Islahhi all20:49
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Mdxxx@search walking23:09
capum321is there anybody online ?23:44
tewardcapum321: it helps to ask a real question23:47
tewardrather than "is anybody here"23:47
capum321i am trying to use a third partition as storage container with ntfs for a linux and windows machine. I'd edited fstab and user-dirs.dirs and rebooted following http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/35807/how-to-harmonize-your-dual-boot-setup-for-windows-and-ubuntu/23:49
capum321windows yet can't see the files which were linked by user-dirs.dirs23:50
tewardobvious question is why you're messing with user-dirs.dirs.  second question is whether you've actually got any data *in* the partition23:53
tewardi also don't have your fstab to make sure you're mounting under the right user to 'use it' regularly for your user to store things23:53
teward(and don't care to have to dig through a tutorial)23:53
capum321this my fstab line added: "UUID=133A62F042D4E436 /media/user/plabel    ntfs-3g        auto,user,rw 0 0" without quotes. uuid got from blkid23:56
capum321i have data in partition offcourse23:57
capum321the obvious question is: could you be helpfull enough ? the tutorial seems valid and helpfull in this case23:58

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