soeewhat does it mean: Expected token `,'00:04
clivejowhere does it say that?00:15
soeeinside qml custom function when i add this: previousButton.enabled: (slidesList.currentIndex > 0) ? true:false;00:16
soeerofl inside function i have to use = for assigment not :00:20
soeewun wun... have it working !00:23
tsimonq2o/ y'all07:28
tsimonq2clivejo: ping, I want to get Cantor working but I'm stuck07:50
acheronuktsimonq2: stuck how?09:22
tsimonq2o/ acheronuk 09:22
tsimonq2acheronuk: whenever I try to update the install file, I get complaints about missing libraries09:23
tsimonq2acheronuk: the bad part is the libraries don't exist and it seems to be hardcoded :(09:23
acheronukwhat missing libraries exactly?09:24
acheronuklibcantorlibs.so.6 etc?09:32
tsimonq2acheronuk: just libcantorlibs.so.6 I think09:36
* tsimonq2 does it again09:36
acheronukwell, look at the build log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21618686/09:37
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> :<09:38
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> stuck pixel on my new monitor... shall I send it to service?09:39
tsimonq2acheronuk: I'm aware09:39
acheronukwell, the .install file is looking for libcantorlibs.so.6 etc to install, but the source build doesn't make that version any more09:41
acheronukso you need to install the new versions instead09:42
tsimonq2acheronuk: I tried, they don't exist somehow some way09:42
tsimonq2but they must be in a different file09:42
acheronukis this in your own test build?09:43
acheronukwhat source are you using to test?09:44
tsimonq2kubuntu_unstable but I modified things so hold on09:45
* tsimonq2 pastebins it09:45
acheronukno I eman the actual cantor source code, not the kubuntu packaging09:46
tsimonq2acheronuk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21619256/09:46
tsimonq2I don't know what you're saying then09:46
tsimonq2here's my git diff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21619329/09:47
tsimonq2acheronuk: that diff is what makes dh_install work09:47
acheronukthat diff says you removed the old libcantorlibs.so.6 from the . install file, but did not replace it with the new libcantorlibs.so.16..09:49
tsimonq2let me try that and give you outputs09:49
tsimonq2yofel: \o/09:51
tsimonq2how are you?09:51
acheronuktsimonq2: even more the source you are using is still building the old libcantorlibs.so.609:51
tsimonq2acheronuk: hwo do I fix that?!?09:51
acheronukso you are not using the same source KCI did!09:52
tsimonq2why is it doing that? :(09:52
yofelreally tired for some reason even though I only woke up an hour ago... otherwise ok09:52
acheronukmorning yofel :)09:52
tsimonq2yofel: great, we're solving the big pita that is cantor :P09:52
tsimonq2(at least for NOW it's a piuta)09:52
acheronukwhere did you take the actual cantor source code from?09:53
tsimonq2acheronuk: uscan --download-current-version09:53
tsimonq2that's the tar ^09:54
acheronukwell, that;s not going to work as that will just give you the latest released version09:54
acheronuknot the upstream git that KCI builds from09:54
tsimonq2acheronuk: so where do I get it then?09:54
acheronuktsimonq2: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+packages?field.name_filter=cantor&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=09:55
tsimonq2oh thanks09:56
acheronukyou can download the orig.tax.xz that KCI used from there09:57
tsimonq2yep :)09:57
yofelas you'll also need the changelog entry for it to pick that up, I recommend working on the PPA package locally, then copying your changes to git once you're done09:58
tsimonq2oh? okay09:58
yofelthere's also 2 easy  ways to download that: a) 'dget -xu <url_to_dsc>', b) use pull-ppa-source from lp:kubuntu-dev-tools09:58
acheronukI usually just rename the KCI orig.tar.xz09:59
tsimonq2yofel: why does the changelog entry need to be changed/09:59
yofelthat works too09:59
tsimonq2that's what I did (@ acheronuk)10:00
acheronukthen build the soutce without signing, so I can then throw it at pbuilder10:00
yofelright, all you need is a matching source and changelog, so either way is fine10:00
acheronukyep, just do it that way so I can stay in the git tree and make changes there10:00
tsimonq2I've been just cloning from source, git checkout kubuntu_unstable, uscan --download-current-version (which I now know doesn't work 100% of the time), and then make changes and build in a special sbuild I set up10:01
tsimonq2the sbuild is basically just a yakkety sbuild with the KCI PPA enabled10:02
tsimonq2with apt-cacher-ng and shm builds, it FLIES! :D10:02
acheronukif you are fixing the CI builds, you need upstream git source, one way or another10:03
tsimonq2well it seems now I can just grab it from the PPA10:03
tsimonq2so does that work?10:03
acheronukyou can :)10:03
tsimonq2I have a debiankde: git alias set up when I need it10:04
yofelhm, how *do* you tell sbuild to build in an shm directory? 10:04
acheronukonly caveat on that is that it's a snapshot, so if upstream have made new changes since, you won't have them10:05
tsimonq2yofel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild :P10:05
tsimonq2(there's something I can copy/paste here)10:05
tsimonq2I never got used to pbuilder10:06
tsimonq2I just use sbuild10:06
tsimonq2and hey, that's what PPAs use to, so it works out fine :)10:06
acheronukwhatever works for you :)10:07
yofelI have a pbuilder setup that works, but sbuild does a couple things better. So I want to get that to work, but never managed to properly configure it ^^10:07
acheronukyofel: the same more or less. I tried it but didn't really get it set up properly10:08
tsimonq2acheronuk, yofel: hope that page helps! :)10:09
yofelwell, it already does, as I *was* looking for those purge settings10:09
yofeland Launchpad seems to be in work denial mode o.O10:10
acheronukIt's having Sunday off10:11
tsimonq2WOW, this is Cantor's Lintian output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21620897/10:12
acheronukoh. 4 hrs to puslish? wtf?10:12
acheronukI don't get the 'hardening-no-bindnow' in pbuilder10:14
acheronuktsimonq2: this is what I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/21621129/10:16
tsimonq2well I have a more verbose Lintian :P10:17
tsimonq2acheronuk: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-cantor/+merge/30158610:17
acheronuktsimonq2: so where are you sending the replacement appstream metainfo file then?10:20
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Missing files of course :p10:21
tsimonq2grr somewhere that got lost10:21
tsimonq2hold on10:21
acheronukyou may find some extra HTML docs as well? think I did10:21
tsimonq2wtf? there's no metainfo anything in the build log under "Installing"10:23
acheronuk-- Installing: /build/cantor-16.04.3/debian/tmp/usr/share/metainfo/org.kde.cantor.appdata.xml10:24
tsimonq2acheronuk: I said nvm :P10:24
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> He did say that10:25
acheronukI missed that while I was copying & pasting :P10:25
tsimonq2acheronuk: good call re: your comment on the PR10:25
acheronukjust comparing with what I have10:26
tsimonq2yay sun rising! \o/10:29
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> The comment was from allee10:29
tsimonq2acheronuk: why does Cantor still depend on Python 2.7?10:30
yofelbecause it's still a thing? ^^10:30
* tsimonq2 runs10:31
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-cantor/+merge/301586/comments/77692410:31
acheronukoh, that comment. thought you meant the on here on the channel10:31
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Maybe he did mean that10:32
tsimonq2oh I wasn't paying *that* much attention10:32
tsimonq2sorry acheronuk, it was allee :P10:32
acheronukOk. I'm going to have to go. Sunday lunch and watching people drive very fast round a track in Germany :)10:33
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Is not lunch time yet10:33
acheronukIt is if you've got to sort it out10:34
acheronuk.. first10:34
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> What you making?10:34
acheronukGammon. In cider & mustard10:35
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Oh nice!10:35
tsimonq2changes pushed10:35
acheronukok. bbl10:36
tsimonq2thanks alleehol for looking at my PR :)10:36
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Did you run that in sbuild?10:36
tsimonq2Clifford: you mean my changes?10:37
tsimonq2if so, yes10:37
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> No HTML files need installed?10:38
tsimonq2Clifford: We don't have a docs package of any kind, so if I did fix that, that's a different PR10:40
tsimonq2nice catch though :)10:40
tsimonq2s/of any kind/of any kind for cantor/10:40
* tsimonq2 throws https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-cantor/+merge/301586 at clivejo 10:42
tsimonq2he was really looking forward to that being fixed :P10:42
acheronukthere are already docs installing in the main cantor package. you just have extra files10:42
* tsimonq2 checks that10:43
tsimonq2acheronuk: should I just change all of the lines that have usr/share/doc/HTML/en/cantor/ to a single usr/share/doc/HTML/en/cantor ?10:44
tsimonq2that would probably fix it10:44
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Maybe wildcard the en10:44
acheronukas usual, there are several ways.10:45
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> So it will work with other languages10:45
acheronukok. I'm really going now! lol10:45
tsimonq2Clifford: good idea10:45
tsimonq2soee: did you fix the slideshow? :O10:47
tsimonq2not bad :D10:47
soeethe main problem is i cant set list item wo inherit width from list view component10:48
soee*list item width10:48
soeethis looks like a crap atm. but when i finish will be nice :D10:48
tsimonq2great soee :D10:48
tsimonq2I'm looking forward to it :)10:48
tsimonq2there, PR should be good10:55
soeeWoooooooooooooooo !11:02
soeewhat my eyes see11:02
clivejowhen I said wildcard the en, I meant usr/share/doc/HTML/*/cantor/11:02
clivejotsimonq2: when you make changes do you make a new commit?11:05
acheronukgo away okteta and take your symbols with you ^^^11:28
* acheronuk goes back to the gammon11:28
tsimonq2clivejo: yeah why? do you want me to squash them?11:29
tsimonq2clivejo: and alright11:29
tsimonq2clivejo: are you Clifford? who's Clifford? :O11:29
clivejoyes, Clifford is mobile me11:29
tsimonq2oh cool :D11:30
clivejoon Telegram11:30
clivejoand the bridge posts my messages here11:30
tsimonq2clivejo: so what about commits?11:30
tsimonq2I see :)11:30
clivejojust wondered if you had tried git commit ammend11:31
clivejonot sure if it works with personal git repo11:31
tsimonq2nope, but I can squash them into one commit if you would like11:31
clivejoIve pushed it already so no issue11:32
tsimonq2alright :)11:32
clivejojust wondered if ammend is possible on private git repo11:32
tsimonq2clivejo: can you add me to Telegram please? I'm tsimonq2 on there as well11:33
clivejoI wanted clivejo but someone else registered it :(11:33
acheronukwaiting here for family to arrive11:34
clivejoawww acheronuk, you spoiled the surprise11:34
tsimonq2I did it! :D11:34
acheronukclivejo: sorry ;?11:34
clivejoits much better seeing it pop up in green!11:34
acheronukclivejo: I've never been that patient!11:34
tsimonq2seems fixing Marble will be hard^Wa lot of fun! :D11:37
clivejoto fix marble we will need to put down of of the devel11:41
clivejoone of the devel keeps changing stuff11:41
clivejoacheronuk has fixed it twice now and the devel broke it again!11:42
tsimonq2clivejo: who? /me takes out sword11:42
* tsimonq2 answers that question himself and looks at git logs11:42
tsimonq2clivejo: you talking about a Kubuntu dev or Debian dev?11:43
clivejohes been slaughter symbols 11:44
tsimonq2where's the Git for that? :O11:44
* tsimonq2 thinks I can answer my own question again11:44
tsimonq2hmm ok11:45
clivejothis one broke his fix11:45
tsimonq2(inside joke)11:47
tsimonq2clivejo: what do I do about all the #MISSING lines?11:47
* tsimonq2 forgot11:47
clivejodetermine if its safe to remove them11:48
tsimonq2how do I do that?11:48
clivejoLOL its hard to know in this case, as the devel has killed so many11:48
tsimonq2clivejo: how do I determine if it's safe to fix?11:49
tsimonq2does it have a process or do I kinda need to guess11:49
clivejousually if the symbols is marked optional or private its safe to delete11:50
clivejoor theres been a so bump11:50
tsimonq2how do I determine if it's any of those?11:50
clivejooh handbags 80% off11:51
clivejowe usually look at git commits to see what happened11:51
clivejocommit message "Only export symbols from the libraries that should be exported "11:53
clivejothat suggests to me that the symbols that are not missing shouldnt have been exported11:53
clivejoand would be safe to remove11:53
clivejobut Im not sure on that11:53
clivejoKDE devels throw some curve balls when it comes to symbols and Debian is very strict11:54
tsimonq2clivejo: would you be willing to walk me through this particular case or do you want to look at it?11:56
clivejoactually need yofel's input on it11:56
clivejounder my current knowledge, such a large removal of symbols would need a so bump11:57
acheronukI left it as I was pondering...11:58
acheronukIf my niece and nephew don't hurry up, I'm going to start on the Sunday roast without them11:59
* clivejo wonders how you hide IMAP folders in Trojit√°12:00
tsimonq2  Could not find a configuration file for package "Qt5" that is compatible12:06
tsimonq2  with requested version "5.7.0".12:06
tsimonq2  The following configuration files were considered but not accepted:12:06
tsimonq2    /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/Qt5/Qt5Config.cmake, version: 5.6.112:06
tsimonq2that's for minuet12:07
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Yup12:25
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Needs Qt5.712:25
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> So its not getting released;12:25
tsimonq2alright, so we can leave it?12:25
BluesKajHey folks12:26
tsimonq2o/ BluesKaj 12:28
BluesKajhi tsimonq212:33
tsimonq2BluesKaj: how are you?12:36
BluesKajtsimonq2, fine here, having kwin problems on yakkety and xenial , crashing...how about you ?12:43
BluesKajthinking of reinstalling trusty 14.04 just for stability ...tired of these problems, can't watch a movie all the way thru without crashes or freezes 12:45
BluesKajon xenial12:45
BluesKajmaybe I should connect my outboard media drive to the rpi3 and use that for media12:47
BluesKajBBL... other things to do 12:56
ahoneybunmmm I'm not getting that many crashes12:58
yofelcrashes in what?13:01
* yofel wonders if cherry picking qt 5.7 builds from neon would make sense13:02
ahoneybunblueskaj said they are getting crashes in xenial and yakkety13:02
yofeljust for the ci13:02
yofeloh, I missed that he left13:03
yofelstill, I run xenial, and it's ~mostly stable13:03
ahoneybunit's alright for the most part13:03
ahoneybunonly when dealing with dual monitors and opengl sometime13:03
yofeldual monitor hotplug that is, static dual on my desktop runs fine13:04
yofelsame at work13:04
ahoneybunit could be better13:04
yofelhotplug could, certainly13:04
clivejoIm running Yakkety and its stable13:29
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> You have changes then the official does not13:33
tsimonq2I'm also running Yakkety and BOTH staging PPAs13:45
tsimonq2works totally fine13:45
ahoneybunthat's what I'm saying13:45
ahoneybunnormal yakkety is broken when upgrading13:45
tsimonq2well I upgraded the day 16.04 came out :P13:45
ahoneybunnow it is broken for Kubuntu anyway13:46
* clivejo doesnt do normal Yakkety13:46
tsimonq2clivejo: how so?13:47
clivejoIve all the new stuff on  it13:48
clivejofrom staging PPA's13:48
tsimonq2clivejo: so you enabled the PPAs like me?13:50
clivejowhen Im reasonablely sure they are working!13:53
tsimonq2but the point is, you enabled the PPAs?13:53
tsimonq2oh okay :)13:55
tsimonq2yeah they work on my end lol13:55
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> how nice14:00
clivejoI sense sarcasm!14:08
ahoneybunyou do14:08
tsimonq2I'm going to sleep, bai o/14:28
clivejodo you sleep during the day?14:29
tsimonq2I'm a night ow;14:30
tsimonq2so 9:30 AM, time for bed until like 5 PM :P14:30
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> He's a night owl till school starts back14:39
blazeYep, external monitor hotplug is a mess.14:41
blazeMakes me wonder if KDE guys ever used this feature before.14:42
blazeOr maybe... they're running XFCE :)14:43
acheronukahoneybun: on YY most of FW 24 and plasma 5.7.2 is there but in proposed, and app/translations still need to upload. when that's done I think it should unbreak the YY upgrade without ppas15:56
acheronukbut it's very WIP at the moment15:56
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Yea but we need a MOTU from what I hear15:57
acheronukpossibly. a YY upgrade with the ppas pre-enabled worked quite nicely here the other day, so will hopefully be good when everything lands and migrates16:50
clivejoacheronuk: did you ever try building Qt5.7 from Neon's packaging?16:52
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> But ppas get disabled during the upgrade process16:52
acheronukclivejo: nope. not yet. suppose I could if there is a semi-good reason16:53
clivejofor the craic!16:55
acheronukahoneybun: shoudl have said. I dis that the old fashioned way of swapping to YY sources and dist-upgrade. as I knew I would have issues if not. plus wnated to test what it would be like when all the stuff in the ppas made it to the archive16:56
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Mm16:56
acheronukclivejo: that is Irish for 'for the hell of it'?16:57
acheronukas much as I enjoy doing this, Qt 5.7 is probably a little way down on my 'for the craic' list. :P16:59
acheronukclivejo: if you think it beneficial to do this soon, then I'll gladly have a go17:00
blazeacheronuk: is there a way to do an upgrade without ppas being disabled?17:21
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I'm guessing you could odo the upgrade, enable the ppas back, then do a full-upgrade17:22
acheronukblaze: I disabled ones I wasn't sure of. changed the sources.list and PPA deb lines to YY for what I had left. and added the YY staging PPAs I wanted17:25
acheronukblaze: then simply did 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade'17:26
acheronukold school way to to upgrade, and depends on you knowing and being careful on what you leave enabled and add as sources17:27
blazeyep, that's pretty oldschool17:28
acheronukblaze: no probs so far17:30
blazecan be potentially disastrous in case of epochs removal17:37
acheronukyou do need to inspect v carefully what the upgrade proposes to do17:45
soee_uhm, this is some extra work for us http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-1610-Closer-Systemd ?19:38
acheronukLooks hopeful https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtwebengine.git/21:32
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