quantibiliyanyone work with QT creator?02:29
quantibiliybtw the new installment of ubuntu 16.04 has dual screen start up issues02:33
quantibiliyi thought developers stay up late?02:35
quantibiliywhere is everyone?02:35
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akxwi-daveflocculant: just doing an install of todays iso, remember the other day when I linked a couple of screen shots where you couldn't see any radio buttons or text field on the install screens for users.. well they are not showing on real hardware either..16:37
akxwi-daveoh and hello by the way.. :-)16:40
flocculantakxwi-dave: I'll grab ours and the ubuntu one too and have a look here then16:41
flocculantakxwi-dave: just for the sake of repetition - are you starting install from live desktop or where?16:44
akxwi-daveflocculant: from the install option at first boot16:45
akxwi-davenot the live desktop one.16:45
flocculantnot from the try/install dialogue? 16:45
akxwi-daveyep  the install from there16:46
flocculantok 16:46
flocculantjust double checked on qemu or whatever - still ok there - sorting a stick to test on hardware16:51
akxwi-davewhen i swapped to vmware yesterday they were missing as on vbox, so assumed it was due to vbox/vmware probs..  hence the hardware test today16:53
flocculantyup - booting to live now - biab16:58
flocculantakxwi-dave: ok - just doing same with ubuntu iso - but pretty sure I know what's up 17:08
flocculantI suspect that it's to do with gtk3.20 being half way 17:08
flocculantI didn't get as far as anything but seeing that frame was missing from buttons on the try/install options17:08
akxwi-davethought it may be something like that, after what you said yesterday17:10
flocculantnot really sure what's been gtk320'd yet17:11
flocculantbut regardless of that - this would be something we can 'phew that's an sep then' on :)17:12
akxwi-davewell gotta go ..off out for tea.. cya later17:13
flocculantcya :)17:13
flocculantnot sure this would a sep ... 17:19
flocculantbluesabre: might be worth waiting till next week and re-checking but, currently our installer appears not to have frames (or whatever you want to call them) around ubiquity options including the try/install dialogue - ubuntu appears to be unaffected 17:20
flocculantochosi: ^^17:20
bluesabreflocculant: might be that we need to go ahead and upload our gtk 3.20 theme update17:21
flocculantI'm assuming this to be some gtk3.20 thing 17:21
bluesabreochosi: ^^17:21
flocculantbluesabre: just redoing a proper usb test with our's - I'll have a look on the desktop before installing 17:21
bluesabreflocculant: alrighty17:22
flocculantshouldn't be too long17:22
flocculantbut I assume if 'that's' looking wrong then apps might too17:22
bluesabrecatfish/menulibre would probably make gtk 3.20 bugs very noticeable17:24
flocculantyep - that's where I was going to look :)17:25
flocculantrebooting now17:25
tracker4bluesabre: http://i.imgur.com/I4CKW2a.png 17:28
flocculantthat tracker irc window is useful :p17:29
flocculantthanks knome 17:30
flocculantguess there's not much point in a report for it 17:30
flocculantusb's are great 4 minutes to reboot into live, open apps, screenshot and reboot back to here \o/17:32
knomehah, np17:34
flocculantbluesabre: and this is on current install (with our dev ppa's) http://i.imgur.com/hi610t5.png17:39
bluesabreflocculant: I like the way that looks, let's keep it17:40
flocculantha ha ha 17:40
bluesabre(GTK 3.20 for sure)17:40
flocculantyea - more I looked the more I believed that was the issue17:40
flocculantbluesabre: akwxi mentioned it last week - I just assumed some vbox thing again 17:41
flocculantbbl 17:41
ochosiflocculant, bluesabre: yes, we likely just need the greybird update19:21
flocculantochosi: okey doke - let me know when it has and I or akxwi will make sure all's fine19:28
flocculantochosi: that said - I use the ppa stuff(s) so the last screenshot is whatever is there rather than what the iso would have19:29
flocculantnot sure what's going on there with missing word19:29

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