EuroTrashSo I just updated to 16.04, and now my fonts are horrible: http://imgur.com/a/OWppP they look fine in the preview window in the settings panel (yes, I prefer my fonts without anti-aliasing), but they look entirely different in the UI. I tried deleting pretty much every dir that starts with a dot (when outside kde), but it seems KDE is using an entirely different font for the interface despite my efforts to change it.00:37
EuroTrashAny pointers on how to fix this?00:37
EuroTrashHm I guess completely removing Noto somewhat fixes it, heh.00:44
EuroTrashGotta reboot00:44
soeeEuroTrash: enable antialiasing for fonts00:46
EuroTrashsoee: that's not what I want.00:46
EuroTrashOk, so update: I removed most of the noto font and now at least the window contents are proper, but the window decorations are still not playing nicely.00:47
EuroTrashRemoved some remains... gotta reboot again.00:50
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ranuIs there any way to adjust Kmail in order to see emails in a table? Like Thunderbird, Evolution and Geary does.01:12
ranuThere is the aggregation but I didn't like it personally.01:13
YankDownUnderranu: Have you asked in the #kde channel?01:26
ranuNo, I haven't01:26
ranuGood suggestion, gonna ask on that channel as well01:26
linuxI'm using Kubuntu 16.04 , Do I need upgread to 16.04.1?02:32
leoguana85some one speak spanish?03:19
leoguana85i have a problem in my kubuntu03:20
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maysaraHello, I used dd to make a bootable linux image on a usb drive, then I was able to format it but I can't create a new partition table using the partition manager. How to make the usb usable again?04:15
ussher_anyone used wkhtmltopdf?  When I use the repo version of it on kubuntu 1606:00
ussher_.04  it creates a PDF with images, but not searchable.  the downloaded version from their website creates searchable pdf's but doesnt get the images.06:00
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makelixIs Kubuntu Forums down for others too? Getting 503 here.07:18
acheronukmakelix: what url?07:22
acheronukmakelix: works here07:23
makelixOkay, thanks.07:23
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makelixFYI: I managed to reach https://www.kubuntuforums.net/ via Tor. It seems that I was blocked from the site while trying to start a new thread and attach some files (lspci dump etc.) to it. I have now sent a message to blocked@kubuntuforums.net, so maybe this will all work out in the end.07:45
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paranoidabhiAny update on kde 5.7 for 16.04?08:10
memphisto HI08:13
memphistoneed help with kubuntu 14.04. It doesn't bring X and last you can see on screen is Restoring resolver state {ok}08:14
memphistotried fsck, tried apt-get -f install; apt update &&apt upgrade but non of that helps as all seems to be good08:15
memphistolast thing in syslog  is  ntpd_intres[996]: parent died before we finished, exiting08:17
memphistonow this shouoldn't stop X08:18
memphistono errors in Xorg.0.log08:18
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mhghi i can't mount my hard disk. why? An error occurred while accessing 'segate', the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error mounting /dev/sdc1 at /media/mhg/segate: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000" "/dev/sdc1" "/media/mhg/segate"' exited with non-zero exit status 13: $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 5).08:52
mhgplease help me!!!08:53
ikoniaplease don't cross post08:53
ikoniaare you using ubuntu or kubuntu08:53
mhgikonia: im on kubuntu08:54
ikoniaok - so probably best to keep it in here and wait for someone to respond08:54
mhgany idea?08:57
ikonianot looked at your problem08:57
mhgit does not mount on a Ubuntu vm08:58
ikoniaI'm not looking at your problem08:58
mhgOk, like what you said, waiting for somebody to help.08:59
acheronukSearching Google for '$MFTMirr does not match $MFT' I see several possible answers09:01
mhgacheronuk: Thank you very much.09:01
acheronukNot that that is a replacement for help here, but you might like to check anyway09:01
mhgacheronuk: ok, no problem, i search google now.09:02
acheronukthe problem also looks non kubuntu specific, so #ubuntu and the ubuntu webforums may also be a better bet for a quick solution09:03
mhgacheronuk: Ok. i asked this on ubuntu too. no answer there.09:04
acheronukIt's a Sunday morning in large parts of the ubuntu using world, so responses may well be slow coming09:05
mhgacheronuk: ok, no problem. waiting.09:05
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ikoniano problem waiting so you start spamming in #ubuntu "please help me"09:07
ikoniaI'd already told you to stop cross posting09:07
paranoidabhihow to navigate through the pinned icon-manager applications on panel through a keyboard-shortcut. Using kubuntu 16.04 with kde 5.6.x09:11
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taratorHi, after upgrade from Kubuntu 15.10 to 16.04 all the Tags, I made in Dolphins for files are lost. This brings up the question: Who the hell implements such a useless feature? Huh?10:32
taratorI'm using Kubuntu since 2007 and the latest version is the worst for a looong time. Far away to be usable in a production environment. I think it's really time to change the distribution.10:34
Fyrafter installation I found out that some text is in Thai language. During installation I set preferred language - American English, Regional Settings - the United States.10:43
Fyrafter installation I double-checked it.10:43
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> That's the nice thing about open source software. You can choose the distribution which best suites you10:44
Fyrwhat the fuck did the developer do to the KUbuntu?10:44
Fyrhow do I make kubuntu use English everywhere?10:46
soeewhat texts are in thai?10:52
Fyrlogin screen, midnight commander time&date.10:53
FyrKDE date10:53
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Fyrsoee, http://pastebin.com/GrPARG8110:59
FyrI have no idea why it set it in Thai.11:00
soeeand all is set fine in System Settings?11:02
reinerHallo alle zusammen.11:58
BluesKajHey folks12:26
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hangman13usHello all, did anyone update to 16.04 LTS via update manager? In my PC it says new version is available but nothing happens when I enter my password. Known bugg?14:40
hangman13usI use 14.04 LTS Kubuntu for now.14:41
EuroTrashIt did work for me14:41
hangman13usNo extra lines in the konsole or something? Just with the Update Manager.14:42
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Upgrade from 1404 to 1604 is a large one14:42
hangman13usIrcsomebot - what you mean?14:42
EuroTrashYeah this button "upgrade to kubuntu 16.04" appeared and magically, it worked (well, with some caveats but let's ignore that for now).14:42
EuroTrashKill the thing and run it again, does the message still appear?14:43
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hangman13usI'm not too eager to upgrade now but I'm annoyed it didn't work for me :(14:43
hangman13usI press update and enter my pass and nothing.14:43
EuroTrashHow long did you leave it sit?14:44
hangman13usYes it still appears. I restarted few times and etc. same thing over and over again.14:44
hangman13usMy PC is on 24/7 so I suspect enough + I have high speed connection (in case it downloads the new version before it start).14:44
hangman13usWhich btw doesn't make much sense given I expected to see some options how migration and upgrade will happen14:45
EuroTrashWell there's this checklist progress thingy, but it's pretty much unattended for the most part.14:45
EuroTrashI wonder if it logs anywhere14:45
hangman13usno clue, but I definitely don't want to re-image from scratch I would prefer upgrade if 16.04 is somehow cooler.14:47
hangman13usIt is LTS but last time I had bad exp with some apps14:47
hangman13usEuroTrash you're using the 16.04 LTS now, aren't you?14:48
hangman13usIs it good?14:48
hangman13usAny major changes?14:49
EuroTrashWell, it is now... had tons of UI issues, mainly involving fonts, but I managed to fix it.14:49
EuroTrashI like Plasma/KDE 5, seems lighter than 4 and still has similar customization options.14:49
hangman13usSounds good, fonts always mess up the whole thing (at least on my PC).14:49
EuroTrashBut the rest of the system.. it's mostly evolutionary.14:49
EuroTrashStill, running an old system will bite you in the ass at some point, so it's nice to be up to date again :D14:50
hangman13usI know...14:52
hangman13usWill have to handle this at some point14:52
hangman13usMaybe will try to upgrade with the konsole directly14:52
EuroTrashYeah there's still do-release-upgrade, etc.14:52
hangman13usI still wonder what's wrong on my end so I cannot run the upgrade automatically...14:54
hangman13usWill give it 1-2 weeks more to see if it will sort out on its own :D14:54
hangman13usAnd then will have to deal with this manually.14:54
viewer|24993i hacve a question of kubuntu 16.0415:38
PTSI installed software using apt-get install, then un-installed it using apt-get remove. I can't launch the program using the terminal, but I can still find it and use it from my KDE Application Menu. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this?15:40
viewer|24993When the computer go sleep ( period of time with no work) it ask me the paqssword.How can I get without password?15:40
soeePTS: maybe cache was not updated15:42
soeetry to relogin15:42
soeeviewer|24993: than you should configure it to not lock screen15:42
soeeif you are sure it is completely safe for you15:42
clivejoSystem Settings> Under Workspace (Desktop Behavior) > Screen locking15:45
viewer|24993but i have a many time the computers with no work and when i go to work is seeking the password15:46
viewer|24993if is it the only posibility15:46
PTSsoee: I have already tried to relog15:47
PTSit did not work15:47
soeePTS: remove it manually from menu :D15:50
PTSI have solved it. I used the Discover software manager to remove the program.15:50
PTSTake care everyone!15:51
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PTSMy bottom panel displays every program active on all workspaces. How do I change the panel to only display programs running in the current workspace?17:29
YankDownUnderPTS: Right-click, choose "Taskmanager Settings"17:30
PTSYankDownUnder: I tried picking the "Show only tasks from the current screen" option, nothing happned. Is this the correct option? Maybe I need to restard my computer for it to take effect.17:34
YankDownUnderPTS: You might have to log out and log back in.17:37
PTSNevermind, I chose the wrong option!17:37
PTS"Show only tasts from the current desktop" is the correct answer!17:37
YankDownUnderPTS: Well, there ya go.17:38
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pfalzbuuhey there ;)22:39
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pfalzbuuhey there, is there anybody?22:48

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