zakiwelcome Tuhin :)07:12
zakihi Kilos16:14
zakihow's everything16:14
pavlushkaHello everyone!16:24
pavlushkao/ Kilos kamrul AudaciousTUX zaki !16:24
pavlushkaand Researcher- rhct !16:25
zakipavlushka: :)16:28
pavlushkaTuhin was here, and may be you guys were busy, so no gossiping today, :p16:31
zakihmm he was here for a long time16:31
zakii'm busy with my class tests16:31
zakifinal exam will start from 14 august16:32
zakitime for dinner. bbl16:34
Kiloshi guys16:35
pavlushkaGood evening Kilos !16:44
pavlushkakamrul: any luck with your wifi?16:45
pavlushkazaki: you noticed a nick named dipraw peeked in?18:01
pavlushkakewpie: tell dipraw to be here whenever he can.18:01
kewpiepavlushka: That didn't seem to agree with me18:02
pavlushkaQA: tell dipraw to be here whenever he can.18:02
QApavlushka: Got it, I'll tell dipraw on freenode18:02
pavlushkaKilos: ^18:02
zakiyess. seen him before around here18:02
pavlushkazaki: he is my cousin.18:03
Kiloskewpie is raw ibid pavlushka 18:03
Kilosmany things wont work18:03
zakitoday i added one new member in ubuntu family. ;)18:04
pavlushkazaki: way to go!18:04
zakiadded him here in ubuntu-bd too.18:04
pavlushkazaki: kamrul was having a wifi issue, is that solved?18:05
zakinope. 18:06
zakiJediKnight: is a bot too.18:07
zakipavlushka: there is another channel named #bangladesh18:07
zakipavlushka: that wifi automatically disconnect sometime. 18:08
pavlushkazaki: JediKnight is a bounced nick.18:08
pavlushkazaki: yes on #bangladesh18:09
zakibounced nick mean?18:10
pavlushkazaki: help kamrul by following https://github.com/vrkansagara/rtlwifi_new/commit/8c5ab142e254a709df397d5d3121acc2d783d2d2#comments18:11
pavlushkazaki: you know znc?18:12
zakifollowed those instruction. no luck18:13
zakiabout znc, not much. :|18:13
zakiPortable, open source IRC bouncer written in C++. It can be extended using modules written either in C++ or in Perl and Tcl. 18:13
zakihow it work?18:14
pavlushkazaki: you can bounce a nick through another server, if you have access to that server, and the nick will be in the target channel as long as the server is up, and servers are meant to be up all the time unless any accidents.18:14
pavlushkazaki: its easy.18:14
pavlushkazaki: first "sudo apt install znc", have it.18:16
zakido you use it?18:16
pavlushkazaki: I can, but I have no server to host it.18:17
pavlushkazaki: you have to install znc on that server, and run it.18:17
pavlushkazaki: to learn, we will use our local machine now.18:18
pavlushkazaki: so first "sudo apt install znc", have it in your system.18:18
zakipavlushka: done18:23
pavlushkazaki: noticed that, just hang on a second18:24
Kiloshi meaw 18:35
Kilospavlushka zaki you have a visitor18:35
pavlushkaKilos, zaki : that's my bounced nick.18:37
zakiwelcome meaw18:37
zakiha ha.. you are reserching! ?18:38
pavlushkazaki: so lets start as it has been tested successfully.18:38
pavlushkazaki: I just forgot what I knew, :p18:38
zakiha ha.. oky, let's start.18:39
zakipavlushka: 18:45
pavlushkazaki: 18:45
pavlushkazaki: first have a look at http://wiki.znc.in/Introduction and tell me when you are ready.18:45
pavlushkazaki: ready?18:47
zakioky, i'm ready pavlushka18:55
Kilosnight guys19:05
Kilossee you tomorrow19:05
zakigood night kilos :)19:06
zakihey pavlushka are you there?19:07
pavlushkayes zaki , I am here.19:11
pavlushkalets start19:11
pavlushkawb Tuhin !19:12
Tuhinhow r u?19:12
zakioky pav19:13
zakipavlushka: 19:13
zakiwb tuhin19:13
Tuhinhello zaki19:13
zakiAudaciousTUX: wb19:14
pavlushkaTuhin: I am fine, and you?19:14
pavlushkazaki: ping19:14
AudaciousTUXhellu zaki19:14
Tuhini m okay19:14
pavlushkazaki: run in terminal in normal user mode "znc --makeconf"19:15
zakipavlushka: ping19:15
zakiallready done that, and w8ing for you. :D19:16
pavlushkazaki: so you configured znc already?19:17
zakionly znc --makeconf 19:17
zakiwaht after taht?19:18
pavlushkazaki: just give a port number.19:18
zakissl? 19:19
zakiyes or no?19:19
zakinext yes?19:21
zakinick?any nick?19:22
pavlushkazaki: as you like it, you can even z4ki19:22
zaki:) ident?19:23
pavlushkaas you like it.19:23
pavlushkazaki: run "/whois meaw"19:24
zakiwhere to find taht ip?19:29
pavlushkazaki: dont worry, made the configuration19:30
zakiyes done19:31
pavlushkazaki: you can even re-configure it here if anything goes wrong, "nano /home/your_username/.znc/configs/znc.conf"19:33
pavlushkazaki: and when mentioning channel, dont use # before that, like  "Initial channels: ubuntu-bd", without the #, :)19:34
pavlushkazaki: done?19:35
zakign :) talk to you later.20:11
zakipavlushka: 20:11
=== Guest86980 is now known as pavlushka

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