quantibiliyalright another issue now, when  Hdmi is connected and i start up, main laptop screen remains blank while the second shows... i don't understand this issue00:16
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lucas_aiI made a simple service and put it in /etc/init/potentialstudio.conf ... why am I getting this error: Failed to start potentialstudio.service: Unit potentialstudio.service not found.06:08
xubuntu71whi, just installed xubuntu 16.04.1, use dsl connect to internet and works well, but when I set up pptp vpn and has vpn connection established,  get two problems: 1. (here i am currently in an internet censored country) cencored website such as google, twitter still could not connect, uncensored website could connect.   2.  browser speed slow down appearently.(not vpn service reason, as i tried same one in other os, it works wel07:01
xubuntu71wthanks in advance.07:01
lucas_ai_I changed to XFCE and my windows don't have any frame. How do I get them back? Or how do I go back to unity?07:38
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chokianyone already fixed this problem? https://askubuntu.com/questions/786146/text-partially-disappearing-in-many-applications-after-unlocking-on-xubuntu08:42
chokishould i update lightdm?08:42
extinct_potatocould someone help me with menu files?11:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:10
extinct_potatoi created a deb package which added a menu entry, removed the package but meny entry is still there.11:10
extinct_potatoi've already tried to remove it with alacarte or menulibre, but the menu entry doesn't appear to be there.11:11
extinct_potatoyes, i have read freedesktop documentation.11:11
extinct_potatostill have no fucking idea what to do.11:12
knomeextinct_potato, please note that this is a family-friendly channel.11:15
extinct_potatoknome, i'm sorry, didn't knwo.11:16
knomethe main reason why menu entries do not appear in menulibre is that they are invalid11:16
extinct_potatoknome, how can I remove them then?11:16
knomeremove them from the file system directly11:16
knome(and as you said you created a package that installs a menu file, but it didn't get removed when the package was uninstalled, you did something wrong with that too)11:16
knomeand re: family-friendliness, the channel guidelines are posted to all joining users...11:17
extinct_potatoYeah, you're right knome, it's my fault.11:18
extinct_potatoI removed the file.11:18
extinct_potatoIt was in ~/.local/share/applications/11:18
extinct_potatobut could you please tell me why there is such fragmentation when it comes to menu entries?11:19
extinct_potatothere are dozen of directories destined for menu entries.11:19
extinct_potatoboth in system dir and in user dir.11:19
knomethere are basically one directory in both.11:20
extinct_potatoyou're right with this one.11:21
extinct_potatoso which file does menulibre/alacarte edit in the end?11:22
knomemenulibre edits the menu entries in the user directory11:22
knomelet's start with this:11:22
knomefirst, menulibre looks for the system files11:23
knomeand then the user files11:23
knomethey can either add to or overwrite system files11:23
knomeso if a desktop entry for "app-x" doesn't exist in the user files, then the system files are used11:23
knomewhen you "edit" the launcher for "app-x" and it only exists as a system file, menulibre essentially creates a new user file that overwrites the system one.11:24
knomeso in essence menulibre only touches the user files, but that can mean the system files are overridden11:24
extinct_potatoso is there any applications that lets me to edit system freedesktop files?11:25
knomewell, at least as far as i know, and there's never a reason to do so.11:25
extinct_potatookay, thanks for help knome!11:26
knomeso why would you want to edit the system files then?11:26
extinct_potatobecause some apps have for eg. ugly icon, which I would like to edit system-wide11:27
extinct_potatofor all users.11:27
knomeummh, unless the icons are hardcoded, that's related to the icon theme, not the desktop files11:29
knomeall desktop files *should* point to icon names only (not with paths)11:30
knomethe system then checks whether an icon of that name exists in the theme you are using, and then it's dependencies one-by-one until it finds one11:30
knomethe application can also install its fallback icon (without having to refer it to with the filename)11:31
knomebut if the packaging/desktop file is done right, icon themes can always override11:32
knomei guess if you insist on using specific icons, you could create a skel directory that "installs" the desktop files for new users when they are created11:36
knomethough ultimately, they can simply remove these files11:36
knomeas they can change the icon theme, even if you created one that overrode some of the icons11:37
knome(and that would have the limitation that the users could only use one base theme, unless you created those overriding themes for all icon themes available)11:37
knomeso - i would say - not worth the hassle, if other users think the icons are ugly enough for them, they can create the overriding launchers themself.11:38
extinct_potatofair enough11:45
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Karamel`I have xubuntu 15.10 on my laptop and I wish to upgrade to 16.04.1. When I first installed it I made 4 partitions 1-swap 2-/ 3-/home and 4-/mediadrive (for all my media files). Is there a way to install 16.04.1 on my system without loosing all my data/settings/preferences for the other programs that I already installed?14:47
Karamel`I'm asking about install instead of upgrade because as I understand, it's better to install it from scratch, than to update all libraries by an upgrade.14:48
mrkrampsfresh install requires manual partitioning then14:49
Karamel`by manual partition you mean the partitions I already made?14:49
mrkrampsyes, you can assign the mountpoint for partition with the installer14:50
Karamel`and then assign the old mountpoints to be the correlating mountpoints for the new system, right?14:51
mrkrampsthe installer will only recognize the paritions and you have to tell him e.g. to use parition 2 for /home again14:52
mrkrampsmake sure partitions will not be formated excpet for /14:52
mrkrampsand that's it14:52
mrkrampsi recommend creating a backup anyways14:52
Karamel`before I ask about a backup - Can you explain one thing? Because I also thought to use the method that you just stated, but than re-thought about it and said to myself: When I first installed 15.10, the system put files on /home. So probably it will put these files now, again - only new files that will overwrite my old files. How come this method is suppose to work and not re-write on my old preferences' files?14:55
mrkrampsKaramel`, after installation a home folder will be created and populated with default settings at first system start or application start14:57
mrkrampsbut only if NO folder exists14:57
mrkrampsmake sure to use the same user name14:57
mrkrampsshould be no issue than, home is not touched14:57
mrkrampsdid it myself multiple time :)14:57
mrkrampsok, there might be some preferences updated on first start when something's changed14:59
mrkrampslike Xfce 4.10 → 4.1214:59
Karamel`yeah, because those preferences are probably on / and not /home, right?15:00
Karamel`But I don't care if I will just have to redefine my wallpaper15:01
mrkrampsuser space configuration is all in /home15:03
mrkrampssystem wide configuration generally in /etc15:03
Karamel`oh, ok15:03
Karamel`Now, is there a simple way to backup? And by backup, you mean also my mediadrive partition which is ntfs?15:03
mrkrampscopy everythin to an external drive15:04
mrkrampsand this is not just a recommendation for system upgrade, but a general recommendation15:05
mrkrampswithout backup your data is not save15:05
Karamel`Is there a good backup program for xubuntu/ubuntu?15:06
mrkrampsphew, personally i just copy ir use rsync15:08
Karamel`mrkramps, and then after I upgraded, do I need to update wine for example? or other programs that aren't installed by default? Will xubuntu "know" that I need to update wine to a version that corresponds to xubuntu 16.04 and not to 15.10 which was previously installed?15:18
mrkrampswine is part of the official repository, but i do not know how playonlinux will deal with a system upgrade15:19
mrkrampsall manually installed, self compiled and ppa applications need to be reinstalled15:20
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Karamel`thanks mrkramps!15:57
xubuntu56wHey! I'm having a trouble downloading vlc, apt tries to download libproxy deb file from "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/libp/libproxy/libproxy-tools_0.4.11-5ubuntu1_i386.deb" and it fails16:26
xubuntu56wI'm using xubuntu xenial on an i368 cute laptop16:27
mrkrampsxubuntu56w, exact error message?16:33
xubuntu56wHere you go, "Err:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/universe i386 libproxy-tools i386 0.4.11-5ubuntu1   400  Bad URI [IP: 80] E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/libp/libproxy/libproxy-tools_0.4.11-5ubuntu1_i386.deb  400  Bad URI [IP: 80]"16:35
mrkrampsxubuntu56w, could you show me the ouput of the command 'locale' in a pastebin, pls16:39
mrkrampsok,red herring16:43
mrkrampsxubuntu56w, have you already tried updating your repository information? sudo apt-get update16:43
xubuntu56wI have updated it many times, I have also used --fix-missing but with no success16:44
xubuntu56wI will update it again because why not16:45
mrkrampsweird :\16:45
xubuntu56wI know :\         I will just use a different audio player16:46
xubuntu56wThanks for trying16:46
mrkrampsxubuntu56w, this is blind fire, but try updating your local with:$ sudo locale-gen16:47
xubuntu56wokay, I'm doing it16:48
Unit193xubuntu56w: Are you using any proxy?16:49
xubuntu56wI'm not16:49
Unit193What happens if you wget that link anyway?16:50
xubuntu56wthat's what I got, "HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 400 Bad URI"16:51
mrkrampsthe link is working for me16:52
Unit193Very strange, that's why I asked if you had a proxy though.16:52
xubuntu56wI guess it's because of my ip, I will try to use a proxy16:53
xubuntu56wbut I might try to use one to fix this problem because my country's ip adresses sometimes get blocked16:53
Unit193What happens if you use a local mirror?16:55
xubuntu56wI haven't tried that16:55
xubuntu56wI switched to a mirror, updated, tried installing, no hope17:06
xubuntu56wI have also done "sudo locale-gen" as mrkramps told me17:07
xubuntu56wI found the solution! all what I had to do is hide my Syrian proxy17:09
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Wayward_VagabondAfter my laptop has gone to sleep, it has glitches till X is restarted, panel doesn't render but can be interacted with via some careful trial and error, and terminal windows don't render either23:34
Wayward_VagabondEither empty black, or clear if another window has been drawn23:34
Wayward_VagabondI'm on xubuntu 14.04lts23:35
mrkrampsWayward_Vagabond, lspci -nnk | grep "VGA\|'Kern'\|3D\|Display" -A2 | pastebinit23:37
Wayward_VagabondEr, how long of an output would that have? I don't think a shell supports copy-paste :s23:39
mrkrampsjust a link23:39
Wayward_VagabondOhh, nice, one second23:39
mrkrampsthe numbers would be enough23:40

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