yorwosHi, i just upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.1 .I have 2 problems. One /var only has 240mb free (seen in gparted) and i cant update due to low space. My 2nd problem is when i go to load on lv2rack ,it gets stuck on getting the list at a guitarix plugin and freezes there. any advice on any of them?12:13
cfhowlettyorwos, sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove12:14
cfhowlettmight get some space12:14
yorwosi have done it already (couldnt upgrade before)12:15
yorwosmaybe i should try to clone my disk with different partition sizes12:18
yorwosis lv2rack working for u?12:18
cfhowlettnever used it12:18
cfhowlettbut I started it from terminal and it comes right up12:19
alebIs Set Hallstrom here? I noticed a few mistakes in http://sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/render.png14:50
alebah sakrecoer :)14:50
alebpowerfull -> powerful14:50
alebThese 2 pieces of software allows -> These two apps allow14:51
alebDot after "UI" and start a new sentence: They include the basic...14:52
alebbtw, thanks for mentioning Pitivi!14:52
alebshorts youtube clips -> short YouTube clips14:53
aleb"and a range of other formats" ... maybe that sentence should be reworked14:54
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sakrecoerhi aleb ! thank you very much! very kind of ypuou to proof read!18:03
sakrecoer(typing from my phone, not that i am usualy a much better typer hehe)18:04
sakrecoeri take good notes of your corrections :)18:04
sakrecoeri should probably push the raw text to the website bazar...18:05
sakrecoercan't stay very long tonite, but i will read the log..18:07
sakrecoeruntil i push it, if anyone is interested, here is the raw text: http://m.sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/feature-tour.txt18:09
sakrecoerread ya later o/18:10
alebnot sure how you keep that text in sync with the project which is rendered into that png. Anyway, if you prefer it like this.. :)21:18
alebProffesional -> Professional21:18
alebscribus -> Scribus21:19
alebPDF's -> PDFs21:19
alebhm, this does not work, there are too many things to change :)21:20

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