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k1l_littke (b98913ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip.   was testing before the botspam began15:38
ubottuDWSR called the ops in #ubuntu ()19:08
ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu (DWSR)19:08
k1l_someone that has voice in #freenode should report that user to the staff21:09
k1l_KALASH> ubuntu is for niggers. use debian21:10
ikoniathey don't care21:10
ikoniajust keep an eye on the channels we control21:10
k1l_just kicked from -touch too21:14
ubottukrytarik called the ops in #xubuntu (KALASH)21:32
elkyshould be klined now21:34
elkywill probably return21:34

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