pbekIs it possible to get the revision from `snapcraft push` to use it for `snapcraft release` afterwards?07:49
ali1234wow. i just snapped sigrok and it appears to have worked first time13:43
ogra_*clap* *clap*13:46
ogra_congrats :)13:46
ali1234uh oh13:55
ali1234i think the desktop helper is busted13:55
ali1234oh hang on, it's probably a missing library13:55
ali1234firmware files aren't found properly. still, it's pretty close14:01
mupPR snapd#1606 opened: debian: add extra checks when debian/snapd.postrm purge is run <Created by mvo5> <Conflict> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1606>14:07
ali1234okay i need to tell sigrok how to find device firmwares14:52
ali1234they end up in $SNAP/share/14:52
ali1234sigrok looks in $PREFIX/share and $XDG_DATA_DIRS/share14:52
ali1234i would rather not patch the source14:52
ali1234would it be reasonable to add $SNAP to XDG_DATA_DIRS at run time?14:53
ali1234this is all the places it looks http://paste.ubuntu.com/21641468/15:00
ali1234hmm it uses g_get_system_data_dirs15:05
ali1234so it should work?15:05
ali1234oh i see15:11
ali1234it works :)15:31
ali1234now, is there a plug/interface for libusb?15:33
ogra_not sure, zyga would know ...15:34
ogra_there is an interfaces.md somewhere in either the snapd or the snapcraft branches15:34
ali1234looks like the answer is no15:37
ogra_yeah, that would be a bit broad15:38
ali1234well sigrok talks to many different USB logic analyzers...15:38
ogra_i'd expect a bunch of more fine grained device interfaces rather than all of usb15:38
ogra_serial, disk, audio, input etc etc ...15:39
ali1234"logic analyzer"15:39
ali1234that's probably not going to happen15:39
ogra_is that just using a usb serial interface ?15:39
ali1234especially given they are all completely different and not defined in the kernel at all15:39
ali1234it is using libusb15:40
ali1234i expect some of them are serial-ish devices15:40
ali1234mine isn't though15:40
ali1234mine requires a firmware to be loaded at runtime, and then talks a custom protocol15:40
ali1234sigrok can also talk over i2c15:41
ogra_well, file a wishlist bug and lets see ... probably there will be such an interface15:41
ali1234i have a lot of interfaces i need actually :)15:41
ogra_gpio and i2c are definitely required interfaces for the embedded images15:41
ali1234embedded audio too. ie audio without a user session, from a daemon15:41
ali1234where should i file wishlist bugs? github?15:42
ogra_iirc someone was working on a pulse snap15:42
ogra_that should provide such an interface on snappy images15:42
ogra_see channel topic ;)15:42
ali1234allowing the snap to own the audio device would also be acceptable15:42
ali1234although really i feel like  daemon should be able to make sound even if a user is logged in15:43
ali1234if you want it to i mean15:43
ali1234what about feature requests for snapcraft? same place?15:44
ogra_or you can s/snappy/snapcraft/ ... in the url15:46
ogra_both should work15:46
mupBug #1608244: implement low level usb interface for snaps requiring libusb <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1608244>15:52
mupBug #1608244 opened: implement low level usb interface for snaps requiring libusb <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1608244>15:53
ali1234when snapcraft clones a git source url, does it use --depth=1?15:59
ali1234if not it should16:00
ali1234ah it already does that. cool16:01
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mwhudsonzyga: did you get your gpg key signed by a DD yet? :)21:34

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