Jonathan-HJust installed Ubuntu-Mate on an Asus laptop01:09
Jonathan-Happears to work01:11
DarkPsydeLordhi and welcome01:12
Jonathan-Hwas using Mint, but saw Mate on YouTube and decided to try it out01:12
Jonathan-HThis guy said Ubuntu-Mate was the best distro out there01:13
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Jonathan-HPlan to use it for ham radio stuff01:17
DarkPsydeLordyou will like it01:26
DarkPsydeLordi was a mint user but when i saw the umate interface i loved it01:26
DarkPsydeLordit was like ubuntu 801:27
DarkPsydeLordim so freaking inloved XD01:27
rahtgazArchland will conquer all!01:56
rahtgazexcept the Ubuntu Based Emirates. It will marry the lovely Ubuntu-MATE princess there and their son will be allowed to run the UBuntu-MATE kingdom01:57
rahtgazbut the rest will go!01:57
DarkPsydeLordi freaking love pacman02:00
DarkPsydeLordbut umate is gorgeous02:00
sslovefug that yo, i love ms pacman02:00
sslovems pacman is where it's really at02:00
DarkPsydeLordhey sslove waddup02:00
DarkPsydeLordand yeah ms pacman is naughty XD02:02
DarkPsydeLordim freaking trying to create a vm with unix running qmail02:03
DarkPsydeLordand the installation process is so intense im almos giving up right now02:03
sslovehey DarkPsydeLord , chillin maing02:32
ssloveq onda vato02:32
DarkPsydeLordwaddup ese02:32
ssloveorale vato02:32
DarkPsydeLordhahaha so we are la new clica aqui?02:33
ssloveorale pues02:33
DarkPsydeLorddude im feeling suicidal about the whole mail server thing02:33
ssloveunless ur budhist, don't do it02:33
sslovewudup w ur mail server?02:33
DarkPsydeLordwell just chech life with qmail02:34
DarkPsydeLordand feel the way i do02:34
DarkPsydeLordbrb going for pancakes maybe a tamale02:34
sslovethat's a great map man02:37
ubottuHurray, I've rejoined the channel.  Too many bugs :)02:59
DarkPsydeLordyes i loved it when i see it02:59
DarkPsydeLordim planning to print it and hang it on my wall02:59
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KeanulaszloI'm pretty much new to Linux, and I just installed Ubuntu MATE on my Lenovo Yoga. I'm having a hard time with touchscreen stuff. Namely, it doesn't really work.05:58
KeanulaszloI read online that gnome3 has really good support for touchscreen, so i installed it and it was pretty good05:59
Keanulaszlois there any way for me to make MATE work better with touchscreen? or should i just stick to gnome06:00
YankDownUnderGnome3, Unity and KDE/Plasma work best with touchscreen.06:24
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ubuntu-matehey, i have a few files saved on my desktop, if i upgrade ubuntu 14.04 to ubuntu mate will i loose those files?10:01
ssloveDarkPsydeLord, haha, cool i would like to make my own, i can think of so many lands, and important old distros that are not represented there, for instance, where is knoppix and the whole knoppix family?11:11
sslovehey y'all, i've been active on here lately and using hexchat and Ubuntu MATE on an old 1gb ram netbook which performs amazingly well with UMATE 16.04. i was just reading the Ubuntu wikipedia page and feel it ought to be edited, for instance, "Installation[edit]11:11
ssloveThe system requirements vary among Ubuntu products. For the Ubuntu desktop release 16.04 LTS, a PC with at least 2 GHz dual core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 25 GB of free disk space is recommended.[42] For less powerful computers, there are other Ubuntu distributions such as Lubuntu and Xubuntu. As of version 12.04, Ubuntu supports the ARM architecture.[2][43][44][45][46] Ubuntu is also available on PowerPC,[2][47][48][49] and SPARC11:11
ssloveplatforms,[citation needed] although these platforms are not officially supported.[50]" from my experience UMATE runs as well or better than either of those 'lightweight' distros on my old weak hardware.11:11
sslovei think UMATE should be added as a lightweight distro on the wikipedia page11:11
bekksAnd do you finally have a ubuntu-mate support question, after your 90 minute speech? :P11:12
Akulii wouldn't call ubuntu mate a "light-weight distro" :) it performs well, but that's not the most important thing for the developers as far as i know11:17
Akulii mean, it is light weight, but it's not trying to be super light weight11:17
ssloveyea sorry, i get carried away, i guess this channel should be strictly for support questions? aside from talk about the map, at least i tried to keep on topic :)11:32
Akulii don't think its that strict :)11:38
Akulibeing strict about topic is more common on big channels11:38
Codfectionubuntu mate has same number of packages as ubuntu ?13:06
Akulimore, because all the mate specific stuff is also there13:06
ali1234ubuntu mate has exactly the same packages as ubuntu. that is one of the requirements for being an official flavour13:24
ali1234you just get different ones installed by default13:24
Akulinot exactly13:25
Akulidoesn't it use a ppa for the mate stuff?13:25
Akuliat least 14.04 does13:26
ali1234not any more13:26
Codfectionwindows are not using ubuntu mate theme in i3wm14:46
jamelHi everyone, i haven't sound on  my pc with Ubuntu 16.06, can you telle me plz what i can do? thanks15:15
skrappjawHello. Just dropping in to see if anyone has issues using their 26.04 desktop while chrome is running.15:16
skrappjawI cannot right click or close terminal windows while chrome is open.15:17
CodfectionFailure to download extra data files17:21
CodfectionI keep getting this error17:21
Akulidon't install it17:25
Akuliif you want microsoft's font you'll probably enjoy microsoft's operating system17:25
CodfectionI didnt17:28
Codfectionits by default17:29
Codfectionit keeps popping up17:29
Codfectionon ubuntu mate17:29
Akulikeeps popping up? when you do what, or randomly?17:29
Codfectionfailed to install tt-mscorefonts-installer17:29
Codfectionalways pops up17:30
Codfectionwhen I start ubuntu mate17:30
AkuliCodfection, can you take a screenshot of the error message or does that just go away too quickly?17:35
danielaOlá meu nome é aguiar.17:35
CodfectionAkuli, next time it pops up or I restart ubuntu I will take it :)17:36
YankDownUnderCodfection: What is "autostarting" when you start Mate? Obviously something is requiring the tt-mscorefonts-installer -> could it be WINE? Steam? PlayOnLinux?17:38
Codfectionnot opening any of those17:39
Akulihave you installed any of them?17:39
Codfectionit started appearing after I changed language to english on date17:39
bekksCodfection: Open up a terminal, and try installing that package from commandline17:54
Akuliinstall microsoft's garbage just to silence errors?17:58
Akulinot exactly what i'd do to my system :)17:58
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JAstonHi everyone, I"m going to switch from Xubuntu to Ubuntu MATE, and I found that there is not default Software Center, so which one should I install? AppGrid, Gnome Software or Ubuntu Software Center? Thank you and sorry for my bad english :)21:19
MikelevelJAston~ i see "software boutique" in my mate21:24
JAstonYes, i've tried the software boutique, but i noiced that it has only few programs, just the famous one. I would prefer something more complete.21:28
randallwhat would be the terminal command to kill this zombie wine process?21:44
ouroumovrandall, kill -9 pid ?21:57
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