login screen!07:57
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: What options ARE there?07:58
rajivmarsducasse: i have selected sddm.07:58
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, absolutely none other than entering my password07:58
ducasselucas_ai: there should be a menu, top right or near your username.07:58
lucas_aiand the top bar for switching accounts07:58
lucas_aion the top right. but that's all07:58
lucas_aiducasse, YankDownUnder, there's no menu to change the session type. I can't find an alternative way either. Help!07:59
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Are wanting to try to re-install XFce, or just get back to Unity?08:00
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, try xfce08:01
sinhlvi've just install an input method but it not working, what can I do08:02
lucas_aiI literally can't find a way online.08:02
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: You can do a re-installation from the console...(CTRL-ALT-F1, login, do "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop")08:02
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Can't get online? Ethernet or wifi?08:03
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, I'm online. I think it's installed ok, but I'll try to reinstall again08:04
lucas_aithe problem is I can't find the "settings" icon when logging in. It's gone08:04
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: The re-install might "fix" some things, eh...08:05
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, yeah, hopefully :)08:05
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Fingers crossed...don't panic...have a coffee...relax...08:06
Wiz-TDDI'm on linux (ubuntu), using firefox. I have a link to a streaming source that form : vlc://http://*******/playlist.m3u8?*******08:14
Wiz-TDDcurrently I have to manually copy/paste the link into vlc, removing the vlc:// part08:14
lucas_aiAfter installing xubuntu-desktop and rebooting, I have XFCE+Unity as default. I can't find a way to use gnome+Unity again. The settings icon in the login screen doesn't exist. Any ideas?08:14
guzzlefryHow can I check to see if my SSD is being detected via ther terminal?08:14
avishello can i get an opinion on how to fix this kernel error ?  it happened after i tried to install mainline kernel 4.7 from ubuntu but it didn't have the necessary patches for 16.04 lts and i'm not confident to do that myself.   i went back to the latest stock kernel of the day but have this pastebin error http://pastebin.ca/366915608:14
lucas_aiAfter installing xubuntu-desktop and rebooting, I have XFCE+Unity as default. I can't find a way to use gnome+Unity again. The settings icon in the login screen doesn't exist. Any ideas?08:14
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: You might actually have to re-install the entire Unity desktop (sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop) -> just so's ya know.08:15
Wiz-TDD I'd like to know how to associate this vlc:// to vlc so that firefox automatically opens it. anyone knows how ?08:15
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: You have to configure Firefox for that - in the settings.08:16
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: SETTINGS FOR FIREFOX...sorry - had to be clear08:16
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, I have it installed apparently. But how do I make use of it?08:16
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: You might have to re-configure the display manager - whichever one you're using...was it lightdm? Or something else?08:17
ducasselucas_ai: is there no icon by your username?08:17
Wiz-TDDYankDownUnder: ok, I looked in that part, which tab shall I edit?08:18
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: I don't use Firefox...I use Chrome...so you'd have to look in "applications" or similar...have you looked at the Mozilla site as of yet?08:18
Wiz-TDDYankDownUnder: yes. I am not looking for associating a file extension type to an application ( ex: .avi with vlc) but a protocol "vlc://" to an application08:20
Wiz-TDDYankDownUnder: and I do not see how to do that08:20
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: Streaming.08:20
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/fix-common-audio-and-video-issues08:21
ducasseWiz-TDD: have you tried #firefox?08:22
lucas_aiducasse, none at all08:22
Wiz-TDDYankDownUnder: nope I did not try firefox, I tried #videolan :)08:22
Wiz-TDDbut I'm wondering if the association is firefox related or kubuntu related08:23
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ducasselucas_ai: what options do you have on the top bar?08:24
Wiz-TDDYankDownUnder: sorry, gotta run, I'll try again later. Thanks for your help08:25
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: If anything - you can go to "System Settings" => "Applications" => and check that all your associations are correct (as per your liking) just to be sure...however, that would appear to be more of a Firefox issue...but my girlfriend says I'm always wrong...so take it with a grain of salt.08:25
lucas_aiducasse, change user, language, sound and calendar.08:26
Wiz-TDDYankDownUnder: I looked at that part, I did not see how to associate url types to applications in a generic way. maybe your GF is not talking about linux ;)08:26
ducasselucas_ai: that is odd. i've only seen that when only a single desktop/wm is installed, it definitely should be there.08:27
YankDownUnderWiz-TDD: :)08:27
lucas_aiducasse, ubuntu is really buggy08:27
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM08:29
ducasselucas_ai: not in my opinion, i have very few problems with it. might depend on what software you run.08:29
lucas_aiwell I always had that problem on this installation08:30
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: In all reality, in most instances, Ubuntu isn't buggy at all - it's dependent on whether or not the user researches their hardware and "needs" - which often is NOT the case...08:30
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lucas_aiYankDownUnder, this is a virtualbox, so it can't be a hardware issue08:31
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: I didn't imply that.08:31
rajivmarsducasse: sorry:) there was a powe failure thats why i was unresponsive. Lightdm also not works.08:31
rajivmarsducasse: sorry:) there was a power failure that's why i was unresponsive. Lightdm also not works.08:31
ducasserajivmars: ok, but have you checked the logs?08:31
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, ok, yeah most of the bugs come from incompatible hardware, that's right08:32
rajivmarsducasse: i am checking.08:32
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: There's a surprising amount of P.E.B.C.A.K. errors...as per those that refuse to read instructions - or the documentation, etc etc etc...08:33
ducasselucas_ai: can you double-check that both ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop are installed?08:33
ducasseYankDownUnder: +108:33
rajivmarsducasse: it says nothing.08:34
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, meaning the instructions ask for non-standard installation, to manually find work-arounds to the bugs?08:34
ducasserajivmars: what about dmesg?08:34
lucas_aiducasse, i have them both, just checked.08:34
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YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Nah...all good...moving along to the issue...08:35
ducasselucas_ai: what do you see in /usr/share/xsessions/?08:36
lucas_aiubuntu.desktop  xfce.desktop  xubuntu.desktop08:37
ducasselucas_ai: so that's fine. can you take a picture of the login screen?08:38
YankDownUnderSo it would seem that "LightDM" is just not seeing what it's supposed to be seeing...hmm...08:38
ducasselucas_ai: alternatively, try another dm.08:38
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: What about trying: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm08:39
lucas_aiducasse, taking that screenshot is hard08:39
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: I have a Kodak Instamatic(tm) you can borrow... ;)08:40
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory08:40
ducasselucas_ai: then reconfigure it as YankDownUnder says, or install something like slim.08:40
ducasselucas_ai: 'sudo locale-gen'08:40
guzzlefryDoes using the encryption option during installation introduce any performance issues on a modern CPU?08:41
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Yeah - so: sudo locale-gen && sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm08:41
lucas_aiducasse, still, same error08:41
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, error persists08:42
EriC^^guzzlefry: no08:42
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ducasselucas_ai: what is LC_ALL set to?08:42
lucas_aiLC_ALL = (unset),08:42
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Change the DM...just for the moment at least...08:42
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, to which one?08:42
ducasselucas_ai: slim?08:43
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, also, how?08:43
ducasselucas_ai: install, it should ask which to use.08:43
lucas_aiducasse, ok, great08:44
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm (or lightdm)08:44
lucas_aiI know what the problem is! I'm running some commands on an sshed terminal. To another machine!08:45
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: Is that an "Ooops!" ?08:45
lucas_aibut still I can't change to Gnome/unity08:45
ducasselucas_ai: go to a terminal, stop lightdm, then start it or slim.08:46
YankDownUnderlucas_ai: If you get down to the console again, you should be able to run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm => you should then be given several options for display managers - choose something different - like sddm or whatnot - and let the sytsem configure that...and then you should be able to reboot that VM and get a proper set of options for desktops...08:47
YankDownUnderAch...I'm going to eat...food's getting cold.08:48
samy__Hi, I am facing these errors while using  apt-get https://paste.kde.org/puzfv6ufa08:50
lucas_aiYankDownUnder, ducasse, I think I was always using Unity. But somehow the theme was changed and the desktop background. By installing xubuntu-desktop package08:50
samy__Is the mirror down?08:50
samy__Its not working for me from past 2 days08:51
soupnanodesukarsamy__: seems like you have a correct package db. Did you ctrl-c apt during an upgrade?08:51
EriC^^samy__: try sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*08:51
soupnanodesukarwhat EriC said08:51
EriC^^samy__: and sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*08:51
EriC^^samy__: then try sudo apt-get update again08:51
lucas_aiI have another question. How do I start my script or service when booting up?08:51
EriC^^lucas_ai: which ubuntu are you using?08:52
ducasselucas_ai: didn't you 'systemctl enable' it?08:52
samy__EriC^^: rm: cannot remove '/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*': No such file or directory08:52
SkylakeMXmorning people08:53
SkylakeMXanyone need help?08:53
EriC^^samy__: no problem, /var/lib/apt/lists/partial exists though right?08:53
samy__EriC^^: yes it does08:54
EriC^^samy__: ok, try sudo apt-get update08:54
samy__soupnanodesukar: I didn't remember but earlier I had the same issue with another mirror and when I changed the mirror it worked08:54
ducasselucas_ai: if you have enabled the service and it doesn't start on boot, i'd suspect a problem with the service unit itself. use 'systemctl status' and 'journalctl' to debug.08:54
samy__EriC^^: I get the same errors with sudo ap-get update08:54
samy__EriC^^: even after removing partial https://paste.kde.org/psq64r3xm08:55
samy__I did sudo rm -r /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/08:56
EriC^^samy__: the partial dir is needed, use mkdir to recreate it08:56
rajivmarsducasse do you want system log output?08:56
EriC^^samy__: which mirror are you using?08:56
lucas_aiducasse, got it. I had to add an [Install] section08:57
Apachezany of you who have seen (after upgrade to 16.04) that when the screen goes into powersave and you wake it up only a black screen is shown and the mousepointer ontop of it?08:57
ducasselucas_ai: great :)08:57
Apachezhd5000 graphics08:57
ducasserajivmars: are there any errors in it?08:57
soupnanodesukarApachez: what de?08:58
samy__EriC^^: same errors08:58
vlan2It it possible to configure a switch to isolate all the Ubuntu clients  automatically and not allow them to communicate with the Windows clients?08:58
ducasseApachez: iirc, i read about that - it is a bug and is being fixed.08:59
EriC^^samy__: try to remove the lists again keeping the partial dir and try maybe a different mirror or if you can use a proxy, it might still be cached08:59
rajivmarsducasse: this is the only error "Error: can't open /lib/modules/4.4.0-31-generic/updates/dkms.08:59
samy__EriC^^: what should I remove now var/lib/opt/lists ?09:00
ducasserajivmars: is that your kernel version? do you use any dkms modules?09:01
EriC^^samy__: yeah09:01
EriC^^rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*09:02
rajivmarsducasse: there is a power failure again, i will resume when it comes. thankyou for helping.09:02
EriC^^rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*09:02
lucas_aiIs there a way to get chrome/chromium to NOT download images? Just put a box there? That way pages will load really fast :)09:03
EriC^^lucas_ai: yeah there should be09:04
samy__EriC^^: I just did rm -r /var/lib/apt/lists and it worked but what was the problem I have faced it second time09:05
vlan2lucas_ai: yeah, open a shell and type the following:  rm -rf /09:05
EriC^^samy__: was partial recreated?09:06
samy__its recreated always when we do a apt-get update09:06
ducasselucas_ai: should be a checkbox in settings.09:06
Apachezsoupnanodesukar: de?09:07
Apachezducasse: so just sit and wait then?09:07
EriC^^lucas_ai: http://nimishprabhu.com/disable-images-in-google-chrome-browse-without-loading-images.html09:07
samy__I even am having another problem that sounds in my applications in ubuntu doesn't work whereas it works fine online09:07
samy__am I missing some plugins?09:08
ducasselucas_ai: hmm. can't find it in chromium, but was sure i'd seen it.09:08
ducasseApachez: you can try switching to+from a vc when it happens, see if that resets things.09:09
vlan2try :(){ :|: & };:09:09
ducassevlan2: not funny.09:09
vlan2ducasse: LMFAO did you try it?09:09
vlan2lets find some more09:10
ducassevlan2: no, i know a fork bomb when i see one. please stop, this is a support channel.09:10
vlan2ducasse: sorry09:11
Apachezducasse: been there done that...09:11
vlan2but one good harmless one is   ls /bin > /dev/sda09:11
Apachezunfortunately when switching back to vt7 its still black screen with only the mousepointer visible09:11
Apachezonly fix seems to be to reboot the box09:12
Apachezwhich is sad...09:12
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EriC^^Apachez: does the guest account work?09:12
Apachezits enabled yes ?09:13
EriC^^Apachez: yeah09:13
ApachezEriC^^: I have no problem to boot into gui09:13
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ducasseApachez: i'm pretty certain that was exactly the bug mentioned, and it was being worked on.09:13
Apachezthe problem is when I leave my box for like 30 minutes or so and the display goes to sleep (the box is not put to sleep)09:13
Apachezand when I return about 50% of the times when I move the mousepointer instead of seeing the login screen I see only a black screen with the mousepointer movable ontop09:14
Apacheztried gooling this issue but couldnt find anyone with the same problem nor solution09:14
EriC^^Apachez: running a newer kernel might fix the post-suspend issue09:14
Apachezall hits on google are people who upon boot cannot get to the lightdm09:14
vlan2:(){ :|: & };:09:15
Apachezwas thinking if I could workaround this so far09:15
ducasse!ops | vlan209:15
ubottuvlan2: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu09:15
EriC^^Apachez: can you pastebin gsettings list-recursively | grep sleep ?09:15
Apachezturn screen off: never09:15
Apachezwill be attempted now09:15
ApachezEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/kNSf2MJ209:17
guzzlefryHow would I go about adding a bluetooth mouse? I see it in the bluetooth manager GUI, it *seems* to pair, but it lists itself as an unknown device type.09:18
EriC^^Apachez: looks good09:18
nvidia-stuff-gtxHi people, I installed Ubuntu 16.04.1 and am using the GPU "GeForce GTX 750 Ti". In the "Additional Drivers" window I tried all options both the proprietary NVIDIA binary drivers (v361.42) and nouveau. When I boot up I get a screen full of warnings and errors, also the edges of icons seem a bit glitched.  The errors on boot: http://i.imgur.com/8sRSdz5.jpg  Anybody an idea what's going wrong?09:20
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fenecois there a way to access graphical web from terminal?09:29
ducassefeneco: one of the text browsers (links, i believe) can render images in certain terminals, but it's not really a good solution.09:31
fenecoducasse: I thought I saw some graphical terminal on github or something, but could not find it09:33
ducassefeneco: i don't recall which terminals support this, but it's probably mentioned in the browser docs.09:34
nvidia-stuff-gtxfeneco: https://github.com/zeit/hyperterm maybe?09:35
ducassefeneco: it still doesn't work well, though.09:35
feneconot sure if it was hyperterm nvidia-stuff-gtx09:40
fenecobut seems to be the closest one09:40
fenecoseems to work only on macos so far, though09:40
nvidia-stuff-gtxSo would anybody know how I can debug these errors on boot? http://i.imgur.com/8sRSdz5.jpg09:42
ducassefeneco: you could try the enlightenment terminal, it can render images etc.09:42
ducassefeneco: terminology09:42
fenecoducasse: will check about it, thanks09:43
fenecodo you know if there's a way to set windows click through?09:43
ducassefeneco: i can't honestly remember, i hated using the enlightenment stuff.09:44
fenecoducasse: I mean, not in the terminal only, but on any window on DE09:44
fenecoon any DE09:44
ducassefeneco: what do you mean click through?09:45
fenecolike clicking in the window won't affect the application of the window, instead will click what is behind it09:45
feneconot sure if "click through" would be the right term for it09:46
ducassefeneco: you want to pass a click to a window behind the current one?09:46
fenecoprevent the window to be clicked09:46
ducassefeneco: no idea if that is possible, i imagine the contents would need to be visible to be clicked.09:47
ducassefeneco: 'visible' as in 'not transparency, but in foreground'09:47
fenecoducasse: I'm trying to reproduce the behavior of this app: http://heliumfloats.com/09:48
ducassefeneco: you can send keyboard events, but a mouse click has to use coordinates, and those only apply to the foreground.09:49
fenecoyea ;/09:50
fenecocouldn't find a solution for that yet09:50
fenecowindow is on top and transparent09:50
ducassefeneco: doesn't matter if it is transparent, it is still 'in the way'.09:53
fenecoi'd need a way to make it minimized but on top, somehow09:55
ducassefabian: what are you trying to do, exactly?09:55
fenecoducasse: play a video in a small transparent window while working in another window in full screen09:57
fenecocheck this screen of heliumfloat app09:57
ducassefeneco: and you need to click something on the full screen application?09:58
ducassefeneco: as i said, you can send keyboard events and click the visible part - that's it.09:58
=== Tachyon_ is now known as TTachyon
operld9019http://www.google.com/earth/download/ge/agree.html  is not .bed file but .exe file of google earth on the wiki wikihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth ? so how do i download google erth?10:01
operld9019anyone is here??10:01
operld9019anyone is here??10:01
ikoniamany people10:02
cfhowlett!patience | operld9019,10:02
ubottuoperld9019,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:02
operld9019ikonia: great10:02
ikoniaoperld9019: the deb package downloads a deb for me10:02
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
operld9019yes i did seaerch askubuntu.com but it said the same thing, and google earth downloads .exe file not for linux .db file. the link they mentioned too is somehow only for windows? ikonia10:03
ikoniano idea why you are searching ask ubuntu10:03
ikoniathere is no problem10:03
ikoniadownload the "deb" for ubuntu, from the website you just posted in here10:03
cfhowlettoperld9019, you grabbed the wrong file.  get the .deb10:04
operld9019ikonia: so how did you select?10:04
ikoniaI selected the "deb" file for ubuntu in the radio button10:04
cfhowlettoperld9019, confirmed.  I just now downloaded and installed GE from the .deb.10:06
operld9019https://imgur.com/a/TEVMr there is no "radio button" cfhowlett10:07
cfhowlettoperld9019, go back one screen10:07
operld9019here ? https://imgur.com/a/ADWM4 cfhowlett10:08
operld9019oops i am not getting linux, .db , on this link http://www.google.com/earth/download/ge/agree.html , i think something is wrong10:10
ikonialinux db ??10:10
ikoniawhat are you talking about10:10
ikoniaoperld9019: what operating system are you viewing the link from ?10:10
operld9019oo maybe i used spoofer which spoofs browser to windows 7 and the stupid google earth is detecting my browser and forcing choice on me. lever google earth. i wil disable random spoof and then try10:11
ikoniait's not stupid10:11
ikoniaif you tell it you're using windows 7 - it will offer you packages for windows 710:11
ikonianothing stupid about it10:11
ikoniawhy not "don't spoof anything"10:11
ikoniajust use the browser normally10:11
operld9019gmthx for your help that i understood the cause10:14
operld9019ikonia: have  you tried openBSD?10:16
ikoniaoperld9019: yes why ?10:16
operld9019what do you guys think of openBSD10:16
ikoniathats not for this channel10:16
ikoniathis channel is for ubuntu help only10:16
operld9019no your opninion since,its philosophy is not simplicity and easy of use10:17
ikoniathis channel is for ubuntu help only10:17
cfhowlettoperld9019, completely off-topic here.10:17
operld9019spamming the content wont help10:17
ikoniaoperld9019: keep asking won't help either10:17
BACbKAhi folks10:18
operld9019then what is your philosphy?  ex:arch's is keep it simple,and DIY10:18
ikoniaoperld9019: this channel is for ubuntu help only - not general discussion10:18
operld9019oh so you dont have a philosophy10:19
cfhowlettoperld9019, you seem to need to chitchat.  take it to #ubuntu-offtopic please.10:19
lumo_ehi, when I connect over wifi with Ubuntu my router doesn't get the hostname that I have in /etc/hostname10:19
lumo_ebut when I connect through ethernet it does (I suppose because of dhcpcd)10:19
BACbKAI tried to update from 16.04 LTS to xenial. The update finished with failure, and i am now trying to get back to life via "apt-get -f install".10:19
lumo_ewhat should I edit to make it work in the first case(over wifi) ?10:19
ikonialumo_e: is there a dns entry for the ip your wifi card connects on10:19
BACbKAright now i am stuck with Setting up hostname (3.16ubuntu2) ... initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart10:20
lumo_eikonia: I don't think so10:20
lumo_ehow can I find out?10:20
ikonialumo_e: what hostname does it get when it connects to the router on wifi10:20
BACbKAthe 'hostname' script itself seems to work10:20
lumo_eikonia: random gibberish it seems10:21
lumo_elet me see10:21
ducasseBACbKA: you mean from trusty to xenial, right?10:21
ikonialumo_e: how are you verifying the hostname ?10:21
BACbKAducasse yes10:21
ikonialumo_e: dhcp should not be setting the hostname by default, that is a non-default option10:21
lumo_eikonia: from the router panel I see Unkown-hexstuff10:21
lumo_ewhich is probably the way of the router to tell that it doesn't know10:21
ikonialumo_e: ok - so thats not a real problem10:22
BACbKAducasse I was hosed on multiple fronts during the upgrade, but i was able to get back online with 640x480 vesa X running ratpoison, and static network definition10:22
lumo_ewhile when I connected with ethernet it was10:22
ikonialumo_e: what's happening is the route doesn't have a reverse dns entriy for the ubuntu box on the ip address you're connecting from and the dhclient is not advertising a hostname on that connection10:22
ikonialumo_e: so it just assigns the mac address as an identifier10:22
lumo_ethe emanuele-Aspire etc is what is in /etc/hostname10:22
ikonia(which is what you are seeing)10:22
ikoniait's just an identifier for the router to track10:23
lumo_eikonia: sounds reasonable10:23
lumo_ebut why it does get the hostname on cable and not on wifi?10:23
ikonialumo_e: probably because ubuntu either advertises the hostname on that interface, or it has somehow got a name resolver for that entry10:23
ikonialumo_e: it's really hard to know without knowing the router, how its setup etc etc10:23
crtlet's go on adventure together for free software10:23
ikonialets not10:24
cfhowlettcrt, no.10:24
ikonialets stick to ubuntu support discussion please10:24
ducasseBACbKA: did you reboot after the failed upgrade?10:24
cfhowlettcrt, ask your ubuntu question with proper details.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic10:24
BACbKAducasse also had to remove broken link to resolvconf from /etc/resolv.conf and manually provide a nameserver10:24
lumo_eikonia: maybe wifi connection does not use dhcp client which is used for the wired connection?10:24
BACbKAducasse yes10:24
ikonialumo_e: look in network manager - see what the wifi config is10:24
ikoniait's normally dhcp10:24
BACbKAducasse currently on the hosed system10:24
lumo_eauto lo10:25
lumo_eiface lo inet loopback10:25
lumo_ethis is /etc/network/interfaces10:25
ikonianot interface file10:25
ikoniaI said network manager10:25
lumo_eok let me see10:25
ducasseBACbKA: ok, so when you do apg-get install -f it gets to hostname, and then fails?10:26
BACbKAducasse exactly10:26
lumo_eikonia: I suppose you're referring to the GUI from the network connections10:27
ducasseBACbKA: it kind of looks like it is trying to run an upgrade script that expects to run under upstart, not systemd...10:27
lumo_eas far as I can see the settings for the wired connections and the wifi are the same10:27
ikonialumo_e: the little network manager applet in the top right10:27
lumo_ethe ipv4 settings is on Automatic(DHCP)10:27
BACbKAducasse I figured that :-(10:27
lumo_eyes that one10:27
BACbKAducasse unfortunately i can't even install back upstart from this mid-upgrade state10:28
ikonialumo_e: that's how I'd expect it to be configurd, that is default10:28
ducasseBACbKA: can you try rebooting with upstart instead, and then re-run apt-get to clean up?10:28
ducasseBACbKA: oh, it's that bad.10:28
lumo_eikonia: why the difference then?10:28
lumo_ethere must be something misconfigured somewhere else10:29
BACbKAducasse yeah, this is when i figured i'll go to ask somebody for a bright idea ;010:29
ducasseBACbKA: it looks like you would be better off backing up your stuff and do a reinstall, this could take some serious effort to clean up.10:29
ikonialumo_e: as I explained, - I can tell you what it's doing, but without knowing how your router works it's hard to debug, it's very personal to your network10:29
BACbKAducasse yuck10:29
ikonialumo_e: look at the info I've given you and work through the router config10:29
lumo_eikonia: basically you're saying that the router is messing up?10:30
ikoniaand look at why it could be assigning the mac10:30
ikonialumo_e: no no, not at all10:30
ducasseBACbKA: just my opinion. you don't have an option to boot with upstart in the 'advanced' grub menu?10:30
lumo_eit's a  Technicolor TG582n  in case you're interested10:31
BACbKAducasse oooh I see10:32
tomarisko83i have several hdd icons on the left side bar, how do i remove them permanently??10:32
BACbKAducasse I thought I had to actually reinstall the sysv-upstart10:32
BACbKAducasse let me check the boot menu10:32
BACbKAducasse BRB :)10:32
ducasseBACbKA: should be there, the package is just for running it as default.10:32
tomarisko83ikonia: ?10:33
BACbKAducasse wish me luck!10:33
ikoniatomarisko83: what ?10:33
tomarisko83the left side hdd icons for serveral partitions are present and i they fill my bar10:33
tomarisko83as i have many partitions10:33
tomarisko83i cant remove them on boot10:33
tomarisko83unpin hem from the left bar10:34
cfhowletttomarisko83, see your desktop display settings and "do not show" hard-drives10:34
tomarisko83cfhowlett: there are no desktop display settings?10:35
cfhowlettfalse, tomarisko83 .  there most certainly are10:35
tomarisko83which is the exact name?10:36
tomarisko83screen display?10:36
tomarisko83it has not10:36
lumo_eikonia: well dunno, I tried to rename it in the router interface and it doesn't allow me, so you're probably right about the router10:37
lumo_eI'll cope with my ocd10:37
lumo_ethanks for the help10:37
cfhowletttomarisko83, right click on the desktop and see the menu10:37
tomarisko83right click ->change desktop background which opens appearance menu cfhowlett?10:39
tomarisko83in behaviour sub section cfhowlett?10:39
cfhowlettI'm on xubuntu so my options are different from yours. direct your questions to the channel, not me specificaly10:39
tomarisko83it doesnt have he option for hdd10:40
cfhowlettfensk1, ask your ubuntu questions10:41
fensk1i don't know what to ask bro :D10:42
fensk1i have ubuntu installed on my second hdd10:42
fensk1i used it from time to time10:43
fensk1does ubuntu support resolution 3840x2160 ?10:43
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
cfhowlettfensk1, it does but not all programs included with ubuntu are hdmi friendly10:44
=== croppa is now known as Guest35538
mobotroubleHi folks, I'm having trouble with Grub. When I edit and save the config and restart it doesn't seem to have any effect.10:45
mobotroubleI lowered the timeout but it keeps counting down from 10.10:45
fensk1one more question: i tried to play dota2 on ubuntu, but fps is twice low as i run it in windows10:45
fensk1why ?10:45
mobotroublefensk1: GPU driver difference most of the time...10:45
ducassemobotrouble: did you run update-grub?10:45
mobotroubleducasse: yes10:45
cfhowlettfensk1, is your gpu AMD?10:45
fensk1my gpu now is Nvidia GTX 66010:46
fensk1drivers loaded by ubuntu10:46
fensk1from nvidia10:46
fensk1maybe i should install windows drivers some how?10:46
jpmhI would like to have program detect that a file has changed, sort of like select() but changed rather than there being input available, is there an equivalent10:47
ducassemobotrouble: comment out the 'hidden timeout' lines and try then.10:47
cfhowlettfensk1, do you have a /swap?10:47
fensk1what does it mean, /swap ?10:47
cfhowlett!swap | fensk110:47
ubottufensk1: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info10:47
fensk1i have 4Gb memory installed10:48
jpmhikonia: ty10:48
fensk1i thing it's enought10:48
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info10:49
mobotroubleducasse: I'm trying to understand what it does.10:49
mobotroublebefore changing it10:49
fensk1i ahve swap. it was mapped by default ubuntu installation10:49
dracula_je n'y connais rien , j'apprend , c'est la panique10:50
cfhowlett!fr | dracula_10:50
ubottudracula_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:50
dracula_ok , je parle avec les mains10:50
ducassemobotrouble: you can install grub-doc and read the grub docs with an info reader, it has thorough explanations of all the config options.10:50
rattlebattle79fensk1: You have rebooted after installing the Nvidia non-free drivers?10:51
fensk1maybe there is some tricks in ubuntu to receive same fps rate as in windows?10:52
ikoniadoesn't dota run through wine ?10:52
fensk1or it nvidia driver for linux and i nothing can do?10:52
Ben64dota2 works natively in steam on linux10:52
fensk1i didn't used wine, i run it from steam for linux10:53
cfhowlettfensk1, dial back your steam display settings10:53
rattlebattle79Ok. Sorry, I can not help you, but look through settings in the game. Some of the games are just ports from Windows, not necessarily optimized for Linux10:53
mobotroubleducasse: alright I'm going to try it out now, brb. restarting my pc10:53
mobotroublethanks in advance!10:53
ikoniafensk1: but even then, it runs it via wine10:53
ikoniaI'm pretty sure it's run via wine10:53
rattlebattle79there might be some options which are not optimized for Linux, and is dropping the performance.10:53
ikoniaI don't think anything is optimized10:54
ikoniamost games steam just executes via wine10:54
cfhowlettikonia, the linux games on steam are actual linux ports, not wine10:54
ikonianope, there are loads on steam that are just launched through wine10:55
ikoniait just encapsulates wine into the launch10:55
BACbKAi'm back online from the hosed system, booted in upstart mode this time10:55
ikoniaupstart mode??10:56
HiteshthandelI'm here hoping for help10:56
BACbKAikonia: yes, in the grub menu10:56
ikoniaBACbKA: what do you mean ?10:56
cfhowlettHiteshthandel, skip the announcement.  state your detais10:56
HiteshthandelI installed Ubuntu 64bit on my whole hard drive in some kind of efi mode10:57
BACbKAikonia: as opposed to systemd default boot10:57
BACbKAikonia: I'm continuing my sad story from ~10 minutes ago10:57
BACbKAmy trusty->xenial upgrade failed and after reboot I am trying to recover10:57
ikoniai'll leave you to it then10:58
HiteshthandelThen i accidently deleted the efi partition from gparted. It was /dev/sda1 (500mb)10:58
BACbKAwas blocked on "apt-get -f dist-upgrade" trying to process half-configured "hostname" which demanded upstart10:58
cfhowlettjust could not leave things alone, coulud you10:58
HiteshthandelIs anyone even listening to me?10:59
BACbKAunfortunately, hostname still blocks apt-get -f, now with insserv: warning: script 'screen-cleanup' missing LSB tags and overrides10:59
cfhowlettHiteshthandel, if you do not state the issue, clearly and completely, we will ignore you10:59
BACbKAinsserv: Default-Start undefined, assuming empty start runlevel(s) for script `screen-cleanup'10:59
cfhowlett!details | Hiteshthandel10:59
ubottuHiteshthandel: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.10:59
ducasseBACbKA: can you pastebin output?10:59
HiteshthandelOkay listen I'll say it in one paragraph10:59
ducasseHiteshthandel: if you deleted the esp you need to recreate it.11:00
BACbKAducasse insserv: Script virtuoso-nepomuk is broken: missing end of LSB comment. insserv: exiting now! update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header11:00
* BACbKA not flooding :)11:00
ducasseBACbKA: i meant a pastebin, to avoid flooding, but if that's all.. what package is that from?11:02
eeriiret00how do i maximize the game windows? for several games there is no maximizing option??11:03
eeriiret00any shortcut?11:03
ducasseBACbKA: there is no such file in the repos, could it be from a ppa?11:04
eeriiret00there is no working shortcut?11:04
BACbKAducasse are you talking about virtuoso-nepomuk ? I'm researching it myself as we speak11:04
ikoniasurely not - a PPA breaking an upgrade....thats a new situation11:04
BACbKADescription: transitional package for virtuoso-minimal11:05
ducasseBACbKA: yep. can you move it out of the way or purge the package it's from?11:05
BACbKA virtuoso-nepomuk Status: deinstall ok config-files11:05
BACbKAyes, I'll try to purge that one first and hopefully it will remove the hook into hostname config post-install11:06
BACbKApurged virtuoso-nepomuk successfully11:07
BACbKAwahoooooooooooOOO!!!! apt-get -f dist-upgrade now processing further11:07
ducasseBACbKA: \o/11:08
BACbKAthanks ducasse, the reboot into upstart mode was a very cool tip11:08
ducasseBACbKA: hope you can get it back to a sane state now :)11:08
HiteshthandelHelp me  plzthere  is a pastebin link to my problem11:09
BACbKAducasse: thank you11:09
ducasseHiteshthandel: you need to recreate the efi partition from a live usb.11:09
ducasseBACbKA: np.11:09
cfhowlettHiteshthandel, ubuntu does not prevent you from accessing your bios with f2.  try again.  as far as your ubuntu set up, you'll need to recreate the deleted partition.  boot your ubuntu USB and do so or (my recommendation ...) reinstall11:09
HiteshthandelI've tried thousand times but it only says please wait and then it brings me to the same dos window of boot/appmenu. I'm unable to boot any usb dvd that's the problem11:10
ducasseHiteshthandel: ubuntu has no effect on whether or not you can enter the bios.11:13
HiteshthandelBut this happened after i installed Ubuntu11:13
HiteshthandelHow is that even possible that it corrupted my bios or firmware11:13
cfhowlettHiteshthandel, it did not.11:14
ducasseHiteshthandel: it happened after you deleted the esp. you must have done something else.11:14
HiteshthandelI remember once when i spoiled my windows mbr on my primary partition i faced that dos windows but it had two entried then "my hard drive" and "my dvd rom" why the hell does it only showing me ubuntu in that now11:15
cfhowlettHiteshthandel, we have no way of knowing what non-standard modifications you may have performed11:15
ducasseHiteshthandel: that is probably the efi firmware variable pointing to the bootloader you have deleted.11:16
HiteshthandelFuck u11:16
ducasseHiteshthandel: behave.11:16
noobuntuI'm trying to launch Nautilus as root by default from the launcher. I edited ~/.local/share/applications/nautilus.desktop like shown here (http://askubuntu.com/questions/156998/how-do-i-start-nautilus-as-root/362863#362863) but it's not working. Any other way?11:16
cfhowlettHiteshthandel, clean up your language and attitude.11:16
HiteshthandelI didn't do anything except of deleting that partition but how do i recreate that variable pointing shortcut11:18
ducasseHiteshthandel: you need to boot from a usb/dvd.11:18
cfhowlettconversnew, ask your ubuntu questions11:18
conversnewhow do i view the contents of clipboard after i press ctlr+print and it stores the images?11:19
HiteshthandelBut I'm unable to boot into anything I've tried multiple isos including windows xp 7 10 arch linux peppermint linux chrome os porteus kali11:19
MonkeyDustconversnew  there's 'glipper'11:20
conversnewo so i have to install it11:20
HiteshthandelI've seen that when i use the dvd install the led on my dvd rom beeps for a while on stopping on samsung logo. But the same ubuntu app/boot menu screen appears11:20
MonkeyDust!info glipper | conversnew11:21
ducasseHiteshthandel: try in ##hardware if you can't boot an iso, it's not ubuntu-related.11:21
ubottuconversnew: glipper (source: glipper): Clipboard manager for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4-6 (xenial), package size 48 kB, installed size 373 kB11:21
HiteshthandelWhy is the only thing that i can see is ubuntu11:22
guzzlefryIs there a recommended system monitor app these days?11:22
ducasseHiteshthandel: i told you, it's a firmware variable pointing to the bootloader that no longer exists because you deleted it.11:22
noobuntuHi guys I need some help. Where did the Browse network option go in Nautilus in 16.04?11:23
cfhowlettnoobuntu, still on mine.  scroll down the page?11:24
HiteshthandelAre you still there?11:25
cfhowlett<ducasse> Hiteshthandel: try in ##hardware if you can't boot an iso, it's not ubuntu-related.11:26
HiteshthandelThat channel is not recieving my messages11:26
ducasse!register | Hiteshthandel11:26
ubottuHiteshthandel: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:26
noobuntucfhowlet https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/1548977 It's a bug. What to make of this?11:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1548977 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "sidebar items missing with gtk 3.18 (browse network, browser, empty trash, format)" [High,Fix released]11:27
test_hello how do I add programs on my desktop?11:27
ducassenoobuntu: "fix released"11:27
cfhowlettnoobuntu, looks to be a bug.  if this is effecting you, add your name to the list11:28
ikoniaand there is a fix released11:28
ikoniait even details the package version11:28
noobuntuhow do i get the fix?11:28
ikonialook at the package version11:28
noobuntuI have all updates installed11:29
ikoniado you have that packge version11:29
noobuntuikonia how to check?11:30
ikonialook at the package version in the package manager11:30
noobuntuI will need to install synaptic right?11:31
ikoniasoftware center should show it11:31
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noobuntuIt says This bug was fixed in the package nautilus - 1:3.18.4.is.3.14.3-0ubuntu3. I have 1:3.18.4.is.3.14.3-0ubuntu4.11:33
=== croppa is now known as Guest23658
ikoniaso that is later than tht11:33
ikoniaso there maybe a regression11:33
noobuntuWhat does that mean?11:34
ikoniait means the fix may have been undone in the later package11:34
test_Can anyone tell me how to put programs on the desktop or does it always have to be in the launcher?11:35
EriC^^test_: type nautilus /usr/share/applications and copy and paste them in the desktop11:35
=== Guest23658 is now known as croppa
test_in the terminal?11:36
test_thank you dude11:39
EriC^^test_: no problem11:39
test_i must say it is kinda an uncomfortable way to put files on your desktop11:44
cfhowlettunity designers prefer not to have desktop launchers.  see #convergence11:45
test_and can someone tell me a programming software i can try?11:47
cfhowletttest_, seriously?  pick any one of the hundreds for yourself11:47
ducasse!ide | test_11:48
ubottutest_: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator11:48
MonkeyDusttest_  in nautilus, surf to /usr/share/applications/ and drag an icon to the desktop11:48
BluesKajHiyas all11:48
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stantonI have a TVTuner card built into my desktop i record TV broadcasts and watch them later like a DVR i use a 3tb hdd for this. i have chromecast on my tv that we watch our shows on my issue is videostream was to sluggish and i'm trying plex media server but it does not detect my videos. the recording function records my videos into m2t format i have tried converting them all to mkv but plex media server does not detect these files. so is11:56
stantonthere an alterantive to plex media server and videostream to watch my recordings on chromecast?11:56
bekksstanton: Why dont you use a video format that is recognized by your chromecast?11:58
ducassestanton: there is a media server called emby that works well with mobile clients etc, but i know nothing about chromecast...12:00
=== janis is now known as Dorami-Doraemon
noobuntuHow to view real name of .desktop files in /usr/share/application/ folder?12:07
ducassenoobuntu: you need to open them, i expect.12:08
noobuntuOpening them launches them. Like nautilus.desktop shows up as 'Files' and I can edit it with gedit. But there's no way for me to know this (tutorials told me). ducasse12:10
ioriacat file.desktop  | grep Name    or grep Name  file.desktop12:10
noobuntucd to /usr/share/applications before ioria?12:11
iorianoobuntu, sure12:11
bekksgrep Name /usr/share/applications/file.desktop12:11
bekksNo need for cd12:12
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noobuntuRight so this is not what I need. I know it shows in file manager as "Files". I need to know it's real file name which is xxxxx.desktop.12:16
EriC^^noobuntu: grep -i "Name=Files" /usr/share/applications/*12:17
stantonbekks because the recorder has no option to choose any other format and videostream was able to play m2t and the mkv which is supported by chromecast. but videostream had issues with video playback being sluggish and audio cutting out and rest of the time it played fine.12:17
stantonducasse: i'll check that out maybe it'll work with chromecast12:18
ducassestanton: i checked now, says chromecast is supported.12:18
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realpanvHey, I want to access a partition with corrupt windows which wasn't fully shutdown12:20
cfhowlettrealpanv, nope. windows very effectively locks up incorrect shutdowns.  forcing it is a bad idea12:21
noobuntuThanks EriC^^ and others.12:21
realpanvcfhowlett: thanks. I remember doing it with EriC^^ once and it worked but whatever. Thanks anyways.12:21
realpanvAnd thanks for the tip12:22
realpanvI'll remember that one12:22
ducasserealpanv: you can try ntfsfix, but i wouldn't recommend it.12:22
SchrodingersScatesp. since I don't see it in the repos, so it's likely not a properly 'supported' solution12:23
SchrodingersScat!info ntfs-3g | realpanv actually it is12:23
ubotturealpanv actually it is: ntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read/write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:2015.3.14AR.1-1build1 (xenial), package size 504 kB, installed size 1664 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)12:23
EriC^^realpanv: you need to just read or also write to it?12:23
SchrodingersScatbut still listen to the others12:23
stantonducasse: i try adding my folder i get "There was an error adding the media path. Please ensure the path is valid and the Emby Server process has access to that location."  my folder is located in "/media/user/Seagate Expansion Drive/Live TV"12:31
noobuntuSo I deleted my nautilus.desktop from /usr/share/applications, put an edited version with a root window action (http://paste.ubuntu.com/21511872/) and now it won't show up in dash search. How can I add it to my desktop?12:32
noobuntuto my launcher sry12:32
yorwos du -hx shows me that /var/tmp takes 1.1GB space, but all i see are empty directories inside12:33
guzzlefryCan someone confirm that xfsprogs is what I need to install in order to enable XFS support in gparted?12:33
yorwoshow can i make room in /var/temp ?12:33
ducassestanton: it's a long time since i set up emby, try in #emby for help with it.12:33
stantonducasse: i think it's due to the spaces in the folder names. not that i just made sure permissions are set. and thanks i'll head over there12:34
ducassenoobuntu: i think the .desktop files are cached on startup, maybe update-desktop-database will help.12:35
ducasseguzzlefry: should be, the kernel module is already present.12:36
kodi_hi, want sound from HDMI on TV, some help?12:37
EriC^^kodi_: go to settings > sound > hdmi12:38
kodi_EriC^^, thanks for the tip, but no luck that way. Pavucontol doesn't show anything. I was thinking this could help: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Examples#Automatically_switch_audio_to_HDMI.12:39
kodi_I came to udev rule can't directly run a script, a workaround is to use a .service to run this script, don't know how to execute that.12:40
kodi_read under: Automatically switch audio to HDMI.12:40
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ducassekodi_: pavucontrol shows no hdmi output device?12:42
guzzlefrySo, I had this external drive formatted as NTFS, and when plugged in my user could write to it. I reformatted as XFS, and now I don't have ownership of it even though it was automatically mounted under /media/my_user/drive_label/. How do I fix this?12:43
kodi_ducasse, no HDMI audio device, I got HDAJackRetask to give that to me. By the way I ran a Lubuntu version before and it was the same, now I am running the Kodibuntu Lubuntu version :O.12:44
ducasseguzzlefry: 'chown' it to your user.12:44
cfhowlettkodi_, as stated in the topic, we can only support official ubuntus.  go to kodibuntu for support12:45
sslovei recommend u try ubuntu studio as it is specifically built for multimedia12:46
guzzlefryoh...easier than I thought :P12:46
cfhowlettsslove, @ who?12:46
kodi_cfhowlett, and when I had a issue with my nvidia card they guided me to Ubuntu's channel. You have responsibility over video and those at kodibuntu manages the sound part?12:46
sslovecfhowlett, obviously12:46
ducassekodi_: we have responsibility for none of it.12:47
cfhowlettkodi_, kodibuntu as a whole is outside our area.  we have no idea/control of what changes other OS's make so we cannot support them12:47
cfhowlett!who | sslove12:47
ubottusslove: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:47
ssloveubottu, i understand12:48
kodi_but can you explain this step to me: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Examples#Automatically_switch_audio_to_HDMI, under Automatically switch audio to HDMI?12:48
cfhowlettkodi_, arch produces some fine tutorials but note that archlinux != ubuntu.  proceed at your own risk12:49
kodi_cfhowlett, So it will not work, and what does archlinux != ubuntu mean?12:51
ducassekodi_: it means arch and ubuntu are two different things.12:51
cfhowlettkodi_, I didn't say it would not work.  !=   means "does not equal".12:51
kodi_cfhowlett, allright12:51
EriC^^kodi_: try if the command works first12:55
EriC^^sudo -u "$USER_NAME" pactl --server "$PULSE_SERVER" set-card-profile 0 output:hdmi-stereo+input:analog-stereo12:56
EriC^^(get the variables from above in the script)12:56
EriC^^kodi_: use at your own risk though12:58
kodi_EriC^^, But I don't know how to execute /etc/udev/rules.d/99-hdmi_sound.rules: is it some command or what?12:59
EriC^^kodi_: does the command work?12:59
kodi_EriC^^, read the post I sent :)13:00
EriC^^it works here, but my hdmi shows up in settings > sound13:00
EriC^^i read it, i mean try this command first to see if it manually works13:00
EriC^^sudo -u e pactl --server unix:/run/user/1000/pulse/native set-card-profile 0 output:hdmi-stereo+input:analog-stereo13:00
sparklyAnyone can point to a good source of info / discussion on the ubuntu system / user / swap encryption capabilities?13:00
EriC^^type id and get your id and username, mine is e and 1000, replace yours with what you get13:00
afifCan someone help me with a question. I will give the stackoverflow link here.13:01
afifHere it is13:01
kodi_EriC^^, need som terminal, can't paste text in the one I am using now. some tip?13:01
cfhowlettafif might be better asked in the python channel13:01
afifCan't seem to resolve this.. nomatter what I try13:01
EriC^^afif: how large a file? termbin has a 32768 buffer13:01
afifwhever I do the thing with cat command it works just fine13:02
afifcat oneMBFile.txt | nc termbin.com 999913:02
afifThis works just fine13:02
afifBut with python the problem is there.13:02
EriC^^smaller files also?13:03
afifis the limit13:03
afifAround that I suppose13:03
EriC^^kodi_: use /exec <command here>13:04
afifthat was funny :D13:05
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EriC^^afif: i guess it's a python thing13:06
afifThere is another strange thing13:06
afifI tried spawing the cat command as subprocess using os.system('cat oneMb.txt ... ')13:07
afifstill it had that broken pipe error13:07
afifWhat's the reason behind broken pipe anyway?13:07
EriC^^i think if the connection doesn't respond after a time it does that13:08
afifEric^^ I guess it happens because python is slow compared to bash.13:09
afifBut even when I read characters one by one from a file.. it takes the exact same time13:09
afifand exact same problem after that many bytes13:09
EriC^^maybe it has to do with termbin's code13:09
afifAny ideas to find a way around it?13:10
EriC^^this is termbin's code https://github.com/solusipse/fiche/blob/master/fiche.c13:10
EriC^^line 117 is when it receives the connection13:11
afifI have read it actually13:11
afifHave you worked on termbin?13:11
SchrodingersScatafaik there's also a limit to the buffer you can set, when your run fiche13:11
afifI am pretty sure the buffer limit is high as the plain way through linux shell works perfectly even for 4 megabytes of files13:12
EriC^^afif: i've modded it to do another pastebin site once13:12
EriC^^it might have to do with the MSG_WAITALL part13:12
afifWhat does MSG_WAITALL do?13:13
afifAnybody got an idea to go around this? Perhaps some other site with a cleaner api?13:14
JakesDenWhat can i do if i need packages from a ppa but the packages are for a older version of ubuntu, i know from previous trys all the packages work fine in the newer version of ubuntu anyway. what do i do?13:15
EriC^^afif: ill try to fork it real quick and see if it works13:15
afifOk. Cool13:16
afifI should search for another site. Easier way13:16
ducasseJakesDen: if the ppa is no longer updated anyway, then just download the .deb files13:18
JakesDenthat would take too much time13:18
JakesDenis there a way to make it use the packages for the older version instead13:19
EriC^^afif: there's io.ix and sprunge.us too13:19
afifEric^^ Running on fiche or something else?13:19
EriC^^it's curl based13:20
EriC^^afif: the free shell i have won't let me start it on any port :/13:20
ducasseJakesDen: sure, tell the .list file to ask for packages for the version the ppa has packages for, but it's a very ugly hack.13:20
JakesDenducasse, how do i do that?13:20
afifThanks Eric^^ .13:21
JakesDenand is there a way to install all packages from a ppa?13:21
ducasseJakesDen: just put for example 'trusty' instead of 'xenial' in the version field.13:21
EriC^^afif: made another free shell, hold on13:22
ducasseJakesDen: no way that i know to install all packages, apt will choose the packages with the highest version.13:22
afifWhat free shell13:23
JakesDenok, thanks!13:23
noobuntuHi, I'm trying to launch nautilus as root by editing the .desktop file. If I use gksu nautilus, it opens with a weird theme, no icons, and only 2-3 sidebar items. sudo nautilus from the terminal works great but I'm told I can't use it in the .desktop file. What to do?13:23
kodi_EriC^^, Guess it didn't work: http://pastebin.com/uW2zL8gn.13:23
philinuxnoobuntu;~ you need the policykit files. sudo apt install nautilus-admin13:25
philinuxnoobuntu;~ then you can use pkexec13:25
EriC^^afif: get ready to try it out :D13:26
afifWhich one?13:27
philinuxnoobuntu;~ or use sudo -H nautilus13:27
EriC^^afif: i've been banned from this free shell before cause of running fiche so we have to make it quick before they find out13:29
afifAll right13:29
afifAm quick13:30
EriC^^afif: echo bla | nc shell.xshellz.com 1011113:30
EriC^^i compiled it with MSG_DONTWAIT13:30
EriC^^ok i received here13:30
EriC^^worked for you?13:30
afifDNS server couldnot be found thought13:31
EriC^^let me check file siZE13:31
afifwhen I put the URL13:31
afifThis was a small sized file13:31
EriC^^i actually received 2 btw13:31
EriC^^2 files13:31
EriC^^you did only one?13:31
afifNa I did two13:32
EriC^^oh ok13:32
afifLet me try a 4MB file with python13:32
EriC^^it said here13:32
EriC^^Invalid connection.13:32
EriC^^and the client info below with your host and ip13:32
EriC^^let me see in the cod what gives that error13:33
afifIs it still up?13:33
EriC^^it gives that error from line 476 https://github.com/solusipse/fiche/blob/master/fiche.c13:34
EriC^^it's basically checking if you're using netcat or not13:35
afifWell thats strange13:35
EriC^^if it sees GET or POST in it + HTTP/1. , or if the buffer is less than 3 it gives that error13:35
afifBut I am not receiving the broken pipe now13:35
afifWhats the latest activity from my side13:36
EriC^^let me see what it has13:36
EriC^^i got a bunch of invalid connection13:36
EriC^^no new files saved13:36
EriC^^let me recompile it to ignore that error checking13:36
afifCheck the latest activity after 10 seconds13:36
afifLast try13:36
fadavianyone here has been tested mac osx in vbox?13:37
cfhowlettfadavi, ask #vbox13:37
fadavicfhowlett: asked there, too13:38
Codfectionwhy is ubuntu so laggy on my vm?13:38
EriC^^afif: try now13:38
sparklyNot on topic but: you people who have the patience to hang out in forums like this and help people are cool. You deserve a hug and a beer. Wish i had it in me.13:38
EriC^^it was saved13:38
afifI got broken pipe13:38
afiffull 1 MB data did not got13:38
afifTried to send exact 1048576 characters13:39
EriC^^ah 0 byte file here13:39
cfhowlettCodfection, depends on how you set up your vbox.  note: ubuntu with unity is resource hungry13:39
noobuntuphilinux installed nautilus-admin and using pkexec it still looks the same (http://i.imgur.com/2Da1SCb.png) when it should look like (http://i.imgur.com/2mpnwa4.png)13:39
afifAnd no errors to why?13:40
EriC^^afif: maybe i'll try with a larger buffer?13:40
EriC^^nope it acted like it worked here, but the file was 013:40
afifIf it aint too much trouble13:40
EriC^^sure np13:40
philinuxnoobuntu;~ in the first example click on computer then your user13:40
EriC^^afif: ok try now13:41
philinuxnoobuntu;~ be very careful with this you can bork your system.13:41
afifIts running13:42
EriC^^afif: nope 0 byte too13:42
noobuntuphilinux I can acess folders fine. It's the sidebar items that are missing and the weird theme and icons when using pkexec/gksu13:42
afifBut its stuck13:42
EriC^^afif: aha13:42
ikonianoobuntu: you are going to wreck your system13:42
BACbKAho ho ho!!! trusty->xenial upgrade almost done recovery from a failed upgrade13:42
philinuxnoobuntu;~ I use sudo -H nautilus13:42
ikoniathere should be very few reasons to use nautlius as root13:42
ikoniaBACbKA: don't ned a commentary13:43
EriC^^afif: it just did another13:43
philinuxnoobuntu;~ but very rarely13:43
afifIts stuck while sending13:43
BACbKAhowever my 'kdm' doesn't launch13:43
afifWhats your buffer size?13:43
ikoniaBACbKA: don't need a commentary13:43
EriC^^i put the buffer to 64000013:43
=== Dream is now known as Guest14987
afifwhat was the prev size?13:44
BACbKAdoes anyone have a tip on having kdm to start in xenial? I just did a 'dpkg-reconfigure kdm' and verified it is the default13:44
noobuntuphilinux still the same with sudo -H nautilus13:44
noobuntuikonia what should i use then?13:44
ikoniaBACbKA: enable it as a service in sysemd13:44
afifNo idea why it keeps happening13:44
ikonianoobuntu: I'm not actually clear what your problem is13:44
EriC^^should i try 64000 ?13:44
ikonianoobuntu: why are you trying to launch it as root13:44
BACbKAikonia: you mean, in addition to it already been selected as the default wm?13:45
BACbKAI mean, session manager13:45
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
philinuxnoobuntu;~ to be honest if I need to edit a system file say something grub related I use nano13:45
EriC^^afif: ok give it a shot13:45
ikoniaBACbKA: what do you mean in addition ?13:45
afifStuck again13:45
noobuntuikonia I'd like to launch it as root sometimes to edit setings files, change permissions for folders, enable network shares, etc13:45
ikonianoobuntu: pretty much none of that should require nautlius as root13:46
afifI tried a different way now13:46
afifstill stuck13:46
Guest14987that's fine13:46
EriC^^afif: let me try with MSG_WAITALL again13:46
noobuntuikonia so you're going to say I should learn command line?13:46
BACbKAikonia: hmmm... Failed to start kdm.service: Unit kdm.service not found.13:46
ikonianoobuntu: no, not at all13:47
FlipBillBACbKA, pardon me, just stepped back to 'puter... I take it you are a KDE user?13:47
ikonianoobuntu: can you give me an example of something you'd want ot change13:47
EriC^^afif: ok go for it13:47
ikoniaBACbKA: what command did you run ?13:47
BACbKAflipbill: yes, this is a kubuntu upgrade13:47
EriC^^afif: MSG_WAITALL and buffer 6400013:47
BACbKAikonia: systemctl start kdm13:47
afifBroken pipe13:47
FlipBillBACbKA, FWIW, I just moved back to 14.04 from 16.04 because I was forced to use KDE5.  Missing features.13:47
ikoniaBACbKA: so that means there is no service called kdm13:48
EriC^^afif: yup 64000bytes13:48
BACbKAFlipBill: ocuh13:48
ikoniaBACbKA: you need to look at if that is meant to be, or if something else controls it13:48
noobuntuikonia lets say I want to edit /usr/share/onboard/themes/Charcoal.colors13:48
EriC^^afif: of the letter "a" :D13:48
EriC^^afif: success :P13:48
ikonianoobuntu: ok - what's stopping you13:48
afifNot really I had give 1 MB13:48
afifEverything did not go13:48
EriC^^afif: yeah but it received those though13:48
EriC^^shall i try a larger buffer?13:48
BACbKAikonia: you'd think that kdm being installed and configured would take care of that itself?13:49
ikoniaBACbKA: no13:49
noobuntuIf I open it from Nautilus without root permissions it opens in gedit but can't be saved (read only). Need root permissions to open it in write mode.13:49
FlipBillBACbKA, I configured a KVM inside my desktop just to run kernel ZFS of Xenial.  Have you used KDE5 yet?13:50
ikonianoobuntu: there should be an option to open with root if you right click it13:50
EriC^^afif: try it13:50
ikonia(the file)13:50
EriC^^afif: buffer 100000013:50
BACbKAFlipBill: not yet13:50
noobuntuikonia but if you open Nautilus with root you don't have to enter password for every file you open13:50
EriC^^afif: i received 451776bytes13:50
FlipBillBACbKA, I'll be interested in your impressions when you do.13:50
EriC^^what was the number you said before?13:50
afifOne diff way13:51
ikonianoobuntu: you don't have to do that if you set the sudo rules13:51
afifAnd for the 2nd one? Now?13:51
EriC^^432583 bytes13:51
ikonianoobuntu: you just said it's rare you'd want to open a file as root - so just type the pasword13:51
BACbKAFlipBill: OK, I'll stop trying to beat the session manager into submission and run "startkde" instead of "startx" now...13:51
afifWhat else can we do13:52
afifThanks anyways13:52
noobuntuikonia what about changing permissions of folders my usr doesn't own?13:52
ikonianoobuntu: can you give me an example of that13:52
EriC^^afif: no problem13:52
afifYou helped a lot Eric^^13:52
adrian_1908hello. I noticed that my system upgraded a package "shim-signed" which has the description "Secure Boot chain-loading bootloader (Microsoft-signed binary)". Is that a regular part of Ubuntu?13:54
ikoniaadrian_1908: yes13:54
noobuntuLets say I want to enable local network share on /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes. I can't without root Nautilus because root is owner.13:55
adrian_1908ikonia: ok, thanks.13:55
ikonianoobuntu: of course you can - the "share" interface will allow that13:55
noobuntuikonia 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.13:56
ikonianoobuntu: so thats not unreasonable, but again - for those "rare" occasions, just launch nautlius as root, eg: gksu or sudo -H13:56
ikonianoobuntu: messing with policy kit from your proven inability to make system changes will wreck your system13:57
ikoniayou say it's very rare you'd want to do those functions, so use real world use cases to do it13:57
ikoniarather than risk messing up your system then being back in here in a days time saying "I can't do anything, policy kit says I'm blocked form everything"13:58
noobuntuikonia yeah it's more of a matter of convenience. btw only sudo nautilus works from the terminal right now. gksu and sudo -H both give the weird theme/no icons Nautilus13:58
cfhowlettnoobuntu, what he said.13:58
ikonianoobuntu: "sudo nautlius" is not convient ?13:59
ikonianoobuntu: as you say it's very rare you'd need to do this, so launching it as root for those odd moments is not convenient ?13:59
ikoniaand to be honest - you should think long and hard before trying to share anything owned by root13:59
ikoniait's owned by root for a reason13:59
noobuntuikonia I'm not saying it isn't. Just trying to understand why this is happening13:59
ikoniawhy what is happening ?14:00
BACbKAFlipBill: a bit weird and i think slightly more sluggish14:00
noobuntuweird themes, no icons, files missng when using gksu or sudo -H or pkexec14:00
noobuntubut fine with sudo14:01
ikonianoobuntu: I suspect it's missing those things because you run sudo nautlius first14:01
ikoniaso now all the config/session is owned by root14:01
ikoniaso when you gksu it's not able to update them14:01
ikonia(I'm guessing)14:01
BACbKAFlipBill: I need to check that no kde components got dropped in the upgrade though...14:02
paim trying to boot 14.04 from a usb stick on a pc14:02
pai get the initial ubuntu live screen14:02
pai configure language and keymap14:02
noobuntuthanks ikonia and everyone else.14:03
pabut when i press enter to start booting, it hangs on a black screen with cursor, and usb key stops blinking (like it doesnt load anything anymore)14:03
pawhat can i do?14:03
cfhowlettpa wait what?  if you are seeing the configuration screen it has ALREADY booted14:04
pabut then when it has to start loading the live system it stops14:04
pathe same stick i used on another pc to install it and it worked fine14:04
cfhowlettpa did you boot directly to "install" or "try" ubuntu14:04
pai selected "try ubuntu"14:05
cfhowlettpa  okay  reboot and try going directly to "install"14:05
paokay i try14:05
pacfhowlett, so if i do that, it happens the same14:07
pablack screen with blinking cursor, nothing gets loaded from the usb14:08
cullerI did the update from 14.04 to 16.04.1, it had errors and will only boot in emergency mode now14:08
pa(e.g., no blinking)14:08
cfhowlettpa that is NOT the same, is it?14:08
payes it's the same as if i choose try ubuntu14:09
pablack screen with blinking cursor14:09
cfhowlettpa you previously stated you configured the keymap.  so it DID boot.14:09
pakeymap on the menu "try ubuntu/install"14:09
palike with F2 and F314:09
rootoslavare people coming here every day?14:16
FlipBillBACbKA, do you use multiple desktops?  Tabbed windows?14:17
FlipBillBACbKA, try right-clicking an application icon to change it's start parameters or other stuff.14:17
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BACbKAFlipBill: right now I am back to ratpoison + konsole for the time of upgrade, but I'll try14:18
BACbKAFlipBill: I was unable to drag windows around14:18
FlipBillBACbKA, ouch.  At least that worked for me.14:18
philinuxrootoslav;~ not every day but some do14:18
=== Cube_ is now known as remove
BACbKAFlipBill: I suspect during the upgrade some kde packages got missing14:19
BACbKAFlipBill: I'm checking14:19
BACbKAFlipBill: and I still have to figure out how to make kdm start as the session manager14:19
rootoslav@/msg philinux thanks for answer bro, first time here14:20
FlipBillBACbKA, I had issues with DM on some machines too.  Used sddm for awhile.  Ultimately resolved with clean install, IIRC.  Not upgrade.14:23
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FlipBillBACbKA, unable to set different attributes on different desktops is deliberate omission by developers.  There is some talk about restoring it but they initially refused.  Told people to use Activities instead.14:25
FlipBillBACbKA, missing window tab feature is in Errata.  I don't know if/when that will be restored.14:26
FlipBillBACbKA, they are bot features I relied on heavily.14:26
FlipBillInability to click/modify icon links to apps is just lame.  I don't know how they could EOL KDE4 with 5 in such an incomplete state.14:27
FlipBillVery disappointing.14:27
ducasseBACbKA: you're back - i guess that means you're not up and running yet? (too lazy to read my backlog)14:29
BACbKAducasse: I am almost there14:30
BACbKAducasse: trying to make kdm start as my session manager now14:30
BACbKAI see that x-session-manager is provided by a lot of things, and on my system I have gnome-session and gnome-session-flashback installed. "dpkg-reconfigure kdm" had me select kdm out of kdm, gdm3, and sddm. Still when i boot I get no graphics, just the text consoles, and have to startx manually14:32
ducasseBACbKA: isn't that now called sddm?14:32
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BACbKAducasse: aha, while installing sddm I noticed this error: ERROR: /lib/systemd/system/kdm.service is the selected default display manager but does not exist14:39
BACbKAducasse: I see! I am with an obsolete kdm on the machine!!!14:39
BACbKAducasse: I noticed kdm is installed but didn't notice it is a local/obsolete pkg now14:40
BACbKAducasse: removing it...14:40
BACbKAducasse: upon remove, it reconfigures the default dm to be one of gdm3 and sddm now -- selecting sddm14:41
ducasseBACbKA: should help :)14:41
BACbKAducasse: funny that gdm3 isn't installed though, something is still broken with the session manager registration14:42
BACbKAducasse: ok, I'm terminating the manual x session...14:42
NamikoHow to disable screensaver on the 12.04?14:42
NamikoHow to disable screensaver on the 12.04?14:43
=== lab is now known as Guest70220
NamikoHow to disable screensaver on the 12.04?14:45
giruafter upgrading to 14.04 lts to 16.04 my front jack of cpu stop working but back jack of cpu work fine , I want my jack working but how??14:54
guzzlefryDon't suppose anyone's ran into a disappearing mouse cursor in Xubuntu? :)14:55
guzzlefryIt's still there, I just can't see it other than the reaction from buttons being hovered over...14:55
ctjctjgiru have you looked at your sound settings?14:55
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jordan__zzzguzzlefry what DE are you using? Unity?14:59
guzzlefryjordan__zzz: xfce414:59
giructjctj: thanks buddy15:00
ctjctjgiru, I take it that you figured it out?15:00
nuentoterwondering if someone could help me, I have a windows client program running through wine, and it works perfectly if executed from the folder on the windows partition, but when a link is created and put on the desktop the link will successfully open the program but will not connect to the server15:07
mrjesterNew 16.4.1 install as a VMware Workstation 12 Pro guest.  Not getting larger resolution choices.  https://i.imgur.com/ZDs5N7a.png  Tried with open-vm-tools and vmware-tools.  I don't see any errors/warnings in x-0.log, lightdm.log, syslog, etc. How does X/lightdm determine the usable resolutions?15:07
=== nikita is now known as Guest25852
mrjesterDamn.. just noticed Xorg.0.log.  Seeing warnings about insufficient memory for mode.15:10
fffWhen I type MOUNT C C:\ it won't mount the drive15:12
MonkeyDustfff  linux does not work with C D E etc15:14
Hydr0p0nXit's mount not MOUNT , do you have a directory named C ? , and C:\ is a windows partition name, the linux equivalent will be dev/hd or /dev/sd followed by a letter and a number15:14
_unreal_fff, linux is case CASE sensitive15:15
fffso linux does not use letters for drives?15:16
_unreal_fff, c:\ is windows method of drive location15:16
_unreal_it uses the tree system15:16
_unreal_litterally like a tree15:16
_unreal_so / is root          then lets say /home/lenovo/Downloads15:16
_unreal_the /               is the base of the file system15:17
_unreal_if your going to mount a drive then you mount its device to a location "a folder"      / something/something/something   are all folders15:18
_unreal_fff, type "df -ah" with out the "" marks in a linux terminal15:18
_unreal_you are running linux right? ubuntu I'm asuming15:19
_unreal_fff, what are you trying to do?15:21
p4i4sals_a4sHow can check what key i am pressing in x?15:32
edgyHi, in 16.04 there seems to be two version of php modules, what's the difference between: http://pastebin.ca/366942215:34
stantonI am running into issues with tvheadend and my TV tuner. Kaffiene detects the tuner just fine. tvheadend not so much lsdvb shows http://pastebin.com/B29ryFsp and lspci http://pastebin.com/mR03Nnfk and lsusb http://pastebin.com/XD7WUamp  my tv tuner card is a hauppauge wintv 1800 or 1850. wintv 78521 lp is all i can read on the physical card it self.15:36
Wulfedgy: php5 vs. php715:36
Wulfp4i4sals_a4s: xev15:36
edgyWulf: but both are v715:37
pkgois there a nice way to apt-get install chromedriver ?15:37
pkgoor do I have to install it manually?15:37
Wulfedgy: oh, right15:37
Wulfedgy: apt-cache show php-gd15:38
Wulfedgy: read it.15:38
edgyWulf: already did that but couldn't understand the difference15:38
MarkT-I am trying to create a static .a library that I can link to when compiling an application on differnet linux distributions instead of needing a different library for each individual distro.15:39
stantonlspci -v shows, http://pastebin.com/cQYD1z7n which shows Hauppauge computer works Inc. CX23887/8 PCIe Broadcast Audio and Video Decoder with 3D Comb15:39
p4i4sals_a4sWulf: thanks15:40
MarkT-Is there anything special I need to  be doing? Because right now when I build the library on one ubuntu system, and build my application and link to the static lib on a different ubuntu system, I get a 'malformed archive' at link time.   Building the library and linking to it on the same system has no issues.15:40
MarkT-once the application is linked, the binary works fine on any ubuntu system though...15:41
MarkT-I'm trying to figure out if I need to be doing something special when I am building the library though.15:41
alnri'm trying to patch openssl on xenial for CVE-2016-2107 (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-2107.html) my system reports openssl 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.1 as newest,  but the vulnerability remains. is there a later version available?15:44
ducasseMarkT-: you might have better luck with queries like that in ##linux15:44
ctjctjp4i4sals_a4s, have you tried xev?15:45
* ctjctj is late to the game again...15:45
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ducassealnr: have you looked in xenial-proposed?15:50
alnrducasse: no, i'm not familiar with that, checking15:51
ducassealnr: no, i have proposed enabled, and i have 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.115:53
=== hxm is now known as Guest32367
alnroh, thanks for that. it seem odd to me that the canonical page purports that 2016-2107 is covered by 1.0.2g , but i ssllabs.com still sees the vulnerability on my server (even after reboot).15:54
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stevenhHi everyone. I have a problem with my Syntaptics touchpad which is most likely a bug in the Linux kernel. I like to open a bug report but I don't really know where to start15:55
Kardi_can anyone access libreoffice IRC? i get terminated and it says 6000 users, (using Firefox with Mibbit)15:55
stevenhIs there anybody here willing to help me15:55
Kardi_try turning it off and on again...15:56
Guest38660As a SysAdmin, do I need to know by heart e.g. the whole configuration for Postfix? https://www.linode.com/docs/email/postfix/email-with-postfix-dovecot-and-mysql15:56
ctjctjGuest38660, you don't need to know everything by heart but you need to know where to find it and how to read the documentation.15:56
Guest38660@ctjctj thank you :-)15:57
ducassealnr: i don't know enough about it to tell you anything about that cve, maybe someone in #ubuntu-server does? i looked if the security team has a channel, but couldn't find one...15:57
ducassestevenh: you can file bug with 'ubuntu-bug packagename'15:58
ctjctjGuest38660, In general system admin is knowing the general and know where to find the details.  Google foo is often as important as knowing the "correct" answer by heart.15:58
jay_Hi all I am problem install sotware on my, it says waiting to be installed forever, includin synaptic sofware manager refuses to install... just left mint where I had no issues, but deside to with ubuntu since mint is build of of ubuntu. any help availabe?15:58
Guest38660@ctjctj that is what I thought! :-)15:59
alnrducasse: thanks, i'll try #ubuntu-server, didnt know about that15:59
ducasseGuest38660: you should have an understanding of how the email protocols work, though.16:00
stevenhHi Ducasse, thanks. I'll try that.16:00
jay_ Hi all I am having problems install sotware on my pcc, it says waiting to be installed forever, includin synaptic sofware manager refuses to install... any help availabe?16:01
Guest38660@ducasse I know it :-) -- I just wanted to be sure as a "junior sysadmin"16:01
ducassestevenh: you will need to create an account if you don't have one, and some times the bug reporter doesn't work properly if you aren't already logged in. just try again if that happens :)16:01
stevenhFortunately I do have an account16:02
ctjctjGuest38660, one thing you should know "well" but not by heart is the spam protections available for postfix, what open relays are, and how to make sure you don't send spam.16:02
stevenhThe thing is that I'm unsure about how to report it because I'm not sure if the synaptics driver is actually part of the kernel, or something I need to report somewhere else16:02
ctjctjGuest38660, look into mxtoolbox.com and verify that your machine is clean in most ways.16:02
ducasseGuest38660: nobody knows all the config directives by heart, you mainly need an understanding of which service does what so you can find what you need.16:03
alnrGuest38660: my exp. with postfix, is put up the stock server and then learn customizations needed one by one over time. my main.cf is actually less than a page16:03
ducassestevenh: you can file it against xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, the devs will refile against the right package if necessary.16:04
Guest38660@ctjctj DKIM, DMARC, SPF, PTR, DANE, DNSSEC, SpamAssassin etc. up and running16:04
jay_ I am having problems install sotware on my pc, it says waiting to be installed forever any help availabe?16:05
Guest38660@alnr I know :-)16:05
ctjctjYou are doing better than me.  But I was more suggesting that you check the RBL and *outbound* spamassassin16:05
ducassejay_: ok, can you open a terminal? enter 'sudo apt-get install -f' and pastebin the output if there is any.16:07
Archeusbest way to convert a movie from .mkv to .avi ?16:07
ducasseArcheus: handbrake, maybe?16:08
Archeusidk i am just asking for a fastest way16:08
Archeusim sor of newbie16:08
Archeusin ubuntu16:08
Guest38660@ctjctj and Postscreen / "RBL"done" and *outbound* spamassassin" done via amavis16:09
jay_Unpacking kde-config-telepathy-accounts (4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1) ...16:09
jay_dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack):16:09
jay_ trying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service', which is also in package account-plugin-google 0.12+16.04.20160126-0ubuntu116:09
jay_Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu3) ...16:09
jay_Errors were encountered while processing:16:09
jay_ /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb16:09
kallo82Hello i just want to know if AMD firepro drivers are not available on ubuntu 16.0416:09
miles_Do you guys think Ubuntu 10.4.4 on a 2002 Sony Vaio?16:09
Archeusis it fast ?16:09
miles_It can do Windows 7.16:09
miles_It originally had Windows XP.16:10
ducasse!paste | jay_16:10
ubottujay_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:10
stevenhWhy such an old Ubuntu version miles?16:10
miles_I don't think it will run 16.04.16:10
ducassemiles_: 10.04 is eol.16:10
stevenhHow about 14.0416:10
miles_I'll take a look.16:11
stevenhBut in any case, I would try a live USB drive (if it support booting from USB)16:11
miles_I have it on ubuntu 4.10 right now16:11
stevenhAnd you can then judge performance16:11
Guest38660https://help.ubuntu.com/16.04/installation-guide/i386/ch03s04.html @miles_16:11
jay_ok sent16:11
miles_i think 10.4.4 is best16:12
andaihi! I've been having a weird issue where the system gets slower and slower until it freezes. It's too slow for me to check which process is doing this. So I end up hard rebooting the machine.    Is ridiculous resource usage logged somewhere, or can I log it?16:12
miles_Or maybe a little back.16:12
Guest38660You could at least try 14.04 @miles_16:13
miles_I am going to look at my hardware on the PC16:14
kallo82how can i install amd firepro driver on my ubuntu 16.0416:14
andaiok I found a script to log it, bye16:16
ducassejay_: sent where? you need to post the url here.16:17
jay_got a message i cant post it have to post it there16:18
ducassejay_: the _full_ link, there should be a random string at the end.16:18
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=== voltage is now known as elohimn
miles_In my / drive it says I have 15.4 of free space.16:19
miles_I will not be upgrading.16:19
miles_Just wiping my system and putting a new one on there.16:20
jay_sorry http://paste.ubuntu.com/21530619/16:21
jay_first time16:21
TheReaperVirusDoes anyone know a bitmap font bigger then terminus?16:21
kallo82Hello again , is there yet AMD support on Ubuntu 16.04 ? or i have to switch to an older version ?16:23
fffamd has very bad linux support16:25
\9ubuntu 16.04 installer appears to be stuck searching for file systems16:25
ducassejay_: ok, you have a package conflict that you need to get cleared up to install other software. i _really_ need to go now, but someone should be able to help you if you just hang around and ask now and then.16:26
jay_ok someone anyone?16:26
jay_Help needed see http://paste.ubuntu.com/21530619/16:27
miles_What version of Ubuntu is closest to Windows 7?16:28
Eliza777KDE + Openbox. On Ctrl+Alt+F1 runned OpenBox and game. I canged to Ctrl+Alt+F7 to KDE and changed to Ctrl+Alt+F1 to OpenBox with the game. And I saw game crashed.16:28
eN_Joyi have been on 14.04, i am scared to run do-release-upgrade since i work remotely, should i?16:28
skjoneseN_Joy, i tried 16.04.1 but it was pretty flaky for me - wireless had trouble - screen would flash occasionally - went back to 14.0416:32
ducassejay_: if nobody can help you now, come back in half an hour or so, i should be back then :)16:33
Eliza777KDE + Openbox. On Ctrl+Alt+F1 runned OpenBox and game. I canged to Ctrl+Alt+F7 to KDE and changed to Ctrl+Alt+F1 to OpenBox with the game. And I saw game crashed.16:33
ctjctjjay_, try sudo apt-get clean then sudo apt-get upgrade  See if that takes you further.16:34
ctjctjjay_, if that doesn't work your log says that there is a conflict that has to be resolved.16:34
\9looks like the filesystem mount i did earlier did not unmount properly16:36
\9so i just rebooted and tried again16:36
yorwoshi all, i found a file in my /home/user/ which is 8.3GB and its name is random characters ,like 3 lines long , what could this be?16:47
=== gms is now known as Guest58717
EriC^^yorwos: try "file /path/to/file"16:48
sonu_nkhi pavlushka how are you ?16:48
christian_is it really time to upgrade? Im using Xubuntu 14.04 and when I run software updater it notifies me that 16.04.1 is now available? did they fix the issues in thunar? missing mouse cursor when recovering from sleep?16:49
pavlushkaI am fine, thanks sonu_nk !16:49
pavlushkasonu_nk: and what about you?16:49
sonu_nki am facing some issue. my mouse in ubuntu is working perfect.. it is not selecting text accuratly and click is sometime rude and some time poor..16:49
sonu_nkpavlushka: i am good .. how all are in your family.16:50
yorwosit wont recognise the full name, i got 4 times nosuch file or directory from it eric16:50
pavlushkasonu_nk: They are ok. and how's your family?16:50
ssloveeN_Joy, did u ask about upgrading 14.04?16:51
sonu_nkpavlushka: all are healthy and happy..16:51
EriC^^yorwos: try using file /path/to/file/first few letters<hit tab>16:51
eN_Joysslove: no, i don't really need to;-)16:51
sonu_nki am facing some issue. my mouse in ubuntu is not working perfect.. it is not selecting text accuratly and click is sometime rude and some time poor.. sorry my mouse setting is not default it is creating issue in select text..16:52
sonu_nkpavlushka: ^16:52
ssloveok, a user named enjoy16:52
eN_Joyi guess i'll stay..16:52
sonu_nkalso issue in click16:52
ssloveeN_Joy, oh i scrolled up, it was you16:53
ctjctjyorwos, it sounds like there are hidden characters in that file name.  file /path/to/file/ then attempt to tab complete the file name.16:53
pavlushkasonu_nk: since when?16:53
ssloveeN_Joy, yea i was going to recommend u stay on 14.04, so many ppl here having graphics card/drivers issues, but if ur remote, i guess u don't need/use graphics16:54
sonu_nkpavlushka: from last 2 days it is not working as it should.. even mouse is new..16:54
ctjctjtype the first character then press the tab key, then add another character and more tabs.  Finish with '*' this can be dangerous so don't do it when root.16:54
pavlushkasonu_nk: "lsb_release -rd" please16:55
ctjctjFor example if you get a filename like "xyzzyxyzzyxyzzy\r;rm\ \-rf\ \ '16:55
sonu_nkpavlushka: Description:Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS Release:14.0416:55
yorwosyes,it prints it its 3 lines long16:55
ctjctjyorwos, what did file say it was?16:56
christian_hello did they fix the bugs in xubuntu mentioned in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/FinalRelease/Xubuntu in 16.04.1?16:56
pavlushkasonu_nk: did you tried to test the mouse into a different system?16:56
yorwosit just showed me its name16:56
sonu_nkpavlushka: yes16:57
=== g0m3z is now known as g0m3z78
EriC^^yorwos: can you pastebin the output?16:57
ctjctjyorwos, ok, I am worried about that file name. Please add the output of ls -lb /path/to/file_dir16:57
pavlushkasonu_nk: it functions correctly there?16:58
sonu_nkpavlushka: yes.. working perfect as it should16:59
sonu_nkpavlushka: is there any way to reset mouse setting and drivers?16:59
sonu_nki also tried to do using system setting17:00
pavlushkasonu_nk: was that system a GNU/Linux?17:00
TheGuesthi al17:00
sonu_nkpavlushka: yes..17:00
yorwosok,how do i get the link from pastebin?17:01
pavlushkasonu_nk: there should be a "mouse & Touchpad" settings, check there if everything is as it should be.17:02
EriC^^yorwos: try file /home/yorwos/tmpI<hittab> then enter17:03
EriC^^yorwos: try putting sudo before the command17:06
AimlessRavenis there any risk to lose data when i update my ubuntu 14.04 to 1617:06
fernot risk17:06
AimlessRavenfer:  thanks i go upgrade17:07
miles_going to install ubuntu on my 2002 pc17:08
miles_wish me luck17:08
sslovemiles_, why?17:09
miles_Why for what?17:09
Bashing-om!10.04 | miles_ Not recommended !17:09
ubottumiles_ Not recommended !: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.17:09
ssloveit's no longer supported. u can try ubuntu MATE 16.04, it's like where 10.04 left off17:09
TheGuestwhether here there are still using the old version ubuntu?17:09
sslovemiles_,  it's no longer supported. u can try ubuntu MATE 16.04, it's like where 10.04 left off17:10
miles_On my 2002 PC I don't think it can run 16.0417:10
miles_Plus, my CD can only hold up 700mb17:10
EriC^^miles_: how much ram?17:10
stantonsslove: yeah depending on the system he may not be able to use latest ubuntu mate. i have tried it as well on a laptop from 2002 era and anything above 14.04 won't work on it.17:11
Bashing-ommiles_: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.17:11
miles_256 mb of ram17:11
ducassemiles_: then try 14.04 at least. anyway, you can use the server installer and install desktop etc over the network.17:11
sslovemiles_, uuuh, i am currently typing this on a REALLY weak old computer running ubuntu mate, only 1gb ram and it runs Ubuntu MATE wonderfully17:11
EriC^^miles_: what Bashing-om said17:11
yorwosthis is really weird im thinking to just delete it :/17:11
miles_I looked at it. The i386 download file for 14.10 (what I could find) is 1.1gb.17:12
fertry mint version17:12
sslovemiles_, trust  me, IF u can install 10.04, u can install Ubuntu MATE 16.04, anyone on this channel will back that up17:12
miles_I'll see.17:12
EriC^^sslove: with 256mb it's pretty difficult17:12
EriC^^*256mb ram17:12
EriC^^are you sure it's 256mb ram?17:13
miles_Also, my graphics may not be doing so well with 16.0417:13
Bashing-ommiles_: Think (?) the lower limit for ram is 512 ?? .. see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements/ .17:13
EriC^^2002 laptop's had more i think17:13
miles_I am sure it is 25617:13
miles_I looked in the BIOS17:13
TheGuesthuffttt ubuntu 16.04 is lag, and high ram usage on my laptop :( why, (Intel core 2 duo t7300 2.0 GHZ, 2 Gb ram, Intel g965 graphics, ubuntu 16.04 64 bit17:13
miles_My processor doesn't have SSE2 support.17:14
miles_So it is old...17:14
miles_The 2002 originally had Windows XP, so I changed to Ubuntu 4.10, and now
Bashing-ommiles_: Honestly, I have had good results with the DSL distrubotion on such low spec hardware .17:15
miles_It still uses floppy drives.17:16
yorwosctj,eric, any ideas what 2do with that file?17:16
miles_And it needs PCi Network adapter for WiFi.17:16
gbakerSo why is there is there a huge difference between cached reads and buffered disk reads? I know it's kind of a stupid question...17:16
pavlushkamiles, why dont you give us a "free" result paste?17:17
ducasseyorwos: impossible to say, it looks like just a temp file of some sort that hasn't been cleaned up. i would just delete it.17:17
yorwosshould i try to man that?17:19
jay_any support staff yet?17:19
stantonsslove: 16.04 works fine with 1gb for you?17:19
EriC^^yorwos: man what?17:19
ducasseyorwos: man what?17:19
pavlushka!help | jay_17:19
ubottujay_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:19
yorwosman the file ?17:20
ducassejay_: ok, a second and i'll help you :)17:20
sslovestanton, omg yes17:20
stantonsslove: if so what did you do to get it running smoothly? i've got a laptop used to have xp on it. someone gave it to me to install a linux distro i tried ubuntu mate when it was 15.04 and again with 16.04 it has 512 or 1gb of ram. but the machine ran so slowly that i couldn't even bring up an irc client.17:20
sslovei'm blown away with the performance of this U MATE on this original netbook 32bit 1.6 atom with 1gb ram17:21
sslovestanton,  i'm blown away with the performance of this U MATE on this original netbook 32bit 1.6 atom with 1gb ram17:21
ducassejay_: type 'sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts' in a terminal17:21
pavlushkasslove: i am blown away by that fact :)17:21
stantonsslove: it worked fine if i ran cli solutions.  i'm trying to figure out where i might be lacking for this machine of theirs. it's super old intel 1.2ghz at most. single core. 80gb hdd intergrated old intel graphics. from 2000.17:22
ctjctjyorwos, you might be able to remove it.  But it is a root file and you are having troubles getting to it by name.17:22
sslovemiles_, if using an ubuntu bas is important to you, try bodhi  linux, enlightenment desktop is the lightest and best out there. if u want an official flavor, try lubuntu. boot off a usb to see if graphics are an issue17:22
yorwosill reboot and brb17:22
jay_@ducasse log found here http://paste.ubuntu.com/21537766/17:24
sslovestanton, wow i am VERY surprised to hear that, actually i have never seen better performance out of this netbook as it is performing now under UMATE 16.04. i am able to run the newest opera browser with about 3 or 4 other apps open and in use at the same time17:25
stantonsslove: and it's kicking with either 512 or 1gb. i even tried linux mint mate.  the machine is a dell latitude d531 originally had xp pro17:25
ducassejay_: sorry, i pasted wrong; 'sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb' - then try 'sudo apt-get install -f'17:26
sslovestanton, i run hexchat opera with about 10 tabs, telegram and terminal and no problems at all, not even the slightest bit of lag17:26
stantonaccording to the internet it's supposed to have 2gb but one of the slots is missing a stick of ram. so probably been modified. also internet states it's an intergrated ati x1270.17:26
stantonmaybe 16.04.1 had some performance fixes over 16.0417:26
sslovestanton, the most impressive thing of all, the resume from sleep is instant. i mean less than 1/10th of a second17:27
sslovei open the lid and immediately it's on17:27
sslovestanton,  i open the lid and immediately it's on17:27
stantonsadly the evil laptop doesn't have usb booting. so i gotta use a trick to force usb to work. but anyways i'll make a bootable disk/usb stick. see if she'll run better this time around.17:27
jay_@ducasse http://paste.ubuntu.com/21538176/17:28
stantonsslove: sounds like my pilot chromebook when i had ubuntu on it.17:28
sslovestanton, i wondered if it was just on and not suspended, but the lights are showing it is in suspend mode, slowly fading in and out17:28
stantonsslove: and you're positive it's ubuntu mate edition? 'cause if i get this machine working again i'm getting paid17:29
sslovestanton, i can show u a video, it is ridiculous. i'm totally blown away, lol. wifi takes about 3-5 secs to connect upon resume from suspend17:29
ducassejay_: only paste what is inside ' ' - they are two separate commands, so press enter after each.17:29
sslovestanton, yup, i'll show u17:29
stantonsslove: almost sounds like you're getting close to the speeds my gaming rig can get with it's 8gb ram and quad 3.2ghz i'm actually fairly impressed and really am wanting to try it now.17:30
sslovestanton, only a video can show u how stupid fast this OLD netbook is with this UMATE17:31
gbakerIs it SSD's that cause the difference in hdparm speeds having such a gap in buffered and cached reads?17:31
sslovestanton, hold on, will record it now17:31
sslovegbaker, if ur asking me, no, it's not ssd17:31
stantonsslove: thanks be sure to show the specs the task manager would suffice for me.17:32
gbakerHmm I just never remember a 4x difference. :)17:32
gbakerOh I feel stupid, its not 4x... just bad at math today.17:33
sslovestanton, ok, will do right now17:33
stantonhey what was the name of the channel for off-topic but it was still a ubuntu channel?17:34
DJones!ot | stanton17:34
ubottustanton: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:34
ducassegbaker: for cached reads; "This measurement  is essentially an indication of the throughput of the processor, cache, and memory of the system under test.'17:34
stantonthanks DJones17:35
jay_@ducase I think it worked was just about to format. you save me a lot of work thanks so much17:35
ducassejay_: good, i hope everything is ok now :) if you run into other problems, just come back here and someone is happy to help :)17:36
jay_ok thanks17:36
ducassejay_: no problem.17:36
neldogzanyone experiencing trouble setting the grub timeout? I set mine to 4 seconds, ran sudo update-grub and rebooted... somehow its defaulted back to 10 seconds each time17:36
gbakerducasse: That makes sense. Just was finally able to get linux back up on my new laptop so it's been a while. And thid beast had quite a few issues getting it installed :)17:36
ducassegbaker: it happens sometimes if you buy really new hardware, drivers and fixes may not have made it into the distro yet.17:37
sslovestanton, here u go http://imgur.com/a/94dZh17:38
ducassegbaker: if you read the hdparm man page you can see the explanation of both benchmarks, and how they should be used.17:39
gbakerI noticed that...I still have one issue that I doubt will be fixed for a while, the touchpad is also the num pad but I never really use num pad so doesn't bug me much17:39
hpardisHi everyone.17:39
hpardisAre there any shell extensions for unity? I'm more of a gnome user and there are some stuff that are nice like caffienater17:40
ducassegbaker: no idea about that, sorry - that is something i've never come across.17:40
MonkeyDusthpardis  do you mean themes?17:40
xanguahpardis: is that like caffeine? Unity has"indicators"17:41
gbakerducasse: I never really use num pad anyways so no biggie. Oh and I recalculated and there is a 15x difference.17:41
gbakerThat does seem like a huge gap.17:42
hpardiscaffeine, that's the name I was looking for lol17:42
hpardisYeah, just like that, but for unity17:42
ducassegbaker: that sounds more likely, yes. ram is a hell of a lot faster than disk.17:42
gbakerducasse: yeah and I have it set up in a raid so I expected a speed difference.17:43
xanguahpardis: says here that caffeine 2.8 and up should support Ubuntu indicators www.webupd8.org/2015/01/caffeine-app-gets-its-indicator-back.html?m=117:45
ducassegbaker: what kind of disks?17:45
gbakerI set up the 4 main m.2 ssd drives in a raid 017:45
gbakerI use the 5th drive as a backup drive.17:45
hpardisI just search for the unity indicators and found what I was looking for. Thanks everyone.17:46
ducassegbaker: and what are you getting on buffered reads?17:46
gbakerTiming buffered disk reads: 2516 MB in  3.00 seconds = 838.09 MB/sec17:46
ducassegbaker: i'd expect more than that from decent drives that are configured correctly.17:47
gbakerducasse: That's what I thought17:47
gbakerCached is way higher17:47
gbakerTiming cached reads:   24276 MB in  2.00 seconds = 12149.30 MB/sec17:48
sslovestanton, u see?17:48
ducassegbaker: i think you should take this to #ubuntu-server, they can tell you what you should be seeing and how to get the best performance.17:49
stantonsslove: do i see what?17:49
stantonsslove: nvm i just noticed the link17:49
ducassegbaker: are those nvme drives or sata drives on m.2?17:49
gbakerducasse: I said it was a beast of a laptop...17:49
sslovestanton, i recorded a short video of how fast the netbook resumes from suspend too, if u wanna see. no computer i have ever owned has resumed from a suspend/sleep state so bloody fast17:49
stantonsslove: ah i see the biggest difference your processor is dual core.17:50
gbakerducasse: Micron_M600_MTFD x417:50
sslovestanton, and this is my oldest weakest computer17:50
stantonsslove: so you have two 1.6ghz cores vs my single core 1.2ghz.17:50
ducassegbaker: those are essentialy sata drives, it looks like. not nvme.17:51
sslovestanton, oh well, it's worth a try anyway17:51
ducassegbaker: they are slower than samsung 850 pros. from software raid you might not get more...17:53
sslovestanton, i can't believe it would really make that much of a difference. anyway, try to boot off of a usb and see. u said u tried ubuntu mate 16.04 already and it was slow as shit? if so, try bodhi linux, nothing beats enlightenment. i am 100% that machine will work pretty well with bodhi linux17:53
gbakerducasse: Its running off of the raid controller, I tried it with turning off the controller and using mdadm but it kept having issues.17:54
sslovestanton, or if u wanna stick with official ubuntu, try the mini iso and install e17, e17 will run with as little as 16mb i believe17:54
stantonsslove: man my absolute oldest machine would be lucky to run what rasberry pi runs. old old desktop originally had windows 95. still works though. but yeah i'm going to go ahead and try umate on two of my laptops. one of em has dual cores and little more ram than your machine so i should be able to run it fine without issues. and yeah i tried 15.04 and 16.04 on the machine in question. the type of processor can make a huge difference.17:55
stantonsslove: i've never heard of a ubuntu mini. this has me highly interested now.17:56
ducassegbaker: ok. i'm getting a little over 500mb/s from an 850 evo here - a single drive. 838mb/s looks low for four drives in raid0 to me, but i'm not an ssd expert.17:56
ducassegbaker: but you won't be getting close to memory speeds from that setup either way.17:56
sslovestanton, yes someone here can probably give u more info, but i believe it is called ubuntu mini.iso17:56
gbakerducasse: Ill ask in server chan. It seems slow to me but it's also a laptop so it's kinda hard to predict what I should get.17:57
ctjctjstanton, you can also look at lubuntu which is a "light" desktop.  I run it on an older laptop that I use for driving a 3D printer.17:57
stantonsslove: ah i got google. already found information on the mini. also going to check out this bodhi.  i love playing with computers seeing how far i can push em and how long i can keep em alive. i still have a 1980's dos machine in storage. last time i used it, it worked but i hate it so i don't consider it mine until someone wants to buy it for over 50 bucks.17:58
ducassegbaker: i really don't know. you could also try ##linux, that is far more active than -server and probably a more 'correct' place being that this is a laptop.17:58
ssloveit's really small and u install what u want, it is just the core. and of course now there is snappy ubuntu too, u could install that as the base, and start with e17, nothing is lighter and faster and more insanely customizable, it's a tweakers dream DE, u can make it look like anything, and so much cool included widgets and docks and launcher/menu called 'run everything' very very wickedly fast and beautiful that enlightenment, it is17:58
sslovetoo often overlooked17:58
stantonctjctj: yes yes i have tried the lubuntu on my oldest laptop it mildly works. cpu usage was at 50% idling.17:59
goddardwhat is the best DE for scaling?17:59
goddardunity can scale but all the apps look horrible17:59
xanguaKDE maybe?18:00
gbakerducasse: Thanks for the help, Ill ask in server for now, I asked in ##linux but nobody could answer that was on. I'll try later in there if I can't figure out why it seems slow.18:00
ctjctjstanton, I'm surprised at the load.18:00
sslovestanton, well, the lightest current modern os with new software that u can install on OLD OLD computers will be puppy linux with icewm or JWM which needs only 3mb of ram!! hahaha18:00
sslovestanton, that is for the window manager18:00
ctjctjgbaker, I didn't see your original issue, can you state it in brief?  It sounded like a disk speed issue with raid0/1?18:01
stantonctjctj: it is an early 1999 to 2000 laptop. so i didn't really expect much from it.18:01
gbakerIt seems a little slow on what I expected from buffered disk reads18:01
sslovestanton, between lubuntu and bodhi, no comparison, bodhi will for sure blow the lubuntu out of the water18:01
stantonsslove: i used to use puppylinux on my 1995 machine. couldn't get internet to work but hey haven't tried on a newer machine than 199518:01
ctjctjstanton, I've got a Pentium 100 around here that still runs with raid5 on 5in hard drives running FreeBSD something.  I don't want to discard it as my (dead) friends website still lives on it.18:02
=== smoky is now known as esquel
ducassegbaker: my machine is also doing 16670.95 MB/sec in cached reads, so my bus throughput is probably better. they can't be directly translated, is what i'm saying :)18:02
sslovestanton, bodhi will run well on computers so old they cannot even boot lubuntu, i know this from experience, yes from old desktops running win9518:02
ctjctjsslove, is bodhi based on debian?18:02
stantonsslove: i love the system requirments to bodhi. 500mhz processor and 128mb ram. that'll run on most computers in my house.18:03
gbakerI figured being a laptop there would be some differences.18:03
stantonctjctj: according to their site it's ubuntu based18:03
gbakermost people with this setup are using a desktop18:03
stantonctjctj: so yeah it's debian based. technically heh18:03
ctjctjstanton, I'll have to give it a try next time I need a small tight unix.18:03
sslovectjctj, well, sorta, it is based on ubuntu LTS18:03
ducassegbaker: hdparm isn't the ideal tool for benchmarks, you could try something like bonnie++ - read the docs first, though.18:04
sslovectjctj, the 3rd release of bodhi is expected to be out this week, based on 16.0418:04
gbakerOnly other (minor) issue is when Nvidia will ever support SLI for mobile processors. Ill look into that.18:04
stantonsslove: ctjctj: i know i'm downloading this bodhi  it's small enough to fit onto a 700mb cd.18:04
gbakerducasse: Ill look into bonnie++ thanks18:05
ctjctjstanton, I feel a VM coming on...18:05
sslovestanton, yea i like their older one with the default easy on the eyes e17 theme, the newer bodhis use their own custom pukey theme which is a remix of radiance and puke green18:05
stantonctjctj: heck yeah i always test new distro's on a vm first. try to match hardware specs as closely as possible to my physical machines to get an idea of how each distro will work.18:05
ducassegbaker: there are excellent guides on it online, do some googling. it can give you very good benchmarks on various workloads.18:05
stantonsslove: i'm gonna be modifying the theme. no way i could handle puke green18:06
ctjctjstanton, I'm not going to give a VM that much disk and memory.  *GRIN*18:06
sslovestanton, ctjctj but bodhi does keep their software up to do date and they have made a cool 'app center' web based with 1 click install and 1 click install bundles18:06
ctjctjgbaker, for disk stuff I always point to btrfs for raid0/1 and resiliency.18:07
sslovestanton, personally, the default enlightenment grey theme is one of the nicest out there anywhere, all text is clear and very easy on the eyes, it's a nice, 'light' dark theme, if that makes any sense18:07
mcphailCan you move the bodhi discussion away from the #ubuntu support channel please.18:08
sslovectjctj, 'i feel a vm coming on' LOL18:08
stantonctjctj: haha well i have a machine that's powerful enough machine to match my physical machines such as my old laptops in a VM. now hdd wise i don't give em that much most VM's if it's going to be running a gnu-linux distro will have 20gb18:09
sslovemcphail, sure sure, i'll stop. just came up out of a tangent18:09
ctjctjbodhi booting now...18:09
mcphailsslove: no worries18:09
gbakerI'm using btrfs. I really want to call it butterface18:09
eff_netflixhi hi! I'd appreciate some assistance selectively bypassing VPN on ubuntu. Just for netflix18:09
ctjctjmcphail, rodger.18:09
ffwacomapt-get install uwsgi18:09
ffwacomdoesn't start on boot18:10
stantonthank you sslove for informing me about this interesting os based on ubuntu.18:10
ffwacomanyone familiar with the package that could lend a hand?18:10
stantonctjctj: holy cow. you're already done? i have 5 more minutes before mine is done.18:10
ssloveeff_netflix, try the developer versions of opera with great built in free vpn18:10
ctjctjstanton, *nods*18:10
sslovestanton, yea i am always surprised how few ppl know about it18:10
eff_netflixsslove -> I want the opposite. I want any connections -> netflix NOT to go through VPN.18:11
cncr04syou could route the netflix ip spaces to use your main adapter instead of the vpn18:11
stantonsslove: i believe i heard of it once before. like a year or two. but i've been a long fan-boy of ubuntu.18:11
tgm4883we still trust opera's VPN?18:11
xanguaIsn't opera Chinese owned now?18:11
bekkstgm4883: I never did. :)18:11
tgm4883xangua: yea18:11
sslovectjctj, hey let me know how it goes, and what version u r using18:12
sslovexangua, can't talk about opera here, sorry18:12
eff_netflixI think the term I'm looking for is selective routing?18:12
sslovexangua, mcphail ^_^18:12
ctjctjsslove, 64bit Standard Release 3.2.118:12
stantoni stopped using opera after nintendo had it on the DSi.... i just stick with chrome + ubuntu + any ubuntu based system. unless the machine is to old to handle chrome.18:13
stantonsslove: ctjctj want to join me in #ubuntu-offtopic?18:13
Tazerchromium > chrome18:13
stantonTazer: i find chrome (the one from google's download page) works better with netflix.18:14
xanguaTazer: chromium doesn't support DRM, that's the issue here18:14
FlipBilleff_netflix, the term is Policy Routing18:14
sslovestanton, i can't get the functionality and ease of navigation out of any other browser like i can with opera. in fact, i can't even get the functionality of opera even with opera now, as it is chromium based now, but it is slowly catching up with the old opera 10.10, like ubuntu 10.10, it was the best opera ever18:15
eff_netflixFlipbill! You know how to get it done? :P18:15
stantonsslove: well from what i understand newer opera is based on chromium. not sure.18:15
sslovestanton, ctjctj i am there now18:16
stantonsslove: also you might like Vivaldi, it's made to be highly customizable. and is made by the original opera makers.18:16
FlipBillI've done it.  You need to use ip rule command to direct certain packets to an alternate routing table.18:16
imkillingmyselfhWhere can I go to get help about the AMD open source drivers?18:17
FlipBillIt would be tedious to walk you through it, but it if you start with Google and get oriented, I will help you with guidance.18:17
eff_netflixGot a link maybe?18:17
ducasseimkillingmyselfh: on ubuntu?18:17
Tazerbotgoogle.ca ;)18:17
FlipBilleff_netflix, More interesting, you watch Netflix on Ubuntu?18:17
FlipBilleff_netflix, this is the definitive doc: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Adv-Routing-HOWTO/index.html18:19
ducasseimkillingmyselfh: if you have a problem with the amd drivers on ubuntu, just ask here.18:19
sslovestanton, i cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic for some reason, but i was on #ubuntu-offtopic? lol18:19
JoniiI'm having trouble with my screen. I can't seem to make Ubuntu 16.04 desktop operate at 144hz18:19
JoniiIt's locked to 60fps afaik18:19
FlipBilleff_netflix, Give me a few minutes to look at some of my configs where I do some thing related.18:19
sslovestanton, yea i use vivaldi as well as 4 versions of opera18:19
eff_netflixOh boy! FlipBill ... any chance we can chat somehwer less crowded ?18:19
FlipBillI suppose, but why not share the wealth?18:20
stantonsslove: you have to register your name with nickserv to join offtopic.18:20
JoniiI've managed to make games work at 144fps but it's rather annoying when desktop has such awful framerate18:20
JoniiThis worked fine on 14.04, so I guess 16.04 has some hidden "force desktop to use 60fps" setting somewhere18:21
bekksJonii: there is no such secret setting.18:21
eff_netflixIt's really hard to follow :/18:21
eff_netflixbut let's do this18:21
sslovestanton, what is the code to register with nickserv18:22
bekks!register | sslove18:22
ubottusslove: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:22
JoniiIs it even possible for 16.04 ubuntu to have 61+ fps desktop?18:22
sslove!register | sslove18:22
ubottusslove, please see my private message18:22
FlipBilleff_netflix, OK, to start, a summary:18:23
FlipBilleff_netflix, 1) designate a new routing table with a number by adding it to /etc/iproute2/rt_tables18:24
imkillingmyselfhShould I put my problem in an ubuntu paste and post it here?18:25
FlipBilleff_netflix, This is going to contain a default route different from your VPN.  The default route in this table likely point directly at your ISP router.18:25
ducasseimkillingmyselfh: no, just describe your problem.18:25
FlipBilleff_netflix, Then use ip rule command to tell Linux to use this table for packets destined to the Netflix IP18:26
FlipBilleff_netflix, (that's step 2)18:26
frendaIs there any way to show this kind of captions http://paste.ubuntu.com/21543756/ on a video?18:26
Ben64imkillingmyselfh: yep18:26
eff_netflixstep 1: echo 200 netflix >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables18:26
FlipBilleff_netflix, not sure of syntax for #2, I'm doing it based on source IP address, but I'm sure it can be done.18:26
FlipBilleff_netflix, yeah something like that.18:27
eff_netflixwhy source?18:27
Ben64frenda: uh... use subtitles18:27
eff_netflixwhat's your rule like?18:27
FlipBilleff_netflix, now you do something like: ip rule add to NETFLIX IP table netflix18:27
frendaBen64, huh? there's not any subtitle: https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/introduction-to-programming-with-python-8360 --> 4th tab (the hamburger icon)18:28
FlipBillMy rule is for routing between service KVM and virtual router KVM when the machines have multiple IP addresses on the internal LAN.  It's a little twisted...rious services18:29
FlipBillIt looks like this: ip rule add from table http118:29
FlipBillSo, I'm choosing the table based on source IP (from)18:29
eff_netflix ip rule add to table netflix18:29
FlipBillIt's followed by:18:29
FlipBillip route add default via table http118:29
FlipBillip route flush cache18:30
FlipBillip addr add dev eth218:30
Ben64frenda: you asked how to show captions on a video, it's called using subtitles18:30
FlipBillNot quite the same thing you are doing, but you see where this is going?18:30
eff_netflixwhere did http1 come from?18:30
eff_netflixnot quite18:30
FlipBilleff_netflix, http1 is the name I chose for my alternate routing table for HTTP service routing.  For you, it's netflix18:31
FlipBillAlso, have to check that a "to option is what you wat for the rule.18:31
FlipBillToo busy typing to look it up.18:31
HalfOfAKebabhey all18:32
FlipBillThere are many ways that you can select a packet for rule application.18:32
HalfOfAKebabdecided to try out ubuntu with a dual boot of it and windows 1018:32
HalfOfAKebabanddddd i failed18:32
HalfOfAKebabi installed it, all was well until i installed rx 480 gpu drivers18:32
FlipBillIf there is no simple way, you can use iptables to identify the packets and then mark them.  ip rule can see the marks.18:32
HalfOfAKebaband now i don't have any gui after logging in18:33
HalfOfAKebabthere's no "taskbar" or whatever ubuntu calls it18:33
FlipBillSorry I can't give you the precise commands, I have to look this stuff up whenrever I futz with it.18:33
HalfOfAKebabright-click does nothing18:33
HalfOfAKebabi don't have a clue what to do because this is the first time i've ever used it18:33
Ben64HalfOfAKebab: what version of ubuntu, and how did you install the drivers18:33
sslovestanton, ctjctj still cannot join that channel18:34
HalfOfAKebabBen64 16.04.1, and i installed the ones from amd's site using the guide they gave18:34
_unreal_is it me or is there something worng with this ? i cant get into ubuntu-ports http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ubuntu-ports/ubuntu-ports/ubuntu-ports/ubuntu-ports/ubuntu-ports/ubuntu-ports/18:34
sslovestanton, ctjctj still cannot register nick ** shrug**18:34
ducasseHalfOfAKebab: fglrx doesn't work on 16.04.18:34
bekkssslove: so ask in #freenode18:34
HalfOfAKebabidk what that means ducasse :P18:34
eff_netflixrouting :( i hate it. dont understand it never have never will :(18:34
stantonsslove: that's unusual.18:34
FlipBilleff_netflix, "ip rule add to"looks legit, according to the ref: http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/ip-rule.8.html18:35
FlipBilleff_netflix, did you try the command?18:35
paso i have this pc where 12.04 was booting fine. i now tried to put on the disk a 14.04 and 16.04 (via another pc, because this one wouldn't boot with 14.04 usb or 16.04 usb), and it doesn't boot anymore. grub let me choose the option18:35
ducasseHalfOfAKebab: those amd drivers don't work on 16.04, they are no longer being developed.18:35
eff_netflixyes it's in there18:35
pawhen i go recovery it stalls where it says "DMAR-IR: IOAPIC id 8 under DRHD base"18:35
HalfOfAKebabducasse what are no longer being developed? the drivers?18:35
stantonsslove: did you try /msg nickserv register password email-address and checked your email and verified it?18:35
ioriaHalfOfAKebab, used this  http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx ?18:35
FlipBilleff_netflix, so check it all out,-- cat /etc/iproute2/rt_tables18:35
sslovebekks, thanks for ur help, it is frustrating, i have joined freenode, but i "cannot send to channel" and the operator doesn't reply to pm **shrug**18:35
FlipBillDo you see the table ref you add?18:36
HalfOfAKebabioria yup, that exact page is the one i followed18:36
sslovestanton, do i do that right in this channel? or where?18:36
eff_netflixnetflix is in there18:36
FlipBilleff_netflix, let me fish around my KVM to get oriented.18:36
eff_netflixfrom all to lookup netflix18:37
stantonsslove: i like to do it in the window that irc freenode is in. just incase i forget the /18:37
eff_netflixthat's cool18:37
HalfOfAKebabducasse the drivers i downloaded are for version 16.0418:37
HalfOfAKebabhow would i go about uninstalling the drivers?18:38
ducasseHalfOfAKebab: i thought you were talking about the old drivers, sorry :)18:38
FlipBilleff_netflix, you have to do a "ip route flush cache" to make it happen18:38
HalfOfAKebabducasse ah alright np18:38
eff_netflixhold up18:38
eff_netflixi dont think i have anything that tells how to route traffic towards netflix besides the 200 netflix in that file18:38
ioriaHalfOfAKebab, amdgpu-pro-uninstall  ... have you read the guide ?18:38
FlipBilleff_netflix, also do a "ip ro sh tab netflix" to view the alternate routing table.18:39
ioriaHalfOfAKebab, http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDGPU-PRO-Install.aspx18:39
FlipBillThat's all you need.  Now all packets not mathcing the rule use the regular routing table.18:39
HalfOfAKebabalright, i'm gonna try that18:39
HalfOfAKebabhow do i open firefox from the terminal?18:40
ioriaHalfOfAKebab,  firefox &18:40
FlipBillNetflix packets use the alternate table.  And there is only wone route - the default to your upstream ISP (I suppose)18:40
HalfOfAKebabalright brb ty18:40
eff_netflixip route flush cache; followed by ip ro sh tab netflix is empty18:40
eff_netflixno no... i am on a VPN right now18:41
FlipBillOK - do "ip route add default vie x.y.z.a table netflix18:41
eff_netflixwouldn't that route all the default traffic through that netflix table?18:41
FlipBillwhere you substitute your non-VPN default route18:41
FlipBillNo, only the traffic that matches th rule18:41
FlipBillThat adds the rule to the netflix table18:42
FlipBilleff_netflix, do ip ru sh18:42
eff_netflixdefault via dev enp2s018:43
FlipBillThat will show the lookup rules (which routing table to use for which case)18:43
FlipBilleff_netflix, looks reasonable, yes, enps0 looks like a HW NIC18:43
FlipBillip ro sh18:44
eff_netflixnope :(18:44
FlipBillOK, maybe you were right, should have done this OOB18:44
FlipBillAnyway, let's recap...18:44
FlipBillYou should have two routing tables...18:45
eff_netflixi have netflix one18:45
eff_netflixnot sure about the other18:45
FlipBillYou can see them by doing "ip ro sh" for the main one (32766), and the alt with "ip ro sh tab netflix"18:45
FlipBillSo far so good?18:46
eff_netflixok yea18:46
eff_netflixi have that18:46
eff_netflixmy regular traffic goes through the vpn. it's confirmed18:46
FlipBillSo now do "ip ru sh"18:46
FlipBillYou should see lookup rules for netflix and main and default18:47
FlipBillThat is "from all" and to "to {NETFLIX_IP}"18:47
FlipBillOh, but wait, I didn't consider precedence.  Maybe that could be a problem....18:48
eff_netflixnope not in there18:48
FlipBillHow are you checking where the Netflix packets go?18:48
FlipBillOh, the lookup rule is not in three?18:49
eff_netflixnope i dont see netflix's ip in there18:49
FlipBillYou did a "ip ru add to ... table netflix", ?  Can you try it again and see if any complaints?18:49
=== sslove is now known as sslove_
eff_netflixdone no complaints18:50
FlipBillOK, but still not shown by "ip ru sh"?18:51
eff_netflixam i supposed to see netflix's ip in there?18:52
FlipBillForgive me for this...18:52
FlipBillroot@port:~/Desktop# echo 155 banana >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables18:52
FlipBillroot@port:~/Desktop# ip ru add to table banana18:52
FlipBillroot@port:~/Desktop# ip ru sh18:52
FlipBill0:      from all lookup local18:52
FlipBill32765:  from all to lookup banana18:52
frendaBen64: I asked how to show that *kind of* captions (subtitles)!18:53
FlipBillYes, I was bad18:53
=== sslove_ is now known as sslove
FlipBillI'll pastebin18:54
pais it possible that i have a desktop pc ( a shuttle xpc cube i7 920) that runs 12.04 but doesn't run 14.04 or 16.04???18:55
pasounds almost impossible, but..18:55
imkillingmyselfhI have a problem with the AMD open source drivers in 16.04, I am forced to use nomodeset. This wasn't a problem in the previous versions of Ubuntu because I could just use the fglrx driver, but in 16.04 it's now unsupported.18:56
imkillingmyselfhI need help getting the open source drivers to work with an r7 370.18:56
FlipBilleff_netflix, I put a sample in the pastebin18:56
bekkspa: Having that CPU, it is able to run > 12.0418:56
eff_netflix? where?18:56
pabekks, what happens is: kernel stalls after 2-3 seconds it starts booting18:57
FlipBillThe pastebin you pointed me at.  Did I use it the wrong way?18:57
paand i cant figure out why18:57
bekkspa: define "stalls".18:57
pabekks, hangs and doesnt move further. last thing it says "DMAR-IR: IOAPIC id 8 under DRHD base ...."18:57
FlipBilleff_netflix, There, maybe that's better18:57
bekkspa: try using the kernel command line option: intel_iommu=on18:58
pabekks, thanks i try18:59
eff_netflixbrb 5 mins19:00
FlipBilleff_netflix, Looks like ru add worked twice.  Do a ru del to fix that.19:00
_unreal_arg... http://paste.ubuntu.com/21548208/19:06
_unreal_every image file gives me an error19:06
_unreal_http://www.geexbox.org/geexbox-for-embedded-devices-creating-a-bootable-sd-card/ I dotnloaded the bz2 image file19:06
bekks_unreal_: there is no error in your pastebin.19:07
pabekks, sadly it doesn't help... thanks, anyway19:07
_unreal_didnt post the error19:08
FlipBilleffectnet, I just tried a similar thing with "to" rule successfully.  It should work.19:08
_unreal_bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.19:08
_unreal_thats the error19:08
FlipBillOoops, that message was for eff_netflix19:08
bekks_unreal_: using which command and which file exactly?19:09
_unreal_http://www.geexbox.org/geexbox-for-embedded-devices-creating-a-bootable-sd-card/    using this script for the cubox which is the first link19:09
_unreal_and from downloads the other one for the cubox19:10
_unreal_I downloaded the image file twice now19:11
bekks_unreal_: what the output of "file geexbox-3.1.cubox.tar.bz2"?19:11
_unreal_unless maybe there is someting worng with the file its self?19:12
bekks_unreal_: your download is corrupted. A .tar.bz2 should return something like: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k19:13
_unreal_ya just tried opening it with archive manager and it gave me errors19:14
_unreal_freaking hell its like every image file on the net for this cubox is corrupted19:14
_unreal_doesnt matter who made it19:14
_unreal_ubuntu, arch, ........19:15
bekks_unreal_: sound like your internet connection may be the cause.19:16
_unreal_nope I even tried downloading with my phone and a different computer still same results19:17
_unreal_oh well time to take a break19:17
OerHeksunreal use a torrent then to copmpare19:17
pavlushka_unreal_: try to verify the md5sum of the downloaded images19:18
pavlushka_unreal_: and you can correct your images without re-downloading by zsync.19:19
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c0d3v3n0mim having trouble installing wifi drivers for mediatek wireless adapter MT7630e19:23
c0d3v3n0mim having trouble installing wifi drivers for mediatek wireless adapter MT7630e. Where can i find the drivers. Please help19:24
=== deprimido33 is now known as taik83
=== taik83 is now known as niemand83
OerHeksi cannot type your name cod3v [tab] why do people make it so hard19:27
OerHeksdid you look in additional drivers? type drivers in dash19:27
bekksOerHeks: its c zero d three ... :)19:28
c0d3v3n0mi have downloaded source code from github19:28
opvhey everyone, i made a mistake - installed a repo package but selected N to modified sources.list files. reinstalling the package doesn't present me with that dialog again. how do i fix?19:28
c0d3v3n0mbut having difficulty compiling it19:28
c0d3v3n0msorry for hard name19:28
theoremI am having trouble listening to audio when pairing a bluetooth headset.  When I use the Bluetooth GUI to change settings the settings don't 'stick' and switch back to a broken state.19:29
theoremhas anyone else experienced this ?  I'm not sure how to even search for this problem19:29
BluesKajCodeMouse92,  https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/179619:30
CodeMouse92BluesKaj: Not sure you aimed that for me. :)19:31
OerHeksopv what repopackage exactly ?19:31
CodeMouse92(And I think c0d3v3n0m just left.)19:31
opvOerHeks: kxstudio-repos - i'm on 16.04LTS19:32
BluesKajoops sorry CodeMouse92 it was meant for a user who left19:33
Eliza777How to autorun 2 VT in lightdm?19:33
OerHeksopv, we had a kxstudio ppa, that points to http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/Repositories19:33
ducasseopv: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure kxstudio-repos' maybe?19:34
OerHeksit is just a direct download, then install it :: sudo dpkg -i kxstudio-repos_9.2.2~kxstudio1_all.deb19:35
opvOerHeks: thx19:35
nikive upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 and now my wifi isnt working!!19:36
BluesKajc0d3v3n0m https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/179619:36
opvducasse: also thx :)19:37
BluesKajor is it nik ?  https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/179619:38
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bluesignanyone using ubuntu on macbook 8,1 early 2015? i have mixed feedback from search, all stuff working, planning to wipe osx totally19:40
nikthanks BluesKaj !!19:40
sslovebluesign, i have been using ubuntu for years on an older 17" macbook pro 4,119:42
bekkssslove: No need for an unasked query, keep it in the channel please.19:43
sslovebekks, huh?19:45
gpubrokenI am having an issue with my laptop running Ubuntu 16.04.1 I cannot use my discrete GPU no matter what I try. Would anyone be able to help me I can go into more details if someone is interested.19:53
rajivmarswhat is the best server settings for downloading softwares "main server" or "server from the us"?19:56
mac_nibbletHeya, Anyone else here have a dell xps 9550 ?19:57
OerHeksrajivmars, you check it, what is faster?19:57
mac_nibbletMy fan are running non-stop and it's pretty much killing the battery19:57
gpubrokenthe one that is closes to you19:57
gpubrokenblow the dust out of your computer19:57
mac_nibbletgpubroken, are you referring to me :P?19:58
Eliza777How to autorun 2 VT on lightdm?19:58
rajivmarsOerHeks: Ok.19:58
mac_nibbletgpubroken, it's a brand new computer >_<19:58
rajivmarsOerHeks: is there any way to check?19:58
mac_nibbletgpubroken, and cpu temp is 35c19:58
gpubroken@mac_niblet no its pretty old first gen i319:59
OerHeksrajivmars, on what linux version?19:59
rajivmarsOerHeks: Ubuntu 16.04.19:59
mac_nibbletgpubroken, o.0?19:59
mac_nibbletgpubroken, it's the dell xps 15 9550 (2016 model)20:00
gpubroken@mac_nibblet sorry, im brain dead20:00
OerHeksrajivmars, go into sources, select 'other'then you will see 'select best server' nice too to get the fastest mirror (now)20:00
gpubrokenwhat is the cpu20:00
n1ckoHello  everyone this is my first time in  irc!!20:00
mac_nibbletgpubroken, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz20:00
OerHeksand any way to check would be see what update does, it gives times to download lists in terminal20:01
rajivmarsOerHeks: I have just installed ubuntu 16.04. It consumes about 1.2 gb of physical memory. Do you have any idea?20:02
mac_nibbletgpubroken, it shouldn't be the nvidia carding acting up either20:02
OerHeksrajivmars, is that bad?20:02
mac_nibbletsince i'm using the intel20:02
OerHekstell us why :-P20:02
gpubroken@mac_nibblet it might be because its a skylake, and ubuntu isent using the latest kernel20:02
mac_nibbletgpubroken, so i should try the 4.6 kernel ?20:02
mac_nibbletgpubroken, i'm using the 4.4.0-32 at the moment20:03
mac_nibbleteh, 31 not 3220:03
gpubrokenmac_nibblet a newer kernel could solve the problem20:03
mac_nibbletIll give it a go20:03
mac_nibbletjust installed the computer a few days ago so it's not like I would lose anything20:04
mac_nibbletdell laptop support enchancements20:04
rajivmarsOerHeks: it consumes 1.2 gb of memory and i am only using the chatclient now. Isn't it too much?20:04
mac_nibbletrajivmars, are you using google chrome for the chat client :D_20:04
rajivmarsmac_nibblet: no. i am using hexchat.20:05
mac_nibbletgpubroken, you wouldn't happen to know a PPA for ubuntu kernels ?20:05
gpubrokenI think PPA is for proprietary software20:06
ducasserajivmars: some of that memory is probably used as cache20:06
mac_nibbletand now thw trackpad died again20:06
gpubrokenmac_nibblet I think you can download the non LST Ubuntu to get kernel 4.620:06
sexteenDot04dot1Kubuntu-16.04.1 ISO verify failure: http://pastebin.com/rB9QEvWc20:07
sexteenDot04dot1where are the keys?20:07
mac_nibbletgpubroken, yeah found a lots of downloads20:07
mac_nibbletbut I was thinking ppa would be better so it would auto update20:07
sexteenDot04dot1kubuntu owned?20:07
OerHekssexteenDot04dot1, likely you used the wrong command, what kubuntu iso do you try to check?20:08
sexteenDot04dot1OerHeks: exact copy of http://www.ubuntu.com/download/how-to-verify used to verify20:08
sexteenDot04dot1OerHeks: kde6420:08
OerHekssexteenDot04dot1, 14.04 or 16.04 or 16.04.1 ?20:10
OerHekschecksums look like this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/16.04.1/release/MD5SUMS20:10
sexteenDot04dot1Kubuntu-16.04.1-KDE-64 ISO verify failure: http://pastebin.com/rB9QEvWc20:10
=== dan_ is now known as Guest73399
kholdstayrewhere do i put a bash script so that it will run when my comp wakes from sleep?20:10
bekkssexteenDot04dot1: And?20:10
sexteenDot04dot1bekks: where are  the keys?20:10
OerHekssexteenDot04dot1, answer the question please20:11
bekkssexteenDot04dot1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto20:12
sexteenDot04dot1OerHeks: Kubuntu-16.04.1-KDE-64 ISO verify failure: http://pastebin.com/rB9QEvWc20:12
bekkssexteenDot04dot1: Did you read the link I just gave you?20:12
OerHekssexteenDot04dot1, then your valid md5 would be:: 79f46b96ae3b3fa858cccfd214478e2f *kubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso20:12
rajivmarsducasse: yeah.20:13
OerHekssee http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/16.04.1/release/MD5SUMS20:13
tgm4883sexteenDot04dot1: are you blocking that traffic? That command retreives the keys fine for me20:13
sexteenDot04dot1why different verify guides? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/how-to-verify20:14
bekkssexteenDot04dot1: because they use different methods.20:14
rajivmarsducasse: why the ubuntu logo has not shown during the booting process?20:15
tgm4883sexteenDot04dot1: technically, they are giving you a less secure way of checking it20:15
sexteenDot04dot1ok the second guide command has worked20:15
tgm4883sexteenDot04dot1: but it should be fine20:15
sexteenDot04dot1got the keys20:15
sexteenDot04dot1getting warmer20:16
sexteenDot04dot1Good sig verified20:18
aletorradoHi! I'm planning to buy some retina screen laptop. Does ubuntu handle retina screens ok?20:20
mac_nibbletaletorrado, i'm using a 4k screen on a dell xps 1520:20
mac_nibbletaletorrado, and it works fine20:21
aletorradoI mean, does it scale correctly?20:21
mac_nibbletaletorrado, you do need to manually scale some programs20:21
mac_nibbletlike spotify20:21
mac_nibbletbut so far I have not found a program that didn't work for me20:21
aletorradohow do you do that?20:21
HammyHello, I am currently running ubuntu 12.04 and I have installed libmp3lame and lame for mixxx yet mixxx is not finding it. I am not sure how to correct this as I have tried everything. Can anyone help?20:22
mac_nibbletaletorrado, --force-device-scale-factor=2.220:22
mac_nibbletaletorrado, is what I had to add to spotify to make it work for me20:22
mac_nibbletbrb rebooting20:22
danny_Any advice on a decent .epub reader?  I don't need or want calibre's organization garbage and fbreader refuses to stop center justifying everything20:24
kidn3ysHello, I think I'm missing something simple but can't seem to figure it out. I have IP connectivity to my DNS servers but can't seem to get anything to resolve. Is there something specific I need to do on 14.04 to get DNS resolution to work?20:26
HammyHello, I am on ubuntu 12.04 (mainly cause it's the version my system can support) I have installed mixxx and installed lame and lamemp3lib however I am running into the issue of mixxx says I do not have lame installed yet. Any suggestions what I can do as I have hit a wall?20:26
bekkskidn3ys: Check your firewall settings. And how do you test dns connectivity?20:27
kidn3ysbekks: trying just 'ping google.com' and dig.20:27
kidn3ysah damnit...20:27
kidn3ysit's 'netmask' not 'mask' in /etc/network/interfaces20:27
kidn3ysyep, that was it. doh20:28
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StadtpiratMy Ubuntu won't boot because of "raise network interfaces" runs forever. I want to skip that. can I do that somehow by adding something to the grub entry?20:35
Eliza777How to autorun apps?20:39
bekks!autorun | Eliza77720:39
bekks!autostart | Eliza77720:40
ubottuEliza777: If you want to edit your Autostart programs, open the Unity dash and search for Startup Programs. If you're on XFCE, use menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup, if you're on KDE, use Kickoff -> Computer -> System Settings -> Autostart. For more details see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup20:40
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Guest70179will the Startup Disk Creator format my USB drive? (Asking because some other tools don't touch existing files, just unpack the iso and make it bootable)20:40
Eliza777And if WM?20:40
danny_Ghest70179: its gonna wipe that shit20:41
EriC^^Eliza777: make your own .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart20:41
OerHeksEliza777, you asked in #debian too...20:41
bazhangno cursing here please danny_20:41
bekksGuest70179: it even tells you that it will overwrite stuff.20:41
Eliza777EriC^^, how?20:41
EriC^^Eliza777: i'll give you a sample of mine20:42
Eliza777EriC^^, ok20:42
OerHeksGuest70179, yes.20:42
EriC^^Eliza777: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21558347/20:42
EriC^^Eliza777: make a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart with that stuff and edit it to your liking20:43
EriC^^Eliza777: the tryExec and Exec lines are the lines for the command to run20:43
Eliza777EriC^^, and if 2 VT?20:45
EriC^^Eliza777: VT?20:45
EriC^^wht do you mean by 2 vt?20:46
Eliza777EriC^^, yes20:46
EriC^^those files run when you log into the gui20:46
Eliza777EriC^^, ctrl+alt+F820:46
kris_[bug]Mouse pointer disappearing after resume from suspend any solution ?20:46
kris_for me on Xubuntu x6420:46
Eliza777EriC^^, 2 WM sessions of one user20:46
OerHeksEliza777, you might want to repeat what you asked in #debian, all details ..20:46
Eliza777EriC^^, I autorunned 2 WM sessions on 2 VT20:47
Eliza777always I mean20:47
EriC^^Eliza777: i think it'll run twice then20:48
Eliza777And need autorun apps on both20:48
Eliza777EriC^^, need different apps20:48
EriC^^kris_: try a new kernel maybe20:48
EriC^^Eliza777: scripting time :)20:48
Eliza777EriC^^, no20:48
* tgm4883 wonders what Eliza777 is actually trying to do20:49
Eliza777EriC^^, hot wo all do it?20:49
EriC^^if [ "$DISPLAY" == ":1" ]; then do ... ; fi20:49
EriC^^:0 for alt+f7 :1 for alt+f820:49
Eliza777import static java.lang.System.apps20:50
Eliza777EriC^^, maybe xinitrc?20:50
Eliza777fi si else?20:51
tgm4883so many questions, why does it have to be the same user, are these graphical applications, why does it need to be separate WMs?20:51
EriC^^make 1 script, and have those if statements in them so different display's run different apps as startup20:51
EriC^^and put the script as the command20:51
Eliza777EriC^^, pastebin :)20:52
EriC^^if [ "$DISPLAY" == ":0" ]; then /path/to/app; elif [ "$DISPLAY" == ":1" ]; then /path/to/app2; fi20:53
EriC^^put #!/bin/bash at the top of the script20:54
Eliza777EriC^^, and then add to autorun?20:55
tommy_come va21:03
EriC^^!it | tommy_21:03
ubottutommy_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:03
mochim having problems with my windows xp computer21:07
mochim a 60 year old woman21:07
mochmy grandson told me to come here21:07
\9.. what.21:08
Tundra-ServerGood afternoon everyone, I'm having some issues with a fresh install. The DM will not start(however the tty's work fine). From there I don't know what else to tell you. I'll provide any more information that may be relevent21:08
EriC^^Tundra-Server: try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices in the tty21:09
EriC^^sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999921:09
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
mhghi, i can't run vmware on ubuntu. the output is like http://askubuntu.com/questions/707281/vmware-workstation-12-vmmon-not-found-or-not-loaded  or http://askubuntu.com/questions/762210/vmware-error-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-0421:10
mhgsudo modprobe vmnet => modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vmnet': Required key not available21:10
Tundra-ServerEriC^^: What then?21:11
EriC^^Tundra-Server: paste the link it gives you here21:11
Tundra-ServerEriC^^: no link was given to me21:11
EriC^^with the nc21:12
EriC^^part too?21:12
Tundra-ServerOh, oops21:12
mhgany idea?21:13
Tundra-ServerEriC^^: generates no link21:13
EriC^^is the recommended driver installed?21:15
Tundra-ServerEriC^^: dunno21:16
EriC^^which one does it say is recommended?21:17
Tundra-ServerIt doesn't21:17
EriC^^what does it show you21:17
mhgPlease help me!!!21:18
Tundra-ServerEriC^^: alot21:19
Tundra-ServerI dunno what the best way to give it all to you is21:19
EriC^^Tundra-Server: try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us21:19
Tundra-ServerEriC^^: nada21:24
Eliza777And how to autorun 2 users on lightdm?21:27
Eliza777All sleep? Ok21:31
=== Kyoku is now known as kyoku_away
asapI'm using German-Suiss keyboard and Ive re-installed Xubuntu from x32bits to x64, and now Ive an issues : I have to press shift + associated key for "é" without this I have ö whereas before the new installation I could only press the key for é to print it21:36
mhgPlease help me!!! any idea??21:37
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=== toc__ is now known as toc
jazzieso.. 16.04 lts doesnt handle wifi bcm4316 aka pci-id 14e4:43ae without fancy footwork within ndswrapper?22:06
jazziendiswrapper rather22:06
jazzieanyone....anyone..... voodoo economics22:08
* jazzie blinks22:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1576815 in linux (Ubuntu) "No wireless access for BCM 43162 [14e4:43ae] rev 02" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:08
OerHeksnope, ndiswrappes is your 'ugly' solution, or buy another one22:09
bekksndiswrapper is even uglier than "no solution".22:09
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
* jazzie chuckles22:09
jazziei concur about the unappealing visual22:10
jazzieside note: appararently it is a wifi targeted for brazilian telcom22:10
jazzielikely just foot the bill for a different wifi circuit and drop it in the lappy22:11
OerHeksjazzie, how romantic22:11
jazziejust more fun to do the gnuradio stuff uncabled...22:11
anewhow can i easily edit files on my server?  i cant ftp because i cant sudo su - from ftp... and using an editor via putty is a pain22:20
OerHeksanew, setup ssh with root access22:21
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)22:21
jazzieOerHeks, thank you kindly for your help. I hope your future is bright and you have to wear shades :) catch ya on the darkside..22:22
anewoerheks ssh with putty ?22:26
anewah yes, i am using putty22:27
callandorHi all22:27
anewis there a tut on how to edit files locally then ?22:27
bekksanew: transfer them, edit them, transfer them back.22:31
rajivmarsHow to remove the "Amazon" app from ubuntu 16.04?22:31
bekksanew: or just use a console text editor, like vim, nano, or joe.22:31
anewOerHeks, "You cannot use Putty to download the files"22:31
bekksanew: so use winscp22:31
anewbekks, i need to sudo su - to edit files...22:31
dirk__Hi all!22:32
OerHeksi won't use putty to control files on a server, i use SSH, see ubottu22:32
bekkssudo su -  is considered nonsense, since there is sudo -s and sudo -i22:32
OerHeksdownload file, edit, upload.22:32
anewOerHeks, it says right ther ein the link u posted "PuTTY"22:32
tgm4883rajivmars: go to settings, "security & privacy", search tab, turn off "include online search results"22:32
bekksanew: either use winscp (and scp, not ftp), or edit the files on the server, using a text editor of your choice.22:33
OerHeksoh, my bad, anew, i don't use windows at all22:33
bekksanew: for transferring files using SSH, use WinSCP ...22:33
tgm4883much easier/cleaner to just edit the files on the server22:33
anewbekks, editing on the server is not possible... and winscp i cant edit the files without sudo22:33
rajivmarstgm4883: its already turn off.22:33
anewhow is it easier to edit on the server ?22:33
tgm4883anew: why can't you edit the files on teh server?22:34
anewif i have to multiline edit... it's just a pain22:34
tgm4883anew: uh, 'sudo nano /path/to/file', edit the file, save file22:34
bekksanew: Do you read what I am writing to you?22:34
rajivmarstgm4883: I want to remove the Amazon app.22:34
anewbekks, i cant use winscp with my user, i have to sudo22:34
tgm4883anew: why is multiline edit a pain?22:35
bekksanew: So use sudo, but dont use sudo su -, and use the text editor of your choice.22:35
anewi cant sudo with winscp !22:36
tgm4883anew: use putty!22:36
Eliza777Eric^^, ???22:36
anewputty you cant download files!22:36
EriC^^Eliza777: no idea22:36
tgm4883anew: don't download the files, edit it on the server!22:36
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tgm4883anew: look, let me break it down for you. You have two options.22:36
bekksanew: yeah, you have been told the same thing five times now.22:36
tgm48831) You edit the files directly on the server22:37
anewediting these files on the server will be a total and complete pain in the butt22:37
Eliza777Eric^^, How to autorun 2 users on lightdm?22:37
anewnot an option, has to be some way to edit them locally22:37
bekksanew: you have been told how to do it multiple times.22:37
dirk__tgm4883 option 2 is a long one22:37
dirk__still typing22:37
anewwhat's option 222:37
tgm48832) You copy the files to a location that you can write to with winscp. You then copy the files to your local box, edit them, then use winscp to copy the files back to the server. You then use putty to copy the files back to the area that only root can write to22:38
anewif there is some way to winscp with my user please22:38
anewthat's good22:38
tgm4883those are the only two supported solutions here22:38
anewi'll take option 222:38
dirk__ok since you told him what to do22:38
dirk__could i ask you guys something22:38
tgm4883but my god is option 2 a cluster....22:38
EriC^^Eliza777: no idea22:38
anewediting a perl script on the server is worse22:38
tgm4883anew: what files are you trying to edit that doing it on the server is more of a PITA than option 2?22:38
tgm4883!help | dirk__22:39
ubottudirk__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:39
l33nanyone have some insight into this problem: https://ptpb.pw/CZDe22:39
l33nwhy is this happening and how do i stop it from happening https://ptpb.pw/CZDe22:39
YankDownUnderl33n: Have you installed all the necessary drivers for your system?22:40
dirk__Raspberry 3 with analog audio is not working. how to fix? I already looked on internet. (not good enough proberly) running ubuntu mate22:41
anewtgm4883, cant i just make the dir i'm trying to edit give myself permission?22:41
l33nwell the module that runs the device thats failing also controls the touchpad which works22:41
tgm4883anew: there's lots of things you could do. But without knowing more about what you're trying to edit, I'd be uncomfortable giving any other options22:42
YankDownUnderl33n: Hmm...and that being?22:42
anewtgm4883, i just have a dir of perl filels in var/www i need to edit22:42
YankDownUnderl33n: Yeah - that bit I got - so, HID being your keyboard, other input, or...?22:42
anewshould i make that dir 077 ?22:43
l33nwhats failing? im not exactly sure whatever is in https://ptpb.pw/CZDe22:43
tgm4883anew: then you could probably add yourself to the group22:43
YankDownUnderl33n: Cuz "i2c" is usually related to sensors...22:43
tgm4883anew: I definitely wouldn't give others write access to that directory22:43
anewwhat should i search in google to find out how to add me to the group22:44
YankDownUnderl33n: Again, the question begs to be asked, have you installed all the necessary drivers for the system? You can always check by opening a terminal and typing: sudo ubuntu-drivers list22:44
tgm4883'how to add a user to a group on ubuntu server'22:44
FlipBilltgm4883, usermod -G option22:44
tgm4883FlipBill: lol22:45
l33nwhat if i just want to stop linux from even worrying about that device22:45
l33ni dont even want to use multitouch22:45
FlipBilltgm4883, lol?22:45
YankDownUnderl33n: Was there anything listed from that command I gave you ?22:45
tgm4883FlipBill: that was my bad, I didn't highlight the user I was talking to so you assumed I was asking a question22:46
l33ni tried downloading i2cdetect22:46
Eliza777How to autorun 2 users on lightdm?22:46
l33nwhich lists nothing when i run i2cdetect -l22:46
FlipBilltgm4883, Oh, sorry.  One I on the IRC, not paying much attention.22:47
FlipBillOne eye22:47
l33nis there a way to blacklist a device, like i cant blacklist hid without losing the touchpad etc all together22:47
l33nbut it would be nice to blacklist hid-multitouch22:47
YankDownUnderl33n: If you want to "blacklist" modules, that's easy enough to do => https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-blacklist-a-module-on-ubuntu-debian-linux22:48
mach20xI'm stuck, it won't finish reinstalling the Ubuntu operating system22:49
l33nyeah but22:49
l33nnot the module22:49
l33nwhich is hid22:49
l33nwhich would stop a lot of things22:49
l33nlike the entire touchpad22:50
anewusermod -a -G group user   does 'group' here mean the dir? so var/www ?22:50
l33nthe thing thats failing is a device22:50
mach20xShould I do a hardware shut down and try to go through the process all over again?22:50
l33nthe one thats listed here https://ptpb.pw/CZDe22:50
bekksanew: "group" mean usergroup, not "some directory".22:50
anewhow do i specify the dir ?22:50
pennTellerhi guys I have a weird issue, out of the blue GRUB started showing Trisquel instead of Ubuntu and now when I try to apt-get update I get a GPG error22:50
bekksanew: the directory is not to be specified in the command you are using.22:51
pennTellerscreenfetch also started showing Trisquel instead of ubuntu22:51
tgm4883pennTeller: what did you install?22:51
anewsudo chown -R testuser:testuser /var/www/test/public_html22:51
l33ndo you see what i mean?22:51
bekksanew: you where asking about: 0731 005008 < anew> usermod -a -G group user   does 'group' here mean the dir? so var/www ?22:51
pennTellertgm4883: nothing out of the odrinary, last think I installed was python22:52
anewi'm just trying to do what tgm4883 said22:52
mach20xType letters CD, and then chose the location @bekks22:52
YankDownUnderl33n: Yes, I see that - however, the resolution to the mystery would be finding the "nasty" module, blacklisting it...is this particular error keeping your system from running, or is it causing any issues aside from being annoying?22:52
l33nwell the module is hid22:53
l33nwhich runs a lot of important things22:53
l33nlike the entire touchpad22:53
l33nso i cant blacklist it22:53
l33nits an annoyance22:53
l33nthe system runs but it takes an extra minute for the system to load22:54
l33nit just seems to keep trying to reset the device22:54
l33nwhich always ends with error -6122:54
l33nas seen here https://ptpb.pw/CZDe22:54
l33nwell its weird, when i do lsmod of the modules listed there is i2c_hid and hid, but it says one of the devices that hid governs is i2c_hid22:56
pennTellerok for what its worth, I managed to fix my issue using this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/20725/gpg-error-the-following-signatures-couldnt-be-verified-because-the-public-key22:56
YankDownUnderl33n: Is it safe to assume that you've updated your system - just to see if after and update this isn't resolved? And on that token, have you looked through your BIOS to make sure that everythings all good and happy? Just asking...22:57
mach20xI just restarted the system22:57
l33nwhat do you mean by that YankDownUnder22:58
l33nim still pretty new22:58
mach20xI created the mount point as / is that correct?23:02
mach20xFor reinstalling23:03
dirk__he y'all23:15
dirk__thanks my problem is solved ;)23:15
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sikunwhich fork of Ubuntu comes default with a more simplier/needs less resources23:45
daxs/fork/flavor/, and I'd look at Lubuntu or Xubuntu23:46
sikunI have a Xubuntu I would have to assume is Xfce?23:47
sikunwow I can't type at all today23:47
sikunDebian doesn't like my UEFI BIOS, or the UEFI BIOS is jsut garbage23:49
sikunwhich it is23:49
daxDebian works fine with my UEFI setup, so...23:50
daxif Secure Boot is on, you'll want to turn it off23:50
daxbut, for Debian discussion, see #debian23:50
sikunyeah, it was just meant as what I've tried so far23:51
sikunI am in debian23:51
sikunno luck with their help23:51
sikunso going to try ubuntu23:51
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