lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:47
ducassemorning everyone07:19
\9morning, yes09:09
OerHeksstill morning here too.09:10
* \9 is enjoying the processing power of the end result of his 1000€ investment and 15 hours of painstaking building09:10
BluesKajHey folks12:27
daftykins\9: wow that's a slow build :)16:14
daftykinsbut slow and steady wins the race!16:14
\9daftykins: yeah well, it was the first time I actually built something from nothing but parts, so I wanted to be sure not to break anything17:21
daftykins*nod* good on you - get to maximise the fun that way too!17:22
daftykinsi tend to take it slower than i'm capable of to be sure i don't do anything daft, too17:22
OerHeksBashing-om, i have the idea that skinux knows more than us...20:23
Bashing-omOerHeks: Maybe so .. The book of what I do not know is much greater than the one that contains what I do know .20:25
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OerHeksheh, there is an actual  Mark Shuttleworth Street :-D22:03
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